Lakers News: Pau Gasol Talks About Possibly Signing With Grizzlies
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Exactly one month from today NBA free agency will get underway with the fate of Pau Gasol hanging in the balance. Gasol will be an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career and is looking forward to prospect of receiving offers from teams around the league.

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Although re-signing with the Los Angeles Lakers is an option that Gasol will consider, many believe he’ll be headed elsewhere. Returning to the Memphis Grizzlies to play alongside his brother Marc appears to be possibility.

Gasol once again talked about possibly signing with the Grizzlies during a recent visit to Jerusalem. The veteran center said the following about teaming up with this brother, according to David Pick of

The Lakers center who’s soon to become a free agent mentioned the Memphis Grizzlies as a potential landing spot. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. When July 1 starts officially I’ll receive offers and calls from teams interested. From that point, I’ll examine all proposals and value what is best for me. Playing with (his younger brother) Marc would be really nice. I play with him every summer for the Spanish national-team, but joining Marc won’t be the only factor. Hopefully I’ll have offers.”

Along with talking about potentially signing with the Grizzlies this summer, Gasol also chimed in on the NBA Finals. The two-time NBA champion believes that the San Antonio Spurs are the team to beat due the depth of the roster via Pick:

On his NBA Finals predictions the Spaniard believes, “the San Antonio Spurs are favorites to win. The Spurs have a deeper team and are in a better position, especially after last year. They’ll come ready to beat Miami (Heat).”

San Antonio has also been mentioned as a potential destination for the Spaniard. A lot of uncertainty surrounds the Spurs heading into the Finals with Tim Duncan possibly calling it a career if the team wins another title or loses to the Miami Heat for a second straight year.

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The addition of Gasol would definitely be a smart move for the Spurs or Grizzlies. Both teams would bolster their frontcourt with the four-time All-Star in the fold, but it remains to be seen if either team will be able to land Gasol in free agency.

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