Lakers News: Quinn Cook, Avery Bradley Amazed By LeBron James’ Basketball IQ
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

With the suspension of the 2019-20 NBA season still in effect, the league and their owners are doing their best to ensure employees and players are healthy and remaining paid during the difficult period.

It is unclear whether or not the regular season will resume given the rising number of cases in the United States, but some are still optimistic that a resolution can be reached.

The timing of the hiatus was truly unfortunate for the Los Angeles Lakers as they were rounding into playoff form, especially LeBron James who had been playing exceptionally in the month of March. Without any games to play, James and the rest of the Lakers have been keeping busy working out and studying film as they are still focused on winning the 2020 NBA Finals.

Quinn Cook discussed James’ study habits and how his photographic memory has allowed him to be so effective against any opponent, according to Melissa Rohlin of Sports Illustrated:

“He knows everybody,” Quinn Cook said. “He could be last guy on the bench on the team, but he knows he’s left-handed, he’s a shooter, don’t go under him, he’s a driver, stuff like that. He pays attention to the game, he watches the game and he studies. He helps us get prepared just with his voice.”

Avery Bradley added that James knows every play inside and out and is able to execute them all at a high level:

“There’s a lot of play calls that I don’t know,” Avery Bradley said. “Me and Danny [Green] look at each other like, ‘What play is that?’ And LeBron knows where every guy is supposed to be, what you’re supposed to do, the timing of everything. His IQ is just crazy.”

Playing point guard has shifted James to his more natural position and he has exceeded expectations as he is almost always able to deliver the ball to the exact spot where his teammates are supposed to be on the floor. That ability to read a defense and make the correct play is what separates James from nearly every other player in the league.

Los Angeles still figures to be one of the championship favorites when or if the regular season does come back. In order for the players to get back into proper shape, some games would need to be played and hopefully, the pandemic situation passes sooner rather than later so teams are able to get the necessary reps in before the 2020 NBA playoffs begin.

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