Lakers Planning More Physical Tributes To Honor Kobe Bryant In Addition To Statue
Kobe Bryant, Lakers
Noah Graham-Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers and Vanessa Bryant announced on August 24, aka Mamba Day, that a statue for the late, great Kobe Bryant will be unveiled on February 8, 2024. That date of 2/8/24 pays tribute to the numbers worn by both Gianna and Kobe Bryant.

But this statue will just be the first in a series of physical tributes to honor Kobe’s legacy. What else is to come remains unknown at the time, but the Lakers will undoubtedly do everything they can to honor the greatest player in franchise history.

“Kobe Bryant was one of the most extraordinary athletes of all time, and one of the most iconic individuals in the history of Los Angeles,” said Jeanie Buss, Los Angeles Lakers Governor. “There is no better place for Kobe to be honored with a statue than here, at the center of our city, where everyone can celebrate him and be inspired by his incredible achievements.”

Kobe actually participated in the initial planning of this statue before his untimely passing, and he will be the seventh Lakers legend to be commemorated in Star Plaza. While there have been many before him, this Kobe Bryant statue is likely the most anticipated.

“Kobe’s transcendent spirit is always and forever in our hearts – inspiring us every day,” said Rob Pelinka, Los Angeles Lakers Vice President of Basketball Operations and General Manager. “And now, with the unveiling of this powerful and beautiful statue, he will have a physical presence, too. A place on the hallowed ground Kobe created, where we can all gather and pay honor to a mighty and great man.”

The Lakers and their fans are greatly anticipating being able to honor Kobe with this statue, and it will be the first of many things in place for everyone to honor one of the greatest players and people the NBA has ever seen.

Lakers’ Kobe Bryant ‘Mamba Moments’ to be introduced in NBA 2K24

Kobe Bryant is also the cover athlete for the upcoming NBA 2K24 video game, and the Lakers legend will be featured all throughout the game. One new way in which players will be able to enjoy Kobe is through the new ‘Mamba Moments’ feature.

This new mode will allow players to take on the role of Kobe Bryant and recreate some of his greatest moments from throughout his Lakers career. There aren’t many players in NBA history whose career could allow for something like this in a video game, but Kobe is not like most players.

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