Lakers News: Kendrick Nunn Excited To Learn From Veterans
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While the Los Angeles Lakers have caught plenty of flak for the overall age of the roster, they did manage to add a few players entering their prime like Kendrick Nunn.

The 26-year-old established himself as a key starter in the rotation for the Miami Heat during his first two years in the league. Although he could have been on the lookout for a potential payday, he decided to take less in exchange for another opportunity to compete for a championship with the Lakers.

There are certainly no shortage of high-profile names on this roster for the Purple and Gold. Regardless, a player of his caliber is expected to play an integral role in making a title run come to fruition.

Nunn admits that while he is relishing in the chance to learn from so many veterans, he is looking forward to playing his part to get the Lakers back on track.

“It’s a surreal moment, but I’m also alongside with them as well. So I have a job to do and I play up to my potential. Being a younger guy in the locker room, I’m going to learn a lot from these guys. A lot of veteran guys and a lot of experience. It’s only my third year in the league, so I’m definitely a sponge in the locker room.”

The former undrafted free agent feels that work ethic and sacrifice are key components to the overall make-up of this team.

“With the makeup of this team, I don’t think work ethic or anything like that is an issue. A lot of veterans guys, a lot of guys that have major success in this league. So I don’t think that’ll be an issue and guys like me the younger guys that have good work ethic and that’s hardworking just willing to do anything to help the team, I think that’s another key.”

Nunn added that he is well aware of what he brings to the table and plans on finding his rhythm once the 2021-22 NBA season begins.

“I feel like that’s going to come. Just playing the game the right way and just bringing my strengths to the game. That’s all I can control and things will fall in line.”

Nunn’s skillset as a combo guard will allow for some versatility in the backcourt between shooting and playmaking. After all, he had no problem etching out a role for himself in Miami after averaging 15.0 points while shooting at a 36.4 percent clip from deep during his first two seasons.

There is plenty of speculation regarding how the starting lineup will ultimately look for Frank Vogel. Fortunately, Nunn’s comments are an encouraging sign that the players are all too willing to accept whichever role comes their way.

Nunn describes team minicamp in Las Vegas

Lebron James got a head start on building team chemistry by organizing a three-day minicamp for the team in Las Vegas. Not only was it a chance for all the new members of this roster to get acquainted they were able to get some quality workouts in before the start of training camp.

Nunn felt it was an ideal opportunity for the tea to come together and get on the same page.

“I’m definitely excited for this upcoming season. Just been preparing myself all summer. Getting ready to shine and this past weekend in Vegas was good for the team. A lot of chemistry. Everything we did was team-oriented, so everyone was included. Everywhere we went to eat and stuff like that. Just building that chemistry.”

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