Lakers News: LeBron James ‘Can’t Wait’ For Russell Westbrook To ‘Go Off This Season’
Russell Westbrook LeBron James Lakers
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The future of Russell Westbrook with the Los Angeles Lakers has been in question since last season’s trade deadline. Westbrook, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis didn’t get much time together on the court due to injury, but even when healthy, the trio didn’t come together the way anyone hoped.

Seemingly this whole summer, there have been rumors about a potential Westbrook trade, and the relationship between Westbrook and LeBron has come into question as well. But the pair, along with Davis, is reportedly on the same page, and LeBron is continuing to praise Westbrook publicly.

With Westbrook coming under a ton of criticism and scrutiny this offseason, LeBron took to his Twitter, saying that he can’t wait for Westbrook to prove the doubters wrong:

Many came into the offseason believing that Westbrook would not be in purple and gold next season. All summer long, Westbrook has been in trade rumors, most notably for Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving. But with that deal all but dead, the Lakers are moving on to other deals.

The team recently completed a trade for point guard Patrick Beverley, someone who has a not-so-great history with Westbrook. Bringing in Beverley, who is excited to join the Lakers, would seem to signal even more so that Westbrook’s future with the Lakers could be in question, as having the two on the same roster would seem unfeasible.

But as it stands, Westbrook remains a member of the Lakers and LeBron James’ teammate, and as long as that is the case, LeBron will continue to support and praise him. Perhaps there is still some belief that the trio could work with the right pieces around them, and someone like LeBron always believes he can make anything work and succeed.

Moves in the near future could change things, but as it stands, LeBron James apparently is expecting Russell Westbrook to shut people up next season.

LeBron James signs $97.1 million contract extension with Lakers

Westbrook’s future may be unclear, but the same can not be said for LeBron James after he signed a two-year, $97.1 million extension with the Lakers. The deal can reach up to $111 million in total salary depending on the 2023-24 salary cap figure and also includes a 15 percent trade kicker.

This deal also makes LeBron the highest-earning player in NBA history, passing Kevin Durant, who took the top spot when he signed his max extension with the Brooklyn Nets.

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