Lakers Rumors: L.A. Exploring Trades For Nick Young, Robert Sacre, Ryan Kelly
Lakers Rumors: L.a. Exploring Trades For Nick Young, Robert Sacre, Ryan Kelly

With free agency in process, the Los Angeles Lakers suffered a disastrous start, but were able to trade for Roy Hibbert. In addition to Hibbert, Lou Williams and Brandon Bass have agreed to sign with the storied franchise.

As the Lakers work on cap space for these three players, they are exploring trade options for Nick Young according to Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports:

As the Lakers work to clear cap space to sign free agents and absorb Hibbert’s contract, Nick Young is a strong candidate to be unloaded, sources told Yahoo Sports.

In addition, Robert Sacre and Ryan Kelly could be included in the Pacers trade for Hibbert, via Spears:

The Lakers are exploring trades for Young, Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre. Sacre and/or Kelly are possibilities to go to Pacers, sources said.

After suffering the worst win percentage in franchise history, the Lakers are determined to improve their roster. While there were high hopes of landing LaMarcus Aldridge or DeAndre Jordan, Hibbert, Williams and Bass are solid additions to a young team.

Heading into the 2015-16 NBA season, the Lakers will have a nice blend of young prospects to go along with veterans. With D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson as the foundation of the future, it will be interesting to see how competitive Los Angeles can be next season.


  • There’s bound to be consequences for having one of the worst records in Lakers history.

  • Oh please please please let it be Kelly and Sacre! I’ll let them go for a Costco Hotdog and Soda.

  • As long as sacre and kelly are gone I’m happy. Even though I like nick young id hate to see him go but if we could get an asset for him id be happy

  • Nah they ain’t worth that much. McDonalds 5 piece nuggets and a water cup is more like it.

  • Hopefully they can get something done. Losing Young’s contract would be very nice

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! YESSSSSSSS!!!
    This would be the GREATEST move of the off-season!!!
    Especially with the Jeremy Lin Trade too!!! This is Awesome! GO LAKERS!!!

  • That’s what I’m saying but I would trade both for a Dodger dog real quick

  • Could possibly unload Sacre, Kelly in sign and trade deals involving Boozer, Hill or Lin. Young will be tough though.

  • Lakers try to keep nick young if they can. The more playmakers the Lakers have the better! playmakers that can shoot the three ball and can create for themselves and pass! Two key players they need to add are players that have the triple threat . . one can shoot, pass, can create for themselves and is deadly with the 3 ball. And versatile small forwards like draymond green, igoudala , and harrison barnes. the Warriors would have beat anyone in the West even the Spurs or the Clippers if they faced them because these three versatile small forwards can play and defend multiple positions! Be like the Warriors Westside!

  • you know these are real people you are talking about. Have some respect laker “fans”

  • Brandon Bass for Ed Davis replacement… Lou Williams for Nick Young. Can we get a clown for Sacre??? 😀

  • bruh, that ain’t helping lebron lmao.

    nick young, j.r. smith and iman shumpert on the same team?

    LMAOOO!!! oh, the comedy.

  • Ed Davis replacement will be hard to live up to. Dude was blocking anything and everything

  • Thanks for the effort gentlemen, but if we can find a taker, send all three packing asap.

  • Calm Down Horn Dog! The topic is not ESPN Body Issue featuring Alex Morgan. It’s about the Lakers exploring trades for Nick Young, Sacre and Ryan Kelly

  • Woj has reported that lakers are in serious discussion to trade young and kelly for wilson chandler

  • Roy Hibbert / Tarik Black / Robert Sacre
    Julius Randle / Brandon Bass / Larry Nance Jr
    Kobe Bryant / Anthony Brown
    Jordan Clarkson / Jabari Brown
    D’Angelo Russell / Lou Williams

    We are in defintie need of a Small Forward, and since Young and Kelly are on the trading block I didn’t include them on the roster. I hope someone takes them.

  • Ok you know what this looks like don’t you?

    After what happened last year the FO is doing the opposite and just signing as many good pieces as possible and hope the talent mesh; why else would you want to sign Bass and now you have more PF and not enough experienced SF.

    They are just hoping a sensible trade to follow which can allow them to dump salaries and get an SF but there are no guarantees.

  • Yeah. I was hoping he will stay. but for 3yrs 20mil to Portland. Well deserved and congrats!

  • We have him his name is Robert upshaw. Just watch he’s a BLOCKING MACHINE. And the fact he’s our backup center is great.

  • Agree. as i said before, these Veterans doesnt know what it takes to win games. it is bad example for these young guys. We need Veteran guys that have Winner mentality. Nothing against these guys, Jeremy Lin, Nick Young, Jordan Hill, they are great players,and i’m sure hella of a team mate.. But smiling and joking in a losing season? I know Kobe is pissed, the management is pissed.. We need guys that has Playoff experience and Winning is all that matters. That’s what this Fan base is about, this is what Lakers’ about.

  • Ramon Sessions dropped off the map too…If these clowns don’t want to be here, see ya!

  • I feel you I loved ed “big boss” Davis but hey he found a good opportunity. Remember Robert upshaw he’s a true center. His blocks per 40 minutes in college is 7.2 which is mind boggling. Higher than Anthony-towns, cauley-stein. I mean 7.2 blocks is surreal

  • Ramon, Shannon, Farmar, Odom, Farmar, Meeks, Clark, World Peace just too name a few. Ariza been the only bright one.

  • Upshaw is a lottery pick if without issues. I hope he is true to his word to change for the better and be our center of the future.

  • “Sacre and/or Kelly are possibilities to go to Pacers”
    Whatever, just let them go.
    Maybe Kelly will thrive in a different team.

  • a rejuvenated Hibbert and an inspired Upshaw manning the paint with four huge hands blocking the path to the ring Lol

  • i’m telling you guys, Nick Young to Raptors for Terrence Ross, it helps out both sides

  • so if sacre goes, does that open up a roster spot for upshaw? we still have to see him play in the summer league, but it’s an interesting thought.

  • he’s going to replace sacre on the lakers rotation. that is one big compelling reason.

  • yes, i’m the dumb one. coming from a moron who guaranteed the lakers would draft okafor and trade for stanley johnson.. and wrote the term “cereal killer”. you need to work you way UP to being dumb. we’re all pulling for ya.

  • Been hoping for this all along. Well, the FO is starting to turn things around. Brandon Bass is a good pick up also 🙂

  • Just realised if we manage to trade these guys we would have gotten rid of all our scrubs in one go. That wold earn the FO a B+ from me .

  • we haven’t signed him or anything.. he’s just agreed to be on our SL team. if he performs well, we need to sign him before anyone else does. the good news is that he sounds like he wants to be a laker.

  • I know but trust me from what I have been hearing around the camp , he is a Laker !

  • no sweat. this guy’s a clown. this board would be far better if he drove off a cliff or something.

  • he also said Lou Williams wasn’t a PG because he was a 6th man off the bench.

  • so did 90% of fans, experts, espn etc.. guaranteed tthe lakers would draft okafor so i guess there all dumbass well haah!!.

  • I do not think the Lakers have cap room to sign Hibbert, Williams andBass, let alone somebody else.
    They are trying to trade young, Kelly and Sacre to clear cap room, so they can actually get the other three.
    So, don’t think anybody else is coming.

  • I hope we trade Kelly and Nance for Justin Anderson. Both are some great back-up for Dirk.

  • that’s what joshhh said.
    “lou williams isn’t a pg because he’s a 6th man off the bench” or some crap like that. lololol

  • Whose head is still not right , he averaged 10 points and 5 rebounds last year so just hope he can turn it around but when you get a chance watch Upshaw’s video from camp in SB , he is a prodigy !!!!!!!!

  • Technically they do it all depends on Hibbert waiving his trade bonus, and whether or not Bass will sign for the room exception.

  • i like nance but not if we could keep young. i could see us being a playoff team next season if we stay healthy and nick helps us be that.

    if we dont have to move nance and we can keep young then yes keep nance

  • hibbert has fallen off a cliff in his career. ur overhyping him. hes still a solid defensive big. but upshaw has the potential to be an hassan whiteside given the chance

  • How irresponsible does that 4 year deal to Young look? I just can’t believe Mitch is that dense, it had to have been a Jeanie move.

    Edited to change 5 to 4.

  • hibbert was playing on a team that did not use him the right way. he could have a resurgance next season

  • You Have Brown, Kobe and Randle as possible 3. And Lakers can actually play Russell, Clarkson and Williams from time to time also.

  • Let’s get rid of all the players from last year’s disastrous team (keep Kobe, Clarkson). Sacre, Young, Kelly, GONE.

  • I don’t mind the money, but 5 years? Damn. That is crazy. Like Mitch should be submitted type of crazy.

    Edit: I was wrong it is 4 years. Still crazy though

  • Hibbert contract is 15 Plus 2mil Trade kicker. Lou Is 7 mil. Thats 24 All Our Cap. So We Gotta Trade Young, Kelly And Sacre To Get Another. Young Contract Is 5 And I Think The other Is Like 2 or 1mil So We’ll Have 7 left For Whatever bass want And a 3 and D Guy

  • the lakers have kobe young brown and randle+ possible nance that could all play some sf

  • Notice beside Davis and maybe Lin everyone else is so far unsigned , what a crappy team we had !!!!!!!!

  • Hibbert contract is 15 Plus 2mil Trade kicker. Lou Is 7 mil. Thats 24 All Our Cap. So We Gotta Trade Young, Kelly And Sacre To Get Another. Young Contract Is 5 And I Think The other Is Like 2 or 1mil So We’ll Have 7 left For Whatever bass want And a 3 and D Guy..

  • I dont care about helping LeBron, I wanna get back to relevance. It would clear the cap for us. If we could find a way to find a defensive minded wing by trading Young that would be amazing.

  • i agree 5 years for a player klike young is to long. hes better on 2 year kind of deals were if he fails you can move him because he is on his last year

  • all we have to do is trade kelly and scare and we are fine young does not need to be traded

  • Russel – Clarkson – Buycks
    Kobe – Williams – Brown
    Anderson – Brown – Nance
    Randle – Bass – Black
    Hibbert – Upshaw – Seraphin

  • Get nick out of your mind dude is staying. I also haven’t given up on Kelly
    If he moves so that we can round out our roster I’m happy but if he stays he can become a solid player he was doing some good stuff last season

  • your starting an undersized rookie at sf. watch the team get scored on every time.

  • Can’t know anything all of this will probably be worked out at some point, probably after the moratorium.

  • Honestly I would prefer D’Antoni to this dude , he is stuck in the 80’s and not too bright .

  • young is a sg/sf will is a pg/sg.

    young does not need to go. we need him for the games kobe will miss

  • Call up Sam Hinkie, and offer all 3, and picks for the injured Joel Embiid. I know Embiid is out for the season, but if hickie would take the 3, plus a couple of future 1sts, I would take that risk. Embiid is the best center I have seen at the collegiate level since Shaq.

  • I Agree! Gerald Green is a very good athletic defender who can shoot 3’s, create his own shot and dunk like crazy!

  • Mav’s want Lin and we are on the only team that can do a sign and trade to allow it. Their only asset is Anderson

  • R Kelly 3 years and still haven’t done shit. ship his ass out.

  • Makes you wonder why they picked up Sacre’s option in the first place, he could have been applying to join McDonalds days ago.

  • Lakers if this is how you treat the players who actually wanna play for your sorry ass mediocre small market franchise, how do you expect guys to sign with you? pathetic, simply disgraceful how bad Lakers treat their players.

  • The team needs to unload some contracts to get under the cap and make all of their free agency signings and trades work.

    Young – $5.2M — Replaced by Lou Williams
    Kelly – $1.7m — Replaced by Nance
    Sacre – $1M — Replaced by Upshaw

  • Hibbert – Upshaw – Sacre
    Randle – Bass – Black – Nance
    Anderson – Brown
    Bryant – Williams
    Russell – Clarkson

    Trade Young and Kelly for picks, sign and trade Lin for Anderson. Sign Upshaw to a contract.

  • Stop trolling Laker forums and go out and be a productive human being in society.

  • You’re sorry ass clippers are done LOL!!! We all know u have about 5-6 accounts and you’re really a clippers fan. Who’s your starter?? McGee??? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • Sacre and Kelly are pretty much done as far as a package to Indiana , young reportedly to Raptors .

  • kelly and scare are all that we need to let go possibly nance too but that is only if we bring back a player in any trades

  • Next year, $5.2M is a steal.

    And for a guy who could be a 6th man, he is a great deal.

  • Exactly you’ll get the same results with the same players. I’m fine if those three get shipped. Nick Young is 30 and isn’t going to change his game.

  • Totally speak English, 4 languages actually,

  • After signing these three the Lakes are done and will add young prospects to fill out roster .

  • From what I been hearing he was feed up with the FO and key thing is he may need a change teams to get himself back. Still is a elite rim-protector and provides a low-post game. Only 28 also. He also hits a mid-range shot and his FT’s.

    Dude stop watching highlights and actually watch games. The dude gets lost as hell out on the court. Horrible feel for the game and is turnover prone. The dude is a block-head out on the court. Always allowing cutters to get behind him and his FT shot is horrible. Worse thing of all he is a “drug addict” and a headcase. Why the hell you guys putting so faith in this guy is beyond me. Right now he is best as back-up C playing at least 15 minutes a game. Everything I said was all mental(FT’s too) and it takes longer to improve your mental aspect of your game than your psychical aspect of your game especially if you have problems of your own.

    Shot-blocking is not what makes a great defensive C. If that was the case Javale Mcgee wouldn’t be struggling to find a team.

  • They are trying to dump his contract but it is hard because of the length. He is gone, but they might have to stretch him. They have to make space to sign Bass.

  • Scott can’t take the blame. With the roster he was given he did all he could. Also last year was blessing in disguise as we got the #2 pick and our future PG.

  • In a trade. Just a more defensively focused SF. I like Nick it really doesnt matter to me what we do with him. Im happy whether he goes or stays. But if he goes. Defensive minded wing please

  • You realize nick young is a small forward right? rofl The dude average 13.9 ppg and was consider a bad year for him. That is help we need.

  • lol so you say neither are better than young, and yet you say above Gerald Green is the best available SF out there??

  • Signing might be difficult, since we didn’t draft him. He is hands down already better than Robert Sacre.

  • lakers need everybody they can get. You act like the lakers are in a good situation and not in a dire ”going into irrelevance for the next couple decades”. Youre living in the past bruh.

  • technically anyone can sign him… but it does sound like he wants to be a laker.

  • Idk im just saying. Maybe him and Kelly or something. Just throwing out ideas

  • Why? I’m being completely serious. I think Lin would be wonderful off the bench.

  • yes. that does not mean hes better then young. all the good sf’s are allready on teams

  • reggie jackson the future of detroit with that big pay day. Makes you wonder how jennings is feeling right now

  • You probably know by now that most people here can’t separate Lin’s game from their personal feelings about him and/or his fans. All comments with his name will just get trolled.

  • D’Antoni?! Stop it! Lol You can’t be serious! Never thought I’d see that! Lol Jim Buss’ disciple right here!!! Lmao

  • Nah……Lintards get out now. Lin is a replaceable guard anyways

  • He is a Mav now so he is gone I just wish we get some assets or maybe Anderson on a trade .

  • I don’t expect Bass to start but he is a productive big off the bench and he is full of experience(Celtics 2010 playoff team). I like this signing. Would really benefit Randle. Bass has like a auto mid-range shot and has a pretty good face-up game. He also plays tough and strong on defense even though he is not a shot-blocker.

  • shhhit for brains joshhh should definitely go be a pistons fan now. they have stanley AND reggie jackson. GTFOH, shhhit for brains!

  • Yeah, that seems like a terrible deal right now. But next year after the cap raise it won’t look too bad and the following year with the big raise it will look like a bargain. “”If he is decent””

  • Well, now we have Bass and Lou Williams. Lin, Young, Sacre, Kelly, and maybe Jordan Hill are all going to involve trade/trades. Maybe we might see one of our young talent leaving too (for another talent). Maybe a huge trade is coming. It’s good to see the FO is doing this quitely. Maybe Mitch is going to surprise us in a good way.

  • Wtf? He’s not that good, If we would have drafted Okafor he would have been one of our top targets.


    It’s not even close, I’d much rather have Roy/dlo especially cuz we aren’t getting married to Hibbert for 5 years.

  • That is good. Stil;l a shame, that we just missed getting that #51-54 pick from the Clippers this year, which would have taken all the pressue off, if Upshaw was coming here. I think he has DeAndre Jordan potential….if gets his head screwed on straight. His shotblocking is already at an elite level for NBA standards.

  • I disagree. If Sacre made the team, being drafted #60, then Upshaw most certainly has the talent to make this squad, especially at center, where the Lakers are weakest.

  • Williams and Bass do kind of make you think they might be moving Clarkson and Randle.. But I really hope not.

  • truth. the good thing is that he will be a vital part of the SL team, which is full of young guys. maybe they’ll establish some rapport on and off the court and he’ll relish staying with the lakers. did you hear the interview on youtube?

  • Sacre doesn’t even register on the scale enough to be terrible. Lin is right above him, hanging, like a tea bag

  • Y’all don’t see it comin yet: Young, Kelly, Sacre plus cash for Kenneth Faried.

  • He put up some sick numbers when he got to Detroit. Dude can flat out play. He’s worth it.
    He’ll be even more worth it when the cap fully increases in a few years.

  • Excellent job by FO after the big names turned us down not to mention the picks and picking Upshaw who they will hopefully sign , GO LAKERS !!!!!!!!!!

  • If clarkson gonna start at SG whos our back up PG?? since lou is better of starting at SG

  • Russell / Clarkson / Price
    Clarkson / Williams
    Kobe /ABrown
    Faried / Bass / Nance
    Hibbert / Black / Upshaw

    This, folks, is a muthafk’n playoff team

  • Randle will shut all his doubters up when he beasts through sfwds throughout the league… beast i tell you!

  • I honestly think, if the picks were thrown in, Hinkie might bite. He’s obsessed with picks, and Embiid is still cheap and young. Imagine the Lakers did this, hit the #1 pick in 2016, drafted Ben Simmons, Kobe retires, the Lakers could potentially spend 3 max level contracts in 2016, or in other words, have the most lethal bench they have had in years.

  • Why Nance?
    He’s going to be this year’s steal like Clarkson.

    His dad was a great player, and his son is even better.

  • The Lakers have done a decent job after missing out on the big signings, I thought this was going to look like last year where after they were shunned by the big fish they had to pick off the scraps. Hibbert Bass and Williams are all solid players, now they just gotta make the salaries work as it’s senseless to go into the luxury tax for this team… and figure out who plays the 3.

  • He should be….But with Hibbert, we can let him simmer in the system for a year or longer.

  • Kelly, Young, and Lin for Justin Anderson and 2016 2nd rounder. They have no bench. These players would really benefit them big time.

  • Totally disagree. He’s great for the second unit, and can be placed and either guard spots.

  • Clarkson is not gonna be the starting SG, him and Russell will alternate between starting and back up PG


  • We gonna trade Young, Kellly, Sacre plus cash for him. Denver unloading their entire roster for swap meet prices.

  • Indiana didn’t want him back. And Bird told him not to opt-into his extension.

    The team wanted to go faster, but it had a $15m problem with Hibbert.

    At 28, there is no reason why he can’t return to his old form. If he does, he’s actually a better contributor than BOTH Cousins and DJ.

  • How did I get flagged for saying it is unlikely Randle has Blake Griffin’s potential…???

  • how do you know that? do you have a link? ’cause i heard the lakers would send kelly or young to the pacers because of the roy trade.

  • If you figure the cap goesup to 108 in 2 years, his contract will be worth roughly what 13m is worth now.

    Still a ton of money for him I think, but good for him gettin his bread.

  • Swaggy can’t dish a dime to save his life. It’s like trying to get a cat to bark.

  • Nance is an immediate upgrade to kelly.
    he’s a stretch-4, amazing defender, and uber hustle guy.

    I’d rather take him than Young.

    Btw, Lou Williams is Young’s replacement at 6th man.

  • Correct. Don’t trade Nance. I like him. Young HAS TO GO. This guy is just dead weight. I would honestly trade him for a 2nd rounder , or package him for a injured Joel Embiid any day of the week.

  • It’s a new account. Most likely a Laker fan trolling people so they hate Lin.

  • It’s a hunch. Denver was in the mix to trade Lawson and Faried to Sactown in a 3-way deal to land Cousins in L.A.

  • Still trolling. Bucks are wack. Milwaukee literally made Larry Sanders say fuck 15+mill & retire . & Giannis has great potential but he sucks as of now. Jabari acl might be like Drose.

  • Bruh, how many accounts do u really u have?? Everytime I look it’s u, the lonely loser clipper fan AKA first ballot HOF’er troll

  • Yes please take out the trash! I’m so sick of seeing Ryan Kelly and Robert Sacre!

  • mmmm that would be cool, but so far i haven’t heard or seen anything about this, hope is true though…

  • Well Randle? Sullinger started at PF for the Celtics and Bass is a career back-up anyway.. He is productive off the bench.

  • He’s probably worth a 2nd to some teams, and if Upshaw doesn’t work out, he’s probably worth $1M as a #3 C.

  • JLin better then Kobe. Lakers need JLin more then he need LA. JLin gonna give lakers nightmares.

  • Playoff team supreme:

    Russell / Clarkson
    Kobe / Williams
    Randle / ABrown
    Faried / Bass / Nance
    Hibbert / Black / Upshaw

  • It would be perfect if he goes to the Mavericks. Payback for Pig Cuban complaining about the Lakers getting CP3. Lin can brick shots and turnover the ball down in Dallas.

  • Nick Young 2014-2015 stats
    13.4 PTS, 0.3 BLK, 0.5 STL, 1 AST, 2.3 REB

    Lou Williams 2014-2015 stats
    15.5 PTS, 0.1 BLK, 1.1 STL, 2.1 AST, 1.0 REB

    Pretty similar

  • I think SA, OKC, LAC, MEM, HOU, GSW are going to make the playoffs. MAVS/NOP will be tough. MIN will be a dark horse. Lakers?

  • Click on his name, he obviously made an account to vent his pathetic frustration that the Lakers don’t care for Lin. Lakers need Lin? Fucken joke. Its only been 5 days since free agency started that one fucken team is interested in him LOL.

    If Mavs had Monta, Lin would be out of a job and will have to play in China or Europe.

  • Lakers can’t afford Faried nor would Denver be stupid enough to do that trade.

  • by the end of 2016 summer After Kobe retires(just a laker fan dreaming here):

    PG: westbrook/Russell
    SG: Jordan Clarkson/Louis Williams
    SF: Kevin Durant/ A. Brown
    PF: Julius Randle/ Brandon Bass
    C: Roy Hibbert/Upshaw

    maybe they saving that SF position for KD? lol #wishfulthinking.

  • it’s young+2nd round pick to the pacers, then sacre/kelly+2nd round pick to denver for wilson chandler…that’s how the rumor goes.

  • I doubt it. More likely he’s a regular poster here on LN masquerading as an insane Lin fan.

  • That’s called trade bait. When the cap goes up that’s nothing to these teams.

  • if you have westbrook, Russell, JC, LW….you got to trade one to upgrade the PF/C position.

  • You sound like a toddler throwing a tantrum. I want this!! I want that!! Shut up.

  • You ill informed illiterate piece of human excrement do us all a favor and go jump in a wood chipper.

  • Do it!

    ? / A. Brown

    J. Brown

    Put the weakest of the Rookies on the D-Fenders, get a decent 3 and D wing and a playmaking PG vet and this could fun.

    I’m not saying this is necessarily a deep playoff run caliber team, but mos def much more fun to watch than last years tanking mission.

  • i would prefer chandler, i don’t think we need faried right now. oh and thanks!

  • Looks like ClippersRunLA is back to his trolling ways under a new account. 7 comments? You are so stupid. Every time you create a new account we can tell it’s you.

  • KD nor Westbrook coming to LA. And D’Angelo Russell is the future PG for the Lakers. You don’t draft someone at 2, for them to come off the bench. Smh

  • yea i know. it would just be sad if they separated. I enjoyed watching them play together.

  • Keep Randle. He’s going to be a beast. If you can make a deal and get somehow Cousins without losing Russell and Randle then go for it. I like Clarkson but Russell upside is much higher. If Clarkson, Young, Jabari Brown, Black could help us get into a 3 teams trade with Sacramento and Denver do it.
    Denver gets jabari, black and Young to pair up with Mudiay. Sac gets Lawson, Faried and maybe Wilson Chandler. Lakers get Cousins.

  • I’ll take it. Chandler would be an excellent addition. And Randle better perform otherwise I’d trade his azz for Faried all day er’day

  • What happened to you man? Did your parents not give you enough attention? Seriously I think you should may be seek some sort of mental refuge, wasting your own time trolling this site and making fake accounts and personas. I hope you don’t end up shooting up some school kids.

  • Last April when ESPN ranked all 30 NBA starting pgs In major categories such as playmaking and scoring Lin was 28th, right above Isaac Kanaan and Dante exum. That was just statistics, had nothing to do with effort or toughness. Lin is probably one of the worst 10 players in the NBA who play the PG position. He’s a fringe back up, at best.

  • Don’t really like the Bass signing. I prefer to go with

    C – Hibbert / Upshaw and at PF – Randle / Black.
    I think Bass disrupts the minutes in the rotation

  • I think they will be in the playoff hunt. Not sure how they will stop anyone on defense now. Jordan anchored their defense.

  • This is what the final lineup will look like:

    Russell / Clarkson
    Kobe / Williams / Ellington
    Chandler / ABrown / Nance
    Randle / Bass / Nance
    Hibbert / Black / Upshaw

    PLAYOFF TEAM guaranteed.

  • Now that DeAndre Jordan is gone, it looks like the clippers will be exiting in the first round again (instead of the second round).

  • Well if Upshaw don’t pan out then it’ll be
    C – Hibbert, Black and at PF – Randle, Bass

  • He’ll be a good pickup. Randle hasn’t played in a game yet, and will likely stay in foul trouble early on.

  • I know this might be a stretch but let’s hope he becomes a star like the most recent NBA offspring to become a star, Klay Thompson…. or at the very least a complimentary 15-5 role player type.

  • I agree with how the final lineup will look. I think it’s a .500 team barring major injuries. Probably not good enough this year for the 8 seed, but way better than last year.

  • Good move by the FO, aside of Sacre, both Kelly/Young have had an opportunity to showcase themselves on the court. A change of scenery may be best, hopefully it involves a few 2nd rounders.

  • If he doesn’t start Randle and Dlo, then Byron needs to be fired after 5 games, just like that other coach.

  • Man this team is phucked! Not good enough to make the playoffs, not bad enough to keep their first round pick.

  • You are right. They had no sense of pride last season. No hard fouls, no tough plays whatsoever. Clarkson was the sole bright spot last season. Sacre has heart but does not have the skills to go with it. This year’s bench could definitely beat last year’s starting five .

    2015-2016 Potential Lineup

    PG- Russell
    SG- Kobe
    SF- Randle
    PF- Bass (wishing it was David Lee or David West)
    C- Hibbert


    PG- Clarkson
    SG- Williams
    SF- Anthony Brown
    PF- Nance Jr.
    C- Tarik Block


    Jabari Brown
    Robert Upshaw

  • I hear you. I’m concerned about that too. If they’re going to trade our talents I want at least a fair return.

  • Randle has to, a lot’s on him performing well. but I have faith in the kid. A faried-like performance with better scoring and passing and he’s a keeper.

  • You are right, none of them are good enough at basketball right now to be signed to a team.

  • Raymond Felton reacts to being traded to the Lakers:
    “There is a KFC in every city”

  • the hell with that 2016 1st round pick. Lakers have to start winning more games.

  • it’s looking more and more like demar might come to la as he is a hometown kid and the raptors probably won’t make it past the first round again. also, we signed lou and demar loved playing with him. jeff green is more realistic to hope for than durant

  • Why don’t you go tell everyone on the Piston’s fan page? Nothing but LA Fans, trolls and Haters here.

  • If Byron Scott allowed Jeremy Lin to play his game and run more P&R! instead the old ass Princeton offense!! Lin would score15-20pts 5rebs and 7-8asst a game easy

  • Most of you that’s talking trash on Lin, cant play a lick of basketball, and I should lin would ball you haters up easy

  • Lin was on the verge of averaged 20-5-5 until byrum benched him probably at the request of kome.

  • yooo this is the lineup that i’ve been saying too. maybe sign wes johnson for the minimum cause i don’t want a second round rookie backing up chandler

  • I don’t think this team is winning games till 2017. The FO screwed us again

  • hopefully, Byron sticks to his changes that he did when clarkson was starting, seemed to run a little more P&R there

  • could be a fringe playoff team fighting for the 8th seed, a lot will depend on the young core’s level of play. IF they start winning games as a team, things will definitely change.

  • Problem with Lin is that dude don’t got balls of steel and killer instinct. You gotta be gangsta when you play for the Lakers. – i.e., Michael Cooper, Rick Fox, Robert Horry, Derek Fisher, Byron Scott, Nick Van Exel, etc…Lin don’t got this in his DNA.

  • Young isnt a bad player he just fools around way to much. We need serious players who are looking to compete every night not turn around on every other shot acting like its going to go in.

  • Who cares about Jeremy Lin. He’s not a Laker anymore. Fans of his….move on. Nothing to see here.

  • i would. and i see A. Brown being better than Wes, he’s been given all the chances time to check out the new adds.

  • As a Knick fan, I was wondering what you all have been thinking about the Melo to the Lakers chatter that has occasionally been tossed around. Some Knicks fans think it’s a possibility but I can’t imagine you all would do Russell and a future first for Melo, right?

  • the last half of the season he was very good driving to the basket and played good defence.he is a above guard.i have been watching the lakers since the 60’s and i know what iam talking about.

  • I notice players who believe in God and that are humble!!! you so called fans aka kobe idolizerS!!!! hate on players Lin!! what has he done to you??? are you mad bc he made it in the NBA??? sounds like a lot of hatred in your heart for the guy LIn??? what wrong with you all??? people holla WE as if you on the Lakers team and you not!!! their success isn’t your success. just stop with the well if WE!!! and US stuff. Just say the Lakers smh… somebody say the truth on Kobe the asshole ballhog you people off like he pays your bill or something!!! He’s just a man who plays basketball get off his jock strap idolizing him!!!!!!

  • If the Lakers get rid of Nick Young I really REALLY REALLY hope they go after Gerald Green. He’s younger and waaaay more athletic than Nick and would be a HUGE upgrade over that useless piece of garbage Johnson. Plus it seems that he doesn’t have much of a market so with the team not having any cap space left, they might be able to get him for the vet’s min.

  • Honestly, I really belive Scott was not ready for the new generation coaching style. He was too outdated. Hopefully he’s not going to be that stubborn again this season.

  • hibbert has no offense at all. hes offense has completely vanished over the past 18 months fro all the reports ive been reading. his defense is still there though

  • Lets not forget Kupchak has stated that he believes Randle is very versatile with no one position, He has also dropped 20 lbs and has been working on his 3 pt shooting, dont be surprised to see Randle play the 3 sometimes, with Bass or Black, and Hibbert playing the 4 and 5

  • Randle will be another Draymond Green, weapon right there! can’t wait for summer league man

  • you can’t have balls when the coach tells you don’t run the pick & roll!!!!! tell me why when Lin started to shine coach Byron scott would bench him quick and leave Clarkson in???

  • defense is a question with gerald green, he’s a showtime dunker, althletic, a good locker room presence. but his athleticism haven’t translated to being a reliable defender, he just doesn’t give the effort.

  • Lin is moving on. Looks like Dallas. Please follow him. There will be a whole new batch of fans over at the Maverick sites to torture. Good luck

  • Dude, even if some players have moved, west is still stacked , some teams like d pels, thunder , even d kings who didn’t made d playoffs last yr is still alot better than that lineup

  • Look, check these matchups out

    Curry & Barbosa vs Russell / Clarkson
    K. Thompson and Livingston vs Kobe / Williams / Ellington
    Igoudala vs W. Chandler / ABrown / Nance
    Draymond Greedn & Harrison Barnes vs Randle / Bass / Nance
    A. Bogut and Ezeli vs Hibbert / Black / Upshaw

    Lakers about to shut everyone up in 2015-16

  • Give it a rest, we don’t hate Lin, just his fans, and BTW, Lin’s not that good, that’s not hate talking, that’s truth.

  • Russell/clarkson
    Kobe/ Williams
    Bass/ Young/ A.brown
    I say we keep young… And get rid of sacre, and kelly. Resign boozer or hill… Not looking bad. As long as Kobe can produce

  • Disagree, three team’s in the WC have ascended to the bottom of a possible playoff seed. Clippers (D Jordan), Mavs, and Portland. Thus, 8 possible teams may end up playing close to 500 ball given their free agency outcomes.

    Clipps, Mavs, Blazers, Jazz, Nuggets, Kings, Lakers and the Wolves. Depending on the performances of the youth the Lakers MAY find themselves buying for a 7th or 8th seed if everything falls in place which goes in staying healthy.

    There’s always the trade deadline to try to wheel and deal to which these new acquisitions will aid in possibly getting something done then.

  • according to cj young is more valuable to the lakers than a player like justin anderson 😀 does anyone here agree with him or in the world for that matter? hahaah!!!

  • You’re not fooling anyone dumbass, your profile says it was created today

  • we expected too much from him. he wasn’t so terrible that he can’t be an effective second string sf

  • Because Lin isn’t in the lakers future plans and Clarkson is. It’s not that hard to understand

  • LOL you’re way too emotional. Lin sucks, young sucks, hill sucks, kelly sucks, boozer sucks and anybody that feels sorry for these players is a SUCKA. We need to clean house after those goofs gave us the worst season in the history of the franchise!! Get em up outta here we don’t need reminders of that trash they displayed these last 2 years (worst years in lakers history NO DEBATE)

  • Not happening, if Westbrook and KD can’t get it done in OKC it’s very doubtful they’d partner up somewhere else down the road.

    However, a ‘What if possible.’
    2016 off season trade scenario. Given the Lakers will acquire Hibbert’s
    bird rights since he’s being traded. Sign and trade Hibbert to the
    Clippers for Blake Griffin? Pretty well known that CP3 and D Jordan
    didn’t get along which the same (possibly) can be said between

    Hibbert S&T (2016)+Julius Randle+future first
    round pick and possibly another player for Griffin. Next season will be
    pretty much telling of the Clipps fortunes and if CP3 and Griffin don’t
    quite mesh well then certain Griffin feel the same way as Jordan in
    seeking a new team. It was also reported that D Jordan didn’t return
    CP3’s calls in the remaining few days prior to his decision.

    Probably best for the Clippers to consider rebuilding sooner than later tho Griffin still has two years left on his contract.

  • With all due respect, 41% frim the field, disappears for long stretches on the court, boneheaded turnovers. The guy is physically gifted; mentally a knucklehead. 2 years is eoungh of the “potential”. Bye Wes. Good luck somewhere else

  • He always says that its a dream come true to play for Lakers man and you trade him. Don’t do that.

  • So who do the Lakers have after all this trade?

    Kobe/J. Brown
    Young/A. Brown
    Randle/Nance Jr./Kelly

    definitely need the SF reinforced. And hoping the Young/Kelly/Sacre trade play will materialize to net a relevant SF.

    Wison Chandler/KJ McDaniels will be good at SF, Tayshaun Prince/Caron Butler will be serviceable at SF and are good veteran presence for the team.

  • hahahaha TOMK777, anyone can be good buddy if you allow them to shine… again I ask you why when Lin started to shine after the all-star break Byron scot would take him out the games??? and why was Lin playing so well??? I tell you why bc Byron Scott was allowing Lin to play his game!! which is Pick & roll and spreading the floor so Lin can drive the lane!!! the Princeton offense is for high school and college not the NBA.. every team in the NBA that beat the Lakers last year ran P&R and shot 3’s. but the Lakers have a coach in dumbass Byron Scott that doesn’t believe in 3’s nor P&R or analytics.. so please bro stop with that Lin isn’t good. bc if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be in the NBA

  • They have a much better team than us. They are strong in all positions which we are not. Plus more time playing together. We just need to play for the 8 at best and go from there.

  • What do you guys think about Randall at the 3. Just saw some highlights & I think he can pull it off. Start Bass at 4 Kobe at 2 and Williams at point. We have the roster to play Kobe what 25 mins a game. I think it’s a good look.

  • Totally agree, looking forward to seeing what Nance can bring. Plus his voice sounds like Seth Rogan

  • Agree with all that except I think they will start Russell at point. Not that they should, necessarily, but I feel like they will throw him out there and see what he’s made of

  • Bitch ass nigga are u even from out here?? Who are u? Why u on here wit yo emotional hoe ass?? This is my city born and raised and my team. If me and my fellow angelanos never supported the lakers for the last 55 years THE LAKERS WOULDVE WENT BACK TO MINNESOTA. This is my team as well as all REAL laker fan. How many games a year do u even go to??

  • I’m a man who doesn’t believe in idolizing a team that’s not gonna do a damn thing for me… it’s just entertainment!!! the Government creates sport to keep us asleep and fighting with one another over a team that doesn’t matter to you or your life!!! ask my question what & how does the Lakers benefit you or your life??? do they give you a check or pay your bill??? does it help you get a relationship with God??? better yet why does it make you call other out there names and disrespect other??? tell me this??? seems like you little kids on here can’t control your foul mouths!!!! talking about having self control and being emothional….

  • I heard that cap now is 67mil and Lakers expect it to be 69 this season when league announce it before FA signing officially starts. Sowith that we can readily sign Williams and SnT Hibbert. Maybe Bass is MLE or something.

  • you are in serious need of attention you’ve been here since the morning, shit you been here for months. do you have a mom??

  • He does not under stand Kelly & Sacre are only worth 2.7 mil, and we just got NANCE, Young is the one that has to go, and better if all three go together.

  • Being a PHARISEE again. As you said you are just a man. You are not better than anybody here. Who are you to point out what’s wrong with others and what they are doing? Are you a spiritual leader? Only GOD has the authority to judge since you want to go there. No one here has to answer to you.

  • All the guys that were acting a fool on that Jimmy Kimmel clip, I want them gone.

  • I’m going to pray for you young man!!! its not your team!!! you not a share holder, nor are you the owner!!! secondly yes I’m from cali born and raised!!! grew up on 91st and Hobart in between western & normandie!!! since 1979… third learn how the converse without using foul language toward others!!! wake up out of your sleep my brother!!! calling me out of my name isn’t gonna change the truth nor the facts…

  • I think randle has been training himself to play the 3, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing, if he goes against a 3 that’s too much for him they can adjust for that game.

  • you wrote all that bullshit yet you’re here all the time ya dumb fuck

  • He’s an over emotional SUCKA. Captain-save-a-hoe mentality. He ain’t even righteous but wanna act like he superior

  • He doesn’t know who his daddy is and his mom’s a crack whore, so no one’s minding the kids…..

  • Russell or clarkson will play the point… Williams will be the back up at the 2

  • Listen brother don’t try and use God word against me!!! when I see how you talk to others on here!!! truth is truth… yes I’m a spiritual lead for the Lord!!! I don’t idolize a man who plays basketball nor a team!!! when I talk about the Lakers I say Lakers, not We and US!!! because nomatter how much you watch them it doesn’t make you apart of them.. their success isn’t your success!!!!

  • The whole Lin drama had something to do with Scott and Lin himself. However, the biggest reason is Lin failed himself. Lack of mental toughness (inconsistent) + no leadership + only good with PnR = a role player. Fans were mad because a 15 mil is way too much for him. Mike Conley (9.5 mil), Stephen Curry (11 mil), even Jeff Teague (8 mil) can carry the team but Lin failed.

  • Now do you know when I say CHILDRED that’s how I feel, get so tired with them , be glad when school starts again.

  • We forget that lakers were tanking, so we can’t really look at any decision Byron made as one that he thought would make the team better.

  • you might want to try and unload DeAngelo Russell also for those of you who havent seen much of him, he was at best the third best player in a really crappy Big Ten this year. Dont be surprised if he is not what you’ve been led to believe. “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE”

  • Here u go wit that bullshit. Pray for me for what?? I’m fine and I help people EVERY CHANCE I GET!!! Money, food, KNOWLEDGE. (Most idiots don’t even know nothing about GMO’s let alone HISTORY). I affect people in positives way wtf do u do other than take care of your family which is nothing special since its your DUTY. And I’m sick and tired of black folks coming at me wit that Christianity. THATS NOT OUR RELIGION!!!! We were fucked over for half a thousand years and all we we’re given was the white mans religion that killed of MILLIONS around the world?? Kareem would school your hoe ass

  • yes I’m here I’m not say WE & US!!! I refer to them as the lakers!!! not My team!!! bc its not my team…. yes I watch them but it still doesn’t make it my team nor WE or US… I worship God not Kobe and the Lakers!!! your action show that you all idolize them teams and players… than when someone speaks the truth you get mad and start cussing smh… not realizing that you have a demon in you that make you act that way toward me because I’m speak from a spiritual satnd point and not a worldly fleshly stand point

  • Kelly and Sacre are going to Indy as part of the Hibbert trade, so we absorb less salary, Young is getting ready to be dealt for spare change, and were working on a trade to the Mav’s of Jeromy Lin in a sign and trade, I’m just not sure what were getting back as a player, but it should be a SF.

  • Pels made the playoffs btw.

    Lakers have a lot of X factors moving forward and that will be Russell/Clarkson/Randle – those 3 giving relevant performances can very well make the Lakers team, and as the season goes deeper and their confidence builds up, they’re gonna be a handful . And things are goin’ to change the face of the west. Sure west is stacked, but several teams will be in a situation just like the Lakers. They have that “feel they can make the playoffs” thinking but these teams are not the same anymore.

  • Russell Brown
    Clarkson Williams
    Kobe Young Brown
    Randle Black
    Hibbert Bass Upshaw


    C: Robert Upshaw / 21 / 7’0/ 265

    PF: Julius Randle / 20 / 6’9 / 250

    SF: Anthony Brown / 22 / 6’7 / 220

    SG: Jordan Clarkson / 23 / 6’5 / 185

    PG: D’Angelo Russell / 19 / 6’5 / 195

  • KJ McDaniel… If we can get him we would have a solid team

  • Assuming LA gets Bass, Hibert & Williams one more pice is needed. Say Josh Smith… still a bit athletic and long enough to play good D on elites at the position. Would get my season pass again to watch that team!


  • Good team. So clarkson is the elder citizen at 23.Lol…love that youth in there

  • Send Lin to the mavs and let him destroy the mavs from within the same way agent Lamar Odom did in 2012.

  • hahahaha young mn go read your bible and get a relationship with God!!! ok!!! you can’t use anything a against me!! against I’m not here sya WE & US!!! I refer the Lakers as the Lakers… stop idolizing Kobe and the Lakers to the point where you cuss other out and disrespect them!!! that my whole point

  • Not really a surprise for the LakerNation fans to replace mediocity with upgrades in player personnel. We all saw this coming when Mitch indicated the Lakers could not afford to miss the playoffs three years in a row. Last season they lacked the chemistry mix needed to do that. Starting next season, I hope they do what they have to do to get the right kind of talented player upgrades necessary to have a successful playoff bound season (minus serious injuries), Their goal, as in the past, is always continue adding the right pieces to the puzzle until they get their next Lakers Championship team

  • now just sign butler, prince, or green and we are good to go…….we need more vets on our team…………….also idk i think we should give swaggy another shot him and lou will be deadly scorers from the bench but on the other hand he is really inconsistent


  • Whoever is still talking about Lin’s “unfair treatment” please stop. It’s over. Go to Mavs and support him and DJ. I mean it in a good way and I wish his success.

    Lin is a very good role player. That’s it. That’s why he should never earn 15 mil/year.

    15 mil/year should go to Kyrie Irving, Stephen Curry, and even Mike Conley.

  • a relationship with God the Father, the son, and holy is what I roll with!!!! Satan is deceiving you brother!!! your good deeds don’t mean a thing!!! it what’s in your heart and you mind is what God looks at…. Colossians 3 King James Version (KJV)

    3 If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God.

    2 Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

    3 For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.

    4 When Christ, who is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with him in glory.

    5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:

    6 For which things’ sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience:

    7 In the which ye also walked some time, when ye lived in them.

    8 But now ye also put off all these; anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy communication out of your mouth.

    9 Lie not one to another, seeing that ye have put off the old man with his deeds;

    10 And have put on the new man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image of him that created him:


  • so that’s why your team’s balls are sweating. LFOL (laughing and farting out loud).

  • Not onc did I say I was better than anyone nor perfect… but nice try young fella

  • I have a feeling Mitch was listening to 6 Man by Drake this morning which led to him signing Lou Williams

  • the Lakers likely go into this season with a solid rotation of Randle, Bass and Larry Nance Jr. at the 4 spot.

  • Wait until Blake has an injury, they will drop like a rock in the standings, not only do they not have Jordan, their anchor at center for D, they got rid of Barnes, a good defender at the wing, Clippers will be worse than last year.

  • I’m very happy to come back after a few days and see the FO has actually made good moves to make us better without killing our future. I don’t fully endorse them because they could of gotten better players if they acted day 1 but they didn’t resign the fucking scrubs that gave us literally the worst season in Laker history. But I’m 65/35 like/dislike. They did good with what was left.

  • Judging you would be me insulting you!!! or a negative comment!!! or calling you out of your name like how you doing to me!!! but I forgive you!!! because it’s not you my brother!!! its that demon of anger you have in you.. its ok I still love you young brethren and Jesus Loves you as well:)

    Jordan Hill
    Ed Davis
    Wesley Johnson
    Wayne Ellington
    Jeremy Lin
    Carlos Boozer
    Vander Blue
    Ronnie Price
    Steve Nash
    Xavier Henry
    Nick Young
    Ryan Kelly

    D’Angelo Russell
    Larry Nance Jr.
    Anthony Brown
    Roy Hibbert
    Lou Williams
    Brandon Bass
    Robert Upshaw?
    Justin Anderson?

    Kobe Bryant
    Jordan Clarkson
    Tarik Black
    Jabari Brown
    Julius Randle
    Robert Sacre (Mascot)

  • Rumor suggests from a Indy beat writer is we’re giving up Nance Jr. and Kelly as part of the Hibbert trade, could also be why the sudden acquisition of Bass

  • I will stick with MITCH, HE might have a better idea then you. # 2 pick cant be that bad.

  • what do you guys expect out of d’angelo this year? cp3 put up 16 points and 8 assists in this rookie year under byron, but played 36 minutes a night and was basically the hornet’s only ball handler. i doubt d’angelo will play that many minutes, and he has to share the ball with kobe. i’m thinking like 14 points and 6 assists in 30 minutes

  • randle has handles like odom and i think he can play sf on offense but i question his defense on the wing

  • I know my word. I have my path, my plan, my purpose, and I’m thankful. You apparently don’t fully understand what idolizing implies in the bible. I’m not here to judge or criticize you and I whole heartedly don’t agree with your method of spreading the word. Examine yourself, your heart and your motives.

  • 1Peter5-9)

    5 Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble.

    6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time:

    7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

    8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

    9 Whom resist stedfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world.

  • I actually think that if we all took a step back and looked at our offseason, minus the aldridge fiasco, we would all really see that we had a pretty damn good offseason considering. Aldridge was NEVER going to come here and anyone who thinks otherwise has no clue. He was always going to the spurs and from day one that was reported. If we hadnt fucked up the meeting so bad that it had to get reported just how horrible our presentation was, then even Aldridge going elsewhere wouldnt have been a big deal.

    We were never going to be contenders for really even a playoff spot this year. We have an awesome young foundation, solid vets now and maintained our cap space for next year’s crop of FA.

    All we need is our youngsters to show promise to lure those FA’s here. We had nothing going for us this year. Absolutely nothing to lure anyone with other than money, and plenty of other teams had money. I dont think we missed out on anyone that would have actually signed here that would have been THAT much better than who we’ve gotten so far.

  • do some research before you dismiss Nance Jr. He is a energy/hustle man defend first and rebound magnet Plus has length and size,,,,he’s guranteed a Rookie Minimum

  • Judging is expressing disapproval, pointing out what’s wrong, or pointing out what you don’t do in a manner that implies right from wrong. So yes you are judging.

  • Anything to get rid of nick the brick and his fake a$$ wife that has been ran thru more times than a TSA scanner


  • no thats black. and bass is not ed davis replacement 😀 thats a good one. bass is not a good defender like davis.

  • YOU’RE UNEDUCATED. Deceived by the devil?? LOL. I’m all against evil u dumb ass. You’re so uneducated please tell me what do u think about moneychangers, central banks and GMO’s?? If u take longer than 10 minutes to respond u are who I think u are, a passive, uneducated, judging, whiteman religion loving SUCKA. U here tryna be righteous but yet u dissing. U ain’t shit, just hiding behind the white mans religion. ITS NOT OUR RELIGION U GOOF. You’re brainwashed

  • Who did Henry sign with? I kinda liked his energy but i have not heard his name lol.

  • Love the discussion… but can we all agree that Kobe has to take less minutes. On the floor come 4th Q for sure!

  • I think your over reacting, he was decent on D, and good from the corner on 3’s, and is worth 900K as a 2nd string SF, he can’t disappear for long stretches when he’s playing limited minutes as a backup. He also will have a promising rookie (A. Brown) developing that eventually will take his place, but not on day one.

  • They never make since, any team with a 3/1 game lead and CHOKE and get knocked off , has no idea of what they are talking about. So they turn into TROLLS , BUT they still CHOKE .

  • July 10th on NBA TV don’t miss it

    C: Robert Upshaw / 21 / 7’0 / 265

    PF: Julius Randle / 20 / 6’9 / 250

    SF: Anthony Brown / 22 / 6’7 / 220

    SG: Jordan Clarkson / 23 / 6’5 / 185

    PG: D’Angelo Russell / 19 / 6’5 / 195

  • We should of dumped Kellys n Sacre salary at the end of the year. Easy 3 million there.

  • Kings got worse, so did the Blazers, ditto for the Clippers, and OKC isn’t half the team it once was, heck Durrant isn’t even healed yet. Lakers have a shot at the #7 or #8

  • I think 15 pts and 6 to 8 assists is what i would hope to see. He will probably play less mins then that like you said with the addition of Williams unless Russel comes out and is lighting things up. We also have to wonder if they will start Kobe at SF and have Clarkson and Russel starting or if they have other plans for the SF position, like Brown as starter. If Russel is not a starter than that will lessen what we can realistically expect him to average.

  • On paper, this team as currently constructed including Hibbert, Bass, Lou Will is way better than last season, I will be very excited to see what these guys can do, most importantly will get more wins.

  • I love this team a lot more than last years. I just think people need to understand we will still finish in the bottom half of the WC. But if we are entertaining than it will be all good to me :). I”m actually excited to watch our youngsters.

  • No he does not and he has no RINGS OR BANNERS he is that team that CHOKE WITH 3/1 lead and gets knocked out of the play offs.

  • With all respect, I think youre overestimating his effectiveness and value. He is a frustrating player. Laker management has been frustrated with him. They are the ones who criticize Johnson for disappearing for long stretches on the floor. He does make dumb decisions and turns the ball over frequently. His D is ok but nothing special. Basically he’s been a 2 yr experiment. It hasnt panned out. He’s not a good shooter-41% from the field is nothing to brag about. He’d be a wasted slot on the roster at this point. The FO can do better.

  • Realistic expectations for Russell probably will be 15 ppg, 5 rpg, 6 apg in 25 to 30 minutes played.

  • tell me what Judging means than young brother??? come at me with scripture to show yourself approved!!! not from your own understanding… my motive is to get to see, that anything that makes you cuss people out or put some down over what their opinion is than, that not of God!!! your purpose from God is to build one another up not tear down…Proverbs 27:17 – Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
    Colossians 3:16 – Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.

  • I think we need more of a veteran presence in the locker room besides just kobe……..tayshan prince could start and close for us……limit his minutes

  • Russel – Clarkson
    Kobe – Williams – Brown
    Anderson – Brown – Nance
    Randle – Bass – Nance
    Hibbert – Upshaw – Black

    Not a Bad a team but i doubt that team makes it to the playoffs. Highly unlikely out West

  • I would love to see Kobe start to transition into that “Tim Duncan” mentality where he can allow the others to shine and be more in the supportive role (like in the 4th Q) instead of dominating the ball…

    But I would also love to win the lottery….

    Love Kobe to death but it’s hard to not look at the way Duncan is handling the twilight of his career and then look at Kobe and shake your head a little…

  • I think he will play the same number of minutes as Lin did and put up better numbers.

  • Scripture means nothing when you have so much hate in your heart for people here just trying to have a good, harmless time.

  • Matthew7:1-2)7 aJudge not, bthat ye be not judged. 2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and cwith what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again…

    do not judge The verb krinete denotes the idea of expressing a negative opinion about someone. The verse cannot mean that believers should never pass judgment, since the ensuing verses inform believers how to judge and what constitutes appropriate (i.e. nonhypocritical) judgment.

    Krinō BDAG

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  • That’s good they are trying to get rid of those scrubs (sacre, young and kelly) with the losing attitude. You don’t want the losing trend to rub off the much younger and talented players. I hope they have enough under the cap to pay Upshaw if he does well in summber league

  • No i dont think they will be close to a playoff team. But they will be an exciting mix of youth and solid vets that will be fun to watch grow as the season goes on. A team we can all root for.

  • previous predictions i had the lakers going 10-72

    After tonight I have them going 16-66

  • wtf does this have to do with kobe being a star or not? not all ball handlers are stars. kobe will get the ball whether he is still a star or not.

  • We means all the collective Laker fans discussing Laker basketball on here, which apparently doesn’t include you

  • Fans knew about the Princeton offense is trash, but Lin can only thrive in PnR otherwise he’s inconsistent and that’s fact. I don’t know what your intention is but your emotional opinion is getting ridiculous.

  • Lakers should be happy just for him to be showing his passing skills and 3pt accuracy, make those around him play better and get points where it’s needed.

  • I think right now we have to put a question mark in the SF position, I think Mitch will find a way to get us a starting SF.

  • I think we need to get some younger legs at that position. A better shooter for sure.

  • Sullinger started because he was younger and the team wanted to develop him.

    And Bass, while a career back-up, is still heads and shoulders above any other PF we have on the roster.

  • yes.. worst case scenario is to start with Brown. But i am still hoping for KJ McDaniels

  • ya i do. you people hype up whoever the lakers get. typical fan boy reaction to a signing

  • One reason is we lost Davis, Boozer,sacre,kely we need a vet any way..Lakers can’t go into the season with all rookies

  • im saying gerald green but idk we might just start with swaggy or kobe i guess

  • We already have three lights out shooters in the squad: D’Lo, Williams and Anthony Brown. If we get Justin Anderson too, we’re gonna be bombing 3s all night long.

  • I believe we will see the Lakers tanking in an epic way to regain the top 3 protected 1st pick from 6ers.

  • I don’t have to be a PHARISEE and prove anything to you. I don’t have to type in scriptures to prove to you that what I speak is true. If you know your word you demonstrate it by your actions. I’m not a young for your information.

  • ESPN just predicted the Lakers after signing bass and williams will go 20-62 even worse then last year. ESPN has been right about the lakers for years.

  • Who cares who his dad was? David Stockton is a midget 5’11” scrub.

  • Send agent Lin to the Mavs and let him work his magic on the mavs the same way agent Odom did it in 2012.

  • I think Anthony Brown will get plenty of playing time as a backup, because the team is thin at the 3, I’m guessing only 2 player for that spot, so Mitch has to find a way to sign or trade for a decent starting SF.

  • didn’t Bucks go 15-67 to land Jabari Parker? Go eat a dick, fuck face.

  • Well their trying, there trying to do a sign and trade with the Mav’s with Jeromy Lin, the Mav’s want him but don’t have the cap space, but who do the Mav’s have as a SF that would work in the trade, there not letting go of Justin Anderson for Lin, no such luck. Might need a third team.
    I think Nick young will be gone by Monday or Tuesday, there shopping him hard, so we need a SF.
    Sacre and Kelly are going to Indy as part of the Hibbert trade, so that leaves us
    Hibbert, Black, Upshaw
    Bass, Randle, Nance
    Anthony Brown
    Kobe, Williams, & Ellington or Jabari Brown
    Russell, Clarkson

  • I think so too.

    Next year another tanking errrr…”player development” year.

  • according to the great cj 😀 nick young is way better to have than justin anderson

  • try harder man…you’re boring us so much. you used to be good at this and exciting LFOL. even as a troll you don’t have the talent.

  • My name is Hoang Nguyen and I hate the Lakers. I’m also a sixes fan pretending to be a bucks fan.

  • Imagine we get Kyle Korver LOL, we need deadly snipers like him, just saying…

  • Which one are you the man who says forgive me for I have sinned or the PHARISEE that says Thank you God that I am not a sinner.

  • anderson would make the offseason complete. i dont trust brown starting doesn’t have a great nba body. but would be a really good player off the bench i find.

  • swaggy’s gonna be taking his swag elsewhere brah.. nikki’s gonna leave him lol.. she’d be like “you’re not a laker anymore?? we’re through..”

  • 20 min. should be fine and not in the 4th we have plenty of guys that can close the game.

  • well i would assume that russell would start over clarkson and lou. there’s not really anyone else who could start at pg

  • absolutely, Swaggy and Hill were the 2 goof balls every time they are doing the interviews, I didn’t like the way they just joked in front of the cameras. It’s good those 2 won’t be returning, they can go goof around somewhere else.

  • Neither do trolls, and this one’s like a bad hemorrhoid, posting 24/7 and changing his screen name over and over, I’m tired of his bullshit…..flag em and bag em

  • I’m not worried about worldly things young brother.. If you have a relationship with God your Father in heaven!!! you don’t worry about worldly things!!! get that hatred out your heart young brother… Hosea4:6) My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children…. for lack of knowledge you would know that we are Hebrew Israelites! God brought us out the land of Egypt, out from slavery… again read your bible.. religion is to keep us divided. this is a spiritual warfare young fella.. I encourage you to study to show approved…

  • Stating that you don’t say WE or US implies that those who do are wrong which points out that you’re better for it.

  • Young was great until he got hurt. We can never have too many weapons. We need to be patient with our own guys. Just swapping bench players is no plan.

  • Lakers have to sign one of these players as there starting SF.
    dorrell wright
    micheal beasley
    omri caspi
    gerald green
    kj mcdanials
    caron butler
    tayshan prince

  • yes but Brown has potential to be a superb defender… at the wing I want us to focus on D. Look at the wings in the West: Durrant, Kawhi, Pierce, Barnes/Thompson/Igudala. We need a solid defender at SF. That’s why we need KJ McDaniels

  • I’m a sinner never said I wasn’t.. but when you degree with someone don’t cuss them out!! its not very godly like at all… Have a blessed one young fella

  • Roy Hibbert is way better then DJ I’m glad the Lakers didn’t over reach for that dude all he can do is catch lobs Hibbert can ball he just needs a change of location then you add Lou Williams and Brandon bass all in all that pretty good but if I was the Lakers I would keep Ryan kelly he is a knock down shooter but that’s just me

  • Like I said in earlier posts, I just don’t see how 2 rookies can hold down the 3 spot, it’s such a important position, the team has to sign or trade for a veteran starter quality SF. I don’t see the team starts 3 rookies in the starting lineup, Russell at the PG, Randle at PF, so the 3 spot cannot be another rook.

  • They also predicted The Lakers to win the West with Kobe, Dwight and Nash. My point is, anyone who takes predictions this seriously, so early into the off season 1) shouldn’t be up this late 2) should go play elsewhere

  • lol but Odom could actually play. he was integral with those title runs

  • Anthony Brown is 6’7 with a 7’0 wingspan. That’s legit SF size. He may weight 211 lbs he has a great frame and has time to fill out. He is also a above average athlete. He has the tools to be a good defender his rookie season.

  • Egypt in scripture represents Sin. Parting the Red Sea is baptism. Promised Land new life. What message are you relaying?

  • I hate to break it you bro, but I think that the Lake Show are probably going tank to for the top 3 protected next season.

  • I just can’t believe the amount of trolls in here. No wonder the Lakers are one of the most popular sports franchises in all of sports, and people will hate.

  • exactly have a nice night!!! your actions show you not of God!!! when you cussing people out… we are all sinner and I pray that God has mercy on my soul!!! not being able to go to scripture shows that you don’t know your word….!!!

  • why are people so sold on rookies? you have no idea how they’ll turn out, especially in their first season. nik stauskas shot 32% from 3, gary harris 20%, and mcdermott 31% even though they were considered the best shooters in last years draft

  • why did this grab your attention so much young fella if you don’t think that you are wrong in some way???

  • You don’t learn a lot about something you don’t care about. The Laker trolls in here no as much about the Lakers as anyone. They are self loathing Laker lovers.

  • Wow wishing people get injured huh? didn’t know bucks would stoop that low. Usually players respect each other and the work they put into their game. this faggots the only one wishing ppl get hurt for his own amusement. what a lazy ass with no life.

  • u put stauskas in the right system and he’d be draining 3s all day. he’d prosper as a Spur or Warrior. BS runs lot of pick-and-roll. Ideal for 3-pt shooters. Russell’s gonna drain em!!

  • Find a post of mine with a cuss word in it. Then you can call me a hypocrite.

  • He’s not ever going to be defensive player of the year that’s for sure but that’s not the point he’s a solid player who, as I mentioned, is an upgrade over Young and Johnson. If they can get him for the vet’s min I don’t see why not especially when you consider that there aren’t any better wings available.

  • My order of preference:
    1. Gerald Green
    2. KJ McDaniels
    3. Caron Butler
    4. Michael Beasley
    5. Dorell Wright

  • i met body mass not those things. when you look at guys like anderson and stanley etc… they scare you cuz there freakishly big and strong they look like line backers :D. with brown he reminds of a trevor ariza which is not bad dont get me wrong but i want a more legit ideal SF. one that has no problem guarding the big boys like lebron etc.. if we get what i mean. like an MWP or jimmy butler etc.. aanderson fits that bill more

  • i feel bad for mcdermott. Coach T ran a STIFLING offense in Chicago. Poor guy didn’t get minutes either. he’s got great potential. we should try and steal him.

  • exactly. you think any lakers fan worth his salt is going to a bucks’ forum to talk smack? no.. because we don’t care about the bucks.

  • Only a TRUE looser posts troll posts with two different screen names and answers/ likes his own posts, you have a mental problem, seek help

  • it may take a couple of more seasons. hopefully russell, jc, and randle develop nicely.

  • In the 4th for Kobe is a must! That is game winning time. He is still clutch when he has fresh legs.

  • ya hes more husky and built. brown is more of a slim Wesley johsnon type body. iguodala is my type of SF. i want a guy like that. that has muscles all over the place. it scares just by looking at him. anderson reminds me of those guys

  • And if you were truly you would not test your brethren as you would not test the Father. Satin tried to get Jesus to test God in the wilderness. Sound familiar?

  • I just read that he was waived in December. I guess the injury was really that bad? I thought He was a solid player for us too until he got hurt. Could use him at SF this year lol

  • make a valid point. perhaps brown would be a better fit as a two-guard.. he’s a pure shooter that boy.. he shot 92 out of 100 threes during practice once.

  • I dont think it’s a given he would start over Clarkson. Clarkson was awesome for us last year. But we will see. They may just start Russel out of principle since he is their top pick.

  • oh yeah, you got me. i need to take a good long look at myself. meanwhile you can’t leave me alone. it’s my muscles, isn’t it? and here i thought it was my sly sense of humor. i’m just a slab of beef to you, huh?

  • i am quite sure they will return with new usernames when we’re making deep deep deeeep playoff runs in a few years!

  • im just old school. i like my small forward’s built and big not slim and long. its better to have built and big than slim and long.

  • He got a ‘poison pill deal’ to prevent a match by Knicks. But his deal was 3yrs. 5mil, 5mil, and 15mil. That is 8.33 per year on salary cap, I know I won

  • I see a fellow Christian misrepresentating the word. Correction, using the word to glorify how righteous they are. If you plan to expand the kingdom you may want to do it one on one and work together.

  • “i want a guy like that. that has muscles all over the place.”

    — shhhit for brains joshhh

    he’s out of the closet, ya’ll. if you see him at the gym, DO NOT DROP THE SOAP

  • SA, GSW, HOU, MEM, LAC, OKC will make the playoffs. DAL/NOP will be tough. MIN is a dark horse. SAC will be better. Lakers?

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  • Pelicans will surely make it. Portland are out. T’Wolves not ready. Kings suck donkeyballs. I think Mavs will sneak through. We still have a legit shot at 40 wins.

  • We aren’t going to be playing guys like Lebron and KD every night. Besides Lebron, KD, PG13, and Leonard are the only real threats in the league at SF. Even though SF is a big problem for us, its not truly a “must-have” position. Brown can still guard the best player on other teams. We have no right to be complaining because he is our best perimeter defender(second Lou). He will struggle but come on he’s a rookie. Gotta live with it.

  • too early to predict.. i still think we’d be fighting for the 8th seed until the end..

  • i think Pelicans will surprise all with a high seed (maybe 4th or 5th).

  • I do not have that much fate in clippers with Deandre Jordan being gone, we have a young team, but I think we better now. look at highlights from the last clippers game, they use deandre and chris paul in double team to stop clarkson, there is no deandre now, so even if they use another person to double team clarkson, that person defense is no way close to deandre, and now we have Dangelo who can shoot lights out, we have a better team than you think, thats all im saying.

  • CP3 has too much experience playing in the West. I think the Flipper-Chokers will make the playoffs. Portland are the ones that will plummet to the final seed. T’Wolves and Lakers improve!

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  • Don’t see it, they really haven’t made any moves. They just signed Davis to a massive contract…….That’s about it.

  • Jrue missed most of the season for them. I think Davis is gonna average 26-11-3 this year. he’s gonna kill it.

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  • ya.. i agree.. those Flipper-Chokers will find a way to make the playoffs.

  • of course … they’ll probably have names like ClippersRunFromLA, ThirdeyeinmyASS, etc.

  • pierce didnt do much last year, beside hit game winning shots, I think you giving him too much credit when he will be a year older, and we have defensive SF in Larry Nance Jr, and Anthony Brown, and putting Kobe will nullify whatever Paul does because they both old with same speed and kobe would not have to worry about keeping an eye on him because he wont be running around to score

  • no doubt. but when you have an igoudala or stanley johnson type body its always better cuz you have you body to back you up and your a better defender just by your body alone cuz you could matchup with the strong guys in the league when your slim like ariza you cant your body cant hold down guys like lebron. thats why igoudala played so good against lebron cuz he matches up well with his body

  • Alright we got some interesting additions today. With the addition of Bass and Lou Will is there a chance that one or two of the following: Ellington, Jabari Brown, Tarik Black, Nance Jr. won’t be on the team this year? Black is playing PF he even said he’s more suited at the 4. For the younger guys they might be in D League but I really like Ellington’s game last year

    PG: Russell/ Price
    SG: Clarkson/Williams/Ellington? (J. Brown?)
    SF: Bryant/ Young (not for long)/ A. Brown
    PF: Randle/ Bass/ Black? (Nance jr?)
    C: Hibbert/ Upshaw (praying)/ Sacre (also not for long)

    Imo Black’s more NBA ready than Nance Jr. So if I had to send one of those two to the d-league then I’d have to roll with Jr on this one. Same goes for the Ellington and Jabari debate, brown to d-league

  • Don’t underestimate Utah. They just need Exum or Burke to play well and they’ll be a dark house as well.

  • they have no defense, and they wont get someone as good defensively. Blake griffin is not even a defensive player, people will score more in the paint against them this year, our point guard Clarkson in last game went off on Paul even when they double team him, they are finish bro

  • I think SAC will be descent with WCS-Cousins-Gay-Collison-Rondo. Solid Bench Koufous Bellenli and Mclemore

  • Could be proven totally wrong. Here we go.

    1) Thunder (Durrant returns with a vengeance, wins MVP)
    2) Dubs
    3) Spurs
    4) Houston
    5) Pelicans
    6) Grizzlies
    7) Clippers
    8) Mavs

    Missing out: Lakers, Blazers (lost 4 starters), Suns (there and there about), Jazz (best defense in the league, lacking offense), T’Wolves (not ready), Kings (Cousins, Rondo and Karl together? Kidding me?)

    I think our BEST BET to qualify is if Mavericks have a horrible season. i just can’t see any of the other seven missing out.

  • good job to mitch and the front office for trying to put together a good team together

  • The Clippers missing the playoffs would mean either PHX, SAC, DEN, MIN, Portland, Utah, or the Lakers will be better than them. I don’t see that happening. Losing DeAndre Jordan doesn’t push them out of the playoffs, but it does close their championship window.

  • If you want to go this way, 8.3 mil is still a bit high for Lin in my opinion. In the end, he was playing for the wrong coach in the wrong system.

  • best D in the league. terrible offense. but u are right. i am high on jazz too. they need some offense tho.

  • You believe in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ??? do you believe that he is the son of God?? that came down as man in the flesh and died on the cross for your sins???

  • im done arguing with you. anderson is built rock solid. kawhi and butler theres a reason why those guys are considered 2 of the best wing defenders in the nba. its because they put in the hard work in the gym . i like my SF’s big and chucky not slim and slender. deal with it. brown will not be able to guard the lebrons of the world or even try just by his body alone :D. lebron would just bully him into the post. with guys like anderson and stanley u cant just do that

  • Nice, let’s have a self depreciating locker room.

    Every team has a funny guy or a few. It’s necessary

    Everything bothers people since the Lakers are losing. It’s basketball, the game they love. If I’m at work Ima be myself…Why be serious and miserable.

  • I think the conditions of him buying the team was that he couldn’t move the team to Seattle. They should go back to San Diego.

  • Yeah but realistically Young and Bryant are both 2’s. Isn’t having 7-8 guards excessive??? Even if they don’t all play and same goes for PF’s. Even though Randle can spell some time at the 3 having 4 PF’s also seems a bit excessive

  • What about two of those 7/11 jalapeño cheese taquito things… Never mind those are pretty bomb especially when I’m hungover

  • You’re so delusional and brainwashed its absolutely SAD. I pray for YOU (I actually hope nothing but the best for just keep your religion to yourself and stop preaching to people who do not agree with u, also go get educated about the system and what’s in your food. I know plenty of church people that died of cancer and other diseases simply because of the food they eat)

    BTW I ain’t read none of that white washed altered bullshit u keep sending me

  • brah i think the rockets slammed shut their championship window by coming back from a 1-3 deficit! lol Flipper-Chokers will Choke for the rest of our lifetimes

  • Moving the Pelicans to the 5? Yea they have AD and some pieces but I don’t see them passing the clippers definitely not the Grizzlies. They will contend for a playoff spot though.

    Kings have a talented roster. Yea they are a question mark but cousins is just as productive as AD.

    Looking at this list, man, the west is tough!

  • Yes young man I am very much so… so do you believe that Jesus came in the flesh as God son and died for your sins??

  • Hibbert-Williams…More wins for the Lakers definitely. They won’t be keeping the top 3 protected pick next draft.

  • That’s cool. Either the Lakers have another trade planned or they want to resign hill. No player in free agency (at this moment) is worth 7-9 mil

  • Sometimes it’s tough for college coaches in NBA. Do you think Billy Donovan is up for the challenge?

  • A fit Jrue Holiday makes a big diff for Pelicans. They are the team to watch out for.

  • A lot of people sleeping on the Lakers, but we have a way better team than what everyone think………… Clarkson can ball he did it on the best point guards last year…….Randle is a beast, people say he unproven its true, but when he played against other teams in preseason he bust their behind, you can say its just preseason but they still played defense on him, he made Draymond think twice, and David Lee was scared to defend him close because of his speed to blow by him…….Dangelo is going to bust behinds, if you dont think so, then you must be crazy, just look how he play, he already play like he belong in the NBA, with the all the moves he use, and since he got a better team than the college team he had, he have people he can pass the ball to and no one will double team him, which gives him free reign to shoot…….. Tarik Black got defense and rebound, he say he working on his shots, with help from Brandon Bass he can fully develop and become a great player off the bench for us………..Roy Hibbert we do not need him to score as much, just need him for defense, and with david west not there, he will get more rebounds, and he have help from people to get rebounds, with Tarik Black, Brandon Bass, Randle, Clarkson, D’angelo and etc…..Anthony Brown and Larry Nance Jr both defend 3 and 4 spots and both shoot 3 pointers and both have speed, if you look at Larry Nance Jr highlights you will see he a great defender, I would love for him to play with Tarik, when both come off the bench together I can see them locking down the paint and stopping the picking roll…………I could talk about the other players but thats too much, but truth is we have a solid team, if the rookies can really blossom this year, I can see us sneak into the playoffs, since we have a versatile group of players where we can play any tempo with any team.

  • i swear ur a moron thinking anthony brown is some type magician on defense 😀 take it easy. with a body like that you can only be so good. sorry man

  • Jrue is injury prone. Its the reason Philly traded him even if they knew he was all-star material and got Noel for him.

  • doesn’t matter. KD is going to tear it down. I expect him to average 33ppg. He’s gonna go crazy!! doesn’t mean Thunder will win the championship tho. they can be regular season bullies that crash to Spurs in the postseason

  • San Diego is about to lose their football team. The Clippers could move right in.

  • So do you believe In the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ??? do you believe that he is the son of God? that came down in the form of man and died on the cross to save you from your sins???

  • i do understand that u dont understand we only need to cut about 2m to make our signings work

  • 2014-2015 stats

    Roy Hibbert
    10.6 PTS, 1.6 BLK, 0.2 STL, 1.1 AST, 7.1 REB

    Jordan Hill
    12 PTS, 0.7 BLK, 0.5 STL, 1.5 AST, 7.9 REB


  • Portland won’t sniff the playoffs this year even with Lillard. Imo I have the SAS, GSW, HOU, OKC, MEM, DAL, NOP, LAC. Hate to say it but Cp3 and BG can wield that team to an 8th seed but they’re still goin home 1st round. Spurs with the 4. I think we’re gonna be in the hunt for the playof