Lakers News: Roy Hibbert Determined To Make An Impression In L.A.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Veteran center Roy Hibbert had a rough year in his last season with the Indiana Pacers. The team was torn apart by injuries with star forward Paul George going down before the season began and Hibbert struggled to play up to his potential.

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Ultimately, the Pacers decided to go in a different direction this summer and traded Hibbert to the Los Angeles Lakers for nothing more than a second-round draft pick in 2019.

It was somewhat of an ugly divorce with the Pacers for Hibbert and now the two-time NBA All-Star appears determined to prove his worth with a fresh start in Los Angeles. Hibbert has already embraced his new surroundings, changed his diet and lost 16 pounds, according to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell:

With the Lakers sporting a revamped roster of young players and veterans, Hibbert will have an opportunity to prove he’s still an All-Star caliber talent. The 28-year-old will be the starting center right out of the gate for Los Angeles and should instantly improve the team defensively.

In 76 games with the Pacers last season, Hibbert averaged 10.6 points, 7.1 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game while shooting 44.6 percent from the floor. The veteran center was impressive from the free-throw line with a career-high 82.4 percent from the charity stripe.

Although not a great rebounder nor incredibly efficient from the floor for a center, Hibbert is still a considerably upgrade in the paint for the Lakers. If he can return to All-Star form next season, Hibbert will be a steal for Los Angeles and potentially the team’s center for many years to come.


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        1. Can you imagine Lou, Swaggy P and JR Smith in the same team? How many balls would you need to play with?

          1. Naw, all I’m saying is that it was up there and that it wasn’t voices in my head

    1. I doubt it. If he is going to sign for little money he can stay with the Cavs and get a ring. The Lakers would not offer him a multiple years contract either.

  • Roy will surely change things for the Lakers next season. Having such as great rim protector and force in Offense will open things up for the rest (Much better than what we had last year, just look at some tape from Roy and you will see).
    I think it gives them a lot of flexibility with the rest of the roster. You can play three guards Bass and Hibbert, you can play Russell, Clarkson, Randle, Bass and Hibbert, you can post Kobe in isolation, same as Randle. you can go short with Bass or Black as center.
    The key here is how do we shoot from outside, how do we take advantage of those open shots the guards will have. If they make them, we can really compete.

    1. Don’t forget Hibbert is a really good free throw shooter as well that’s a plus

      1. This season we have plenty of guys that can do what we need, you don’t have to worry when you put anyone in the game.

        1. Mitch gave Scott the tools and will do his best to help with trades.

          We’re about ready to find out how good Scott’s coaching ability is. He’s got to help guys grow, motivate, find match ups, and make use of his entire roster every night.

          I think he is good enough to get us to the playoffs…. Championships, not so much.

    2. One thing about the Lakers this season, all the guards can shoot, and if one has a problem we have back ups that can.

        1. I do I do. Hey have u seen my buddy # 17Rings? He’s been trolling lakerboards 247 and he’s not answering his phone… Thx

          1. LOL. you should change your screen name to “lakersrunLA”, since your constant and consistent presence here only underlines that fact.

          2. If the Lakers beat the Clippers ever again, I’ll consider it. 7 straight and counting my friend 🙂 Also keeping a sharp eye on #Russell this year…you think he’s going to be a starter or come off the bench?

          3. on second thought, stay a clipper “fan”. you guys are so hung up on regular season success (who needs a championship, right??), so it fits you like a glove. just stay on your own team’s boards. oh, and russell will be the best PG in los angeles very soon, just you watch.

          4. Looking forward to seeing #Russell this year. He doesn’t look athletic or fast enough for the NBA but we’ll see.

          5. what’s with the hashtag before his name? keep celebrating those regular season wins.. they mean so much.

    1. Why do we need him, were doing just fine with what we got, we will know more by all star game.

    1. If hibbert and kobe can step up their games to old days.
      And the rookies get on the ball and learn quikly we might have a chance at something.
      Whether it’s playoffs what seed who cares. We just need to get our foot in the door first.

      1. Sneaking into the playoffs will take 45 wins.

        I think 45 wins is possible. A .500 ballclub gets 41 wins…..

        1. Need to start the season strong. Can’t dig ourselves an early hole like we have the past two years.

      2. Hibbert is a great addition but Kobe most likely will not make it through the season but even if he does, he will be the same low % shooting (throwing bricks) team killer. Once Kobrick is gone for good, the Lakers will come back strong.

  • Hibbert is one of the truly excellent rim protectors in this league, and he is saying all the right things. Doesn’t expect a huge role on offense, considers turning the defense around his main job. It’s great to hear and I’m expecting big things.

    1. Between Scott, Hibbert and Kobe, the team should have a defensive identity next season. Buy in from Clarkson and Randle would be huge!

      Hibbert averages 28 minutes per game…. And I doubt that will change.

      I am a bit worried about the other 20 minutes of Center contributions. Black isn’t a reassuring backup option at the moment. Mitch’s words kinda kill the Upshaw option to start the season. And then there’s Sacre….
      – It’s a bummer we lost Davis.

      1. should have kept davis and traded kelly and sacre i really liked ed davis. He actually did something unlike robert suckscre.

      2. Agreed on Davis. I think Tarik is alright and could make some good steps this year. I’d like to see Nance put some pressure on him, because in this small-ball league Nance can play some center. Upshaw definitely looks raw.

      3. Don’t laugh but we still have SACRE and after watching HIBBERT and playing against him in practice just might be the thing he needs to wake up and start protecting the RIM.

      4. JT, that makes 2 of us, I just don’s see what they see in Sacre or Kelly and it doesn’t sound to promising for Upshaw but I’m willing to bet that if they do pass on Upshaw, someone is going to pick him up and we will be scratching our heads once again.

        1. They are not going to let him get away but they will not play him until he ready, and healthy .

          1. They can split his minutes with Sacre (12 min.) which will benefit him more than 12 min. in the D league.

  • a win win situation here for us. but I see a huge loss for indiana lol.
    That’s like spurs giving us tim duncan or heat giving us Dwade.
    i mean this only benefits us because we lost hill and ed davis now were stuck with robert sacre C and ryan kelly PF.
    Lakers got Bass PF and Hibbert C so now it’s time to cut the other 2 players.
    So long and goodluck with the future sacre.
    I really want to see what team picks him up. lol

  • I really believe Hibbert will benefit from a change in scenery.. I mean the guy really wants to be here
    He waived his bonus, is asking for fans to help change his Twitter handle, and he’s letting all the players know he has their back on the post
    Looks good to me so far!

    1. he’s determined to get back to the top. I wish him luck and i will be watching this seasons games. Looking foward to seeing him dominate the paint on offense and defense! If Russell can dribble penetrate maybe some alley-oops to hib or nance jr or even randle? i wanna see them guards throwing alley oops though. i miss it back when Kobe used to do it all the time!

  • We got upgrade at center , pg and pf healthy kobe..sure it will be nice to watch season. . We even got better bench l..hope the Youngs all be npa ready sooner than expected. Let’s go lakers..I believe

  • Hibbert is going to be a bright spot in the LAKERS life, as many of the new LAKERS have a lot to stand up and show what they have to OFFER, this is going to be a very exciting season coming up, its like a birth of a team- we have the makings.

    1. Between the draft and free agency Mitch rebuilt the team in a month!

      This will be an exciting season.

      And the hype leading up to the Durant Decision will be a media frenzy.

      Next year will be a fun year in LakersLand.

      1. Russell/Clarkson/Durant/Randle/Hibbert is no ****ing joke.

        And if Kobe stayed another year on a bargain deal…

        1. I’m hoping Durant thinks the same…….

          And he realizes that the team is built to contend for 5-6 years!

          1. I am 76 years old and hope to see those 5/6 years, what a way to go. ha ha I never miss a game !

  • This looks promising given one of Hibbert’s weaknesses (per scouts) is his conditioning (aside of athleticism, footwork and speed). Thus, hopefully helping and strengthening other factors to his game.

  • Russel/ Clarkson/ Byuicks
    Bryant/ Williams/ JBrown
    Randle/ Young/ ABrown
    Bass/ Nance Jr./ Kelly
    Hibbert/ Black/ Sacre

  • With his size and offensive/deffensive abilities theres no reason why he shouldnt be dominating. Maybe some of the “greatness” will rub off on him. Proven track record of little man big man duos in LA.

  • Guys, tell me about JR Smith. Who noticed about him in the purple and gold? Is a rumor by who? (yeah, i want him)

      1. @disqus_HTcQcKB00F:disqus I don’t believe it’s true to this rumor. it The Lakers signed him. it would have all over Lakers nation and twitter feed. I have even Googled about Jr. Smith rumor signing with the Lakeshow. zero info

      1. I really like JR, man. He can start for us and if we can defend with Hibbert and team defense we will be able to win games because we will have too many guys who can score the ball (Nick, Lou, Kobe, Clarkson).

  • Starters:

    Roy Hibbert – 12.6 PPG 9.8 RPG 1.9 APG
    Julius Randle – 13.8 PPG 7.7 RPG 2.6 APG
    Kobe Bryant – 20.1 PPG 5.2 RPG 4.7 APG
    Jordan Clarkson – 15.5 PPG 4.1 RPG 4.1 APG
    D’Angelo Russell – 14.6 PPG 5.0 RPG 7.6 APG


    Tarik Black – 6.2 PPG 6.9 RPG 0.5 APG
    Brandon Bass – 7.4 PPG 4.2 RPG 1.1 APG
    Nick Young – 11.9 PPG 2.2 RPG 0.9 APG
    Lou Williams – 10.8 PPG 1.9 RPG 3.5 APG

  • Most probable to start:

    PG: Russell / Williams
    SG: Clarkson / J.Brown
    SF: Kobe / Young / A.Brown
    PF: Randle / Bass / Nance jr.
    C: Hibbert / Black / Upshaw

    Things could change after training camp and will instead forego a more resilient lineup:

    PG: Clarkson / Russell
    SG: Kobe / J.Brown / Williams
    SF: Young / Nance jr. / A.Brown
    PF: Bass / Randle
    C: Hibbert / Black / Upshaw

    I assume this would mean more competition plus rooks to acclimate and earn their spot..

    1. Just knowing what I know about Byron Scott, I’m guessing the starting lineup on opening night will look like this:

      PG: Clarkson
      SG: Williams
      SF: Bryant
      PF: Bass
      C: Hibbert

  • The funny thing is that I perfectly remember after the Indiana game how Kobe, despite Hibbert showing signs of discontent and aggressiveness towards some of our players, ran up to Hibbert who was on his way back to the locker room so he could shake hands with him.

    Hibbert can really help us win close games this season. I mean, getting rid of Boozer and Hill who were defensive liabilities to get Bass and Hibbert was definitely a smart move.

    1. I noticed that and remember that too. Hibbert was on his way to the locker and Kobe took it upon himself to shake Hibbert’s hand. That’s in fact where this Kobe-Hibbert picture came from.

  • Roy is 7’2, 265 (now) and can shoot the jumper, rebound, block shots, good ft shooter, has some post moves, and most importantly is a great defender.
    I’m really surprised he has never averaged more than 30 minutes per game.
    I think most of this troubles are mental, not physical.
    The extra weight lost will defintely make him more mobile as well.

  • What I would like the final roster to be:

    Roy Hibbert | Tarik Black | Robert Upshaw
    Julius Randle | Brandon Bass | Larry Nance
    Kobe Bryant | Dorrell Wright | Anthony Brown
    Jordan Clarkson | Lou Williams | Jabari Brown
    D’Angelo Russell | Norris Cole | Quinn Cook

  • I’m looking forward to this season. Besides it would be great to see Bird look like a idiot, again!

  • I get that he wants to be an all-star again. And he certainly has the chops for it. But, man, this is the west, and it’s pretty tough for a center to make the all-star team. He’d have to beat out Duncan, Howard, Jordan, Cousins and Marc Gasol, all excellent and popular centers in the west next season. Good luck getting the all-star votes in that crowd.

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