Lakers News: Mitch Kupchak Open To Adding Point Guard Or Center
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The Los Angeles Lakers added some talented veterans to the roster this summer with the additions of Lou Williams, Brandon Bass, and Roy Hibbert. Even though it appears the team is done making moves, Los Angeles may be looking to add another guard to the backcourt.

According to Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times, general manager Mitch Kupchak is open to the idea of adding another point guard:

Rumors had been circulating about the Lakers showing considerable interest in trading for veteran floor general Ty Lawson. Ultimately, the Denver Nuggets chose to make a deal with the Houston Rockets despite a hard push from Los Angeles to get a deal done.

Lawson may now be off the board after heading to Houston in a trade, but it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that the Lakers brass is still looking into trades for a point guard.

Currently, the backcourt consists of D’Angelo Russell, Lou Williams, Jordan Clarkson, Jabari Brown, Nick Young and Kobe Bryant. Young and Bryant may play exclusively at the small forward position along with rookie Anthony Brown. Kupchak acknowledged this as part of the reasoning to add another veteran guard, via Pincus:

Notable veteran point guards still available include Pablo Prigioni, Jimmer Fredette, Luke Ridnour, Andre Miller, Norris Cole, and Matthew Dellavedova. Potential free-agent options at center are Ryan Hollins, Jeff Withey, and Justin Hamilton.

sign matthew dellavadova mitch

  • Really would like for them to pick up Andre miller. Veteran who can get people in there places on the court and really help russell and clarkson grow.

  • OMG if they sign a center over a 3&D & vet PG im going to bug out.

    Just sign Dorell Wright already and dont let another team pick him up for cheap.

  • Still can’t believe Lakers passed on Isaiah Thomas –especially when he let it be known the Lakers were his first choice, not Suns.

  • hes coming to LA cavs low balled him so he declined thier offer..lakers have the money that delli is looking for

  • Can’t do nothing about it now. Why waste your time thinking in the past? If we have gotten IT, we may not have ended up with 2nd pick of the draft. Always better to think forward 🙂

  • delli offers better scoring and defense than all of all guards. hes a sophmore like clarkson and has led the cavs during the finals..would be wise to get him

  • Aw man. Y’all watch DLo 10 questions video? Can’t believe he would want to pick Larry Bird’s brain instead of the greatest Magic or Jerry West. And really bad that he would pick LeBaby over Kobe as his starting 5. SMH

  • Well we need a SF but if they are looking for a point guard, I say bring back Jordan Farmar.

  • Ryan Hollins, Jeff Withey and Justin Hamilton???? Oh man do not think about it. We need a good Small Foward. Only this.

  • I’m hearing they’ve only reached a verbal agreement, but no deal. Not sure what the hold up is.

  • delli is a pg that can guard fowards like no other pg can do that hes a scrappy defender dives for loose balls,good shooter, guards curry well ….what more do you want from a pg

  • Kobe, Young, and Brown will be the SF.

    As of now, Russell and Buycks are the only PG’s on the roster. Clarkson CAN play PG, but he’s a natural SG.

    Let’s be patient, Mitch knows what he’s doing.

  • Could be due to him sucking in Summer League. But then again everyone sucked with that crap coaching.

  • I’m not sure that Upshaw is an option for a year or so.
    Even if they sign him, is he ready to play consistent minutes in the NBA?

  • IF he’s available, and Mitch hasn’t signed him, it says that he isn’t someone Mitch wants.

    And, Del doesn’t solve much in terms of the guard rotation. Scott already said that if the team doesn’t find another guard, Kobe would be “in the mix.”

    So, any additional PG would have to be a clear starter, and improve the team as a whole — not just a guy who fills a roster spot.

  • Mitch just broadcast to the League:

    Wanted – 1 Starting PG, 1 Backup Center
    Willing to trade.

  • Between what Mitch and Scott have already said about Kobe at the 3, and NOW this statement, I think we an piece things together and assume that the front office is expecting (hoping) to fill the starting SF role with Kobe. Which makes a lot of sense, as he doesn’t conflict with Clarkson or Russell who are the starting SG and PG of the future. Kobe is — in essence — a 1-2 year place holder as all other starting positions are filled.

  • Interestingly enough, with the new DLeague roster rules, I have a hunch that the team will sign Upshaw and assign him to the DLeague for a few months.

  • I really don’t understand a lot of the off season moves for the Lakers. First we brought back Sacre under the option, when he’s really not needed when you found a gem on defense in Upshaw. Hibbert was an okay decision, as we desperately needed a C. Drafting Nance makes Kelly another useless asset on this team. I like Williams, but I’m unsure how the Young-Williams duo works off the bench, especially since the Clarkson-Russell duo as of now only seems to be Clarkson milking the clock to attack the basket. If the Lakers didn’t bring back Sacre, we would have one more free spot to sign another player when talent was available. Doubt we could’ve traded Young, Kelly, Sacre since none of the 29 teams were buying it lol.

    Not the lineup, just positions:
    C: Hibbert, Black (I’m assuming), Upshaw, Sacre (useless)
    PF: Randle, Bass, Nance, Kelly (useless)
    SF: Young, A. Brown
    SG: Kobe, Clarkson, Williams, J. Brown,
    PG: Russell

  • And let’s be honest. Russell is not ready to play point. He is a combo guard at this stage and not even ready for that role.

    PG: ??????

  • This is a bit head scratching from the Center perspective….

    Hibbert is the starter and will get 30 minutes (+/-).
    Black is the backup and will get the remaining minutes.
    And Upshaw and Sacre are capable #3 centers who are “practice day” players, and emergency guys.

    Is Mitch looking to trade Black (or already has offers for Black)?

    Something is amiss.

  • what’s going on with Kobe anyway? Is he playing basketball again or still rehabing?

  • If Kobe is going to get 25 minutes. Young is going to get 20 minutes, and Brown to get minutes, where does Beasley fit?

    And how does he fit on an already congested roster?

  • How much wins is this roster projected to win? 30-35? With Beasley we can get to 40-45 and make a nice pitch to KD

  • I think he is 25 years old and he is looking for1 mil only but would like a 2/3 yr.contract.

  • Not at all. Kobe seems like he is done with the NBA and the Lakers. Emotionally checked out.

  • Am I mistaken….
    You are talking about Pothead Micheal Beasley who just got cut from Miami who needs SF help……?

    He’s supposed to be better than Kobe and/or Young at the 3?

  • What do you mean? He was snatching rebounds from the other C’s all night every night, he wasn’t lacking in scoring either. He’s a beast!

  • Cole is good but he is almost the exact same player as Lou. He is a scorer, that just happens to be on the shorter side.

  • He foul’d every center on ever post up. He is just too short to guard that position without fouling.

  • LOL that was so damn funny, but why does every media outlet expect Kobe to call them when they’re a Laker, it’s not like Young is on the phone talking to guys when they get signed

  • Why?
    He’s just a hustle guy, and a poor PG.

    We need a starting PG that is BETTER than Russell that allows Clarkson to be a SG, and Kobe to be a SF.

    You want to add pieces just to add pieces.

  • He is supposed to be the “”leader”” of this team. He should welcome his new brothers and fill them in on the teams goals etc.

  • I really like the new additions to the team. Now can we tweak the damn system sheesh. I would hate for these guys to come here and have career lows.
    Also i envision a 4th quarter ending like this maybe depends on russ or clarks development.
    Pg- Lou
    For the win. Not the tank.

  • A lot of teams play small ball tho, and not every of them has more than one 7 footer on their team, I don’t really see that as a problem.

  • I like that crunch time lineup, but hopefully Anthony Brown can replace Young. He definitely showed he can lock down on defense. Now we just need him to hit that three.

  • Kobe hasnt finished a season in 3 years and you’re telling me he’s gonna be healthy? Young doesn’t even play defense, Beasley can be our Iggy if he focuses on the defensive end and buys into Scotts system

  • Yea your right but it’s just something magical when swaggy gets it goin tho

  • As long as they give him 10 fouls haha. But sadly they will not in the real season.

  • Pass. If you said this 2-3 years ago, I’d be interested, but dude is basically Wes Johnson all over again. So much potential, but can’t live up to it. He’s been a vet for how many years now, and still hasn’t solidified himself as a solid player in the league. The drugs isn’t an issue, since he has been clean past few years, but the dude hasn’t done anything to warrant a position on the team

  • Yea I’m just crediting the experience. Also has more than the Clippettes!

  • We’ll see…They drafted him as the point guard of the future. I think he gets thrown into the deep end and either sinks or swims.

    My money is on swim.

  • Russell is our starter. Anything less is failure at allowing him to develop Like Norm Nixon, Nick Van Exel or Jordan Farmar. At this point we need to stay with the youth movement in the back court.
    OK with a vet off the bench for depth.

  • Just please sign Upshaw already, and admit that picking up Robert Sacre’s team option was the all-time worst decision you have made.

  • He’s only 26, Lakers need to take some gambles, imagine Beasley and randle running down the floor at full speed with russell running the point

  • True. I am ready to throw him out there and just learn fast. The speed of his and Randle’s development is the determining factor of our future.

  • I think Kobe and co will make him better, on the floor.
    Sort of mask him

  • Nothing happening without a trade anyway. One spot is clearly opened as PG. As for the frontcourt, they’d have to get rid of Kelly and Sacre by trade, and send Upshaw to DLeague for the full season. There’s little to gain in terms of salary cap by waiving Kelly and Sacre so I don’t know who would want their contracts. If they put Young in there then they’d better be sure to get a serviceable 3 and D SF in return. There’d be around 8 millions plus the 2.7million of MLE for one vet center, one vet PG and this SF. Salary-wise it could work but who’d be coming??

  • Black is solid backup, he bulked up this off season so I wasn’t surprised with his foul trouble. Strong guys tend to foul more often, but through out last season, he was solid. I’m sure when the season starts and after a proper training camp, he will be way better.

  • Hard to have faith after that disastrous Summer Season. I am still hopeful he will have an amazing career, but I don’t think he is realistically ready to make an impact at this time. He is only 19 though, hard to expect much. Clarkson is 4 years older and took half a season to find a place in the rotation.

  • More rings than the Clippettes! More playoff and finals experience. #DOITMITCH

  • delli did wonders for cavs as a rookie..won a few games for them in the finals i highly believe if we put him with nash he can be the next great pg

  • With the Rockets having Lawson and Beverly at the PG position I don’t think Prigioni is a bad choice. He’s old but can still play.

  • Best/Worst case scenario :
    Lakers finish 41-41 last team eliminated from playoffs
    They get lucky like 92 Magic get #1 pick
    Kobe off the books (I hope he comes back)
    Salary cap goes to 90 mil
    Young guys developed (Russell, Randle, Clarkson )
    Kelly & Sacre gone
    ESPN starts kissing up again
    Other teams cry conspiracy
    KD begs for a meeting

    Otherwise, Philly gets a lousy #14 pick.
    Back to the drawing board.

  • We need a backup veteran PG. Unless you want Buycks to come off the bench for Russell.

  • Worst case scenario is our rookies break their legs in the first game of the season.. DAMN YOU BASKETBALL GODS

  • nash is scheduled to work out clarkson and russell i believe he would enjoy working with delli the most

  • Well its not like we have allot of options. We need a one year rental for now. Not sure, I was ok with Lawson but not at the expense of giving away our future (rookies).

  • Is Jarret Jack a free agent? If so he can be a good backup PG and wouldn’t cost too much.

  • “Notable veteran point guards still available include ….” Notable?HAAAA. as for all those pitching for Delladova…once GSW had time to adjust to his style of play in the finals, he was a non-factor.

  • I’m really glad some of yall are not the GM. Bring in Wright and Miller are Jimmy we need another out side shooter

  • delli can start for us he would give us a pg with finals experience and he plus he can guard “any” pg

  • And I know miller not a shooter but he brings leadership and can teach Russell how to be a pg

  • I’m actually glad your not the gm because it’s obvious that kobe, swaggy, and brown are the sf. Meaning the team is not going in that direction. Why can’t you see that?
    now as far as center then you might be right but I’m exceptingthe fact that they are rolling the dice like that

  • If Beasley panned out, I know that would be a nice thing, but seeing as he hasn’t really done much in his time in the NBA, I don’t know if he would pan out the way we’d want him too. I get he’s still young, but I mean Wes Johnson in my opinion had a higher upside since he was still in a way raw, but he could never live up to our expectations or the Lakers. I’d just hate to relive that whole process of hoping Beasley finally starting to live up to the potential, especially after we wasted time with Johnson. But I’d like the idea of Kobe playing SG, as opposed to SF, and since we traded for Hibbert maybe Beasley be a nice option. Also, don’t sleep on Brown

  • Any player of consequence is long gone.. we can only hope the young guys play a lot better than summer league or we’re looking at another crappy year. Honestly, Kobe should announce this as his last year and make it an interesting one too watch!!

  • Deandre Jordan finally talked about his fiasco, and he just seems foolish. Clippers are a joke

  • delli is streaky 3 point shooter can get red hot fits the laker mold..can hang with curry during screens

  • I’d be more than happy to come back to the Lakers and help them win another ring, but my porno career has taken off and I’m happy as fuck. I wish the Lakers all the best.

  • Sacre just flat out sucks man. I can’t believe we got to deal with him again

  • I was going to come and post something about the Lakers needing to unload Kelly and Sacre to make these types of moves, but after reading this… *smh* I’m out.

  • The roster as it stands today is incredibly unbalanced, there is no getting away from this. Once again an abundant number of PF’s mixed in with a lot of SG’s. one true C, a rookie PG and some make shift guys at SF. This is what happens when you are left picking at the bones in free agency. With Roy Hibbert the Lakers will be able to compete every game, but he is going to be doing more work than he has done his entire career under that rim, an injury to him puts the Lakers into a bottom 3 team in the West.

  • Maybe Bass wants to be like D Fish and knock down lucky shots. Don’t know why Hibbert chose 17.

  • Haha I’m starting to get a feeling the people making the jerseys are getting lazy and giving the players numbers that were previously worn each season

  • What?? We need to be looking for a Wing player.. And we cannot go into the season with both Lou and Nick Young coming off the bench.. What is going on with Mitch and the front office? Have they lost all their smarts last couple of years? A lot of bad decisions, that have us going in the wrong direction..

  • Remember, every year free agent signings sometimes injuries and team projections don’t go as planned. Therefore, trades are usually proposed before the deadline to either bolster a roster or dump salary. Vlade was flipped for Kobe, Lynch & Peeler dumped to offer more to Shaq, Ceballos flipped for Horry, Jones & Campbell flipped for Glen Rice. So, you never know.

  • 17 no biggie. Bynum wore it after Fox.
    I think Ellington wore #2 last year, but it should be retired for Fish.
    Same with #21 for Coop…Pissed me off when Turiaf and Kareem Rush wore it.

  • Justin Hamilton is 25 years old 7 footer,
    25 MPG 0.513 shooter 0.333 3PT 0.825 FT 5.1 RB 1.4 AST 1.5 BPG 9.0 PPG
    I’d take that over Sacre any day, and he’d take the minimum too.

  • im serious delli is the pg of the future ahead of his time..what pg you know can guard fowards too cmon now wake up

  • They don’t complement each other… Who knows which Nike Young we are getting this upcoming season..

  • PG maybe Ishmael Smith (cheap showed some up side in philly). One of the fastest players in the league, can get by players. He definitely needs some shooting work.

  • exactly delli is the steal of the summer..i put him at pg because he can indeed start over russell due to his superb defensive skills

  • Have all the respect in the world for what Kobe has done in the past. But he isn’t that player anymore. He is mentally checked out. Back in the championship days he was texting new guys the minute they were added.

  • I know about that and was shocked to hear about it, but beyond that I wouldn’t hold my breathe on nash doing anything for us.

  • By the way Russell looks, if he’s leading the “Youth movement” we are in for another 20 win season.. Which is sad!

  • Agreed, a couple of Russell’s turnovers every game from summer league will instead be assists when he’s passing it to Kobe and other veteran scorers.

  • hey eric pat bateman was talking trash about you earlier i had to check him

  • you guys need to watch matthew dellavadova highlights on youtube the dude is a beast only a sophmore too..would make us title contenders

  • Rondo? Butler? Besides deli sucks and is strictly a back up

  • Lakers need an SF period. They must build now without Kobe in mind. IF Kobe scores and plays well let him be the team’s X factor now. He may not like it BUT Kobe’s gotta face it and accept it.

    With Lou Williams, Brandon Bass and Roy Hibbert – these are NBA vets that wants to show everyone that they can still play good basketball at this level and can still make any team respectable.

    I’m looking at the Lakers to be like the Atlanta Hawks focusing on team play, hustle and blue collar defense. No stars.

  • title contenders??? with dellie? Yuck! he is serviceable but he can’t carry a team even IF you have 5 or 6 of him inside the court like Naruto’s kagebunshin technique.

  • what i mean by this statement is that the nba is trending towards taller and bigger pg’s..ive noticed during summer league that clarkson had a hard time guarding jerian grant who is a taller pg than him and clarkson is best defender smh..landing delli would gives us a taller bigger pg of our own

  • and cant play a lick of defense..check out dellis defensive highlights on youtube we would benefit from him alot

  • They drafted Anthony Brown and signed Nick Young to a long term deal. I am not crazy about either player, although I think Brown could turn out great. But regardless we have that roster spot covered. We have 0 true PG’s on our roster.

  • As a backup maybe.

    …But you’re selling him like he’s the Australian Jesus…If he was that good, why’d the Cavs go get Mo Williams?

    …And why’d the Warriors beat them?

    Back away from the peanut butter and Delly sandwich kid…All that Kool-Aid done got you love drunk.

  • If you consider Kobe a three, we need a guard… that’s a pretty twisted way of looking at things, considering you’re making Kobe a three because you don’t have enough forwards.

  • Hell no. It’s too bad because he can really play D, but the guy is dirty as ****. Doesn’t belong in a Lakers uniform.

  • That could be scary line up tho nick and lou double one and it’s lights out

  • Why is it Kobe’s job to call the new additions?

    I am quite sure he’ll get enough opportunities to talk when training camp starts.

  • Wright looks like the best choice out there right now. We need his shooting. But I want to know if we can hold on to that $2.8 mill exception to pick up guys who might become free agents during the season.

  • Yep and kobe also shares the same court vision and knows the slash game and passing lanes positioning. And if Russ plays D and lights it up #DANGEROUS

  • explain rival i have this vision of delli,hibbert,kobe winning the finals this year

  • Right again even matt Barnes spoke of something relative to that on sportnation yesterday

  • Nick Young & Anthony Brown will do fine for this season. We ain’t going nowhere. This is a season to bring the young guys along and hopefully they show enough promise to lure a big fish FA or two next off season.

    “They must build now with Kobe in mind”?
    The future is fast approaching and Kobe won’t be a part of it…He’s barley played the last three years due to his body breaking down…I love the guy and all he’s done for the organization, but he’s in the twilight of his illustrious career. When we struck out on FA’s this year, that was the end of the win now and the start of the rebuild around the young core.

    IF…Big if…Kobe can stay healthy and return for another season or two, great…As long as he signs for way less.

  • I took it differently.
    I saw that he was playing “Nba level physicality” with college kids and got fouled for pushing them around.

    I am sure the fouls drop when he plays against starting caliber players.

    And, the point of Summer League is to experiment. Black was adjusting to his new size.

  • Clarkson is not a “natural SG,” he’s a scoring point guard. He’s great with the ball with in his hands, but has a long way to go working off the ball, which is exactly the opposite of what you would expect out of a “natural SG.” Jabari Brown is a natural SG. Lou is a combo guard.

  • he’s signed. the 1st year is partially guaranteed and the 2nd year isn’t. BUT there is a condition to the contract, First Upshaw must undergo rigid conditioning and 2nd he must show improvement in games that he will play which is D League initially.

  • I’m not dreaming, what happens if Hibbert gets injured, especially with the track record Gary Vitti has over the past 3 seasons. What’s the plan then?

  • Professionalism and also he’s the big dog welcome them to the club. If he wants to win then he should obviously appease the guys who could would and should try to get him there. All that distant lover shit is played out. Live up to Lakers lore or lose out to nobody wants to play with kobe

  • Mitch….I told you to get Gerald Green and Javale Mcgee…..Miami got Green…So get Javale Mcgee….7” and very athletic Rim protector….Last Call.

  • He can play center IF that’s what you want to see. He is strong, mobile, can definitely get rebounds, can block shots, can get scrappy in the paint for points and can defend a big. In a small ball, fast paced play he can be a very good center.

    He’s just not 7ft tall. So how do you define a Center??

  • wrong! in the last few games of the regular season he doesn’t foul that much. In SL yes, ‘coz you have 10 fouls to spare…and it’s summer league. What the hell?

  • Another 20 win season means a high chance of keeping the top 3 protected pick.

  • How about this starting lineup to open :
    Kobe SF
    Clarkson PG
    Nick SG
    Black PF
    Hibbert C

  • Wtf? Black starting while nick is at SG and kobe at SF? Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever

  • Black is a defense first and hustle guy and Kobe can no longer chase young shooters going through screen after screen and Nick is a scorer which we need badly on a stating lineup , Just a thought .

  • So what’s new with them clitters? Their hall of famers will also be shamers. They should go for the guinness record of having the most chokers and sobers in one team. And for choking on their own tears. LFOL

  • I’ll tell you he is gonna be healthy play lot less minutes and take less responsibilities.

  • Assuming kobe play the 3 next season

    65-68 games ( If healthy) 28 min a game, 15 pts, 4 Assist, 4 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block.

  • Kobe at SG and nick at SF makes more sense and black is not starting over randle or bass

  • If he plays 3 more we definitely need to cancel TWC for that time ! and instead chip in for NBA TV for lottery and summer league !

  • we need atleast one white guy on the team right..sign delli mitch add some color to the roster

  • Andre Miller is a good candidate, Norris Cole looks to also be a capable ball handler who can push it up and he is well seasoned player in his 4th or 5th year.

  • BEASLEY !!!!! @ 6’9 Plays both 3 and the 4 !!! Shot 41 % 3 in limited minutes !!!!!!!!

  • You know deep in your heart Kobe doesn’t do that kind of things. Like welcome new teammates without playing with them first. Call him an A**hole he won’t care, that’s just who he is.

  • Assuming kobe play the 3 next season

    65-68 games ( If healthy) 28 min a game, 15 pts, 4 Assist, 4 rebounds, 1 steal, 1 block.

  • Lakers 10/11 No of PFs on Roster: 3.0 record 57-25
    Lakers 11/12 No of PFs on Roster: 3.5 record 41-25
    Lakers 12/13 No of PFs on Roster: 3.5 record 45-37
    Lakers 13/14 No of PFs on Roster: 4.0 record 27-55
    Lakers 14/15 No of PFs on Roster: 6.0 record 21-61
    Lakers 15/16 No of PFs on Roster: 5.0 record: ???

    Seriously though what is the fascination with all these PF’s?

  • No pain no gain, Russell needs to be throw into the fire, feel the heat and learn how to survive, that’s the only way to get the best of him, not pamper him like a baby.

  • Make no mistake Russell is a much more valuable player to the team at SG than at PG at the present time, we have a redundancy at the shooting guard position and not enough leadership at the point. I was warning this fact before the draft.

  • With brown they have 6 who can if needed play both G positions , they need a SF and Beasley would be perfect , remember his duals with Kobe ???

  • did you read “…with KOBE in mind?” OR did I mentioned “…without KOBE in mind?”

  • ——–Starters:

    ——-2nd unit:
    PG-Lou Williams

    A. Brown

  • Andre miller to teach these young guys how to be a professional. Plus he’s cheap. What we really need is a small forward though

  • I doubt they get beasley
    Don’t you remember when they worked him out in last years off season and they had a Janice to bring him in but didn’t?
    I don’t see why they would do it now

  • Miami has been shopping Chalmers. If we can get him he’ll be an excellent mentor to D Russ.

  • Idk know u bro but him playing in the finals means nothing YOU COULD HAVE BEEN IN THE FINALS WITH lebron and do just as good as deli he is trash

  • They didn’t bring him in because he wanted a multi year with more money lakers wanted to say his off court antics and past problems as a reason to pay him little to none Wasn’t cause he wasnt good

  • One that can score and pass and possibly shoot a 3 … Or just one with a last name cole and a first name not deli

  • Starters. Bench
    Russ. Cole
    Clarkson. L will /nick
    Kobe Nick/ Beasley
    Bass. Randle
    Roy. Upshaw /McGhee

  • I get it that Randle, D’Angelo, and Clarkson are the future and we are basically surrounding pieces around them, but it would be amazing if Kobe could play at least 50-60 games, which in all honesty is not going to happen. And which leaves us deep in hole if Nick Young is our SF and Anthony Brown. Also, like Mitch said, other than Hibbert, the next tallest guys are Kelly and he forgot to mention Sacre, but come on….thats a joke to even a WNBA team at the 5 spot. And to be honest, Upshaw is not the answer to fill in that role yet. He has a lot of work to do. And I get it, he had some moments on the defensive glass for summer league, but overall, he needs a lot of work, especially for someone who hasn’t played basketball in how many months. I would say the best bet in FA is probably Ryan Hollins. He’s lengthy, energy type of guy, and he’s quick! Probably the best available out of the rest thats left over. And as for SF, hell you can even sign Beasley or even Jeremy Evans. But you need insurance at those spots. And I hate when the FO just over works these guys and does not think about insurance when it comes to injury.

  • Cole is a better scorer
    And has more experience and is a overall better player

  • Beasley would be nice..forgot bout em really..we already worked him out a few times..

  • How much do we have to offer?cole might be higher sonce he did win championships ya know…miller is cheap and wise..jimmer is a sleeper

  • Yeah lakers like him he likes the lakers but they disagree on his worth him being a problem off the court makes his vaule drop he just wants playing time and money lakers want him for dirt cheap plus we could get Durant eyeing us over the wizards with his friend in town

  • dysfunctional franchise. thinking kobe and nick young can hold off the SF position.


  • Los Angeles Lakers Playing with Fire Having Kobe Bryant at Small Forward

    Bleacher. People are to dumb to realize this..

  • Beasley has never lived up to his potential. I would rather have Richard Jefferson but he signed with the Cavs.

  • Is Kupchak sabotaging the Lakers? Is this some kind of Revenge play we aren’t aware of?? Really, we kept Sacre??? I just woke up from a long basketball nap due to our poor season. I awake to hear we did not draft the future young Tim Duncan “Okafor” and settled for Nick Young’s cousin “Russell”. To make matter worse, for some reason the Lakers couldn’t sign a good player even if they made him the Mayor of LA. Lakers need a complete overhaul starting with GM, where’s Jerry West when we need him! The Hollywood flashing lights & fake shoe deal dreams are not bringing player to Lakers. Players can get deals & acting gigs no matter what city their in, Lakers management out of touch and losing its luster!

  • So people want kobe to be the entire offense and defense for the Lakers? At his advanced age? Jesus people are ridiculous.

  • Please stop blaming Mitch, we all know it’s Jim Buss , and not Mitch. Before Jim was given free range of the basketball side, Mitch put together a team that won 2/3 titles.. When Jerry let Jim make coaching decisions look
    what happened, and than Jerry passed, and Jim is trying to prove he can do it on his own.

  • so instead of looking to add something there actually missing a SF!!!! there looking to add another PG or center????!!!!


  • Have to give it a try considering all major shopping has been done. Try the remainder of the mle…a little over 3 mil.

    Can even get Beasley for vets minimum

  • He’s a pretty good player. Solid bench role player. Scorer and good energy on D. Reminds me of a more versatile meeks. Higher iq, knows his role better, rarely wastes possessions

  • Looks like
    Russell/ Williams
    Clarkson/ j brown
    Kobe/ young/
    Bass/ Randle/nance
    Hibbert/ black

    Still think maybe Lou Williams should start instead of Russell. But doubt it’ll happen right away.

  • the center position should be hibbert and upshaw instead of hibbert and black. upshaw has the potential to be then better than hibbert. gotta give him minutes

  • i feel bad for hibbert. he may be looked as one of the best rim protectors in the league but thats only because hes been playing in the weak east his whole career. the west is a different animal and he will be getting exposed. not his fault just sayin dont expect to see the guy you saw in indiana. the talent levell is way higher out west and hibbert and will be exposed.

  • Yes the Fakers R looking for a point guard, they had a good one in Jeremy Lin & they let him go. Just wait next season Lin is going to surprise a lot of people MikeY

  • we only have 2 pg’s on the roster, and both of them are most likely starting. what happens if one gets hurt? kobe and young are not ideal 3’s but atleast we have some depth there. we have a lot of perimeter guys, but no pg depth

  • Kobes not a SF and Westbrook is not a true PG but they play it.. Besides you plug players in where it benefits the team the most & I do believe he plays both.

  • lol did you see buykcs play at the end of last year? or this summer league? i really think starting clarkson is a must, he and russell have to start building that chemistry.

  • May as well wait and hope that some players get cut before August 1st, when a lot of unwanted contracts become guaranteed. SF Kostas Papanikolaou would be useful if he gets cut, he was pretty good for the Rockets until they got Brewer and his minutes went down, can do it all and is an especially good passer, his stats before Brewer: 25.3 Mpg 4.2 Rpg 3.3 Apg 0.5 Bpg 0.9 Spg 6.6 Ppg

  • kobe is a perimeter player. the 2 and 3 are interchangeable. the point guard handles the ball and facilitates the offense. its like telling a pf to play the 3, it just doesn’t work.

    He’s never played it in his 10 year career, and you expect he can just pick it up all of a sudden? basketball doesn’t work that way.

  • hes alway had a backup point running with him. Every team hes been on, hes been the backup 2

  • Rumor: Lakers are exploring possibility of trading Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre to Suns for Markieff Morris.

  • Just going to say this… Players are different.. Bass can play the 3-4 much like lebron can. Some players like Duncan can not. Lou. Williams can and HAS played the Point.

  • This is for all the basketball geniuses that feel that the front office should be fired. Also, for those who are acting like this is fantasy football waiver wire search:
    Jim Buss
    1. Been involved with BBALL operations since 2005. He made the call to draft Andrew Bynum
    2. He vetoed the trade of Bynum for Kidd
    3. Role increased when his dad got sicker
    4. Find me a son that inherits his dad’s fortunes and cares what others think.
    5. Rebuilding was at some point going to happen.
    6. Collective Bargaining Agreement has done it’s part (leveled the playing field)
    7. “BASKETBALL REASONS” the biggest culprit
    8. Waiting for Kobe
    1. Forgot more than you’ll ever know
    2. Cupboards were bare. Oh no Phil Jackson had nothing to do with that.
    3. Finally able to stockpile young talent/assets
    4. Odom, Butler, Pau, CP3, Nash, Howard allstar acquisitions.
    5. M. Gasol, Beverley, Randle, Clarkson, Russell, Nance, Brown draft picks
    6. Established flexibility
    7. He know what he doing.
    1. NBA most valuable franchise (2.6 bil)
    2. No luxury taxes
    3. New practice facility on it way
    4. 4 billion TV deal (200 mil x 20)

    Doesn’t look like they’ll be losing sleep anytime soon. Why should you?

  • That’s a solid lineup instead of McGee i rather give the minutes to Upshaw and Black plus I don’t think we have enough cap to sign all three players I think we can sign Beasley and Cole that would be nice pick ups

  • I’m probably in minority on this, but I think outside of vet PG, we’re ok roster wise. We have enough versatile perimeter players at guard, forward and PF to figure it out. And I still think Nance and A Brown can duke it out for SF mins, plus there;s still Nick Young and Kobe. There are really only 2 strong SF to worry about (Lebron & Durant). If Upshaw develops, then our center options are cool to go w/Hibbert and Black…..I just wanna see how it shapes out in training camp and preseason

  • I was thinking that too. He’s quick and is great on defense. Is he a free agent?

  • Yeah I’m just saying any one of the 3 or two of the 3 would be great I really would like to get Beasley he matured he was only getting 1.4 mill the the heat waved we could give him that frfr

  • I think he needs time to develop he’s most likely going to the D League

  • I doubt Kelly & Sacre can get us a player in return, but I’d be more than happy w/2nd rounds picks for them. I feel like they’re not needed on this team, so just get something to say you got something. Even if its free slurps or tommy burgers for a week.

  • Yeah I agree he’s a really good backup unfortunately means Bust for him due to draft status but he’s extremely talented and in a limited role it shows up a lot more

  • A man can dream. I just made that up to show how agonizing the offseason has been for us.

  • I hear ya….but next week football starts, so that can hold us over till training camp 🙂

  • Lol style of play? Once curry got out of his feelings that’s all it took. Delli played cool defense but I’m not sure if it’s difference making

  • Norris Cole should be the top choice he is a better version of Ronnie Price Bryon loves those types of players the only thing is at what price

  • I think he just needs to be given a chance .. He one of those guys that needs attention give him playing time and a bigger role he act like a leader treat him like subpar average he will act like that and be a cancer to the team he is a risk but he’ll have a opportunity to shine in La

  • I gotta check up shaw out more to be totally honest idk too much about his abilities
    (Upshaw YouTube highlights here I come lol )

  • can’t we get Nash to consult the young guards? its the least he could do for taking money and not playing

  • Get rid of Robert Sacre and Ryan Kelly and sign Norris Cole and Dorrell Wright!

  • Roy Hibbert / Tarik Black / Robert Upshaw
    Julius Ranlde / Brandon Bass / Larry Nance
    Kobe Bryant / Dorrell Wright / Anthony Brown
    Jordan Clarkson / Lou Williams / Jabari Brown
    D’Angelo Russell / Norris Cole

  • That’s what a lot of different teams thought of him they all thought they can change him I think it’s better to bring him in for a role player position and if he shows up in preseason and training camp and either Randle or Russell struggle he could possibly be in the starting lineup

    Starting lineup IF Russell struggles and IF Beasley plays good
    Pg Clarkson
    Sg Kobe
    Sf Beasley
    Pf Randle
    C Hibbert

    IF Randle struggles the starting lineup

    Pg Russell
    Sg Clarkson
    Sf Kobe
    Pf Beasley
    C Hibbert

    My point is he has the talent to be a starter but he will need to outplay the rookies by a wide margin to earn a starting spot and I don’t think he’s mentally capable of doing that I hr has the talent but I don’t think he has the heart

  • How do u guys feel about
    Jae Crowder
    Luc Mbah Mboute
    And Ish Smith who I think is a solid backup with good defense and ball handling and one of the quickest guys in the nba

  • C: Tarik Black/Robert Upshaw
    PF : Brandon Bass
    SF: Dorrell Wright
    SG: Lou Williams
    PG: Norris Cole

    Not a bad bench

  • crowder? hes with the celtics. boy would i wish to have that guy :D. as far as PG’s go norris cole would be the best move the lakers done all summer. luc would be nice as well. but im guessing they want kobe to be the guy locking down the opponents lol ;D

  • Crowder resigned I think, Mbah Mboute failed his physical and was let go lol, and I honestly don’t know who Ish Smith is

  • getting norris cole and dorrel would be really nice but the front office are bunch of delusional retards. sorry. all they want is 1 diensional players. thats all they love 😀

  • C: Hibbert | Black | Upshaw

    PF: Randle | Bass | Nance

    SF: Bryant | Wright | Brown

    SG: Clarkson | Willians | Brown

    PG: Russell | Cole

  • Lol well damn. You should look up ish Smith’s highlights. That’s if they’re serious about another backup pg

  • Weather Russell struggles or not RANDLE MIGHT COME OFF THE BENCH WE GOT BASS But yea

    I would like to see
    With a heavy rotation of

  • Crowder is part of the Celtics’ future no way they’ll give him up. Mbah Moute signed with Sacramento. For Russell a veteran PG like Andre Miller or Luke Ridnour would be great. And we still need to fill the void at SF.

  • ryan kelly and sacre are apparently gonna be on the roster so thats completely fucked up 😀

    cole and wright would be amazing. starting wright would be the more logical thing to do than starting kobe.

  • Maybe they want Kobe’s defense and everyone else’s offense. Idk that’s not really how superstars work. But I think ish is better and cheaper than Cole

  • I know we’re in rebuilding mode but I’m getting tired of these one-year deals. Hopefully Hibbert and Bass will re-sign with us after next season.

  • Next in the rotation I guess
    But that’s the thing
    The Lakers will have to play everyone to contend
    Be deep … And as camp and preseason goes on find out who the team will play with in the (nba 2K impact 2x games lol) clutch games
    Prolly vets and proven rookies

  • cheaper yes better no way. cole is a great underrated pg. i wouldn’t be surprised if he took russels starting spot if he signed

  • Starting Wright over Kobe? I’ve learned to just not respond to your stupidity but some things I can’t pass on. God I can’t believe some of the things you type. Keep the stupidity going. Its about the only thing you are knowledgeable about.

  • You don’t think so? Smith is more of a traditional pg with significantly better handles and vision than Cole. Both are good on defense but Cole’s a way better shooter. I think overall Cole may be more consistent but that may be due to Smith’s lack of exposure.

  • Cole is a better all around player cole is better offensively
    Deli is just scrappy and was fouling a lot low key but not getting it called on him

  • I think I’d prefer Ridnour because of his shooting. I really hope they due pursue of sf though

  • not literally starting him over kobe. ur mis understanding, i mean move kobe to the 2 and make wright start at the 3 since hes a legit SF that could defend

  • Ohhh gotcha now that makes sense. I apologize. But you do say some crazy stuff lol.

  • Dorell Wright is still available. He’s not much of a force on offense but he’s a good jump shooter.

  • @joshhh thanks bro, no doubt Linsanity2 here we come. This smart Harvard grad took a Hugh cut in pay in pay so that there is more $$$$$ for MJ’s team to add on more elite players, he learn from Nobe when he took all of the cap space & got no max teammates. Lin took a pay cut, he’ll make it up with endorsements, he took in $25mil in endorsements last yr. MikeY

  • The Lakers Still have some pretty decent options at SF. Unfortunately There just to lazy and blind to realize that they actually need one :D.

    1. Dorrell Wright
    2. Glen Robinson III
    3. Landry Fields
    4. Austin Daye
    5. Shawne Williams
    6. Jeff Taylor
    7. Rashard Lewis
    8. Mikael Pietrus
    9. James Jones
    10. Earl Clark
    11. Hedo Turkoglu

    Jeff Taylor i believe would be a steal.

  • I like Landry Fields. But i think we should try to grab Norris Cole at PG

  • you wouldn’t have a problem at PG if you just started kobe at the 2 instead of complicating things. Cole would be great but hes obviously to expensive to get and the SF position is alot more crucial to get than getting a backup PG. Buycks could very well be the backup. hes a good enough to be a backup.

  • To me Kobe is a SF today. He don`t have the explosive to be a sg in a dynamic team. And we have no good SF available now (in my eyes).

  • @djjeremiahj:disqus you are wrong and @disqus_q9vFcM48kN:disqus is correct, Clarkson is a PG, he a scoring point guard like Westbrook, he never played SG in his life, he just started doing it with Lin and the Summer League to get better as a SG. I do not mean to repeat what Solomon wrote but Jabari is a natural SG. I heard recently some people were going around saying D’angelo just started playing point guard for a year and a half, I bring this information up because sometimes when I see him play I see more of a shooting Guard with him, but just like Harden he like to pass here and there.

  • 1994-95 Lakers:

    Nick Van Exel; 2nd season, Eddie Jones; rookie. There were only 4 players on roster over 30. Sam Bowie and Sadale Threat were the only two 30+ vets to play at least 60 games, around 21 MPG. Vlade Divac, Elden Campbell and Ceballos were all 25-26 years old. All the starters getting major minutes were a part of the Late Show youth movement.

    The west was very deep at the time also… David Robinson’s Spurs, Kemp and Payton’s Sonics, Drexler’s Blazers, Stockton Malone’s Jazz, Run TMC Warriors, Kevin Johnson Barkley’s Suns, and The Dreams Rockets who won the championship that season.

    The Late Show was in full youth movement development mode just like right now. They went 48-34 that season and won over 50 games in 95-96. In the 94-95 playoffs they bounced the Sonics in the first round but lost to the Spurs in the second round. Keep in mind Karl had Payton and Kemp, and they were winning 60 games a season back then as they were in the finals battling the Jordan Bulls. That said, If Kobe can stay healthy with Hibbert, Williams and Bass, this group has much more veteran presence than the Late Show did. I’m not saying they will duplicate the Late Show but it can be done. Again, all the arguments of why we should fail with the youth were there with the Late Show. Let Clarkson and Russell roll…

  • D’Angelo liked a picture on instagram of him posing with some kids. The kid who posted it said in the caption that D’Angelo said “fuck the Lakers!” How you all feel about that…

  • the lakers besides andre miller and cole options they also have, pablo prigioni, jason terry as options. pablo played good for the rockets in the playoffs and terry as well is pure steal

  • Sergio Rodriguez : One of the best point guards in FIBA basketball.

    Kendall Marshall would be nice as well.

    I would love the phil pressey pick up. Really has a feel for the game. The guy is all about team team team. super unselfish.

  • Lakers needs a starting PG. Russell is not ready and shouldnt be pushed into a starting role with alpha male Kobrick. Should have kept Ronnie Price.

  • Marshall was slow, can’t play D, but was a good passer and at times shooter, but overall he isn’t worth it coming off injury and he isn’t a real threat for a team, so pass

  • @joshhh U know something if the Fakers gave Lin max monies Lin would still not play for the Fakers not with Nobe & B Scott still coaching the team. For Lin $$$$ is no object he has more than enough just the endorsements alone MikeY

  • i think should sign dorrell wright or landry fields and sign option beasley,waive sacre right now

  • deli did good for a few games but after they scouted him he did not do well, there is a reason he was on the bench, just hustling for the ball does not make you a great PG.

  • I just don’t freaking understand the need to add another PG, Clarkson Lou will can play PG if needed. What the Lakers really need is starting material SF, please sign Dorell Wright with the $2.8 mil room exception.

  • i agree sign dorrell wright he good shooting and he can play both sf and pf

  • I don’t wanna sign some stiff to start over Russell in a season that doesn’t matter. I’d rather start Russell and give him plenty of minutes this season. This way we can see what we have and what Russell is (definitively. not 4 summer league games) .If he plays well, great. If he doesn’t we know what we need to do next off-season.

  • I think landry would be interesting but he is too short to play the 3…. Shoot what am i thinking hes 6’7. my bad

  • I think the Lakers want to add a veteran PG just for mentoring Russell, but I think Russell will start for sure.

  • the only reason NCole has any rings is because he was on a winning team, not because of his lackluster play, NCole belongs in the Dleague at most or at home where he is now.

  • So what kind of a deal did Bass sign? I still didn’t get the whole information.

  • daye? all he is pretty much just a shooter. i think jeffery taylor would be an impact player for the lakers. especially on D since hes got a big frame. robinson too i like.

  • Beasley makes perfect sense. His role will be to defend the opposing teams best wings & keep Kobe fresh on offense

  • Trade Young+Kelly x Jenning and Sing to Landry Fields / Ryan Hollins

    PG Jenning / Russell

    SG Clarkson / Brown

    SF Kobe / Fields

    PF Randle/ Bass

    C Hibbert / Hollins


  • lol. you do realize this is Beasley were talking about here :D. Jeff Taylor would be the definition of what you said not beasley. Beasley is gun and shoot guy with lazy as fuck on D

  • He’s got the size and speed, he’s not kwahi Leonard but he can be above average

  • They would have to waive more than just Sacre, We have 14 on the roster and 15 if Upshaw is going to be on the team. So to add Wright and Beasley, we would have to waive TWO players that are guaranteed money. Kelly is guaranteed 1.7 million dollars, they would not just piss that away. And Sacre is guaranteed almost a million. They need to TRADE them for a future 2nd round pick, not waive them.

  • I mean you google “brandon bass defense” and you get some good stuff. its a couple years old but descent.

  • lakers need to find a trade partner for sacre and ryan kelly and maybe even add in young if needed so that it could clear up cap space to sign a two way SF and an under the radar PG like phil pressey or norris cole. Maybe that haywood trade would be smart to do

  • Wolves, Suns and 3 stints with the Heat. No Thank You. A bust no one ever mentions.

  • We didn’t offer Hibbert one year, he just happens to have only one year left on his deal with the Pacers, Williams and Bass both got multi year deals. If Hibbert preforms this year, the Lakers will lock him up for multiple years.

  • Whatever the Lakers decide to do is fine with me because they’re my favorite team and they’ve won 16 championships.

  • cleveland are lacking shooters. young is something they would want if they dont resign jr smith

  • is mike miller still on the team? probably will resign JR smith. Shumpert can be a streaky shooter at times.

  • Sacre is currently ON the roster, so is Kelly and Young. There not gonna just waive them and eat their salary. Absent of a trade, we have ONE roster spot open, and it’s looking like Upshaw is going to get it.
    1 Roy Hibbert – Signed
    2 Julius Randle – Signed
    3 Kobe Bryant -Signed
    4 Jordan Clarkson – Signed
    5 D’Angelo Russell – Signed
    6 Lou Williams – Signed
    7 Brandon Bass – Signed
    8 Nick Young – Signed
    9 Larry Nance Jr. – Signed
    10 Anthony Brown – Signed
    11 Jabari Brown – Signed
    12 Terik Black – Signed
    13 Ryan Kelly – Signed
    14 Robert Sacre – Signed
    15 Robert Upshaw *** ( Offered deal but not yet signed)

  • If Cupshack feel he need add anutha center den why da nigga dont konsider Bynum? He avalable.

  • The point was he can’t stick with a team. He had 3 tries with Heat and they let him walk. Ariza signed major contracts, he wasn’t a bargain bin deal player.

  • what????? what article??? haha!!! r u blind. alll i said was there lacking shooters

  • don’t you have some other teams blog that your supposed to be on right now ? ………… No one on here give a rats ass about Lin or his groupies.

  • jennings, who is coming off an achilles tear? LOL. you’re almost as dumb as shhhit for brains joshhh.

  • IF we are looking at cheap centers: what do you guys think of Jeff Withey? 2 time Big 12 defensive player of the year (2012, 2013), 2nd team All-American 2013. Broke NCAA and Big 12 blocking records. He may be worth a chance. Never really given a chance.

  • Please, you make it sound like east coast teams don’t play west coast teams during the regular season…. STOP…. just STOP, Joshh, your flappen your lips before you engage your brain again.

  • The Inquistr article titled Lakers looking to trade 3 players. Funny how it mentioned J.R. Smith the same way you did. And the benefits of Brendan Hayward contract. Hmmm? Coincidence?

  • We actually need another point guard more than a SF, We have Kobe, Young, Anthony Brown, Larry Nance Jr can play the 3 &4, Ryan Kelly can play the 3 & 4, and Randle could even see some time at the 3.
    We only have ONE true point guard, Russell, Clarkson and Lou Williams can bring the ball up and set the offense, but are NOT court generals.

  • wha the fuck are you even talking about???? 😀 everyone already knew the haywood rumors from a while back. i was just re mentioning it. ur fucked in the head kid 😀

  • you dont have to say it. the position hes playing already is saying it for me 😀

  • u mad little boy? got ur feelings hurt cuz lakers will keep thier top 3 pick? its ok little boy 🙁

  • hasn’t taylor shot less than 40% the last 2 years? Also, tore his achilles in 2013 and was guilty of domestic abuse.

  • Just the opposite. With Kobe playing, more attention will be on him, thus allowing Russell to adapt without the brightest spotlight.

  • I think I’ve said something along these lines several times with a few people saying that no, Kobe was going to play SG, that Young was a SG and that we needed a SF. Nope, we needed a point guard. D’Angelo Russell is the teams only real point guard. Jordan Clarkson can play it, Lou Williams if put in the position to as well. Lets face it, those 2 guys are SG’s. So as Mitch stated, we need another point. Lets hope though that we can unload Sacre and Kelly so we can keep Upshaw and bring in another point.

  • You’re right, he’s also a restricted free agent and the Cavs can match any offer he gets. He’s holding out for more money, the Cavs would love to take him on at $2.8 million (The Lakers room exception)

  • I wouldn’t call him washed up. Despite not being athletic or anything like that anymore, he’s still a very skilled point guard who can do plenty to tutor these kids.

  • Did you complete ignore Mitch’s statement? Kobe, Young and A. Brown are the Lakers SF’s. Kobe is not playing SG anymore. He’s older, he’s slower and is still capable of guarding opposing teams SF’s.

  • Going with Larry Bird isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Bird was a very, very smart guy despite being a Celtic. As far as picking LeBron over Kobe, we’re talking 2 different guys at 2 different positions. LeBron is a SF/PF and Kobe was purely a SG during his prime years.

  • what people dont understand is that Kobe is a high volume shooter/scorer so what you need to do with guys like that is surround him with players that compliment him. Not guys like jordan clarkson. Russel is fine next to him cuz hes a pass first pg so its good. Jeffery Taylor would be the perfect player to put beside a Kobe Bryant because he compliments him on offense and helps him on defense

  • Kobe Bryant/Nick Young/Anthony Brown. Those are our small forwards. We don’t need a small forward, we need a point guard.

    SF: Kobe Bryant/Nick Young/Anthony Brown

    SG: Jordan Clarkson/Lou Williams/Jabari Brown
    PG: D’Angelo Russel

  • For those calling for Delli to be signed, forget it. He’s a restricted free agent that the Cavs would love to match the $2.8 million room exception on. Delli though is looking for around $5-6 million from the Cavs though and they don’t want to budge and give him that kind of money.

  • Sorry, can’t stand that guy. We don’t want LeBron’s reject. Rather have Noris Cole if a pg has to be signed.

  • Sorry, can’t stand that overachieving LeBron valet. Don’t bring him here. There is no one that is any good on the list. I heard Baron Davis is trying a comeback. That’s a veteran with a lot of savvy to teach the freshmen and sophomores. Sign him for a year. He should be good for ten minutes, but his value is in his knowledge of the position.

  • They’re not going to respect a sophomore. He’s still wet behind the ears.

  • Sad is right! I think Rubio might be available as Lavine is not going to be on the bench too long. Too much talent.

  • How would you know he would enjoy working with delli the most. He is nothing but an overachiever. A flash in the pan.

  • You hit the nail on the head. I think you’ll make a better scout than what we have!.

  • Baron Davis. Bring him out of retirement for a year at 10 minutes/game. He had a lot of rest so he should be rejuvenated.

  • We don’t need a vet to teach Russell. We already have Kobe, and Scott has shown he’s OK with PG development. I’ll tell you like I’ve tried to tell others, Nick Van Exel did not need a bench grooming period. Kyrie Irving had less NCAA experience than Russell as he only played 11 games at Duke. Kyrie started from day one after rehabbing his injury under Scott, his rookie season. He was a beast! Nick the Quick and Eddie Jones were allowed to grow together as young bucks starting with the Late Show. They won 48 games in a very tough western conference that season. No starter over 26. This is the time to let Russell and Clarkson take the first step as the future…

  • That’s just crazy! You said it yourself, Mitch: we only have Kobe (restricted to 25-28 min. per game and no b-2-b) and Young at SF and you want to add a center or a guard??!!

  • The Lakers have too many scoring guard but almost no proven floor general. They put too much faith in Russell and missed out on Rondo who is very cheap and can be signed for shorter term (reduce the risk of him going rogue).

    Hopefully Russell can improve as quickly as possible before the season starts but he admitting himself that he is a slow starter, I won’t put too much hope. It would be nice if he could win the ROY award.

  • Kobrick is a competitive no nonsense alpha male. He dislike softies. Russell better be prepared for that. Kobrick is not known to be a great mentor. He likes to win and he will not hesitate getting in your face if he thinks you are a weak link. I hope that I am wrong but Russell has yet to show us he can handle the PG role at NBA level. He’s only 19. It’s always better to let kids take more time before we put them under spotlight.

  • I’m all for that. If Mitch thinks Russell is the second coming of Steph, and that’s why the team drafted him, let him sink or swim.

  • I’m really disappointed in Jimmy and Mitch. This is not rocket science. We are not in a position to lure big fish but we have a huge opportunity with the youth. I know they have a deadline on getting us back into contention but you cannot force this, looking desperate like we are lately. Jimmy stuck his foot in his mouth with the contention proclamation last year. I’m pissed at all of them !! Jeanie needs to shut it with the micro managing reactionary. She’s not looking like she has a clue either. They all should have squashed any beef from the past and just went about biz, fuck the public pressure and all the sharks chirping !!! Dr. Buss warned them of this back in 2005. He also told them to stick to their gut feeling and stay together.

    The last two season’s have been miserable but again, we have a huge opportunity given the draft picks we’ve accumulated. This is the time to be solely focused on developing them RIGHT NOW! Get them on course and the big fish will come. And if they don’t, so what! We have youth that may become that. They did a solid job getting Hibbert, Bass and Williams. I wouldn’t be mad if they brought Price back as PG depth behind Russell and Clarkson. With Kobe at the 3, having Young and Brown behind him, we’re fine at SF also. The FO needs to stand pat with the roster we have, and just add a veteran PG for bench depth. That would put us at 14 roster spots filled. Let the youth grow on the fly and if we can make a trade in February, cool.

    This is the time for patience’s! Jerry West had it in 94, and again with the Warriors as he threatened to quit when they thought of trading Klay for a big fish. Let Russell and Clarkson GROW TOGETHER!!

  • I can’t disagree with Mitch here. Russell is not ready and should not he pushed into maybe minutes. Rebuilding is a big yes and likewise to letting prospects like Russell and JC grow but it is also true that the guards department needs some help especially when they believe Kobrick should run a bit less for his age and play more 3 role.

  • BTW did you see the huffingtonpost post on the Lakers’s rookies being asked about Kobrick? What they said validated my concerns about Kobrick since last season. Kobrick needs to play for the team, not the other way.

  • Russell is ready given the state of our team. We are a lotto team mind you. That’s the part folks seem to miss?!? Lotto teams roll with top draft picks starting. If they wanted a PG in front of Russell, they should have went and got Rondo as a rental. He was there for the taking. Since they didn’t, Russell is the starter. Plenty of PG’s have come into the league and started right away. Kyrie had less collegiate experience than Russell his rookie season in Cleveland under Scott.

  • We are no better than the Nuggets and they are rolling with Mudiay as the starter. The Celtics Let Rondo go for Smart. Orlando with Payton, The Bucks with a young starter in Carter-Williams. Again, we are a lotto team.

  • I get your point but Mudiay actually played very well and showed that he is ready. I hope that Russell can at least played like Smart, which is not a complement though. But never forget that we have the Kobrick factor here. Kobrick will not like it if Russell starts to concede a 4-5 turnovers each game. We may need an insurance, a seasoned PG like Ronnie Price, just in case Kobrick starts calling people charming again.

  • Yes, yes and yes Daryl. But you have discounted the Kobrick factor. Kobrick still wants a team who will make him look good, help his game and perhaps win some games with Kobrick making the last basket. Keeping Kobrick happy is a big factor.

  • Agreed, no better way to accelerate DLo’s growth than to just throw him out there every game and learn on the job, however Ronnie Price has gone to the Suns.

  • Get rid of Sacre & Kelly to open roster spots. Lakers in my opinion needs to add a veteran back-up C, a defensive SF & a veteran PG.

    Back-up C – Upshaw & Black are good players but are both still raw. Okafor,Sanders or Mcgee can be cheap options (still better than Sacre ).

    Back-up PG – Williams is not a PG, given the responsibility to run the offense nobody will touch the ball aside from him. Miller or Ridnour would be good options ( veteran leadership )

    Back-up SF – Kobe can’t play heavy minutes & can’t guard bigger 3’s. Young still a question mark. Wright, Prince, Fields, Daye, Jeff Taylor can be on the cheap.

  • Upshaw is heading into the D-League or done with the team.

    And we can’t get rid of Kelly and Sacre.

  • The LaMarcus Aldridge interview didn’t went so well.

    He’s speak with them eventually.

  • You need to read this
    “Lakers weighing signing additional guard depth, Mitch Kupchak unsure about Robert Upshaw’s future”

  • i think should sign dorrell wright or landry fields and sign option beasley because need sf player but if need sign bench Center LA Lakers Sign i hope sign Glen Davis or Kevin Seraphin

  • What you said is true only if you allow him to make mistakes. Will Kobrick has the patience for that? Will he be mentor in chief or the all me play for me dont fail me alpha male?

  • I’ve read rumors about brasilian PG from Barcelona Marcelinho Huertas(31) give a shot at nba as FA. great player, smart guy, pass first mentality. no doubt he is the choice in the market, the question is, how much he want’s to change leagues

  • We don’t need any more players, we need a new ownership group along with a whole new front office headed by Jerry West.

  • Mark my words: The Lakers will leave the team as is, and when they lose 8 of their first 10 games they will make a trade or pick up Dorell Wright/Beasley. By the time that happens we wouldve screwed ourselves out of a possible 8th seed. Kobe will play over 30+ min to try and compensate and hell get injured again……

    Im a huge Laker fan and Im absolutely sick on Jim Buss or whoever the hell is calling the shots on personnel

  • Im worked up over the stupid decision to go with Kobe and Young at the 3 spot and Williams, Clarkson Russel to make up the guard rotation and not trading Sacre and kelly.

    I dont think people understand that if we look like somewhat of a solid team this year, well get FA’s next year and can be in the running for a title. However, if we suck again, and we will with these rotations, we will not attract anyone.

  • Roll the young guys out and just play. Their development this season is really all we have to play for.

  • you really think teams are lining up to trade for sacre and kelly? it’s not that easy to trade players, bro.

  • If the lakers are planning for a western conference final in 2 or 3 years (not hanging around the 8th seed and exit in the first or second round like its neighbor), they should play Russell/Clarkson/A. Brown/Randle together more. By the end of the year, they will know if they got something or nothing with this core as their future.

  • They should play Randle, Russell, Clarkson and A. Brown together. Let them develop chemistry. After one year, the Lakers should know if this core can win or is a bust.

  • I dont see Kelly being an issue. I do see Sacre being of no interest to other teams, just like he is of no interest to us, however hes only $1mil.

  • it’s not that simple. the fact that you don’t see trading kelly to be a problem means absolutely nothing. ‘get this guy’, ‘trade that guy’… it’s not that easy at all. how old are you, btw?

  • I agree. We will most likely be the worst team in the league but it doesn’t matter if they make progress.

  • Get over yourself with the Kobe hate. Summer league is not the end all gage for what a player will do once the real games start. LeBron, KD, Curry, ETC… all struggled in summer league.

  • Didn’t know Price was gone but a vet of his caliber will do, as bench depth.

  • Did you see him with the Clippers last year? He looked out of shape. Let him go after his 10 day contract.

  • Maybe. I also remember how Jimmer Fredette lit it up in college. Why did he wash out?

  • It’s not hate, it’s criticism. Until Kobrick shows he is doing the Lakers some good in his twilight years, I will continue to be critical. About Russell, well, those are my observations, no one, not even Russell, knows how it will turn out until he actually plays. Until then, we all have a chance to be right until proven wrong.

  • I don’t care how they play offensively in the first year. But by playing together they will develop a defensive chemistry. Look at the warriors, individually they may not be great defenders; but as a team they always seem to have an extra man on defense.

  • I am all not sure what Mitch was implying if anything, but if Mitch is serious about getting a quality point guard at this stage in free agency i recommend Sergio Rodriguez since he has enough experience to start games and he can also come off the bench if needed. Plus he is 29 years old so not too young and not too old still in his prime and he played great last year and is looking to come play in the NBA. Sergio Rodriguez is like Spanish Steve Nash. If Sergio agrees to sign for the room exception that would be great.

  • Sorry brah but the way I see it, it is Kobe hate when you feel the need to constantly call him out of his name like that. I’m one who’s always been willing to be critical of Kobe and I’ve been called a hater often. I’ve never called him out of his name

  • Yes he is a superstar in Spain their is no way he would come without a major bidding war. Many NBA teams would also jump in the fray.

  • Lol 26, but chill dont go nuts telling me Im a moron, dont understand how this works and youve been watching the Lakers since the 60’s.

    I get it that its not that easy, but Mitch is a very talented GM regardless of how sick and tired some fans might be. I do believe he can pull something off, and regardless off what Im saying, theyve got to be nuts to roll with Kobe and Young at the SF spot. Pick up Dorell wright and sign a Vet PG….

  • The Lakers could be the new OKC if they develop the players properly. D’Angelo can be the James Harden of the Lakers if he gets stronger and learns how to draw fouls. Jordan Clarkson can become the Russell Westbrook of the Lakers since he is so fast and athletic. Julius Randle can become a Lamar Odom type player hopefully better though. Roy Hibbert can be a X Factor for the Lakers like Ibaka is for the Thunder. We have a old version of Kevin Durant and that is 36 year old Kobe Bryant.

  • Ognjen Kuzmic is now a unrestricted free agent now that the Warriors rescinded his offer. Good young big man prospect, needs to develop more though.

  • You have been called a hater, you disagreed and now you insisted I am one when I said I am not? LOL Classic. Take care.

  • Randle in my opinion has top 10 in the league potential. You just can’t teach that size and quickness. He actually reminds me of Harden in a way. No one can stop him one on one without fouling, just too strong.

  • I don’t know and I don’t really care to know. Even I have been critical of the Lakers, I am still a fan. Other than that, I have been supporting Spurs in the playoffs. Like their team concept and the way they play.

  • there will be the entertainment factor of watching Kobe fall on his bum, brick shots, frown and pout to the refs, and yell at his teammates. One couldn’t ask for more… Bring on this season! 🙂

  • Jerry West was quoted as saying DLO was the best player in the draft or was he just playing the Lakers?

  • got to see that. All I know is when Kobe starts being “the mouth” per Jordan Hill, someone needs to mouth back at him. If they can’t do that, they are soft as charmin.

  • Julius Randle has the potential to be the best player in the NBA one day i am just waiting for him to put it altogether and then watch him dominate for a full season. I have loved his flashes of greatness.

  • Yes indeed. Who the hell Jordan Hill thinks he is huh? Just suck it up like everyone else. Happy?

  • If i was a rival executive of the Lakers i would hype up a sure fire bust prospect and make sure the team is enticed enough to take that player if at all possible. I would talk crap about the great prospect and devalue him and hope the rival team picked the worst player possible. Jerry West is the Lakers rival now and has been the rival for many years no matter how much we love him and adore him as a Laker Legend. He works for the enemy and he has a piece of ownership with Golden State.

  • i read a article saying the lakers might trade young+sacre+kelly for haywood. that would create 3 roster spots since haywood is getting waived. plus around $8 million dollars under the cap to sign whoever they want or they could absorb a player in a trade also.

  • i read a article saying jt might sign overseas. otherwise he’s perfect we should sign taylor since he fits and plays defense on the wing.

  • Here is a list of good young small forwards still available.

    1. Glen Robinson iii
    2. Jeffrey Taylor
    3. Dorell Wright
    4. Christian Wood
    5. Glen Rice

  • Why would he like the picture if it wasn’t true? I would ask the kid to remove it if that were the case.

  • Free agency is pretty dried up right now. So the smart teams are looking for the next Hassan Whiteside or the next Danny Green someone who flew under the radar but has the talent to be developed into a great NBA player. They all want the gem player.

  • @TOMK777 My man this is still a free country if U don’t like my blog just ignore it & I’ll ignore yours too. Have a nice day, go out & have another smoke MikeeY

  • These are players that can potentially turn into something. My list below. Free Agents!

    1. JaVale McGee His shot blocking and athletic ability can help a team out.
    2. Cliff Alexander He has tons of potential as a rebounder and defensive energy guy.
    3. Glen Robinson Has potential to be a starter in the NBA, a young 2 way player.
    4. Mike James Showed excellent athleticism and a all around game.
    5. Kevin Seraphin Big guy that can fill a role on a NBA team.
    6. Dorrel Wright Journeyman player that can make 3 pointers and play small forward.
    7. Christian Wood Has some length and can score points. Has potential.
    8. Ognjen Kuzmic Big guy that plays hard on both ends of the floor. A project.
    9. Khem Birch Good shot blocker and he can get rebounds. No offense.
    10. Quinn Cook Can shoot 3 pointers and run a team. Someone might sign him.

  • I just got word Jeffrey Taylor signed a deal to play for Real Madrid. Also Christian Wood is signed by the Rockets. Add Alan Williams to my list instead of Christian Wood.

  • If the Lakers are looking for shooters then Glen Rice Jr. and Andre Dawkins are the guys they should sign up. I like both players ability to shoot the 3 pointers and make outside shots and actually Glen Rice Jr. drove it to the hoop more in summer league and he played excellent defense averaging 2.4 steals per game. Dawkins impressed me also. Both players can be a good 3 and D player for the Lakers.

  • We got that part long ago. It does not serve the criticism point in being applied redundantly like that.

  • Umm you obviously didn’t read that correctly. Bass can play the 3-4 much like lebron.. Meaning both versatile. Ever heard Westbrook playing the 1-2… That’s being versatile

  • Jimmer was a glorified, over hyped long distance streaky shooter…helps that he’s white too.

    Then again, you can’t expect much when you’re drafted by the kings. Certain teams kill dreams/potential.

    If the bucks would’ve kept him, he might be alright. Bucks needed shooters in the playoffs. If jimmer was on their current squad, he could be the Kyle korver, jj reddick, dunleavy jr, Anthony morrow, etc of the team.

  • i heard it quite correctly. bass in no way can pass, handle, or shoot the ball the way a 3 should. Westbrook is a top 5 player in this league and the ONLY guard in this league that can play where playing like that works and wins games.

  • I guess curry couldn’t play it? What about Jennings? Devin Harris? Lillard? Lawson? So many players that could play both man. And bass can play the 3 not many 3s shoot, dribble or pass that well.. Just saying his size and ability is versatile. Besides bAss played a lot in the 3 in Boston

  • how about we trade kelly sacre & jabari brown + 2nd rnd for chalmers + walker an then sign kevin seraphin (2.8) / PG SF C = good move for both teams ( 3 point shooting an depth for lakers ) ( cap relief + 2nd round pick an cheap role players on a t )

    (very underrated but good defensive starting lineup)

    Russell / Buycks
    Williams /
    Young / Brown / Walker
    Randle / Nance
    Seraphin / Black / Upshaw
    (Lots of bench iso fire power)

  • Better scoring? What were you watching? Led the CAvs during the finals? You’re insulting LeBron!.

  • What are doing here? You’re out of topic. This is sports. Do you know what that is?

  • Price would’ve been alright for what he brings at 1 mil. I’m sure he’s still available.

    whoever got Lin (can’t remember), got a good deal. Pretty cheap. Solid production as a bench PG. His stay in LA solidified his role as a bench PG. Not talented enough to be a starting PG…maybe in the east, maybe

  • That’s a very good lineup. Take out Buycks and we’ll have a 15 player roster.

  • unsign him, release or trade sacre, kelly & young – go for Jamaal Crawford and javale mc gee as they are still available

  • thanks an buycks is only there if we cant add someone else for the min as 3 string pg ( no pt )

  • They were so soft because they failed to help Kobrick win. Don’t buy those media spin too much.

  • Nah I don’t follow college players. And I don’t follow nba players based on race

    Just mentioned white because the media loves to showcase that. It’s like when a new rapper comes into the scene…he instantly gets compared or labeled “the next eminem”.

    When there’s an above average white ball player…the media hypes them up. Look at jimmer, a #10 pick. He was treated as a top 3 pick.
    In this draft, you have Frank the tank. I believe he’s a 4 yr grad. …so his ceiling is lower. Yet, he was treated as a top 3 pick by the media. He was taken around doing interviews and special shows with towns, oak, and Russell. When he was the #9 pick I believe.

    If a white ball player has hops…the media will let you know.

    So my point wasn’t “he’s white”

    My point was, he was over hyped, and I used the media as one of my arguments. To support my media argument…I brought up him being white.

    Simple simple simple

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