Lakers Planning To Improve Julius Randle’s Jump Shot

After a leg injury that ended his rookie season, Julius Randle has shown flashes of his potential after being selected seventh overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2014. With a unique ability to handle the basketball for his size, he has drawn comparisons to Zach Randolph and Lamar Odom.

While Randle has shown his ability to dominate the game with his power and strength, many opponents have backed off of him and forced him to take jumpers.

As a result, the Lakers are working to improve Randle’s jump shot. Tracy Murray, who is currently the team’s shooting coach, believes it will require a lot of work for the second-year forward to unlearn his shot and focus on forming an “L” with his elbow via Bill Oram of the Orange County Register:

“I’m just not sure if he knows how much work it’s going to take to do it,” Murray said.

With Randle looking to improve his jump shot throughout the season, he shares he has not dramatically changed his form for the most part, via Oram:

“It was just learned everywhere I’ve gone,” Randle said. “I haven’t done anything where I’ve changed my shot dramatically. Little things, getting rotations on the ball, getting lift, legs, all that stuff.”

After losing 18 pounds this past off-season, Randle has already established a strong work ethic that will serve him well. While changing his shooting form will be a challenge, adding a reliable jump shot to his skillset will be a nightmare for opponents moving forward.

Along with D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson, Randle is looking to speed up his development in hopes of helping the Lakers return to contention. Although it will take some time, the Lakers have established a young core for the post-Kobe Bryant era.

that would help his development out a lot, on the offensive end. If he can start hitting mid range shots consistently, that would tighten the defense, which will allow him to utilize his first step and bull dozing strength, but as of right now, the defender, is just laying off daring him to shoot those shots.. making it hard for him to open up his offensive game. And he needs to learn how to post up more. learn some drop steps, hooks,.. the sky is the limit. he should develop nicely

  • A lot of people in the NBA don’t realize (mostly coaches) that it’s not about “rotations on the ball, getting lift, legs…” that won’t help a thing if you don’t have proper ALIGNMENT, RELEASE, OFF-HAND, EXTENSION and mostly AIMING (one eyed shooting) etc. If you don’t know wtf I’m talking about, look up ProShotSystem on youtube.

  • What would also really help is if they got a shooting coach with more experience. Tracy Murray, let be real here , has been mostly a d league coach. I’m sure he knows what to teach, but does he know how to teach? Also our shooting % is in the toilet. Makes you kind of wonder what Murray is doing.

  • This should be priority number 1 in my opinion. His mechanics aren’t horrible, but he needs a lot of tweaks. Will take a couple years but he is only 20, he has plenty of time to get it right. And once he does, watch out!

  • he should probably learn how to make a lay up with his right hand first if its still possible, sometimes bad habits turn permanent and the player hits an age where you have to say he either has it or he doesn’t

  • They should try to enroll him to one of hakeems teachings coz the kids moves are very few and predictable, did wonders for kobe and other players post game after they did

  • Shooting % is more of a reflection of quality of shots taken, not so much the mechanical part. These guys are nba players. They can shoot. I’ll bet guys like Lou Williams and Swaggy almost never miss in practice but the percentage doesn’t carryover into games because they take a lot of shots under duress. Don’t know what level of coach Murray is but Randle absolutely can learn from him.

  • learning a jumper first is better. once he gets a jumper teams will have to play him closer which will allow him more blow by’s. once he has blown past his man hitting some what open lay ups with either had will be easyer

  • I don’t get it! This should be happening on day one! Now they are “Planning”.

    Someone please talk me down from this ledge!

  • shoul have worked out with every HOFs available out there(laker greats and hakeem for example, even RoyH trained with TD in the 2014 offseason but didnt work out tho)

  • No problem, I hope it’ll help you improve your shooting (if you play ball), it definitely helped me a ton!

  • looking forward to that I am torn between Kobe,Curry and KD’s shooting stroke which caused me to mix their mechanics in my shot lol

  • I don’t think it matters as long as your release is in line with the rim. Sometimes I release with my index and middle finger like Melo or JC, sometimes with 3 fingers like KD. Most important thing though: one eyed shooting. You’ll be good. 🙂

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