Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Discusses “Player of the Week” Photo

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles LakersSince his Achilles surgery, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has taken to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to let his fans in on what he’s thinking.

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During the week that he went down with his injury, Kobe won Player of the Week in the Western Conference averaging 37.0 points, 6.3 rebounds and 5.0 assists while leading the Lakers to a perfect 4-0 week.

Last night, Kobe posted this picture on his Facebook and wrote how it will fuel his recovery:

“This will go down as one of my favorite moments captured on film,” writes Bryant. “The stats are insignificant. The drama lies in the fact that in my mind, I know my season is finished and you can see it written on my face.”

“This will be what I look at as I rehab to get back on top. This moment will be my motor,” Bryant wrote.

During the game, Kobe went down and was fouled by Warriors forward Harrison Barnes on his way to the basket. Bryant then struggled to walk to the free-throw line with his Achilles fully torn he knocked down the two foul shots and walked off the court under his own power.

The Lakers would go on to win the game 118-116 and sneak into the playoffs as the number seven seed against the San Antonio Spurs.

Much has been made about Bryant’s recovery and expectations surrounding him are that he will indeed be ready for Opening Night next season. Bryant’s longtime trainer Tim Grover has stated that his recovery will be more mental then physical and that he expects Kobe to make a full recovery.

During his recovery, Kobe has been live-tweeting during games, and after his controversial tweets during Game 1 on Sunday he will no long tweet during games.

Many pundits doubt that Kobe will return to the high level he was playing at before his injury, but the more and more people say he won’t, the more Kobe will try to show everyone that he will.


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