Lakers’ Past Haunts Them, Present Fails them, Future to Redefine Them

It’s a future that may not include the presence of Bynum, a player that for the latter part of the regular season and some-what in the playoffs anchored the Lakers defensively. He made a decent impact for the Lakers in their final series and certainly out-played his fellow big man Gasol, but in the end the only thing fans will remember is how he made his exit in Dallas. Lucky for Bynum certain memories are ephemeral. Just like everything else in La-la land. He merely needs to look towards Gasol and how fans have managed to throw him under the bus after everything he’s done for the Lakers.

The one constant the Lakers had all season was Jackson and he’s the one person they can bank on leaving. Maybe he was the problem. For whatever reason the Lakers just didn’t get the motivation they seemed to be seeking throughout the regular season and into the playoffs.

In the end maybe winning one game at a time wasn’t as simple as just living in the moment. Perhaps it was the “trust” that Bynum suggested. The Lakers needed to trust the system that had gotten them two-straight titles, trust each other and most importantly trust themselves.

Even though they may not be staring at the same familiar faces next year, one thing is always for certain.

“We all know they always come back and get themselves back in the race,” Jackson said. “The Lakers are going to survive.”

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