Lakers News: Jeanie Buss Will Take A Back Seat To Jim Buss

Jeanie BussAfter a long and tying summer for the Lakers, summer is almost over. We are halfway through August, which means that season is a little more than two months away. All seems well in Laker Land as they are set to start training camp here shortly with a new look roster. Laker fans are are thinking all is well now that Kobe is making a rapid recovery and the Dwight Howard Saga has come to it’s much awaited end, but the Lakers are not yet out of the woods.

After the hiring of Mike D’Antoni instead of Phil Jackson, a lot of Lakers fans started to question whether it was in the organization’s best interest in letting the son of the late owner Dr. Jerry Buss, Jim Buss, run the Lakers organization. Many thought that Dr. Buss’ daughter Jeanie Buss would be better suited for the job.

But according to The Hollywood Reporter’s article, Jeanie will not be stepping into a bigger role within the organization anytime soon.

Jeanie told Ric Bucher that she will defer to her brother Jim as that’s what her father thought would be best for the Lakers franchise.

“My brother ultimately makes the basketball decisions. I defer and will continue to defer because that’s what my dad believed would be successful.”

So to make this clear, Jeanie will not be running basketball operations as she will play out the wishes of her father and honor him in the way the he respectfully deserves. There will be a time that the Lakers will need to make a decision whether they are going to keep D’Antoni, but Jeanie will not be the one who ultimately makes the final decision, that decision will belong to Jim.

Deferring is a whole lot different from agreeing, which is why their is a power struggle within the organization. Jeanie later told Bucher in the same interview that she still in unaware of what the decision process was in the hiring of D’Antoni over Jackson.

“I would be more comfortable if I understood what the decision process was, and I’m not always involved in it.” To be held accountable by the league and not have a seat at the table when decisions are made is hard.”

Whatever the case may be, the Lakers are the Lakers and will continue to be  no matter who is running the show. What we have to remember is that the family is still trying to move forward after the loss of their father and that this process will take time.


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