Lakers Podcast: How Markelle Fultz Would Fit In Los Angeles
Markelle Fultz: ‘i Believe I’m Going To Be The No. 1 Pick’
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers only have a 47 percent chance of keeping their 2017 first-round draft pick, but if they do, they could wind up with guard Markelle Fultz. His talent is undeniable, but there are plenty of question marks that could cause teams to think twice about drafting him.

This episode of the LN Breakdown, which will be the first in a series taking a look at potential future Lakers, will focus on the Washington guard and how he fits in Los Angeles.

Is he too similar to D’Angelo Russell in order to co-exist in the same backcourt? Are his defensive issues too big of a concern? And does fit even matter in a draft where the goal is to find a superstar? We discuss all that and more: