Lakers’ Radio Host Predicts Dwight Howard to Nets Tuesday

According to Lakers play by play announcer John Ireland it appears the New Jersey Nets are going to land Dwight Howard as soon as tomorrow.

On 710 ESPN Radio Ireland stated that he heard a rumor from a source that Howard to the Nets would go down as early as Tuesday.

This is the same source that correctly predicted LeBron James and Chris Bosh joining Dwyane Wade in Miami last summer.

Theoretically the Lakers still have the best offer on the table if they’re willing to part with both Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, but that is a lot to give up for one player.

It seems that unless Los Angeles is willing to part with both their big men Howard will end up in New Jersey to play with Deron Williams and the Nets.

the Lakers basically mortgaged their whole team to get Shaq & Kobe in 96…but at that time, they weren’t coming off of 2 championships in the prior 3 years…do you sell the whole lot to get one really great player? my sense is that if they could have worked to get D12 AND CP3 for bynum, gasol & odom (plus an assortment of others), they should have gone for it. with CP3 out of the picture, i think giving up all 3 of our big men for D12 isn’t worth it…unless they have an inside track of how to sign Deron Williams next summer as a free agent. i guess we’ll see soon enough…

  • With the Lakers payroll where it is now, no way they sign a marquee free agent until 2014 or 2015. I agree, it would have been worth it for a Dwight/CP3 combo, but Dwight + Kobe = maybe one chip and then mediocrity once Kobe gets too old to do anything.

  • Dude. I was listening to the show. He said that he would be going to the Nets tomorrow. Did you guys even listen to it before posting this?

  • 4 Team Trade suggestion: Lakers trade Bynum and Gasol, get Dwight Howard + Steve Nash + Turkoglu (if absolutely neccessary to sway the Magic). Suns would get Bynum. OKC Thunder would get Pau Gasol. Orlando Magic would get young players, draft picks and expiring contracts (EC) with James Harden, Serge Ibaka, Robin Lopez (EC), Nate Robinson (EC), Nazi Mohammed (EC), Mickael Pietrus (EC). This would work for everybody (and Lakers would could decide to pick up Deron Williams next year assuming Nash leaves and D. Williams would not stay in NJ).

  • Why would OKC do that deal? Ibaka and Harden are guys you want. Young dudes on rookie deals who can contribute. Gasol takes shots from Durant and Westbrook as well. Why would LA build a big 3 for OKC?

  • Best that can be done is trade Gasol,Bynum for Howard..It’s really a 1 for 1 trade since Bynum doesn’t even finish a season..and i read an artcile that said if Lakers trade for Dwight. Magic will force lakers to take Hedo Turgalo since he has a high contract..I’m down for that..2 big men for 2 big men LETS DO IT! 

  • So, Turkoglu is a big man for you, are you serious?

    No way we’re going to build around an aging Kobe, a shelfish Turkoglu, and Howard. That would mean a recipe for a mess. We need to improve, but guys, this was just a preseason game. Stay cool, all this team need is a little more training games. Been so high on the salary cap, making good moves is going to be even more difficult…but it’s so easy to make a dumb move and destroy the future of the franchise. Even more with Buss Jr. at the wheel.

  • Trade them BOTH and trade them before its too late.. Then use the trade exception that they got from Dallas and go get someone to go along side Howard or use it to get a good point guard..

  • Hey crackhead – this doesn’t work to anyone’s advantage except the Suns. Why don’t you just imagine a complete redraft, 2K style? It seems more likely than what you’re putting out there…

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