Lakers Possibly Pursuing Dwight Howard and Chris Paul

As the 2010-11 NBA season progressed, so did talks surrounding possible trade scenarios for high profiles players such as Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

As the season completed, fans even went as far as to suggest a possible Pau Gasol for Dwight Howard trade so that Howard could team with Andrew Bynum to form an intimidating combination down low.

Perhaps you do not remember this talk?

After all, the lockout did last 149 days.

So, let us start the talk again.

Mark Heisler at Sheridan Hoops speculates whether or not the Lakers have enough to get a deal done to acquire either Paul or Howard, who are scheduled to be free agents at the close of the upcoming 66-game season.

Might the Hornets or Magic bite at an offer surrounding Gasol, or even Bynum?

It might not be; but that does not mean that they cannot influence such a deal to happen.

Dwight Howard has hinted at wanting to play for the Lakers. He was even asked which All-Star he would most like to play with.

His answer? Kobe Bryant.

However, Howard has yet to speak to the management of the Orlando Magic and try to persuade them to understand that he will not return to Orlando when his contract expires, and that the Magic should do what is in their best interest to acquire a player that might soften that blow.

Jerry Buss has the money; that is for certain.

Aiding the Lakers’ cause is the beginning of a 20-year, $3 billion television deal with Time Warner Cable, which will take them from making $3 million annually to making $150 million.

Last season, Forbes magazine said that the New York Knicks led the league by making $64 million in profit during the 2009-10 season.

The Lakers would more than double that.

Where should it go? Straight to Dwight Howard’s pocket.

A trade could get done, followed by an extension for Howard that would allow for him to become the next, great Lakers center.
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How about we start the talks at Dwight Howard for Andrew Bynum? The Magic would gain a center with great upside; granted that Bynum could stay healthy for the Magic. They can then extend him however they would like to. But the important part about it is that they do not go empty-handed after possibly being dumped by Dwight Howard.

After all, the last, great Lakers center came from Orlando too, remember?

Paul was mentioned earlier and should absolutely be considered. However, there is not a more imposing player in the NBA than Howard.

However, should a Howard trade not be possible, the Lakers should set their sights to Chris Paul, who could very well extend the life of Kobe Bryant by aiding him in finding great spots leading to more scoring opportunities.

Aside from that, Paul’s defense would allow for Kobe to spread out around the court. The Lakers would be better prepared to attack the now-trendy two-star offenses such as what the Miami Heat feature with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

For Paul, the Lakers would be better off holding Bynum back and offering Gasol. This way, the duo of Paul and Bynum can grow together to lead the next generation of Laker players once Kobe Bryant retires.

Either player would be just fine as the Lakers prepare for the future.

The amount of revenue the Lakers are about to receive from the new television deal assures that should a trade not happen, a free agent signing is not out of the question.

The outlook definitely looks good. Now the front office just needs to make it happen.

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