Lakers News: LeBron James’ Team LeBron Matches Longest Winning Streak In All-Star Game History
LeBron James Stephen Curry NBA All-Star Game
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has again led Team LeBron to a victory in the All-Star Game, triumphing for the fifth straight year on Sunday.

The four-time NBA champion secured a 163-160 win for his team with a Michael Jordan-inspired fadeaway jumper after a tight contest in the final quarter. Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry claimed the MVP award thanks to his 50-point performance, draining a record-breaking 16 triples along the way.

Still, James managed to add another accolade to his resume after the All-Star Weekend concluded in Cleveland. He’s captained one of the All-Star Game teams every year since the NBA changed the event’s format in 2018. By leading Team LeBron to a 5-0 record, the 37-year-old helped his side match the longest winning streak ever recorded, repeating Team East’s run between 1980-84.

Team LeBron first defeated Curry’s Team Stephen in the first All-Star Game under the current format. Since then, it has notched two victories over Team Durant and Team Giannis.

James played alongside Curry in the All-Star Game for the second year in a row and seemingly enjoyed sharing the court with the fellow Akronite.

“I mean, Steph, come on, man. This guy is from a different planet,” he said after the game.

“He literally has an automatic sniper connected to his arm, and when he lets it go, not only himself but everybody on the floor, in the stands, on TV, on their phones, whatever you are watching on, you think it’s going in every time. Nine times out of 10 and sometimes 10 times out of 10, it does go in.”

James ‘couldn’t have dreamt’ of hitting game-winning shot in 2022 All-Star Game

James received a warm welcome from the hometown crowd upon his return to Cleveland, where he started his illustrious career and won the 2016 NBA title. Considering his history with the city and the Ohio roots, the Lakers superstar said capping off the All-Star Game with a game-winning shot made for a special moment.

“I could not have dreamed of that moment any better than the actuality that just happened,” James said.

“For me to be back here, like I keep stating, 35 minutes south of where I grew up here in Akron, Ohio, to hit the game-winner in the All-Star Game where me and my guys back in the back, we used to watch the All-Star Game.”

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