Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Ranks His Five NBA Championships

With Kobe Bryant officially announcing his retirement at the end of the 2015-16 Los Angeles Lakers season, he has received praise from former and current players. During the team’s eight-game road trip, fans have shown their respect for one of the greatest players of all-time.

Since his announcement, Kobe has done many interviews and he spoke with TNT’s Ernie Johnson last night to discuss numerous topics including his favorite NBA championship.

While Kobe was initially hesitant to rank his championships, he says beating the Boston Celtics in the 2010 NBA Finals is at the top of the list according to Ryan Ward of

Although it is a difficult choice, it comes as no surprise Kobe would choose his fifth and final championship. After trailing the series 3-2, the Lakers were able to win Game 7 despite losing by double-digits early in the second half. Along with playing against three future Hall of Famers, Kobe was dealing with injuries.

While the goal was to tie Michael Jordan with six championships, Kobe seems at peace despite making seven Final appearances in his career. With the focus now on his health and being a mentor to the team’s young core, the five-time champion looks to finish his career on his own terms.

Although Kobe has struggled in his 20th season, he had a vintage performance against the Washington Wizards as he made two clutch shots to give the Lakers a 108-104 win. With the longest road trip in process, Los Angeles faces the Atlanta Hawks, who will also have a ceremony as part of his farewell tour.

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  • Kobe’s 5th the to beat the Celtics has to be #1 As Laker fan we love winning championships. But taking one from the Celtics is always special. #2 would have to be the 2000 finals when Kobe twisted his ankle in game two. He came back for game three with a monster game taking the Pacers to overtime. Then hitting the winning shot. #3 would be against the 6Rs and AI. They Lakers took em out 4-1. But AI was a beast at that time. he helped to hand the Lakers their one and only loss in that playoff run. #4 2001-2002 against the Nets and J kid. Bryant averaged 26.8 points, 51.4% shooting, 5.8 rebounds, 5.3 assists
    per game, which included scoring a quarter of the teams points. At age 23, Bryant became the youngest player to win three championships.
    Bryant’s play was notable and praised for his performance in the 4th
    quarter of games, specifically the last 2 rounds of the playoffs. This cemented Bryant’s reputation as a “clutch player.” #5 against Orlando and Howard.

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  • I have to agree with kobe 2010 by far is my favorite title because of the rivalry and because we were down 3-2 and because kobe got one more than shaq so he can take that to the bank lol.

  • Banning you for good is the #1 thing Lakers Nation can do to improve this site.

  • Kobe really played some great basketball during the ’01 and ’02 title runs against the likes of very good teams like San Antonio and Sacramento. Those were the best for me as a fan but for him, he silenced all the haters in 2009 who claimed he couldn’t do it without Shaq(Those fools!). Then winning back to back(something Duncan was never able to do) was even bigger. The fact it was against Boston made it much sweeter no doubt.

  • Wow, you have an internet grudge against me. Seriously man, just think about that.

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  • i guess this is where we disagree Kobe.
    that 1st championship was the most meaningful to me.
    you all looked so happy you, Shaq, and Phil.
    2000 NBA championship to me is the icing on the cake….
    but thats just my two cents for whats it worth.
    your first time is always gonna be the best time. and the most fun…

  • put boston #2 and the 2000 title to number 1 and we got a deal!
    2000 title was so special to me.
    it was also his first…..the first time is always most memorable.
    just think about it.

  • thats salty man.
    i like Shaq and i love Kobe.
    im glad they are talking again.
    really thats all i care about….i hope Kobe joins NBA on TNT and stops all the Kobe haters and Laker haters too.

  • The question was…which Ring was HIS favorite..
    NOT Yours….Back Quiet.

  • I would have to say 09 when he won his 1st title being the Alpha Male and without Shaq, when everyone thought he couldn’t win 1 without him. I get where he is coming from saying 2010 vs Boston. In 08, they blew a 24 point lead in Game 4, instead of going back to Boston up 3-2, they were down 2-3 and in no way were they gonna win those last 2 in Boston against that Celtics team. Arguably the best Defensive team in NBA History stat wise.

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