Lakers News: LeBron James ‘Not Upset’ With Bucks For Failure To Communicate

There has been plenty of speculation about what unfolded when players met following the boycott of playoff games that was initiated when the Milwaukee Bucks decided they weren’t going to play on Wednesday.

One report that gained traction is some players were unhappy that the Bucks didn’t communicate this plan with any of the other teams in the bubble. The players have been on one accord with their message of racial equality and social justice, and the Bucks making a decision to boycott on their own may have rubbed some the wrong way.

Obviously, the rest of the teams would follow suit and stand with their fellow players. When presented with the notion he was among those who objected to the Bucks’ approach, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James offered clarification.

“I wasn’t upset at all. Obviously, Milwaukee did what they did. We call this a brotherhood, so we stood in solidarity with them. We knew what they were doing it for, with the recent events that happened in Wisconsin, which hits home for them,” he explained.

“There was just no knowledge of when they were going to do it or if they were going to do it. They didn’t know. They said it took them forever to figure it out and say they weren’t going to go out there. I’m not here to judge or categorize what Milwaukee did.”

The most important thing moving forward with the players and their goals is that actions take place. It is easy for people to speak on change and call on the need for it, but often times actions don’t follow the words and that is something James remains adamant about.

“From that point on, my mind began to figure out what is the plan going forward? And if we don’t have a plan, then what are we talking about? Why are we still here? That’s what my mind went to. At one point there was no plan of action. I’m not that type of guy,” he said.

“I’m not a guy who, one, doesn’t have a plan, and then not ready to act on it as far as action. We had a couple days to figure it out.”

Most notable at this time for James is his More Than A Vote program which has worked with teams across a number of sports to use arenas and stadiums as voting places. The Atlanta Hawks were the first to do so and both the L.A. Dodgers and, of course, the Lakers, have joined in as well with November’s general elections approaching soon.

The Bucks may have acted alone in their initial actions to boycott games, but the rest of the players have stood beside them every step of the way. The NBA players being on one page is essential in this ongoing fight and that continues to be the case as they refuse to silence their voices on a topic that means so much to them.

LeBron Sought Advice From Barack Obama

When the NBA players decided to boycott playoff games it garnered a ton of attention nationwide as players took a stand in order to place focus back on the fight for racial equality following the shooting by police on unarmed Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Leaders emerged as players decided on the next steps with NBPA president Chris Paul and vice president Andre Iguodala taking the lead, and James was also one of the most outspoken players as well, as has long been the case on any social issues.

In trying to figure out their next move, James reportedly sought the advice of former United States President Barack Obama. The former President is an inspiring figure to many players and is someone who everyone would listen to.

“President Obama is a great man, and I wish he was still the President of the United States,” James said when asked about the conversation.

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