Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Discusses His Recovery Process

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles LakersOn Wednesday, Kobe Bryant hopped onto the Mason and Ireland Show on ESPN 710 to discuss his rehab from season-ending Achilles surgery. Kobe suffered the injury against the Golden State Warriors in the third to last game of the regular season.

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Kobe talked about his rehab process, saying;

“The injury and the surgery happened about 2 months ago. I have been rehabbing for a month almost a month and a half.”

Bryant says he is walking around and is capable of moving and doing everything on his own. No longer is he using crutches or the “governor” mobile transportation unit for his leg.

“I am fully mobile. I can get up and do all the things I want to do.”

Kobe also was asked how his leg has been feeling, and how the Achilles tendon is recovering.

“I think its gonna be more than fine. Now it actually feels better than it did before I got hurt.”

The Mamba was planning his return to start the NBA 2013-14 season. However, Kobe said in his radio interview that he was shooting for a return during either November or early December. Kobe previously said that he thought he would be back for the season opener, but now it seems like he might delay his return for about a month.

What is the process of recovery for an Achilles surgery? Kobe says that it is pretty uneventful.

“The beginning stage is really boring stuff. Trying to get out the inflammation, try to get out the scar tissue. Making sure your toes are working. You know that sort of stuff.”

Kobe is no longer just sitting in his bed watching Disney movies with his daughters, though. He waits until they go to sleep to change the channel.

But, on a more serious note, he is now actively training and getting back into basketball shape.

“Now start doing a little bit more. Doing a little bit of the elliptical. Doing some strength work and calf raises and some things like that.”

Kobe has said that he wants to have the chance to win at least two more championship rings and surpass his childhood idol, Michael Jordan. Bryant believes that if the Lakers were healthy this season, they would have given the San Antonio Spurs a run for their money.

Kobe says he looks at the end of the season as a missed opportunity, and if he hadn’t gotten hurt, then they would have made a deep run in the playoffs. The Lakers went 28-12 after the All-Star break to clinch a playoff spot.

“Well I really look at it as a missed opportunity. Had I not gotten hurt we had been playing really well. We got into a rhythm in terms of who does what and how those roles are defined. So it was unfortunate but I know we are not far off.”

Kobe is not one who ever needs motivation, but the Achilles injury and critics doubting if he will ever return to top form provides plenty of ammo for the Mamba. Bryant believes that the Lakers are close to contending and just need some young athletic wing defenders with some speed and length to compete at the highest level once again.

For Lakers fans and for Kobe Bryant next season can’t come soon enough.


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