Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Discusses His Shot Selection

Heading into his 20th NBA season, there were questions about how much Kobe Bryant had left in the tank for the Los Angeles Lakers. At the age of 37 and coming off three consecutive season-ending injuries, he has struggled in what may be his final season.

Appearing in 11 of 14 games so far, Kobe is averaging 15.2 points, 4.3 rebounds and 3.5 assists in 30.5 minutes. However, his efficiency is at an all-time low and tied a career-low shooting performance against the Golden State Warriors.

Following the 111-77 loss to the Warriors, Kobe was asked about his shot selection so far this season, via Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News:

While Kobe’s shot selection has been an issue, he believes he could have scored 80 points, but it would not have made a difference:

Through the first 14 games of the season, Kobe’s shots have not only been short, but contested and on isolation plays. As a result, he is shooting a career-worst 31.1 percent from the field and 19.5 percent from beyond the arc. At this stage of his career, it is clear Kobe does not have the same lift on his jumpers.

While Kobe will look to make adjustments to his game, the Lakers as a team will need to improve their ball movement and defense. Although the Warriors are the defending champions and currently undefeated, the Lakers only had 16 assists on 31 made attempts and allowed them to shoot nearly 50 percent from the field.

Can it get any worse? Unbelievable and now ruining your reputation/legacy.
Compared to Jordan’s last season, he accepted a
6th man role yet later had to start. Wizards were 37-45 not good but not close
to the pathetic Laker record either. He
averaged 20, Led the team in steals, played all 82, nearly led in rebounds at
6, averaged 4 assists. And shot
44%, HE WAS 40!! At 35 he averaged 29.5 per game and shot 46%.

  • Kobe didn’t play college ball and Jordan did there’s more miles on kobe

  • I’ve been an avid Lakers fan for roughly 33 years… sad to say, I didn’t see any effort in hustle for the ball, players waiting for others to step up… sad in all reality… if I was their coach, they would be running suicide laps sad day for Lakers fans and old players… no wonder ya’ll are almost dead last.

  • This is not Tainting Kobe’s Legacy….I do not know where some people get that Concept from…..If this is his last year it will simply go down as his Swan Song…bad or good…It’s not going to Undo his Accomplishments…..Slow Down People.

  • Ok now both Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell have basically stated in the media that the system that is being run in practice (something Kobe barely bothers with) is not the same as the system they run when Kobe is on the floor, because he is doing his own thing outside of the system (I believe it to be the ballhog system). Byron Scott has absolutely lost this team now, with one rule for the team and another rule for Kobe Bryant.

  • I hate how everyone fixates on Kobe’s shooting without mentioning his incredible facilitating skills. People harp on the 1-14 shooting while ignoring all those great assists he piled up. I mean, two assists is not a shabby amount.

  • Im a Kobe apologist/homer but man! Enough is enough..his quotes last night were sickening. I truly do now believe he’s delusional. If he doesnt realize that he is one of the key problems on this team than hes got a major screw loose. Yes his team is trash but they arent the ones chucking up all those bad shots and saying it was because they lost focus. SMDH…imagine what young Kobes response wouldve been if Pau went 1-15 from the field and his postgame comments were “it isnt cuz i sucked tonight its just cuz i lost focus due to my teammates not getting me easier shots.!” No bueno Kobe. Time to go. Thank you for everything.

  • This Nick Young and Lou Williams off the bench together is becoming a real problem. 0 defense and bad shot selection from both. I can now see why everyone here thought the Lou pick up meant the end of Nick. Im on board now. Trade Nick or Lou and give A.Brown those minutes. Seasons lost no need for 2 veteran ballhogs on 1 team.

  • Oh woooooww 2 assist!!!! So fricken great, its amazing!!!

    Sarcasm off Kobe homer

  • It doesn’t take away his legacy, but like Scott you also enable Kobe to screw up. People’s memories of Kobe would be tainted because this is the present and people would ask if he left the Lakers in a better place.

    The answer is NO. Okay so his legacy isn’t tainted, but his self-image WILL and how he left things will have a bitter nasty taste

  • It does take away a little bit. If people remember his final days as trying to hang on at the expense of his team, then that’s a memory attached to his legacy.

  • Sorry just trying to make False B Told feel a little better. The recent memories of Kobe as of now isn’t looking good. Its sad and pathetic. Tim Duncan might end up with a better legacy taking a step back and watching his youngsters grow stronger as they move into the playoffs year after year in his twlight. The Mavs are also doing a great job despite losing a lot of peaces last summers free agency and Dirk is still performing at a high level…smh.

  • Same here. Thought his swan song would be done in moderation, but he’s trying to recapture his youth when he and everyone knows he can’t. Dumb stubbornness. And some of the quotes suggest he’s not the problem. Are you kidding me? You’re the worst shooter on the floor and you want to take the most shots. That was acceptable when you were good, but as a stink bomb, it kills all those around you. Sorry Kobe. Enough is enough. This is not a slump you’re shooting yourself out of.

  • Leaving the Lakers in a better position is the FO job…not Kobe’s..
    MJ left and the FO had to assemble a new team…MJ didn’t leave the team in a better situation….Stop trying to pacify yourselves.

  • Do the math Kobe. If you scored 80 pts that’s 76 pts more than your team had. 77+76 > than 111 GS had.

    since you flushed away any chance of being competitive taking those dumb shots. It’s really a comment deferring your responsibility and impact in all this.

    Shut yourself down, no practices for 2 weeks. Get your legs back and see where you’re at before you hurt this team much longer.

  • Actually reading it again. My sarcasm is more subtle and obvious than your’s. Your’s on the other hand is a lot better.

  • As much as I respect Duncan and Dirk…they are not going to he considered greater than Kobe in Most people assessments….You may like them better.

  • No I like Kobe more. But NBA fans who are not Lakers fans are considering to put Duncan ahead of Kobe (not Dirk) but Duncan.

    Heck Timmy is already the greatest power forward of all time. Garnet and Malone don’t even compare

  • Its the Lakers FO job, but if Kobe wasn’t selfish he would help make the franchise a better place, but instead is too egotistic to care. Kobe homer

  • Fans in San Antonio….but Fan of the game and former Players do not think that way ….Most got him as the top 10 GOAT…Where Tim is I do not know.

  • No read comments on ESPN and Bleacher Report at the END of the day ONLY Lakers fans would put Kobe ahead of Duncan, while majority of NBA fans (non-Lakers fans) would put Duncan ahead of Kobe. You living under a rock?

    I guess you forgotten Bleacher Report articles on the top 50 players of all time and see where Tim and Kobe are ranked. I guess you also forgot how analyst and NBA executives break down how they feel about Kobe and Tim

  • No you Read…who pays attention to Espn Ranking?…Even Steven A and others separate themselves from their Rankings….Bleacher Report is an affiliate of Espn…..So you go kick Rocks…..I’m speaking about Players retired and playing….I’ll accept their Rankings…..Kobe Ala MJ 3peated.
    Duncan NEVER won back to back titles…

  • Did MJ leave the Bulls in a better pisition? Ans..No…they had to regroup….so what’s your point.

  • You’re an idiot that choose which opinions to believe. Oh because a 3peat means everything? Says who? Did we put you in charge? Tim has been in the playoffs his whole life while Kobe is a sinking ship at this point of his career. And last I check Shaq was the Finals MVP of the 3peat just like MJ was the Finals MVP of the 3peat. Your argument would be correct if Kobe beated the Celtics twice along with the Magic. Otherwise Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Robert Horry, also 3peated too by your logic and no one will put them up with MJ

  • Duncan is still going strong, while Kobe looks like he doesn’t even belong in the NBA. Duncan had the smarts to know he couldn’t carry the Spurs no more and took less money and a smaller role, but what is Kobe doing for the Lakers?

  • The point is you’re a Kobe homer/apologist?

    Bias B Told or False B Told

  • LOL but the front office gave him that money. Watch out he will use that argument against you, I can predict it.

  • Jordan didn’t have his achilles heel torn, didnt have his right rotator cuff torn either. Or didnt have the same knee injury as Kobe did. U need to take this into your consideration before u make that statement.

  • Well, Kobe should of realized he wasn’t gonna be the same afterwards and changed his game a bit. Yet, he’s still out there trying to act like he’s in his prime. Maybe you should get Kobe’s junk out your mouth and see that he is done, instead of making excuses for him.

  • Exactly my point…..Duncan might have 5 rings but nobody is going to put Duncan above Kobe…He 3peated and won back to back without Shaq….and incidentally Derek Fisher along with Horry already said Kobe could have easily been MVP during those Rings with Shaq…..Kobe was the one closing the game out down those stretched hence the trade of Shaq because he was tired of that situation.

  • Exactly my point your comment is just a homer opinion that doesn’t measure why Kobe is better than Duncan. What gives a 3peat more weight even when he didn’t win those MVPs. Also look at Kobe’s stats for his first championship. Clearly Shaq was better when Kobe barely averaged 20pts on 42% shooting in the 2000 playoffs. Argument could be made for his 2nd and 3rd ring.

    But once again your comment was extremely bias and opinionated. You’re basically asking us to accept your opinion as if it is a scientific fact of measurement of Kobe and Duncan’s success.

  • Just telling me “False” Sir…Don’t hate the messenger.


  • You’re wrong again. Only Laker fans and a few people around basketball are having a hard time putting Kobe over Duncan right now. Duncan has stayed relevant and in the title picture his whole career, while Kobe has fallen back with the pack.

  • Just tragic and sad. Going by his comments last night, either his ego is even bigger than expected or he’s on some mighty strong drugs.

  • MJ didnt exactly go through the same injuries which affected his lift and jump shots.. The shooters such as Kobe and MJ use a lot of their legs to elevate and balance on jump shots and since Kobe has pretty much gone through some of the worst injuries any athlete can have, he is still managing to play and keep up with the best players in the league.. His numbers are bad, his shot selections are not the best but I can assure you he’d be making most of those shots had he not had those leg injuries.. MJ will always be a GOAT but cant disrespect Kobe for trying to get back to his superstar level.

  • Like I said…don’t get mad at the Messenger…….seems to me you are one of those people that when someone bringing up Truths to challenge your statements it’s somehow Bias…. In reference to your 3peats saga….it’s shows how Dominate a team is in a period of time….They usually call them a Dynasty…..Matter of fact the Last team to 3peat….and the 2010 team to last Repeat.

  • RANT TIME: 1 of 14 from the field? Really?! I mean, I don’t THINK he can tarnish his legacy. But this has gotten ridiculous. If Kobe wasn’t able to work on his three-point shooting this past off-season, he should have retired.

    I REALLY hope the fans don’t vote him into the All-Star game, and I hope that Jerry Colangelo doesn’t put him on the Olympic team. I also hope Byron starts to play Kobe A LOT less in the second halfs of games. Let him start, take a few shots, and then have him be a glorified assistant coach, like KG.

  • Like I said you got Kobe’s nuts in your mouth. Seems to me that you deluded yourself into thinking that your opinion matters. When in actuality you’re a bias idiot with the name “Truth B Told” when you should be Liar Seeking Attention.

    And as for the 3peat. it shows the team has dominated as you said yet you use it as a personal accomplishment. You also try so hard to link Kobe with MJ but MJ won the Finals MVP of his 3peats NOT Kobe. You have the logic of a 10 year old.

    Also another idiot, 2010 wasn’t the last team to repeat you moronic uneducated twit. The Heat won back 2 back against the Thunders and the Spurs, but clearly you know nothing about basketball yet alone its history. Your comments proves my point on how little you know, so thanks for showing us how dumb you are.

  • Smart on Kobe’s behalf…..There was no guranteed they were going to get a FA…and as it turned out….Smart on Kobe’s behalf….Players now are Taking the Best deal out there…The Money…..FA aren’t coming to a team that’s in transition unless they have shown some promise……$25,000,000mil….All Day.

  • Except your math doesn’t take into account the extra shots he would have to take to make that amount, even at 14/14 you’re nowhere near 80 points. Which means less shots and less points from the rest of the team, which means it’s not as simple as a straight +80.

    You gotta remember there’s a certain amount of possessions in a game, and only one guy can score on each of them.

  • Stand corrected on 2012,2013 heats….As to the 3peat I use it because Kobe was a Major part of that Dynasty…..Like MJ and Pippen…so was Kobe and Shaq…that is involved in personal accomplishments….Kobe wasn’t coming off the Bench..

  • Yeah and Jordan didn’t go through 2 major season ending injuries. Kobe’s 37 not 35. His last full season at 34, right before the Achilles injury, he was averaging 27.3 on 46%, pretty similar to Jordan.

  • Neither was Horry or Fox. Your argument is so flawed and invalid. At this point I would think you’re trolling and wasting my time. I stand corrected in calling you a fool when you forgot the most recent back2back, and because of that everything you say is void and invalid.

  • Kobe still thinks he can score 35 a night? He needs to donate his brain to science after he dies. His arrogance is truly out of this world.

  • This is a dumb comparison. He didn’t play as long as Kobe, he took breaks and he didn’t have injuries. You can compare the mentality of taking a lessor role but not physically and not their stats.

  • But watching their practices without Kobe it’s the same crappy system during games. It’s terrible. Nick and D’Angelo, like the fans, are just mad and pointing fingers looking for excuses when collectively this team is trash.

    I really don’t see how two of our worst defenders can fix their lips to blame Kobe but then again this is part of the problem, they focus solely on offense and not defense. Yes, blame ball movement but let’s ignore the fact that Nick and D’Angelo refuse to switch on defense and just stand looking stupid without guarding anyone or put in any sort of effort on defense!

    No one on this team takes personal accountability, it’s easier to blame the next man instead of everyone doing what they should be doing. For once I would like to hear “You know I could do better, make better passes, play tougher defense, make smart shot selections.” That’s too much to ask though.

  • The play that summed up the game last night for me was when Kobe threw an outlet pass to D’Angelo and as soon as he caught it FOUR Warriors defenders were surrounding him. The Warriors are just as good on defense as offense. If that were the Lakers the whole team would still be on the other side of the court.

  • It’s a valid point. But… The day Kobe scored 81 he took 46 shots and the team too 88. So there’s 40 shots available for the rest of the guys. On that day they scored 122, still greater than 111 GS scored. And 140 + was certainly possible if 4 other guys that night didn’t go 3/20.

    So in terms of possibility, the math while ludicrous doesn’t necessarily fail, because there’s still some 40+ FGA (plus FT) to get the remainder of the points.

  • that so ok playing minutes on kobe just need practice shooting and make changes on playing style

  • What Kobe is doing is making our young guys wonder what they are learning and the answer NOTHING, As soon as there is a out our young guys will take it they don’t need that crap.

  • Doesn’t matter. Injuries are nothing but excuses they certainly don’t define a legacy. Kobe is so awful now he is airballing the rim. Can’t remember another player to be as clueless as Kobe. At a minimum he could just shoot shorter shots. You Kobe lovers have other agendas maybe some connection I don’t know. This is black and white he has lost it completely. The eye test proves that. Bird quit the game rather than embarrassing himself. These performances are nothing short of pitiful. He’s lowered himself to not even being a top 10 player anymore.

  • Jordan quit the game and came back playing until 40 at a much more solid ability than Kobe will ever realize. Players are standing and watching his misses and have to make up for players going around him with ease on defense. It’s a youthful team and they are learning nothing from his messed up game. You apologists are nothing more than laughable.

  • When you play as bad as he has and virtually ruin your team and run off coaches. When you drive free agents away for the last 5 years. And in your swan song lead your team to being the laughingstock of the NBA. It says a lot..

  • Absolutely right Kobe is an utter failure the last 5 years where Duncan has fit in nicely skill wise and with teammates. Kobe has driven away Dwight and Gasol while players can’t wait to play with Duncan.

  • Dwight signed for less and Gasol as well, your argument doesn’t fly. They saw the egotistic Kobe and said I’ve had enough. They were right.

  • Haven’t you noticed that you’re answering your Own statements?LOL….Stoned Again.

  • MJ also retired 3 x.
    1993 1998 and 2003.
    MJ also only played 15 seasons Kobe has played 5 more.
    MJ played on a crap team and averaged 20.
    MJ plays with these Lakers he wouldnt average 20 maybe 12 to 15.

  • dude 20 awesome years cant be ruined by a goodbye season.
    no way………

  • tim &dirk had a boring career.
    when you look at Kobe it was either really high or super low.
    but id rather live Kobe’s life than tim duncans.
    thank you but NO THANK YOU!
    i love Kobe.

  • timmy will be considered top 3 pf all time.
    but i dont think he was “better” than Kobe.
    he has tied Kobe in success winning championships and such.
    but as far as personal success goes?
    Kobe knocks timmy out…..
    spurs though are getting old and tarnishing their own legacy.
    last year they got beat by the clippers!
    a team who has never even gotten to the NBA finals.

  • Malone doesnt compare to timmy?
    yes he does….tim might have won more championships.
    but put them 1 on 1 id say karl wins 4/5 times.
    i like timmy but malone was no softie.
    did you watch the NBA from 1984-1998?
    even Kobe and MJ fans know who Karl is.
    he almost beat MJ.

  • nice picture.
    too bad Kobe has 5 rings and not 4.
    i remember the Kobe&lebron puppet commercials.

  • 1/14 another chance for Kobe haters to get their BS smack talk in!
    where were you all when he helped the team win against the pistons and had a triple double?
    hiding in your closets?
    get outta here fools…..and dont ever come back!

  • Put Kobe back to Shooting Guard. Small Forwards are bigger defender.
    Russell, Kobe, MWP/Nance, Randle, Hibbert
    Clarkson, Lou, Young, Bass, Black

  • 1 good game, 7 bad ones. 1 more good game and 7 more bad ones.

    u know what thats called?

    jereny fn lin. lol

  • Kobe is at this stage totally delusional. I’m a big fan, but he should retire ASAP and not play another month. Can’t bear to watch him out there!

  • 1. Boring does not mean their careers are bad
    2. Wining beats everything and I don’t give a single f^*k if a player is flashy or boring
    3. I love Kobe more than Tim like any Lakers fan.

    But my favorite player might not go down as the best player of his generation

    Our love or who we favor doesn’t mean he is better.
    Ex. You love your kid, unfortunately your neighbors kid gets better grades than your kid, but hey I’m sure you love your kid more. Again that’s an example that shows that just because you love Kobe more doesn’t mean he is better than Duncan, a player who you don’t really care for and has a “boring” career lol

  • You’re a fool lol. Kobe transhing his legacy way worst than Duncan, what you said is bias Kobe homerism. But whatever its obvious that you and False B Told are Kobe homers giving each other thumbs up for bias opinionated comments

  • Stupidity is the bias idiot riding Kobe’s nuts. Go ahead and argue with me and I annihilate you with facts and the truth. No opinions allow.

  • 1 “decent” game and that was not a triple double idiot. Look at the stats again.
    Fact is your a Kobe homer just like Bryon Scott. You enable Kobe to screw up, I love Kobe, but I hate him this season. He sucks and should take a lessor role and than go on his on way after this season.

    But go ahead and defend Kobe, you got nut riding fanboy written all over your face.

  • are you stupid? You are literally proving to everyone that you have bias opinion. But what should I expect being a sports fan means throwing logic and facts away and blindly cheer for your team right? Yep put on those purple and gold blindfolds and take a trip to delusional land, just don’t crash your car idiot.

    Fact Duncan still going strong, Kobe is broken. End of discussion, you can’t win against the truth.

  • But…but what about the fans? And the people who pay to see him?

    My response? Go to Youtube(.)com and search for Kobe Bryant highlights. Unless you enjoy seeing the Lakers lose as Kobe bricks and air ball his way through games go ahead.

  • He also said in that post game interview that he could average 35 points a game but that would probably have only won one more game by now. Fool. For you’d have to take 50-60 shots the way you’re shooting (and not getting to the charity stripe like you used to).

  • yall dont get it, teammates need to move better off the ball for him to pass them more easily and easy buckets….Kobe’s quote has been taken out of context

  • just sayin that GSW is THAT GREAT! props to GSW for being this hungry and competitive at the same time points out there are LOTS of major problems with this team

  • not hitting those 3 pointers does not mean he didn’t work on it…I believe that he worked on taht 3 pointers more than those 2 pointers since his role in this team is a floor spacer for the future big 3

  • lol taking it litereally…that just means that Lakers team have plenty of problems from top to bottom be real…Kobe is one of the problems but he is not the only problem

  • if you will just support the lakers when they are winning while hate, cuss,blame future HOF and other players(swagP,Lou,Dlo,Hibbert for example) then just get outta here…..real fans show up in tough times

  • I problem is more that the shots are just not going in, contested or wide open. There is still gas in that tank, but the steering is off. I know he must be putting in the work on his shooting, nobody has ever worked harder. So how do you fix it???

  • Read with understanding….Those team wasn’t called Horry and the Lakers….It was Kobe and Shaq….Pippen and Jordan…..Glad Knight & the Pips etc…People knew who the stars was…..Horry and Fox are not HOFERS as I speak or even been considered as of yet..

  • Yeah and we see what Howard has become in Houston….Nothing more than a problem…..Gasol gets a Pass because he was Always in Trade discussions when with the Lakers..can’t blame him….Howard turns out as no big deal..Hasn’t been that effective with Houston…a blessing in disquise. Gasol has no problem with Kobe….Kobe didn’t like Howard.

  • Stay on point. Both left LA for less money. No player is going to go public with the Kobe problem. Aldrdge wouldn’t say it either. You are in denial if you think Kobe was and is not current a major problem for LA.

  • 1. Pathetic to thumb your own comment

    2. You want to link Kobe and MJ together when it was Jordan who was playing Batman and Scottie playing Robin, just like Shaq was playing Batman and Kobe was Robin, it doesn’t match up when you compare Jordan and Kobe in that sense since Jordan was the leader and the Finals MVP of the Bulls, Kobe WASN’T. So history remembers Shaq and Kobe not Kobe and Shaq. As anyone who isn’t a bias Kobe homer, Kobe only became the leader of the repeat.

    3. You keep flip flopping, rings are consider a team accomplishment as you said, yet you want to make it sound like a personal achievement. Talk to me about personal achievement when you bring up the numbers of MVPs. But obviously that won’t suit your argument, and you’ll come up with any lame excuses to discredit them

    4. How long has Kobe been brainwashing you? You sound like his b!tcha

  • No he’s retarded or trolling. Just dissecting his logic if there is any

  • 1st of All….Kobe is the Closest thing to Jordan we’ve seen….2nd …Shaq MVP came at the cost of Kobe’s be able to Close out games….Shaq may have scored more points but those games was decided down the Stretch…ala.Their 1st championship vs Indiana…Kobe shut Miller down..not only that..Shaq Fouled out and Kobe closed that game out in a OT win…In repeating…Horry and Fisher said in their Championship Runs that Kobe could have easily been the MVP….which lead to Kobe wanting out of LA….You know the Rest…..3. Kobe has 5 rings…Shaq 4…..People bring up Team when they have No valid Comeback as if that’s going to Soften the Truth….Rings are included in your Personal Accomplishments….The problem is..that they are getting in YOUR Way trying to prove some silly statement…Walk It Off…Take A Timeout..LOL.

  • It’s not about excuses or this or that what they did to get to the end. It’s about how you want to go out. If he doesn’t care to change his game so that his team can develop or younger players can learn and advance, then he’s what everyone has been saying for years. He’s all about himself. At the end, now, he is horrible and not even NBA caliber. Compared to Jordan, who actually had more years he could have played but retired rather than become a laughable player. Plus Jordan’s teams never played as bad as LA. Bird as well was injured and could not stand to play without his previous ability, quit rather than become something less than NBA talent.

  • I know that but he says this after every game. He clearly still believes it. He is in denial that his career is over.

  • LOL 3peat means a lot and definitely a lot more than 1. 3 in a row is hard. 1 year champs is still hard but winning again that next year is the real challenge.

  • Comparing scottie to kobe lol well done. Wasn’t always Shaq as batman and kobe as robin look at that stats. You could say kobe is the reason the lakers started to lose after the 3 peat though, but you could also say shaq was for not putting up the same numbers he was. But kobe was taking more shots. Either way kobe definitely wasn’t the robin to shaqs batman for the enitre ride like scottie was to jordan. bad comparision, terrible, not to mention kobe won without shaq, pippen didnt win without jordan.

  • Duncan didnt need to carry the spurs. Didnt need to play 35 minutes plus a night to try and get his teams wins look at the dwight howard, steve nash, gasol, kobe season. Kobe was being overworked hardcore, Well duncan could miss as many games as he wants/needs to and spurs still win/make playoffs. Wake up a little bit man. I am not saying kobe isnt done, he is definitely not himself out there. But you simply cannot compare duncan to kobe. Kobe couldn’t take a smaller role that year you see how many games he had to make big time clutch shots for the lakers that season? Way too many the raptors game comes to my mind the most 3 after 3 after 3 late late to win in OT or something.

  • Sure he is but without him they are no better off. Atm. Without him they still don’t have carmelo, they still dont have james, they still don’t have aldrige wake up. If kobe retired last season or the season before or w/e these players don’t even consider LA they definitely wouldn’t be lakers right now. But keep talking.

  • actually i know Kobe is better than tim.
    but your right even if tim was better id side with Kobe.
    hes my favorite and im ultra biased!
    just how other people pick their own favorites like at work…..
    you know people will always play favorites and nothing will stop them no matter how much they lie and claim favoritism dont exist it does.
    at least im honest about being a Kobe fan boy.
    i dont care if people like me for this reason or not.
    I love the Lakers and Kobe too alot!
    it is what it is man…
    forget what haters say about him.

  • i am biased so?
    how am i a fool?
    does anyone outside of texas like tim duncan?
    ive never met a tim duncan fan unless they was a spurs fan.
    im not a Kobe homer dude.
    Kobe is playing terrible right now and his shooting sucks.
    am i biased to him? yea probably.
    but i wont lie about the truth and you dont need to insult us Kobe fans just bc you dont see eye to eye with us.
    you should really learn to respect him being he stayed a Laker 20 years which isnt just a team record.
    he set another NBA record 20 years with 1 franchise never been done before.
    Kobe is the 1st to ever do it.
    just like he was the youngest ever in the all star game and to win slam dunk contest.
    later people beat those records but it was his record FIRST!
    i respect timmy too dont get it twisted man.
    hes a top 3 pf ever.
    maybe only behind malone or KG.

  • Horry isnt a HOF but with his bigtime shots he should be considered…..ive seen crappier players elected into the hall who i thought werent even starters in the 90s.
    Horry could be HOF maybe…….
    if it was my decision id say yes but im biased.
    if they picked prolly 60/ 40

  • stupid and idiot.
    are those two words you hear alot?
    you must be used to be called names.
    any Laker fan is going to be biased towards Kobe just like any spurs fan is gonna say duncan is better than Kobe and vice versa with lebron too. cavs fans arent going to say Kobe is better.
    everyone is biased so you are the stupid 1 here man.

  • That’s just conjecture. Facts are he is a big reason they don’t want to come to LA. Dwight said it. Dwight wanted to be here but just didn’t want to be in the situation you are seeing right now. And that was the volume shooting of Kobe and no one around with the backbone to sit him for the benefit of the team and quite frankly to the benefit of Kobe himself. You don’t know Carmelo would not have come here as well. Your argument is not based on reality mine is.

  • LMFAO sit down Tim is considered the greatest PF of all time. Every NBA fan, statistical analysis knows that, etc.

    All of a sudden a Kobe fan like you doesn’t care about rings, you flit flop and change your argument all the time, hypocrisy and contradiction, you remind me of Byron Scott when he talks lol such as saying he would manage Kobe mins but does something different and go overboard with his mins, basically you’re full of it.

  • Kobe has had plenty of opened shots and missed. Kobe sucks right now and you know it, no one can live on delusional land anymore

  • Be a little more creative instead of trying to reflect remarks thrown at you when you know its true. You just admitted that you’re stupid for admitting to be bias. Sorry but NBA fans collectively are reasonable when ranking and assessing players. Also I don’t care what stupidity think, such as you or Cavs fans, you’re still part of the problem

  • 1. Being bias and being a fool is synonymous together since they are both related to ignorance. So you admitted to being bias lol so we have that issues figured out.

    2. I visit a lot of sports sites, not just this, Bleacher Report, ESPN. I’ve been to sports blogs of fans from different teams talk and the general consensuses is that Tim is now ahead of Kobe in the eyes of NBA fans. I get the impression that this is the only place you go to.

    3. We all know Kobe’s accomplishments. Kobe homers, Lakers fans, NBA fans, even the down right trolls and haters. But respect comes and goes and you can’t tell me just because he is a 5 times champ, played 20 years with us, etc… bla bla bla that he has the right to screw up and not hold any responsibility. Scott even admitted that Kobe plays by a different set of rules on this time simply because he’s Kobe lol

    4. In what universe is KG or Malone better than Tim? The championships? the MVPs, the plus/minus stats, the most consistent career of all time? Go ahead and argue with me on who you think is the greatest power foward of all time lol because you have no idea what you’re saying.

  • No you just made up that rule. If what you said is true Russel is GOAT and not Jordan. At the end of the day people count your rings, count your total MVPs, count the records you put up, and looking at your career stats.

    No one says hurrr durrrr 3peat game over he wins above all else. Sorry that’s not how things work. Stats, rings, personal accolades are what judges who is good and who is great

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