Lakers News: Danny Green Grades His Performance During 2019-20 NBA Season
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After missing out on Kawhi Leonard, the Los Angeles Lakers quickly moved on to other free agent options with the biggest among them being Danny Green.

During the 2018-19 NBA season, Green played a major role in the Toronto Raptors winning the 2019 NBA Finals as a 3-and-D wing and the Lakers believed he would help do the same.

So far in the season, the results have been relatively mixed. Green’s defense has been excellent most games, but offensively he has been extremely inconsistent. In some games, Green is on fire, but that tends to be followed by multiple games where he makes very little impact on that side of the ball.

Green recently spoke on this in an appearance on ‘Take It There’ with Taylor Rooks. Green was asked to give himself a grade for the season so far and admitted that he hasn’t been up to his standards:

I’m probably one of my biggest critics, I’m hard on myself. I’d give myself probably a B-/C+. I’m used to guarding the No. 1 guy and now Avery’s got that. Offensively, I’m used to doing this, doing that, now I just stay in the corner and make sure I space or set screens so I’m figuring that out. But as I figure that out, I’m getting better at it in spurts here and there, but probably a C+/B-.

There is no doubt that Green’s role has changed and that takes time getting used to. The offensive systems with both Toronto and the San Antonio Spurs where Green played prior were more open with ball movement and player movement, while the Lakers are built around two All-Star players in LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Many players aren’t used to just standing in spots and waiting for the ball, so it is a different skill and one that many great shooters struggle with. Players need to feel more involved and build a rhythm and Green hasn’t been able to do that just yet.

As he said, there have been spurts. Most recently, Green had a big 17-point night against the New Orleans Pelicans with five three-pointers. But in the six games after, he averaged less than five points — including two scoreless nights — while making seven three-pointers total. It is the inconsistency that has surely been a frustration to himself and Lakers fans everywhere.

Hopefully Green will have the chance to continue to grow in the system and help the Lakers win a championship. These comments were given prior to the league being shut down due to the coronavirus and Green had no clue that the season might be over.

One thing that Green has in spades is playoff experience and should he get the opportunity, he won’t be afraid of the big stage that the Lakers will provide.

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