Lakers Rumors: L.A. Has ‘No Immediate Plan’ To Sign Robert Upshaw
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Following the 2015 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers quickly reached an agreement with Robert Upshaw to have him on their Summer League roster in Las Vegas. Despite the talent, the center went undrafted after being kicked off two college programs.

After one Summer League game, there was a report the Lakers had reached a two-year deal with Upshaw. However, the deal was never made official and the Lakers have ‘no immediate plan’ to sign him, but he remains a possibility according to Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times:

With general manager Mitch Kupchak sharing the Lakers could add another point guard or center, Upshaw remains a possibility despite the team recently adding Jonathan Holmes and Michael Frazier. Although the Lakers could use a small forward to balance out the roster, Kobe Bryant is expected to start at the position to allow a D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson backcourt.

Heading into the new season, the Lakers have a nice blend of veterans and prospects. While making the playoffs will be a challenge in the Western Conference, there is excitement surrounding the return of Kobe Bryant for his 20th season as well as the young core of Russell, Clarkson and Julius Randle.

and people here think he’s our center for the next ten years lol. he’s 5 years away from being 5 years away

  • He has so much potential are you joking or being stupid?? He’s 21 and could’ve been a 1st round draft pick… He made stupid mistakes that’s ok it’s in the past

  • im not the stupid one that thinks he knows more than every GM in the league. they freaking drafted a dude from india over him for crying out loud but we’re suppose to sign this dude asap because a few fans got excited because he blocked a few kids in college?

  • At least give him a partially guaranteed contract like Holmes and Frazier. Lakers can’t afford to let him go. Not saying to give him a spot on the NBA roster, but lock him up before a team comes and gives him a better opportunity to play. He could be a nice addition to the D-League roster, could be called up if we need a center.

  • Hes gotta clean up his act if he wants to play in the nba, lakers are not gonna give him a roster spot just because.

  • So much potential
    I’m getting the dejavu with Whiteside right now
    It wouldn’t hurt to partially sign him rn I mean ffs
    According to the FO’s logic
    Sacre >Upshaw

  • more than a few. he blocked 82 shots in 19 games that is unreal. but yes he is a work in progress and i hope the lakers invest in him and throw him to the D league and see how he does.

  • yea that was before the shrooms this dude was so hooked on psychedelics he fried his reflexes did you not see how slow he was to react during the summer league? sorry I’m just not convinced enough to think the front office is tripping by not signing him and i think its pretty funny to hear some of these fans that think they know more than scouts and gm’s

  • 15 years from now.. ESPN 30 for 30 best center of all time went undrafted… Naw but who knows lol

  • To be fair he said he was out of shape in the Summer League so we didn’t really get to see him at his best and sounds like he is trying to clean up his act and wants to be serious about playing in the NBA so it’s at least worth a shot to see what he can do in the preseason or training camp.

  • haven’t u noticed that lakers franchise is a joke by now. people have to stop living in the past those days are overr

  • Mitch- sorry Robert we signed 15 roster spots already

    Robert upshaw- Soooo you’re saying there’s a chance…?

  • Or, wait and see if he comes to the Lakers with an offer to match.

    I am sure that the team will get a phone call if Upshaw gets an offer from any other team. It’s not set in stone, but the fact that he’s not signed by the Lakers is a sign to other GM’s.

    And, until then, they get a chance to see if he CAN straighten up his act. If he hasn’t already, I FULLY expect that he’ll get a training camp invite. A lot can change in a month.

  • A lot of GM’S makes mistakes in letting Talent get pass them….When someone else pick them up and they florish somewhere else….They look even more inept…especially when you need a big man.Since the passing of Dr Buss (rip)a lot of decisions have been falling short of their mark.

  • That’s 1 of Mitch’ problems….He Wait around too long and lose some good players.

  • I usually try to be respectful, but I’m going to set that aside for this post.

    All you mouth-breathers who think you know better than 30 GMs and their scouting teams are just a joke. You should be embarrassed by your posts, and the best thing you can do is to just commit suicide and allow the collective intelligence of the human race to tick up a notch.

    Okay, sorry about that. I will now return to my more respectful tone. Must be the heat…

  • i know he’s nearly not ready but we have two months, and the D league, you mean we couldnt keep him and see if we(Lakers) can develop him? i guess they see no development in the kid.. oh well.. i like the Holmes pick up but i dont know why we picked up Frazier. nice shooter but no RJ Hunter

  • listen, you dont have to be a GM to know basketball and be a great GM just like if u are GM doesn’t mean u know what ur talking about. it goes both ways. basketball is a risk. just because you pick a player who becomes good doesn’t mean ur a good GM its player who makes the GM’s credibility look good or poor.

  • The league has pretty much moved away from slow big guys so I am not surprised he isn’t a priority. Everyone wants versatile defenders and shooters.

  • I am not overly impressed with Whiteside to be honest. He is already 26 and unable to make a team better. Although Whiteside is a much better athlete as far as getting up and down the court.

  • your not impressed with 12ppg 10rpg and 3bpg from your starting center on 61% shooting??????

  • After the first 2 games in SL he couldn’t really stay on the court and who knows if he was practicing good but they may still affiliate him to the d league team

  • He’s got a lot to prove to the FO, so it’s all good. Lakers don’t have a center beyond next year. This is still a great situation for him. If he wants to be a Laker and continues to work, show improvement and keep his nose clean, he’ll be a Laker. But, if he just wants to make it to the L as fast as possible, there might be a team that’ll snatch him away. It’s up to him really.

  • sacre put up those numbers a few times last season did that impress you?

  • Meaning he has potential if he can cut weight and get in shape, get his shit together and act like a pro.

  • Its sarcasm he knows no other way, he believes he knows every thing, over look him and you will be better off.

  • When he reads that he will change his mind, where have you been all summer, we could of got a lot more work done with you here.

  • The problem is , that Mitch has his reason and just wont tell us, now is that any way to treat us ?

  • The stats are decent, but his team which was loaded with talent sucked. There is a reason they were able to draft Winslow.

  • sacre has never put up any numbers :D!!!! cut the bullshit kid. he hasn’t even touched 10 rebounds in his career. his best game is like 12 and 7 :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • and 12-7 is really different from 12-10? and that got you excited to the point where you actually think you have a point? i forget though you have a hard time understanding comments you probably think i was complementing sacre

  • With the system they run he better be able to pass, or PHIL will dump him some where.

  • I really wanted Upshaw to work out, but we may have gotten a quality center . I still hope Upshaw works out, but I trust Mitch!

  • :D!!!the fact that ur comparing the beast that whiteside is to sacre shows that u are literally the dumbest person on the face of the earth. whiteside out rebounded the whole lakers frontcourt one game. he’s the only player in nba history to get triple doubles the 3rd category being blocks :D!!! wow u should be banned from the world :D!!!. whiteside is as dominate as they come

  • hes lost. delusional basketball fan. doesn’t even how many fingers he has :D!!!

  • injury’s derailed the heat last season. wade missed a ton of game. bosh missed most of the season. mcrob missed the whole season deng missed most of the season. a healthy heat team are a title contender next season

  • how stupid are you????????? there is a major diffrence between having 1 good game and averaging those numbers for over half a season

  • you people are retards. hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would trade Whiteside for the Whole team 😀 Heck the whole lakers organization i would :D. but than again Mitch is to blind to see that he has a project version of whiteside right in front of his face :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t care how unfit and out of shape he is, I don’t care that he can’t even catch or pass a basketball, has no post moves, Is a crackhead and an alcoholic. He’s still a better option than Robert Sacre.

  • Lol, probably. But we don’t need two terrible centers, especially crack headed ones.

  • He was kicked off his previous two teams and played terrible in summer league. It is amazing we are talking about him at all haha

  • A lot of wanna be gm bozos here think they know better , guess what ur not working on d team brass , they are . If u think u know better then why aren’t u working for the team instead of them you morons

  • Case closed… Time to move on from this story. Upshaw is doing his own thing. Now the Lakers need to do the same.

  • who’s comparing them stupid?? tell your mom to explain the comments to you if you dont get them

  • i wouldn’t call that a good game lol you’re the one that said those numbers are impressive

  • since when is a player getting a double double with 3 blocks not a good game????????

  • im not talking about the double double you’re the one that said sacre had a good game lol. another joshhh that doesn’t understand comments

  • omg bynum had a triple double with blocks-points and rebounds wtf are u talking about

  • ya thanks i know u keep saying that every time u reply to me. its shows u desperate for attention.

  • u come just to spice up convos. :D!! ive never once seen you actually writ on comment. u can stop pretending no ur age describes who are on here and it shows it

  • Not without paying him. Hard to justify dumping over a million dollars on a guy kicked off his last two teams. Not to mention he was awful in summer league.

  • u bring up a scrub like scare and say i cant understand comments. i never even brought him up untill u said

    “sacre put up those numbers a few times last season did that impress you?”

    your brought up that scrub not me fool

  • one can and should get better in upshaw. the other is nothing more then a back up.

    cutting scare wont hurt the team they wont pay any tax for it so yes cutting him would make a ton of sense

  • Easy for the man not dumping a million dollars to say. Regardless of the money though, Sacre not only managed to stay with his team in college but also managed to get drafted. I think you are overselling Upshaw, everyone passed on him for a reason.

  • they passed on whiteside for a reson too and now he is a top 5 center in the nba.

    1m is nothing for a team valued at over 4b and makes over 400m a year.

  • apparently I was watching a different SL, the one I watched he played pretty good against the #1 pick and he was not in the same shape the #1 pick was in, I would call that pretty good potential !!!

  • how did he play terrible???? he went heads up vs towns and got the better of him on more then one occasion

  • upshaw is a better offensive player and his defensive fundementals are better then whiteside

  • yep. upshaw can shot the 15 footer and has a post game.

    upshaw also shutdown towns in the summer league

  • Maybe, but he sucks right now. We can revisit him in 6 years when he is ready

  • whiteside is athletic, fantastic at protecting the rim, young.. the lakers should offer him a max deal next summer.

  • or we can cut scare and add him for .5m and make shur he gets better by playing with kareem

  • upshaw is only out of condition in playing basketball….he hasnt played in a real game till this summer league before that he only played half games for washington which his last game was in january and then he was the top defensive center in the country and still only playing half a game up to his departure….and oddly washington was almost unbeatable as well with him on the team and on the floor…but without him they lost and lost and lost…lol…they became the worst team in the pac 12 after that…so letting him go due to small ball will become the biggest mistake this season and just another major mistake management has made since making little jimmy buss president of team operations…they need to have upshaw work with jabbar and olajuwon instead and watch this kid bring back the need for centers…because everyone else who still believes in the use of centers will go after this kid now after what he showed against the number one pick in this years draft….which was his first real action since january on a badly coached and prepared team….

  • He did not shutdown Towns, he had 4 fouls in the few minutes he actually played.

  • he blocked towns twice and scored over him twice. towns was 1-4 20% vs him thats shut down

  • Even though Lakers are shorthanded at the C position, other than Hibbert, the backup is Robert F’ken Sacre, and Tarik Black, smh, Upshaw wouldn’t be much help. He’s way out of shape, no post moves, but can block shot and protect the rim, but just way too raw. Hope he finds a home or go down to D league and develop.

  • Minnesota was 9 points better than LA while Upshaw was on the floor. Upshaw had 2 points and 1 rebound in 12 minutes of play.

  • Sacre hasen’t blocked three shots since the last time he had a good dream…….

  • So basically what we are saying is that we learned absolutely nothing in regards to the Hassan Whiteside situation. This is more or less the second coming of that. If we let Upshaw walk, he’s going to break out with whoever picks him up. Just wait and watch. Reggie Miller doesn’t get hyped about a preseason game too often and was praising Upshaw’s defense and his presence in the pick and roll game. Smh. As a die hard Lakers fan for 17 years, I’m disappointed in this news.

  • Oh, you mean the slow reaction time where he had 3 blocks in a matter of 2 mins, including 2 on the #1 overall pick Karl Anthony Towns?

  • Also, our scouts and GMs did a fantastic job evaluating Hassan Whiteside’s value and ability didn’t they?

  • Whiteside is much more athletic, but even he took 6 years to get NBA ready. Guy is 26 years old. If it is the same situation, do we really have 6 years to waste a roster spot hoping some crack head pans out?
    Upshaw was kicked off his last two teams and he was awful in summer league. But even worse than being bad, he looked extremely slow. Maybe he could be a decent shotblocker, but in a league dominated by 3 point shooting that isn’t enough to get minutes.

  • And… both a high powered spot up shot, and a 1-dribble spot up shot.

    With Brown, Frazier, and Kobe the team could put on a shooting practice if Russell could get them the ball.

  • As Johnny said earlier, we would all like to see Upshaw succeed. Most folks believe he has the physical skills to at least compete in the NBA, once he gets in shape. But if his maturity level (and his reported substance abuse) have not progressed, then he may be too much of a risk. It’s the job of the Lakers FO to make those kinds of determinations, not us. Ron Artest was a talented though unpredictable player, but under the right coaching, was clearly a productive asset. But Upshaw is not another Ron Artest. Upshaw has failed to make it through even one full college basketball season. Surely, some team will likely take a flyer on him, and we will then see how he develops. But If he is really serious about NBA basketball, he can hook up with a D-league team and demonstrate his skill set and his maturity. More and more NBA players are doing that. It’s still not out of the question that a team offers him a training camp invite–if not with the Lakers, then with another team. We:d all like to see a talented player overcome personal demons and succeed. That’s the kind of American success story that they write books about. But sometimes maturity does not come automatically to a 20 yr old!

  • Couldn’t agree with you more i don’t understand the whole reasoning behind keeping Sacre, i remember watching every game last season but i am trying to remember exactly what did Sacre do that earned him another chance.

  • I have a feeling mitch aint on a hurry simply bcoz he will soon trade him to a proven big, prolly hotheaded too(DMC???)…..

  • Another stupid move by the Lakers FO. Pass on Okafur, and now this. Lakers have become a dead franchise.

  • Kobe will play center, don’t worry. Forget small forward or power forward, He playing center this year. Give the man a raise!

  • 61 losses says otherwise. Get your head out of the sand, the Lakers are a dead franchise.

  • of course he is. But the Lakers put their tail between their legs at the site of the Cippers in L.A. Lakers are a dead franchise. Give Kobe a raise!

  • All I want to know is, after one month removed from Summer Leagues is Robert Upshaw working out at the Laker’s facility and is he working with the coaches daily?

    Where is that report? I know he was outta shape a month ago but what about the here and now? If the Laker’s F.O.. is worried about anything it should be the fact they past on Kristaps Porzingis. DMFA-holes!

  • Based on summer league Upshaw more than belonged. Aggressive, long,two things tough to coach. So the Lakers not locking him up, and no other NBA team signing him something not made public must be a huge issue. He looked potentially better than Randle.

  • He’s an undrafted Andrew Bynum. Not very enticing. Their hesitation to sign him should tell you something.

  • The difference is every GM passed up on upshaw, or office did a great job bringing in hibbert so don’t get your panties wet hibbert>>>>upshaw/whiteside

  • Are you under the impression that you just made a good point? Scroll around there’s already a million of you with the same comment. You have your opinion about him I have mine why does that hurt your feelings?

  • Ha. So the same fanboys that told me D’Arko Russell would be a stud were the same ones that told me Upshaw was the steal of the draft and our back-up center. Good calls guys. Keep up the good work.

  • People here swear upshaw is the next mutumbo, me personally I’m more excited about hibbert

  • It’s got to be the heat.hahaha. There must be something in the weather.

    Agree, Upshaw is too raw. He is not NBA ready his games needs lots of work, and he needs to work hard on his conditioning. He needs to be in the D League , not the Lakers.

  • You’re going to hurt people’s feelings around here lol, I wish it was just crack he was smoking but I don’t think these dudes here know what a year of psychedelics can do to you let alone one week

  • How’d u know it’s 6 on where he’s at and ur trolling him as well , which means in ur definition ur a dumbfuck as well moron

  • he blocked jahlil okafor thats not some kid from college.
    he also had karl anthony towns on notice.
    and he didnt do too bad when he went up against porzingis.
    who would you rather the lakers keep upshaw or sacre?
    you expect robert sacre to hold it down?
    or black hes what 6’8 or 6’9?
    Hibbert has to have at least 1 GOOD backup.
    and sacre isnt it dude.

  • you rather keep sacre and tell upshaw no just bc he needs time to get in shape?
    are you stupid or something? this is a gem waiting to unfold.
    if anything stash him in the Dleague until Jan or Feb.
    if he aint ready wait until next year,im sure he will be alot more ready for the NBA.

  • no you are wrong.
    SACRE should be in the Dleague we should give upshaw a shot.
    what do we got to lose? nothing….
    next year no draft picks so we better look for another big man to play center.

  • Yea I’ve heard all that already I even seen it but I’m still not butthurt about the FO not signing him. Is it really not OK for me to have a different opinion?

  • i think right now he is a total bust.
    but give him until jan or feb to see if hes ready by then.
    if hes a bust come feb then i would look elsewhere.
    he needs to get serious all of them do really.
    anybody getting paid millions should be able to dribble a basketball pass,shoot free throws. guys like dwight howard suck they cant dribble or shoot free throws same with deandre jordan. no center can dribble the ball up the floor without turning it over.

  • if they wanna sh*t talk upshaw let em.
    we know hes a gem waiting to be discovered.
    next year Lakers get no draft picks and we will be screwed especially at center.
    we missed out on greg monroe and even javalle mcgee a decent backup C. if we pass on upshaw i will be very upset at the Lakers management. and not only me alot of other people will be p*ssed off too!

  • butthurt isnt the right word bro.
    next year no draft picks.
    we missed out on greg monroe.
    we missed out on alridge alot of good others.
    robin lopez javalle mcgee.
    who do we got to play center black is 6’9 and sacre.
    if anything happens to hibbert were in deep sh*t.
    unless we get jeremy tyler and sign him.
    why do people hate on upshaw and not sacre

  • Because there’s no need to point out that sacre is garbage, but he’s been in the league 4 years while upshaw can’t even hang in a Summer league game and I’m not not talking about his conditioning but of course you say “he blocked towns and okafor” lol

  • You guys need to understand the whole picture and the projection for Upshaw in terms of future potential; he may never get any better than what he have shown in summer league. I am going to just guess that he may have irreversibly damaged his health to the point of playing basket competitively through abuse of drugs, at least at the nba level.

  • So, did you sit there and try to think of the stupidest possible post you could make, and that’s what you came up with? 😉

  • If he wants to be serious about playing in the NBA, why would he show up to summer league out of shape? Let him go play in Europe if he’s serious.

  • In three years, Sacre has started 34 NBA games. He’s averaged 10/8 with 1.5 blocks per 36 minutes. He’s not great, but he’s an above-average defender, and I am 100% comfortable with him as a back-up center. What has Upshaw done to make people think he is a franchise cornerstone?

  • You make it sound like Whiteside and Upshaw are on the same level of comparison; you’re completely wrong skill wise and athletically Whiteside is head and shoulders above Upshaw and when you add in the drugs and past issues then there is just not enough upside and too much risk at this time to sign him period.

  • No , its a public forum which means anyone can voice whatever they want , telling someone a troll coz they have a different opinion makes u more of a troll than him

  • Many fans obviously still believe strongly that Upshaw’s signing would be a low risk-high reward opportunity for the Lakers. So, why not sign him to a condition-laden, non-guaranteed, make good camp contract? Hopefully, Upshaw’s agent has him working with a personal trainer to get himself into camp shape.

    Then, let’s see what he can do in training camp (and beyond). If he makes it to the start of the season, it would make sense that the FO immediately assign him to the D-league to get maximum playing time. Keep Sacre for the time being (unless a better option comes along). Near the February trading deadline, assess Upshaw’s progress. If his development has improved and he is deemed capable of handling the backup C position, let him join the team. At that point, the team can waive or trade Sacre (who is on an expiring contract) and Upshaw could finish the season as the team’s backup C.

    Obviously, a lot of things need to fall into place for this scenario to work. But, with Upshaw’s personal baggage, it’s about the only way that he makes this team. I truly hope that he has the mental toughness to commit himself to such a sustained program. Unfortunately Upshaw is no Kobe Bryant. Few players have the mental makeup & fortitude to overcome challenges like Kobe has.

    Hopefully, Upshaw can persevere and eventually develop his considerable physical skills at the NBA level. To not do so would be a terrible waste.

  • What if Holme’s contract is guaranteed? If that is the case then you can’t just sign Upshaw and keep him in the D league if he makes it out of training camp alive.

  • I’d keep the guy without all the baggage that’s going to nullify his talents on the court if/when they ever materialize. There are so many “talented” players out there that could have played if they weren’t actual idiots/basket cases. If history shows Upshaw was a “gem”, as you claim, I’ll gladly admit that I was wrong. But I think they’re making the right move. His problems are with his mind. That’s the worse place they could be. I’d rather he just be out of shape right now. But combine that with personality and behavior concerns and it’s a problem…they don’t need that.

    Let the Spurs take a chance on him or something, LA would be a poison pill for that boy. If I knew that my team/city was one of the last environments that a particular player needed to be a part of, I wouldn’t sign him. That wouldn’t be good for any party involved. He was booted from TWO college basketball programs, how many warning signs do you need to understand that there is a problem there? Are YOU stupid or something?

  • You are correct. By the end of training camp, there’s likely going to be a few players that don’t make the final roster. Training camp will determine who goes and who stays. Jabari Brown and Tariq Black reportedly have non-guaranteed contracts. Several players reportedly have partially guaranteed contracts. I suspect the Lakers FO will sort this out and eliminate those that don’t fit the teams needs. The team can have up to 15 on its roster. Players that don’t make the final roster, may look at vacancies on other clubs, or the D-league, or even overseas. Those players who are assigned to the D-league but are part of the 15-man roster are protected. Its my understanding that all other players that go into the D-league can be called up by any team. Even a player with a guaranteed contract can be waived. Fortunately, two existing veteran players, Kelly and Sacre, have fairly small expiring contracts. There is a possibility they could be waived if better and cheaper replacements are found. The best solution would be to trade them, in order to use their cap space. In the case of Upshaw, he would have to make the 15-man roster in order to be protected by the Lakers. Otherwise if he was just an ordinary D-league player,my understanding is he could be called up and signed by any team.

  • That is an unfair assessment, if anything the Lakers want to see where his head is at and he needs to get into NBA shape. The Summer League games I saw he looked a tad sluggish and slow. He has mad potential and you can’t teach size. If the Lakers let him walk it was not meant to be, I would like to see him on the Defenders to see how he plays a little bit more then what we saw in the Summer League.

  • That is because he was a head case and not because of ability… He is a low risk all reward type of player… If he can get past his childish ways Upshaw can be a force in the NBA with his size and shot blocking abilities alone. Look at Mutumbo his offense skills were lacking but his size and D made him into a monster.

  • Story appeared a few minutes ago on HoopsHype: Writer Howard Beck, via Bleacher Reports, stated that a majority of Sacramento front office are now in favor of trading DeMarcus Cousins. Don’t know whether the Lakers still have interest.

    They may or may not want to get into a bidding war for Cousins, but the Lakers clearly had previous interest. And they obviously have more trade pieces now to offer just in case it is resurrected. Remember, Cousins prefers to play PF instead of Center, and the Lakers have a logjam at PF to offer in trade. Interesting new development that may partially explain why the Lakers have been accumulating so many prospects………………

  • Hmm…I’m curious about the reason for not signing him. I guess they know something we don’t. He definitely has potential but you can tell he’s still a work in progress both mentally & physically.

  • Lakers blew it by not signing Hassan Whiteside(a similarly skilled big man to Upshaw), now here they go again. He looked alright in summer league, he obviously knows how to play basketball. All he has to do is get with a trainer to get into shape. He’ll block shots and rebound and push people around if nothing else. The rest will come eventually as long as he’s in shape. There is zero risk in signing him to a minimal, non-guaranteed contract. Kupchak overthinks everything.

  • idk if terrible is the right word. upshaw did some real nice things in the summer league. he played good(not great) defense, but the most impressive thing was those screens. No one was getting thru those screens. Maybe if he wasn’t playing with dwight buycks, and xavier mumford, we would have seen more good things come out of it.

  • you’re looking at it wrong mane. its easy to be minus 9 points when your playing with scrubs.

  • The FO is playing chicken with Upshaw and signing him, hoping to give me as little possible (which is warranted given his drug use and history). The day before signing Upshaw Kupchak was on TV saying he isn’t shape, etc, etc. Next day news he had some kind of deal in the works.

    With that said, I don’t know why they can’t just give me the same deal Holmes or Frazier just got? It’s worth the gamble

    He won’t be an All-Star, but I definitely see Upshaw being a contributor in the way that Ezeli on the Warriors was. His defensive potential is obvious and he isn’t awkward on offense, has nice form on his shot and free throws. I’m not a Sacre hater but I know Upshaw will be more of a contributor THIS upcoming season.

    His drug/personal stuff must be really be issue cause the talent is there

  • They kept Sacre instead of signing Whiteside. Looks like it’s happening again. I hate it when FO never learn.

    Upshaw may not be anything now, but his upside will always be better than what a Sacre is now. Sacre has been given all the minutes he needs to show what he’s capable of, Lakers not getting more out of him. Sacre insists that defense is his calling card. In 3 years, where has it been? With Upshaw- defense is his calling card, he doesn’t need to claim it – the blocks speak for themselves.

  • absolutely right. The best and only solution is to find takers for Sacre and Kelly. Those two have had their chances. If they become better than they are, so be it. Kelly would probably benefit being Luke Walton type in NY. Future 2nd rounder sounds fair to me. Sacre could be a foul machine for Clips when Deandre rests.
    It’s just assinine to me to lose a guy like upshaw when you utterly blew it with Whiteside trying out and letting Miami take him days later.

  • Just to be sure, they sign him on multi-year contract with only the 1st year guaranteed nyahahahha.

  • it’s okay to have flip phones as long as it’s android, nyahahahaha.

  • You are not stupid. OK……

    Still, it would hardly be the first time all the GM’s combined didn’t know shit. Adam Morrison is still a synonym for ass-burn. Add to this list as you will. When did you start sucking GM-dick?

    Does this mean you prefer Sacre, who you know and love to Upshaw, who you know absolutely nothing about? Let us know where you stand.

  • You may be going through “the change,” Dana. What is a “Mouth Breather?” I know I have had to breathe through my mouth around some people. It could have just been the heat, though.

  • Nobody knows so everybody speculates. Who is not signing the contract? Mitch or Upshaw? Nobody is talking. Maybe his agent is hoping for a better deal. It could be that simple.

  • People at least heard of Upshaw. Sacre, teddy bear that he is, came out of nowhere and is headed back there someday soon.

  • We know Mitch offered him a contract, as has long been reported. Apparently, Upshaw or his agent refuses to sign. You can’t blame him for trying. I think Mitch is playing hardball right now, too. How do you read it?

  • I wouldn’t know. You are the resident expert dick-taster of LN, if little else.

  • Actually I’ve never heard men on LN talk about “sucking dick” till I read one of your comments, keep your gay comments to yourself and we’ll be just fine

  • SIGN UPSHAW . . . . Upshaw is OUR Laker Big Man – 21 yo shot blocking phenomenon – plus Scorer. KB NEEDS Upshaw!! Indiana Hibbit Old; Scare had his chance worthless; Kelly Ha what a JOKE, just mitc h rentboy; Black too small 6’10”?? Upshaw 7’2″ and MEAN JUNKYARD DAWG. I’m begging you, SIGN Upshaw

  • y am I getting all these Upshaw Laker updates Late??? wtf man !!!! I have been watching the NBA a LLOOOOONg time, probably half U – all bloggers were still in diapers when Magic won OUR and his personally fifth title – SIGN UPSHAW, and don’t b a dumb stupid A*s like someone, who should be fired immediately if pass on OUR core upcoming dynasty of RINGS, cuz UPshaw is the Main-Young-Core !!

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