Lakers Rumors: L.A. Among Teams Interested In Kevin Seraphin
Lakers Rumors: L.a. Among Teams Interested In Kevin Seraphin

During free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Roy Hibbert and signed Lou Williams and Brandon Bass. With Las Vegas Summer League already in progress, the storied franchise may be looking to add more frontcourt depth.

According to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, the Lakers are among the teams interested in Kevin Seraphin, who has played the past five seasons with the Washington Wizards:

After being unable to land LaMarcus Aldridge or DeAndre Jordan, the Lakers have been able to add veterans in Hibbert and Bass to go along with Julius Randle, Tarik Black, Robert Upshaw, Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre.

With a $2.8 million exception still available, the Lakers could look to add more depth at the small forward position. While the best small forwards have already re-signed or headed elsewhere, Dorell Wright or Luc Mbah a Moute are serviceable players still available.

Is this a rehash of an old rumor?

I’m not sure I understand why the team would be looking to add another backup PF/C to the mix. If he could play SF, it makes sense but, he’s a 6’10” guy and has played the same role as Black and Davis his entire career.

PF: Randle, Bass, Nance, [Kelly]
C: Hibbert, Black, Upshaw, [Sacre]

  • Very Simple, he has good post up moves, sacre isn’t, black isn’t, upshaw isn’t. He’s got experience, We have 3/4 defensive centers, i think it’d be a good move for the Lakers.

  • Randle will probably get 30 minutes. Bass is his primary backup, and Nance looks like he can contribute pretty good on his own merits.

    Hibbert will probably get 30 minutes. We’ve got Black and Upshaw for the remaining 18.

    Where would he get minutes?

    PG: Clarkson, Russell, Buycks
    SG: Kobe, Williams, J.Brown
    SF: Young, Brown, T.Mitchell
    PF: Randle, Bass, Nance, [Kelly]
    C: Hibbert, Black, Upshaw, [Sacre]

    And who do you cut from the roster to make him fit? As of today the team has every position manned 3-deep and 17+ people.

    This rumor made a lot of sense before things settled on the 9th and we got some clarity in the Summer League.

  • Is this a habit to repeat old unproven unsourced (Yahoo Sports -__-“) rumors to the point of literally annoying everyone, when THAT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE ANYMORE???
    I mean, c’m’on, read the roster and watch the summer league. Nobody else is coming to reinforce the frontcourt, that should have been obvious by now and repeating it over and over again will not make it happen.
    A lot of “interested in” news got in here and none of them got any hard evidence in it, nor any factual development (or source). At least get realistic in your rumors… Why would they go after a big when we’re overloaded with high potential ones AND one proven PF and one proven C, when the real need is a SF???

  • Sadly, almost everything posted by the editor “dan” is clickbait.

    Maybe he needs a new BMW?

  • I need a car too. I don’t go retwitting bad intel without verifying the source or its credibility. I just work. Damned, I realize how stupid I’ve been in my career development so far, now…

  • i remember when mitch was talking to russel on the phone when he drafted him right after an he said “we believe in you and we want you to be next name on the wall something like that” and russel said “those are strong words that im definitely gonna take into consideration” and i was like WHAT??? hahah!!!!!! did i just hear consideration meaning im gonna think about it? hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still cant believe he said that. i think he was nervous so he just said whatever popped in his head

  • Laker’s PF: Randle, Bass, Nance Jr., Black ( 6’8, too short to be a center), Ryan Kelly, that’s 5 players playing the 4, why do Lakers interested in Kevin Seraphin??
    What the team need is a SF. Technically we only have Kobe, Young, and Anthony Brown at the 3, Kobe’s defense is on the decline, can’t play major minutes, Nick Young doesn’t know what defense is, Anthony Brown is a rookie, we won’t be able to stop the opponent’s best players at the 3 position.

  • Upshaw is good and has the potential to be great but he’s also a project, he could be a good shot blocking center in this league but it’s also a chance that he doesn’t pan out like all of us would like…I wouldn’t mind bringing Seraphin in as an insurance policy so he can play back up center, he can also play power forward…it gives the team options…also wouldn’t mind if we traded Sacre/Kelly and picked up either Dorell Wright or Luc Mbah A Moute at SF position

  • Do it Mitch, use the $2.8 mil exception on Dorell Wright, he’s a good shooter and can play defense, we don’t need another PF in Seraphin.

  • We have 15 guys on the roster, so is there going to be a trade or buyout/release? They tried to gain interest for Kelly, Sacre, and Young, but I doubt anybody was interested so?

  • Mitch tried to trade these 3 scrubs, nobody wants them, I guess we are stuck with them this season.

  • yeah its kinda concerning that we’re hearing kevin seraphin’s name instead of wright or mbah a moute or another defensive 3. scoring 3s like durant lebron melo george will be circling lakers games on their calendars

  • I think Houston didn’t sign him yet, and it’s passed the free agency period, teams can sign him.

  • there is no free agency period if your a free agent your a free agent reguardless of the time of the year

  • Agreed, but if that’s the case I wonder why the Lakers are still in pursuit of adding another player since our roster is full

  • we still have the room exception so yes we can sign him but hou would have the option to match it.

    so yes we can sign him and yes we can get him

  • Sad, first Martin now him. He was one of the few left from a golden era of basketball, when it wasnt so soft and political actually enjoyable to watch. He was a bad man, nobody showing these greats love.

  • Running out of news and rumors to say, these writers have become parrots.

  • Yeah. Kenyon Martin was also one of my favorite players too, sad to hear those two retired. I’m surprised no one like ESPN or any articles on sports sites have been published in tribute to the 2 players.

  • I doubt that Upshaw is there. I think that he will be in d league for a few months. That guy has great potential, but needs much better conditioning and needs to develop a few moves. We can not have a player that can not get a point, regardless of how good is on defense. But in 6 months could be a different story.

  • Slow day on LN. Why not make an analysis on how our young players perform so far rather than these rumors and Nick Young/Iggy news?

  • Soft political drama bs on espn now a days, i bet if they caught a domestic case or something like that theyd be all over it.. Nobody showing respect to any of the greats.

  • Talking about the final roster, at this point, it seems the Lakers can not unload the three they need to trade. Best scenario would be to trade them during the season. Young, Kelly an Sacre will have their time to show what they have, since most of the new rookies are not going to play full minutes.
    Upshaw seems to me that he should spend a few months at least on the D- League while he improves his conditioning, learn a few post moves and improves his offense. We can’t have a center that only blocks, he is still very raw on offense.
    Another candidate to d league from time to time could be Jabari Brown.

  • Last time i checked buycks and mitchell werent on the roster did we sign them? Or just your opinion?

  • Just on a side note I really reaaaally can’t picture Black at 6’8… Seen him facing Towns (7ft) and Okafor (6’11), he is definitely smaller than them but not by much. I’m fairly certain he’s in the 6’10 range. He is most definitely taller than Larry Nance Jr who is 6’9. He was looking at Okafor almost eye to eye, couldn’t be more than an inch of difference …

  • In the case there are more players than roster spots, I am not saying that he will go down, I said it would be the most likely to go down. Unless they just get rid of someone else. And you have Russell, Clarkson, Kobe, Williams, and Young that can play guard.

  • Not sure why you think Russell will be a back up to JC? Scott has made it clear it will be Russell, Clarkson, Kobe & Hibbert with Randle and Bass duking it out for the PF slot. Something drastic would have to happen for it to be different.

  • Laker nation says hes 6’8, our official laker roster has him at 6’10. I tried to tell people hes 6’10, 6’9 3/4 the least. Height has nothing to do with it. Ben wallace 6’7, draymond green 6’7, Boris diaw 6’8, Hurford and millsap 6’10’ and 6’9 ect ect…… Stop invloving height, if they can play the C position and were winning im cool.

  • i remember when mitch was talking to russel on the phone when he drafted him right after an he said “we believe in you and we want you to be next name on the wall something like that” and russel said “those are strong words that im definitely gonna take into consideration” and i was like WHAT??? hahah!!!!!! did i just hear consideration meaning im gonna think about it? hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i still cant believe he said that. i think he was nervous so he just said whatever popped in his head.

  • You are only allowed to have 13 active players on any given game day, so if everyone is fit and available 2 players must be inactive and usually they send them to the D-League, J Brown is the most likely candidate given the number of 2 guards the Lakers have.

  • Russell isn’t close to starting. While the goal is the JC/Russell combo, it’s not happening until next year.

    Obviously you’ve missed the summer league games.

  • Even if they aren’t on the roster they are a guard and sf which doesn’t help seraphin. And even if removed the team is at 15 players with Kelly and Sacre.

  • Listen to Scott man. Russell is our starting pg. We can disagree withit but Byron and Mitch are selling that set up

  • Dude, I hate the Russell pick as much as anyone but is there really a need to critique his draft comments?

  • Maybe in February.

    Unless he’s going to sacrifice wins just to get Russell experience, Russell isn’t ready.

    Are you sure your not projecting?
    Obviously scott wants Russell to be a starter. … but it doesn’t mean he’s ready.

  • Cool, just wonder why you had them there. If Buycks continues to play with the hustle i wouldnt be mad with him at that spot tho

  • joshhh what are you going to do once DLo gets up to speed with everything and starts putting in some good games? Have you thought that far ahead at least?

  • Let’s be patient.
    After summer league guys will move…
    In training camp guys will move…

  • Two summer league games and you have 100% clarity on our regular season starters? That’s funny, because our coach doesn’t.

    Obviously I see what you’re seeing, but I also see that Russell is much more of a true point than Clarkson. His passing instincts and abilities are much more developed. Give it the summer, he may well be the starter.

  • sure he’ll have good game but he wont be the superstar be thought he will be just by the 2 games i saw that hope is lost

  • You know, I just spent my Saturday’s night over at a friend’s in a small town, like only 5,000 people in here, and facing the house on a very narrow street you have this bench with this crazy old hag watching every move and gossiping all she can all day long and spitting out her filth and hatred of new or ‘abnormal’ faces (tattoos, hair, piercing, clothes, skin color, religion, sexual orientation, you name it…). The kind of crazy old witch you’d like to see dead in a coffin. Well, there you have your ESPN.

  • Ben Wallace was one of the best undersized centers in history. He was only 6’9!!! Hopefully Black can be that same type of player.

  • Not unless he finds a lot more experience in the next 3 months.

    He’s way too raw at the moment. I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m just saying it won’t happen until January or February.

  • Just throwing it out there…Jeff Taylor still available for SF spot. Any thoughts on him.

  • Kobe could handle the 3. He played most of the 3 in 2012 and he had a higher PER at small forward (24.5) than shooting guard (23.1)

  • Do you even hear yourself? 2 summer league games experience and you can judge already that he is a bust? Given that you think players like JaVale McGee, Luc Mbah, Alonzo Gee and Kevin Pangos are great players. I think I like his chances more and more. If you were around when Kobe first started you’d be saying the exact same thing about him.

  • I agree with that, I was only mentioning his height in here, absolutely not his ability to play C.
    Although it does play a role when the guy up front is bigger and more skilled on the low post, like Okafor or Towns, way too many fouls in his game, but that was not my point in here, just talking about height, that’s all.

  • They have played the best so far in summer. In the casex of Buycks, there is no competition for the #3 spot, and he plays pretty good.

    Mitchell, has outplayed the other two guys and was a euro league MVP.

    Unless the team signs more guys they are last man standing and exactly the type of guys you make #3 in the rotation and stash for the future. Also, the summer league minutes show they have higher standing than anyone else in that same position.

  • I hate when the Lakers stop signing players even thought they still have needs to fill. For those saying well summer league guys will fill those voids, are you guys serious?, the Lakers will have several young guys in the rotation. So guys like Dwight Buycks, Jabari Brown, Tony Mitchell not only shouldn’t be relied upon but need to go. I like Upshaw but even he and his non guaranteed contract could end up being cut. So really this is more what the depth chart looks for the Lakers with the.

    PG: Clarkson, Russell
    SG: Kobe, Williams
    SF: Young ………..Brown
    PF: Randle, Bass, …………Kelly Nance
    C: Hibbert, Black, …………Sacre

    To be clear I’m saying guys like Brown, Kelly, Nance, Sacre might not or personally speaking should not see regular PT. For the simple fact that this NBA not summer league not the D-League and relying on mostly kids isn’t going to get you into the playoffs or better. So needless to say they still need depth and there most glaring needs are a back up SF (Josh Smith?) and third string PG, specifically a vet (Jammer Nelson?).

  • I usually stay away from these kind of absolute predictions but the agenda of Scott and Mitch is clear. Russell Will be the opening day starter baring injury.

  • No more 1 year contracts. Get some fucking players that want to be here long term. Lakers are not the team to fucking go on a 1 year rental to “boost your stats” and then leave to get paid. Enough of this fucking bullshit. We need some longevity.

    1. Earl Clark (left the Lakers to get paid and then got cut by Cavs lol, currently unemployed)
    2. Kent Bazemore (said he wanted to return to the Lakers but took $1m more from ATL)
    3. Ed Davis (fucking traitor, said he wanted to be a Laker)
    4. Jodie Meeks (disappeared in Detroit)
    5. Jordan Farmer (Lakers spent their fucking money to buy out his fucking Turkey contract so he can be a Laker again. Fucker bailed on Lakers to join Clippers the next year and guess what, fucker got waived by the Clippers. Probably working at Home Depot right now).

  • Last season he played sparingly on the Hornets. He caught a domestic case about 2 years ago, since then he hasnt played much. But MJ cosigned and wanted to draft him when he first came out, boy can play just needs another chance. Watch some videos, see if you like his game then get back to me.

  • I would put money that he won’t .
    I’ve watched the last 2 SL games….. and all mitch and scott have said is “future pg.”

    Please post any link where they say he’s starting opening day….. I’ve watched every video, read every article and I must have missed that one..

    If clarkson is barely able to be starter and run the offense, Russell looks very far behind.

    And, let’s say you do make him starting PG, he’s an offensive liability as he’s not a polished scorer. The team is worse off with him at PG at the moment. But, I think he could be starter by January and the disruption to the offense with Kobe at the 3 can be minimized.

  • Agreed, i know Mitchells resume very well he can ball, just a little hesitant and curious as to why a guy with skill hasnt got picked up yet. Maybe something were missing.

  • Bad news for Jeremy, Hornets picked up Aaron Harrison, he will eventually lose his backup duties, poor guy getting screwed by rookie pg’s all his career. Hilarious stuff.

  • You know what, man? I actually liked Lin as a backup or combo guard along Clarkson. Not all that great, but enough to be some useful role player or possibly be a 6th man off the bench. But I was actually freaking happy when he left. Know why? ’cause you stupid groupies care nothing for basketball, for the team Lin lands onto or even for sport. You’re just irrational bitches yelling like pre-puber schoolgirls and you disgrace the face of basketball. Go troll the hornets. Or rather, leave them in peace and GTFO of any kind of sport’s community.

  • Scott is not worried about Russell scoring much like he didn’t with Kidd. Gotta take the modern NBA thought processes out of it as Scott is not rolling like that.

  • Have you retard trolls even thought about what a horrible fit it’s going to be for Lin, no one on that roster can even set a decent pick yet alone pick and roll. How is Lin going to even get to the basket?

  • You’ll all see. Lin will carry the Hornets to the playoffs! And MJ knows it too

  • maurice harkless was traded to portland for a future 2nd round pick…how in the hell did we miss that? that would’ve been a great addition.

  • Well this means Sacre is gone, Seraphin will be a third string bench player. Lakers will probably replace Kelly with a better SF.

  • Why we keep talking about a player that is not on the Lakers roster anymore, does not add up anything to the conversation. Just stop it, go to the Hornets site. I like Lin, I think he was misused, but he is gone, so, stop the nonsense.

  • Unless lakers trade somebody, there is no roster spot for him. So, seems to me that the Lakers are still trying to unload a few people, but not been able to do that.

  • so far the line up Is okay..
    point guard: d’angelo russell
    shooting guard: kobe bryant
    small forward: nick young
    power forward: brandon bass
    center: roy hibbert
    backups: lou willaims, jordan clarkson, and tarik black


    1. SPURS
    3. THUNDER
    4. ROCKETS
    8. JAZZ
    9. SUNS
    11. KINGS
    12. LAKERS
    13. PORTLAND
    14. NUGGETS

  • ill be happy if we trade out young and get better at the SF position. but IF healthy…this lineup is very competitive. forget all the dismissive national talk radio guys…we will be competitive but the key again is remaining healthy.

  • Theyll see playing time at those positions, but they wont start. What doesnt everyone get.

  • we are better than the mavs, kings and suns…the jazz will be better…just a matter how much they gel. that 8th spot is definitely up for grabs though.

  • Do you know how this tournament works? do they play 1-15, and so on or what?

  • You would’ve traded Kobe after his first season then huh? smh kids on this site man.

  • I think at this point we can only trade for picks, and that’s a maybe; whoever is willing to take Kelly and Sacre. I feel that all the other teams that have SF’s are untouchable, most likely. MAYBE, and that’s a big maybe.. we can trade for an SF like Solomon Hill or Martell Webster, but other than that, most SF’s on teams are most likely untouchable. Otherwise, only good SF’s out there are Dorell Wright, Chris Copeland, and K.J. McDaniels

  • Ill have to look into that thanks. Beasley real close with KD, if we get him maybe he could talk KD into coming to lakers next year when hes a free agent. Just something crazy i thought of.

  • More than that, if FO’s interested in taking a gamble. Sacre/Kelly and the rights to an overseas player I’d say. If the trade was ever considered by the 76ers (pipe dream) then have the Lakers physician’s do a close examination of his Embiid’s ailing foot since it seems as the 76ers Md’s failed to correctly address the issue in the first place.

  • Embiid gone get the knife again next week, he is done for the year, again. A

  • OKC in unprecedented luxury tax territory next season after ANUS Kanter match.

    Durant gone?

    Matching on Kanter takes OKC to 15 guaranteed contracts and moves ’em $13+ mil over the luxury-tax line. Tax bill would thus be nearly $25M

  • Im thinking us or back home to washington. Unless they make some noise this season.

  • In shoes, all the talks here are in shoes since that’s the only height measurement that matters (unless some crazy dude starts playing bare-foot).

  • It’s only for one season, they haven’t been in the tax for years, they know there is relief next season. They can still sign Durant regardless of how much they spend having his bird rights. Either way I don’t want to see the Lakers go after him, and miss out again like they have done the past 3 seasons. The guy will only leave to join a contender, not a rebuilding project.

  • One thing we have to realize is that the lakers are still a few years from being able to compete for the conference championship., at least a 2-3 of year, That will depend on how the rookies evolve. The most important objectives for the lakers for next season is to be competitive and get 8-10 spot in the west., iand to develop the rookies to the point that we can all see a bright future ahead of us.
    If we achieve this, we will be able to get 2-3 solid players in free agency next year, that can surely put the Lakers on a 3-5 spot in the west. If we do this, and the kids develop positively, we can, in about 3-4 years compete for everything.
    In the meantime, we need to keep biting the bullet and get excited about our future, not the present. Also, we need to keep shaping up the future roster. Kelly is already a 3 years veteran, and this year should be his last, unless he explodes as a 3 point option. Sacre is already passed that line. He still remains on the lakers because he makes no money and has more experience than what we have as a back up, but he is gone next year or before that. And Young, i think he will be gone during the season. He is already 30, he reached his ceiling already, and we should get at least a draft pick before it is too late and do not get anything for him.

  • He’s coming off an achilles, don’t know if he’s worth the risk. He wasn’t a great or solid player, so maybe pass

  • 1. Buycks and Mitchell are not signed.

    2 Some players like Brown, Black, Upshaw are non guaranteed and therefore could be cut at any time.

    3. We are trying to unload Kelly, Sacre and even Nick Young.

    4. If some of the players get traded or don’t make the final team the there is still room for another player.

  • Think about this: The Thunder didn’t want to give Harden 55 mill. because they didn’t want to go over the luxury tax after paying Ibaka. Now the Thunder are looking to match Enes Kanter’s contract of 70 mill.

  • Mitch and BS always said that Russell in the long term, he would be the best. We will need to trust them. It is fair to say that Russell, seems to have the IQ and potential to be great PG, but he is still light years away, on his endurance. he is only 19, and needs 2 years of good conditioning program to be able to compete and use all his technical tools.
    Besides that, he was chosen because of his leadership qualities, his study of the game, his character to improve and put the effort to reach his goals. That are the reasons he was drafted by the lakers, They knew that Okafor had an immediate impact, but long term it was Russell, we will see.

  • He can ball. Although im not for it, skipping college and playing pro really helped his game.

  • if that’s not the ‘pot calling the kettle black’, i don’t know what is. have you read some of the dumb shit you’ve written on here? “cereal killer” takes the cake. grow that brain already.

  • It’s all about making our roster more competitive. If the FO can somehow get rid of Kelly and/or Sacre, Kevin Seraphin is one of the candidate in my mind. If the FO gets him, he will compete with Nance, Upshaw, and Black. I believe at least one of them is a hidden gem for the team.

  • Clarkson
    Lou Williams
    Kobe Bryant


    Nick Young
    Anthony Brown

    That will be our rotation.

  • Harden and ibaka were fighting over a woman that’s why they traded harden

  • no lakers should trade both sacre and kelly to make rooms sign dwight buycks,julyan stone,qiuncy miller, Jamaal Franklin

  • Adding another big seems unnecessary at this point.

    PG – Russell, Williams, Buycks
    SG – Clarkson, Young, J. Brown
    SF – Kobe, A. Brown
    PF – Randle, Bass, Nance, Kelly
    C – Hibbert, Black, Upshaw, Sacre

    If you look at the roster, LA is deep at at every position except SF. A. Brown is the only true SF on the roster. Kobe & Young are both more natural SGs, and w/ Kobe’s recent injury history, he’s unlikely to make it thru the entire season. That’s where LA should be looking to add depth.

    Plus, Seraphim is redundant on this team. He’s an undersized PF/C, which is basically what Randle & Bass are.

  • While I’ll agree with your assessment about Russell not ready to start I would still like to still see him play starters minutes, it will be drama to its fullest and I want to see it play out regardless if he is ready or not.

    Every concern I had about this kid is spot on so far and since we decided to take a gamble on him then might as well try to develope him quickly, he won’t learn as much sitting on the bench.

    Wished we had traded down and picked Payne bit it is what it is.

  • Why would LA want Stone? He was a marginal end-of-the-bench guy in 3 season in the NBA, and mediocre in Europe last yr. LA is also deep w/ guards (Russell, Clarkson, Williams, Young, Kobe, Jabari Brown…). What they need is another SF considering Anthony Brown is the only true SF on the roster.

  • Russell will be starting, not Williams. Williams will be used like he was last season, combo guard off the bench.

  • Emmanuel Mudiay seems to be stronger and quicker than other guards playing in the summer league.

  • Tbh, this is the type of roster that would’ve thrived under a system like Mike D’antoni’s.

  • I haven’t seen him I summer but that was expected. Judging by his stats his outside shooting still needs work though.

  • Russell looks like he might growth a couple more inches (I think coming out of high school, Russell was 1 or 2 inches shorter than Mudiay who was always listed at 6’5). Growth spurt might explain why Russell movement in the summer league games seems to be clumsier than when he was in college.

  • I’d like to see the Lakers start D’Angelo and J Brown in the back court, Clarkson is too good for these summer league scrubs.

  • Clarkson has earned his starting spot. Russell has to earn his starting spot just like Julius has to.

  • I believe Kelly (if not traded) & Nance will be playing both small and powerforward position.

  • He just isn’t that athletic. He relies on IQ too much, which is not a bad thing but being athletic helps in other parts of your game and give you more potential in other areas.

  • Horry was good leaper and help defender. Nance looks to fit that mold. I’m expecting to see all over the court defending and shotblocking from the weak side.

  • id prefer to build a natural high iq player into an athlete than trying to teach an athlete skills

  • Maybe he doesn’t have the muscle strength right now. There was a report that Russell running vertical leap was 39 inches which above average. Not sure if you can relate vertical leap to athleticism.

  • he dnt mean consideration literally, black culture some words have more than one meaning for words, he is saying that wow did he just said what he just said, I am mind blown… he in disbelief still and he need to play it over in his head…its another way of showing appreciation for what Mitch said…….I know its not the smartest way to say what he said, but Im pretty sure Mitch knew what he mean since he around black players all the time

  • The lakers should just limit Randle’s minutes until they are 100% sure his foot can hold his weight. Another injury to that foot and his career might be over, especially for a big guy.

  • if theirs defense 30 maybe but thats if upshaw and hibbert play like beasts and remember that there 7 feet tall. still lacking that 1 SF that could defend. i would start Nance since he looks like a beast out there or if not i would just sign Luc Mboue a Moute ASAP.

  • Lets be Honest here Russel is nothing special. he will struggle even more in the regular season big time.

    People are gonna say ” Its just summer league bla bla bla STFU “D exactly its JUST summer league

  • Lets see how Russell progresses his game. It’s his own chose if he wants to be great. For right now, he is not starting material. Randle could be a starter this season but he has to have a strong showing from here on out.

  • I am gonna agree with you on this one. If he is struggling vs rookies and undrafted players now, then what makes him a day one starter for the regular season? Clarkson is the only who shown he should be a day one starter.

  • He gonna be a special player for the Nuggets. Lawson is gonna be gone by mid-season for sure.

  • Bro are you gonna bitch about the same thing in every post..We drafted Russell get over it

  • because i like to sign to la lakers Julyan Stone as bench back up player and can small forward and also can shooting guard

  • Yeah, I hope Russell steps it up a notch tomorrow. So far he’s been unimpressive .

  • I wouldn’t say he is nothing special. We’ll see with more games and if he develops this year. I remember Bayless averaged 29 points a game in summer league, then you got guys like Batum, Conley, and Bledsoe averaging around 10. Obviously Russell’s performances aren’t a good sign but is it a big sign? we will see.

  • the only way I wanted Mudiay is if we swapped the #2 pick down. but the draft is over and its too early to say who was right and wrong.

  • It’s still early to assume Russell will be a bust but we do see his potential. Just have to be patient.

  • If he can at least become a great floor general I can respect that. Don’t really care about his scoring. I would also like to see him become a better on-ball defender, because right now he is looking like Kendall Marshall playing defense.

  • Lol that’s a bit of a stretch. He is slow and does look lost on d sometimes but he’s not Kendall marshall bad

  • I mean on-ball not off-ball. His help defense is pretty good. Digging down into the post and picking off passes with his long-wingspan but his on-ball defense is very bad.

  • Lets face facts here, you are an impatient kid, who can’t see shit. When Russell proves you wrong you are screwed. Kobe didn’t even break 20 points until his 25th game, Curry his 20th game, Ginobili his 46th game, Reggie Jackson 89th game. Judging him on two summer league games back to back mind you, when he has only one year of College ball experience playing with a college 3 point line and college game clock. It’s just embarrassing that you consider yourself a Lakers fan.

  • Players that will play SF this season, 1) Kobe 2) Swaggy 3) A.Brown 4) Nance 5) Kelly . They may not be idea, but they will be used at SF.

  • You do realize its a business, and the Lakers chose to do was best for the Lakers forcing the players to do whats best for the player.
    ex: Ed Davis wanted to be a Laker, but the Lakers had other plan, biggers priorities and lets be honest if the Lakers would have landed LaMarcus Aldridge then they would have dissed Ed Davis. At the end of the day, its a business,

    If 1 team offers you 20 million, another teams offers you 3 million, another team offers you nothing , What would you choose?

  • Coming into the draft he was getting so much hate, good to see him doing well and shutting up all those critics!

  • Sign Luc Mbou a Moute. Fuck Kobe at the 3!!!! that shit crazy.

    Luc Mbou

    Nice ;O not bad not bad at all

  • mitch is the dumbest GM in the world no joke he lets every go literally even the scraps in free agency he cant get :D!!!!

    well i guess larry nance should start i guess

  • Cause they have him playing against centers. He’s too small to guard 6’11/7 foot guys. He’s going to commit to many fouls.

  • Nance and Upshaw have the most potential, especially when they are on the court together. If Upshaw ever clean up and get in shape, those 2 could be a nightmare defensive combo for opposing team (assuming they reach their potential).

  • He skipped college to help his mom though. He was poor and wanted to get that paycheck so went overseas.

  • He’s nothing like Exum. Most look at him like Exum because he played overseas.

  • Because hes not a rookie like these other guys, hes already played at the pro level.

  • I don’t see anyone else on the market thats worth it for the Lakers to get with the rest of $2.8 mil.

    We have 3 capable combo guards in Russell, Clarkson, Williams- heck add Kobe in there if we are extremely lacking in PG’s.

    We’re probably bringing back Jabari Brown (had a solid second half of the season). So thats a guy who is ready to go if we have shortage of guards.

    We have a crapton of PF’s that I don’t even need to mention, and centers we have 3-4 signed already. Would be nice to grab an extra SF but I don’t know if anyone is good to get from the market (and no Josh Smith is not the answer)

  • Uhm…I’m pretty sure I heard an interview and someone mentioned Byron was open to sliding Kobe at the 3.

  • You know quite honestly Lakers might be number 14 and 15 would be the nuggets. If things don’t work out, but if chemistry and all that work out for the Lakers I can see them fighting for the 8th spot

  • Nick is going to be an asset for this young team and hope he doesn’t get traded .

  • Elton Brand was the exact same height as Black and they both have freakishly long arms. Bill Russell, Dave Cowens, Alvin Adams and even Wes Unseld who was barely 6’7″ and he punished real centers like Wilt, Kareem and Artis Gilmore. The too small theme is moot.

  • 1.7 mil for Kelly will insure he doesn’t get traded so looks like R Kelly will be urinating on people from the bench again this year UNFORTUNATELY !!!!!!!!!

  • BEASLEY @ 6’10 can play both the 3 and the 4 and shot 41 % from 3 in limited minutes last year.

  • My point exactly, im trying to let russ know people say a lot, he can say “theyre about to get him” all he wants. all these teams and players say were gonna do this or that but nothings official till its on the dotted line.

  • He makes a great combo with Lou off the bench. Young said he has worked on his off-ball this summer so I expect both to co-exist. Both also make good trade chips in deals(mostly Lou).

  • Not this year but last year when he came in for a workout he was not in shape and I heard rumors Kobe had an issue with him back in the days of them dueling it out .

  • After watching Russel play in his first two games, I agree with your lineup. Russel is clearly not ready to start at the point (unless we decide to keep our top-three protected pick!). He will need to play 15+ minutes a game though so unless we play really small at times, don’t know how the coach will handle that (Russel – Clarkson – Williams all on the floor at the same time?). Then, we have an issue with the SF position. I mean, with Young playing limited defense, it’s gonna be a nightmare… We need a 3 & D wingman! Our frontcourt is okay although Hibbert is still a big question mark; really loved Nance’s energy in those Summer League games though!

  • Unless we trade or release Kelly and Sacre we have 15 players on the roster who the team will commit to .

  • i know this bro, but there hasnt been any talk of him on espn or any sports website/blog. He might have took off after they released him. And i heard about the Kobe situation too. Kobe has issues with a lot of players, hasnt stop them from coming to the Lakers

  • I agree with J Taylor: Russel is clearly not ready to start. He’s got too many areas where he needs to develop to play heavy minutes in the regular season, starting with his athleticism… He sure is a diamond in the rough. Will just take some time to polish him.

  • From researching again just now there are no new news of him committing to another league and just rumors of him resigning with the Heat once the moratorium time of clearing wavers ends, he will be a good pick up but I am not sure why there are no takers ! or Lakers !!!!!!!!!!

  • A lot of hot heads on their team tho, if they can gel theyll make some noise for sure

  • Seraphin has no inside or outside game he is just a bruiser and we have a couple of those already , sign BEASLEY !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mid season prediction:
    Lawson, Nick Young, Randle –> Kings
    Kelly, Russel –> Nuggets (Backcourt Mudiay + Russ!!!)
    Faried and Cousins –> LA

  • Beasley is real tight with KD too, If OKC dont do something this season he may jump ship, Beasley could possibly convince KD to give LA a look

  • lol is just a thought
    this is very unlikely but then again the kings have too many bigs, which probably indicates that they’re preparing for the worst; in case Karl + Boogie does not work out. We could even offer Hibbert !

  • I know right! I liked him last season. Although Anthony Brown is a better version of him.

  • This absurdity is making my head hurt…. Hibberts big 7’2 ass would take up 2 seats on the bench, right next to Bass, Black, Sacre,Nance, Kelly and Upshaw. We would have the same problem the Kings have now, too many big asses on the squad! WE WOULD HAVE 9 BIGS BRO!

  • gotta a point there..
    right now the lakers should try get rid of Sacre, Kelly and get a starting SF. Cousins would be dealt with in February.

  • You wan’t longevity, and yet your examples prove exactly why guys shouldn’t get long term contracts….

    Interestingly enough,
    You might have gotten your wish as there are only 2 contracts that expire next year: Kobe and Hibbert. The rest are either under rookie contracts or under some sort of RFA or QFA status.

  • It’s not 2 summer league games….
    We know Hibbert, Randle, Kobe and Clarkson will start.
    And we know that Russell won’t start….

    Is there some sort of confusion?

    And we can see that Bass, Black, Young, and Williams are obvious b-team guys….

    Put 2-and-2 together bro.


  • Why do you want Luc?
    His best year was LAST year in Philly where he averaged 9.9 points in 28 minutes.

    Young can average MUCH higher with 28 minutes. Brown could too…

    Do you even check the stats and do research before you post?

  • He got Hibbert for nothing.
    He got the 6th man of the year.

    And do you realize that including Hibbert’s contract, the team has 4 of it’s starters and only $42M tied up for the next 5 years.

    Spending $50M next year might be hard when the only open spot is for the SF and outside of Durant it’s slim pickings.

  • Didn’y you say that Mudiay was garbage 2 weeks ago.
    You said that he was going to be a bust….

    Didn’y you say Okafor was going to be a bust and that Mitch should trade everything to get Towns or move to get Johnson?

    find consistency.

  • Obviously you didn’t watch the games if you think he’s a bust.

    He still had the 4th highest scoring of any person on the floor yesterday.

    You are cherry picking and twisting facts just to be a troll and pout. And i’m not quite sure as to why…..

  • Where is he going to fit on the roster?
    If Hibbert and Randle are starters…. and Bass and Black are the backups, where does a tweener PF/C play?

  • Or, the owner didn’t want to match the $1M difference between his and harden’s demands.

    And he’s cheap, so he shipped him out for trade.

  • I know folks wanna say Washington, but why would he want to go East and fight the Lebron SuperTeam for the next 4-5 years?

    He’s ALWAYS been called #2 to Lebron, and that won’t change going east. In fact, if he loses to him every year it just reinforces it.

    I’d love to see him in LA, but I’m not sure he leaves OKC.
    Westbrook on the other hand, was born in Long Beach, and went to UCLA….

  • To me, after the #6, it’s up for grabs.

    Pelicans DIDN’T add any free agents or draft picks.
    Suns look to be going through a mini-rebuild.
    Mavericks didn’t get better.
    Kings are better, but how much?
    Lakers could be a LOT better.

    Bottom line is that 45 wins will get into the tournament, and I think the Lakers are a .500 ballclub (41 wins)….. if Scott and Mitch can pull some rabbit out of their hat, things could get interesting.

  • They can carry 20 players until final roster cuts.

    Don’t worry….

    After Summer League GM’s are going to re-evaluate. And during TC GM’s are going to re-evaluate.

    And, as of now, other than the 17 players, the team has no issues with the cap and could keep (or waive) any of them and not see any difference.

    Patience… Sacre and Kelly will be moved before October. Unfortunately, they have virtually no trade value as other GM’s know Mitch has to cut/waive them, but Mitch can hand pick who he chooses to give them to.

  • How does our offense suck?
    Kobe, Williams, Young, Clarkson…. That’s a lot of firepower.

    And Randle will change the game by being on the floor.

  • Are you aware of how damn annoying you are?! You are always all over the place! Just shut the hell up and watch a bit, before spewing out the first thought in your peanut head!

  • To me, the team is set. They will set the roster and play until January. Then in January they will take a look at making changes, adjustments and trades.

    This is how Scott and Kupchak always operate. And to me, the roster is pretty full, enough so, that unless a “can’t pass” deal comes along, there aren’t many options that are upgrades.

    I think Mitch made it clear when he said, ” Young has to convince our coaching staff that he can play within our system & that doesnโ€™t just mean scoring the ball.”

    FWIW, if Young can pull his head out of his butt, play solid ball, I’d like to keep him around for a while.

  • copy/paste
    reading it once was too much.

    Can’t you come up with something original?

  • Clarkson is the starting PG.
    Kobe is the starting SG.

    Russell is a backup until February.

    After watching him play the last 2 games, it’s VERY clear that he’s not ready to start. He has all the skills he’s supposed to have, but at the same time he has all the negatives people said that he had to overcome.

    To me, his growth will be on a 3 year plan like Curry, and that we need to remember that Cp3 was very similar in his early years.

  • Byron said it’s possible. Mitch agreed. They both thought they could convince Kobe to agree. =-)

    But until Russell can start it won’t happen as much as we’d like. Sure Williams can play the SG, and Kobe the SF, but it’s still not addressing the elephant in the room.

  • Sadly, I was hoping that they would make Clarkson be a pass first PG, and see what Russell could do as an off-ball SG.

    It’s obvious that Clarkson will be the PG opening day, and Russell needs to work on his shooting….

  • Hibbert is the team’s choice for the next 4-5 years.

    Do you realize that Mitch has built a team to grow together? This lineup with probably be the same for a VERY long time.

    PG: Russell
    SG: Clarkson
    SF: TBD, A.Brown
    PF: Randle, Nance
    C: Hibbert, Black, Upshaw

  • To me, Tarik is playing “nba physical” against a bunch of college kids and getting fouls.

    He was getting rebounds and literally moving guys out of the way. He’s just coming into his own and learning how to use the size he added.

    Tarik is fine. Just like Clarkson, he played EXACTLY like a guy who went with 1 year of experience. 365 days ago, he was a no-body on the end of Houston’s Summer League bench praying he’d get a contract.

    And from what I saw, he was one of the top guys on the floor.

  • lakers should trade both sacre and kelly to make rooms sign dwight buycks,julyan stone,qiuncy miller, Jamaal Franklin because less money sign them but lakers If you have enough cap space room also cash will go to sign Dorell Wright both kj mcdaniels

  • I bet he does.

    He as no incentive to play this year, or for the 76ers.
    And the 76ers have many reasons to keep him out this year.

    Keep in mind, his surgery is because his recovery is slow and that with more work, he can regrow 100%.

    Unless physically his body stops healing, he’s fine. But, do note that it’s the same injury that shortened Yao Ming’s career, and that Durant suffers. — He might have a sort career.

  • Moe Harkless have been traded to Portland… Too bad for us!
    That would ‘ve been a good solution to fill the SF position.

  • Home is where the heart is bro, doesnt matter if hes #1 or #100 hes gonna ball. You cant deny a 100% healthy KD thats in his zone could destroy any team single handed, even a stacked Lebron team. OKC had some good runs but theyre not winning. He would have more help offensively with Beal and Wall. Beal is a lot better than Waiters and Walls a PG thatll get KD the ball and score when needed. I see both KD and Wes leaving and i do agree that its more likely we land Wes before KD. Im just thinking, if we have a good season with our young guns KD would take notice, maybe Kobe comes back another year or two convinces KD to make a run for it, and eventually when Kobe leaves take over a young promising Laker team.

  • Sorry to say but hes gonna have more turnovers than that. He tries to do to much with his passes at times. Turnovers off of good D well have to live with, unforced errors are not okay. I hope he proves me wrong tho.

  • Especially for just a 2nd round pick ===> No risk !
    I’m still waiting for the last piece to complete our roster
    Go lakers

  • Black also showed a quick first-step against Towns getting to the rack with a slam dunk.

  • He’s just a rookie, especially playing the PG position, turnovers are expected, but he has all the intangibles of a superstar in the making. The plays that he makes in those 2 SL games are just a flash of that superstar potential and intangibles.

  • I agree, Sacre and Kelly needs to be traded, and sign Dorell Wright, Lakers need all the wing help they can get.

  • Nance is a PF, we need real 3 and D wing players, Kobe ain’t gonna hold up for a full season, Young doesn’t know what defense is, and Anthony Brown is a rook, you see the trouble we’re in??

  • Lou is here for the long haul, at least for the next 3 years, Nick Young needs to go, we don’t need someone who doesn’t play defense and acts like a clown.

  • Russell has been doing EVERYTHING the last 2 SL games, he might not score a lot, but he makes plays for others, rebounds, steals, assists, he’s an all around guy, that’s what makes him special.

  • How can you say Smith isnt the answer.. A proven vet, solid offense and good D. I know you saw his performance this past post season, some of the best ball hes ever played in his career. So what if he has an attitude, our team could use a little of that right now to give these young guys some confidence. Someone to do the dirty work.

  • No we need a veteran starting SF who can slow down the Kevin Durants and Kawhi Leonard’s. Kobe can play SF but he cannot guard Durants length. I see Kobe guardiang the heavier and slower SF’s only.

    We need someone like Tayshaun Prince who is a veteran yet can still contribute. We can’t have a team with just a bunch of young guys, we need diversity

  • hoping for kj mcdaniels…can defend w the best of them and better shooter than wes, provides highlights and energy too

  • his main ‘intangible’ that I see so far is just his body. Most pass-first PG’s don’t have that size. And he looks like he could have the makings of a big shot maker, his pull back jumper already is a bit reminiscent of J. Harden.

    It will be years before we can see if taking him #2 was really the proper choice, but in that time it might be kind of tough going since Okafor appears to be a 16-10 guy right out of the fucking chute.

  • Once thing I like about Tarik is he’s very fleet of foot, for a big that that carries muscle too, he can fly up and down the court.

  • Harden, Durent, Westbrook is not really a prototypical ‘big 3’, given that to put up big numbers over the course of a season that means Harden is a 6th man .. which he was no longer willing to do. (understandably) Presti seems to be very good GM, I can only imagine living in OKC and payin those cheap ticket prices, it must be a fun team to root for. They are absolutely stacked now. People are picking the Spurs, but OKC is clearly the cream of the crop in the west, barring more injury problems.

  • No offense and all, but I think some of you guys should give up on Beasley. I get you can look at him as a player with potential, but we just went through that same situation with Wes Johnson. We all saw Johnson as athletic and lengthy, and due to those reasons we thought he’d be a great SF defender, maybe a solid shooter, explosive, but the dude could never put it together even after working out with Kobe. It’s just me, I wouldn’t give him a shot just because I think he is what he is, he’ll have solid games just as Johnson did, but he won’t be a consistent player or live up to our expectations. I don’t think him falling into drugs is an issue, since he has stayed clean for a few seasons, I just think the Lakers need guys who are young who possess potential or guys who can play now. A player like Beasley or Johnson are vets and have been around the league for a while now and still can’t seem to put it together or live up to their draft spot. Nothing against them, just don’t expect them to put it together and become the great player they were expected to be. Some players are what they are, no improvement will come.

  • Meh, not worried about stats in summer league. Just want to see Russell, Clarkson, Randle, Brown and Nance building that chemistry.

  • There’s no reasoning with a person who decides a player is a bust after 2 games of SL. joshhh has terminal brain cancer which is the main reason he never passed 6th grade. He’s a twelve-year-old in a 6’3″ body. He makes Sly Stallone look eloquent. He’s so dumb he would take JAVALEEE MCGEEEEE as a starting center. He rides Stanley Johnson’s Johnson to the grave (AND BEYOND).

  • Yes, that brings a smile to my lips. He must be hard on Cap’n Crunch in the morning.

  • I would have to say we have a pretty good mix now I would save that 2.8 for a later time in case we did run into a problem- I am ready to play with what we got.

  • You can go to the Lakers home page and look at the ROSTER that will till you who has signed and for how much.

  • This guy is a F/C. At 6’9″ 275lbs, he’s just not what we need. If we get a big like that, he should be at least 6’11” at that point. With Randle and Black being around 6’8″ or 6’9″, we don’t need another undersized big in the front court. We really don’t need an SF. Dorrell Wright might be a nice pickup but everything I’m reading says he’s going to Miami and Luc Mbah A Moute appears to be headed to Sacramento.

  • What we really need is PG depth. Our SF depth is as follows
    Bryant/Young/A Brown

    Our PG Depth is Russell/Clarkson, though Clarkson will play PG when Russell is off the floor and Williams is on the floor. Beyond Russell and Clarkson, there isn’t a legit PG. Williams and Kobe can play it but lets be real, they aren’t much and they aren’t true point guards. Need 1 more at least. We also need to unload Sacre and Kelly. As it stands, we have 15 players signed.

  • # 3 spot KOBE, YOUNG (they will keep him) & Mitchell, and if needed Randle said he can play the 3 spot, I don see the problem.

  • You really can’t guard Durant. There isn’t an SF in the league who isn’t already on a team that could do the job on Durant. Kobe has shown some ability to guard Durant and LeBron. He still gets up into them since they’re elite players. Kobe’s issue is that he always drifts off inferior players and they go nuts because they’re constantly open. He likes to cheat on defense and disrupt passing lanes.

  • I’m with you, it’s summer league. Doesn’t matter really what happens. This is all about them adjusting to the pro style game, getting used to Scott’s system, learning the other players, etc. Right now, I’m just enjoying watching these guys develop and work. Clarkson really shouldn’t be there. He’s just too good and too much for Summer League.

  • Its way to much PRESSURE on him, he shows no confidence at the end of the 76 rs game, the game is just to fast for him, and he is pushing his self to catch up and that is causing his problems.

  • If it is it will be just to cover their own ass for making a mistake and trying to force him to try to be better, he will fit in and be great but not for a while.

  • Actually we need depth at PG.

    SF: Kobe/Young/A. Brown
    SG Clarkson/Williams/J. Brown
    PG Russell/(Clarkson will shift here too when Russell off the floor)/No one else

  • Dorrell Wright and Mbah Luc Moute are the remaining younger and serviceable SF in the draft. In case LA want a rental SF Tayshaun Prince and Michael Beasley are still there.Paging Mitch. Trade Kelly and Sacre. Seraphin is not a bad back-up C and he is still young.

  • That’s funny to hear about BS, I remember last year when every one wanted to get rid of him because he knew nothing and could not COACH. Now you are saying how smart he is, and such a great coach ?

  • I agree on Beasley. Everyone sees the name and all, but forgets that he’s lazy. Kobe would kill him before seasons end if Scott hasn’t first.

  • Off the court, Nick acts like a clown. On the court he’s a more serious. You can see in his demeanor on the court. Also, during losses you’ll see he’s more somber and doesn’t act like a clown.

  • There is more talent on the team this year than there was last. They’ll win more than 20 games, that’s for certain.

  • I think we should sign Dorrell to a 1 year for the starting SF. Guys like Harrison Barnes or KD should be available next off season.

  • Actually you want Clarkson starting. Clarkson playing all these minutes and Russell allows those guys to develop some sort of continuity with each other and the other guys on the roster. With Brown, Russell, Black, Upshaw, Nance, Randle and Clarkson all on the main roster, you want those 7 guys developing something together. This is a great time to do it. Then let them work it further into sync with each other and the others during preseason. Would be a mistake to sit Clarkson.

  • You’ll see Russell as the starting PG and Clarkson as the SG. Clarkson is more of a scorer and Russell more of a passer.

  • That may end up biting both Scott and Lakers.
    We’ll see how well old school lasts.

    However, last interview I heard this week from Byron, he indicated that the league is moving toward a more guard-focused game and that we need to move in that direction.

  • I agree. But Lou can definitely take over ball handling duties for the second unit. He is more of a combo guard, but no issues with him bringing up the ball and initiating the offense.

  • Problem with the roster as you’ve mentioned is you can only have 15 on the roster. For Buycks, Kelly or Sacre need to be released or traded. Also, Williams is an undersized SG. Young also plays SF for the Lakers not SG. The roster looks more like this:

    PG – Russell
    SG – Clarkson, Williams, J. Brown
    SF – Kobe, Young, A. Brown
    PF – Randle, Bass, Nance, Kelly
    C – Hibbert, Black, Upshaw, Sacre

  • I envision Kelly either won’t play or will be traded. He can’t play SF as he showed last year and needs to be on a team as a stretch 4. Unless Scott plans to use him at his proper spot, he’s gone.

  • I can see Clarkson developing along the lines of Kobe in that he will draw the opposing D’s attention. I can see Russell being more like Andre Miller/Derek Fisher type pass-first PG early on and being more dynamic & athletic than either in the long run. Assuming Randle gets back on track (looked too excited for most of 1st SL game), opposing D’s will have to pay attention to him, too, opening it up for the other players. Oh yeah, and Kobe, too, at least for this season.
    Yeah, if the league is changing, a SF would be a better get. However, if you want to develop the young wing players, Seraphin would open up more minutes our young wings. Or maybe FO feels that Randle & Nance are both combo forwards and can play together? I find that possibility interesting.

  • Agreed x 100! Everyone needs to realize that we drafted the biggest bust risk… But also drafted the player that might offer the highest reward out of anyone in this draft class. It’s about waiting and seeing. I am not impressed by what I’ve seen so far. He’s slow footed, turns the ball over too much, isn’t making his teammates better and for someone with incredible passing skills, he’s really not hitting his mates or getting any assists.

    I keep my hopes and expectations low just so the kid can surprise me when/if he finally comes out and balls out.

  • Karl probably goes before Cousins.
    At his hiring, Karl promised not to meddle in personnel and trade matters. Already broke that one.

  • He kind of reminds me of Butler in that he is working himself into a very good player. I am just amazed at how much stronger he looks after just a few months of off season. He is really working.

    And not only working but recognizing what he needs to do to be successful and making it happen. He will be a very good player in this league for a long time.

  • The Sixers didn’t fail to correctly address it, the surgery did it’s job, but his body isn’t cooperating. It isn’t healing the bone. He has to have a bone graft on his foot in order for it to heal. Not much that can be done about it. If the body isn’t doing it’s job,it isn’t doing it’s job.

  • “moot” means it needs to be argued: arguable.
    Is that what you mean?

  • I think at this stage we leapfrog the Kings and Suns. The Mavericks I could see being ahead of the Lakers. The Jazz will either work or not, but are a PG away from really making everything work. I keep hearing darkhorse with them but I’m not so sure. I think we could be anywhere between the 8th seed and 10. 12th is just too low.

  • lol hacking your IP address. I work in the IT field and I can confidently say that you’re too stupid to pull it off.

  • If Mitch can pull off a trade for KM McDaniels I would be in heaven, and the summer will have been terrific. We’d have to give up something.

  • Maybe, but I see a situation where you have Russell/Clarkson, Clarkson/Williams and Russell/Williams going on. I don’t forsee many situations where Williams is the PG and primary ballhander. Even then, we still need another traditional backup PG. Either we need to unload Sacre and Kelly, sign Buycks or we need to go out and get a PG that’s still on the market.

  • why am I keep getting questions poppin up on my right-hand side about things related to the cavs and in general not related to lal at all?! holy..

  • He’s still a headcase. Regardless of his talent and such, he’s not someone the Lakers should build around. He can get ya to the playoffs and such, but he’ll never win you a championship.

  • Unless there is an injury. I am just saying we have guys who can become the primary ball handler if it comes to that. Russell, Clarkson, Lou, Kobe can all take on that duty if the occasion arises.

    Golden State doesn’t really have a single point guard on their team. But Curry, Livingston, Iggy are all more than capable of bringing the ball up and initiating the offense.

  • Is that the tony mitchell from the pistons or the tony mitchell the d.league all star?

  • It wasn’t his foot that was injured last year, it was his tibia. The foot, they just removed the screw and let it finish doing it’s thing. His foot is an afterthought at this point.

  • So far I like what I see in Nance’s skills, playing in control and agility/athaletic ability. I’d like to see him try to play SF. I think he could be our stopper for the other teams best player (except if its a small super quick guard)

  • Mudiay is already pro ready. Playing in China during the time he had, he’s adjusted to the pro style game. Russell is going to take a couple years. He needs time to bulk up in the gym, adjust to NBA speed and learn new teammates.

  • Sacre and Kelly being dropped would only leave room for 2 players. You just listed 4.

  • He looks great! Best defender has been Anthony Brown though. Brown is our future 3 and D guy.

  • Because they know that the TV deal is kicking in next year and revenue, salary cap and payroll will skyrocket next year. They’re taking the hit this year. It’s no big deal.

  • Steve Nash was an IQ player who didn’t have any athleticism. He had a Hall of Fame career. Don’t worry about him, his problem isn’t what he relies on but the speed of the game and adjusting to new players.

  • He has two months until training camp , then the preseason, you are way too early with the prediction game after two summer league games. Calm down and it’s not like he hasn’t done anything, just not spectacular ,setting the bar too high as far as expectations.

  • Is McDaniels really accessible?
    He’d be exciting to watch, and effective with wing defense.

  • Byron has already eluded to the fact that Clarkson and Russell will start in the back court and Kobe will play SF. Russell may be struggling some now, but that’s what Summer League and Preseason are for. Learning his teammates, learning the speed, getting adjusted. This team is about building now. You want Russell there starting out the gate.

  • Very true, but looking at past seasons, we need the PG depth. We have a ton of front court depth going on right now and plenty of guys who can play the wings. We have 1 natural point and 3 guys capable of playing point. While that displays versatility, we still lack depth. If say Russell goes down, Clarkson becomes the primary PG, Williams the primary SG and suddenly you’re trying to fit Kobe into the SF spot while using him to makeup for depth issues at point too. With his 30 mpg limit, you can’t fully rely on him. That suddenly leaves you with Clarkson and Williams.

  • They still have to be decent together
    We have to see how the season plays out till February.

  • That block on Okafor was amazing. He came from the weak side, jumping over Upshaw to make the block.

  • Agree on the need to change. I’m just going off what Scott is saying and what he’s shown.

  • Anthony Brown looks like a natural 3 point shooter. The numbers in the summer league don’t show it yet. But he has proven during his 4+ years at Stanford (particularly the last 2 years).

  • I agree. Love what I have seen from him. His form is perfect, his release is quick. And his defense is fierce.

  • Upshaw, Nance and Brown. These 3 guys are defensive minded guys who can shoot (unlike Tony Allen). If they stay clean and reach their potentials, the lakers will have a very good set of role players.

  • “Solid offense” you do realize this guy had one of the worst efficiency shooting the ball right? With Kobe, Williams on the court we don’t need another guy to be on offensive force we need a guy who can be a 3-D type of guy like A.Brown (not saying the guy is the answer but a guy like him).

  • Kobe/Young/Brown/Williams are all shooting guards, none are natural SF’s

    Clarkson and Russel can run point and Williams can slide down if needed. We also got Jabari Brown who can run point. We got our back court covered

    We need a 3 who can defend the lengthier more athletic players like Durant, Rudy Gay, Kawhi Leonard, etc

    Kobe, Young or Brown can’t guard either of those players

  • Nobody “knows” that he won’t start. Too early to predict and TOO far away.

  • Both of those guys are role players I rather develop Brown and Nance at small forward

  • Wright is a bench player he’s not starter material that is why the Lakers are not interested in him

  • These players were chosen for their particular skills and how they would fit the Lakers system. I see a continuation of Byron’s system from last season. Actually see the individual players prove (in practices and games), what skills and competiveness they will bring to the table. Find out who is the best at their position so he can know better how to use them in his system. Find out who will have what it takes to be the Starting Unit, Second Unit, Reserves, etc. Players will have to work to prove where and how they fit and how many minutes they get in games. With the upgrade in players for this season and the experience from last year, I am confident the coaching staff will have a better handle on the team’s progress. This should translate into more wins, a better season and hopefully a Lakers team that will make the playoffs next season.

  • With the new talents the Lakers organization added this year, Laker players still on the team from last season, will have to work hard, do what they need to do and be very competitive to prove they belong on this years team.

  • Why you don’t pursue KJ daniles and Corell wright ??we should go after Daniels now

  • @forumbluegold I just feel like they’ll be better off abandoning this Princeton/motion idea because their youth dictates pace plus P&R

    Bobby Ramirez โ€@Bobmoz1701
    @forumbluegold they need more p&r too much iso, Princeton offense should be scrapped to better suit new PG.
    Kobe retiring stop catering him!
    Blattwas using the Princeton offense and they were losing games! LeBron James scrapped it they start winning look it up!

  • @forumbluegold I just feel like they’ll be better off abandoning this Princeton/motion idea because their youth dictates pace plus P&R

    Bobby Ramirez โ€@Bobmoz1701
    @forumbluegold they need more p&r too much iso, Princeton offense should be scrapped to better suit new PG.
    Kobe retiring stop catering him!
    Blattwas using the Princeton offense and they were losing games! LeBron James scrapped it they start winning. Thoughts??? Anyone

  • Yes, but he has yet to make a basket (I believe). He’s seen his minutes shrink as well…he should be lighting it up considering he’s been in the d league, nba, and is almost 27 yrs old (right?). He’s a reason why the Lakers have struggled when the bench unit comes in…need more production from him

  • Really big dude. Strong body. For the limited opportunities he was given, had an impact in the playoffs alongside will Bynum. I’d pick him up BUT, the Lakers resigned that useless sack of trash, Canada’s finest…sacre.
    Plus, wanna see upshaw develop

  • You can start with Sacre & Kelly #1, then figure if you keep Young it seems they are not saying anything he must be on the bubble, Byron avoids mentioning him at all cost

  • They have said it quite a few times , in fact He also said He hopes Julius can win the starting job because Bass is a no nonsense player like Davis was a vacumn cleaner and can hit the mid Range too. The backcourt will be a little woozy at first, the strat is to Run both at the defense and confuse because Clark can handle ball too and pass. Julius is the one who is questionable about starting??

  • Get rid of Sacre and Kelly and sign Dorrell Wright and Quinn Cook.

    Hibbert / Black / Upshaw
    Randle / Bass / Nance
    Bryant / Wright / Brown
    Clarkson / Young / Brown
    Russell / Williams / Cook

  • Russell has 11 RINGS & 10 Fingers He was 6’8/ 6’9″ never stopped him check his HOF stats (Thinking man;s game. todays guys try to be all physical don’t work
    If Upshaw IS SMART He call Kareem and have him teach him some moves & the Sky hook NObody blocks or stops that shot

  • How You are So sure what is and what isn’t What is that based on?? Absolutes?? Tea Leaves what??

  • He’s not abandoning anything, he might adjust a spot here and There but He has carte Blanche’ to run The team on the Floor with mitch’s blessings. All you Video game G/Ms crack Me up.. I been a Laker Fan since jerry West was a rookie.. I’ve Seen a lot of Basketball in LA Great , good and Terrible…Its our Time again Regardless of what We think or say its going to Be Buss, Mitch and Byron’s Call… Lakers Ride or Die! Yall can always become Flippers fans,

  • Black has been playing backup Center and for the Summer League has been playing center. His arms are very long and his body is big. Despite his height, he’s considered to be a Center on the Lakers.

  • Both of those guys are actually closer to 6’9″ to 6’10”. Towns as 7′ is overstated as is Okafor at 6’11”.

  • There is definitely a better balance. We do need PG depth and some defense at the wing but that’s about it. Need to unload Sacre and Kelly to do it though.

  • He doesn’t really need to light up the scoreboard. If the guy can play defense and pass while guys like Young and Williams are on the floor to score for the team, he should be alright. In years past, the Lakers have been lit up by opposing bench PG’s. He would be someone that could instead shut those guards down. Much more valuable than points scored.

  • He wouldn’t be starting, Kobe is going to be the starting SF. Scott has already talked about Kobe sliding over to that spot and having the back court to start Clarkson and Russell together.

  • Kobe is still projected to start at SF and has played the position throughout the years. Kobe’s size will allow him to be fine at the position. Kobe always gets burned when he leaves guys open, usually against bigger stars like the ones you named he sticks with. Those guys though you can bother by getting up in them. Young has been the Lakers SF the last couple years and Brown is a natural 3 and D forward. Young and Brown are that typical 6’7″ height you typically see with a forward, around 210-215lbs. Kobe is still 6’6″. Durant and LeBron are the 2 guys capable of going off on Kobe. Gay can be bothered by physical play and he’s not quick. Leonard gets his offense as a product of the Spurs offensive system. He’s not the kind of guy who’s going to dominate and blow past Kobe either. His best side is on defense. Kobe will be guarding SF’s also because they tend to be slower than SG’s and with Kobe having slowed down, it’s much more natural for him. Kobe will be spending much of his time closer to the basket, posting up and probably taking some 3’s off passes by Russell or Clarkson which would put him in a more natural SF role. When Jordan came back he also made the transition to SF because of his height and slower footedness. He was also 6’6″.

    With all that said, by no means am I putting it like he’s going to be the defensive player of the year or anything, but he’ll do a credible job at it at least. Kobe’s a smart guy don’t forget, he’ll know what to do when he needs to. You don’t have to block a guys shot to defend him, just get a hand up, get a hand in the opposing players face and obscure his vision.

  • In shoes they were definitely towering up there. Towns at 7ft in shoes would not surprise me. Well, it depends what shoes, obviously… Black was clearly lower than Towns, but he’s also certainly taller than all our 6’9 referenced players. There’s no debating it, it showed on video.
    Okafor and Black were more or less matching, with Okafor having a slight advantage. Which is why I do believe the 6’10. Again, in shoes. Well, I could be a 7ft in crazy shoes too (I swear I hope this never happens…), so that doesn’t mean much, but that the only NBA reference that matters for height purpose.

  • Black played last year, Randle is getting his feet wet after not playing for a year. A lot of it comes down to energy and conditioning and Randle needs to improve his conditioning before he begins dominating.

  • He’s got a strong low base. Strong legs can carry all of that weight easily.

  • He’s a reason the Lakers production suffers when the starters are out. His defensive effort is only there because he realizes he ain’t scoring crap.
    if the Lakers wanted a reliable defensive PG they would have kept Ronnie price.

    They’re focusing on team defense centered on bigs (like usual).

    Great that he’s there defensively, but he’s hurting the team way more than helping. One plus is defense. Many cons include; no offensive production, not getting others involved, not leading the bench, etc etc

    He’s 26/27, not a newbie.

    I really liked his ability to spread the floor, take guys off the dribble with his handles. That’s what the Lakers need. If they wanted defense, they would have kept price who was a great defender

    Maybe he’ll improve once jabari is back. It’ll take some of the load off his shoulders

  • When you invest in a number 2 overall lotto pick, said player is usually gonna start right away unless he’s joining a championship team like James Worthy did back in 82.

    Will have nothing to do with covering their asses. Lotto teams start top drafted 5 rookies. Let’s not forget we are a lotto team two years running…

  • How much do you wanna bet Russell starts barring injury?

    You’ve got to take your logic out of the equation. Scott has already stated who the starters were gonna be and PF is the only position in question. We are not a championship roster and developing Russell is first priority. He’s going into the fire right away man. all you have to do is listen to
    Scott interviews, he’s laid it out several times.

  • Scott will cater to Kobe, no doubt about that. The Princeton offense is his bread and butter. He was groomed on it by Rick Adleman in Sacramento. His best teams ran that offense. I want to see the youth run also but I’m afraid Scott is not going that direction.

  • Nigga that lineup is trash ..We are in trouble ..The Lakers should have never passed of Okafor ..Russell is trash

  • Russell is trash he has not even passed for 5 assist in one game … He`s way to slow to play point in the NBA … His Defense is terrible an shows a lack of effort ..ALL you guys who think it was cool to pass on Okafor you should be shot … I can see in Byron Scott face today he know he fucked up … We could of Got Okafor an Jones from Oregon..They both are killing the summer league ..Every player taken after Russell have played better than he … I just don`t see the fuss us about wit Russell ..We fucked our self ..Everyone need to be fired wit the lakers

  • If he can be a lock down defender it could be a steal remember, Dennis Rodman could not shoot worth a lick, but got rings Go Lakers !!!

  • You are right, DP, but for an additional reason: marketing. Who do the fans in TV-land want to get a look at? Russell, Randle and Clarkson. Then Hibbert and Upshaw, for different reasons and then Nance and Brown, our two other rookies from this year. All those guys will get a few minutes just because the fans want to see ’em.

  • Young will pick up his D—or he will shine the pine. Nance and Brown—and Randle—are right behind him.

  • We are overloaded with high potential SFs, too. Just wait, if Bass performs as well as expected, Randle and Nance will be stealing minutes at the SF if Young doesn’t produce. I am only worried about the coaching.

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  • That’s part of it bit they also need to play for basketball reasons. Development being the out-liner. Think of Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones of the Late Show? They were not top 5 lotto picks but given the state of the franchise at the time, they were thrust into the limelight right away. They performed well under the pressure of the bright lights. And in doing so there was a level of excitement the fan base had as we watched them mature through the growing pains as a young team.

    This is where we are again, and that same patience’s is once again needed, as I’ve stated several times in the past.

  • Yeah. All these blog-parrots want to act like they have a clue, but Young is not like Nash. Young does have a certain amount of D as he is very athletic. He’s just stuck in the shooter’s dilemma of having of having whichever hand he pats himself on the back with out of position when he gets to the other end of the court.

    If Scott gets around to having a defense this year, Young will do as he’s told and he will be satisfactory. So don’t get sucked into believing all these over-the-top comments by the know-nothing blog-parrots.

  • There are so many versions of “the Princeton.” I don’t even know what that means anymore.

    We ought to play like the Warriors. Seriously. We ought to be a fast break, transition offense with passing emphasized over dribbling in the half court. How can we utilize Hibbert on offense?

    Kobe should not be over-catered to.

  • What are you, some kind of shut-in? Tell us what your eyes know, not what some lame slammer says. Don’t contribute to this kind of shit. Otherwise, I might have to reveal what I have heard about you and your relations with young boys.

  • You sound like the batch worried about another man opinion …Are you a preacher or something ? lol Hell yeah i`m mad im a laker fan an I hate to loose i hate we took the wrong guy an its showing

  • I was a Laker fan before ya family crossed the boarder but plug … My grandfather was a laker fan long before then …So I been threw the up an downs … I hate you internet hoes y’all keep another man dick in ya mouth .. Fix ya fucking English before you tell someone to switch teams… That why i`m voting for trump ..Just because I don`t like the move my team made i`m not a real fan ? YOur a fucking Joke an get off My Dick Fag

  • Hahaha you got the audacity to say “Fix ya English”??? Slap yourself!! Idgaf who you vote for puto, I’m sure it would be easier to try and get rid of who your afraid of you mark. You ain’t gotta like the move batch, but show some patience and support for a ” kid” with a lot of pressure to do well. 3 SL games is a little early to call someone a bust don’t you think stupid ass??!!!Like I said, you’re a batch ass fake LaKers fan!!

  • Oh and way to be a ignorant racist, but you blacks cry the “race” card every time the homies or pigs kill one of you….

  • And about Russell not even passing for 5 assists??… He finished with 6 assists the 1st SL game against the Wolves. With your lack of knowledge when it comes to LaKers, its clear you ain’t no LaKers fan so kick rocks.

  • I’m not sure that it’s just a question of assignments. Young is good at creating his own shots but defense has never been his thing. We’ll see what happens after training camp…

  • It bitch bro Lmfao ..Are u mad fuck boy? lmfao ..I guess you can say what you want but I can`t right ? just like a sucker lmfao … Ya opinion don’t matter you insecure emotional Hoe ..Kill ya self an I`m far from Racist im just showing you to watch ya fucking mouth ..Dont throw stones in a class house LMFAO ..Now go be mad an pout about not being able to take what you dish out LMFAO

  • It`s clear your an emotional troll who don`t know what the fuck you talking about LMfao ..You funny man straight Comic Lmfao …. You a Lakers fan so I love you bro you support something i`m passionate about ..So your not my enemy ..Im sorry if I offended ya emotional ass ..Stay up bro an Laker`s for Life …

  • LOve you bro sorry for hurting ya lil feelings… But if Russell can`t get off in summer league ,what do you think is going to happen when he goes against the Nba elite ? Because you support the Lakers that I love i`m sorry bro ..

  • Kobe struggled the first few years, airballs against the Jazz for example. I’m a die hard LaKers fan and it kills me how bad we’ve been the last few years. But just saying give the kid a real chance before we write him off. Okafor is as advertised on offense, but also on defense which I saw laziness and slowness. He’s nothing but average IMO.

  • I feel you bro Im just tired of loosing …. I`m a try but one thing I do know is you don`t pass on the best player in the draft ..It will show bro believe me ..I played ball all my life an I coach AAu …so I know talent bro an I may be wrong ..But i`m not going to go back an forth wit someone that share the same passion for something I love …

  • So, we understand each other, then? The point is it is too easy to just repeat a bunch of bullshit as though it was absolutely true. In truth, Nick Young does have some defensive talent but he still needs coaching. His last coach, MDA, didn’t think defense needed to be coached at all, as you recall. Usually, you are more thoughtful in your criticism.

    There is some guy saying bad things about Santa Clause and I have to go deal with him now.

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