Lakers Practice Videos: Metta World Peace, Kobe, Dwight Howard

When the doors opened to the Lakers practice facility this afternoon, reporters were stunned to find Metta World Peace playing 3-on-3. Frankly, the possibility of Metta World Peace playing tomorrow against the New Orleans Hornets was not at the top of anyone’s mind. Peace had surgery on his torn meniscus just 11 days ago, and according to head coach Mike D’Antoni, Peace has been ready to play for the past three days. D’Antoni said he is a game-time decision, but gave a pretty high percentage on the likelihood he would play.

“90, 80 (percent) …he says he’s ready, so we’ll see how he reacts (after today’s practice)”

VIDEO: Mike D’Antoni talks Metta World Peace and Steve Nash

Although D’Antoni said Peace is a game-time decision, the man of the hour said he will be playing tomorrow. He also said he’s known that he could play as soon as the medicine wore off from his surgery.

“Right after the surgery, when I woke up after the medicine wore off, the doc asked me to put some weight on my leg…Once I got up, he said ‘Put weight on it right now,’ and I was like really then okay I can play.”

VIDEO: Metta World Peace talks about coming back from surgery and playing tomorrow

Kobe Bryant had nothing but words of praise for Metta World Peace, but also said that his respect has been there for him all along, even before his incredible will to have a miraculous recovery from knee surgery.

“I’ve had such a great amount of respect for Metta from the beginning. It’s already been at it’s highest level.”

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant gives Metta World Peace a special nickname and praises his dedication

Dwight Howard spoke about the frustrations of losing to the Clippers last night, most especially because the Clippers have beat them all year, but Dwight also said that today was a new day.

“It’s a new day. The sun came up, I had a good breakfast, and a good practice and it’s on to the next one.”

VIDEO: Dwight Howard talks about the loss to the Clippers and beating New Orleans tomorrow

The Lakers take on the New Orleans Hornets tomorrow night, 7:30 PM at Staples Center. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Lakers Nation YouTube Channel and tune in for our Lakers-Hornets Google Hangout preview tomorrow morning.

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