Lakers News: NBA 2K20 Current, All-Time, And Classic Player Ratings
LeBron James, Anthony Davis, NBA 2K20
NBA 2K20

The NBA offseason has reached its least interesting point when rosters — including the Los Angeles Lakers — are all but set but training camp won’t begin for a few weeks.

Luckily, basketball fans have the release of NBA 2K20 to be excited about as it will officially drop on Sept. 6, but all of the player ratings — whether it be current, all-time, or classic rosters — have been revealed.

As the Lakers will be good in 2K20, there’s obviously a ton of positive ratings towards both the current roster and any former rosters. All of the ratings for every current, classic, and all-time team can be found at Operation Sports.

However, here is a breakdown of the Lakers below:

All current rosters can be seen above with the Lakers roster beginning at the 6:18 mark of the video. As it has already been announced, LeBron James came in tied for the best player rating with a 97 overall while cover athlete Anthony Davis was just behind him at a 94. The team has a significant but expected drop off as Kyle Kuzma is the next best at 84, which some might even believe is too high for the third-year forward.

Every other healthy member of the team — DeMarcus Cousins is at an 81 — falls between 72 and 79 with JaVale McGee leading the pack and Jared Dudley falling in last. Overall, the team seems to be fairly rated. Danny Green at 77 is likely a bit low, but it’s made up for with McGee and Kuzma likely being overrated.

The all-time teams — one of NBA 2K’s best additions — can be found in the video above. At the 4:15 mark, the Lakers obviously have the best all-time team with 11 of the 15 members achieving a 90 overall or higher. It also features a whopping seven players — Magic Johnson (99), Kobe Bryant (98), Shaquille O’Neal (98), Jerry West (97), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (96), Elgin Baylor (96), and James Worthy (95) — with ratings above 95.

Only the Boston Celtics come close to the Lakers with five players over 95 and an equivalent 11 rated 90 or higher.

Every classic NBA roster featured on 2K20 can be seen above. The Lakers have seven classic teams in this year’s game which include: 1964-65 with West and Baylor, 1970-71 with West and Wilt Chamberlain, 1986-87 with Johnson, Abdul-Jabbar, Worthy, Michael Cooper, and Byron Scott, and 1990-91 with Johnson and Worthy.

The game also has three O’Neal and Bryant-based rosters with the 1997-98, 2000-01, and 2003-04 teams.

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