Lakers News: Kobe To Host A Diabetes Awareness Event In The UAE

KobeCamp 7.10.13-3Despite being injured, Kobe Bryant seems to not have lost a step. He seems to moving all around the globe for reasons that have nothing to do with basketball. The seventh annual Kobe Basketball Academy started Wednesday on the campus of UC Santa Barbara, which is a camp where youths from the ages of eight to 18-year-olds get a chance to showcase their talents and learn from Kobe and his talented coaching staff.

After Kobe’s Basketball Academy is over, he will take a few weeks off before heading to Abu Dhabi and Dubai to raise awareness for diabetes on September 26th and 27th.  The event is presented by Maven Marketing and Events, the regions first full service entertainment marketing, public relations, and events agency.

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The weekend will be the most popular basketball event ever in in the region as fans from all over the region will travel to see the global icon that is Kobe Bryant, and watch him spread his basketball knowledge.

“I’m Looking forward to going to Abu Dhabi and Dubai this September for the ‘Kobe Bryant Health & Fitness Weekend’ presented by Maven Marketing & Events, in support of diabetes awareness. Details coming soon.”

Kobe’s first stop in the UAE will be to the capital on the 26th of September, where he will be coaching youths in a basketball skills clinic. The kids will also get a chance to meet Kobe and pick his brain about specific basketball techniques and skills.

The highlight of the weekend will be Bryant leading the team warm-up and coaching the celebrity basketball game at the American University in Dubai on September 27th. The game will consist of both international and local celebrities, including UAE based influential leaders. Bryant will be wearing a wireless microphone throughout the duration of the game so the crowd can hear his every word, which will truly be a great experience for fans. Fans will be able to get a look inside the great basketball mind of a legend during the game and witness his charismatic and humorous personality.

Following the celebrity basketball game, Kobe will be judging a slam dunk competition consisting of the best dunkers from the region. The grand finale of the exciting weekend will be a lively after party attended by Kobe Bryant and the celebrities in the game.

Kobe seems to trying to get up and get moving as it feels like he has spent enough time on the couch and watching TV. He has been actively rehabbing his Achilles injury, and now he traveling across the globe to not only spread his basketball knowledge but also bring joy to communities. His injury looks to have given him some perspective that the the road to the end may be near, and it is time to start sharing his knowledge and take advantage of the time he has left.


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