Lakers Rumors: L.A. Not Expected To Sign J.R. Smith In Free Agency
Lakers Rumors: L.a. Not Expected To Sign J.r. Smith In Free Agency

With the additions of Roy Hibbert, Lou Williams and Brandon Bass via trade and free agency, Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak says the team may be looking to add another point guard or center. Although the free agency market has dried up, the franchise still has a $2.8 million exception available.

One of the free agents still available is J.R. Smith, who opted out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, according to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News, the Lakers will not be signing him in free agency:

While Smith won the Sixth Man of the Year award during the 2012-13 season, the Lakers already have a crowded backcourt. With D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson likely starting in the backcourt, Kobe Bryant will shift to the small forward position where he recently expressed confidence in.

With the Lakers not signing Smith, there are still options including Robert Upshaw, who participated in the team’s Summer League in Las Vegas. Although there was a report of Upshaw agreeing to a two-year deal, Kupchak recently provided an update on the situation.

Thank God

  • Now that rumor is put to rest, let’s lay down the Dellavedova rumor down to sleep.

  • And there it is:
    The Cavs have re-signed Matthew Dellavedova to a 1-year, $1.2 million contract, sources told ESPN.
    That’s not exactly the pay raise so many were projecting for Delly during his postseason run as Kyrie Irving’s (knee) fill-in, but he was badly exposed as he got more minutes than he should have. He’ll return to his usual role as a reserve/energizer bunny for Cleveland. Jul 27 – 12:07 PM

  • just focus signing both dorrell wright and kevin serphin and waive sacre plan A or plan B signing both landry fields and austin daye and waive sacre

  • We have to try a Norris Cole sign. Maybe a sign and trade with the Pelicans

  • yep but unless a trade for kelly scare and a second round pick is what the pelicans want i dont see it happening

  • norris cole is undersized to me sloan is better than norris cole and is younger

  • Man, Cole is a dinamic and energetic defense PG. He can set the tone with Clarkson. Athleticism and speed

  • Look that, guys “Yet rumbles persist that Miami continues to search for a trade partner that will take on Mario Chalmers’ salary to further reduce tax bill”

    I want him, and you guys?

  • cole is what got them knocked out he cant guard curry..sloan has played with hibbert for the past two years hed be the more idea fit..he can really score at pg check him out

  • They want move him for salary dump… And he’s in the last year of his contract so, this will not afect us long term.

  • chalmers would be decent off the bench. his championship experience could help russell, too.

  • but we dont have the salary to add him with out trading a needed young player or moving nick young which would defeat the cutting cost idea for the heat.

  • agreed. solid back up. then we don’t have to ask lou to play PG or wear clarkson down by having him play starting SG AND back up point.

  • We have 2,5M exception. This count for a trade space? We can give up Sacre (they can waive him)

  • do you go out of your way to sound like a moron or does it just come naturally?

  • just tried that on the espn trade thing and it wont work.

    kelly and scare dont make enough money with out adding in players likje black,and brown.

    and tradeing young for him makes 0 sense for both sides

  • This league has always a 3 team trade option. But i don’t give up Nick or Black to get Mario.

  • It’s about time:

    Tarik Black, who had been previously listed at 6’11”, is now listed at 6’9″.

    Black is nowhere close to 6’11”, so it’s a rare case of the league actually correcting a player’s height.

  • just because you have different opinion doesnt make you right lol sloan has played with hibbert for the past 2 years he makes the most sense

  • you might as well sign jerry sloan to start at PG. that’d be less ridiculous.

  • you are not familiar with sloan at all..good defender and great scorer check him out he can start for us

  • russell is going to start. get used to it. it’s hilarious that you think you can predict the future for the lakers… and NONE of what you prognosticate EVER comes true! LOL

  • this is a little bit out there, but what about a year of andre miller at the back up PG for the vet minimum? i know he’s 37, but he can still be effective in limited minutes and he could be of great help in the grooming of russell. just a pitch.

  • What good would that do? He would just be taking up our last roster spot. Not to mention Nash and Kobe are going to be the ones grooming Russell. I would rather have Upshaw get the last spot.

  • With Kobe, Lou, Nick and the 3 young bucks there were no shots for JR here anyway…Assuming he doesn’t go back to Cleveland, how long til the Clippers get him?

    They’re like the old Life cereal commercials…They like everything.

  • Sign Upshaw, take Seraphin, Cole and Wright or Beasley. Drop Sacre and Kelly.

  • Absolutely not. Chalmers is a scrub and always was one. His scrubness was masked playing with Lebron who set him up with wide open 3s. I wouldn’t pay him 400k.

  • Day is soft, and too light in the shorts. Feilds is a worker but not an ideal pick up either.

  • Dang, Mitch passed up on the missing piece to the Lakers’ ____________ ?

  • NoCo would would be a nice pick up he’s solid enough at both ends to be a contributer.

  • JR is the same player as Nick Young and Lou Williams. Lakers should pursue a veteran PG to mentor Russell.

  • We should get Andre Miller to teach the young pgs, and Dorell Wright/Kevin Seraphin to add depth. Finally, part ways with Sacre and Kelly. Any more good options out there? Still hopeful to improve on the team we have now

  • It’ll only be a one year rental. If we can’t get Wright, Daye and Fields wouldn’t be bad.

  • The problem is Kobe which will be paid for 24.5 million but his contribution will far less what he will be paid for the upcoming season. Except he is for marketing purpose(sell tcicket for thsoe stubbern kobe choke fan).

  • Another rumor bites the dust. JR will probably regret opting out of his contract.

  • the original sign and trade between jordan hill and hibbert involved pg donald sloan ofcoarse i didnt go down that way..check out sloans highlights if your not familiar with him

  • YOUR site? wtf are you talking about? everyone on here knows that you’re a complete joke.

  • You are the biggest mother fucking joke on this site, only joshhh can complete with you cunt, you are about as intelligent as a wet dish cloth.

  • Kobe’s championship experience could help Russell, too. And Byron’s championship experience and Magic’s championship experience.

  • No surprise here. The lakers are overloaded with guards and shooters. Especially with Kobe, Nick Young, Lou Williams, and Clarkson.

  • I wouldn’t mind J.R. If u guys remember last season, our team was riddled with injuries……..lengthy serious injuries at that. It’s easy to look at our roster and say “we’ll be ok”…..but if a couple of key guys go down, then what. Basically, we can never have enough good players……this season depth will be our best friend…..and signing J.R would definitely be a plus for depth.

  • What ive been saying the whole time. People here are to delusional to see it.

    Hoops Habit :Part ways with Ryan Kelly

    “Playing the role as a stretch forward over the last two years, Kelly’s minutes will likely go to Brandon Bass and Julius Randle. With the dying need for a starting small forward, the Lakers don’t have the roster space to make a signing”

  • SF: Nick Young
    SG: JR Smith
    PG: Lou Williams

    LOL, that would’ve been funny to watch

  • but thats exactly what the lakers have, its just instead of simth its brown so whats the diferrence

  • That’s the qualifying offer I believe, since Delli is restricted that’s there offer to him. I guess Delli either wanted to stay or couldn’t draw any offers, since he didn’t decline. Either way who cares, didn’t have him as a player I wanted on the Lakers going forward.

  • tell that to numb1lakefan. the only person saying the name delladova. what a bum. lakers dont want or need him.

  • 1 of them maybe for the 2.8 million exception. probably go with a SF like dorrel wright.

  • They are in dire need of a solid SF!!!!

    Swaggy is one dimensional, Randle is an undersized PF, and Anthony Brown is unproven.

  • they have to try and find a different way to get him. they can trade ryan kelly robert sacre or brown. plus theres a 2.8 million exception why cant they use it somehow? or cut his salary from 4.3 to 2.8?

  • no we do need a backup PG or SF. we can sign upshaw and keep him in the d league and either keep him or leave him in dleague to develop more. if we got a norris cole or marios chalmer russell would have alot pressure off his back and clarkson too. but we could also use an elite defender for the SF position someone just to play lockdown Defense.

  • leave upshaw in D league til he develops. sign wright and cole yes, the others no. And yes drop kelly and sacre.

  • whats his height weight? can he be a lockdown defender for us at the SF position? because thats all we need besides a back-up PG maybe.

  • if and when nash trains with dangelo russell your gonna change that name to Nash helped Lakers reach the playoffs. Last year alone he helped clarkson get off the guys back already. nash is done lets move on.

  • You serious bring Delly to LA ? The guy folded and shot terribly during finals. Curry had a few bad games but when Curry put it together Delly looked like a chicken with his head cut off trying to defend. It is obvious you have no idea what you are talking about. Stick to flipping burgers

  • More the merrier… for this team to compete along with kobe’s potential finale…he be great to come off the bench. Guess management is comfortable with the lineup now to compete. Oh well another year. Go Lakers

  • i seen it ive moved on to donald sloan whos is a better prospect than delly

  • donald sloan was pacers pg and now a free makes sense to bring him in as a 3rd guard who played with hibbert the past years

  • They could really use him. They should trade Young for a 2nd rounder and use the cleared space to sign JR Smith to upgrade the SF rotation, and sign Upshaw and/or a vet PG to min contacts.

  • Just Google the guy. Good athleticism and connected with DLoading a few times on the Princeton backdoor cuts

    When you say lock down defender I think of Scottie Pippen, Ron Artest, or Kawhi Leonard. Is he gonna be an all time great? Probably not. Kinda reminds me of James Posey

    He looked like he had some skills and athletecism on both sides of the ball in the few games he played

  • jr smith is not a SF first of all. And it doesn’t matter the SF Rotation will be

    Kobe – Young and the SG rotation will be Clarkson – Lou even though the SF and SG position should be

    SF: Wright – Young
    SG: Kobe – Lou
    PG: Russel – Clarkson

  • I find it astounding when a head case, inconsistent player, whose former team gave him away for nothing, does not take his player option on a team that will get to the finals next year. Amazing ego. Not a guy a rebuilding team needs on the court and in the locker room.

  • I think everyone knows we need a SF and Kobe is not the solution for this organization. Kobe is not the solution for the future of the Lakers at the SG position either. The SF that will start for us the next 3-5 years is not available at this moment. I Agree there is a need for an SF but it will have to be addressed the next two off-seasons.

  • yes for sure if your talking about the lakers next SF of the future ya, but that does not mean you cant get sort of like a rental SF for 1 year just to bring someone ACTUALLY there :D. bringing in dorell wright just to cover the need for this year wont affect the future and than you can address like you said later with a more legit SF.

  • It would affect Jordan Clarkson, since we can’t bench kobe. Clarkson is our most proven and most successful young player. He could gain the experience of starting in an already losing season.

  • it will not affect jordan clarkson at all. bringing in a “dying need” that the lakers have at the 3 is way more important than moving jordan clarkson to the bench which wont hurt him at all. you dont bench kobe its called you move kobe back to the 2 and that makes Clarkson come off the bench for russel

  • But you are not fixing the dying need. You are putting a bad band-aid on it. It does affect Clarkson. He needs the minutes, he needs to play SG (not point guard for Williams), he needs to get minutes with Hibbert/Russell as a SG. I would bench Clarkson if we did have the SF for the next 3-5 years but we don’t.

  • if your that blind that ur willing to be bad on defense just for clarkson than you have a problem

  • If you can find me a SF who has scored more than 10 points in three consecutive seasons (recently) or has been on any of the all defensive teams twicerecently, I will start him at SF over Kobe (and bench Clarkson)

  • We need a small forward no center we got Hibbert upshaw and black and we already have good young point guards clarkson and Russell

  • thank you. dorell wright is a good rental. who knows maybe he can be gem given the opportunity.

    Russel / Clarkson
    Kobe / Lou
    Wright / Young
    Bass / Randle
    Hibbert / Black

    Perfect lineup cuz u have balance of both scorers and defense on the wing and up front

  • its not benching clarkson man. hes just coming off the bench thats all nothing wrong with that. hes still gonna get plenty of playing time off the bench for russel and it would solve both the PG postion instead of looking for a backup and it would solve the 3 spot cuz you have now a legit 3 instead of kobe

  • He would being coming off the bench playing PG (not the position he will be playing later). He will be playing in a rotation that will be absent of Russell and Hibbert most of the time (the players he will need to learn to play with). He will be playing less minutes. Okay find me a legit 3 who averages more than 8 points per game in 3 consecutive season recently or has made one defensive team recently….trying it to make it easier for you

  • dorell wright fits the bill. he had a down year in portland but think given a bigger role he will flourish and his numbers would go up. he would certainly be an upgrade over wesley johsnosn and would have the opportunity to redeem his career like wesley had the opportunity with the lakers and he didn’t pan out at all. wright would not be the same he would cease the opportunity. its not about numbers its about could this guy play the role of being a starting caliber player. when mitch got wesley he didn’t have amazing numbers at all, but mitch was desprate for a SF so he was hoping he can rejuvenate his career for being that #4 pick given a bigger role and he did not at all. i dont think wright would do the same at all

  • Lets have Clarkson (1st team All Rookie) play backup PG because we know he is our future PG. Start Kobe and Wright because they’ll be here the next five years right? And even if Kobe and Wright aren’t are future,we are benching our best chance for the Lakers because we will undoubtedly make the playoffs this season…right?

  • Type his last three seasons statistics (tell me he would do offensively better than kobe). If he is not better than Kobe on offense, tell me his defensive accomplishments that will makeup for the vast offensive difference. Lastly if he could beat kobe at the 3 spot why is he still on the market?

  • i just told you it has nothing to do with stats. do even know how to read or comprehend what i wrote?? ur so close minded you dont see the glaring obvious problem. all you see in ur little head is clarkson at the 2 clarkson at the 2 clarkson at the 2. just because ur still out on the market doesn’t mean you cant be an impact player on a team. and FYI nobody is beating kobe for anything since hes not a real SF so u make no sense 😀

  • Rant sports / Lakers

    “5 Bargain Free Agents the Los Angeles Lakers Should Consider Signing”

    This s what ive been saying the Whole time !!!! u people are so blind and stupid. the media actually has a brain and are agreeing with what im saying like unlike you people.

    Landry Fields
    Dorell Wright
    Luc Richard a Moute
    Robbie Hummel

    This is what ive been saying the whole Time!!!!! u people are so blind.

    Patrick Bateman you are such a liar about Landry and Luc.

  • “he will flourish and his numbers would go up”. Then you contradicted yourself saying “numbers don’t matter”. Any ways…Clarkson is just one reason Kobe should play three. You still haven’t proven that Wright would be a better overall player at the 3 than Kobe. Does it matter that 5 out of 6 seasons where Wright has been given 20 minutes or more of playing time he has averaged less than ten points? YES. Not to mention he has averaged less than 6 points in 6 other seasons. Now if Wright had EVER made ANY all defensive team you MIGHT have an argument.

  • The Los Angeles Lakers’ roster is nearly set, but they are missing a true small forward.

    Landry Fields had 3-and-D written all over him after a stellar rookie season with the Knicks. Despite being selected with the 39th pick, Fields averaged 9.7 points and 6.4 rebounds as a rookie. He was decent in his second season, averaging 8.8 points and 4.2 rebounds. Since then Fields has struggled with the Toronto Raptors, but maybe all he’s missing is a fresh start. He is also a hometown kid and is certainly affordable.

    Sign him mitch!!! now!!!

  • What I would like the final roster to be:

    Roy Hibbert | Tarik Black | Robert Upshaw
    Julius Randle | Brandon Bass | Larry Nance
    Kobe Bryant | Dorrell Wright | Anthony Brown
    Jordan Clarkson | Lou Williams | Jabari Brown
    D’Angelo Russell | Norris Cole | Quinn Cook

  • wheres nick young?? hahah! thats why you have to move kobe back to the 2. if ur gonna sign wright or landry fields they ha

  • SF your going to have KOBE/YOUNG & BROWN. Brown was our 34 pick, so if it was good enough for MITCH its good enough for us.

  • Fields was simply a product of D’Antoni’s system in New York. It’s not a coincidence he hasn’t duplicated those numbers anywhere else. The Lakers don’t have a system that can resurrect those stats.

  • hes the perfect 3 and D the Lakers are desperately needing at the 3. or Luc Richard Mbah a Moute’s contract with the Sacramento Kings was voided after he failed a team physical. Mbah a Moute is a terrific defender who can cover nearly every spot on the floor. Last season he averaged a career-high 9.9 points and 4.9 rebounds. The Lakers can surely use the versatility that Mbah a Moute brings to the table. He also went to school at UCLA, so maybe there will be mutual interest between the two parties.

  • Bro it seems like u see a couple highlights (which btw ANY player in the NBA can make a 3 minute highlight vid to put on youtube) and you get fixated on that one player and procede to post on here continueously

  • Imo i think we should sign jameer nelson. I believe he would be able to mentor russell and JC and do just as good a job if not better then miller given he was a starting pg on a team that went to the finals while produceing on the court better. Although i definately agree with you we need to sign a backup pg.

  • Listen bro we already have 4 SF on the roster. Kobe, nick young, ABrown, and ryan kelly. Kobe will be a good starting SF for us at this point in his career until next off season when we can sign a quality starting SF in free agency.

  • seek help. those are not SF’s and everyone knows it retard. the only true SF is anthony brown but hes only a rookie. kobe and young are actually true SG’s and kelly wont even be on the team 😀 and hes not a SF either :D. hes a stretch 4

  • What do you think about signing someone like Zoran Dragic? Heard celtics are going to waive him

  • How can this be true? Lakers Fanboys were insisting it J.R. Smith was planning to sign with the Lakers because they “saw it on Twitter.”

  • Your just a dumb little kid i disrespected u in no way and u want to call me a retard. And whether you think they are true sf matters a great deal to the lakers organization im sure

  • Forget about J.R. Smith, this guy is a wack. He’s a bad influence for our young guys. If the team does not want to give up anybody, the FO can sign Dorell Wright to add our SF depth.

  • To me, Wright is the best option in the list. Luc failed the physical like you said and rest of them are slightly better than our rookies.

  • He won’t be going to LA…. Just like nearly every other FA. Maybe when Kobe retires the Lakers will be more desirable again, but it seems no one of significance wants to play with him.

  • So we sit the only proven young player in CLARKSON on the bench for an overrated rookie to make room for a sf only to move kobe back to sg???? People dont understand RUSSELL and randle being forced to be productive early is making our lineup complicated

  • Good info. This guy is one of the best in D-League and MVP in the Italy league.

  • Kobe needs to be versatile for this coming season. He also needs some rest.

    Young is a pure scorer but somtimes he is a liability in the defensive end.

    Brown needs more training; maybe he’ll go to the D-league like JC last year.

    So in my opinion, we can add another SF if Upshaw is not in the rotation. Fans recommended couple SFs like Tony Mitchell and Dorell Wright.

  • Luc is the best cuz hes a defense specialist. really dont care if he failed his physical the guy is elite when it comes to defense and that whats most important for the lakers since they have none. Landry would be 2nd cuz hes got alot of upside and wright would be 3rd.

  • i prefer Luc and Landry over Wright. But wright would be good as well. Its only because i see landry having alot of upside in hs game. Wright strictly a 3 and D, and Luc beats them all cuz hes a absolute beast on defense which is amazing to have

  • If Mitch wants a guard, I thought about mario chalmers. However, he may hamper Russell’s growth so Norris Cole now is my ideal candidate.

  • I think with JR it’s all mental guy is great he just needs someone like Kobe (not James ok )to be present to keep him on the right track, he would improve our squad as it is.

  • Fucken dumbass. You can eat your own words as I promised.


  • This guy is an idiot. He actually thought Delli was coming. When their was hardly any cold hard news sources saying anything if he was intrested in LA.

    LMFAO this clown was like “Delli is coming I’ll make you eat my words”

    I get the last laugh HAHA

  • LOL no one had hope for you. God dam, you realize how stupid you sound when you were arguing with me HAHAH

  • ZTo late… Lee & Swag already fill that role. It was foolish for JR to opt out since no team was/is going to pay him the +$6 mil he was making.

  • Yeah, he’s the energy guy. Right now it’s a bit risky unless he’s going to get in shape by preseason.

    Based on the stats, Anthony shoots better % than Landry in college, so maybe his potentials are greater than Landry Fields.

  • Delly? No thanks. I don’t want that overachieving guy here. Baron Davis is trying a comeback. He is better than anyone available out there although he’s been out 2(?) years? He should be all rested and rejuvenated. He should be good for one year at 10 minutes per game. He’ll be a great help to the young backcourt.

  • I agree. As I said he is just an overachiever. He did not know what to do after Steph woke up from his slumber.

  • I like Marrio Chalmers even tho he is looked down upon he is really good and clutch he is really the reason why Miami won

  • He knocked down most of those 3s plus Kobe and Roy will get doubled leaving him wide open he helped Miami more than any other player

  • Don’t want him. Did you see his finals performance Vs San Antonio 2 yrs ago? When Norris Cole(another scrub) takes your starting job during the finals it’s a problem.

  • Speaking of Cav players, with Tristan Thompson being a “Lebron boy” and GM/Coach/Franchise point guard being Lebron. How long until K-Love gets traded? I refuse to give up on him. Also, coming off an injury he’ll likely start the season rusty and prove to be a tough fit between Mozgov and Lebron. Should we keep an eye on him?

  • This guy is an idiot !!! After how he played last year in the finals making mistake after mistaken with sub par play why would you opt out of a 7 Million per ???? he be lucky to get signed to a min vet contract he should definitely fire his agent but knowing him he would instead fire himself like he did with the Cavs !!!!!!

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