Lakers News: Kurt Rambis Talks Jim and Jeanie Buss Dynamic

On Monday morning, the Lakers introduced their newest addition to the coaching staff. Laker legend and fan favorite Kurt Rambis was officially welcomed as the newest member of Mike D’Antoni’s coaching staff.

Rambis previously served in the Lakers organization under the great Dr. Jerry Buss in a variety of spots ranging from head coach to assistant general manager and is now returning to work for the Buss family once again. Rambis previously worked for ESPN and Time Warner Cable before coming on board with the Lakers for another round.

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Given the recent departure of former center Dwight Howard and the hiring of current head coach Mike D’Antoni over Phil Jackson, Dr. Buss’ son, Jim, has taken over basketball operations and has taken a lot of criticism for the current state of the Lakers. But after what has been thought to be a successful offseason after Buss and general manager Mitch Kupchak have signed some quality players with limited salary cap space space, Jim Buss has shown that maybe the organization could be turning the corner.

In an interview with Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters, Rambis gives the Buss family a vote of confidence:

“Jim and Jeanie are doing a much better job of understanding their duties and responsibilities of this organization, and just having to take over the real leadership and responsibilities of this organization.”

For many, the Lakers have looked to be in a dangerous spot given not only the current situation internally but on the court as well. But if the Buss family can receive the support of an individual such as Rambis, who was often critical of some of the moves that were made by Jim Buss while being an analyst for ESPN, this should speak volumes as to where this franchise could be going and the kind of adjustments that have been made in a short time.

In the same interview with Lakers Nation, Rambis also said:

“They have a lot of work ahead of them and a lot of experience under their belt, they are going to do whatever they can to get this Laker organization and team functioning on a high level as soon as possible. They have to be the ones to continue the Lakers legacy.”

We all expect the Buss family to do great things, and of course we all want them to do what is best for this team in the future. Of course, they will continue to learn and make their progression into becoming the best owners they possibly can and continue the legacy that their father built, but it will take time, and small votes of confidence from people such as Rambis will go a long way and possibly make them believe in themselves that this in fact is a task that can be done.

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