Lakers News: Jerry Buss Attempted To Purchase Dallas Cowboys
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The history of the Los Angeles Lakers is filled with plenty of intrigue and drama, and Hulu has captivated the fanbase with its 10-part docuseries “Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers.”

Lakers governor Jeanie Buss was heavily involved in the project and has expressed her wish to have people who watch the series really understand what it was like for the players and people involved with the franchise throughout its up and down years. Including Jeanie, the rest of the Buss kids have told their side of things, as well as clips of former governor Dr. Jerry Buss.

To date, four parts have been released, with each episode peeling back more and more layers of how the Lakers came to be. Jerry took a gamble when purchasing the Lakers and other sports franchises, and the most recent installment shed light on his attempt to purchase the Dallas Cowboys via Landon Buford:

Jerry was well-known in the public eye for his bachelor lifestyle, and in the clip, Johnny Buss notes that not buying the Cowboys was his dad’s biggest disappointment. The team was eventually sold to Jerry Jones, who eventually turned the franchise into the best football team of the 1990s.

It’s fun to think about how Jerry could’ve made his imprint on Dallas, and the NFL had he owned a team, but overseeing the most successful basketball team of the 1980s and 2000s has to count for something. Considering how smart and ambitious he was, “Legacy” will surely reveal more about Jerry and how he tried to add to his sports empire.

High school football footage of LeBron James surfaces

Another key Lakers figure tied to the Cowboys is LeBron James, who briefly flirted with an NFL career during the 2011 NBA lockout. James was a standout wide receiver at St Vincent-St. Mary’s High School and more video footage of the superstar surfaced recently.

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