Lakers News: Robert Upshaw Not Expected To Be A ‘Rotation Player’ If Signed
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

After Robert Upshaw went undrafted on June 25, the Los Angeles Lakers reached out to the troubled 21-year-old and ultimately were able to add him to the team’s NBA Summer League roster.

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Bringing in Upshaw appeared to be a smart move for the Lakers due to a low risk, high reward situation with the promising young center. There’s been talk of the team finalizing a multi-year deal with the rookie, but a contract has yet to be signed.

Recently, Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak talked about Upshaw’s status with the team and how he’ll be used in his first season in Los Angeles if ultimately signed, via

It’s unlikely that Robert will contribute to the team next year to win games. I think you know Robert and how he’s bounced around at the college level. He’s a player that we looked at in Summer League, and we’re continuing to have conversations with his representative. If we did something with Robert, it would be based on potential going forward. … We’ve made commitments to some rookies because they got drafted very high. But to look at a guy that wasn’t drafted and say, “This is a guy that’s gonna be in the rotation.” That’s not realistic at all.

Before Upshaw was dismissed by the University of Washington on Jan. 26, the second college program that parted ways with the center, the seven-footer was putting up some solid numbers for the Huskies.

Upshaw averaged 10.9 points, 8.2 rebounds and 4.5 blocks per game while in Washington and received a lot of recognition as potentially being one of the best centers in the 2015 NBA Draft. Unfortunately, off-the-court issues continued to be a major flaw of Upshaw’s leading to the center falling out of the draft completely with no NBA team willing to take the risk.

Although still a risk, Upshaw is a talented player with a potentially huge upside if able to stay out of trouble once officially playing on the NBA level. Upshaw may not be a rotation player right away for the Lakers, but he’ll be given the chance to prove himself during his rookie campaign even if it mostly with the Los Angeles D-Fenders.


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Sign him up to back up hibbert as hibbert can get in foul trouble at times

  • Mitch shut ur mouth and sign the kid. What the hell are you doing MITCH. This is again stupid shit the front office does.Sign the kid to a non guarantee contract . then you lay all this crap on him.

  • I thought Mitch would disregard the fact that Upshaw was not drafted and simply look at his potential going forward. If he can play now, he should be signed.

  • Really? So who the fuck would be the backup center? Sacre? Pff…don’t make me laugh! (I’d actually be crying)

  • I swear if Sacre gets minutes over this guy I will smack someone. Upshaw can give you a few good minutes a night. I still can’t believe they brought back Sacre’s trash ass. When they subbed Upshaw in to guard Okafor and Towns, he shut them down in Summer League.

  • So Mitch, we are going with Sacre over Upshaw. What in the hell have you been watching. This kid is better than Sacre come tf on man.

  • Can someone explain to me why many on twitter are mentioning lakers have picked up jr smith if anyone knows why? I cannot find any sources who have confirmed this.

  • He was awful in summer play and he was kicked off his last two teams so yeah, I am not exactly expecting him to play much.

  • My guess is Black will be playing C and the rotations will look like this. Sacre fucking sucks though, and Black is undersized and should play PF, but we have too many PFs that we would have to slide Black to play C like in Summer League. Upshaw should get at least minimal minutes each night, Sacre should’ve never been bought back. The FO must be getting paid by Sacre’s family or something, cause no reason he should’ve been brought back.

    C: Hibbert / Black / Sacre (trash) / Upshaw
    PF: Randle / Bass / Nance / Kelly (trash)

  • I wonder that kind of deal is he under with the Lakers. Otherwise,
    someone, I am sure would be interested at least on a minimum salary, and
    send him to the D league. Can’t the Lakers do that? why don’t they do
    it? I am sure that if you give him a fair contract, he understand he
    needs to spend some time in D league developing.

  • I know you can do it if you draft players but I think if they are undrafted they are only eligible for DLeague contracts. Meaning we would have to use a spot and assign them instead of stashing him.

  • Like 2 point something million, but many are saying lakers are signing him or have already

  • Might be a rumor or joke. I also don’t think 2 mill. would be enough for Smith, unless the Lakers traded

  • Upshaw looked good in the Summer league and the Lakers were the second worst team on defense last year so there is a need for a player like Upshaw who was considered a lottery pick until he was thrown out of two schools.

    No one knows what he did to be kicked out of Two solid college teams. I am sure the Lakers are concerned that he might be a clubhouse poison.

    Maybe he can go to the D league for a while and they can see what kind of a teammate he is.

    It could not be any worse then watching Andrew Bynum sitting at the end of the bench while Phil Jackson drew up a play at the end of a game.

  • I heard another team was interested in signing Upshaw, so if the contract is for the D League then I’m unsure we could get Upshaw. They should just let the kid play minimal minutes at least behind Hibbert and Black. Sacre is trash and still gets minutes here and there, and Upshaw has proven he can contribute on defense at least

  • I’m guessing back up C is Black, but Upshaw should still get minimal minutes behind Hibbert and Black, why the fuck should Sacre get minutes and how the fuck does he keep being brought back

  • My thinking is that Upshaw is in some kind of extended contract until season starts, and Mitch is just thinking that he would eventually trade kelly or someone and there you have another roster space for Upshaw. The reality is that even though Sacre has reached its ceiling, still a little better than Upshaw at least on offense.

  • Shit, forgot about Tarik. That’s my boy tho. I still don’t understand why they picked up Sacre’s option, maybe a for a trade in February? One can only hope.

  • I don’t know if you’ve seen Sacre’s offense, there’s a vine of him missing a wide open close shot. Sacre isn’t really solid on defense or offense, in my opinion. Sure, he’s another nice big body to clog the lane, but in my opinion it’s better to go with Upshaw who can contribute defensively. This team really doesn’t need anymore offensive fire power, we need defense, so Hibbert was a nice pickup (if he returns to the Hibbert in his postseason days), and Anthony Brown I think will grow quickly into the 3 and D player we need at SF.

    I’m also unsure if this team could make a serious trade since the only players the Lakers are willing to trade are Kelly, Sacre, and Young. Kelly I think would be a nice pickup for a team if he could actually hit the 3, but I think teams are uninterested. Sacre is another player I don’t think teams are interested in. And Young is a player who can score, but I don’t think teams want to take on the length (years) of his contract.

  • He is on an non-guaranteed contract, meaning we have his rights and no one else can sign him, but we can cut him and not pay him. contract become guaranteed at two different times of the season, his being in January if we kept him. If we want to let him play on the d-league team we can, but he would just count against the cap and roster # of the real team. If we signed him to a d-league contract, any other team can sign him to a real contract if they want to put him on the 15 man roster.

  • Agree. Sign him, stash him develop him. See if he can dominate d league and develop post moves.

  • The last time Upshaw played competitive basketball was last October. He’s been out of shape and “out of basketball” dealing with a long list of non-basketball ideas for nearly 9 months.

    He has potential. And could be a late bloomer like Hibbert, but the reality is that 30 GM’s passed on him, he’s out of shape, and isn’t a realistic option for the team AS OF October.

    I could see, however, that he’s stashed in the DLeague until February.

  • Yep. At the very least he should be a camp invite. He is a defensive presence and he sets good screens. And he’s huge! He’s raw, but there’s too much talent there to let it go.

  • Uhm…they already did sign him to a non-guaranteed two year contract. Unless that report was BS

  • I think the deal originally is a non guaranteed two year contract, I don’t think however the two sides have signed yet though

  • people dont get it, this dude can’t play in the nba right now. at this point Robert Sacre would be a better back up than Upshaw

  • Even if that’s the case, there’s no reason to let the kid go. Sacre shouldn’t be here regardless, we’ve seen nothing good from him over the years. With Hibbert and Black logging up the majority of the minutes at C, Upshaw could get those very minimal 3rd string C minutes. However, I think Sacre will get those minutes as 3rd string C for whatever reason, but the point is we wouldn’t be relying on Upshaw to get big minutes for us, why not sign him.

  • They rather keep Sacre?….Somebody in that Crazy FO likes Sacre (for reasons unknown)…Got Jim Buss finger prints all over it…..That FO needs a Real strong ENEMA….Somebody that knows Talent needs to be sitting in that FO…..

  • What exactly is the downside if he turns out to be a bust? Do they really need to hold onto the $900K (or less) cap space he’d take up if they signed him now? However, I bet Mitch is keeping a reserved attitude about keeping him because for him to leave on his own accord could be seen as him washing out of yet another program. Oh, and another thing, undrafted players is what we have to work with since we’ve given up so many draft picks. So, we should all get used to it.

  • I dont like this – you make decisions based on what you see from the player, not his draft position. Tarik Black was similarly undrafted but he was able to come in and do well for the squad last season. Don’t be so presumptive Mitch

  • Yeah it’s stupid, he basically said yeah our rookies will play because we drafted them high, Upshaw won’t because he was undrafted. He has one of the highest ceilings in this draft.

  • Just sign the kid !! 12-15 on roster don’t get very many minutes anyway. Why even state this Mitch?!? If you’re trying to lower his stock you’re going about it wrong. Other GM’s are no longer that stupid, and someone will take a long term chance on this kid. Just sign him and allow him to develop at whatever pace! It’s low risk high reward. If he does not workout we release him. Shit, in the past the team rarely carried 15 players.

  • Why can’t they just put him in d league if he is not in the rotation. If he sucks no harm no foul. Scare has no potential at all Upshaw has some.

  • Agreed except draft position matters at the top of the draft. #1 and #2 get just under 6 mil a season for 4 years. You better believe something is expected of that 24M dollar investment.

  • i have to agree here why not sign him? upshaw took on towns and okafor and had a decent shot too. i would sign him so we keep him just let him develop down in dleague until maybe jan. or feb. then bring him into the roster and trade sacre and kelly. we all hate sacre!

  • hibbert-tarik-upshaw

    obv he is a project, 3rd string for now, lakers FO wants him to work hard and earn money, not to soke weeds

  • I’m really confused cause many people on Twitter are saying Lakers have signed Jr Smith to a 2 year 6 million deal I really hope it’s true cause then that means Nick Young will be out very soon anyone know if it’s true?

  • Sort of agreed, but we have way too many PFs (Randle, Bass, Nance, Kelly (trash)) for Black to get minutes at PF.

  • if we lose upshaw and keep kelly and sacre i am gonn have some serious issues with the Lakers management FO whatever you want to call them!

  • So bass and Black as backup off the bench I believe both 6’9 our bigs will get owned by other bigs

  • That might be a rumor or lie. Only kids on twitter are saying that, no article or nothing is talking about that

  • i would say keep swaggyp and smith and drop that bum sacre and kelly too.

  • Well Black plays bigger than his height, not sure who will come off the bench with Black, either Randle or Bass, but to be honest Black as a backup C isn’t a bad solution. He played well at C last season and summer league, I’m just tired of Sacre and will be really mad if he gets minutes over Upshaw

  • Swaggy P, Lou will and jr smith would either be the greatest bench or the worst disaster ever lol

  • Willams/Smith/Young could easily all drop 15+ points on any night it would be scary maybe that’s what Mitch is trying to do?

  • I seen Upshaw can actually shoot fadeaways lol Sacre is the defensive god though Mitch will never replace him
    He’s luke Walton reincarnated

  • Im not knocking black game but what if hibbert gets in foul trouble then he guards center like jordan gobert howard cousins then what?

  • if they even put sacre on the court i hope every laker fan at the arena Boo’s until he leaves. LOL

  • nick and williams yes but why bring in jr smith? we need a good SF with experience not another SG.
    so far all these guys can play SG Kobe clarkson russell j brown williams nick young jr smith. 7 guys to shoot the ball?

  • F*ck that sh*t his ass better get traded soon or they gonna lose some tv views. i dont wanna see stupid ass sacre on the court period.

  • Mitch needs to stop with sacre he sucks!
    what does he see even?
    my god…..

  • Robert Upshaw as he sits right now not conditioned or out of shape or “raw”
    he is still 1000x better than robert suckcre.

  • Young is a SF not a SG and Smith can play SG and SF there isn’t any good SF left in free agency

  • That’s because he is so badly out of shape and looked even less effective than a d leaguer, no other teams want him.

  • At this point, I would say that Upshaw has a higher ceiling than their late first round pick Larry Nance jr. But mitch is saying that because they took nance in the first round, they owe him a spot in the rotation.

  • I suspect that this will happen. The league changed the roster rules last week and allow for 4 players additional players to be signed and stashed in the Dleague. The team keeps a 15 man roster, but has have the exclusive rights to 4 additional players in the DLeague. I think Bucyks, and TMitchell are good candidates for this too.

    To me, Robert is too far out of shape to be a legitimate concept. Keep in mind that he his last Basketball Conditioning was last October when he got kicked out of Oregon. Since then he was depressed and partied, he went to rehab, had a medical scare, and was being flown around the country for workouts.

    Upshaw’s gotta get into basketball shape and pass his first “I want to be in the NBA test.

    Once that happens, he can be assigned to the DLeague, and eventually pushed up to the NBA level when he’s ready. Much like Hibbert, I see no reason why Upshaw can’t be a dominant force at 26 — 4 years from now.

  • I’d take a badly conditioned Upshaw for 10-15 minutes a game over Robert Sacre any fucking day, stop being a fucking clown Mitch and sign him. Or shit will get pretty ugly for you.

  • To me, Mitch is letting Upshaw know that he has to work and earn a spot. We all saw Upshaw in SL. He’s a legit NBA player…. He’s a rookie, but there is no doubt as to whether or not he can play in the NBA. He looks very promising however.

    I’m sure Upshaw — at the least — gets a training camp invite. It’s possible that Upshaw got an offer, but it was contingent that he gets in shape, competes in training camp and makes the final roster. THEN he gets the partially guaranteed contract that was rumored/reported.

    IF Upshaw is serious about changing his life and being an NBA player, it’s not hard for me to think that he could get in shape, and beat out Sacre by November 1…. But it’s all on Upshaw.

    And, in defense of Mitch, Upshaw should be a #3 center this year, and by design any #3 center “shouldn’t be in the rotation” or even suited up.

  • Panic panic panic….

    Is it possible that Upshaw is the one that is holding up the deal? Let’s see….a contract is offered to Upshaw but yet to be signed. Folks how did you come to conclusion that Mitch and the Lakers are the ones holding up the deal?

  • The league changed the Dleague poaching rule last week.
    The team can assign 4 players to the DLeague and retain their full rights.

    They kinda made a Baseball Farm system where guys could be “stashed” for a while and not count toward a roster space. — It’s only for “new” contracts signed this year and after however; a guy like Kelly is under the old system and can’t be stashed. =-(

  • then get smith but tell him he needs to play defense at the SF position. we dont need anymore shooters we got it covered already. our team is stacked i dont care what anybody says. i feel that if we play the right way we will make the playoffs.

  • for the other team. they can score alot if they come off the bench for russel clarkson and kobe. 3 in and 3 out! YEAH! we can also do this sign upshaw and when randle and hibbert rest bring in black and nance jr or upshaw and bass. we have options too with anthony brown jabari brown not so much with sacre or kelly tho…..

  • I do think that we will see a big change in Sacre after training and playing against HIBBERT, he will learn a lot, I don’t believe the Lakers never really worked hard with him, or any special help.

  • tell em bro. we tired of that bum robert sacre he is worse than kwame brown.

    luke walton and mark madsen did more than this fool sacre does….

  • I disagree… To me, oddly enough it might be a good fit for the Lakers. A kinda weird fit, but one that provides enough balance to start the season. And Smith might be willing to take the $2.8M exception as 1-year deal.

    While JR is a Shooting guard, he can also be an effective ball handler. Combined with Clarkson, I think the two could work together and be a bit interchangeable in the process. Williams and Russell can come off the bench as needed.

    And keep in mind, that Russell is expected to be the starting ball handler as soon as he’s ready (February?).

    Until January:
    PG: Clarkson / Russell
    SG: JR Smith / Williams / JBrown
    SF: Kobe / Young / ABrown
    PF: Randle / Bass / Nance
    C: Hibbert / / Black / Upshaw

    It may only be a rumor, but it’s not a bad one.

  • Did you ever stop to think the LAKERS are not telling us everything they never do.

  • if we sign him expect no nba finals playoffs wins and dont expect a pass a rebound or anything like that either. dumbest player ever. actually he’s tied with kendrick perkins they so stupid! like that dude otto porter

  • Upshaw will most likely be 3rd string behind Hibbert and Black. But I like this kid. They have to sign him and see how he does in training camp and pre-season.

  • thank you for not putting sacre on that list!
    ive had enough of that bum already.
    can anyone say emergency trade? or just waive him forget the money $

  • agree there hibbert 1st, 2nd black, and 3rd upshaw but gotta get rid of sacre too.

  • Maybe the lakers are afraid that Upshaw might faint on the floor judging from how out of shape he was during summer league.

  • I don’t know my grand children are about you age and they like him. But I am sure they know more about BB then you do.

  • i think if he plays 50 % in dl and 50% in the league before the all-star break maybe post all-star he can avt 15 min a game 3 points, 4 rb, 2.5 blks a game.

  • Haha is is dumb. But he’s extremely athletic and if we can get him to be defense first and back up Hibbert that would be legit.

  • You do know Mitch is still working on getting one more CENTER , I will ask him to check with you so you don’t get any more TRASH , it really funny how some people through that word about , with out knowledge of what they say.

  • Why does everybody ride mitch and buss? They won 2 of 3 championships. Everybody gave jim crap for drafting bynum. That was a great move. Mitch gets us gasol and would have had paul but other owners knew how great the lakers would have been.. plus drafted gasols brother. Give them a chance to rebuild. What move would y’all geniuses had made and be realistic because the other team has to agree to the move. I have been reading for a long time and never committed until the other day. Some of y’all drink way to much koolaide.

  • He should be signed even if he can’t play in the nba right now. Kid has too much going talent wise to let him get away. Sign him and down to the D league for now.

  • 29 GMs because the Clippers didn’t have a pick! 🙂 Unless you count the Clippers not reaching out to him when he went undrafted, in that case you can say 30.

  • 2.8 mil I think. He walked away from 6.4 million player option and no one had offered him anything so he is not too bright. After that finals performance he should have opted in.

  • The LAKERS owned the rights to MARK GASOL, they had drafted him but let him play with the Spanish team, and then traded for his brother PAU is how mark ended up there.

  • Why does Robert “No Talent” Sacre always get the benefit of the doubt and winds up being the backup C? Having Upshaw ahead of Sacre in the dept chart should be a no-brainer but then again these are the Lakers we’re talking about. Sacre must be related to Mitch somehow….I’m convinced! =p

  • Upshaw is the kind of player you sign and develop. Risk sure but his size and arm length can’t be taught.

  • I know he was part of the trade. but my point was they drafted him or acquired him some how. these guys aren’t just bottom of mlll. They have produced championships. Sure they make mistakes everybody does. But they have put some smiles on a lot of laker fans.

  • I hope they get this kid signed. Mitch better do this. If you can give sukray a contract then this kid is a no brainer.

  • But if Upshaw can stay out of trouble two years from now he will be ten times better than sukray. So you need to sign him and develop him.

  • So if that’s all they have to work with when you get one with his talent you sign him.

  • I honestly think the Lakers have a positive plan for this kid. As Mitch said “But to look at a guy that wasn’t drafted and say, “This is a guy that’s gonna be in the rotation.” That’s not realistic at all.”

    This simply means that you do not “expect” great things like Tarik Black who went undrafted but cracked the rotation. Sacre is a decent backup but Upshaw has more potential.

    I think they make him work for the contract as they have leverage over him right now. I mean everyone was afraid to take a chance on him after being dismissed from two programs. Yes it is a gamble but he will be on the training camp roster. Eventually he gets his contract, starts the season in the D-League. He gets back into competitive game shape and by Christmas he will be challenging Black for backup minutes over Sacre if Sacre is even around by then.

    Rotation Options 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
    C Hibbert (25Mins)|Black(10) |Upshaw(10) |Bass (3) |
    PF Randle(20Mins) |Bass (17) |Nance Jr (10) |Black (3) |
    SF Bryant (15Mins) |Young(20)| A Brown(10) |Nance Jr (3) |
    SG Clarkson(20Mins)|Bryant (10) |Russel (5) |Williams (13) |
    PG Russel (20Mins) |Williams (15) |Clarkson (10M) |J Brown (3) |

  • sign upshaw and have him play into game shape with the d-fenders while working out with jabbar to learn how to use the sky hook and to also work with hibbert to help each other get better plus teach upshaw to shoot better free throws and to pop from three since scott now is runnin g a system that brings out the center to three…if your center cant hit from 18 and beyond it allows the defense to cheat…now gasol would have been great under scotts system…but we didnt have scott prior to gasol going which is another blunder by jimmy…

  • If you carry 15 players he can be with the team, the trainers can push him to get in shape. And then have Kareem work with him. This kid if he pans out brain wise as far as staying out of trouble he will be a pretty good center.

  • furthermore while keeping upshaw the lakers need to trade young and sacres for a true small forward and hopefully at least a future pick…

  • You said the d league rules for “stashing “changed. Do the Lakers if they signed Upshaw to a deal have the option to send him down while retaining his rights? Can they do it with a d league contracted player? Thanks.

  • Yeah could be he wants some guaranteed money or more than Lakers offered. Just don’t screw around and let another team up and sign him.

  • Damn i was hoping the Lakers were gonna make a move for Perry Jones. Celtics got him for basically nothing

  • LOL Mitch is a mastermind. This is chess not checkers. Before signing Upshaw he was saying he wasn’t in condition, barely an NBA player, etc.

    Next day I see “Lakers sign Upshaw to multi-year contract”


    He’s probably just using reverse psychology to get Upshaw to put in the work






  • Of course they are not telling us. If you made as many mistakes as the Lakers’ FO, would you admit to all of them?

  • I defend the FO avidly but they are looking too indecisive. Just close the deal with this kid. We don’t need to hear all of these particulars. It’s a given he’s a long shot project.

  • Reasons unknown? Ok, I’ll let you in on one of the reasons: Sacre is a great locker room influence. He is a professional when a lot of other players act like children.
    Do a search for the Hibbert-Boozer fight. Watch that video all the way through to the end. Boozer had four teammates on the court. Only one of them made any serious attempt to get him out of the fight. Boozer was acting stupid and hurting his team, and even shrugged off one of the assistant coaches who was trying to grab him. It was Sacre who pushed him back to the bench.

  • Roy Hibbert – 12.6 PPG 9.8 RPG 1.9 APG
    Julius Randle – 13.8 PPG 7.7 RPG 2.6 APG
    Kobe Bryant – 20.1 PPG 5.2 RPG 4.7 APG
    Jordan Clarkson – 15.5 PPG 4.1 RPG 4.1 APG
    D’Angelo Russell – 14.6 PPG 5.0 RPG 7.6 APG

    Tarik Black – 6.2 PPG 6.9 RPG 0.5 APG
    Brandon Bass – 7.4 PPG 4.2 RPG 1.1 APG
    Nick Young – 11.9 PPG 2.2 RPG 0.9 APG
    Lou Williams – 10.8 PPG 1.9 RPG 3.5 APG

  • There is some logic in putting Nance in the rotation. He is a first round pick, so they have to pay him.
    I don’t see that Kupchak is saying that they ‘owe’ him a spot, rather he is saying that it makes good sense to try to develop him, because they are stuck with him

  • Well at least they will be a high scoring team with those stats (almost 112 per game) more than any other team last year. 🙂 Not sure that’s realistic but anything can happen.

  • Sacre not a decent backup. Upshaw is already an upgrade from Sacre. Plays waaaaay better defense

  • He very much held his own vs Jordan and owned Gobert like three times in one game and out scored him

  • I heard gobert putting work this off season so lets see this season.. but its still hard to score on Jordan inside at 6’9

  • 5 championships in 15 years, been to the Finals 7 times in the last 15 years, and the most profitable team in the NBA.

    I’ll take this “dysfunctional” franchise any day of the week.

  • agreed. don’t listen to shhhit for brains joshhh. he’s a pistons fan who can’t stay off the lakers’ site.

  • Looks like Mitch wants to add another veteran from the free agent market.

    But this guy has too much potentials.

    How about focus on trading Sacre and Kelly? Just sign him already. Let him play in the D league and gain some experience.

  • The Lakers made a good decision to sign Upshaw for summer league. He did what he could. Played physical tough defense, set some hard picks, and even displayed offensive moves. Seriously! If someone who knows basketball potential saw the summer league Upshaw would be picked a head of Black. Randle, and Nance. Black is to short for 5, from how he was utilized doesn’t possess skills for 4. Randle is offensively challenged. Can’t go to the right and finish. The one game he scored the Lakers played him on right side of offensive set. He was able to go left, and finish better. When on the left side he would dribble to the baseline, and get shut off. When he went right he went well except he would attempt to finish with his left hand. He never was able to square up. Same problem a right handed qb has rolling left. Nance is active and athletic but what offensive skills? Upshaw is 7ft and long arms. He did not back down from Townes or Okafor. He was physical. Remember hard fouls he committed? You can’t teach height. You can’t coach natural competitiveness. Upshaw might be the acron the blind squirrels Buss and Kupchak found. Now instead of signing him and getting him with there trainers they’re screwing with the kid’s confidence. Stupid! Unless Upshaw has screwed up off the court, and it hasn’t been reported.

  • I thought he was one of the Laker Girls with all the cheering he does on the bench…Im not impressed with his game.

  • He was checked out, doctors ruled he was fine, it was just a precaution. He has a substance abuse issue, but no heart issue.

  • Unless Kelly can add 25 pounds, then he would make a decent stretch 5, as he has an outside shot. Scare should be traded for a 2nd round pick like yesterday.

  • If they don’t sign Upshaw, and he ends up going to another team that develops him, and he becomes a shot blocking monster/starter it will be the SECOND time that has happened, Whiteside came and tried out for the Lakers, and they let him walk, only to have him land with Miami, as their starting center, as a top shot blocker per game. Something the Lakers desperately could have used last year.

  • I think sacre is secretly banging Jeanie buss are something!!!! WHY IS HIS ASS STILL A LAKER?

  • I hear him share what he is doing to make up for his past immaturity . And it’s a more mature approach than I have ever heard from a player with a messed up background.. His head is on straight ..please show this big man some love! He really is doing all he can to get it right.

  • This is puzzling, already Upshaw has shown more potential than Sacre and they have given Sacre 3-4yrs. now and he has only improved marginally, unless they are counting his cheer leading talent, if the Lakers pass on him someone will pick him up and the Lakers will miss out again, don’t really understand what this FO is doiing or thinking, very puzzling !!!!

  • Lakers need Players……He can be a mediator without taking up Cap Space….

  • Only reason for Kupcake to make these comments is if Upshaw or his agent are holding out for more money or longer deal. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s his agent.

  • WTF Lakers’ FO? You guys got a lower lottery pick talent fall into your lap. It’s a no brainer. Sign him for the league minimum and develop him. Good lord. Biggest no brainer in the history of the world!

  • His bench cheering doesn’t take away from the fact that he (Sacre) played relatively decent garbage minutes on a garbage team by filling a very badly needed role (interior defense). Nobody said he’s a superstar, but he can fill in when needed.

  • I really don’t understand everyone’s HATE for sacre. He’s a big strong 7 footer who doesn’t take bad shots. Is a decent low post defender. Is pretty cheap. Still young. Great attitude. Just has fairly low potential. It’s not like he made a ton of mistakes last year that cost us a championship or something, and it’s not like he’s the reason we’re not able to get a championship this year. Be more practical. The guy’s not bad and Upshaw’s not ready.

  • What in the actual fuck are we doing!? Hassan Whiteside ring a bell!? The way Upshaw shut down Towns in his first SL game, Reggie Miller referred to him as “that man”. Even he knows what Upshaw is capable of. If the Lakers think Sacre is a better option, they are more delusional than I thought. If they let this man slip through their fingers (just like they did with Whiteside), then the entire FO needs to be fired, because they clearly can’t identify talent in big men.

  • “We” as in damn near all of Lakers Nation. But, since you are so hell bent on defending Sacre…I’d like for you to name one facet of on court basketball in which Sacre is better than Upshaw. Take your time, you’re gonna need it!

  • ok…I went to Vegas and watched him in Summer League. He had a “couple of moments” where he blocked like 2 shots in a row one time and three the other, but most of the time looked really lost out there. I went to Vegas to watch him especially, because I think he could have a future, but my feeling is he hopefully stays with us but will be a D Leaguer this season, and up in case of an injury. If Sacre is going to be the towel waver, I wish they would give the towels to Upshaw

  • Yeah definitely, I was impressed with Tariks skills as a rookie and an undrafted one at that. But he definitely needs conditioning and probably is was mute effective at pf but don’t knock his ability bc of his size he’s a bruiser

  • I understand Mitch but this still pisses me off..I hope we sign SF like KJ Daniels or Tyrus Thomas and Upshaw and call it a day shit

  • Wow some of you need to STFU because we all don’t know what is happening with the FO and him behind the scenes. You also have to question Upshaw work ethic and focus on basketball because the dude came his first practice of the SL out of NBA shape.

  • Big UP, Robert Upshaw is what Kobe needs. A shot blocker, rim protector. Plus Big UP got moves 2, the cat is 7’0″, 21 yo. Robert is the PERFECT Laker Big – Love the Big UP he got “fight” in him, put Big UP into line-up CUZ Upshaw will bring Lakers many, many rings. PUT me in coach . . .(182) – Best

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