Lakers News: Doc Rivers Believes Michael Jordan Is ‘GOAT’ But LeBron James Has Had Better Career
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When it comes to the greatest of all time debate, the most common answers are Michael Jordan and Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

Jordan has long been the consensus pick for GOAT status because of his individual accolades and pristine 6-0 NBA Finals record. However, while James may not have the same success as Jordan does in championship series, he holds several NBA records and is on track to break more.

The GOAT debate is one that’ll never end, especially as the league shifts to a new generation of fans. Older people will normally pick Jordan, while the younger crowd tends to lean James.

Doc Rivers revealed he believes Jordan is the GOAT, but also thinks James’ career will go down as the best one, via SHOWTIME Basketball:

“I hate the GOAT debate,” Rivers said. “I’m a Michael guy. But that doesn’t mean anything bad about LeBron. Bron’s gonna have the greatest career ever. There’s no doubt that he’s gonna have a GOAT career. But as far, for me, the single player is Michael. But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make LeBron bad. I don’t know why I feel like if you say one, you’re putting down the other one. They’re both amazing.”

To illustrate the old versus new school mentality, Rivers said he’s sent videos to his son Austin of Jordan because the younger Rivers prefers James:

“It’s funny with Austin (Rivers) growing up. Austin would be like, ‘LeBron is better.’ And I would send him video. And I sent Austin a video like two weeks ago and he texts back, ‘Alright, dad, I get it. Alright? I got it. MJ was the best.’ That’s what he sent me back. It’s a fun debate, but I just hate that when you do it people think you putting down one guy or the other.”

It speaks to the generational gap when you hear stories of fathers and sons like the Rivers disagreeing on the GOAT debate. The 2023 NBA Draft class largely picked Jordan, though Jalen Hood-Schifino went with his teammate as the GOAT.

It’s a never-ending debate, though at this point fans should just learn to appreciate the two greats.

Stephen A. Smith recounts Rich Paul taking offense for not having LeBron James as GOAT

Rivers is just one of numerous older folk who have Jordan as the GOAT. For example, Stephen A. Smith also has Jordan ranked ahead of James which the ESPN analyst revealed miffed James’ agent Rich Paul.

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