Darvin Ham Believes LeBron James’ Statement About Competing For Championships Inspired Lakers
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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James made his intentions loud and clear earlier this week when he said that as long as he is playing, his goal is to compete for championships. LeBron doesn’t want to just coast in his final years, he wants to continue playing and competing at the highest level.

Many took this as a call to the front office to make the necessary moves in order to improve the roster. Whether or not that is the case, calls for roster change can also be taken as a shot at those on the roster currently which can have a negative effect.

But Lakers head coach Darvin Ham doesn’t believe that was the case in this instance. Following LeBron’s 47-point performance on his 38th birthday, Ham spoke about James’ comments and believes they motivated and inspired the rest of the Lakers to step up, via Spectrum SportsNet:

“I think it motivates. I think it inspires them to go out and do their jobs. Our thing is, you don’t have to play outside of yourself, just play within the confines of the system and allow the execution to help you. And then make sure you’re running hard, staying disciplined running, setting good screens, good hard cuts and defensively, covering for one another.

“Bron’s statements, it motivates. It’s not a negative response because, again, the way he plays the game, he plays the game the right way and guys know that. He’s one that tries to empower his teammates. I don’t think anyone took that as a slight, I think they took that as, ‘You know what he’s right, we need to pick our stuff up and really try to apply it in unison, all pulling in the same direction and go compete our butts off. And being together and holding each and every one of ourselves accountable.’ Those words rung very, very clear. Loud and clear. And you saw the type of performance that not only him, but several guys up and down the lineup, type of performance that was put out there tonight.”

James clearly led the charge in Atlanta, but Ham is right in that multiple other Lakers stepped up in a big way. Thomas Bryant, Russell Westbrook, Dennis Schroder, Wenyen Gabriel and Juan Toscano-Anderson all made huge plays down the stretch of the Lakers win.

There are undoubtedly improvements that can be made to this roster, but regardless of the overall shortcomings, everyone on this roster continues to give everything they have in every game in order to get the Lakers a victory which is all Ham and LeBron are asking for.

Thomas Bryant stresses not to take LeBron James’ greatness for granted

The world was in awe over LeBron James’ 47-point performance on his 38th birthday and that included Lakers center Thomas Bryant.

The big man called LeBron’s performance ‘absolutely amazing’ while adding that it is important ‘not to take greatness for granted like that.’ What LeBron is doing is truly special and Bryant wants to make sure the world is appreciating what they are witnessing.

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