Lakers News: Stephen Curry Wants To Play ‘In That Range’ Of LeBron James
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The era of superstars including Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James and Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry is nearing a point where retirement questions may become the norm. It has certainly already begun for James, but Curry is not far behind at age 35 entering his 15th NBA season.

Curry, like James, is still playing an elite brand of basketball that gives no indication that he’ll be slowing down any time soon. But Father Time is undefeated, and it can get players quickly, meaning players like Curry, Kevin Durant and others will have to begin contemplating their futures.

Curry was asked if he feels he’ll be able to play as long as James has — entering his 21st NBA season — and he responded with a detailed look into his mindset on retirement via Gil’s Arena by Underdog Fantasy:

“It’s somewhere in that range, but I never imagined myself being the forty-plus dude trying to hold on for dear life. But who knows what my body will look like or feel like at that point? I got three years left on my deal, including at least that, and then kind of figure it out from there. I am blessed to know and hope that no matter how many years I do play, playing for one franchise and being a part of that group of the legends that have accomplished that feat and won at the highest level and all that. I don’t ever take that for granted either. You got the Kobe [Bryant]’s, the Magic [Johnson]’s, Dirk [Nowitzki], Tim Duncan, those guys helped establish a culture, won, did it with a lot of different roster combinations and different parts in their career. I don’t put too much of a timeline outside of my contract now just knowing that will give me 38 and 17 years in the league. I ain’t skipping out to go play golf just yet.”

Here, Curry makes it clear that he plans to, at the very least, play out his current contract that ends at the conclusion of the 2025-26 season. But more importantly, it seems as though Curry would rather retire than play for another franchise.

He references Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan as inspirations for the way that they gave significant time to one franchise and won with multiple iterations of their team.

Lakers among teams to interest Giannis Antetokounmpo

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