Lakers Rumors: L.A. ‘In The Mix’ To Sign Kevin Durant
Lakers Rumors: L.a. ‘in The Mix’ To Sign Kevin Durant

The Los Angeles Lakers failed to make a major splash in NBA free agency this summer. LaMarcus Aldridge, DeAndre Jordan and Greg Monroe all chose to sign elsewhere leaving the Lakers empty handed. Although the Lakers brass whiffed on drastically upgrading their roster with one of these frontcourt stars, the storied franchise will have shot to land a superstar next summer.

Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder will hit the free agent market next summer with plenty of teams around the league preparing to make a run at the former NBA MVP.

According to Ken Berger of CBS Sports, the Lakers will have a shot to land the four-time NBA scoring champion:

Most league execs informally polled here at Summer League expect Durant to stay in Oklahoma City when he hits the market next summer. There are only a handful of teams that can legitimately think they’re an option. The Lakers, the Mavs and the Wizards (in Durant’s hometown) are in the mix, for starters. The Knicks? I mean, I guess, in theory.

The additions of D’Angelo Russell, Roy Hibbert, Brandon Bass and Lou Williams were steps in the right direction for the Lakers. It is too early to determine or speculate whether Los Angeles will make the playoffs next season, but they’ve put themselves in position to improve year after year with some talented young players.

With a solid showing during the 2015-16 NBA campaign, the Lakers could intrigue Durant once he’s officially a free agent a year from now. Durant will be aggressively pursued by the Washington Wizards along with potentially many more teams better suited to win now, but Los Angeles has an opportunity to bring in their next superstar and they’ll go all out to do so.

He won’t since he already said he will stay in OKC !!!!!!!!

  • Then why won’t he sign an extension? He could if he wanted to, but I think he is going to test free agency.

  • Am i crazy or does it seem like now days agents just put it out their that they’re player/client has some or a lot of interest in signing with the Lakers just because its a big market and know that the media will run with it just for more negotiating power to get teams to offer more money. Because Lamarcus Aldrige was ” Leaning towards signing with Lakers ” , Carmelo had interest in signing with L.A., Jimmy Butler had interest knowing he was a restricted free agent. Dwayne Wade had ” Mutal Interest with the Lakers, Kevin Love was suppose to meet with L.A. but never did he went poolside with Lebron and got $110 mill, Dragic had interest in signing with L.A. he got $90 mill from Heat, Every one use the Lakers now and its sad to say but Matt Barnes is right its not Kobe that nobody don’t want to play with its just poor management decisions look at how bad we have been for the last 4 or 5 years
    we need new management i think Mitch Kupchak should have total control of basketball decisions Jim Buss and the other brothers need to move aside and let Jeanie just run the business decisions.

  • Here it goes again we are going to chase pipe dreams instead of signing good players who are actual possibilities I hate the way the front office thinks this is why we are in rebuild mode the last few years

  • I wonder who the media will blame if he doesn’t sign with the Lakers?

    The media and these haters always fear the best.

    Go Kobe ! Go Lakers !


  • Fans and Media create the pipe dreams.
    The Front Office explores every opportunity to improve.
    Are they supposed to turn down offers to talk to Durant next year?

  • Hoping this year’s team gives Durant something to think about, ’cause if they look like crap, he’s not coming here…

  • Click bait alert! I was surprised there were no porn popups after clicking on this.

  • If Durant wants to set up a meeting with the Lakers then of course you listen that wasn’t the case the last few years the FO ask for meetings with the big names not the other way around plus the Media and Fans are just reacting to the moves we are not setting up anything most of us believe he’s not coming here like I believe we had no shot at any of the big names this off season

  • Just like we were “in the mix” to sign Lamarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Carmelo Anthony and Greg Monroe. The bottom line is… if we don’t end the 2016 season with the playoffs at least in striking distance we are gonna strike out again on free agents.

  • Exactly if we have another bad year even if the rookies improve and play well if we don’t sniff the playoffs then we aren’t getting any big name maybe Noah because I think the bulls are done with him

  • About as believable as that Nigerian Prince who said he could make my penis bigger if I sent him $200

  • Durant will most likely be a Washington Wizard. What about Batum? He could be an option.

  • The Lakers should try reunite Horford and Noah next off season we have the money for two max players unless Randle shows that he is going to be a star I want both of those guys here and try Randle at the small forward if he improves his jumper he also could be the new Lamar Odom come off the bench for those guys

  • Coming to Lakers? already when we haven’t even started the 2015-2016 season? wow.. Already. I can’t say what K.D will do, but its strange the Lakers have not thrown money to any SF this off season. Probably the Lakers are hoping they’re in the mix. But That shouldn’t even be a topic now.. wtf

  • i think we should honestly play out a least first half of the season before we can make any assumption on our Lakers.. No telling how this new group work together. How Hibbert will play, or how the rooks turn out. im pretty sure if its another bad season, things will change but articles like these are trying to keep some writers relevant. smh we are barely a month out of the season.

  • Please stop posting ridiculous rumors that will never happen, KD has said absolutely nothing about wanting to be in LA and truthfully idc I’m worried the players that are on this team that want to be hear. #releasejabaribrown

  • I know I did preference my comments by saying if Randle plays like he is a future star doesn’t mean he needs to put up star numbers it means he needs to consistently show flashes and play well for stretches of games as for Hibbert I think he’ll have a good year but his good year is like 13 points a game 8 rebounds and 2 blocks a game Noah is a better all round player and Horford is a natural power forward force to play center adding those guys would make our front court elite on both ends of the court and if Randle still needs time to develop it would be great for him to come off the bench in a Lamar Odom role

  • Why are you hating on Jaribi Brown he’s a solid bench player why do you want him gone

  • i know you did, my response was mainly toward this article . shit like this give us Lakers fans assumption that the F.O will once again try to chase the big F.A.. no one trying to hear that now .. we still in Summer League

  • I honestly think most of Lakers fans don’t think Durant is an actual possibly

  • I like him too. Plus, we have no choice but to develop our potential talent before even thinking about landing big names anyway.

  • Caution: Noah has had injury problems over the last couple of seasons and Horford already has an established reputation as an injury-riddled player.

  • If Kobe says “im staying and you can be my Pau” next offseason, he’s not coming.

  • Those are legit concerns but we do have Randle, Bass and Upshaw as solid backups if they do get injured I honestly think that is a realistic and very good option for the Lakers Noah has been over worked in Chicago I think he just needs less minutes as for Horford he played most of the season a year ago and if he does that again I would sign him in a heartbeat

  • lol at these articles. Can we get THIS season started at least before we get our hopes up about a KD rumor in 2016 smh

  • Lol don’t get your hopes up for Durant unless we make the playoffs and beat the Spurs or Warriors in the first round he isn’t going to come to LA I hope the FO doesn’t chase after him I’m praying that doesn’t happen

  • mentioning the lakers helps them get they weight up. If its rumored that a big market team with deep pockets (available money to spend) is interested in my players…then i know i need to pay them the money to get them to stay. Seems like behind the scens agent work to get that higher salary.

  • Except now we actually have an opportunity to resign Hibbert, and we have Louis Williams on contract plus the top rookies, which depending on how well we do this year, could entice KD.

  • Reunite Horford and Noah have Randle be our six man and sign either Deng, Joe Johnson, Nick Batum or Wallace to play small forward 2016 starting lineup

    Pg Russell
    Sg Clarkson (resign him to a 4 year deal)
    Sf Nick Batum
    Pf Al Horford
    C Noah
    6 man Julius Randle

  • focus first the free agent 2015 before kevin durant in 2017 free agent now focus sign first dorell wright or darrell arthur

  • Durant is pretty much impossible now Derozen is a nice possibly but I rather the Lakers sign Horford and Noah and add Nick Batum as small forward

  • KD is 2016 man! But yeah agreed with what you said season hasn’t even started yet and we’re looking to next year

  • KD is very cool with Kobe and I’m sure he and Kobe have had conversations about KD’s future.

    Knowing the influence that Kobe has had on KD and knowing that Kobe wants the best for us after he leaves, we can be sure Kobe has pitched to KD to come to LA.

  • I think that we may have even better options via sign-and-trade deals. Let’s wait and see how this season goes.

  • 100% agree that we need to continue building a core of more attainable solid players but the FO MUST continue to chase Durant in the process.

    We will need Durant when Kobe is gone, we need a true star and a closer!

    Russel is not the closer, he is a facilitator but he will never be a Durant or Kobe.

  • it is too early to speculate it but it seems that this team will change completely again kobe roy hibbert gone and i dont think lakers compete for at least 3 years

  • Maybe because we all suddenly realized the FO fucked us up again by picking Russel and stating that he would start at the point, suggesting the kid was nba-ready when he is actually a diamond in the rough.

  • Because I’m a realist, he is a undersized scoring guard. Unfortunately for him we have 3 guards with scoring mentalities. If we did another guard he needs to be more of a pass first type guard and if Russell is coming off the bench we don’t even need that. He has no fit on this roster which is why I was disgusted with constant driving to the basket never pondering to make a pass and the fact that he is taking minutes from the number 2 overall pick in the draft.

  • Guys, I know last 2 years of free agency have been disappointing excepting for of coarse Hibbert, Williams, and maybe Bass, but that doesnt mean we give up on free agency going forward.

    We learn and move on. KD is a real possibility.

  • the phrase “diamond in the rough” that means hes good while the rest is bad in this context. And also, damn give the kid some time. We’ve literally seen a total of 60-70 minutes of him these past 3 games. And half the TO’s aren’t even his fault really. Damn people seriously have no patience.

    And although I’d like to stay optimistic we have (as of now) around 0% chance of signing KD. I see no reason at ALL for KD to come here not a single one.

  • Your to much of a Russell Fan boy if you think that the reason for his struggles were because of Brown he was on the bench because he was consistently turning the ball over so that was his punishment it had nothing to do with Brown

  • Russell and Randle are not going to have a whole lot of time to impress these free agents so they better get it together quick

  • We have a chance in Kobe Bryant.

    Kobe and Durant are real buddies. They talk bro.

    Lets remain positive here.

  • lakers will still be good aside from our rookies after picking up some veteran talent

  • Unfortunately I have to agree with you.

    But Russell will overcome his over enthusiastic play style, I hope.

  • I hope too he’s has the potential all he needs to do is show it consistently

  • Consistency is always the key, and of course staying healthy.
    Look at Bynum, or Lamar Odom. What could of been?

    Speaking of consistency, do you think we should of stayed with Okafor? He looks like a solid double digit offensive machine.

  • No. Let’s not even start with the Durant pipe dreams. He’s not coming here. Three straight summer strikeouts should tell you what will happen next year.

  • we are not a playoff team. we are young. we will be better than last year undoubtedly but the main thing is that in the west you can’t make the play off if you are not, at least, a 50%w team. if we can be at around 35w, it’s a good step in the right direction. 40+w a huge step forward.
    34-48 would be a great final score imo.

  • STOP IT!! a rumor about the number one free agent POSSIBLY being interested in the lakers. Waste of an article, its a year away and hes one of the best players in league…guess what? I have done zero research and can tell you that every team is in the “mix”. the fact that the salary cap will increase by 20 million means that most teams are a trade or two away from having the salary cap space to sign him!! god do some research don’t quote some random reporter from CBS sports, your the reporter. Lakersnation needs to step up there reporting

  • Bro, lets stay realistic here.

    Kobe before sesaon starts is going to be 37 and probably going to retire after this season (sadly). Hes been injured 3 seasons in a row now so we don’t know what kind of Kobe will be back.

    He wasn’t able to get Melo, they were real close buds too and that was when Kobe was 34-35.

    As much as I want to be realistic I’m thinking rationally and it ain’t looking to hot man.

  • Yeah I wanted Okafor from the beginning because I felt he can immediately produce and he’s young and still has room to get better but now all I can do is hope Russell becomes what he was hype to be I don’t see him being superstar like Nash, Curry or Magic I see him being another Manu a very good player on a championship team at times he’ll be the best player but never consistently be a superstar

  • Like we were “in the mix” to sign LaMarcus Aldridge?


    These are not the droids you’re looking for…Move along.

    All doors are open at this point. Our young guns need seasoning. AFTER this season is over free agents like KD will have a much better idea of what the Lakers future looks like and whether we’ll be a team they want to join.

  • The youngsters need more than seasoning. They need flavor. They gotta be marinated. Combined with the right ingredients and paired with the right beverages n side dishes. Essentially, we need a new chef and a new restaurant concept

  • KD could take over this team once Kobe retires. could you imagine the Lakers lineup Clarkson at PG Kobe at SG KD at SF Julius Randle at PF and Hibeert at Center. what kind of things would that team do? just imagine…and ive always wanted KD on my team sorry OKC!

  • What I meant was our core young “stars” lack NBA court time.

    Clarkson has a 1/2 season of NBA experience
    Randle, a 1/2 game
    The draft picks, zero

    I can see why Aldridge, Monroe and all the other free agents chose to go elsewhere where teams had PROVEN NBA talent. Right now all we have is Kobe and a nice group of “promising” kids. No real track record.

    If they show some of that promise this season and play well, I think our likelyhood of snagging a KD or maybe even two big fish free agents increases dramatically next off season.


  • It’s not financially worthwhile for him to sign an extension. He’ll sign a short term deal and take advantage of the salary cap hikes. If you want to think about long term, yes it would be very worthwhile, but with the cap expected to hike to around $90-93 mil next year followed by up over $110 mil after that, it’s worth it to him to sign a 2 year deal with an opt out after 1 year or a 3 year deal with an opt out after 2 and then sign a 5 year extension from there.

  • i always have high hopes for these top guys like wade and melo but they dont take that risky jump. the question is why not? is there something making them not want to sign here? maybe the Laker haters have put it in their minds never come to la. damn haters probably nixed alot of trades for us.

  • Why would Durant want to be in the same conference as the Lebron Superteam for the next 5 years?

  • The key here is Kobe will retire.

    Why would Durant not find LA a tempting destination as the future face of the franchise?

  • Lol sounds like your on your period lol I do agree it’s summer league they haven’t even been to training camp

  • if KD decides not to come can you blame him? so many Laker haters out there trying to ruin someones day. these people are bottom of the barrel. they always get in our buisness and try to interfere with everything we are doing on or off the basketball court. haters will always have that sour taste in there mouth. makes me want to go be a fan of a different sport like soccer or baseball.

  • Who knows, if KD comes he can probably recruit anyone he wants. But he has another top 10 player in Westbrook and a shotblocking monster in Ibaka around him in OKC don’t seem him leaving that.

    Perhaps if they bounce out in round 1 KD will change his mind but until then I think hes going to stay for a long time

  • I really think we have a legitimate shot at KD, even more so than we did with Melo, or Aldridge, etc.

    It all depends on this years performance.

  • The front office never said Russell would be starting at the point. The front office never said Russell was NBA ready.

    Fans got delusions and overlooked glaring reality.

  • media will attack the la lakers just expect it. they hate us because we always get the best players and were always at the NBA finals. since 2000 -2015 7 nba finals and 5 titles won.7/15 finals 5/15 won so 1/2 the time we are in the finals and 1/3 of the time we won it all! thats why they wanna keep us down. dont you guys get it? they dont want Kobe to be succesful or anyone else in purple and gold they hate LA and i want to know why. stupid people of the world ruin it for all the good people out there….

  • 0% he comes to LA.. i think whats realistic is he goes back to Washington because of westbrook being a ball hog or either stays an west brook plays second fiddle … either way i see westbrook joining the lakers in 2017 … along with demar derozan …Jim buss will be out kobe will be out most likely an he can finally be the man (being the next kobe for la lol )..along wit demar playing for his hometeam Lakers.. lakers will be back in 2 years tops

  • Randle is the starting PF.
    Hibbert was brought in to he the long-term starting Center.

    Is this a knee jerk response, or do you play too many video games?

  • KD would be the main man here instead of sharing the limelight with Westbrook.

    Plus we are going to dangle the biggest amount of cash we possibly can next year based on the new salary caps.

  • Clarkson is more of a scorer and could potentially fill that closer role to a point. Williams is definitely someone who has closed out games. You’re right though, we do need a superstar on the team. Doubt Durant comes though. This team is just too young. They need a few years to develop. Honestly, we need to look further down the road, 4-5 years. By that time, Durant is on the wrong side of 30.

  • ESPN clearly hates Kobe and TNT doesnt even talk about the Lakers its always some small market garbage team. i hate to watch games on that channel because of their hate it gets under my skin. Shaq is probably the only guy who still feels some love for LA. i know Pau Gasol does too maybe thats why they dont talk about him. They also hate we have so much money and are signing tv deals. living in New York now i can watch all the laker games on time warner sports net which is so awesome! nomore watching tnt or espn bunch of old men with nothing to look foward to but to hate on us young guys. the bitter taste in their mouth can be smelled seen and heard a mile away…..

  • Before summer league started

    After first 3 games lol

  • Aldridge was going to San Antonio from the get-go.
    He is a smart guy, so obviously he’s going to listen to what the Lakers have to offer and look at every opportunity.

  • What are you talking about Hibbert could be our long term answer IF he can turn things around even saying that he isn’t a better player than Noah secondly Randle isn’t ready to be a starter he looks completely lost out there he needs a few years to develop and that is not a bad thing your delusional if you think he’s a better option at power forwards than Horford

  • they just want to put something out for fans to discuss instead of talking how Jim and Mitch failure badly to the free agent recruit.

  • Exactly this summer league is showing that these kids aren’t ready to start another than Clarkson

  • Just because of how Summer League is, don’t project the starting lineup to be any different. Russell, Randle and Clarkson are all learning to play Scott’s offense together before even Lou will get a chance. These are all new guys learning to play together in the summer before preseason. Once preseason rolls around, Lou will be lost for a bit as well as some of the other guys. Don’t quite rush to judgment because you see some struggles during these guys first 3 games together.

  • KD is a beast himself! but so is westbrook just remember if he leaves he wont have his little buddy nomore. and would it make him happy to come to the Lakers? we also have to make sure these guys wanna even try to come here. remember the whole dwight howard escapade? what a diva thats all im saying about it. steve nash got hurt i could understand that part but not dwight howard what a baby crying because Kobe yelled at him. lol what adult cries like that? he acts like a spoiled little child thats why even kevin durant went after him in a game. and although violence is never a good thing he deserved it!

  • Do you whine about everything?
    The season hasn’t started and you are already saying that it’s lost, the team is in a rebound, and that a free agency period over a year away is lost.

    Put down the keyboad, go outside, make some friends, and get a life.

  • Yea I understood.

    And I would accept the Lakers play if it were preseason and the youngsters were facing nba talent. But, if they’re struggling…and I mean struggling, against rookies and undrafted mofos…do you think it’s gonna get any easier for them? This is the easiest it’s gonna get and the only adjustment thus far is the 24 sec shot clock. Once the talent level and speed of the game picks up, and the games mean something…these guys are gonna be left behind. It’s simply not looking good at all.

    My starting line up right now is lou, Kobe, Clarkson (only because Nick can play the sf and jc can’t, plus, bench will need Nick young), bass, n hibbert.

    Bench: Russell, jabari, Nick young, randle, black

    Whoever doesn’t produce will get replaced by upshaw, nance, Anthony Brown, Mitchell (these guys have been playing better than the guys I listed on the bench…but they’re the “future stars” so they’ll get playing time)

  • Until he makes a selection for his future team, we don’t know if it’s real or not. Who would have thought Monroe would go to Milwaukee?

  • They don’t need to start right away if they aren’t ready they can come off the bench and adjust to the speed of the game and get stronger it might help them be a better player long term

  • Dude looks like a scrub. He should spend the next 1-3 years in the d-league and maybe he can become good enough to be a backup player. Great vision, sweet shot but totally unable to create separation. Probably will always be a sub-average defender. Doubt he could ever be a PG in the nba, maybe a 2-3 but definitely not a starter.

  • Why do they keep recycling this! This story is jst irrelevant. Hate to keep pumping longshots, when its only possible if these young core reach potentials and hibbert renewd his allstar status. Regular season is not even started and yet they keep jacking-up this absurd dream fantasy, just to further frustrate the kids following aboard.

  • Why did you expect that Summer League players would start?
    I don’t think Mitch did.

    3 Words: Rookies, Summer League

  • They’re struggling against rookies and undrafted players. Guys that bag groceries and work for uber. They’re running a pretty loose and free offense so they can show what they can do…YET, they’re struggling

    Come preseason, do you think the talent level will stay the same??

    It’ll get harder

    Summer league, d league, preseason, nba, playoffs, finals

    If they struggling in step 1…don’t think they’ll jump into the nba and play great. This isn’t 2k where they got fixed stats and abilities

  • Lol I was joking I still expect to see Russell in the starting lineup…..not sure about randle….him and bass may fight for that starting pf spot

  • I suppose every team is technically in the mix, but Durant is either going to Washington or staying in OKC.

  • Because he’s originally from Maryland and the Wizards are already a contender.

  • Have you watched the games I know it’s summer league but that doesn’t change the fact they need to still work on things they shouldn’t be thrown in the starting lineup because they aren’t prepared let them experience it in limited action ease them in it’s not like if you don’t start them right away they can never start use common sense they are overwhelmed in summer league they will definitely be overwhelmed in the regular season

  • Before and after summer league I see it as..


    But Lou will come in early for either Russell or Clarkson.

  • Yeah, unfortunately they’re not overly impressive in the Summer League so far. Hopefully they settle in and play better playing alongside the the vets come the regular season.

    Having a Kobe or Lou Williams take them aside and tell em, “Calm down kid…Stop forcing things. Slow down and let the game come to you” might help.

  • Glad you caught it. That’s how you throw everyone under the bus; players, coach, n FO

  • I think they should start Bass and have Nance as the backup. Randle’s offense is off but it should come around, it’s his defense and rebounding which make him unplayable IMO

  • Opening night:
    Clarkson(earn his right)
    TBD(decided in training camp)
    Bass(Randle has to outplay him)

    I don’t see Russell starting in front of Clarkson of who has at least one year of experience under his belt and has played against the best of the best in the league already. Just because he is the #2 pick doesn’t mean he automatically starts. Rookie is a rookie. They have to earn that starting spot.

  • Says the bandwaggoner who needed the entire team to fly to Dallas to kidnap DeAndre so he wouldn’t jump ship to the Mavs, lol

    Clips are still the Clips until they prove otherwise.

  • I’m sure his order will be
    1. OKC
    2. Wizards
    3. Lakers
    Now I really hope we get him, but it’s obvious if we’re getting anybody from OKC its Russ

  • Lakers whiffed on every FA, including DJ. Even Monroe chose the BUCKS over the Lakers. Lakers 48-116 in last two years. Russell is a bust.

  • Would love to see KD in the purple and gold, but it won’t happen unless we can make a serious run at the Finals this year.

    The economics are set up so that staying in OKC will get him way more money. To convince him to come and take less in LA, we would need to clearly demonstrate that he is the “last piece of the puzzle” to a multi-championship dynasty starting in year 1 of his new deal…

  • Same thing you said about Kevin Love. And Wade. And Aldridge.

    Give it a rest, nobody wants to play for your shitty team.


  • Yeah, yeah…
    …We’ll still win another ring before the Clips do.

    Get used to the giant selfies because there won’t be any Clippers banners.


  • LOL…I simply can’t take him seriously. Probably a good dude and all, but every time I see his goofy face all I can picture is him doing that retarded dance on stage when Shaq was rapping.

  • Why would you want to pay 12 million a year for a role player Hibbert is better and wd only have him for one year just in case he stinks up the joint we would be stuck with a average center for the next 4 years

  • Clarkson looks good as a 2 guard but terrible as a 1. He is averaging 1 assist per game.

  • I don’t get why people talk shit about us calling us “delusional” and grouping us up all together with the few fans that are… and saying shit like that OutcastCastOut faggot.

    WE ARE NOT STARTING THESE RUMORS.. Why the hell are you POS haters acting like we are!

  • I will go buy season tickets if the Lakers get Kevin Durant, it will never happen.

  • He’s not coming to the Lakers. Stop the madness. He’s currently on a roster with arguably another top 5 NBA talent. No one on the Lakers will lure him into leaving OKC. His best option is to stay in OKC.

  • Doesn’t mean Kobe couldn’t play the PG while Clarkson play scoring guard unlike Lin could do last year.

  • Clarkson is a horrible PG. People call Kobe a ballhog, but he’s always averaged more than 3 assists a game. Clarkson since he started has only averaged 1 assist a game. That’s horrible. Melo assists more than him.

    Kids got game, but he hasn’t earned the right to do that.

  • The whole point in drafting Russell and signing Lou was to ease Kobe’s burden of doing everything. Dude doesn’t need that.

  • Wtf? Fuck off asshole, there’s apparently a guy roaming around with almost the same name and pic. I think he’s 177 and not 117 like me. Don’t EVER call me a Clipper fan.

  • If Greg Monroe or LaMarcus Maldridge wouldn’t sign with us but yet chose smaller market teams then their is no way in hell Kevin Durant would sign with us.

  • People call Kobe a ball-hog but he is the leading assister in Lakers history. He can play PG when he wants to. He doesn’t have to be listed as a PG to play PG. Just like Clarkson doesn’t have to be labled SG to play SG

  • Damn the Lakers fans are desperate that they will believe any false hope. This is an over hyped pipe dream that all Lakers fans seem to be buying. The Lakers brand is in decline. It has been for a few years. It will eventually hit rock bottom and the fans there will need to come to grips, just like the Knicks fans, that LA (and NYC) are no longer “The” destination team for a super star.

  • Have you read the comments or you just making ignorant statements most if not all believe he isn’t coming

  • Almost the same name. People are just looking at the pic and part of the name instead of reading it all. Report him if you see him. Must be posting a lot if people keep warning me.

  • I love the offense they run. I can see why guys want to play there. So simple but so fun and effective.

  • Clarkson right now seems like a player who can ease Kobe workload. He has shown he can score the ball in multiple ways(minus the last game). He made a case last year that he can be a scoring option. Kobe could just worrying about running the offense than just worrying about scoring because last year Kobe was our only consistent scoring option.

  • What a creep. I don’t understand why that fag is doing this. I mean how immature and insecure to do you have to be.

  • Are u a teenager? It’s called circumstances. Every single FA who passed on us was right. Dwight, pau, Carmelo, Aldridge, Monroe etc. but now we have a chance to show we are the best fit for him. Plus all those guys are old (except Monroe)

  • Steps to Lakers getting free agents.

    1. Fire Byron Scott
    2. Bring in a modern offense
    3. Develop young talent
    4. Win some games.

  • That quote that you are referring to was misconstrued, taken out of context, and tweeted by Mike B.

    That is not what Kobe said. Inform yourself, read the full LA Times article.

  • I know Kevin Durant will NOT sign with the Lakers, we shouldn’t even pursue him, it’s just going to be a big waste of time. Derozan maybe a small chance but no way to Durant.

  • I agree why would he pretend to be someone else unless its a troll trying to troll another troll I don’t understand why he would do that

  • Kobe running the offense exclusively last year is what also hurt his shoulder even more. Passing isn’t easy on you shoulders. You use your shoulders more when passing then when shooting. It was hurt since preseason, but passing a lot screwed it up worse. Russell is the PG. Clarkson is just a scorer, nothing special IMO. I like the kid, but I’ve been disappointed in him this SL. Dude is killing the chemistry of the offense and development of Russell.

  • Curious to see what kind of a season Noah has this year. He was injured last season and had an off year but I could see him being our main target if he gets his health back.

  • I feel you. Glad to see we have REAL loyal fans like you out there representing.

  • He is saying it is a big burden for Kobe to have that role. He doesn’t need that extra workload at this point in his career.

  • Haha exactly…I mentioned that yesterday. He seems like some clumsy awkward dude. Aldridge must have laughed when the Lakers brought in the big guns…Mark madsen

  • incendy i agree in SL 1 assist but take a look at last season assists when he was a starter. the kid can pass

  • Will you morons quit clogging up the airwaves with shit that has no chance in hell of happening? Why would we ever go after Horford or Noah? We need an all-star, not another journeyman role player.

  • I’m with you we should go after Noah it seems that the bulls and Noah are done he would be a great addition we should try to reunite him and Horford we have room for both and sign another solid player like Nick Batum to play small forward or if Randle improves his jumper and defense have him play small forward

  • NO I AM NOT! It’s Delusional to think Kevin Durant would sign with the Lakers. The Lakers FO has whiffed time after time in free agency, the presentation they gave LaMarcus Aldridge was reportedly insulting to him. Jim Buss is a joke at recruiting players, he always misses out on the main guys. Look man we have ZERO chance at Kevin Durant, the quicker you realize this the better off you will be. Don’t get you’re hopes up. LOL are you a delusional fan boy??? #You’reFalseHope STFU

  • My biggest concern is that he puts his head down when he drives. He has tunnel vision. That is really bad for a point guard. I think his natural position is a 2 guard. And he is perfect to be a 2 guard.

  • And that’s why we cant give up on him, we have to try. We cant wait 4 to 5 years.

    Clarkson is great but hes still raw and unproven as of today.

  • i think Derozan is a pretty good chance. he grew up in compton, grew up a laker fan, and went to USC. Plus the raptors aren’t going anywhere. They lost Amir Johnson, Lou and Vasquez and have yet to make it out of the first round in the weak east

  • Last year he average 5 assists he can be the point guard but he’s better as a shooting guard

  • Same here, second favorite. I love his humble approach, his hunger, and his heart!

  • Kobe shooting alot also plays dividends in his injured shoulder. Do you know how many shots he chucked up during the season?

    Anyway, Kobe said he felt pain in his shoulder wayyy back in training camp.

    I don’t see how Clarkson is messing up the offense when Russell is forcing all these passes. About 1/4 of them TO’s were on his teammates but just don’t bypass the ones he made on his own. You srsly think 20 TO’s in 3 games were all on his teammates? Your giving this kid too much credit.

  • Are you stupid both those guys are multiple all stars and they are still in their prime your pretty dumb

  • Stupid troll, you’re so looney, you impersonated the real LakerSpartan asking to report your other name clippedSpartan.


  • I like Thibs but he is crazy with his rotations. Probably not a great fit for us. Any young assistants that have been mentored under Pop or Gentry would be ideal.

    Maybe go super modern and hire the first female coach in Becky Hammon.

  • These rumors are quite sickening to hear… the only player worth a crap on the roster is Clarkson going forward at the moment. Randle is saying the right things and have the right mentality but he needs to start showing it on the hardwood and Russell (up to now) is looking like a bust. Players want the money but also want to compete for a championship and the product the lakers are putting out right now to these star players are.. crap.

  • I know and we have room for both they might want to team up again and hopefully they can win a championship together like they did in college

  • Kevin Durant has always been at the top of my list of favorite
    players who I want to come to the Lakers and win a championship. If the Lakers
    were successful in getting LaMarcus to team with Durant and Kobe.Combined with
    the new kids, I believe they would be set to be one of the favorite to win their next championship

  • We are starting to see flashes of Julius skills in the 4th qtr of these games. He just have to start coming out blazing.

  • Season hasn’t even started & BS rumors are starting. BTW every team on the planet wants KD

  • In the past—and I love Noah, too, but he is getting a few too many miles on him. You are the dumb one. We want younger guys.

  • With all these scoring options on this team right now, it does take alot of pressure off Kobe. Last year we were seeing him as the #1 option of scoring and our floor general.

  • He is a 2 but Russell will need time and we don’t have any other option unless we sign a vet pg and what are the chances of that happening.

  • We have young players already we need veterans that are still in their prime years we have a real shot at those guys because they were college teammates and friends so they might want to team up again and we have the cap room

  • Let Russell learn on the job. It isn’t like we are a playoff team this season. This season is about developing young talent.

  • I wish the lakers well and I am a huge laker fan.. however the truth is the truth… Randle’s skill sets are alot better than I have expected. His handles, speed, and strength are amazing but he needs to do what he says he needs to… reb, play team defense and be better on offense. I hope that Russell kid pans out too.

  • Horford is the same age as Aldridge and Noah is only a year older plus Noah has been over worked in Chicago he will benefit from playing 30-32 minutes a night instead of 38-40 minutes

  • Number 1 priority that must be done before we can move forward is to fire Bryon Scott. Would like to see that happen soon so the new coach can build their team before training camp.

  • But BS doesn’t like playing Rooks. Thinks they can learn more from watching. This year he is not going to have much of a choice. I won’t be surprised if he come off the bench

  • were making the playoffs regardless of how bad our rookies suck

    seraphin- sign him because randle is not ready to start

    j brown

  • i like this F.A pick up even tho it came after the DJ and LMA decisions. Im just saying, its not always necessary to pick up the Star on the market. LMA wouldnt have fit for us. DJ was a good shot. now KD. i Think Lakers are going to go all out.. offer him everything he wants. but like i been preaching lets wait to see how Russ, JR and JC do with our new squad along with Kobe and HIbb.. thats the main thing if they ball out then we hav a chance.. but hell its not even B Ball season

  • I think he would be fine on defense but on offense it could be pretty bad. He has no jumper yet. And Hibbert is not an outside threat either. I guess if we start Kelly but that would be such a slow lineup.

  • Though he looks fast and strong enough to run through brick wall, randle is having a hard time finishing at the rim. Developing a reliable mid range jumper and occasional three should help.

  • Because I have spartan in my name I’m impersonating you? lol get over yourself dude.

  • Go to google to search clippers blowing a 3-1 series lead and losing in the 2nd round. Also Google blowing a 19pt 4th quarter lead in game 6 of that series. Yall have the better team at the moment, but not better franchise. Yall don’t run LA and never will to yall can get half the titles the lakers have won in just the last 15 years. ( be to unfair for yall to try to match the 16 we won, have to get realistic for yall hahah)

  • Hibbert can actually shoot a jumper and his FT percentage is pretty good for a big-man I think around 80%.

    Randle is not using his jumper for some reason and we know his jumper is much improved. He handles looks improved, looking more comfortable in his dribbles in the open court. He is best at facing up and driving to the rim. Going into the low-post is not his bread and butter because he can’t get shots over length. He would have a easier time at SF than PF.

  • I hope so too we can have play on the bench the next few years and develop his game to be more of a small forward we can sign a veteran next year to teach him how to play small forward Deng, Joe Johnson or Batum would all be good temporary starters and great mentors at the right price

  • Remember when Love was coming to the Lakers was a done deal remember when both Carmelo and Lebron where coming at this point anyone who writes an article about free agents coming to the Lakers is just making an ass of themselves

  • unless the young lakers develop quickly, LA won’t be a desirable landing spot for elite players who want rings.

  • With the #1 overall pick in the 1998 NBA draft, the clippers selected Michael Olowokandi!!!

  • His quickness looks much improved and is wayyy stronger than before. I wouldn’t say defense would be the main problem because he has the tools be a defender.

  • durant won’t become a laker. there are too many laker owners. none of them have cash outside of the cable, jerseys. they don’t own staples and probably not the concession stands. the laker owners are only asset rich. they will not be able to afford a super star. de angelo russell and julius randle are not the future of the lakers. neither are sacre and clarkson.

  • Randle and Russell are not busts the notion that a 20 and 19 year old playing in their rookie seasons can lead the Lakers to be competitive in the deep western conference that is what has been busted.

  • Fuck you’re article about Durant, it’s fucking bullshit! Delusional is the kindest thing i can say about you and this fucking article. SMFH in anger!

  • Hibbert can shoot a 15 footer, but he is not a 3 point threat. We really need guys who spread the floor. Mostly for Randle.

  • I agree with you — the guy is freakishly strong.

    Defense is all about effort with guys like him. Recently he hasn’t looked really good in the defensive end. I hope that BS can get the maximum defensive potential/effort out of the kid.

  • Randle had a very good 18-19 foot stepback jumper (around the free throw area) during the summer workouts. Not sure why he’s not using it during the summer league. Maybe the offense the lakers are running in the summer league is making it too crowded around the FT area (thus causing Randle to be ineffective).

  • Lakers aren’t going to be very good this year rebuilding is a long process the thing that really sucks is we are going to lose a top ten pick this year and going to make rebuilding take even longer.

  • Bass has a reliable mid-range jumper and plays great PnR defense. You don’t have to be a 3 point threat to space the floor.

  • i remember that he had a decent mid range last pre season — i haven’t seen it during SL.

  • Derozen, Noah,and Horford should be the Lakers top priority I prefer trying to sign both Noah and Horford sign a decent small forward and develop Randle to play small forward because he is to small to play power forward

  • Just go in front of a clippers fan and say my line above, and they will get really upset.

  • Randle isn’t really a space and pace type of player. Right now we are taking lots of shots early in the shot clock and running lots of PnR. PnR isn’t really Randle game. He likes to work from the high-post and perimeter. Only time he goes into the low-post is when he has a mismatch in size. He doesn’t go into the low-post all the time because he mostly going against length. If he switches to SF, he will a mismatch every time.

  • Damn man that isn’t even a great reason. Its not like Westbrook is weighing the team down or they have internal conflict.

    Oh and also, OKC can offer more money than LA can so we lose on that part too. Enough with debate we’ll see in the next season. Or who knows, maybe Randle and Russell will be beasts

  • I don’t like training camp in Hawaii this year should be in Bakersfield or Fresno or any other shithole with nothing for the players to do but look to improve their game.

  • They wont because the lakers only focus on super stars until they strike out. What a shitty FO.

  • I think he is just too small to play the style he is trying which is bully ball. He needs to develop a jumper and also a 3 point shot, he needs to be more of versatile player. I mean he is running the break as a point forward but he just can’t get to finish at the rim and he shoots the ball too hard and it misses. He should develop a softer touch and try to be a small forward since he is too short and undersized to be a power forward, since length bothers the fuck outta him.

  • Name the only NBA team in California that had never gotten past the second round of the playoffs.

  • I know it is just the summer league but maybe someone can try to explain why we are allowing a coach who career stats are 2.2 PPG 1.9 PFG .527 FT% 2.6 RBG to teaching are young kids. He has never successfully coached anywhere (even the D league). I have watch Mark Madsen play and was never impressed.
    I don’t know what the FO is thinking. Maybe they want them kid to see that playing ISO will not win games but I personally wouldn’t want someone with those stats to be teaching my young players anything. Maybe he will turn out to be a great coach but why take the chance

  • sparks are even better then the Clippers lol .. and they have not once, try to kidnap Candance Parker to bring her back.. lol

  • Other than Russell name one 19 year old player expected to rescue their franchise overnight. We have put way too much pressure on him and Randle and it shows in their play.

  • He will be a better small forward than power forward because he can out muscle every SF for thr exception of LeBron he needs to develop his jumper and defense

  • Fakers should trade Randle while his stock is where it’s at. It’s only going to go down hill.

  • title contending team


    j brown

    randle,russell, anthony brown to d league until february

  • Yep and they are being overloaded with off court duties. Did you see Russell’s schedule on his off day? Damn.

  • right now, yes Jeremy Lin is better than the 19 year old Russell.

    But the kid is still developing who knows how good Russell will be in 2 seasons or even next season.

  • No not really at the C or PF positions. If they can shoot the mid-range shot, that’s all you need. Now if your talking about spacing the floor from the SF spot then that’s a different story. We seen Randle improved jumper. I don’t why he isn’t using it.

  • I honestly dont see him coming to LA! I mean there has to be thousands of things that need to happen, for him to even consider us a destination and that is, for everything to go completely wrong in OKC (i.e becoming a lower tier seed in the playoffs and losing in the first round, issues with the coach, management, and Westbrook), for the Lakers to jump from this 20 something wins they had last season to probably in the playoffs or at least close to 500 basketball and barely close to the playoffs, for Russel, Clarkson, and Randle to have a good year, and for Kobe to recruit much heavily throughout the season and to basically butter up KD!

  • What is the vegas odds of the clippers choking in the second round again next season?

  • LAS VEGAS — Lakers fans are not exactly renowned for their patience.

    Nowhere was that more in evidence than Monday night at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, when after an ugly first quarter — 5 points on 2-of-17 shooting, with seven turnovers — Lakers fans that filled the Thomas & Mack booed their young players.

    That may have been the lowlight, but the Lakers’ young stars have had their struggles in Sin City. Through two games Julius Randle is shooting 29.4 percent, and has averaged just 3.5 rebounds a game in 20 minutes a night. D’Angelo Russell is averaging 10 points a night on 33 percent shooting through three games, but the bigger issue he has two turnovers for each assist he has dished out. Jordan Clarkson has looked like a guy who has been through an NBA season and scored 18.3 points a game, but he’s shooting just 40.4 percent overall and 26.7 percent from three. Clarkson and Russell have some work to do on their chemistry.

    All these struggles should serve as a reminder to the Lakers organization and their fans:

    Rebuilding is a long process. Patience is required.

    If that seems hard, just recall how the last quick fix — bringing in Dwight Howard and Steve Nash — went.

    Plus, there are things to like from the young Lakers, things they have shown in Vegas. That starts with their attitudes.

    “Every game matters to me, and me being competitive I forget that it’s just Summer League,” Russell said. “I’m trying to get better so fast, rather than being patient and letting things come to me.”

    “I’ve got to get my teammates going, get myself going,” Randle said, clearly frustrated by the rust in his game. “Everything starts with me; I’ve got to be better. End of story.”

    Randle showed some impressive moves in the second half against the Knicks Monday. When he gets the ball and faces up he has a great first step and showed a few quality moves (including one spin that drew a foul). He looks in Vegas like a guy who has been away from the game for a year — which is exactly what he is after he broke his right leg on opening night a year ago and had to have surgery. Rust was to be expected.

    For Russell, the game just seems to be moving too fast, and he isn’t letting it slow down yet, which is leading to 6.7 turnovers a game. It will eventually start to slow down for him.

    “I’m just trying to force the issue to get big guys involved, and for myself forcing the issue on the offensive end trying to just get something out of nothing when it’s not there,” Russell said. “Realizing it’s Summer League and being patient is my problem right now…

    “Summer League is great for the adjustment process. I’m young, I feel like I’m going to get better every game, every practice, once I get under the system and get the hang of it a little more.”

    While Lakers Summer League coach Mark Madsen has put in plays, the nature of Summer League — a thrown-together roster that doesn’t get a lot of practice time together and is devoid of veterans — leads to an unstructured game. For much of the time in Vegas the Lakers offense has been “watch Jordan Clarkson create stuff” and that hasn’t helped build cohesion and chemistry.

    For the Lakers, hope sells.

    The strength of that hope and the Lakers brand has been evident in Vegas — Russell and Randle again packed the house Monday, where fans sat in the upper deck (never before at summer league has the curtains had to be pulled back from the upper deck at the Thomas & Mack). When the Lakers have played there have been attendance records this summer.

    But there needs to be patience. This coming season those young players will grow while the fans celebrate Kobe. With roster additions such as Lou Williams, Brandon Bass and Roy Hibbert — plus hopefully a dash of health thrown in the pot — the Lakers will be respectable on the court.

    From there, and as Clarkson/Russell/Randle show their potential, then the big free agents the next couple years will give the Lakers a longer look.

    It’s all just going to take time.

  • This was the plan for some time now, a few years. Only the Wizards are the only real threat – as they’ve been – being that it was KD’s home town. Look for possibly even a Durant-Harden-Westbrook reunion in Purple and Gold to happen.

    Kind of also related, Jimmy’s job is going to depend and hinge on this happening. It’s hail mary, all or nothing. It’s pure Lakers too, always how this team has worked, this would be signing Shaq/trading for Kobe in the same offseason-like if they pull it off.

    Only thing is, Dr. Buss and Jerry West consistently got those types of deals done, we’ve yet to see if the current FO can pull it off.

    However, if they strike out again in free agency next year, talking about landing a marquee free agent, and Jeanie won’t have to show her brother the door – he’ll walk himself out and not look back.

  • The only way Durant will strongly consider the Lakers as a possible destination is if our young core of players look promising this up coming season. Three summer league games isn’t the end of the world, so people need to chill. But even then, the Thunder and Wizards seem like the two teams he would consider the most.

  • now you see why Lakers fans are seen as one of the most spoiled, impatient self centered mofos in the league! smh sad bro.. very sad.. im tired of losing as well, but hell im a Raider fan. i have all the patience in the WORLD

  • Agreed that why I think both shouldn’t start game one it should be Williams and Bass they should be eased in let them gain game experience before throwing them in the starting lineup

  • Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

    Tired of these type of articles that just raise our hopes only to be crushed later.

  • Byron Scott and his coaching staff will be gone by the end of next season, 100%.

    The offense they’re running is so horrible, they come up the court and start running around passing the ball back and forth. But all they’re doing is ending back up in the same place with 7 seconds left on the shot clock. You will not get the best out of these players talents if they keep running that ancient offense.

  • lou williams + kobe = lou kobe

    this deadly tandem guarantees lakers a playoff spot

  • Good one….anyways I don’t think Jabari brown who is 23 years old is the reason he was on the bench but I’m of the mindset let him Russell play till he falls on his face this is only going to make him better you supporting Jabari just tells me you know nothing.

  • I really hope it will be much sooner. Not sure I can handle another season of Scott.

  • I want to see more Russell/Randle pick and rolls and pick and pops. It will benefit both of their games. And I would like to see Clarkson work off the ball more, run through screens and slash.

  • With the cap restrictions…”big pocket” teams no longer exist. It’s like monopoly, everyone starts with the same amt. . Just depends if you want to spend it or how you want to spend it.

    More about FO and position to win…available playing time

  • Lol I know nothing you blaming Brown for Russell mistake show me you know nothing at all your just riding Russell dick to much your blind if you think Brown was the reason for his struggles last night I’m not supporting Brown I’m just telling you it not his fault he had nothing to do with Russell bad night

  • Yep. Simple pick and roll offenses are good enough for all the best teams, not sure why we have to make things so hard.

  • I want to see Madsen call a time out and tell these kids what they are doing wrong during the next game. He seems to be more focused on where he is going to party after the game then the actual game itself. Jesus he should off used all of his time outs in the first quarter of the last game

  • Every single time they come up the court, everyone runs around like little mice passing each other the ball around the 3 point line like they’re the god damn globetrotters smh. They run the clock down when eventually someone just has to iso and bail the team out. Causing way too many turnovers.

  • Yea, release him from the bench and put him as a starter.

    Move Russell to the bench. He’ll be able to have the ball more often. Clarkson can control the first unit

  • I understand why he isn’t really making in game changes he wants these kids to learn from their mistakes that is how you get better by experiencing failures I hope they can get all their mistakes out early and learn not to make those mistakes during the season

  • It’s just Summer League” is a phrase that can, and usually should, explain away sloppy, out-of-rhythm basketball when a team has been hastily amassed for a quick jaunt through Las Vegas.

    Now, when a team has the type of high-lottery talent of D’Angelo Russell (No. 2 pick, 2015) and Julius Randle (No. 7 pick, 2014), plus three players that played legit NBA minutes in the previous season – All Rookie First-Teamer Jordan Clarkson, Tarik Black and Jabari Brown – inevitable expectations of good, or at least exciting, basketball are going to be there.

    But maybe they shouldn’t be.

    On Monday night at UNLV’s Thomas and Mack Arena, the Lakers were neither exciting nor good in a 76-66 loss to New York. The tone was set in a putrid first quarter in which the Lakers made only two field goals toward five points (and seven turnovers), falling behind 19-5 as a result. They’d rally to cut the lead down to as few as five at halftime and one early in the third, before allowing a late third quarter run that essentially ended the game.

    Russell struggled, Randle didn’t find any rhythm until the fourth quarter, and Clarkson and Brown combined to hit only eight of 28 field goals as the team finished at 30.5 percent overall.

    Yes, the young players probably didn’t develop all too much with the game being so uninspired, but no grand conclusions should be drawn from the third game in Vegas, before they aim for a collective bounce-back in the next game.

    With that said … here are some additional thoughts focused mostly on the two lottery picks:

    Randle, in just his second game against a live opponent, was getting most whatever he wanted against his man after facing him up from his preferred right-elbow starting point, or from the top of the key.

    But, as in Game 1, Randle wasn’t finishing. In fact, he missed his first five shots, before settling in during the fourth quarter. He then hit 2-of-3, including a power move to his right with a defender-clearing jump stop and lefty finish, and a transition layup after he gathered a loose ball at midcourt.

    The 20-year-old has yet to showcase the improved jumper that anyone who’s been to the Lakers’ practice gym has seen, but he hasn’t really had to go to it since he’s getting to the rim at will. His defense wasn’t sharp, but let’s try to remember: He’s now played a total of 40 competitive minutes since breaking his leg in last season’s opener.

    L.A.’s coaches are just glad he feels so healthy and is already this explosive, and Randle understands the minutes limit that’s kept him to 20 per evening and forced him to rest in the second game of a back-to-back on Saturday. Randle noted how frustrating it is to have to build slowly, knowing he can do more, but he gets why.

    Russell is supposed to be a great – not good – player one day. He expects it to be so. His coaches expect it to be so. His teammates, and Lakers fans, expect it to be so. Thus far, he’s played a total 81 minutes of Summer League ball with new teammates unaccustomed to his darting passes, in a new offense he’s still learning. And no, he hasn’t been great just yet … let’s go ahead and give him just a bit more time, yeah?

    The 19-year-old had eight turnovers against New York after seven against Philly and five against Minnesota, many coming as he’s tried to force the ball to move in what’s been a stagnant offense that produced a paltry six total assists.

    One example: Russell put some sauce on a terrific third quarter pass to Black that would have produced an easy dunk, but Black wasn’t looking for the ball, and it sailed out of bounds. Instead of a highlight assist, we got one of Russell’s turnovers. The fact that he saw that play develop, and then tried to execute the pass instead of taking his own shot, is a great if simple sign as to the type of playmaker he can grow into at the NBA level.

    Now, Russell only took seven shots, hitting three of them, but he did show some nice touch on his mid-range pull-up, and finished once through the length of 7-foot-2 Kristaps Porzingis at the rim. He played a quick fourth quarter stint before being replaced by the Mizzou backcourt to finish the game.

    Brief flashes of brilliance amidst overall struggles for the youngster elicited this postgame quote about his play: “Trying to get better so fast instead of being patient and letting it come to me … it’s just an adjustment trying to relax and be poised and patient at the same time when you’ve still got to run the offense.” He gets it, and so should we.

    Jabari Brown was the guy that got L.A. going in the second quarter, looking for his own offense just like when he led the D-League in scoring last season. After missing the first two games with an eye injury that forced him to wear goggles, Brown struggled to keep his early rhythm, however, finishing just 5-of-14, while getting work done at the free throw line (8-of-11). He could start alongside Clarkson and Russell in the next game, but we’ll see.

    Anthony Brown and Larry Nance, Jr. were quiet offensively in their nearly 50 combined minutes, scoring six points on 1-of-7 shooting. The rookies struggled like the rest of the team in what was a contagious bad shooting night. Both were active defensively, though, with Nance, Jr. totaling three steals, and Brown forcing his man into consistently contested shots.

    Up next? We’ll see. The teams are seeded based on their opening three games, and given at least two more.

    Until that time, try to remember: It’s just Summer League.

  • Madsen looks like he hopped off his couch after a long night of partying…then decided He was gonna coach a team

  • You are the only person who thinks we would disrupt average players we have under contract for other average players we don’t have. Why would Mitch do that?

  • This article is Lucy telling Charlie Brown that she won’t pull the football out from under him this time. Lakers have failed to land big names in free agency for three years running, and have not shown that Russell, Randle, et al. are a serious playoff team this year. Why in the world would there be a rumor that the Lakers are “in the mix” for landing Kevin Durant next summer??? Are Lakers fans that stupid, that Charlie Brown, that they would go for baloney like this again???

    Let’s just STFU about luring Durant, and worry about getting more baskets than turnovers in the summer league, for now.

  • Such a waste of Russell and Randles talents trying to run this horrendous offense. They look out of sorts, run some pick and rolls/pick and pops for them and watch both of them shine. D’Antoni would do a better job coaching with his system smh.

  • how? Russell passing ability is made for that type of offense as well as JR picking and rolling to the basket.. Mark is just not running the offense.. no telling what mark is doing..

  • Lol ok kid you obviously don’t know much about basketball if you think they are average players please be one of those delusional fans that think we can sign anyone we want yeah Kevin Durant will want to play for us your right wow what a moron

  • The Princeton offense completely takes away what Russell is good at dude. It’s an ancient offense

  • It takes too long to setup and it is too reliant on improvisation. It is meant for very high iq guys who pass well. Not for teams of young guys, many of them not great passers. They need a simple pick and roll offense.

  • Heres how the Lakers will be 2015-16 NBA Champions:

    1. Fire Buss, Kupchak, Scott, Kobe and anyone associated with the atrocity the team is now.
    2. Resign D’antoni
    3. Keep Jordan Hill, wesley Johnson, Jeremy lin, and boozer.
    4.Trade Russell and Randle for Karl Anthony towns.
    5. Make magic owner.
    6. Keep nick young, Tarik black, lou willaims, Anthony brown, Jabari, Kelly, sacre, Brandon bass and Clarkson.
    7. Trade Upshaw and Hibbert for Eric Bledsoe
    8. Give nash coaching assistant to Dantoni.
    9. get rid of twc.
    10. Start Bledsoe, Clarkson, Wesley, Boozer, and Towns.

  • You are plagiarizing all sorts of things today. And, as usual, up-voting your own posts.

  • I don’t think you can call what we are running in the SL the princeton offense it is more like a typical pick up game you see around town

  • I am sorry I wasted any time on you at all. Feel free to talk to yourself all you want.

  • ancient? i know 2002 is back in the days but not way back.. how does it take away from Russ? its suppose to be used as a two Guard front. Mark aint running no damn P.Off MaNNN!

  • I’d bet money he has no freaking clue.

    I wanna see his whiteboard…I feel he’s writing the entire teams lunch/dinner order during timeouts

  • I am sorry that you don’t know much about basketball and you think we have a shot at any superstar with the team we have you still probably believe in Santa Claus too

  • One more thing to consider. Some of these guys are taking advantage of no state income tax in Florida and Texas. Versus California killing your pockets

  • lol so you telling me Russ, Kobe, Hibb and Jc are too dumb to run it? lol Hibb and KObe know the offense well.. it will benefit Russ and JC.. i

  • They want millions…They better do charity work n shit. Make them do community service. They’re not getting paid millions to simply ball

  • No What he is saying is that even the best NBA teams run a modified version and all those teams have very good passers and have been playing together for more then two weeks

  • Really you think I am pretending this is my work, more like this website will not let you post links to outside articles that is why I copy and past them. Not only are you fat but stupid as well

  • Well you should keep reading because he calls for keeping players that have already signed elsewhere

  • last time i check Russ is a very good passer. Hibbert knows the offense as do Kobe.. its similar to the triangle.. see im not a small ball lover, there fore i love the triangle and P.Off. Thats old school shit there.. now im not saying its working for us, but i will say you can’t blame the offense when the Players are not prepared for it.

  • I never want to hear a chick who is pretending to be hot with the one picture she has ever taken and looked decent in call me a phony

  • Yup, extra money for them.

    as players get just as much advertisement and promotion in small markets as large markets. Thanks to the internet and how the nba has set this up.

    Large markets no longer have an advantage…unless farm boy Billy Bob really wants to play in the city

    Eventually the league will do something for larger markets. Like top 5 revenue teams are granted another mid level exception or another $5 mil to work with for the following season. Not a huge reward…but something that makes sense

  • Such a typical response from an impotent pimplefaced teenager still living at home. You don’t even realize that copying and pasting entire articles, especially without attribution, is a federal crime, and violates fair use and copyright laws, as well. Perhaps you should stick to stealing other people’s work, after all, because whenever you post a comment of your own you demonstrate your complete lack of substance.

    Anyone who wants to read the article for real just needs to go to the official Lakers page on nba-dot-com, and look for an article posted yesterday titled “Lakers Fall to Knicks in Vegas,” written by Mike Trudell. They’ll read all your best work there!

    You are a thief and an idiot. Hey, why don’t you steal another article and post it, then up-vote your own post again? Seems to be the only thing you really know how to do, since you don’t have an original thought in your head.

  • The players aren’t prepared for it because they have no idea where to go. They all look lost. When that happens a good coach will go back to the very basics. I dont know what madsen is doing but it clearly is not working

  • according to multiple sources: the youngsters been listening to Rick Ross – I’m not a star.

  • Like Lebron. Opt out every year, get more pay every year. Long term deals aren’t for the top players any more. At least until the CBA is up again and the players want more money

  • The Lakers can be “in the mix” all they want. Durant isn’t signing with the team.

  • First, you can’t insult me by calling me names about my looks. I’m way too mature and self-confident to be bothered by that, and it just reveals you as childish and mean-spirited.

    Second, I guess you haven’t seen the multiple photos I’ve posted as my avatar in the past, huh? Or you have the attention span of a sea mollusk and can’t recall them. If I cared one bit about your opinion of me, I could post a dozen or more photos showing that I look like my avatar. But you’re so not worth the effort.

    Third, when you grow up I hope you learn that women are human beings, and that we don’t judge ourselves by how attractive men think we are (as if we’re just waiting around hoping you neanderthals want to have sex with us…hah!), and that any man who thinks of us that way won’t get anywhere with us.

    So go ahead and think I’m fat and unattractive. I couldn’t care less. And you can keep calling me that until hell freezes over, and it will never bother me one bit. You’ll just cement yourself as the immature little prick who disrespects half the human race. Your mother would be so proud of you…

  • One thing I’m interested in seeing is how these small market teams handle it when they have a luxury tax equal to an entire team’s payroll. We know LA, NY, Chi can afford to eat that tax every year, but what happens when cities like Cleveland have to pony up to these max long term deals. I saw it quoted that they could have up to $120 million dollar luxury tax in a few years.

  • idont think we can sign KD unless we trade some of our youth for a DMC(and rondo)….though, he said he prefers to don 1 jersey his whole career(loyalty), if he somehow went to lakers then I can see a lineup of:


  • Depends on the team..but I don’t there being a huge side effect unless they have crap accountants.

    Going into the luxury tax leads to a better team and a better chance at winning. Thus, sales increase for that team. More exposure, higher ticket prices, and playoff appearances (especially deep runs) make the luxury tax effect minimal. They’ll gain a good amt of revenue from the playoffs and sales. So, I personally don’t see it as a major problem…especially if you win the championship. Just one championship would make FA want to go to your team for less Eventually

  • Wow put Russell on the bench for 23 year old Jabari brown….who has already maxed out the little talent he has

  • The lakers are always in the mix..depending on how this season goes will determine it..if okc doesn’t win the championship i think he will leave and they will bust the team not sold on donavon as a nba coach yet..and if he leaves meaning kd he will look @ the wizards first i believe

  • Byron will be gone if KD is coming. Mitch will let him pick who he wants to come in.

  • Did u really waist your letters on that bullshit. .did upshaw make u a customer? Ha

  • If you can read instead of talking about men and dick riding… I said it wasn’t Jabari’s fault I just don’t think he fits with the lakers so I see no need for him to be soaking up minutes when the number 2 pick could be out on the floor learning.

  • Nope..byron will be coach for a minute..he knows what the lakers brand is about..the players respect him and im tired of starting something and then jumping ship before it blossoms. .thats been our problem. .we dont let anything gel

  • because we can….if we can trade for a proven player like DMC THIS YEAR…..with Kobe and the capability of SIGNING 2 MAX next offseason2016(KD + ?) and MAYBE returning Kobe(if not then JC would start at SG)…..OR lakers can sign 1 max in KD nxt yr(KD-DMC-JC-Randle core) then lakers sign RUSS WB in 2017(or curry/cp3)


  • Ye..and i think he will choose the wizards before all..but honestly im not even worried right now about anything but this season ya know

  • Lol Russell wasn’t bench so Brown can play he was on the bench because of his own play if he was having a good game he would have played a lot more he was a turnover machine last night and the fact you even mentioning Browns presents having anything to do with Russell shows that your making up excuses for him he doesn’t need anyone making excuses for him he had a bad game let him learn from I’m happy he got bench it’s for his own good he needs to know that if he fucks up the way he did he’ll get bench even in summer league Brown could have been easily been pulled out of the game if Russell wasn’t having such a bad night

  • she’s sister will protect him so….btw, he still has 2017 to turn lakers back into….2016(KD) and 2017(RussWB)…if he didnt get either of those or any MAX FA those yrs, he’ll be fired

  • How can you be sure he has maxed out?

    Secondly, don’t be ignorant and foolish. Please pay attention. Nobody is gonna like you if you act like a fanboy. Did you even see my reason why? He’ll get more time and more valuable possessions leading the bench than sharing the rock with jc

  • If the Lakers are making the playoffs this year then I’ll say they have a real shot at getting Kevin Durant.

  • Ye and im not a fan of jeanie and phil being together working for two of the biggest franchises. .everytime i see them i dont trust em even more..always looks like they up to something

  • Just my take on this, i think by having Lakers Nation print a article about Kevin Durant it is wishful thinking that these kind of phony made up articles based on opinion and not fact can buy Jim Buss time with the fans.

  • Thanks for correcting me, Chris.

    The kid will need at least one full season to be able to contribute. I don’t mind giving him the needed time to develop but then why in the world has the FO not signed a vet SF??

    Clarkson / Russel
    Bryant / Williams / Brown
    ????? / Young / Brown
    Randle / Bass / Nance
    Hibbert / Black / Upshaw

  • I’m not against him coming off the bench but not for Jabari that’s just ridiculous, Jabari is fighting to make any roster in the NBA right now….starter you’ve got to be kidding me .

  • Not sure if you are being serious? But i doubt all that happens lol.

  • Clearly you don’t understand the pressure we put on this kid by picking him number 2. With that comes the responsibility to manage him correctly, which madsen has done a terrible job so far. Playing him in spurts and now benching him for d league players smh.

  • He’s a smart guy. First time around he was too passive. Now he’s a little overly aggressive. But he’s a solid spot up shooter with multiple skills. He’s shown he can play within a team and pick his spots (when he was called up from d league).

    I’d be extremely surprised if he wasn’t on the Lakers roster. I’m pretty sure he’ll earn his non guaranteed contract

  • if we’re not gonna start Russell then we will pick up a SF with our 2.8 mill exception. No way we start Jabari brown

  • He’s not coming to the lakers, we need a good team first. Stop going for the stars and ending up with scraps. Go for the solid but not spectacular option and then they might come

  • What multiple skills? Average shooter ,average at getting to the basket, average defender.

  • If we have another season like last year K Durant is not coming here.

  • No but they need to explore option B before they wait so long for the big name and end up with option C or D. This year was better than last so I’m hopeful we are going in the right direction

  • I believe the current plan is to slide Kobe to the 3? Personally I would’ve wanted a guy like Gerald Green but I don’t mind Young/Brown sharing the time at 3 and Kobe playing there when is needs too.

  • Mon the freaking lakers pick the wrong guys…how can you pass up okafor. ..mich get fire…mich needed to go…I still can’t believe it. ..

  • Kevin Durant will never sign with the Lakers. The only common sense move would to smartly go after lesser names like Conley and DeMar or Horford.

  • Come on now, to be fair, the Clips may have a slightly better chance to get past the 2nd round in the WNBA.

  • Lakers are ‘in the mix’ to try and sign *every* FA, which seems like a sign of weakness / no direction. Need to show some promise this year. As of this moment, it’s obvious the bigger name FA’s don’t like what the Lakers have going.

  • I don’t even understand the Larry Nance pick…you could’ve get him in free undrafted…he pass up Monti Harrell guys…he could’ve move up and get someone better…la lakers needed to fire cupcake…he get old and wash up..

  • How can you pass up the best big man in draft…this freaking crazy…you could’ve get pg anywhere..

  • Russell will be ready man. Like he said, he’ll be a sponge around Kobe and learn from the best.

  • I don’t believe that…I’m seeing a bust…and the Larry Nance pick..what’s up with that.

  • I know he has talent surrounding him now, but anything can happen between now and then.

  • For the last three years, I’ve been hopeful in regards to the lakers signing an all star free agent. Sadly enough, I won’t have the same sentiments next year. Unless we make playoffs we will not attract free agents. At this point I’m all for home grown talent.

  • sign KD?? Laker FO got their head in the clouds – trying to break Laker fans hearts again??!!!

  • Why are some people calling it the Princeton offense? Ball stays on the perimeter then with the clock running out someone goes 1 on 1, drives to the basket & gets stuffed. No offensive scheme – i blame the coaches more than the players.

  • Look at the bright side… The Lakers outscored them 61-57 for the last three quarters. 🙂

  • I being watching okafor in spring training…he’s a beasts…a monsters…gosh freaking micupcake…when they going to fire him.

  • I still can’t believe it I lost word…the guy can’t get any fa…Randle and Russell look lost…sixer is laughing at lakers now..

  • Oh no..bro Harrell is not our guy..dont get me wrong ive been a lville fan my whole lifevand i went to the camp when crum and davenport were the coaches..nance is way more versatile tgen him..he gvs us more and will be way better in the nba than him..cardnial players dont do well in the league cuz of tge type of ball patino runs ya know…and they hv him listed at 610 but hes a legit 6 8 bro..nance is better

  • It so sad that kobe of to playing with these scubs…while lebron and Duncan having better teams…then people’s say how great them is…Kobe got nobody freaking suk.

  • I think thry just writing tge article to get views and reads bro..who reslly cares right now about next season when this season hasnt began

  • Nance look lost mon…don’t you see that…Harrell more physical aggressive

  • This season hasn’t even started and their already talking about next summer, wow!!

    Is this what the Lakers are about now? We wait year after year for a free agent to join us, and no one ever does! Durant is never gonna join the Lakers, neither is Westbrook or any one else. I don’t think the Lakers WANT to sign anyone. Look at all the media attention they get every summer. Everyone is dying to know who the Lakers will get every season and we hype it up like crazy. Meanwhile the Lakers have sky high ratings because everyone is talking about how much this once great franchise now sucks. And the NBA uses the Lakers as a laughing stock to amuse the rest of the NBA fan base. Wake up people, we’re not gonna sign any one because the NBA doesn’t want us to. They want to keep us begging year after year for an all star player, but it’s NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Save yourself some time and stop waiting every year for this franchise to turn around. Find another hobby

  • Harrell is just a rebounder bro..he cnt score..and nance will come around hes more well rounded ..cmon man i love Harrell but there is a reason he went as low as he did coming from a bigger program…he worked out for teams too..why you think so many teams passed on him

  • Like Stephen A said this morning if the LAKERS don’t do anything this year he should be fired this year not next !!!!!

  • Lakers are not getting Kevin Durant. Why would he leave a title contender team to join a horrible Lakers team? Every year its the same thing with the Lakers

  • Uhh Lopez is an above average defender. He’s worth 12 mill especially with the cap explosion that’s coming

  • today is Kevin Durant, tomorrow will be Lebron, then Stephen Curry, the FO just want to shift the focus on these to avoid fans keep talking how moron they were this off season.

  • Getting to the basket. Finishing with contact. Spot up shooter. Ability to get his own shot. Great at picking his spots when playing within a team. Can mix it up well (shooting, driving in, floater). Defensively, the effort is there

    I don’t love the dude, but it’s unfair how much you’re criticizing him. They’re not even critiques, simply moronic #releasejabaribrown statements

    Skills can be average, but if there’s multiple skills and the consistency is there…the dude makes most teams easy

  • Never did I say start jabari brown for the regular season. We’re talking summer league here…keep up

  • Then with that being said why was he called up from the d league last year instead of already being on a roster?

  • Who knows…you said release jabari after one summer league game

    I responded about summer league

  • It was his first yr I believe. He didn’t make the Lakers squad because he was too passive. Resulting in very few mins for him during preseason

    Not like he’s gone years in the d league

  • He’s just not talented I want players that are relevant to winning games. Let him go be the 3rd SG on another team he doesn’t fit here and he has no business taking minutes from Russell.

  • Lakers Fanboys are high from sniffing jocks if they think KD would sign with this pathetic franchise. Why would he bother?

  • Geez we haven’t even started the regular season yet and this supposed ‘Rumor’ is floating around? Of course we have a shot to land him along with every other free agent. But you know what? Every other team also has a ‘shot’ to land them. Unless it comes from the player directly it’s hard to look at this with any credibility. Us Laker fans are just looking forward to this upcoming season. I could care less about next years free agency bullshit.

  • Wow! Summer league I guess when preseason starts he’s in the hall of fame! Philly can keep okafor. We’re fine with Russell!

  • Mon are you watching Russell in summer league….the dude lost okafor out playing him…mich should get fire…

  • i called and the FBI answered. Why is the FBI answering your phone Dana? They don’t have a sense of humor.

  • He should go to the East… Join the Wiz. He really only has to beat Lebron’s team to get to the finals… He can rest that foot 25% of the season in the East.

    Besides, as a Laker fan, if he didn’t come here, I would rather he be in the other conference.

    And besides, OKC GM was against changing the draft Lotto that would help prevent tanking… All because he wouldn’t benefit from it…

    It’s such a joke that Lebron really faces no difficult teams in a 7 game playoff series (maybe the Bulls…)

    So, KD… Please go to Washington.

  • We just need the Clips to beat the Spurs… If for some reason Lebron gets to the finals and the clips are there, then I would rather they beat the Cavs as well.

  • Nance suk…I bet micupcake get fire really soon…these picks going to get him fire…passes an okafor…

  • I love the Lakers and I love LA .This is very sad. I noticed half of the NFL football teams when they want a new stadium. They threaten to move to LA. Any NBA free agent wants to get a deal done. They just have to mention LA and they get a deal done. The Lakers are VICTIMS of one of the best PR salander move ever conceived. Moves like this help the cause. KD is not coming to LA that move makes no sense. This Laker team is in the middle of rebuilding. We are about 2 to 4 years away from making any noise in the playoffs. But we have a very nice young core of about 8 young players. Which we can build around. Lets start thinking with our heads on straight. if anything KD will return back to OKC or head to washington. C’mon dude!

  • He’s essentially a rookie. How do you know he’s not talented? Why are you so paranoid about him taking mins away? You do know Nick young can play the 3 and Anthony Brown won’t get many mins until he shows something good.

    If Russell is so good…jabari won’t take his mins away. Simple as that

  • Hahaha Mr 3 & D has been Wesley Johnson out there. He’s shown nothing. You simply hate jabari and have a massive crush on deangelo turnover Russell.

    If an undrafted player is taking mins away from a top prospect…that top prospect might not have what it takes to be a star

  • Mitch Kupchak should be on the hot seat for the way he has drafted and how empty he has come up in free agency while having major cap space to sign a max free agent. Jim Buss should be fired tbh. Last years draft at pick #6 it was a no brainer, the Lakers should have drafted the hometown UCLA product Zach Lavine at pick #7. Then this season at pick #2 it should have been the easiest choice in Lakers history and the Lakers should have drafted Jahlil Okafor in a New York Minute.

    Then at pick #27 the choice was so obvious it should have been the UCLA product from their own backyard Kevon Looney. Then at pick #34 it surely should have been the next Tony Allen and that is Norman Powell also from team Lakers own backyard UCLA.

    It’s the bad decisions that keep adding up for the Lakers Organization, i am a Lakers fan but not a fan of the moves this FO makes they stink at making the right choices. D’Angelo Russell is a bad choice and Larry Nance won’t be in the NBA very long also Anthony Brown is not much. I am being objective and giving my personal opinion, not the popular kind of guy but i speak what i feel about my favorite team. I am disappointed in the FO.

  • Crush on a man… Your suspect. I just know talent when I see it and I know a d league player when I see it also(Jabari)

  • Picture this.

    PG Zach Lavine/Jordan Clarkson
    SG Kobe/Norman Powell
    SF Find A Small Forward ASAP
    PF Jahlil Okafor/Kevon Looney
    C Roy Hibbert

  • Your username gives it away.

    I’m simply defending a good role player from a moronic plea you’ve made

    You wouldn’t know talent if it hit you in your face.

  • my username just shows I’m all in on the lakers pick . The word talent and Jabari don’t belong in the same sentence.

  • Okay but that’s exactly my point: Russel is clearly not ready to start?! Unless you go:

    Clarkson (30 min) / Russel (18 min)
    Williams (35 min) / Brown (13 min)
    Bryant (25 min) / Young ( 15 min) / Brown (8 min)
    Randle (30 min) / Bass (15 min) / Nance (3 min)
    Hibbert (25 min) / Black (20 min) / Upshaw (3 min)

    Plus, with Kobe at SF, you can forget about perimetre defence…

  • Here we go again, please stop reporting and posting this kind of garbage, Kevin Durant is another pipe dream, if you believe this then you’re just as delusional as the FO.

  • Blame the Princeton Offense and the coaching staff, not the players, this offense clearly is not working and definitely not a fit for the style of play the Lakers should be running.

  • Micupcake needed to go….it’s time for new management and fresh eyes..

  • Look at Stanley Johnson he’s a beasts…a well defensive player…he’s not a good shooter…but he attack paint and play defense…and rebound…alway around basketball…like Harrell…we could’ve get Larry Nance undrafted…

  • We should’ve traded all the draft picks them for Kevin Durant or dmc.

  • Unbelievable……. Once again the Lakers are signing EVERYBODY in free agency, and once again they end up with duds like Bass, and Hibbert


  • Assuming Russell will live up too his potential, why are we only giving him 18 min? The Laker should be giving him max minutes as possible to accelerate his growth. Look at Wiggins, he wasn’t playing great first couple of month and then it started picking up steam. How is he supposed to develop with such limited minutes. Hell even Clarkson started developing once he got substantial minutes.

  • not gona lie ima die hard laker fan but I don’t think he’d come if he went home it would b to the wizards if he stays in okc I c Westbrook wanting to leave cuz he’s always gona be OKC’s “Pippen”

  • If Kobe is retire why is he on the lineup. You can’t have Durant and Kobe on the same team. The Lakers can’t afford to pay Kobe 25 millions and Durant 27 millions a season. Reality Check? Kobe needs to go so the Lakers can afford Durant on what they are paying Kobe. You use the money that the Lakers paying Kobe on Durant. So, the realistic starting five should be Russell PG, Clarkson SG, Durant SF, Randle PF, Hibbert Center.

  • the only reason ur team is good is because the NBA vetoed the CP3 trade so don’t get it twisted

  • I would like the Clips to win so there would be some semblance of a rivalry in LA. Their entire franchise is looked at like a red headed stepchild and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  • You got the LA Jock Itch. You need some salve or crème to put on that. Ammonia will kill it, too. You can just piss in your pants, too, I suppose, and that could help.

  • Well, we could gradually increase his minutes as he starts feeling better on the court. I mean, there’s nothing at stake to compensate a potentially bad season this year… In other words, we cannot afford to lose winnable games this season.

  • Kome retyremint not witstandin, Durand aint comin to LA as long as Byerun da koach IMO. Wut Durand gonna leern from Byerun dat he dont alreedy no?

  • I agree with everything except drafting Okafor. He reminds me of Hibbert with his slowness, but without the Defense. Lavine n Looney would have been good additions IMO, big UCLA fan so yes I’m biased too. But these are still kids and they need time to develop. Especially when you expect a young kid like Russell to handle the ball for very long periods of time during the game. But I feel Kobe will take a lot of pressure from Russell until Russell gets comfortable. LaKers Till The Casket Drops!!

  • All you bitch ass Kobe haters kick rocks!! Kobe busts his ass to win 5 titles and that’s the thanks he gets!!!!!?? Fuck all of you Kobe haters!!

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