Lakers Rumors: L.A. Continues To Show Interest In Kevin Seraphin
Lakers Rumors: L.a. Continues To Show Interest In Kevin Seraphin

In free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Roy Hibbert and signed Lou Williams and Brandon Bass. With a $2.8 million exception remaining, general manager Mitch Kupchak has expressed interest in adding another guard or center.

One option who is still available in free agency is Kevin Seraphin, who has played for the Washington Wizards these past five seasons. According to Michael Scotto of Sheridan Hoops, the Lakers are among teams that continue to show interest in the 25-year-old center:

Along with Hibbert and Bass, the Lakers currently have Julius Randle, Tarik Black, Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre in the frontcourt. While the Lakers could use another small forward, it appears head coach Byron Scott will have Kobe Bryant play the majority of his minutes there to allow a D’Angelo Russell-Jordan Clarkson backcourt this upcoming season.

With 14 players currently under contract, the Lakers have one spot remaining on their roster. Although Seraphin remains an option, Kupchak recently spoke about possibly signing undrafted rookie Robert Upshaw, who participated at the Las Vegas Summer League.

In five seasons, Seraphin has averaged 6.4 points and 3.7 rebounds in 16.4 minutes.

Oh gee – let’s add yet another 6’9″ PF to the five we already have! Come on Dan, I know it is slow but find something to write about that fits the situation.

  • Exactly WHAT does he bring to the table that Terik Black and Brandon Bass don’t ?
    At least Upshaw brings true 7 foot size and shot blocking, even Sacre brings true 7 foot size and a 270 lb frame that can bang with other bigs in the league. Sacre is more of a positional defender than a shot blocker though.

  • Russell/ Cole/ Byuick
    Clarkson/ Williams/ JB
    Kobe/ Young/ AB
    Randle/ Bass/ Nance Jr/
    Hibbert/ Seraphin/ Black


  • Before people start complaining about this(too late lol) think to yourself how many injuries we’ve had over the last 2 years, at this point we really don’t have a good back up center and serapin has more experience than black and just better over all than sacre at the 5. Last season we finished with Kelly and sacre as our front court enough said, plus Randle might help Kobe at the 3 so stop your whining about “another 6’9 pf” we really don’t have GOOD 6’9 pfwds

  • Kobe swaggy and Randle will cover the 3, obviously the FO has other plans for the SF position

  • BS wants Russel and Clarkson to start with Kobe shifting to SF position. Moreover, Clarkson would start over Russel any day IMO. At last, Randle will play PF, not SF. Conclusion: we fucking need another SF!
    With all that being said, your teams clearly make sense and are very competitive on paper.

  • People who don’t know the game FAIL TO UNDERSTAND that the reason Kupchak is looking to add Kevin Seraphin is because this dude has LOW POST GAME. Dude has moves on the block not to mention an above average mid range jump shot. Don’t believe me? Just watch (YouTube).

    Seraphin is a STEAL at $2.8 mil per. Go get him asap!

  • It is way too early to say Russell and Clarkson will start in the backcourt, what Scott wants is one thing, can it actually happen is another

  • If we should take into account all the injured players we’ve had over the last two seasons, the league should allow us to extend our roster to 25 players even before the season starts!

    ISeriously, I kind of agree with what you write but the problem is that BS does not seem inclined to use Randle as a SF.

  • unless there looking to get him and than waive him to save cap this move makes absolute no sense. the money should be spent on one of these guys for sure

    Landry Fields
    Luc Richard Mbou a Moute
    Dorell Wright

  • The FO is very bad at catching big fish. They should prepare the interview right now!


  • Sign Seraphin, Waive Sacre, let Upshaw be the 3rd C, then the Lakers are sorted at C.

  • definitely a project but lots of upside for minimum cost to develop next year in the D- L and unless signed to the 15 he is going to be signed by another team that’s for sure .

  • Luc failed his physical and said to need surgery .Fields was caught with PED’s and after wasn’t the same without and Wright signed by the Grizz !

  • They should make the D-league signees restricted to the host team that way teams can develop talent without it affecting their 15 man roster .

  • I seriously can’t understand why the Lakes wouldn’t give Beasley a shot ??? Can play 3 and 4 not to mention he shot 41 % from 3 in limited minutes , come-on Mitch sign Beas !!!!!!!!!

  • typical joshhh, sign a free agent and then waive him to save cap lol. What a fucking dipshit. Luc Mbah a Moute another fucking PF who he wants to use at SF, it would be like putting Ryan Kelly there.

  • there still options. fuck!!!! there goes wright how many is that now that we passed up on??? haha!! ive lost count

  • hahahaahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!luc is not a PF hahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If Randle plays SF the roster would be solid
    Russell/ Clarkson/ A Miller ( locker room guy)
    Bryant/ Williams/ JB
    Randle/ Young/ AB
    Bass/ Seraphin/ Nance Jr
    Hibbert/ Black/ Upshaw

    After all, they did compare him to Lamar 🙂

  • It is seriously true you don’t watch the NBA, all you do is look at heights and assume they can play the 3. This guy has bad knees and hasn’t played SF in years.

  • hes a SF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP trying to turn things around hahah!!!!

  • R Kelly should have played in the SL , he didn’t earn a pass not to . After recently getting married he and players like him get whooped and they are cooked , instead of peeing on people he should have been working . Nick is whooped too and hope he wakes up before he becomes another Lamar !!!!!!!!

  • the guy sucks on D thats why. landry or Luc are the best options. or shawne willimas but hes old

  • It’s funny to see people complain about the FO and then suggest that Upshaw be the back up center when the dude couldn’t last 5 min in a summer league game

  • You’re talking about Brandon Wright(center/pf)
    and he was talking about Dorell Wright(sf) still a f/a

  • “Not his fault” LOL!!! yea I’m sure Scott packed the bong for upshaw

  • better than R Kelly or Sacre ?? and like I said those two have injury issues that’s why he was cut from the Kings after signing this summer and Landry was trying to recover from his with PED’s !

  • Last season he started 61 games at power forward next to Nerlens Noel, before he injured his shoulder which requires surgery. So you want to bring in a 6-8 power forward with bad knees and requiring shoulder surgery which will knock him out for the beginning of the season just so Kobe doesn’t play there. It’s like you want the Lakers to lose multiple games.

  • He is still 20 !!!!! Has all the tools and with Black and Hibbert he won’t see the floor but 5 minutes anyway . Not to mention that he would fill the spot from 12 to 15 and be a D-leaguer in development till he is ready , just like Clarkson last year .

  • I see there is an idiot on board who thinks Upshaw is better than Seraphin. LMFAO. I can’t wait til the season starts so I can really serve some crow up in this bitch.

  • Here’s what the clowns don’t even know yet: KOBE will be the Lakers’ primary weapon in the low post this year.

  • hes still a SF regardless of that. kobe hasn’t played SF since 2012 nobody sayin nothing so STFU!!!

  • Hey joshhh what about Mike Miller he is likely going to buy out his contract, is he not on your list of scrub SFs?

  • i need help. I want to store my CD’s / DVD’s in a binder but I’m scared that’ll get scratches on them. I don’t know what to do.

  • Heat them up in the Microwave for a minute, it prevents them getting any scratches.

  • Did any of you watch Jeremy Tyler during SL ??? Dude dominated our bigs and @ 24 and 6’11 definitely a good post presence !!!!!!

  • Still kinda unsure about the lack of a true SF. Swaggy and Kobe are not going to be able to defend well at the SF position. Hope they sign that Dorrel Wright dude and try to get rid of Sacre and Kelly. Other than that, I would definitely be happy to have Seraphin on the team

  • SF and SG are almost completely interchangable, this is what you don’t seem to grasp, remember even 6-3 Wayne Ellington played there. Clarkson and Jabari Brown also played some SF in the SL. They can swap wingers with little detrimental effect, however if you put a slow as shit PF in the SF spot that is when you get Ryan Kellyesque shit.

  • it depends on who they play, but yeah i thought this was kinda stupid tho

  • thats like forcing Kobe to retire !!
    You walk to your office and your chair is already taken then you just try to see if you could seat anywhere smh. He’s definitely not coming back next season though I wish he would
    Lakers should probably sign Becky Hammon

  • You’re probably right, but wouldn’t it be best to make him earn his position given his history?

  • He’s ready when he earns the spot.

    I think he’ll be ready by the All Star game.

  • I just don’t get it, clearly the team needs a wing player and a backup PG, and they still wants to go after ANOTHER PF. Bass, Randle, Nance Jr., Kelly, that’s 4 freakin PF, why need another????

  • Why are they going to add another 6’10” forward?

    Isn’t the PF situation pretty full with Randle, Bass, Nance, Kelly, and Black?

    Surely you aren’t suggesting he’ll play SF? If that’s the case, why wouldn’t Randle instead? And I’m not sure I buy into the premise that we’re adding another PF so that we can have a Kobe/Young/Randle SF rotation.

    I’m not buying this rumor. To me it sounds like an agent chumming the waters, and a web page editor happy to help.

    Everything posted by the Editor, Dan D, is clickbait. I can’t remember a legit posting from him EVER — literally.

  • I wouldn’t be against signing Seraphin, another PF with potential, but the Lakers FO really need to get their shit together.

    Lakers Projected Frontcourt
    C: Hibbert / Black / Sacre (trash) / Upshaw (?)
    PF: Randle / Bass / Nance / Kelly (trash) / (potentially trying to add Seraphin)

    This current roster just doesn’t seem to work in terms of getting guys proper minutes to develop. Hibbert and Black would command the minutes at C (no surprise), but why bring back Sacre and waste another roster spot. Why not sign Upshaw to the contract, he’s proven to have a better presence than Sacre so far. For those who think Upshaw isn’t ready, it’s not like the kid would come in and give us 20+ minutes a night, heck he may not see much of the court this season. You can still assign Upshaw to the D-Fenders during the course of the season (as we saw with Clarkson) and grind it out in practice. PF, seems like a more situated position since Randle and Bass will command a majority of the minutes, but Nance should also see minutes there too. If the Lakers were to sign Seraphin however, where would his minutes come in? Also, Kelly sucks, but I’m not upset with his spot since he is a stretch 4, but dude has shown us really nothing special. Now we’re stuck with 2 unneeded players (Sacre and Kelly), when you could’ve easily let Seraphin and Upshaw get those spots..

    The wings also isn’t quite adding up either.

    Lakers Projected Backcourt
    SF: Kobe / Young / A. Brown
    SG: Clarkson / Williams / J. Brown
    PG: Russell / (potentially wanting to add a vet PG, according to Mitch)

    The Kobe-Clarkson-Russell combo is whatever to me, but again the Young-Williams duo will either work or not. Like Sacre and Kelly, no team is interested in Young (which the FO should’ve been aware of), so now the odd men out are both of the Browns. I was really excited to see the Lakers draft A. Brown, since he could possibly get solid minutes and grow into a possible 3 and D guy in the league, but now with Kobe, Clarkson, Russell, Young, Williams, and the Lakers looking to sign a veteran guard, leaves no other minutes available for either Browns. I’m afraid we might hardly see any play time for either Browns this season (unless bodies start falling left and right, I hope not). I really would like to see A. Brown pan out, and not become another Ebanks, Morris, Goudelock, etc. where there 2nd rounders who get little play time then they’re out of the league, instead I hope he like Clarkson last season gets the opportunity to see some time on the floor and can also be part of the Lakers future going forward.

  • That’s not the problem for me with Seraphin, the problem is where will he get the minutes? I’m open to signing Seraphin, just the frontcourt for the Lakers is overloaded with:

    C Hibbert / Black / Sacre (trash) / Upshaw (?)
    PF Randle / Bass / Nance / Kelly (trash)

  • Watched a video on YouTube that showed a guy 5’8 who couldn’t hardly touch the net working for a year on his legs with weights and now jumps and dunks like Nate Robinson !!!! With all the so called elite trainers why don’t these players like Sacre who at 7 feet has no verticals do the same or R Kelly who instead of his constant urinating on people try building more muscles and becoming a dead-on 3 shooter ???

  • the fact that all these SF’s are being picked up by teams and mitch is not even worried or concerned is telling me that 1 hes a fucken moron and 2 he has complete confidence in a 37 year old manning the 3. isn’t scott a defensive minded coach??? well if u look at the roster it looks more like a d’antoni roster, george karl roster 😀 its funny how hes all about defense its gonna be funny watching scott not keep his word again with all these gunners who play no D and asking them to ” Buy in” :D!!

  • Los Angeles Lakers Have Pieces in Place to Secure Their Next Superstar

    LOL ya but not the right peices buddy 😀

  • ths guy is good but the lakers dont need him or any bg for that matter. you do realize the lakers have already hibbert, Bass,Randle, Larry and Upshaw. if they let upshaw go there the dumbest organization in the NBA top that with the already worst coaching staff n the nba. The only thing that they need is stopper on the wing thats all. there already loaded with gaurds and bigs

  • Nah, I lost my fire when lakers cant even get mcdaniels…..I just hope they waive/trade kelly and sacre for open slots/more cap space(trades in midseason)

  • ya there just stupid. they go after players they dont even need. this shit, the lou williams signing was not necessarily needed was way more of a desperation pick up more than anything else. there to stupid to go get wright whos pretty good.

  • Trade Kelly & some cash for a second round pick in 2016 and sign Terran Pettaway 6’6 225. He has a good three point shot and he plays decent defense. he can play the 2 & the 3. He went undrafted but was projected to go late 2nd round.

  • This is what I hate….I think it has a connection on Randle bullying the oppo best defender(dray,kawhi,etc) might as well add fatigue to KD amd Lbj in the post…..

  • who the fuck is that?? 6’6? thats a little to small for me unless your a guy like winslow who can just make for it than no

  • plzz mitch just sign dorell wright already. WTF are you waiting for ??? seriously???

  • He measures out between 6’6 & 6’7, the average for a small forward, don’t know who he is?, Goggle him and check out his college stats, and what kind of player he is.
    That way we’ll have Him AND Anthony Brown, because when your taking a chance on 2nd rounders, it’s better to play the odds.

  • Great, what if he doesn’t develop into what we want, Your telling me you would rather have that sack of Bones called Kelly on the roster than another developing small forward that plays great D and can shoot the 3.

  • He played on Atlanta’s Summer league team, It doesn’t say they signed him, unless they JUST did.

  • hes to much of a risk. his defense is worse than Wesley’s i think from the looks of it. needs to bulk up as well but a streaky shooter

  • I kinda though Wesley’s defense was over rated, I don’t remember him doing anything spectacular on defense. Pittway would be better than Wesley, more internal motivation.

  • ya they signed him. write his name on google and scroll down to the 7th link which is (4 days ago) it says it right there dont even have to press the link

  • Bummer, another loss by our snoozing front office, next to go will be Upshaw, meanwhile we SECURE the likes of Sacre and Kelly, two players who’s claim to fame are…. a shooter who can’t shoot, and a shot blocker and rebounder who can’t do either.

  • good just focus signing both dorrell wright and kevin serphin and waive sacre plan A or plan B signing both landry fields and austin daye and waive sacre my opinion

  • yup ive lost count to how many Wings mitch has let get away. well the only hope now would be to get a SF through via trade. maybe maurice harkless from orlando. hes an excellent defender with good size and upside. trade both kelly and sacre plus a 1st rounder but highly unlikely . or they could just sign dorell wright or landry fields who are still out there who are pretty good 3 and D guys but doubt mitch does anything since hes let so many get away it should be no different . must really believe in kobe manning the 3 spot

  • He plays that position and PF is going to stand for personal fouler….and he will be taking a seat on the bench after about three minutes.

  • Should have traded our two later picks for a higher 1st round pick, then we could have gotten Justin Anderson and our wing problems would not exist. I see him as an Andre Iguodala type player with a better three point shot.

  • We’ll be fine. GSW just won a Championship all while the tallest player they had on the floor was 6’7. The game is changing, teams don’t necessarily have to put a player at his “listed” position. And besides, not signing the SF u prefere is not going make us all of a sudden this unstoppable force. The only SF’s on the market right now are border line scrubs…………that’s probably why they’re still not signed yet.

  • uhh do u not know how to read?? ur point makes no sense its actually proving what i wrote :D. draymond green is a SF and can defend nearly all position. plus they andre igoudala and harrison barnes. thanks for proving my point

  • Nah, the 27th pick would’ve sufficed along with a vet player on the Lakers roster to acquire a proven vet player for the starting rotation = better depth. Would’ve still picked up Nance at 34th since he was projected to go 40th+.

  • My point is we don’t need some scrub SF. All of ur post are rants about how we are screwed without signing one……so basically MY point is; no scrub SF (that includes Wright) is going to help us in any way. Our best bet is to save that 2.somthing million for a unhappy legit player once the trade deadline rolls around.

  • We don’t need to waste our last chunk of change on Wright. Between Kobe, Young and Brown….our SF position is fine. Once the trade deadline rolls around, that 2+ million will come in handy for a unhappy top tier roll player.

  • Rather trade Kelly or a player who won’t see much time for a SF or more so a C (if Upshaw’s not officially inked).

  • One sure thing: let’s not rush things. Russel is just a kid and he needs time and peace of mind to develop. Let’s keep in mind some assholes booed him during…. Summer League!

  • Unless you want him to make up news..i don’t see the logic behind you’re statement. This is the only news coming out

  • Hopefully the start of the NBA season gets moved to December. Don’t think anyone (including analysts) would mind celebrating Thanksgiving at home. By the time the NFL playoffs/Superbowl end the NBA see more nationally televised games thus NBA FA would start in August while the NFL season starts back up in September.

  • No diss to Kobe, but he’ll suffer another injury being he’ll be going up against athletic (prime) players at the 3 while getting bruised up at the 4 = over exertion.

  • Still hasn’t been signed by the Mavs tho they still have 3 roster spots open.

  • Lets just create a new rumor “LA interested in Spurs’ Hammond for head coaching job”

  • I think he is slow. But IDK, maybe if later in the season there is still a void to fill and he is still available, maybe he can be on the team.

  • .Honestly the Lakers do need a SF, however when the pickings at SF are Dorrell fucking Wright, and Landry One Arm Fields. It’s better to make do with what you have than waste a completely good roster spot and the exception on a piece of shit like that. joshhh until you can find a SF who is a worthy candidate to be a Laker and not some DOWNGRADE from WESLEY FUCKING JOHNSON please STFU already.

  • Or we could have drafted Kevon Looney with the 27th pick. He played well in SL.

  • he brings nothing like sacre and kelly just sign upshaw and get rid of those other 2 bums please!!! its been way too long.

  • What’s going on with Mario Chalmers? I’d rather see another PG for depth than another big for this team that will most likely ride the bench or DNP CD.

  • This is just my view on the guy but what about asking Scotty Hopson to join the training camp ? He’s clearly a FIBA player but even there he did put very nice numbers. I followed him during the SL and he was good. 15ppg, 5rpg, 2apg for 25 minutes per game. PER almost at 25. That was only summer league and he clearly didn’t show any 3 point game but his scouting reports say he can shoot, though.
    An athletic 6’7 who could play in FIBA at the highest level (that’s pretty much a guarantee he has a high level basketball IQ) I’d say we could do worse.

  • Lakers should go after a veteran PG to play back up to Russell, or just sign Upshaw and send him to the d League.
    Russell, is going to be able to play no more than 20-23 minutes a night. He is not strong enough to play more, and even though Clarkson can add some minutes, the idea would be to develop him as a SG, plus the fact that Russell can use also some veteran help to Develop.
    I am sure also, somehow, Lakers will be able to unload Kelly and Sacre before the end of the season. Young, sill depend on how he plays. If he plays well, I think we can trade him before the end of the season also to a play off team in need of more points off the bench. That would be the best scenario, lakers should get rid of Young, he is already 30 and has no upside.

  • Randle can play SF, that’s what you said. Plus Sacre is a “true” bench player. This guy can play PF and Center. He’s showing more consistency than Black. If the team is not going to add Upshaw but still looking for a tough guy, he’s the right player.

  • If the FO is going to sign Upshaw, there’s a good chance he’ll play in D league and monitoring his development at same time.

  • Mitch should talk the roster with Byron Scott (now still on vacation?). Tell him we have couple free agents available in the market and which type of player/position do you need?

    I guess BS likes smart, energetic, and defensive minded players.

    But he’s been quiet except talking about letting Kobe play Power Forward?

  • Along with, Jim Buss to step down, Jeanie Buss to take over, then we would have a women owner and a women coach.

  • Kevin Durant signing next year in F/A would go a long way toward making us a unstoppable force. Probably won’t happen, but it would make us good overnight.
    Hibbert, Randle, Durant, Clarkson, Russell

  • Ahhh, there talking about SHORTENING the pre-season, and making actual games start earlier, not later.

  • First off, the Summer is not over, look for Mitch to unload Kelly and or Sacre at some point, although it’s looking like Sacre is going to be our 1st big off the bench for Hibbert (God help us). Kelly though, is redundant, since Nance gives us what we wanted at that spot, hustle and defense, able to run with Clarkson and Russell, and at least a put back and lob game. If Nance develops a decent mid range shot, he’ll really be valuable.
    Anthony Brown may still get significant burn time, Kobe’s minutes are going to be restricted, including no B2B games, so that moves Young up as a starter, and Anthony Brown as the first SF off the bench.

  • That’s not even question of course serapin but everyone here will say upshaw when he is not even NBA material at this point

  • It’s not Hype, it’s potential, he’s still raw, and it will be a year or two before he comes into his own, because bigs take a little longer to develop, but he has skills AND size. Best wing span at the combine this year 7’6.5 inches and best standing reach. A very good vertical for a big man, and best shot blocking instincts. And he led the NCAA in blocks per 40 minutes played while he was in college.
    Scare just doesn’t posses those qualities.

  • I like this roster but for some reasons our FO decide to keep Kelly and Sacre.

  • Just seeing what people’s thoughts are, not my personal question. UPSHAW could become something but he is too RAW at the momment , I believe SERAPHIN and SACRE are better options right now. So we should send his to the D-league and keep an eye on him as he develops.

  • I just found the article your talking about, it’s written by some chick ( Dana Gauruder) who docent know a power forward from a point guard, she has NO IDEA what each position is, so i’d take that one with a grain of salt.

  • I don’t get how Lakers can disregard the second important position in the league today?? We need a SF and they are so in to Kobe playing those minutes smh wow

  • Exactly, he’s in his prime and on a cheap contract and he’s not as desirable as a rookie, a guy on the decline, and a guy that docent play defense.

  • or at least allow one player designated as protected, I can see not allowing multiple players because teams would ink 10 players to non guaranteed contracts and hoard them.

  • nothing is like Ryan Kelly, a stretch four who can’t shoot OR play defense, OR run the floor, OR block shots.
    Hell, he’s not even that good at waiving towels from the sideline, besides, Sacre has that covered.

  • Neither is Kelly and were paying him 1.7 million dollars this year. And Upshaw has Upside, kelly and Sacre don’t.

  • kevin seraphin is way different from randle and black..has a better post up game,can shoot the 3.and is a lob threat…oh and plays well against the spurs would love to have him mitch

  • kevin seraphin and donald sloan would be terrific additions to the team mitch..get rid of sacre and kelly

  • Then some players would stuck behind loaded teams and never make it to the NBA.

  • It takes away minutes from Randle and Nance. This team’s construct is about develop of young players with the hopes of adding later. It is not about reclamation projects.

  • Nick Young – Bad Defender
    Jabari Brown – Bad Defender
    Lou Williams – Terrible Defender
    D’Angelo Russell – Average Defender
    Jordan Clarkson – Decent Defender

    Who is going to be the Lakers wing defender?

  • That’s why I think that Mitch is drawing this out. To make him prove over the summer when there is more opportunity and down time to get into trouble that he can keep it together over that time. Then in Summer camp give him a similar deal to Anthony Brown and do year by year contracts until he establishing himself one way or another.

  • You are of course correct, but thinking only 1-step ahead.
    Mitch certainly has ideas about how to pull this large set of PFs and gunners into a nice trade or two.
    When’s the trade deadline?
    –oh, February.

  • I would still like to see what Upshaw can do. But he hasn’t signed yet. I would agree with those who said the Lakers are in need of a SF. But who’s at there at that position.

  • how do you know the FO didn’t try to move up in the draft via trade?

  • I really like Seraphin. He can play. The guy can produce same as Ed Davis… Better sign him to 2 years than one.

  • Dorell Wright is available. Excellent shooter and defender. There’s also Austin Daye and Landry Fields.

  • Anthony Brown was a good defender at Stanford but we don’t know if he’ll see playing time. Lakers can sign Dorell Wright he’s cheap and is a good defender.

  • Try? everyone tries to win a title, some just TRY harder than others, Trying doesn’t count, getting it done does. They should have gotten the trade done, as long as they didn’t give up Randle, Calrkson or the 2nd pick to do it, nothing else was off the table. Then we would have had a great prospect at small forward for years into the future AND a great point guard, shooting guard and power forward. Hibbert, Seriphin and Upshaw would take care of center.

  • I would list nick young as an average defender and d’angelo as an above average defender.
    Lou Williams isn’t all that bad he gets steals at least and Jabari Brown is below average

  • I still think the Lakers should go for Beasley… Low risk/high reward possibility… If he’s the player he can be, he’s a steal. If not, we’re no worse off

  • If this move happens, it’s probably with Sacre and Kelly being unloaded in mind. I’m fine with this if those 2 are gone. That frees up a spot for Seraphin and they can bring in Upshaw as well and still have 1 more spot open for a point guard.

  • The edited post says we don’t need another SF.

    Bryant/Young/Anthony Brown, we have 3.

    My issue is actually at point. We don’t have a Cole on the team and Buycks isn’t a roster guarantee either. Currently we just have Russell at point with Clarkson and Williams both capable of shifting to the point position.

  • Do you realize that the top sf in the league are all the best player on their respective teams? The rest of the starting sf are pieces that’s is necessary to build a competitive team.

  • Lamar primarily played PF for the Lakers, not SF. He’s a cross between Lamar and Zach Randolph. Randle is a PF.

  • Don’t forget Sacre. I’m banking that the Lakers still think they can offload Sacre and Kelly though. I just don’t see the Lakers keeping either guy for the long haul. Kelly won’t crack Scott’s rotation.

  • Russell/Insert Name Here
    Clarkson/Williams/J Brown
    Bryant/Young/A Brown
    Randle/Bass/Nance Jr

  • Lets face it.D’Lo & JC are the future of are b/court,but if we can land K.Durant in FA?Lakers we be the Pied Piper of the NBA.

  • Damn mitch stop actin like a mitch and get him if you want him shit…the hell with sacre man

  • Me too but i dont think scott or the front office are willing to take the love him bro

  • Better than sacre ass and black isnt a true c hes undersized. .hea a legit pf in my book

  • Possibly with relation to shortening pre-season games and if the season started sooner as opposed to later then they wouldn’t see too much airtime in the states for the first 3 months. Given December’s literally bowl mania while January is NFL playoff time.

    http://www . nba . com/video/channels/tnt_overtime/2014/02/17/
    skip to 2:26

  • The Purple & Gold need a small forward, so I would suggest the following….Let’s move Kelley, Young & Sacre even for draft picks in years to come, get rid of their contracts, they will never be really good, they have zero upside so get rid of them….. Now here are two fellows that we could sign for very little money on one year deals & they might just be diamonds in the rough & worth keeping around….so here they are,

    1. Quincy Miller, Reno Bighorns, F, 6-10, 219 pounds: “He’s still young and might be the best prospect with his length, ability to play small forward and power forward, make 3-pointers and handle the ball, too.”

    2. JaMychal Green, Austin Spurs, F, 6-9, 220 pounds: “He is the MVP of the D-League so far. He can rebound and he can spread the floor. He’s a jump shooter who can knock down the 12- 15-footer and is a consistent rebounder.”

    Mr. Cool Geezer

  • Good point. Why keep Sacre? Let Upshaw and Sacre compete for a spot. Not even close! Upshaw is much more athletic, and competitive. Kelly? He isn’t as good as Bass or Randle. I don’t understand? Ever sense the Lakers chose D’Antonio over Jackson I suspected Jim Buss and Kupchak were lacking. If they keep this nonsense up the Lakers are doomed.

  • I’m not saying Upshaw isn’t better than Sacre. But corollary to what you said, Upshaw is raw and with that he is largely unproven after being dismissed from 2 college basketball programs. Raw also means not NBA ready. To immediately jettison pieces only because Upshaw has good upside means that the team bought into the hype.

  • Dude! your Math is Off , You have too many people and you failed to list Sacre/Kelly under Contract over 20 by your math???

  • Those summer games are not real basketball fans, just groupie fans of the Lakers & eye candy

  • hahahahah No youre wrong we dont need a SF we have Kobe!!!!!!!!! We need a vet PG:D!!!!!!

  • Lakers Rumors: Lakers interested in Barack Obama at Sf and God Almighty at C

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