Lakers Rumors: L.A. Made Offer To Marco Belinelli In Free Agency
Lakers Rumors: L.a. Made Offer To Marco Belinelli In Free Agency

After striking out on their top priorities, the Los Angeles Lakers turned their focus towards solid, proven veterans who could fit in well with the young core the Lakers are developing. The team traded for center Roy Hibbert and signed guard Lou Williams as well as power forward Brandon Bass.

The Lakers also tried to give their shooting a boost as they were reportedly one of many teams to offer a contract to sharpshooter, Marco Belinelli according to Dario Vismara of Rivista NBA:

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.56.48 AM

Belinelli would ultimately sign a three-year deal with the Sacramento Kings, but he would have been an excellent pickup for the Lakers had he decided to come to Los Angeles. The Lakers were one of the worst three-point shooting teams in the league and Belinelli would have been perfect to come in and stretch the floor.

A career 39 percent shooter from deep, Belinelli won the 2014 NBA Three-Point Shooting competition while averaging 11.4 points for the San Antonio Spurs championship team. He is also a solid ball-handler who can get to the basket and finish as well as create for others.

As it stands now, the Lakers still lack in the three-point shooting department. The team’s best hope for a knockdown shooter is probably Nick Young, but he was extremely inconsistent last season. Rookie D’Angelo Russell struggled to get his shot going during Summer League as well. Players like Jordan Clarkson, Kobe Bryant, and Lou Williams can all knock down open threes, but wouldn’t be classified as the pure shooters the Lakers need.

Would have been nice…

  • It would have been okay…Lakers have more guards than big man so it would be better if they could have signed a center in free agency..

  • It means nothing once a player has signed. I will say this though, what are the Lakers doing they can’t manage to bring in one person?

  • It looks to me, we let our better assets go freely and we retain the crappy ones that no teams want.

    The ONLY good thing about the recent trade news is that we refuse to trade our future talent of rookies away.

  • Hate nicks bubbles. His taking much regard of his occasional wins then sending hype mega shit talk bashing kobe. Forgeting to weight his overall court play. Probably needs time for him to ponder this, coz his career is at stake.

  • I can imagine that the problem with Belinelli is that they Lakers offered him less than 3 years, probably 1 year.
    I am not surprise either on the fact that the Lakers are not a great organization for foreign players.
    Lakers continue to have a big, big hole on international scouting. While the Spurs and other teams have been bringing great players from overseas, at a very cheap rate, the Lakers just keep throwing money away on mediocre local players. While other teams have already a great pipeline of players developing either at the D league or international leagues, the Lakers have nothing.

  • Ya. .d only thing i want of him to start this opener.. He got to pull more of whats inside in his sleeve..

  • I don’t remember seeing any bad players we signed, some need a little work but I would say we will have a better balanced team then the last 2 years, who did we sign that makes you say are crappy ?

  • ANGLE who ever that is, we should sign a C , some of these guys don’t know a PG , FROM A 7’2″ CENTER and Black was a keeper from last year.

  • Hey lakers, you stupid idiots, get rid of Nick Young, Sacre, and Ryan Kelly, trade them somewhere for like a 2nd round pick and a bag of Doritos already. They are dead weight. You save like 7-8 million there. Sign Dorrel Wright already. Sign Kevin Seraphin. Fcuk it, sign Michael Beasley for the minimum. There is your bench, there is your depth.
    You got russell, clarkson, kobe, hibbert, randle, then you have a nice bench of lou williams, upshaw, black, brown, beasley, wright, seraphin, nance. Still need a PG? Heat want a second round pick for Mario Chalmers…Fcuk it, why not.

  • The Chris Paul veto hurt the Lakers FO. It’s all because of David Stern that we are where we currently are as a franchise, we are still trying to figure out how to fix things after the Chris Paul vetoed trade, please have patience. Rome wasn’t built in one day. It will take years to get this Lakers team back on top again.

  • I agree on Sacre and Kelly, but nick is the only SG/SF with size and scoring ability. Russell and swaggy p can be at least entertaining since young can shoot and catch russell’s crazy passes

  • Where have you been for the last month that’s what they have been trying to do, you did not say anything that 1000 other guys said weeks ago, you should keep up with what is happening, then you may make some sense.

  • I see three-guard lineups in this team’s future, though I’m not sure Byron will be willing to let them loose. Russell/Lou/Clarkson/Randle/Nance could produce some great small ball.

  • forgot Brandon Bass….so with everyone else, seraphin prob not necessary.

  • Nance reminds me of Shawn Marion without the shooting, hopefully he can improve that aspect of his game

  • NO SHlT, sherlock. I said get rid of those guys already, and get these other guys already….what difference does it make if i say it now, or 2 weeks ago? I probably said it on here then as well….so STFU

  • And with everything I said, and what has been said like a month ago like you say, what has happened? NOTHING, so I will keep saying it until it does happen, penls breath.

  • Only a child would react like you did, that’s the first thing out of their mouth, your the one with the stupid post , and only an IDIOT would post something that he knew had been said 1ooo times or more, your a no class act get over yourself CHILD.

  • Your childish ways are making you look very stupid, In front of thousands of real Lakers fans.

  • Mario Chalmers is being shopped heavily and Glen Robinson iii is balling like a lottery pick in the summer league yet the Lakers have not even peeped whispered a thing to leak that they are remotely interested hmm? A championship tested point guard Mario Chalmers that can groom D’Angelo Russell and give D’Angelo time to learn the position by not fucking exposing him right away. And the Lakers need a small forward in the worst way imaginable and a young athletic small forward with great pedigree is playing like a top 5 pick and yet the Lakers don’t even make it known they want this free agent??? The FO will end up quitting if Jeanie forces them to quit. They lack what it takes to succeed.

  • Honestly, what looks stupid here, is you. I seen all your posts, either this article, or others, all you do is argue with people here and call them children….. just shut the fcuk up already, u are annoying. People have rights to post whatever they want, give opinions, and all you do is try to police it, like u are a genius or something. Fcuk off already, get a life.

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  • Lakers can’t and i mean cannot throw D’Angelo to the wolves so fast they will eat his lunch and make him miserable, he clearly needs to come off the bench at first he is not ready and he may lose confidence if he is rushed, Mario Chalmers is the perfect veteran point guard to groom D’Angelo and ease him into the position slowly. Glen Robinson iii is exactly what the Lakers need right now a young player to fill the small forward spot. Glen Robinson iii played like a top 5 pick in the Summer League and he is only 21 years old.

  • ok there, you internet warrior. Would love for you to come say that to this “childs” face. Then we’ll see whats up.

  • And that’s the second thing children say, when they know how bad they look CHILDREN CHILDREN.

  • I like the comparison. He has a long way to go as a shooter and with his one on one defense though.

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  • Reposting for those who still have interest or hope for Nick Young.

    Swaggy P put on a clinic dropping
    26 pts. & 13 rebounds in drew league.

    Heard he & iggy engagement called off… He looks good again, got his mojo back, and unfortunately a sore ankle.
    VIDEO on BallisLife website

  • Reposting for those who still have interest or hope for Nick Young.

    Swaggy P put on a clinic dropping
    26 pts. & 13 rebounds in drew league.

    He looks good again, got his mojo back, and unfortunately a sore ankle.
    VIDEO on BallisLife website

  • Reposting for those who still have interest or hope for Nick Young.

    Swaggy P put on a clinic dropping
    26 pts. & 13 rebounds in drew league.

    Heard he & iggy engagement called off… He looks good again, got his mojo back, and unfortunately a sore ankle.
    VIDEO on BallisLife

  • Reposting for those who still have interest or hope for Nick Young.

    Swaggy P put on a clinic dropping
    26 pts. & 13 rebounds in drew league.

    Heard he & iggy engagement called off… He looks good again, got his mojo back, and unfortunately a sore ankle.
    VIDEO on BallisLife website

  • Reposting for those who still have interest or hope for Nick Young.

    Swaggy P put on a clinic dropping
    26 pts. & 13 rebounds in drew league.

    Heard he & iggy engagement called off… He got his mojo back, and unfortunately a sore ankle.
    VIDEO on BallisLife website

  • umm Lou WIlliams was the sixth man of the year.. He was a really good pickup in my opinion due to how much players made this free agency and the cap going up next year. Bass is solid, but im more impressed with getting younger talent like Upshaw, Randle, Russell, Clarkson within the past 2 years. I mean yes it sucks we struck out with big names but so did alot of teams

  • Another swing n miss by FO. But bad move by belinelli (unless he was promised the starting role). Still, I would think he’d want to play with Kobe

  • True.

    But, lots of mistakes by FO. if you see the team is declining…it is their job to add new talent to stay competitive. Instead, they let this plane nosedive.

    Keep in mind, just like the Lakers have had great stretches, they’ve had bad dry spells in which the FO strikes out or they seem rather lazy/inept (when it comes to adding talent). Sometimes, they seem content with their positive revenue despite the losses

  • Having Mario Chalmers provide training to Russell is like having an ‘F’ student be the student trainer, I’d rather have him learn from Sacre at lease he knows how to wave a towel.

  • I hope kobe has an amazing year lighting rivals up with his mamba prowess.

    I hope he last at least 70 games

  • I want kobe to win us a Lakers vs clitters game! Raptors style!
    Win a celtics game. A Dallas game. A raptors game. Knicks. Cavs. Rockets. Kings. Dominate em Mamba!

  • The Lakers need to trade Kelley, Sacre & Young for draft picks next year & in the upcoming season we should sign some kids in the D league & see how they are but for one year deals. If by chance we can get Cousin, send those three plus a few 2nd round picks as well as say, Randall to sweeten the pot or Russell & keep Randall. OR stick with what we now have & wait and see if Kobe can even get through the first month. Players like Westbrook for example would not want to play with Kobe, BUT he would LOVE to come in & be the star of the future & we COULD put together a package with Russell, Young, Kelley & Sacre & a couple pf 2nd round picks…..

  • This article is pointless, why post this when the Lakers didn’t sign him, who the F cares.

  • Inconsistent shooter, but will definitely become good as his career progresses

  • Still think the Lakers need to sign a sf who can defend. Every team needs that to be successful

  • This site has so much potential but they don’t try ! Why not really do some reporting instead of old news and threads from weeks ago , Russell signed with Nike , him and Clarkson working out , Nick calls off engagement and is burning the Drew league with his last line of 26 points and 14 rebounds , latest Drew videos !!!!!!!!!!

  • This so-called new era of basketball is really shaping up to no longer being a big market is better type of league. The Lakers are really getting outworked and no longer have that nitch to sign guys with just a snap of a finger. All the Hollywood glamour doesn’t mean sh*t anymore! And I know Marco isn’t a big type free agent, but he definitely is a good role player that helped teams like the Spurs and the Bulls. But I mean someone like Greg Monroe wasn’t impressed by the glamour, the greek freak isn’t impressed by the glamour and likes that quiet town feeling, Marc Gasol is more of a quiet-stay-home kind of guy that isn’t attracted by the spotlight, and a bunch of other players. I dunno if my theory is correct, but other than guys like Lebron, Melo, and DWade, this league is really becoming a lose-lose situation for teams like the Lakers. That hollywood-celebrity-showtime stuff was innovative long time ago, but things have to change a lot. If they really want to be considered a landing spot for guys like KD, they are really gonna have to change a lot of things this year, or it becomes another pipe dream/wishful empty promise to Laker fans.

  • we have fill all position except SF…the problem is who will depend LBJ,KD and MELO???…nick YOUNG???…ouch!!!

  • If Kupshack gonna rekruit niggas like dis we migt as well tank next seazon. I kant see no upside from all dis. Seems like none of the qualittee playas in the NBA wanna be koached by Byerun and aint nobodee enteristed in playin wit Kome. Might as well axe Lamar Odom, Letrelle Spreewell and Alan Inveson if they gotan enterist.

  • Call me crazy but I think Julius Randle is more like Barkley than Randolph. Barkley had a great handle, got defensive rebounds and ran up the court by himself for a dunk. Undersized, but played bully ball and could shoot the jumper and occasional 3 pointer. Not the greatest defender but had mobile feet to stay in front of his opponents. If Randle can shoot the ball consistently and work on some post moves in the future he will be a star

  • Too short to play the 2 guard well and our point guard position is quite full at the moment

  • This another Reason JIM BUSS SUCKS and if He Was on His own and not family owned HE would have been fired 2 years ago.. He needs to take a class from Jerry West, Mitch did get Trained well by JW in The 80s… Buss jr was running blondes at The Beach in his toy cars Lets #DraftJeanie run The team

  • Which international players should the Lakers have drafted in the last few years? The best player they missed out on in the last 10 years was Tiago Splitter. By the way, they got Marc Gasol in the second round of that draft.

  • Because of basketball reasons and Nash’s injuries, the Lakers had no choice but to nosedive and get within the constraints of the CBA. Now that they are on the same playing field as everyone else, they are beginning to build again, and they will be pretty decent this season. I predict first- or second-round exit in the playoffs.

  • Yup. The cba has leveled the playing field.

    But in my book…getting Dwight and Nash were two big mistakes. I opposed these trades before we saw the outcome.
    But okay, let’s say the trades occur as they did…why not get rid of them (Dwight and pau) during trade deadline. Too big of a risk to let go of a “star” and not get compensated. Especially since pau and Dwight were unhappy, their level of play kept declining, and there was growing concern that both would leave.

    Mistakes like trades or signings could be fixed. But I’m sure most FOs would agree that there’s nothing worse than losing your “star” player(s) & getting absolutely nothing in return.

    The Lakers would be in much better position right now with young talent or developed stars. I know we’re heading there, but most FOs would rather compete year after year and not worry about rebuilds. If we got pieces for pau n Dwight…we may have been in the playoffs this past season.

    On paper, this current squad seems to be in the fight for 7th/8 th seed (as the contenders got stronger, but the middle of the pack weakened). But we will see how it plays out. Too many question marks. Last year, we had a team that on paper…seemed fit for the 8th seed. Unfortunately, injuries, inability to finish games, and poor early chemistry messed that up

  • Belinelli and Jamaal Crawford with DeAndre Jordan at center would be an ideal trade for the lakers. Lakers has no pure consistent shooters and dominant center. The existing line up is disgusting! No future for Lakers Nation! Reason for the Lakers fans lost interest to watch the NBA!

  • View the deadline non-trades however you wish. The Lakers don’t trade stars away, and they especially don’t give up players for less that what they feel the player is worth. I don’t know what the Lakers were offered for either player, but the front office felt they were being low-balled on all potential trades. I’d rather get cap space in return than take on a bad contract or a bunch of mediocre players.

    Success last year depended on Kobe’s health and Randle’s quick development. Both of those were derailed early on and nothing else mattered except developing culture and finding long-term players.

  • Clarkson and Russell are combo guards and Williams is more suited for shooting guard.

  • Everyone knows the Kings are a disaster. How bad is it in Laker land when he chooses Kings over them? Ehh I’m guessing it was a playing time thing. He can get more play time and most likely even the starting job with the Kings.Sad times when a guy like Benlinelli turns down the Lakers for the Kings as they are currently constructed.

  • Agreed. That’s why we have to wait and see. On paper, many teams look good/looked good, but injuries are always the uncontrollable factor that determine what level of success a team can have.

    They did trade shaq…

    you may assume the Lakers would get bad contracts or mediocre players…But don’t forget, we’re talking about trading “stars”

    Their value is much higher even if they had a bad season or two.

    accepting a bad contract or mediocre player…that’d be another mistake (similar to this hibbert trade, hope he produces though). But keep in mind, these are stars. Teams pay up for stars

    Worst case scenario, the Lakers would get 1st rounders or youngsters with potential…PLUS, the cap space you wanted.

    Another scenario, they receive a package of solid, above average role players as they did for shaq; odom, caron butler, and Brian Grant.

    one would ease the rebuild, the other (in theory) would keep you somewhat competitive.

    Most teams choose a mixture of both options.

    Just think it’s a mistake to let go of stars…when you gave up other assets to get them. Now, it’s all biting you in the a$$

  • Micupcake ain’t signing no body unless it off the D LEAGUE..needed to freaking go…getting tired of his crap.

  • If lakers don’t ge t reada him…I don’t think they wanna win…with micupcake his tanking…sick of his butt

  • The Lakers are amateur night every night. Strictly a home-brew organization with all the Buss offspring manning every management position available. It is disgusting and shameful. I was hopeful Jeanie would be a man after her father’s heart, our own Dragon Lady. But sadly, NO.

  • Stern was not the problem. Everyone knew the rest of the league had to pass on the trade except Jim Buss. Jeannie could have schmoozed that deal through if she had only known.

    Decline of the lakers under Jim Buss, a worthy read:



  • We could have accepted draft picks and still had cap space so that’s bogus.

  • Give me a verified offer for either guy at the trade deadlines. Is future picks worth trading away a star player who you hope to resign? You may think so, but I have no issues with the way the front office handled the Dwight and Pau non-trades. And I didn’t even like Dwight.

  • Im not mad with we hv two legit cs..not too many teams hv em ya know..and both are 7ft..not added inches like some bios not happy with black playin c..hes a pf in my book..only 68 69..

  • Williams is a combo guard too. Those are 3 point guards effectively even though they can slide in at the 2. Again, crowded backcourt

  • It’s pretty difficult to come up with verified offers If they didn’t come to be. I mean, we don’t have connections around the league. Even then, they would just be rumors

    The picks are worth it as they would be great picks in exchange for a star player. Plus, cap space. Better than getting nothing in return.
    Secondly, if a team “hopes” to resign a player…chances are, the odds are against the player coming back.
    Third, in the case of Dwight and pau (we, a majority of Lakers nation) thought they were leaving. Many people wanted pau traded before the deadline due to his declining play and unlikely chance of him returning.

  • Well that’s a given. Scott is…Scott. his record says it all. pretty bad considering the PGs he’s had

    If the Lakers don’t improve drastically. I don’t see how he can stay

  • I still disagree with trading away a player of those guys’ caliber unless you get back something equal or greater in value. You trade Nick Young for a future second and trade exception. I would never entertain a similar offer for a future hall of famer.

  • apparently english is your 2nd or 3rd language, hench not smarter than a 5th grader still stands !!!

  • Josh, Quit stamping around saying that. The Lakers had no leverage with Pau or D12. It was stupid to let that kind of talent walk for free, and unnecessary.

  • No team has leverage with a player entering free agency. Should the Thunder trade Durant? Should the Spurs have traded Duncan a few years ago? Should the Lakers have traded Kobe? You don’t trade stars unless they tell you they will not sign. I remember the Wolves trading Garnett to the Celtics; how did that work out for them? How about the Bucks trading Kareem? Or the Sixers trading Wilt?

  • Really, Josh? You want to compare the years before the CBA to after the CBA? You know that’s incomparable. The Lakers had massive advantages in those years. A team knows when its stars are happy and when they aren’t. Pau and D12 were clearly ready to bolt and did.

    This is called stupidity or malfeasance. Bad management at the least. If you doubt that you can trade a player for what you think his value is, and if you have any doubt that you can keep him, you take what you can get and auction the player off. It is too risky not to.

    Can you imagine how rosy our future would be now if we just had the picks back we gave for D12 and Nash?

  • Nemanja Nedovic, Alex Oriakhi, Johnny O’Bryant III, and next two years’ first round picks. That’s a rosier future than Clarkson, Randle, and Russell? Mitch gave up very little in those two trades if you ask me, and it was well worth the chemistry risk he took.

  • Let’s only talk about this CBA then. Should the Thunder trade Durant at the deadline for draft picks? I say no, but I guess you think they should.

  • We shall see. I expect Mitch to make better than average choices as a rule, so those no-names you threw up are irrelevant. The point is we could have had those picks and the 2 first-rounders you mentioned to do something with in the future. They are not nothing. We are not better off without any picks. Nick and 2 first round picks would get you a pretty good player. That’s Jim Buss trying to be the poker player his father was.

  • If the Thunder think KD is dissatisfied and is ready to bolt for the right offer, they absolutely should. In the cases of D12 and Pau, they faced the same situation as LMA faced when the Lakers pitched him. Why would D12 want to be on a team facing a long rebuild that had a coach that had no particular use for him? Same with Pau. A moron could tell they would bolt the first good offer that came along. They both took less then we offered.

    I think the Thunder have always treated KD well. I am sure he is fairly satisfied. With Westbrook and Ibaka and Kanter and Waiters and Payne, they will be formidable. Who has greener pastures to offer?

    Think. The Lakers have made some boner moves.

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