Lakers News: Meeting With DeAndre Jordan ‘Somewhat Underwhelming’
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It was a rough day for the Los Angeles Lakers with the storied franchise learning that LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love have both passed on the opportunity to sign with the team in NBA free agency. Although the Lakers weren’t able to land Aldridge, or at least that’s what the reports suggest, Mitch Kupchak and company had one final meeting with DeAndre Jordan on Wednesday.

— Have you seen the ‘Lakers Nation’ phone case? —

According to Broderick Turner of the L.A. Times, the meeting with Jordan didn’t go all that well in terms of making an impression:

Things continue to head in the wrong direction for the Lakers in their pursuit of a free agent big man. After three meetings with top-tier frontcourt players, the team remains empty handed with one full day of free agency officially in the books.

With Jordan more than likely re-signing with the Los Angeles Clippers or joining the Dallas Mavericks, the Lakers could try to go all-in with in an attempt to land Greg Monroe. The Lakers brass met with Monroe early on Wednesday in Washington D.C., but no news, positive or negative, surfaced immediately after.

Unfortunately, if Jordan and Monroe both pass, and that seems to be the case at this point in time, the team will have to pursue other options to upgrade the roster. One player the Lakers may start seriously showing interest in is Tobias Harris.

Harris may be a restricted free agent and could be a challenge to sign, but the Orlando Magic aren’t sold on matching lucrative offer sheets. Ultimately, landing Harris may be the move the team makes with few solid options left on the open market.


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Stupid mouse looking mofo. Cant grow a full stache.

  • At this point, Monroe and Harris would be a great pickup. And that’s best case scenario. This year is basically going to be about the rookies developing their game and getting used to the NBA. Lakers have great pieces in D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Jordan Clarkson. Heck, even Anthony Brown and Larry Nance Jr. are probably missing pieces to the championship puzzle as well. All good things happen to those who wait. Sure, it’s going to be a long road until we contend for a championship, but that’s just how it is in the NBA. We, as loyal Lakers fans have to stand by the team through thick and thin. As far as majority of the comments I see here, I don’t see much loyalty for the Lakers.

    1. I can see Anthony Brown as a Ariza type of player… hopefully Russell and randle lives up to their expectations

    2. We’re just not as patient as you are, but I get what you saying, but Lakers need to improve every season, but looks to me the team are taking a step backwards.

    3. No you don’t understand we have loyalty but when you see same bullshit for 2 years straight you start questioning “who the hell is running the Lakers?” because clearly right now we have no direction. Developing players is a option but getting blown out from left to right isn’t fun nor exciting. I will most definitely stick by the Laker code but as far trust who is running the Lakers, they have completely lost my trust.

    4. Lakers doesn’t have appeal anymore. I think we need to be like GS where young stars are developed, add a couple of key players and not big name players. Lakers to win in 5 years time.

    5. Exactly what Badazztj said, just because we stay loyal to our team doesn’t mean we have to be blind. It’s obvious the current FO doesn’t know how to build a team. We fans have the right to protest against a regime whenever they’re ruining our beloved team.

        1. You call that amateur presentation a pursuit?It was embarrassing.It’s always a bad idea to be unprofessional. Two years in a row no FAs believe the Lakers FO knows how to win.Put the blame where it belongs and drop the stupid excuses.

  • no their not all these guys want way too much money its a joke !!!! not one of them can come to the lakers and make them contenders.go with cheaper players who will not be over paid cry babies.

  • They drafted the best player in the draft. If Towns was available they would have selected him. He wasn’t so they filled another need.

  • Fucking bull shit so many years of bull shit. Chris Paul trade that never happened, punk ass howard, brittle bones Nash and what we gave up for him, kobe being over used and injured, jim buss selecting russell over okafor, striking out in fa, high ticket prices smh saaad just sad

  • Mitch and Jim: let’s copy everything the warriors do then pitch to free agents we can get them on two and a half men

  • It starts from way up top all the way down to Mitch. Ownership are also delusional, selling Los Angeles to FAs when most of them lives in Los Angeles during off season.

    1. You’re right. You can’t try to get FA talent on the lakers brand and glamour alone anymore. This isn’t the late 90s when Hollywood was the biggest attraction. That attraction has faded…

  • I’m over it. I’d rather see the young players we have develop in our system now. No more star FA’s, No more let’s win now, get players who are willing to teach and help develop. I’m paitently waiting for the 2018 season at this point! Let’s go lakeshow!

  • He’s 19 and walks in the league better than 2/3 of the centers. We roll the dice with Clarkson and sign Rondo. That looks better than what we have now.

      1. You go with the sure thing. We needed to etablish our foundation for the future. The Blazers had Clyde Drexler, they didn’t need MJ. We had Clarkson we could have survived without Russell.

          1. Russell’s defense is not exactly stellar.Considering who he’ll have to match up with,I’d say it will be Russell getting lit up.

  • Although Im not gonna believe rumours, I think Deandre has already made up his mind and it was done a few days ago.

    As for this offseason, imo, there should be two targets now.
    1) Tobias Harris- not the greatest at 3’s (which is what we need) however is only 22 and therefore can improve, while also growing with the other young guys.. Has all the tools to be a good defender.
    2) Robin Lopez- knows his role. Rebounds, protects the rim, can get you around 10 points if needed.

    By signing these two players and bringing back Ed Davis, and assuming everyone stays healthy, we can be somewhat competitive.

    Russell/ Clarkson
    Bryant/ Young/ J.Brown
    Harris/ A.Brown
    Randle/ Black/ Nance
    Lopez/ Davis/ Upshaw

    1. Harris with Randle breaking out would be nice with the young guards. time for all out youth movement.

  • Fire Kupchuk now please. 3 years without signing a star player. Who job is it? Kobe?. Bring in Shaq, Luke Walton,Stephen A Smith

      1. I don’t always agree with Stephen A Smith, but on the Lakers stuff he’s been spot on. Even he could do better than JR. Buss at this point.

        1. SAS is blabbermouth. Only skilled at saying things are the way they are ‘after’ things are over. He’s a good preacher, and works fine in the ESPN Laker bashing machine, and interesting to hear him talk about things sometimes, but as a basketball strategist …. HA!

          1. Yeah he can be a big mouth A lot but he isn’t wrong about the lakers and especially JR. Buss because he’s the root of the problem for the Lakers. and until he’s gotten rid of we can expect a lot of more seasons like the last 2 we’ve endured.

  • Can’t wait to see Jeanie go on another damage control media tour. Once Kobe is retired, the Buss siblings will have no place to hide from the wrath of Lakers fans. Things will get ugly.

    1. Sometimes I think Jeannie acts like she isn’t in a big market. I remember listening to her on Mason & Ireland last summer and Mason didn’t go easy on her neither did the callers.

    2. Have you seen Jeanie lately these days? looks like a broken down lady, so much hurt and pain, you can see it on her expression. She is letting her brother running this organization to the ground.

      1. Well Jeanie only has herself to blame. She can fire Jim at any time, but she continues let him burn their father’s legacy to the ground.

  • yes, agree about Kobe. He does need to stick around as long as possible. The Lakers have, in the past, waited on the ‘big’ thing, and if these other things ‘pass’ (like Kevin Love – glad he didn’t come here), and LaMarcus Aldridge (well, too bad about that), then it means something bigger and better is coming.

    It may not come soon, or this year, but it will come. The Lakers always rise to the top. Best to have Kobe around to at least keep us interested in the Lakers. Otherwise – it’s just rebuilding, and maybe not as interesting as we’re used to.

  • You know the worst part? DJ will wait a few days knowing he will go back to the Clippers and the Lakers will wait for his decision while Monroe goes to NY or Portland. Guaranteed!

    1. I think they Lakers know that DJ ain’t coming here. It’s not like Dwight Howard. DJ is a good player – but not worth waiting for.

  • Fire Kupchuk now please. 3 years without signing a star player. Who job is it? Kobe?. Bring in Shaq, Luke Walton,Stephen A Smith

  • I think dwkty or wtvr the f his name is had an idea. People pitched in for a billboard (swaggy p)…pitch in for a billboard near el segundo or staples that asks them to resign.

    It could start on twitter as a #jimmyandkupchakresign

    Then a go fund me page to get money for the billboard.

    1. Not a bad idea.But the only thing that really matters to these rich,spoiled children is money.As long as they can keep reeling in all that Time Warner money,they couldn’t care less what we say.

      1. Soo, stop watching games? Then TWC puts pressure on them, cuz that’s their boss/investor.

        Sick n tired of “we’re getting everyone” rumors, then we get nothing!

        1. That’s hard for me to do.I’ve been watching them for 50 yrs.,through thick and thin.I’m sure not going to attend any games at Staples,though.Maybe see if sagging attendance makes a difference to them.They need to hire a professional to run basketball operations and reduce their own idiot input to that of a silent partner.

          1. Yea…still want to watch them as I’m a fan. But we need change. Attendance might be the easiest…especially if they dont lower prices

          2. Then that’ll be their downfall. Celebrities aren’t gonna waste their time watching a team lose by fifty. Regular joes aren’t spending that much money to see a team get blown out every other game

          3. No one will pay $400 bucks court side to watch Kobe (if healthy LOL) featuring the LA D-fenders play.

    1. YES! He will re-sign, and then the Clips will be even worse than last year. They’re cursed (too bad), and they’re not getting younger.

        1. He just latched on for a meal ticket, he’s beyond ancient and a liability against any halfway decent team. He might have had the luxury to hide in the Leastern Conference, he’s going to be shown up whenever on the floor against the West.

          1. Well he may be old but he proved in the atl series he is still clutch and his clutch big game ability could have probably prevented the rockets comeback

  • Kobe will fake a new injury 15 games into this season. Cannot handle being the laughingstock that he has become.

      1. achilles real, rotator cuff maybe maybe not. He was happy nursing them rather than playing since he has become a d league player at this stage in his career. As I said, he can’t handle the laughinstock that he has become.

          1. I’m going to enjoy watching Kobe fall on his bum again next year. It’s entertainment. Hilarious to say the least. Can’t wait to see his pouty face. It’s just too funny to watch.

  • Well when you already have Jordan Clarkson but NO center and you take another point guard because idiot fans like him and it sells tickets this is what you get. Sacre will be the starting Center, the team will be in the gutter again, and the pick unless they luck out and get top 3 will go to the sixers. Jim Buss and Mitch need to go. Maybe we need to just have 5 guards start at once because it’s a guard league now because they’re funner to watch. I hate fans and an FO that listens to them just to sell tickets.

    1. Newsflash: D’angelo Russell projects to be a FAR better player than Jahlil Okafor! You’re the idiot who wants to draft by need rather than by talent. Why the hell woukd we draft by need? We have 4 players under contract! We need EVERYTHING! lmao! Youre acting as if wr were a cebter away from being contenders. When kobe retires after this season (PLEASE retire), we are gonna have a massive black hole at the guard position as well, durrr. Russell and clarkson can become one of the most dynamic back courts in the nba in a few years… and you want jahlil okafor, after reports surfaced that hes actually 6’9.5″ without shoes? That undersized, while lacking footspeed on defense, not being a shot blocker, and shooting 50 percent from the free throw line? Holy fuck dude. We arent making the playoffs this year. Deal with it. The russell pick was the best pick for the FUTURE. This dude is an otherworldly passer, can run an entire offense, and can shoot the lights out. He literally has more of an impact on every facet of the game, fast break or halfcourt, than okafor by far, simply due to the nature of his position and skillset. Okafor is entirely dependent on being fed in the post and stalling all offensive movement while he looks for his hook shots… if it aint shaquille o’neal doing that shit, no thanks.

      1. exactly …they act LMA ..LOVE….Deandre was going to bring in a championship this yr…stupid…I like russel and Randle and Clarkson

    1. actually, it can ONLY get better. Losing these 2 possibilities will be a blessing in disguise, trust me.

      We’ll not only get a good big, we’ll get a ‘better’ big. Love is ‘done’, anyway. Bigs don’t last as long anymore.

  • Well, i’m a Laker fan and i’m excited for summer league. Fuck that free agency! I will watch every game even we suck. I want see Clarkson, D’angelo, Randle and Kobe finals year, even if we lose more than 55 games.

      1. Me too. The guys are in too much panic right now. If they wanna win now, and wanna a new gm, and a new president… Let they turn a “cavs fan” or other.

        1. I’m really excited to actually see nance play! Super athletic, and watch ramble turn into a huge rim protector to go along with his offense, you never know

    1. I’m with you. It wasn’t like we would have been that great with Aldridge anyway. Maybe 10-15 added wins. Ready to see what the new kids are going to do.

      1. People are not looking at the big picture. If you’re going to remain attractive to FA who can actually play and not just care about the money you need to be a winning side which can sell them on the idea that the lakers are one piece away from being a playoff team. Rookies don’t always work out at best with just rookies we are a force in 3 to 4 years, that’s the best case scenario, but a more realistic plan would be to mix the young talent with already proven players.

        The goal should be to make additions each year to improve the squad while waiting for a FA that wants to join. At the moment that is not the case we just keep resigning the same caliber players and that’s getting us nowhere. We have good cap space for next year so there is nothing stopping us from making additions this time round to improve the pack and wait for next year but this time as a winning side instead of sucking again. Otherwise the same process will keep repeating until we are can get a good rookie to carry us, but that may take years and years. We cold become the next NY if we are not careful

  • The reason they took Russell because he was the best available talent, plus the FO are so confident they can land a star FA or 2, but guess the reality sets in.

  • ’cause unfortunately most of the Lakers fans from today act like a bunch of SPOILED FUCKING BRATS that think that only our team shouldn’t go through a rebuilding period, bunch of brainless idiots, it seems they already forgot that we’ve been in this situation before, remember when “the showtime era” ended? that we went through a rebuilding period for YEARS and suddenly Kobe appeared and then Shaq and i think everyone knows what happened after that, let’s just say it ended GREAT. I AM WILLING to go through the rebulding period, and i know it will take at least 3 years, but that’s fine with me i understand, i’ll just enjoy watching the rooks grow together.

  • This is why I wanted Okafor. Finding a quality big man is difficult and now the team is stuck with Sacre. I know Russell is a dynamic game changer and will be one of the best but we already had JC and we needed a Center more.

      1. Not really Mitch said he drafted Russell because his superstar “potential”. Clearly Okafor was the best player available. Many other know this. We just have to hope Russell pans out.

        1. Reports says 15% chance of him becoming a superstar, highest in the draft. Also 40% of being a bust too.

      2. Yes he’s definitely better than Okafor. However there will always be a surplus of guards and a shortage of good centers. I feared that we’d strike out in FA last year and Okafor is the safest pick. Of course that was the past and I will support Russell and my Lakers but I will always stay salty we passed on Okafor especially since we’re losing out on FA.

          1. Yea we all heard it before your a Okafor hater don’t need to bring up old shit I swear. Its done fool.

  • No hope absolutely no hope 76ers should be banned from the NBA and we should be given our draft pick back. I think Minnesota will be a better team then us 76ers are just trash that might leave us with the #1 pick next year

  • They can’t tank. Their pick is only top 3 protected now. Odds are strongly against getting a top 3 pock 2 years in a row, if we draw a 4 it goes to the sixers. Passing on Okafer when they had Jordan Clarkson was idiotic. The Lakers screwed themselves.

    1. Okafur ….cant play D shoot free throws and needs space to score…bump that I like the Russel pick if it wasnt KTowns

  • For those saying to sign harris now, I’m not 100% sure, but I think it’s smarter to wait till closer to July 9th, as contracts can’t be signed till then and it will give magic time to assess their options

    1. at least submit an offer for Harris, takes 3 days for Magic to match, Lakers need to sign this guy asap, or else other teams will. Lakers need to max this guy, no more bullshit.

  • Well said man, this is exactly what I have been pleading all day, sign that brotha Harris, give him the max and snatch up Robin Lopez and call it a day, it’s the only way to salvage this free agency.

    1. At what point does the front office realize they don’t have any pull? I mean while they were waiting for long shots literally every free agent signed for crazy money. They brought fists to a gunfight.

      In any other organization, this is cause for termination. Jim and Mitch are incompetent, a blind man could see this.

  • We’re not getting a ring this year for sure so fuck it just let the rooks develop, if we get any big guy then kudos for us!!

  • He didn’t use a teleprompter or a power point presentation or a twitter campaign or stupid billboards.It wasn’t magic,just competence,confidence and professionalism.Those traits appear to have skipped a generation.

  • Jordan reportedly want to be featured more on offense. Imagine a DJ’s featured offense on a title contending team (lob dunk on every possession).

  • I can see why every other team has a go at us.. People believe every rumour they see, talk ourselves up then when things go wrong, we demand that change is needed..

    For the FO, this is a lose- lose situation.. If they go after the star free agents and miss out, they get blamed, if they don’t go after the star free agents, they get blamed..

  • Lakers should sign Tobias Harris and robin Lopez
    PG: Russell / Clarkson/ Price
    SG: Kobe/ Young / J Brown
    SF: Harris/ A Brown/ Kelly
    PF: Randle / Black / Nance jr
    C: Lopez/ Upshaw/ sacre

    1. I like that squad. Never really watched Lopez, so he’s the only person I wouldn’t sign. I would like to bring back Davis and Johnson because I believe they would have something nice to offer

  • Can we at least sign Tobias Harris and Monroe each at 13 million or less..we gotta build a team first then get the stars later. With the salary cap going up and kobe contract off the books next year, if we add those two we should have a solid base. And plenty of cap.

    1. Lopez will be cheaper and fits our needs more for rim defense.. 0.6 blocks average per game for Monroe is very low.. I wouldn’t be upset with getting him though at this point

      1. You’re right maybe Lopez and Harris would be a better fit. And cheaper. Whatever happens I just hope we get someone…other than last year’s team..

  • Wow! It’s like the old guy at a young club nobody wants to date. Doesn’t look good at all. Either way we’ll be seeing small ball basketball. Keep hope alive! Have faith.

  • Russel / clarkson
    Kobe / vujacic / Shannon
    Odom / Young / Brown
    Randle / Lance / Powell
    Bynum / Sacre / Turiaf

    bring the squadddd back

      1. wouldnt mind tmac i always wanted him on the lakers…….when he was on the hawks he still had a lil game left in him

  • We should sign R. Lopez and get Harris from Magic. Then sign either Hill or Davis as back up to Randle. Since free agency is not going the Lakers way due to different reasons they should act quickly and focus on their needs.

    C – Lopez
    PF – Randle
    SF – Harris
    SG – Kobe
    PG – Russel

    Black, Sacre & Upshaw
    Kelly, Davis or Hill
    A. Brown, Nance jr.
    Clarkson, J. Brown

  • So if no one’s coming then here we go:


    We could keep Kobe at the 2 and move Brown to start the 3 and let Clarkson be the 6th man. I’d enjoy watching this team grow together. This is assuming that Upshaw can rise to the promise he once had and stay clean.

      1. Next year free agency. If you can’t get the top free agents, then wait til next year while letting the young players play and develop. There is no reason to take on bad contracts. Bad contracts is the way to stay mediocre (see the Nets).

        1. Fair point, but I would argue contracts that look bad now won’t necessarily look bad in a year or two when the cap shoots through the roof. We ought to spend our cap space while we are unique in having it, especially if it means bringing in young talent like Harris or Monroe that can grow with our young core.

  • Weird that we underwhelmed, but DJ was never a realistic option and Spurs always had the edge on LA. Time to go all ****ing in on Monroe. It’s a sweepstakes for him at this point. Monroe and Afflalo if at all possible, but Afflalo probably wants too much.

    1. I agree fire mitch and jim buss are coach would have been phil jackson if not for there hatred of phil

      1. That falls mostly on Jim Bitch and his fucking ego. His ass is the one that needs to be fired. If Jeannie can’t pull the fucking trigger then the Busses should sell the team because they are looking like nothing but stupid dumbshits right now.

  • If we dont get dj or monroe…time to resign hill and davis. Hopefully they will be available

  • It’s never that simple, the truth is always somewhere in the middle. It means it’s both the FO and to some lesser extent Kobes contract,presense, or influence or whatever you name it that doomed the free agency period but the blame should always start at the top first.

  • To be realistic, this is expected from the lakers in this year free agency with 4+ unproven rookies. If Randle, Russell, Brown and Nance turned out to be what the Lakers FO thought they could be, then the top FAs will come. If they turn out to be busts, then expect the lakers to be sold.

  • Hopefully they make a trade, we all know signing free agents isn’t our strong point and trading is.

    1. We got no one to trade, only the young bucks, and I doubt Lakers will give them up. I think it’s time we truly embrace the youth movement, I can’t believe I just said this, but it’s reality, the time when all the FAs wants to play for the Lakers are over, it’s time to develop our own guys and embrace for a 5 year project.

    2. We have no assets worth a trade. Hell, we barely have control of our draft picks for the next few years.

  • agree. He not only wrecked the Lakers, he wrecked basketball (in his last years). The plan to crown LBJ the perpetual king has failed. Unf., the plan to screw the Lakers succeeded.

  • I was not expecting LA would sign anyway, but this debacle may haunted us in a big way. FO totally ruined their reputation. Now the only way to salvage the situation is to sign Greg Monroe if (going to need a miracle) or trade couple young guys for BOOGIE.

      1. I understands your frustration, but how many games we can win with Randle, JC, Russell, an aged Kobe plus other mediocre players and our coach Scott? If we fail the free agency and unable to make a trade now, we’re probably heading into the lottery again next season (unless Randle and Russel can carry the team immediately) and by that time we can forget about top free agents in 2016 because our FO sucks. I like our young talents but looks like they need couple years to develop. In order to change the status quo, we need to attract players like KD in 2016 and we may have a better chance to do that with Boogie. I’m willing to compromise.

        1. and if a hothead like boogie has NO ONE to play with, how do you think he’s going to react? he’d be butting heads with byron like is with karl right now. it’s a dumb idea. step your game up.

          1. I’m thinking about a 3-team trade (Kings, Lakers, and Nuggets). Right now it’s unrealistic, but we’ll see the development. Their FO is in a huge mess. Maybe we’ll have a better chance during middle of the season.

            As of now, i’d love to see Lakers sign Tobias Harris and then one Center or PF.

      1. If he’s looking only for $ then no. I heard he didn’t like the Knicks because their FO is worse than ours.

    1. Monroe yes, and Robin Lopez and Tobias Harris, at least sign 2, let’s call it a day, do it Mitch!!

  • sources close to DJ said the interview was very professional.. I’m sic and tired of the media bashing us .. Thanks DJ source, for clearing that shit up even if hes not coming over here.. Lakers are the most hated its nothing new.. LAKERS will come out on top of this give it time

    1. It’s still incompetence given the Front Office’s recent track record. Their sales pitch is all about Hollywood. So that works on Nick Young, but not on real ball players.

      1. “We don’t have a winning roster but we can hook you up with Kim Kardashian’s sister”

  • You can’t play faster with Kobe he can’t keep up with uptempo game anymore, he needs an interior post player to spell relief if he is going to have success with his own offensive game.

    1. Well you insert JC and play fast without him. Slowing down the game doesn’t make sense when you have player who can run.

    1. No way to Monroe. Doesn’t play defense and won’t mesh well with Randle. Would be okay if he were An all star level player but he’s not. Better to spend less and get Koufus/Lopez and spend the larger amount on Harris. Orlando won’t match what the Lakers can offer

  • Fuck if we cant get monroe maybe try and get tristan thompson? Cavs are spending all kinds of money. He would be a perfect small ball center

  • The Knicks are meeting with Robin Lopez. Celtics are already courting Tobias Harris. What is Mitch doing? “In Mitch we trust”? more like “In Mitch we rot”. Lets hope the rookies have great years if we come up empty again

  • Also, I’m sick as shit of hearing ignorant haters lie about Kobe taking max money. He sacrificed over 20 fucking million dollars with the 2 year extension. Get your facts straight.

  • its funny how we are already marking dj off the list off of this one tweet from brad turner whoever that is

  • Lakers/Jordan meeting may have been hurt by its late start. Both sides seemed tired after a long day, per sources briefed on the meeting.

  • No thanks I’m loyal to my Lakers. Plus even if I were to stop, why would I go after a historically sad franchise that will have fools’ gold dreams that end every year because of choking?

  • At this point no need to be mad at anyone or hurt just take the frustration out on the court. I would give Ed Davis who is a defensive minded player and a great shot blocker big money and get Wesley or Tobias sign a couple of solid role players and say forget it. Cause to be honest i would just steal the Pistons 2004 blueprint what almost every team is doing now days and just play small ball. I would sit the team down and study the Warriors and Atlanta hawks style of play and just go extremely hard this season and play all around team yes team basketball let Kobe rest and Clarkson fill in.

    PG- D’Angelo Russell / Jordan Farmar /
    SG- Wesley Matthews / Jordan Clarkson /Marco Belinelli
    SF – Kobe Bryant / Nick Young / Jabari Brown / Anthony Brown /Nance
    PF- Julius Randle/ Tarick Black /
    C – Ed Davis / Robert Sacre

  • By the end of next season, we’ll know if the Lakers are back or not. If Randle, Russell, Brown and Nance play well along with the other young guys, then expect the top FAs to even take paycuts to come to the Lakers. Right now they are all unproven.

  • @ChrisMannixSI: Source close to DeAndre Jordan calls Lakers presentation “very professional.” Disputes any DJ issue with it. Jordan mulling several options.

  • We can still get Westbrook if we offer him the max. DR1 can play the 2 and Clarkson can be the 6th man off the bench. If we don’t give anybody the max this year we will be more flexible on signing someone Westbrook wants to play with. And we can use that to sell him on this team.

  • fuck this shit get the summer league started i just wanna watch some ball tired of all this free agency talk

  • FO should bite back. Start doing interviews that suggest that nobody out is Laker material. Players today don’t want to be building blocks that want buildings already built so they can come in and take the glory right away. That’s how I see it.

    1. Yeah, all these guys to want to be the “missing piece” for a contender. But the FO really shouldn’t do anything to make their reputation worse right now..

  • you really believed that LMA will be the one to bring home the crown after Kobe’s era? He is not a championship guy anyway. Overrated.

  • This is embarasing if all these accusations are true. Really thought we had a chance at both big men but now not anymore. Maybe we can get Monroe and Harris if we find someone to take Young offer around 14-15 mil a year but it might just Sacre or Upshaw at C hopefully we can at leat get Davis 🙁

  • I think going in the Lakers had two plans (after acquiring D’Angelo Russell):
    Plan 1: get Lamarcus Alridge, and build a team that can compete from there
    Plan 2: if they cannot get Aldrige, then build an average team and save a lot of money.
    Now that Plan 2 is in effect, they are now going through the motions to make the fans believe that they were really trying to land a big name. They are just waiting for the Black Mamba to retire and free tons of money plus the new tv rights money.

    1. it’s going to backfire on them, trust me, nobody will come to the Lakers even next season when Lakers have tons of cap space, because the team lacks talent.

      1. We’ll go see Kobe play for the last time and D’Angelo and Julius Randle play together.
        The place will rock every game.

  • Agree except the embarrassing part, I’ll always be proud to be a Lakers fan. But the FO can’t pull out all the stops and try so hard and making a splash for some players (like ‘Melo) and then turn around and do so little for others (like reportedly DJ today).

    Don’t blame the Buss kids, they are handpicked heirs and Dr. Buss isn’t here anymore, we only lost the best owner in sports history and no owner could ever replace him. Does Mitch get a free pass?

    Look, everyone makes mistakes but the stakes were very high this off-season. There’s a window that’s almost shut with Kobe’s career, and while I say any player that doesn’t want to play here or can’t handle the pressure shouldn’t be here – yet all players do want to feel wanted.

    Either make a splash for all or don’t do it for any. We’re not talking Miles Plumlee here, DJ or Greg Monroe are going to be heavily pursued and make buckets full of money in other places, at least make them feel like they’re wanted if the team is going to pursue them, don’t do so much for one and not much for the rest – the word gets around.

    We also don’t know the facts yet but if the Lakers are truly resigned to celebrating this as Kobe’s last year, at least with the club as Jeanie has hinted, then how prominent should he feature in trying to sell the club to players? Again, failed strategy and a GM that has been around for well over a decade, and has learned at the feet of all-timer like Jerry West should have probably better planned all of this out than it went off. The Lakers may still land a marquee free agent or two, but if anything this needs to be a bigtime learning experience for next year, which will likely be even bigger than this one – and one the Lakers future hinges on.

    1. No one gets a free pass.Jeanie,Jimmy and Mitch have done a horrific job.If you want to know what they should have done,take a look at the professional presentation that the Rockets made to LMA.Heavy on analytics and basketball matters.No Hollywood social media bull.The Lakers approach was high schoolish.They are completely out of their element.I don’t even know what to say about Mitch.He needs to man up and stop being a yes man.Can he love his paycheck that much?Has he lost all his pride?He’s gotta know better.Stop making excuses for them.There are none.

    1. Jeanie could’ve cleaned house a while ago, but let this continue. Do you really think she’s going to do it now? She doesn’t have it in her to fire her own brother.

      1. That’s why, weak ownerships gets you nowhere, the Buss kids are nowhere near their father in terms of running the franchise. It’s wise just sell the team to Magic and his group, they know what they’re doing.

  • Our greatest nightmare about Jim Buss has come true. Forget Kobe, he’s only going to be there one more year. No one wants to play for our franchise because we’re a shell of who we once were. Don’t embrace analytics? You sound like the people who thought the Internet would be a passing fad. Hire Byron Scott as a coach because he’s an ex-Laker? Feels like an old woman who looks at her hair as her crowning glory, even though it should have been cut years ago. It ain’t the players on the court, it’s the Busses. No one wants to play for them, and until we fix that problem, we’re going to enter a dark period in Lakers history. Looks like another year of heavy drinking for me, every time I see Robert Sacre in a Lakers uniform. Reminds me of the Pig Miller years. SMH.

    1. I guess Mitch gets the free pass in your world, huh? You sound just like Stephen A.

      BTW analytics have always been around, they used to be known as ‘stats’…

      1. Mitch does get partial blame, because he also makes decisions, but at the end of the day, who’s running the show? it’s Jimbo Buss. Heck even Jeanie Buss have complete trust in her brother, this is what it comes down to, it’s dysfunctional all across the board in lakerland.

        1. Well it was Dr. Buss himself that made the call to assign these positions to his kids.

          The problem is that views and thoughts become reality when they’re repeated in the media as often as they are. Jim Buss has been made to look like a clown by Phil’s ghost writers going back all the way to most of ESPN and others doing that currently. He looks like a buffoon and has become a way for outsiders to knock the Lakers organization and weaken it. So what if the guy keeps a friend on the payroll, Dr. Buss kept 3 playboy bunnies on his arms at all times!

          But it’s now a given that ol’ Jimmy Buss is an incompetent, so much so that players now take it as fact. Most fans too – but then there’s real clowns like Dan Gilbert that every players seems to by dying to go play for in that sh!thole Cleveland.

          1. Jimmy Buss has made himself look like a clown.He’s earned it.The perception is reality.

          2. Dr. Buss could keep 45 Playboy bunnies on the payroll, head off to Italy each year for a vacation, and do whatever else he wanted…because he’d earned the right. He made great decisions, even when we were worried about them. Magic angry at Westhead, Westhead gone. Byron over Norm, Norm traded. Shaq or Kobe, he came out two to one in championships on that. What has Jimmy earned? Mitch can only work with the ingredients he’s given, but Buss keeps spitting in the food.

  • Lakers need talent, they have to get at least one quality FA. Monroe or Harris at this point and either Koufos or resign Ed Davis or Hill. Let the young core develop and we will have a lot of cap space in the future. In a couple of years we should be back competing in the playoffs!!

          1. After Magic it wasn’t until Kobe came to the Lakers and we started being competitive again

  • Just watched a Nance Jr. interview on Time Warner. I’m getting more impressed with him. Talked about how his dad taught him that your shot will come and go, but there’s no excuse for not playing with energy or playing defense.

    1. I think Nance will be a quality back up for us. He’s a great athlete & loves defense. & he’s NBA ready given he spent 4 years in college & grew up around the NBA due to his dad

  • I kept thinking they should go a Carroll + Chandler multiple signing route…. Carroll for $15mil/yr which he went ahead and signed for exactly that amount in Tor and the rest to Chandler…though he signed for a little more….. Lakers would have had to move Young possibly to make the $$ work more favorable…. but still— now they’re off the board and Lakers are just grasping at straws…. should have went to DeAndre and said- lead the team as a veteran and we’re all in to get Durant when he’s FA… I would think that’s the plan….? bah…. I think they’re getting better at drafting but worse at FA signings lol- well, they’re going to be in the draft a bit more so i guess that’s good…

  • Hey DJ I find your free throw shooting underwhelming. Aldridge you don’t like our BB analytics? I don’t like your swollen up red nose. Tired of these free agents pretending like they can big time The lakers. Go to your sorry ass new teams, in 4 years when dlo is the best young guard in the league and Randle is an all star you can suck on our 17th championship. GTFO losers.

    1. Sallllttttyyyy as fuck LOL. Blame the incompetence of the Lakers FO. No sane superstar waste their years for a rebuilding team.

      Lakers FO=NO PLAN

  • My laker nation have faith I mean it can’t get worse …we have all our players healthy good rookies that want to prove all hatters wrong that’s a good way to see picture….tobbias Harris wes matthews .david lee.wade.would be good pick up and still available

    1. “It can’t get worse” Lol. I’ve told myself that after the past 3 seasons, and yet…

      1. Can’t blame you trust it hurts me too…lol we will sign fa just wait all I can say we will be better than last year

  • Are there any solid centers that retired one or two years ago that may come out of retirement to make more money when the salaries explode next year?
    Thinking out of the box here….Maybe we can get someone like this.

  • For those who want to blame Kobe again, I don’t think he was even at the meeting. I’m also sure DJ is a guy who has respect for Kob too

  • We will win through the draft that’s how you win look at all the great one’s we got and plus Upshaw. Forget these over priced F/A players they all have something wrong with them . I say lock up Upshaw and thats it.

    1. Problem is next year we have to have the first overall pick to keep the first rounder. We’re not bad enough to be in a position to contend for the first overall pick. Plus I’m not sure if we even have a 2nd rounder.

        1. Never mind that’s the year after. Still unless we tank (which is not an option) we’re not going to be in the Top 3 lottery. Plus if we make the playoffs we screw over the 76ers of hoping to have an extra lottery pick.

  • so focused on FA’s he probably won’t get that he doesn’t go after the ones he should and now so many are signed!!

  • Source close to DeAndre Jordan calls Lakers presentation “very professional.” from Chris Mannix of SI

  • WTF kind is sales team and pitch people do we have?!? I bet you could take one of those fools selling roses and fruit by the 405 freeway ramps and they’d do a much better job selling the Lakers to Free Agents.

    1. You got any?Is Jimmy Buss getting fired?Is Mitch resigning?Are the idiot Buss kids selling the team to an adult?Any of those would do just fine.

    2. no positives at all, even Wesley Johnson didn’t make the cut for the Clippers, so guess who is likely back?

  • I agree don’t hand out a contract to mediocre player and be stuck with his contract for a few years. But another season of a Frankenstein roster on one year contracts…..damn. Might as well see if these guys are available.
    -Willie Mays Hays
    – Rick Vaughn
    – Jake Tyalor

    1. at this point, mediocre players will do, Lakers don’t have a choice, if they want to be competitive, they have to bring in those guys. Can’t have a team full of rookies and non guaranteed deals, looks really bad to FAs.

  • We should have quietly gone after Tyson Chandler and Tobias Harris to fill the obvious holes in the line-up.

    In Chandler and Harris, we’d have had an instant starting 5.


    Could have afforded this comfortably and fought for the 8th seed.

    To those who think Kobe can play the 3, please get your head examined. He is too old to defend against athletic wings. We need to prioritize signing a good SF. Carroll and Batum are both gone too!

    1. Why would they buy this load of crap the Buss kids are selling any more than LMA did?

      1. We could have easily got Tyson Chandler. And Tobias just wants to get paid. Magic will let him go. It’s dangerous to go after big names. Now, we’re kinda screwed.

        1. Nothing is easy since Dr. Buss passed away and left his team to his idiot children.NOTHING!

          1. lol chill out buddy. we just went in with a bad strategy. we went after DeAndre, Aldridge, Love, Monroe all at the same time. Should have smartly targeted lesser names and built a team. We didn’t have a sound plan. Look at Mavs, they are gonna end up with DeAndre and Wesley. We screwed up.

            Still not too late. Can still get Monroe and Harris.

          2. Do you see this approach changing any time soon?Bad strategy is the FOs MO.They don’t do sound plans.They do social media.

          3. you are right. social media sucks donkeyballs as a means to recruit. look at how spurs operate. old school.

          4. Spurs has already taken over Lakers as the most successful NBA franchise in the league. They are on another level compare to the Lakers.

          5. I hear that.It’s called professionalism.Dr. Buss had it.Too bad it skipped a generation.

    2. Lakers could have gotten Aminu at SF, Look at how he grabbed the first offer that came his way.

      1. ya man.. we should have at least gone after Carroll! I’d even take Chandler and Carroll. Both those guys are gone. Poor planning.

  • Basketball is a business… Lakers being the best company/brand… Hmmm Deandre take the promotion!

  • At this point, I don’t care if we can get anyone. All I hope for is the Cavs not winning a championship, Clippers lose DJ and start their decline, Spurs with or without Aldridge decline, and that our young guys show promise and do big things. I think the Lakers could actually play well without the big names this season, they might be better than people think. Not saying a championship, but from what I heard about Randle’s improvement, seeing Clarkson’s continuing work in the off season, possibly bringing in Upshaw, Black was solid last year, Young will also be better next season assuming our scoring options can all force defenses to respect them, and I think the Russell drafting will be better than people think. I know Jah’s post game was great, but he can’t hit free throws or play D, maybe the Lakers were on to something. I know the untrue comments the media made of Kobe has have you fans turning on him, but I think next season we see him a bit more fresher and more passive to these young guys. At this point, I hope we bring back Johnson and Davis because I think both will have better years being given a bigger role. I do think we will strikeout this year in free agency, but I think with all the negativity and undervalue the Lakers will be given going into the off season will only help the Lakers roster because I think they will just come out looking to compete no matter the outcome, win or lose. Lakers fans remember we’re never down for too long, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. I for some reason have a good feeling for this squad

  • Problem is, we are at least 2-3 years away from our young guys coming into their own and being competitive. No veteran win now superstar will want that.

    1. So let the young guys develop by playing them more. If they gel together, then the good veterans will come.

  • DJ does not plan on leaving Clippers so why is that because Lakers can no sign someone, the meeting was underwhelming. There are still some decent name out there and Lakers don’t need to be forced to make a move this year. They are bring over 4 new players in already to a team that played most of the year without Kobe or Nick Young

    1. 4 rookies I might add, and a bunch of non guaranteed deals plus 1 Kobe, a recipe for disaster if you ask me. To be honest I really want to be optimistic like you, but after going through 2 really shitty years, enough is enough, I can’t go through another season of crap basketball.

  • Shit is a joke – If we dont get Tobias Harris this offseason was a failure. We should sign Enes Kanter as well. Maybe Chris Copeland on the cheap.

  • At this point I’d just be happy if the Lakers could get their own draft pick back from the 76ers. Cause it looks like they will need it.

  • lakers suck. plain and simple. hopefully they turn “out of nowhere players” into “Holy shit players”

    5. Jeremy Evans?
    6. Asik?

      1. lol. by now does it really matter? they resigned anjica and asik and an extension to davis??? damn those pels have money to blow. that anjica contract was too funny 😀

    1. The Grizzlies signed Brandan Wright, so he will likely be their first big off the bench for them, so Koufos is there for the taking, he wants a starting role and will be less than 7-8 million. The guy averages 10r-1-12 when he plays over 30 minutes and is only 26. I will be really pissed off if the Lakers don’t even make a call.

      1. I know exactly what the Lakers will do, they will throw in the towel again this year, hoping for a better summer next year.

      2. i like him. hes a good solid rim protector. hes underratedto me. if they could get greg monroe and koufous in free agency it wont be as painful but still pretty painful. 😀 monroe and koufous could do some damage

    2. who is jeremy evans? LOL, I’d have to google that one. he sounds white. you are right tho – looks like nobody is coming to play with Bryant 🙂 Thinking people will start to appreciate my name now #LakersTank2016 to get that top 3 pick next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. hes some skinny dude with crazy hops. pretty much all the tools in the building like wesley johnson but never really live up to the hype.

  • i wouldn’t mind a greg monroe ,robert upshaw Duo and Randle, Ed Davis Duo at all. those guys could do some damage. but monroe is our only hope. at least he gives us low post presence to command double teams. its too bad hes not a great defender or else he would be an even bigger beast than what he is

          1. If they can’t sign anyone tomorrow then it’s pretty much playing for an 8+ seed next season.

  • I don’t care about these dumb fock free agents anymore. I hope the Lakers
    let the kids grow together. I am hoping Upshaw will do well. I watched an
    interview with him on youtube and he seems humble.

    For the future without Kobe

    C – Upshaw
    PF – Julius Randle
    SF – Anthony Brown/Lance Jr.
    SG – Clarkson
    PG – Russell

    Build through the draft or try again with 2016
    FA class and when they start winning championships again and Love is hating it
    in Cleveland, Chandler’s contract runs out with phoenix and he is old w/o a
    ring, LMA whereever he lands doesn’t have a ring yet and he is old too, they’ll
    come begging the Lakers to sign them to a veteran minimum contract. The Lakers
    FO should say, “F U, u should have signed with us 4 years ago dumbass!”

  • Attainable F/As la should consider : Monroe, R. lopez, Biyombo, Koufus, Seraphin, Ed Davis, Harris, Josh smith, Beasley, Derrick Williams, Brewer, Alan Andersen, gerald green. there’s more but what’s the point Lakers F/O is shooting w/ blanks…..

  • I truly hope Upshaw will do well. I was watching him on an interview on you tube and he seems humble. He realizes his mistakes and wants to move on.

  • I think you missed his point. Kobes time has passed and instead of passing the torch he wants to hold the reigns. He isn’t the same player and his selfishness is holding back the lakers from advancing in a positive direction.

    1. Do you read or just make ASSumptions.

      Kobe had nothing to do with the FO failures.

      Go back and read the entire LA times article on the reason why Aldridge declined.

      1. I don’t know if you even know how to read or comprehend a sentence but nothing I said had to do with Kobe and the FO or Kobe and the LA situation….

        1. “…but nothing I said had to do with Kobe and the FO or Kobe and the LA situation….”

          So how do you explain this: “Kobes time has passed and instead of passing the torch he wants to hold
          the reigns. He isn’t the same player and his selfishness is holding
          back the lakers from advancing in a positive direction.”

          That sounds like a lot to do with Bryant and the FO.

  • Monroe & Harris are the only top FA’s left ( by name only ). But there are still others like, Lopez, G. Green, Javale. They should start focusing on them. Lakers looked foolish because they want to meet everyone, if you’re a free agent you wouldn’t take them seriously that you’re the one thay they really really want because they are also in talks with other players that plays your position.

  • Look how desparatte the Lakas is. Flyin allthe way to DC to meet wit Monroe and den all da way back to eat dinna wit DeAndre. In da old days, Monroe wood have fly to LA and DeAndre wood have even met Cupshack at Mack Donos if they axe him to. Despparratshion aint a good negosheashon tacktic.

  • Aldridge is good but he turns 30 this July so most likely only a few good years left anyways if that. The Lakers need to focus on the future and signing a SF which in this case is Tobias Harris he’s young tall athletic and a 2 way player. If we can get DJ too that’ll be great but he’s not a max player limited offensive game and horrible FT’s.

    1. Almost everybody is pleading the Lakers to sign Tobias Harris, and here we are Lakers FO meeting with pipe dreams.

  • The Lakers are going to be fine. What people don’t seem to understand is that it is hard to sell a 30 year old vet on a bright future, while having to suffer in the present. We can still get a combo of Lopez/Harris or something along those lines. I really hope we bring back Ed Davis on a long term deal. Get some shooters and we can surprise some people. Its only day one people… RELAX.

    1. What you don’t understand is how hard it is to sell any FA on the competence of the Lakers FO.No one is buying into that.

          1. buss only sign checks. and he happy two do so so he aint da problum. cupshack no what he doing too axeing the right people ta join. just day wont.

      1. We don’t have any tangible results in the present to sell the veteran free agents. They don’t have the time to wait for our guys to develop, so this season will be important in showing the 2016 free agents that the kids can ball in prime time. If Russell, Randle and Clarkson ball out, it’ll show them that we have a solid base of talent.

        1. It’s not the players that we have that are scaring away FAs.It the idiots running this team.We need some talent in the FO.

          1. Been saying that since 2013, best for Jim to appoint himself president/Advisor of basketball operations and move Mitch to VP and focus on the future with a new visionary. .

    2. in day 1 we already seen pretty much all the big names and 2nd tier guys gone already, at least agree in principle with other teams, Lakers are already in panic mode, they can’t afford to wait any longer.

      1. The one thing they can’t do is panic and overpay someone. That’s just not good business. I’d love if they brought in a guy like Harris and possibly lock up some rotation pieces to long term deals. Guys like Ed Davis or Kosta Koufos.

  • Source: Lakers are strongly considering bringing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar out of retirement. Contract structure already in place. Just need to run multiple physicals before it finalizes.

  • Da only hope and serrrios it aint a bad opshon is to call Andrew Bynum and axe him if he want to meetup.

      1. acktually bynum wuz doing fine until kome f wit his mind. kant do dat to a yunger playa. gotta be a mentorr not a over kritikal bullee.

  • The amount of money being thrown around is ridiculous, expanding cap or not. A max-deal for LMA would have been overpaying! He was not a perfect fit next to Randle anyways, that’s basically 2 PF’s. DJ would be a better fit as long as he comes for less than some of these insane numbers. Tobias Harris? Let the Celtics or Knicks or someone else overpay for that guy!

    The only thing is that the Lakers won’t -likely- be getting a lottery pick again next season, and if Kevin Durant wants to go back home to Washington DC there are no other elite free agents to target. So the Lakers will be in a tough spot. Even if one looks at this as a year to let the rooks and 2nd year players start gelling, the Lakers are still a piece or two away from contention again. Kobe’s salary going off the books doesn’t mean much when it’s Noah, Eric Gordon or Joe Johnson as the guys out there to spend it on.

    So, this was an important offseason and it’s increasingly looking like the Lakers might be left without a seat in a game of musical chairs. Not so bad when teams are way overpaying, but what good is having cap space when there’s no body out there left worth spending on?

  • I’ve been saying this all this time, byron is outdated, mitch is outdated, the lakers pitch is outdated.

  • just throw the damn max at tobias or monroe and stop with these lame ass attempts at superstars.

    1. You throw in the max at superstars, not good players! What would be the next step then? Give Davis a 40M deal? SMFH

      1. not when the cap is gonna go up 45 mil next year, 20 mil the year after. you have to take advantage

      2. have you seen what the market is like today?? benjamins flying all over, even dudes like Aminu got a sizable contract. Players dictates the market, you don’t throw max at players, others will.

    2. Agreed his max is only 15 million we have enough to sign a decent center like Lopez or Koufos

  • wut deandre say is he wuz not impress. expeckted more in da pichh. cupshack could just email the ppt slides to deandre and same result.

  • Let’s recap: the FO decided to pass on a skilled frontcourt player on draft night only to be unable to pursue any of the top-tier players available on the market despite the max contract we could offer them…

    Time to sign those players who will be our future quality roleplayers (Lopez, Koufos, Brewer and so on). Worst move: signing unproven players like Monroe and Harris to max contracts just for the sake of not coming empty-handed! Those guys are just cap space eaters and bring nothing special to a team.

    1. They won’t make more than 15 million a year that’s nothing especially when the cap goes up and Kobe contract is off the books we need talent to be competitive enough to attract more free agents they can make us competitive not saying a playoff team but on the fringe

          1. Really? GSW: Bogut. Houston: Howard. Flippers: Jordan. Memphis: Gasol. Shall I go on?

          2. the warriors won the title with boget on the bench. howard missed most of the season. marc is not a shot blocker.

            the spurs are trying to have la and duncan as thir biigs neither of those are rim protectors

          3. Bogut did not play the second part of the Finals but started all season andd previous playoff series.

            Duncan is a mosnter in defense and does block shots or intimidate guards from drving to the basket!

        1. One Koufos has been a back up all of his career plus Monroe has proven to be a good player not a great one but a 16 and 10 guy Koufos is a better rim protector but isn’t as skilled offensively I honestly would sign Harris to the max at 15 million and sign Koufos to a 5-7 million a year that’s would be the Lakers best option

    2. I would put Lopez, Koufos, and Brewer in the same class as Monroe and Harris, they are all major upgrades for us.

      1. I really like Lopez and Koufos because they have this team-first mentality we need our future reserves to have.

  • On the down low we got to get Javaleee McG on da fone. we can hook em up u feel me on dos lobs. Russell and him lobs all dey. u feel me

  • Just throw the max at Tobias harris.. He is young, so if he improves (as he has done every season) it will look like a bargain with the new salary cap.

    Go after Robin lopez, who defends, rebounds and knows his role, then resign davis. Then just be done with it..

    1. You don’t throw the max at someone hoping the player is gonna good! Nonsense! Would be the ultimate mistake after failing to bring the pieces we needed!

        1. Over. Rated. He’s Big Baby Davis good, if that’s what you consider good. Let the Knicks or Celtics or any other overreaching team throw max money his way.

          1. Monroe is but I don’t see him signing here I like the Harris and Koufos who is a legit rim protector that would be my first choice

          2. He played Small forward most of the time he would start at small forward and Randle would start at power forward or if we sign Davis he be our starter at power forward and Koufos at center

          3. We would have a great defensive front court but the spacing would be a problem but I can see it happening especially early on because BS likes having the rookies come off the bench

          4. i would rather us throw a max at monroe and harris i believe they might want to be here. and i think we could sell them on playing together

          5. Good luck with that like ur choice actually have any meaning on what d team will decide

          6. If they’re going to go that way I’d rather they spend it on Greg Monroe, he’s a better fit next to Randle and can provide the type of defensive center play to build around while putting up consistent double-doubles.

  • You’re an annoying miserable little punk.

    Trolling and spamming is not allowed.


      1. if this is coming from Lebron-jocking, eating-contest-winning, Brian Windhorst, well then you can just GIIIIIIT OUT!

  • Y Paul Pierce gotta do us like dat? he gon 2 clips?? are u cerious? He gon turn us down like dat? he n kobe could of balled out u know? like day could of retired 2gather. it wud been a spesial moment

      1. yah but he count finish a season like kobe. he 2 ingery prone. we need more dan dat. but id welcum him 2 da team. he a baller

        1. Ughhh that’s easy because doc rivers is the coach maybe don’t you think???????? Why would you want old ass pierce …we want to improve the laker talent not make it worse…..

  • No you’re not a Kobe fan your a sad individual with a worthless life that drives you to hate on a person so talented as Kobe is.

    Miserable punk. FLAGGED.

  • Hey Lakers should add Cliff Alexander to play at Salt Lake and Vegas summer league (although he’s signed up with Nets for the Orlando SL).

          1. the season he averaged 9 points and 5 rebounds?????

            ya thats great,

            they had iggy thats the only reason

          2. so iggy was the reason the were so good on defense? lol ok kid. u know its ok to just admit sometimees ;D

          3. yes there is a reason they were the third seed with iggy and miss the playoffs the next season with out him

          4. he was actually thier starting center for thir whole season but whatev im not gonna get into this with some ignorant kid who never hears the word no in his life

          5. he was their starting center but he was a bench player 9-5 as your starting center is shit

    1. kanter? nahh now way. every onee else could possibly turn into a gem. i like monroe and koufous duo would be nice

      1. I would prefer koufos over Monroe on defense but Monroe is more talented.
        Is koufos a better rim protector than Ed Davis ?

    2. yeah i like dat. they ball good to me. If we can get Javaleee McG he be Shaqtin a fool MVP. BUT he and Russell got lobs all dey u feel me

    3. I like Monroe or Kanter. Go young and develop slowly. Lakers tryna come back fast but it doesn’t seem possible since no veteran all star is gonna want to play with rookies to win a ring. We gotta give the young players we have a chance to develop and show what they got for our organization to be attractive again. plus Monroe and Kanter both need to develop so they probably only gonna get better.

      Monroe or Kanter + Tobias Harris. We can trade later if we need to.

      1. I think kanter would be a great choice at this point in time, but didn’t he already sign with the thunder again?

          1. no he’s not but okc really want to keep him. He wants a lot it seems but shoot, we’re running out of options.

  • Man, I can’t wait for Hassan Whitside to become a free agent maybe we can get him. At this point I would take him regardless of his attitude.

  • With the All Star difference makers off the board, maybe it’s just better to stick with younger pieces and develop the team together with the young pieces we already have. Monroe is 25. Harris is 22. Both have deficiencies as players, but both are young pieces with NBA experience. Add them to the mix (either/or) and develop the team together. This whole thing is coming together in a similar fashion that the Eddie Jones, Nick Van Exel, Cedric Ceballos Lakers did. Those were not bad years. The Lakers were a playoff team and it was from those assets growing together that led to great things later. This may be the best way to go now. Go all in on Monroe and/or Harris and add to a good young core.

    1. Koufos and Harris, only because Harris is 22 and we need a wingman as much as a C. At least Koufos will keep playing hard even when he will be asked to come off the bench when we finally land a top-tier frontcourt player!

      1. Koufos is also only 26. Probably an easier “get” in terms of Harris AND a center then Monroe and Harris

      1. monroe is the best option left. he may not be a great defender. but hes an amazing offensive player and good rebounder. 15 and10 is good. if you pair him up with a defensive center hes reallyy good compliment

      1. Sign Harris and Koufos….let Upshaw develop behind Kosta. If Upshaw is the real deal, he’ll be starting by the end of the year with Kosta backing him up. Not a bad way to go

  • Haha u guys 2 funny. Koufus over McGee? McG be on tv a lot. he sumtin spesial. hilights all dey. Koufus got no tv time over McG haha u mek me loaf

        1. And we’ll go on being the laughing stock of the nba. Great for the once most glamorous franchise in the league!

  • i think koufous would be the cheapest one to get for bigs. and i think hes the one with the most upside so those 2 things go good together.

  • Inform yourself, ignorance is no excuse.

    Kobe had nothing to do with us losing Aldridge you idiot.

  • You have to have a plan to win the chip. And you have to sell that plan to the guy you want. And you have to make him believe he will be a key part of all that winning. Mitch” uh we’re the uh, Lakers,uh see them banners, uh yeah we’re the Lakers ,uh.”

    1. Totally agree. Are top free agents rushing to the Celtics because of their banners? Certainly not. They are out of touch with the modern NBA player. Most current NBA players are not star-struck by the Lakers organization. Maybe rookies who haven’t seen it all before, but rookies aren’t free agents, they have to go to whoever drafts them. The Lakers FO is basically using the same recruiting strategy of a college football coach recruiting kids out of high school, except NBA free agents have been around the league enough to not be in awe by anything anymore. The best ones just want to win, and aren’t in it for the branding, etc.

  • It’s desperation time for the Lakers again. WTF!! Someone needs to stop telling these players we can offer you money, but we can’t promise you a RING!!!

    1. The Lakers gave it a shot with the big name players. Now they really should focus on younger players to put together with our young core. Harris/Monroe

  • Thank You, so much!

    They need to learn how to build a team

    Step 1= Get talented mid-level role players (lakers never do that, always being delusional chasing star free agents)

    Step 2= Show some success on court with a team that has players that knows their roles and uses their strengths for the betterment of the team.

    (Lakers have failed to do a good job of wining recently, for the free agents to see)

    Step 3= Mange money to sign star free agents
    (They get a B+, our cap is being cleared out and I think they could have done better in giving Kobe a lower contract, so we can have more space)

    Step 4= Sign star free agents
    Convince star players that they are the final peace to take the team to the NBA finals along with the other talented players we have. Using basketball statistics and analytic

    They skip step 1 and 2 and went to trying to sign a star.

    Unfortunately the Lakers plan is this
    Step 1= Do you want to be Kobe’s Pau Gasol for us?
    Step 2= Throw money
    Step 3= Join us and we’ll hook you up with Kim Kardashian’s sister!

    Do Lakers FO really think advertising “glamorous” lifestyle of Hollywood should be the main selling point? This is irrelevant and if anything should be second to basketball talks.

    1. This.

      There’s still time for steps 1 and 2. Sign either Kosta Koufus or Robin Lopez to be our starting C then go after either Al Farooq Aminu or Tobias Harris for our starting SF. Bring back Ed Davis for more big man depth, sign Jameer Nelson as our backup PG. Trade Sacre and Kelly for draft picks. Ed Davis can start at PF then Randle’s our 6th man and will play starter’s minutes.

      Our lineup would be:

      Lopez or Koufus/ Black/ Upshaw
      Davis/ Randle/ Nance
      Harris or Aminu/ Young/ A. Brown
      Bryant/ Clarkson/ J. Brown
      Russell/ Nelson/ Blue

      Not the star-studded lineup FO wants, but it’s more than a good start and if our rookies pan out well, steps 3 and 4 should come easy once Kobe’s contract expires. Or really, just fuckin’ do something already, FO

  • Where are all the stupid fans raving about tanking instead of building through free agency now?

  • I really hope so.

    Lin had his moments but the annoying Lin fan base he brought over are not worth putting up with.

  • Sacre got mo” potential. He gon be great at center. i belive in him 2 be better dan last seasun. only 26 big upcide

    1. Bro you don’t know shit about basketball sacre is trash that was a bad move to keep him maybe that’s why we haven’t sign no fa….lol

  • I hope I’m not out of line here….but, if DeAndre isn’t signing with the Lakes (and really….no one expected him to) I hope he goes to Dallas. The Mavs have so many other holes to fill it wouldn’t be a big factor in terms of the western conference. Plus as an added bonus, he’d be leaving the Flippers reeling from the loss and no viable solution to replace him. Now wouldn’t that be a nice consolation prize?!?!

    1. A little outta line but I like it. Clippers will be pretty nasty if dj stays there though.. Might have to sell my Kobe jersey and get a griffin one…. Sike!

    2. Yep and if the Clippers lost Jordan they are not a playoff team. 8th/7th seed at best with no rim protection.

  • Tanking is a horrible idea. Superstars don’t want to join a team that won 20 games the previous season. Best options are to sign Koufus, Rlopez, Tobias and resign Ed Davis. I honestly think signing three of them or two would be really good. Harris should be priority. You need elite wings to compete.

      1. Yep! Lakers are not signing star players after winning 20 games. Lol. If we win 35-45 games this season I like our chances next season, because a superstar would think if they would be the only missing piece.

        1. I agree 100% we need to be more competitive next year it doesn’t have to be a playoff berth we just need to be right there in the thick of things

          1. Exactly and I think adding more young pieces (Monroe, Tobias) would make us a surprise team and very hard to guard at each position 1-5.

          2. Your right on the money our offense would be very good at the very least we get to watch high scoring exciting games

      2. I honestly can’t see Monroe choosing the Knicks over LA. We have way better pieces with Randle, JC, and pass friendly Russell

        1. know it makes no sense to choose New York over the Lakers our shot dominant player Kobe is going to retire in a few years there is in his prime Melo

  • the lakers main issue is the fact that we dont have a selling point.

    we have money but so do other teams.

    we dont have any established stars that will be here in 5-10 years.

    the players we do have look like possible stars but are a few years away from getting there.

    the lakers need to stop going after big big names and realize that getting 2 secnd lvl near stars like harris and monre is the way to go. if we got them then next season we would have talent to sell and not brand

        1. This ain’t nothing yet. We struck out on all the big names. If we can’t get even any second level talent, then it will be beyond suckyZ

          1. I think only top three are protected and the odds of getting another top three are slim. Bad news at every corner.

  • Guys cmon Tobias Harris aint coming either. The Magic will match any offer now since Paul Millsap resigned back with the Hawks.

    1. I don’t think the Magic will match a max or near max, and the Lakers need to put the pressure on them now.

  • Just watched Tobias harris highlights and I say let’s get him. He dropped 34 on us and he plays with a certain attitude and confidence similar to westbrook. He is still growing into his frame and we could add a couple pounds of muscle to him. Did you see when he told lebron to stop flopping hahaha. If we get Harris I would feel like we won in the free agency

  • All I saw was lakers sign sacre again fuck I’m going to hang myself. ….what the fuck is going on ….All best fa signed already so fast

  • Meanwhile, the Sixers continue to pile up first round picks… Will we be the garbage team of the nba? The one that helps contenders clear cap space in exchange for a first rounder?

    1. I think it became clear that draft picks don’t matter when the Celtics couldn’t trade up in the draft. They offered Boston 6 draft picks (including Brooklyn’s picks) to Charlotte and got rejected.

  • Looks like we’re stuck with Swaggy P and Kelly idk for how many years. They would of traded them by now.

  • Mitch must not let Davis get away and sign Upshaw now.

    The Lakers really need a defensive presence in the middle.

      1. I’m actually really looking forward to seeing him in the summer league. I think that he the potential to be really good.

  • Why not offer him a 4 year, 48M deal? The guy is only 27, has excellent attitude and is definitely a capable center

    1. Yeah, I know. I was just trying to maximize cap space for 2016, but also make in attractive enough for Robin to sign.

      1. I got that. But he could also be our starting center for the next four years. He could be the kids’ big brother. Do your tricks and I’ll protect the paint.

  • Okafor will be this seasons ROY.Workouts are over-rated.No need for them when you have 35 big games to go by.One bad day can’t cancel that out.Lakers will be sorry.And his defense will be much better than advertised.You’ll see.

  • The Harris thing is grasping for straws. I mean the glaring hole is a big which the FO gambled wouldn’t need to be drafted. So far gamble hasn’t paid off in FA

    1. They drafted the player the wanted after the workouts. I don’t think the Lakers ever want Jah. They wanted Towns or Russell. I trust the pick. He can play.

      1. I don’t question the talent that D’angelo has. Just pointing out the value of bigs in the NBA. So much for talks of league moving on from bigs. Look who’s getting fought over.

  • This is the best possible scenario sign Harris and Koufos resign Davis we could go over the cap because of his bird rights our starting lineups

    This is what is probably going to be game one
    Pg Clarkson
    Sg Kobe
    Sf Harris
    Pf Davis
    C Koufos
    The reason why Davis and Clarkson are starting over Randle and Russell is because Coach B Scott likes having rookies come off the bench

    Our small ball lineup
    Pg Russell
    Sg Clarkson
    Sf Kobe
    Pf Harris
    C Davis or Randle

    1. u have problems man. theres no way russel isn’t starting. theres a reason why they picked him 2nd cuz they’ve believe in him. i cant believe you think russel wont start. 😀 no one would ever think that

      1. I said it’s because Coach Scott likes slowly insert the rookies in to the starting lineup

    2. I like that team, I don’t see Russell coming off the bench though. He’s the type of player to take command of the team. Better shooter and facilitator than JC. I’d start Russ, Kobe, Harris (if we sign him).

      1. He’ll eventually start but game one I don’t think so because of how Bryon Scott feels about rookies starting he rather insert them slowly into the starting lineup

        1. I agree, I think he’ll get acclimated before the start of the season. Get a few preseason games in. Russell’s confidence is through the roof. He’s ready to come in and make impact. JC also would be better with the second unit as he knows the system and it would still leave us with a solid back up. Eventually I think we’ll see a 3 guard set with Russ, JC, Kobe.

  • I’m shocked that everyone doesn’t realize the Lakers have never really been a free agency savant… the last big time (all-star/superstar) free agent we acquired was shaq, and that was almost 20 years ago… so why is everyone surprised and getting all pissy at jim buss?

    Wilt: traded for
    Kareem: traded for
    Magic: drafted
    Worthy: drafted
    Kobe: traded for on draft day
    Bynum: drafted
    Pau: traded for
    Dwight: traded for

    Ummm… am i missing something here? Lmao. Newsflash: we build our dynasties through drafting and trading! Why are we down right now? We dont have assets to swing trades! This is a cycle, guys. We have the assets now. Russell, Clarkson, Randle… these guys will either be the faces of our franchise or trading pieces for our face of the franchise. This is ALWAYS how we roll, and I am utterly shocked that everyone is flipping shit over missing out in free agency. Be patient. We have a bright future with our young guns. Try to sign Tobias Harris or something. At age 23, he too can grow with our young guns.

      1. Possibly! Now you’re getting it :)… unfortunately though, the Kings are asking for the damn house. I wouldn’t dare trade Russell, Clarkson, Randle and future draft picks. Thats insane.

        1. Exactly! You don’t trade 3 players for one. Smh. Talent at every position beats one superstar any day.

    1. It’s been two horrible seasons. Add to those at least two more crap seasons to give them time to develop. We only needed one elite center to be competitive while our young guns grow. We had a max contract to offer but we still failed to convince an elite player to join us! That’s the worrying part.

      With that being said, if we manage to land Lopez and possibily Harris (to add a young talent to this core) then this will not be a bad free agency at all.

  • Lakers look like fools trying to get all the pretty girls to go with him to the prom. How can they be taken seriously when they themselves don’t know what they want their team to look like. Last year during FA they don’t have a coach. This year they started off trying to trade top pick and promosing rookies, then they want to get a top PF. Now they want to get a top C. Bow they end up getting nobody.

  • Signing Harris and Lopez, with a healthy Randle and kobe, along with the new draft picks will all improve our wins to atleast be a brink playoff team.. And they are still young

    1. Totally agree, except for the playoffs part lol… but thats a solid plan. Tobias is only 23! He and Clarkson are roughly the same age. Russell, Clarkson, Randle and Harris can be an exciting young core of players to watch as they grow and become better. All four could potentially be fringe all-stars, while russell has superstar potential! Everyone is getting all mad about us missing out on free agency, but what do we have to sell? We need established or up-and-coming talent! You think the Cavs could sign players without being awarded with 3 freaking #1 overall picks in a row, which labded Kyrie, Love, Thompson, Bennett, Wiggins, and eventually led to LeBron signing? Please. We need the assets first. Let our young guns develop into those assets. Things will change.

      1. Agree with you except on the part when you say we had nothing to sell to free agents. Indeed, Jordan is a young center and we could have tried to make him feel like he’s gonna be part of something great because we feel he has special skills, that we will do our best to continue to develop him using our big man experience, etc, etc.

      2. Agreed. We need to show that we have a key group or core of guys that are talented enough for star free agents to think that they are the missing piece to the puzzle. If we go into next season with Lopez and harris, it’ll be fun to watch them grow together and start reaching their potentials (not really Lopez tho lol)

      3. I don’t think people are upset per say as missing out on free agency but the way they are missing out….their pitches are downright horrible in basketball terms

  • That’s the effect of the new CBA. Imagine leaving 30M on the table thats too much to give up. Also it is not the Lakers losing their magic or luster, its that the other teams like the Spurs (because of recent success), Miami etc are becoming more attractive also. Because of social media you don’t need to be in a big market to be known worldwide and broaden your brand. The Lakers need to adapt their system, like analytics, the coaching style to be more attractive to this new generation of players.

    1. I taught Howard was being a pussy, but maybe his decision to go to the Rockets was a warning to the Lakers organization.

  • If we cannot do better this season no FA will even give us a second look next season. We need to strengthen even if it’s only a little we need to be more respectable to attract someone

  • How is this Kobe. Jordan would have been playing with Russell who is a great passer. The FO has to take this one not Kobe

  • We normally have a trading tradition but this year we don’t have anybody to trade, unless we go and remove one big prospect for… who? Any non-superstar level trade would be a disaster. So we keep the rookies.
    Then we better hurry and chase right now after Robin Lopez before all the FO that stroke out on the big names get to him in a huge rush, at least to get a quality center. And then focus on the 3, Tobias Harris will be tough to get, but there are guys very interesting out there. Jae Crowder, KJ McDaniels, Derrick Williams. Too late for Thad Young already. Mbah a Moute is still there. And sign Vander Blue and Dwight Buycks already, Mitch, what are you waiting for, that they get taken away?
    If we don’t go after Harris we should have enough cap to sign 3 underrated players, better not miss on that one else we will be completely depending on the rookies this year again, that’s not really fair for them.

      1. No. Let’s use our money to get better second-tiers!!! Lopez or Koufos are the only big men I want to land right now.

          1. Hill is an insurance and he can get traded in a market desperately looking for bigs. And if we fail to land any center he can still deliver for a year more with a cheaper contract. I do prefer Hill to Ed Davis.

  • We as fans need to put more pressure on the FO. We cannot have the attitude of star players or tank every season. There is a middle ground here we strengthen a little this season by signing say a harris and lopez/koufous. This will hopefully result in a higher finish for the us this season and we would still have a lot of cap as Kobe leaves and the cap rising to have another go at free agents the following season. We could then sign a star caliber player and have room for a role player or two and actually compete for the playoffs.

    The strategy we have been employing up to this point of tanking for better draft picks affects our ability to bargain with FA as we do not look anywhere near a winning side. We need to build gradually instead of trying to make a big jump from tanking to playoffs which is harder and seems more like a gamble.

    It appears to me that part of our strategy to go after these marquee guys is due to wanting Kobe to go out on a high but in the long run i really believe that our best strategy is to just try to finish higher in the league next season hopefully just outside the playoffs so that any viable FA will see that with them at the helm we would be in the playoffs. Right now guys cannot trust that we can even make the playoffs with them and the lack of forward thinking by our FO is assisting in giving off that impression. What frightens me is that quite a few people on here can see the direction available to us yet there have been no attempts mad by the FO so far to pursue any as more and more players get signed each passing hour

    1. Eventually Lakers fans will turn on the FO and stop buying tickets and merchandise. The more they fuck up then the more the fans will distance themselves from the Lakers franchise. It’s hard to argue with that.

      1. Moron , dts stupid , d Lakers have been in this situation a few times before and DT did not happen , remember d van exel pre shaq/kobe era we sucked for a few yrs,

  • You cant expect clarkson to be a star based upon such a small sample size in the league last year. That said, you also never draft on need. You draft on talent when you have one of the top picks in the draft and skill gap is evident between the two prospects(russel and okafor). Regardless, lakers have holes all over the roster and if they did draft okafor, i feel that you would be crying that we dont have a good guard and are stuck with a one dimensional center who cant defend for his life. The lakers took the player with more intangibles, more star potential, and a seemingly strong will to learn and why some people cant see that is beyond me.

    1. Preach brother these kats dont watch college …They dont realize okafur has no Defense cant shoot FT and needs space to operate they just say woo big…I could understand if they had a chance at KT and passed. U think the FO is that dumb they were hoping that the Wolves would take Okafur so they could pick up KT..I could careless I luv Russel and if these other players dobt want to play for the Show then they shouldnt!!!

  • 2 weeks ago the Lakers had no shot of landing LaMarcus, Love, DeAndre or Gasol and the Bulls were always going to pay Jimmy Butler. I don’t see how the Lakers have lost anything. The potential Cousins trade would have left the Lakers with Kobe, Cousins and maybe Randle or Clarkson, with Sacramento receiving perhaps Okafor, Randle AND Clarkson or future picks. Currently they have a promising future with DeAngelo, Clarkson and Randle, and plenty of money to spend next offseason on 2 max players. Perhaps they can add a piece midseason to persuade Durant to choose the Lakers. The landscape is always changing. Settling for Monroe right now would be foolish. It’s a contract few teams will be willing to eat if he doesn’t show any signs of improvement and remains an unreliable free throw shooter and defender. Even his offensive numbers (15-16 ppg, 9-10 rpg) have been stagnant the past 4 seasons (age 22 to 25). That’s not a good sign for someone seeking max dollars. Rebuilding doesn’t happen overnight and the Lakers won’t be a championship team until their young trio has time to develop, regardless of free agent signings.

    1. We need a decent-to-good true center and we’ll be fine so no Monroe, no Hill and no Davis please!

    1. We may not win more than 35-40 games but at least it should be fun to watch!

      I’d start Bryant over Clarkson though. Bryant is likely to play limited minutes (25-28 MPG) and sit out during back to back games anyway so I don’t mind having Clarkson come off the bench.