Lakers News & Rumors Recap: Talk the Talk, Charles Barkley

130427160849-dwight-howard-los-angeles-lakers-offseason-roundtable-single-image-cutCharles Barkley appeared on The Dan Patrick Show today and got a little yappy. The former NBA great opened up about how he was feeling towards Lakers’ players Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard.

Barkley has been a supporter of Howard throughout his career, even at times during this downward season. However, it seems that his opinions have changed with Barkley voicing concern over Dwight’s mental toughness. Comrade Shaquille O’Neal spoke some strong opinions about Howard this season, which Barkley didn’t always agree with. But on this morning’s show, Charles spoke candidly:

I’ve always subscribed to the theory that Dwight was a franchise player you can build your team around and Shaq does not think so. I gotta tell you something, I’m starting to side with Shaq a little bit.

Howard’s lack of toughness, for Barkley, exposes a huge problem for the Lakers. If Howard re-signs and Bryant only plays one more season, Dwight may not be able to handle the weight of a team on his back without Kobe, and therefore would not be a good investment.

As tough as it may be to hear, Barkley also had some choice words for Kobe Bryant. Kobe has been having a successful rehab so far, but that didn’t stop Charles from claiming Bryant will no longer be a dominant player.

Shaq took on a two-year-old last night, and the results were not what you would expect. Titus has been made famous on Youtube for his basketball trick shots and O’Neal, although known for his iffy free throw shooting, was one of the NBA’s greatest players. During the competition on Jimmy Kimmel, both competitors took to the line for a little friendly competition, with Titus the coming through to win. Check out the video here.

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