Lakers Podcast: Avery Bradley, Andre Iguodala, Five-Game Road Trip Preview
Avery Bradley, Lakers, NBA
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The Los Angeles Lakers have had a dream start to the 2019-20 NBA season with a record of 21-3, which is currently tied for the best in the league with the Milwaukee Bucks.

Their team chemistry has come together faster than anyone anticipated and LeBron James and Anthony Davis have worked nearly seamlessly together, creating a nearly unstoppable duo that has both players in the MVP race.

On this episode of the Lakers Nation Podcast, host Trevor Lane discusses the latest stories in the world of the Lakers, including James’ recent interview with ESPN in which he revealed some of the secrets for his longevity with sleep being a key factor in his recovery process.

Plus, the Memphis Grizzlies continue to make it known they don’t intend to buy out Andre Iguodala and that teams who want to add him to their roster will have to give up assets in a trade for him. Is this simply posturing? Will anyone fall for it or will the Grizzlies be stuck negotiating a buyout with Iguodala after the trade deadline passes?

Much has also been made of the resurgent play of Dwight Howard this season, who is currently on a non-guaranteed deal. However, it appears that it wasn’t the Lakers who wanted their deal to be non-guaranteed, but Howard himself. Just another sign that he is as committed as possible to proving doubters wrong with the Lakers.

Davis has also won NBA Western Conference Player of the Week, so Lane digs into why he could be a solid candidate to win both the NBA Defensive Player of the Year and Most Valuable Player award this season.

The show then takes a look at the team’s upcoming five-game road trip, which has them taking on the Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers, and Bucks.

Traveling and competing at a high level often don’t go hand-in-hand but so far, the Lakers have done an excellent job of beating the teams they are supposed to beat. Can they keep that trend going or will someone surprise them before they can get to their big showdown with the Bucks? What would a good record be at the end of the trip?

Lastly, Lane opens it up and take questions live on topics ranging from trade discussions, Kyle Kuzma‘s fit and progress with the Lakers, the team’s handling of DeMarcus Cousins, and a ton more.

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