Lakers Rumors: L.A. Expected To Work Out 14 Players On Monday
Lakers Rumors: L.a. Expected To Work Out 14 Players On Monday

The first game of the NBA preseason for the Los Angeles Lakers won’t take place until October 4 with the team set to face the Utah Jazz in Honolulu, Hawaii. Leading up to the first of two preseasons games against the Jazz in Hawaii, the team will bring in players to fill out the roster for training camp.

According to Sportando, the Lakers are expected to work out players on Monday:

The names of the 14 players, or even if the team actually plans to work out those players, has yet to be released or confirmed. If the Lakers do intend to hold workouts on Monday, Bobby Brown and Jonathan Holmes are likely to be among the players brought in.

Reportedly, Holmes is rumored to have agreed to a deal with the Lakers. Holmes is an undrafted rookie out of Texas that would address a need for Los Angeles, but many believe he’s only a training camp invite at this point in time.

As for Brown, Bleacher Report’s Jared Zwerling reported on Saturday the 30-year-old journeyman would be working out for the Lakers on Monday. Again, nothing has been confirmed by the team, but it seems as though workouts will be taking place at the team’s practice facility unless something changes.

According to David Pick, Eric Moreland and D.J. Kennedy can be added to the list of players rumored to be working out for the Lakers on Monday:

Apparently, Toure Murry and Sean Kilpatrick will also being auditioning for the Lakers, according to ESPN’s Marc Stein:

The Lakers currently have 12 players with guaranteed contracts with Jabari Brown, Tarik Black and Robert Upshaw on the bubble. Black and Brown have non-guaranteed deals and Upshaw has yet to officially sign the multi-year deal that was reported last month.

Hopefully we get a live look at one of their workouts like last summer. Seeing how they look together and a healthy Kobe would be really reassuring.

  • I hope the Lakers keep Upshaw, sign McGee and waive Kelly and Sacre. Hibbert would be great as a starting C and when he’s resting, we have McGee to protect the rim. If either one of them is injured, we have another 7 footer as a back up. Send Upshaw to the D-League just like the Jazz did with Gobert.

    Unfortunately, it would be suck to lose Black who is awesome off the bench with his hustle play. We could move him to PF but we are stacked there with Randle, Bass and Nance Jr. Let’s not forget that Holmes could be playing PF as well.

    Alternatively, we could slide Nance Jr to SF – Brown, Nance Jr and Holmes. We can keep Black at PF this way but I doubt it if Kobe is playing at SF.

  • Not yet. Not sure what happen but it seems like the Lakers want to keep the final spot open until after the training camp.

    I heard they are actively trying to trade Kelly and Sacre but no taker.

  • ur the one person here with common sense. thank you. because of holmes’s physical tools and strengths which is defense as of right now he should be the lakers starting 3 but i dont know who these 14 guys are so for now its him

  • I don’t think it’s Upshaw who doesn’t want to sign. Perhaps, the Lakers are put a pause on the deal because they are not sure yet on the final rosters. But I think they must have some kind of a “gentleman agreement” with Upshaw.

  • Young, Kelley & Sacre all need to be traded for 2nd round picks in upcoming drafts going them 3 open spots to fill with kids who might be diamonds in the rough just as Clarkson was…Kelley, Sacre & Young will never be good, so lets drop them now & give ourselves a shot at finding another Clarkson.

  • Yes thats the case now, but early on when the deal was first offered its was him and his camp that were the ones taking their time.

  • Dont do Young like that, the whole team was terrible not just him. Hes gonna be coming off the bench where hes effective.

  • Don’t expect a player to be signed (unless for D-League), without cutting or trading a player or two from the roster.

  • I don’t know what the Lakers are waiting for, sign McGee already, and bring back Jabari Brown, sign Dorell Wright, then we’re all set.

  • Only 12 guaranteed contracts so that means there is still room to fix some holes. Need to find a sf who is a legit 6-8 or bigger who can defend and possibly start right away. That will fix problems for backup point too making clarkson and dlo the starting and backup pgs. And another 6’11 – 7 foot shot blocker to backup Hibbert.

  • I hope the coaching staff are all willing to give Holmes, Nance & Anthony Brown a real good tryout at SF in training camp. Yes, Black has more value than Upshaw right now, because he can play both C and PF.

  • Yes, that’s very possible. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the sports media, which makes it hard to know the real truth.

  • bruce is not an idiot he actually looks at the profile so ur not foolin anyone

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  • Yeh I understand what you are saying but the bottom line is, they need to go & take their contracts with them. I am sure with Young in the mix they can get a few second rounders. Now if we really wanted to pull off something special, we would also add Randal to the mix & send them all to the King for Cousins…Who knows maybe Vlady hit his head enough ties to go for it…

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  • 1. Sign McGee as backup center.
    2. Trade Young+Kelly+Sacre for Sun’s PF Markieff Morris

  • I’ve said it before I’m not a fan of Kupchak. Why is J. Brown not signed. They are set at PG and SG; starters and backups. Kobe will play the 3 with Young and A. Brown backing up. We don’t need a SF.

    PG – Russell / Williams
    SG – Clarkson / J. Brown
    SF – Bryant / Young
    PF – Randle / Bass
    C – Hibbert / Black

    There is no player out there that will get us to the playoffs. It is about developing your young guys now. Russell is the #2 pick and Clarkson earned his way. Kobe is done after this year. It doesn’t make sense to retard a young players development so that he play the 2.

  • Don’t reply to that troll Gay Ray Homo Sapien.

    Don’t read, just flag all of his posts.

  • We need Young. Lou won’t have great games every night, neither will Young. But having Both will ensure we are getting consistant points from the bench

  • 15 Players that should be on the roster:

    1. HIBBERT
    2. RANDLE
    3. KOBE
    4. YOUNG (spreads the floor for Kobe & Randle in the post, a spot-up shooter that Russell can give the ball to)
    5. RUSSELL

    6. Mcgee
    7. Bass
    8. A. Brown
    9. Williams
    10. Clarkson ( needs to play off the bench so he can play his Westbrook-lite type of game, won’t be able do it with Kobe in the starting 5 )

    11. Upshaw
    12. Black
    13. Nance Jr.
    14. Holmes
    15. J. Brown

    *Sacre & Kelly should be on their way to 76ers by now, even for a future 2nd round pick.

  • I would get rid off kelly n sacre sign Mcgee n cole… fuck Upshaw keep black

  • Yea, we need another PF like we need a hole in our head.
    We have Randle, Bass, Nance, Kelly, And Black

  • Maybe mario from heat…instead off cole…I would love Jennings if they can send sacre n kelly for him plus he wants to be a laker

  • Young (5.2M) + Kelly (1.7M) + Sacre (1M) = 7.9M
    Markieff Morris = 8M

    How about for a trade rather than 2nd round pick?

  • Sacre and Kelly plus our 2016 second round pick for Chalmers, sign Holmes, sign McGee with our mid level exception, Sign Upshaw as a third string center.

    Hibbert, McGee, Upshaw
    Randle, Bass, Black, Nance Jr.
    Kobe, Young, Holmes, A. Brown
    Clarkson, Williams, J. Brown
    Russell, Chalmers

  • Clarkson is a clear starter on this team. I would bring Russell off the bench if I had to choose who’s starting between those two.

  • You don’t just throw a bunch of rookies on the court. They need veterans to learn from and show them how to win. They’ll be a lot better off if Byron makes them earn their playing time.

  • thank you u have a brain sir. mcgee would be that guy ur talking about . and for SF im hoping holmes is that guy u say. hes 6’9 and can defend both forward positions

  • if i would wrote what brucce just did u would troll me as usual. funny how that is.

  • I was on the fence with Kelly.
    The article about him on today’s front page of silverscreenandroll com changed my opinion. <- Solid statistics and analysis!

    I'm not sure he'll be a legend, but I think if he sticks at PF, he can be a solid role player in the league. To me, he's a good #2 PF, or backup PF when you need a stretch.

  • To me, Black is trade bait.
    If the team can find a way to land McGee, then Black has no minutes on the team, this year and in the future.

  • RE: Gentleman’s agreement
    I think this is the case. Or he’s got a contract with incentives and nothing “serious” until training camp. (Aka no urgency to sign as of today).

    And, IF Upshaw wants to turn down his Lakers Opportunity and chase guaranteed money somewhere else… so be it.

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  • Who should be the Lakers starting SF

    1. Kobe Bryant
    2. Dorell Wright
    3. Johnathan Holmes
    4. Tony Mitchell
    5. Luc Richard Mboue a Moute
    6. Landry Fields
    7. Larry Nance
    8. Markieff Morris (Trade)
    9. Anthony Brown
    10. Robbie Hummel

    Lets look at what’s the necessary criteria to play SF

    The SF position is considered to be perhaps the most versatile of the all 5 positions. Versatility is key for small forwards due to the nature of their role.SF’s need to have an all around ability that makes them valuable to the team in a variety of ways. Though they’re not the usually the primary ball handler SF’s need dribbling skills. SF’s should be able to do a little bit of everything on the court typically playing roles such as swing men but also as point forwards and defensive specialists, being the teams stopper is their most critical role.

    Every single one of those guys fits that role of being a SF. Kobe does not because hes like i said hes 37 years old not 30 or whatever. SF is a young mans position cuz ur asked to do so much

  • Why’d you even bother putting the last 9 names? Kobe will start at SF, just accept it, Brown and Holmes will fight to play behind Nick Young. Dorell Wright is such a piece of shit scrub that the only person in the entire world who is interested in him is YOU. Landry Fields is set for retirement, Luc Mbah is a power forward masquerading as a SF. Markieff Morris is not going to be traded. And lastly Robbie Hummel has joined some Italian team. Just fucking let it go, Jordan Clarkson will be asked to play the guy who stops the opposing teams best player this season, it will either work or it won’t.

  • I don’t see why McGee deserves the MLE, he should sign for the veteran’s minimum, he is already being paid 12m this season by the 76ers.

  • Lakers PG, SG and SF Rotations

    D’Angelo Russel – Jordan Clarkson – Dwight Buycks

    Kobe Bryant – Lou Williams – Jabari Brown

    Jonathan Holmes – Nick Young – Anthony Brown

  • No offense, but I’m pretty sure these 14 guys aren’t really that good of players. THe past 3 years has been really bad for us. I’m guessing we’ll see overseas, D League, or undrafted rooks Monday.

  • I like Jennings, but we have way too many shooters on the team. Plus Jennings is coming off an achiles

  • I like Holmes also as PF with Randle at C and Anthony Brown as SF, Kobe and Clarkson in the backcourt, warriors’ basketball

  • Kobe first option (with clarkson and young), brown and holmes as backup

  • We’ve been making a lot of calls. Too bad nobody wants Swaggy Scrub. It’s a shame. We can’t execute any trades or sign any decent wings because of that piece of crap. Swaggy Scrub should be cut like Josh Smith. He’s a bad influence on the locker room. Kobe and BS despise him. Can’t blame them.

  • jabari brown and tariq black with have to battle it out with the camp invites, the roster is wide open right now. bobby brown and dj kennedy are good pick ups lets see what they can do

  • Maybe I”m missing something but I keep reading that the Lakers are looking at more guards and big men. What about small forward where, to my knowledge, there is not one true SF on the team with one minute of NBA experience?

  • By the way, if the Lakers dont get Javalle McGee, there are other options. I hear Kwame Brown & Andrew Bynum may be available. But Mitch needs to move quickly.

  • Kobe is the starting SF.
    Do you realize that with Kobe at the 3, there are basically 4 really good passers? And that Kobe can facilitate again?

    This team will be a lot more exciting than most realize. And given the system, the players, and the talent, they will be a lot better than expected.

  • Clarkson, Williams, Cole
    Russell, Young, J. Brown
    Bryant, Holmes, A. Brown
    Randle, Bass, Nance
    Hibbert, McGee, Black, Upshaw (project)

    Clarkson at the 1 will work better for the Lakers. Russell plays great off the ball with his secondary passes and spot up jumpers; besides he can’t guard athletic guards like Clarkson can right now. This isn’t to say Russell won’t have the ball in his hands, but possession should definitely not be in his hands for an overwhelming majority of the clock. Bryant will play the 3 and it will work. Shooting guards are harder to defend for the older Kobe, plus his perimeter has never been comparable to his elbow proficiency.

    If the Lakers pick up McGee and Cole, the team should be quite competitive.

  • I hope I am right, but it seems to me that the Lakers, besides creating a lot of competition in training cap, they are working to get good pieces for future development in the D league. D league should be a real development league for youngsters, specially now that they are kids are doing 1 year college and they go the the NBA, and they still lack a lot of fundamentals.
    So mu thinking is that maybe some of this “invites” can make the team, otherwise they can sign them to the D league and develop them there for next year or possible trade chips.
    Nance, and Antony Brown also might need some time in the D league, mainly to get their confidence, and work on a solid shot, specially Nance.

  • I would love a line up like this:
    PG: Russel, Williams, Boby brown
    SG: Clarckson, Young, J.Brown
    SF: Kobe, Holmes, Anthony Brown
    PF: Randle, Bass, Nance Jr
    C: Hibbert, (black or Mcgee if we get him), Upshaw
    and dump sacre and kelly

  • What happenend to Robert Upshaw? I read he was seeking a shot on another team and wanted to get out of his current deal with the Lakers. or was that statement before his current deal after the 2015 SL.

  • more guys coming more options. we need a backup PG at the very least and maybe a SF in Johnathan Holmes. we should definately move sacre&kelly not only have roster space but money to play with.

  • we could keep Jordan Clarkson as russell’s backup PG.that would leave Kobe at SG. then we can move nance jr or holmes to SF.
    t hen we move tariq black to PF and sign Upshaw at center.
    but that moves EVERYONE around again…..

  • trading 3 players for 1. i dont know nick young is a great bench player. if we could just get rid of kelly and sacre itd be great!

  • maybe you hit your head too many times.
    Randle is not up for trade.
    go back to school

  • kelly and sacre should be battling it out with those guys mentioned.
    jabari brown and tariq black are solid.
    kelly and sacre? not so much….

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