Lakers Rumors: L.A. Reaches Agreement With Jonathan Holmes
Lakers Rumors: L.a. Reaches Agreement With Jonathan Holmes

UPDATE (August 13, 2015 at 10:24 AM PST): According to the Lakers official Twitter account, Los Angeles has signed Jonathan Holmes to a multi-year contract:

There have been rumors floating around about the Los Angeles Lakers being interested in adding another player to their roster this summer. It appears they are on the verge of doing so, but not with a veteran free agent as expected.

According to Sham Charania of, the Lakers have agreed to terms with Jonathan Holmes:

With the addition of Holmes, the Lakers roster stands at 16 players. Only 13 players can be active during the season with a maximum of 15 players allowed on the roster.

This makes things interesting for fellow undrafted rookie Robert Upshaw. The troubled center reportedly was on the verge of a signing a multiyear deal with the Lakers earlier this summer, but a finalized deal has yet to come to fruition.

Adding Holmes into the mix creates a battle for the final spot on the official roster for Los Angeles. Upshaw will need to prove his worth during the upcoming NBA preseason in October to earn a spot on the squad. Other players may be added leading up to training camp.

As for Holmes, the Texas product averaged 9.2 points and 5.9 rebounds per game in his four years as a Longhorn. In his senior year, Holmes put up 10.3 points and grabbed 6.1 rebounds on a nightly basis while shooting a dismal 38.9 percent from the floor.

welp, no upshaw

  • 21 guys total i believe we can sign keep signing good players.donald sloan deserves an invite

  • If only we could just get rid of those bums Kelly and Sacre this would be much easier smh

  • There are rumors about trading them for Chalmers. Not sure if there is anything to them.

  • Lets throw another kid on the team… I’m all for rebuilding throuhe draft, but how many of these young guys do we need? There are already to many, unless we plan on putting half of them in the DLeague.. More than half our roster is filled with guys 0-3 yrs experience. Point blank and period, we need at least 2 more vets.

  • He’s more ready compared to Upshaw that’s why. Lakers don’t want to wait on Upshaw to develop. They have too many kids to develop already.

  • Is Upshaw on the team or not? They were talking about 2 year deal but I havent heard anything official…

  • Probably rumors.
    Miami wants to get rid of Chalmers for cap savings and to avoid massive repeater taxes.

    Since Chalmers makes $4.3M per season (which is above the $2.8M Exception), the team can’t trade for him without sending something back.

  • trade talks for mario chalmers stalled until miami finds a pg to replace him

  • has to make the team first which is a fair deal for upshaw considering his past

  • Holmes looked awesome in summer league, better than any laker except Clarkson. Solid addition. While I like upshaws size and potential, I don’t like his commitment to fitness, his past or even the way he talks….I don’t think he’s gonna make it. Holmes is a much better addition to the roster and someone who can contribute in 10-12 minutes a game next year.

  • Man…I’m just over here hoping they can get Markieff somehow lol

  • I believe this guy might be brought under the pre season roster, may not make the official team

  • I knew the Lakers weren’t going to go after Dorrell Wright or Michael Beasley. Wright is only known for his shooting and the last few seasons, he hasn’t shot the ball well at all. I know a majority of you guys look at Beasley for his potential (being lengthy at SF), but dude is far too inconsistent, bringing in Beasley would be like bringing back Wes Johnson back which would be really disappointing. There’s a reason why Wright or Beasley has yet to be signed

  • i guess no upshaw. looks like the lakers are really sold on T black as the back up C to hibbert… and they should be. t black will be great off the bench.

  • stupid pickup. he is a SF but why the hell would you sign him when u can sign an nba vet like wright or luc richard. mitch really wants as many rooks as possible for the future. that 3 year deadline is over buddy 😀

  • a smarrt front office would just get rid of sacre and kelly and sign upshaw and wright but there not really all there up in the head with the dysfunctional jim buss running things

  • I am not familiar with this player or why they signed him. We already have many forwards and if they let go of Upshaw that will be a big mistake. Remember the Lakers also passed on Whiteside.

  • This dude was rumored to get drafted by us before the draft he’s a decent pick up

  • Welcome to LA
    I hope lakers are able to trade Kelly and Sacre and sign Upshaw as well

  • Why are you making too much about a training camp invite?

    And somehow you’ve missed the kobe at sf thing.

  • I’m not sure you’re one to be judging folks on intelligence.

    Just saying.

  • They are giving him a fairly large partial guarantee according to the report so I imagine they plan to keep him. Most camp invites get no guarantees.

  • Robert Upshaw will spend the season at D league. The question is, can the lakers send Nance Jr to the D league also, given that he is a first round pick?
    There are too many PF.

  • If so this is a good pick up and could spell the end of the Ryan Kelly experiment. Johnathan Holmes impressed me the most with what little was shown on his pre draft workout video – he shot 16-20 from the 3 point line, unguarded but that is still impressive compared to what other guys were putting up. He also shot well from 3 in summer league going 13-28 (0.446) and 15-15 from the FT line.

    I wrote on that thread 2 months ago: “Jonathan Holmes definitely deserves a summer league invite with that shooting alone. 6’8″ PF/SF 4 years college exp. looks a better fit than Ryan Kelly.”

    To snatch him away from the Celtics makes it all the more better

  • I am not sure how that works. I thought stashed players were usually unsigned.

  • Markieff is a very nice player. But he makes a lot of money. Be hard to make a trade for him.

  • Ja, ja, ja, you are right. I think he was John “long” Holmes. He was to porn as John Wayne was for western films.

  • We only have 2,8 mil to work with good vet don’t play for that- that would be my thought.

  • 44. something percent behind the arc in 8 summer league games , plays defense , good free throw shooter , can operate around the rim and has a mid range jumper. Worth a look in Summer camp and could give upshaw and the rest of the guys perspective. This Longhorn is hungry.

  • 6,8 combo forward good D decent 3 piint shot runs floor well and does all the dirty work. Very solid pickup. Hell make the team, already better than sacre and kelly, we need to get rid of those two and sign holmes and upshaw

  • Nice pickup. I tip him to make the roster. Was supposed to go in the 20’s on most boards. could be like Clarkson

  • The Lakers better make the fucking playoffs. I’m tired of watching the Lakers lose all day (almost) everyday.
    D’lo is special. Whenever he passes, it makes me want to ejaculate. That’s for real yall.

  • But he does have a point, what fans think about upshaw and what GM’s think about upshaw are 2 totally different opinions

  • Upshaw replaces Sacre.

    Holmes replaces Kelly.

    How I wish! Nyahahahahaha.

  • yes he can. he can be a very physical SF, one that can guard the likes of Lebron and Kawai. He’s 6’9, 242 lbs. and plays smart.

  • so you’re deciding on things now for the Lakers? Why don’t you sign them Mr. GM expert?

  • He could do both SF/PF and he’s actually a really nice player have you see him? why not

  • I thought he only wanted to play with his brother who got traded elsewhere. They even said they do everything together, they beat up a guy over a girl together lol

  • sending something back? 4.3M

    and Kelly makes 1.7M, Sacre makes 981K? Could this mean shipping Young, if a trade were to happen? Regardless, I don’t want Chalmers anyway

  • Well yeah he prefers to play with his brother
    But at this point he feels more disrespected by the Suns organization. He just wants out of there and hopefully the Lakers are aware…Markieff would definitely be an upgrade over most of the forwards we have rn

  • Agree, tho not certain FO will roll with a 15 man squad for the season. Fourteen sounds right so best to trade or waive one of the two.

  • I really hope he plays SF bc we already have abunch of PF’s.
    Randle/Bass/ Nance Jr/Kelly
    so where is this guy going to play? don’t tell me PF….

  • If this guy plays anything like Julius Randle i will be happy.
    I just dont want another PF bc he wont get minutes and we need a better SF VS another PF.
    Why dont Lakers trade or waive sacre&kelly?
    take them 2 off our roster and maybe have room for a backup Point Guard or sign Upshaw.
    I think Upshaw is a gem he’s going to give us defense what hibbert also gives to us.
    But how can it be bad to have two defensive bigs?
    if Lakers want a backup center they can waive sacre they should get un-drafted Chris Walker from Florida.
    he plays above the rim style basketball like Larry Nance Jr.
    I can see him backing up Roy Hibbert at C.
    Could be another gem?

  • Joshhhhhh had a good week last week.
    Like Nick Young i hope he can keep up this good work and come through for us….

  • Nance Jr can change games with his hustle style of play and tip dunks.
    i feel alot of you are under estimating this guy and not considering what can happen. He could even turn into a good player maybe all star quality.
    Look at his dad for proof….

  • is he considered a SF or a power?
    i’m seeing both on draftexpress but hoping more for a SF…
    we have a ton of PF’s already

  • Brandon Bass and Johnathan Holmes are both celtics players but not our rival i feel anymore.
    I feel like our rival with the clippers is worse today and they always trying to embarass us. I give the celtics respect for all those good fights and runs.
    we met and defeated the celtics in the NBA finals and they did the same to us too. In a way they earned my respect.
    But the clippers? what have they earned or won?
    All they do is act like a bunch of clowns. Watch when we play them again same old same old…..
    I just hope this time around hibbert is ready for deandre jordan and randle is ready for blake griffin , russell is ready for cp3.
    Saying it will be interesting is a huge understatement. hence why they made the game on Christmas and you know every single Laker fan will be either there at the game or watching on tv.

  • can we sing that song when Sacre leaves?
    Nyahahahahaha heyyyy-aye Gooooooooood-bye!

  • lol mcgee?
    nah more like sign this kid holmes and upshaw and waive sacre and kelly since we cannot trade them to ANY other team.
    we already improved our team if we do this.

  • Keep in mind he took a paycut to play with his brother in the Suns
    So his contract is relatively cheap but I see where you’re coming from
    Still I wouldn’t mind having him to play some 3

  • sacre sux all the years with the Lakers. I don’t know why he would even be considered a roster spot. I wish the FO give a chance to see what upshaw can do. Sacre was given all the chances and he didn’t cease the moment.

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  • REALLY, Upshaw is faster at switching on screens and guarding on pick & rolls than Hibbert or Sacre?

  • I think there going to invite them all to training camp and evaluate just that, and who ever shines, they get the roster spot, and the others are let go. Kelly is the only one with substantial money guaranteed.

  • It’s called a youth movement…..
    as opposed to the movements your used to, mainly bowel movements.

  • Well the Sixers have all centers, we have all power forwards, besides, this guy is more small forward that power forward.

  • Every one up’s your odds of finding another gem like Clarkson and if you get three of them on a team, plus one star, your going to compete, and have a great young core for years. Rebuilding takes time, we won’t be ready to make a push until 2016/17 at the earliest.

  • Eric Pincus said there was an incident in Vegas that gave the Lakers pause on Upshaw in a tweet this week.

  • I can potentially recall his effort and his ability at doing what you say he can do…”switching on screens and guarding on pick and rolls” (than Hibbert or Sacre). I could absolutely agree with you on the statement about Sacre, I haven’t watched Hibbert enough to know. So I’ll take your word about it. My contention is let’s go with McGee over Upshaw. As I said, from what I saw he was obviously out of shape, he would need half the season to get into shape, he would need the entire season to possibly get comfortable playing the NBA game, when he made the switch to guard on pick and rolls was he effective as a defender at that point? Was he more like Shaq or was he more like Tarik?…so my choice is McGee (of course he has to be controlled) over Upshaw.

  • We have many players on the roster already so even if that is the case it seems rather redundant. I am interested in Mcgee more so than another forward.

  • Best if one (Kelly/Sacre) gets traded or waived to have better odds of landing more impactful players (even if it’s for the 2nd unit).

  • He didnt say. Tweet a couple days ago. The fact he wasnt signed speaks volumes.

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