Lakers Practice Notes & Video: Lonzo Ball’s Recent Struggles
Darrell Ann-Lakers Nation

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton said they spent the majority of Thursday’s practice in the film room, after a tough loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday night. Lonzo Ball was one of the first in the training facility, before practice, getting shots up after shooting just 1-9 against the 76ers.

Walton said he was told that Ball was also in the training facility after the game, working on his shot. Though it was a lighter practice, Walton said that Ball wasn’t quite as joyous or playful as he normally is, but still isn’t worried about his confidence.

Rookie Kyle Kuzma chats about the dinner that he had with former Laker Kobe Bryant, and what he took away from it. Jordan Clarkson talks about his hilarious game-day routine, or lack there of. It’s all in our notes, quotes and videos below.


Walton on Lonzo’s demeanor at practice: “It’s tough to answer personal questions on him, but his energy seemed not the same playful, joyful Lonzo that he normally is, but that could be a good thing, that he’s frustrated and mad a little bit…When you hit adversity, you work harder and you become better when you get through the other side.”

Walton on whether he thinks LiAngelo Ball’s situation is weighing on Lonzo: “It’s got to, it’s family and they’re a close family…If my younger brother was in China being arrested that would weigh on me. It’s speculation, you’d have to ask Lonzo but I would imagine it does.”

Walton on if he would consider bringing Lonzo off the bench: “He’s our starting point guard, so there’s no talks as of now of moving Lonzo to the bench.”

Kuzma on Lonzo: “Media and everybody in the country wants him to be a Hall Of Famer right now, wants him to be an All-Star right now, but he’s still a rookie, its tough to play at this level for anybody. There’s 10-year vets that play way worse than he does and nobody talks about it. He’ll be alright.

Kuzma on Joel Embiid’s social media: “It’s whatever, he likes to have fun, it’s his personality – whatever floats his boat, floats his boat, I guess.”

Kuzma on his dinner with Kobe Bryant: “One of the greatest players of all time, a good resource to have because of his mentality and how he approached the game and I want to approach the game like that, too.”

Jordan Clarkson on Lonzo’s shooting struggles: “I don’t feel like he was hyped up to be a scorer or nothing like that to be honest with you. We ask him to score make plays, but I feel like he comes in there and changes the game. The way he impacts it he’ll be fine.”

– Walton has asked all players who shoot three-pointers to make 100 three-pointers after practice
– Kuzma said he wished he could’ve completed that dunk on Joel Embiid
– Clarkson’s game day routine involves fried chicken, Skittles, video games and lots of naps (watch it in the video below).
– Clarkson attributes the quality of his shots, just to his experience in the league


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