Lakers Rumors: L.A. Reaches Agreement With Michael Frazier

UPDATE (August 25, 2015 at 11:21 AM PST): Los Angeles Lakers have announced the official signing of Michael Frazier to a multi-year contract:

The Los Angeles Lakers have signed guard Michael Frazier to a multi-year contract, it was announced today by General Manager Mitch Kupchak. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not released.


Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Lakers reportedly worked out 14 players at the team’s practice facility.. After signing forward Jonathan Holmes to a multi-year deal on August 13, general manager Mitch Kupchak and company have made another move.

According to Michael Scotto of Sheridan Hoops (via, the Lakers have agreed to terms with former Florida shooting guard, Michael Frazier:

After averaging 12.1 points and 4.1 rebounds this past season for Florida, the shooting guard declared for this year’s NBA Draft where he went undrafted. While the Lakers have reportedly signed him to a two-year deal, it is only partially guaranteed according to Scotto.

With one roster spot remaining, Kupchak shared the Lakers could look to add another point guard or center. While Los Angeles could use a small forward to balance the roster, Kobe Bryant will likely slide to that position to allow a D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson starting backcourt.

Sounds like Mitch wants that draft pick next year…

  • At this point, it’s not looking good for Upshaw if they haven’t sign him.

  • Man this is like the 9 or 10th rookie/sophomore guy we’re adding to the team. We are really too young.

  • well the majority of the team is now rookies and undrafted rookies
    I miss the lakers day when we’d actually be able to get someone like Markieff Morris but I digress

  • Remember when Mitch sounded skeptical of using/signing all three draft picks… And now he’s signing undrafted FA’s… Wtf

  • So that is now the 9th rookie/sophomore on the Lakers roster now with Russell,Clarkson,Randle,J.Brown,A.Brown,Nance Jr., Black, Holmes, and now Frazier. Upshaw might make the 10th but they might have to cut somebody, this team is really young there chances of making the playoffs is just becoming slimmer.

  • Remember when Mitch sounded skeptical of using/signing all three draft picks… And now he’s signing undrafted FA’s… I know sarcasm.. I hope lol

  • Sacre and Kelly should be on their way out hopefully
    And still I’d much rather see Frazier, Brown, Bari, Clarkson, Holmes than another year of Wes Sacre Kelly

  • dude morriss is a couple screws missing of being a whole nut!
    why would you want that wacko on our team ruining our chemistry?
    we need to gel together not fight and argue.
    this guy is a cancer for any team he joins. they will go downhill just like his brother. pretty soon theyll be playing in china or russia lol.

  • I’d like to think this is all part of the plan…I’m not gonna speculate this early
    Remember we all doubted Clarkson
    We might have a sleeper in the midst

  • That may be true and he did scuffle with Swaggy a few years ago
    But there’s no denying he’s a pretty good player
    Oh well

  • Greg oden could outplay Sacre
    I saw Sacre airball a layup once

  • nah……ill pass on the crazy.
    it makes our team look bad and more people wanna talk sh*t about us.
    the Lakers fan are among the most hated.
    being 1 of the best in all of sports i dont see why that is.
    but dont give them anymore bullets to fire at us!
    we have enough already.

  • I rather have Boozer yelling “holat” after every shot the lakers take

  • I was starting to think the same thing. A few days/weeks ago I thought this team was ready to compete maybe for 8th spot worst 9th or 10th. Now seeing how young we are, this may be really bad team, not in the long term, but this year yeah maybe

  • he isnt the “good” crazy. he picks up techs because he is an angry person who has problems with authority. that is not a good crazy its a cancer.

  • i would look elsewhere seriously….
    we got holmes hes 6’9 about 250.
    randle has similar size.
    what we need really is a backup point guard behind dangelo.
    clarkson is going to be starting SG so who is backing up Dangelo?
    why do they keep signing more SG’s and SF’s?
    we didnt sign javalle mcgee he would be a good backup for hibbert.
    we also missed out on alot of others……i wont mention.
    i think jeremy tyler and chalmers should be the next 2.
    i wouldnt sign frazier,stash upshaw in the Dleagues for now.
    and trade sacre&kelly if not just cut them we need other dudes to fill their roster spots…..

  • This isn’t a popularity contest.. Haters gonna hate.. Winning takes care of the rest.

  • Training camp spot that’s all. Lakers will be prepared for injuries this year. Nobody thought JC would be what he is now. This is Byron’s culture in the making. Play hard, play D, or you don’t make the team. Simple.

  • It is a two year deal, but if he doesn’t get a spot they can stash him on the Defenders

  • im not a hater trust me…..
    i just want chemistry to be there.
    not a cancer.
    look at how he did his old team.
    you think if for one minute someone says something to him he wont respond?
    be it Kobe Nick Young Clarkson anyone on the Lakers.
    he wont be “the” man on this team and he needs to humble himself down to one knee and hope some team forgives him for acting so childish.
    personally id say no to him and goodluck in CHINA!

  • My takeaways from these moves is that Mitch is embracing the new age
    He’s obviously trying to make the team play small ball
    Frazier is a shooter but he can develop into a really nice role player like A. Brown
    I’ll be looking forward to seeing the defense however

  • Are you sure? The tweet said working on a partially 2 year guarantee deal. Doesn’t sound like just a training camp spot, if they’re talking contracts with some guaranteed money

  • Exactly what was said about rodman and metta.. Winning takes care of all.

  • All deals are 2 year deals but partially guaranteed. Jabari and Tariq are on their 2 year partially guaranteed deal also.

  • Exactly and metta world peace did good things with his anger.
    stealing the ball playing tight defense ect….
    he even admitted to his mental health problems to me which is a big thing. if you can admit your wrongs i would give you a chance.
    But pretending nothing is there and hiding stuff?
    that wouldnt fly with me if i was the coach.
    why do you all think Robert Upshaw isnt signed yet?
    Its because they think hes gonna get either get into some trouble like he did in Vegas or back on drugs.
    We dont need criminals, we want superstars,athletes,people willing to work hard.

  • Partially guaranteed means that they can be cut at anytime. If they perform poorly at camp they will be cut.

  • Not you. Was referring to your post on how people cling on to anything to hate the lakers.

  • True, but now that teams can store players on dleague teams those deals tend to stick. Great way to develop players without using a roster spot.

  • Yes it is a great way to develop players. JC had the same deal and panned out. Now he is on a cheap 895k contract for this year.

  • Mitch acting like DJ Khaled with these rookies. another one, another one, another one

  • is it worth losing millions of dollars?
    id say my brother? who? lol.
    but hey thats just me. im gonna do me,and you do you….
    if you get my drift?
    this is business with money and a sport.
    thats why family not supposed to work together.
    corruption is soon to follow, this is why jeanie buss is going to fire her brother. which i support 100 pct.
    this dudes brother had something bad going on and he got traded. his brother took it personally so i think no team should offer him a contract unless its a Vet min. 700,000.
    Maybe he will be sorry for how he acted.

  • why does he even do that?
    looks mad stupid.
    the dude cant dunk anymore so he does fancy looking layups.
    hes soft as a cuddly little teddy bear. lol

  • kelly is our waterboy…..and well sacre hes Kobe’s personal bodyguard and he also carries all the bags onto the plane when we travel.
    sacre is one guy we can only count on especially around LA all these gangsters yo. you feel me?

  • Because they are not coveted players. The Lakers will have to give up an asset to get a team to take either of those players off of our hands.

  • One reason I see is that CLARKSON will be the starting PG, AND Russell WILL BE THE BACK UP, that’s the only reason for another SG that I can see. And we will have LOU & J. BROWN & FRAZIER as the # 3 SG.

  • He’s going to be on the the trading block soon. I don’t think we’re that bad of a team. Half the people they are bringing in wont even get playing time if they manage to make the team….
    Roster will look like this based off what we’ve all seen.
    Russell- Lou Williams
    Bass- randle-nance(3.4)
    Hibb- black

    That’s not that bad. We do need another center though. I don’t like black there. Trading for Morris wouldn’t be a bad idea. He can man the 4-5.

  • heard the knicks and clippers are interested.
    if not the mavs want him. lol

  • true you have a point there. but adding another SG when we already have Kobe Jabari Brown Lou Williams Nick Young.
    SF could be anthony brown jonathan holmes and larry nance jr.


  • Great Project!
    He has some of the best defense and spot up shooting abilities in the draft. Oddly enough, despite being a solid SG for 3 years in college, he went 0-11 in the Summer League.

    Mitch found another great nugget in the pile. I’m starting to get the idea that he his plan is to take a BIG STEP forward in the 2016/17 season more than this year however.

    By bad comparison….. He’s Ellington, with a bit more upside, a better shot percentage, better defense, and amazing spot-up shooting ability. Except, he’s 1-year away from being NBA ready.

  • I like your roster. To me, Clarkson will help take some of the backup PG duties when Williams is on the floor (as SG).

    I think Black is walking the Green Mile.

    I realized that these young guys could be solid contributors toward the end of the season when the vet’s get heavy legs and some of these rookies get acclimated. By February, guys like ABrown, Nance, Holmes, and Frazier could be experienced enough to help absorb injuries and veteran fatigue.

  • if they split up the minutes evenly from the get go we shouldnt have any injuries of fatigue.
    more like abunch of hungry beasts all wanting more minutes!
    i see jordan clarkson and julius randle flattening someones car tire so they dont make it to practice or shutting off their alarm clock to make them look bad. lol
    you gotta realize were loaded now alot of rookies but some vets to teach too. i think well make a run for the 8th playoff spot. if we get chalmers and jeremy tyler i am gonna go from 50/50 to 75pct we make the playoffs! IF we get those two…

  • starters: Dangelo–PG Clarkson–SG Kobe–SF Randle–PF Hibbert–C
    bench: lou will–PG SG-Jabari Holmes–SF Bass–PF Black-C
    extra guys A Brown–S,F Nance Jr.–PF, Nick Young–SF,Frazier–SG, Kelly&Sacre

  • How about “3-deep and compete.” And, the best 15 guys make the roster.

    To me, part of this move was simply to fill up a training camp and create competition. Part of me says this move was about finding a very solid SG project. And Part of me says, that until we find a #2 PG, there is an open roster space.

    But, most of me says that Mitch is building a training camp squad and letting 20 guys compete to be on the roster. The best 15 guys make the team.

    To me, a lot of clarity is found in training camp and preseason. Opening Night is OCTOBER 28 and a lot can change in the next 3 months, especially when we’re talking about the deepest part of the bench.

  • waive or cut kelly and sacre now were down to 18 right?
    trade nick young for chalmers.
    sign jeremy tyler and put jabari brown and upshaw in the Dleague stashed away until later.
    i dont know why we got frazier for. holmes makes more sense.
    i would try to getJeremy tyler though he made us look silly in summer league. after that probably have 16 or 17 players. 1 or 2 gets out.

  • How is that possible?

    There is NO WAY the team can win ONLY 15 games this year. Regardless of the Kobe factor, Clarkson, Randle and Russell should be good enough for 20. Then add Hibbert, Williams, a healthy Young, and a guy named Kobe Bryant.

    If nothing else, they should be better than last year and the year prior. And oddly how you forget that even in those 2 years, they weren’t a top 3 pick.

    And, let’s say they do tank… and MISS. What kind of damage is done to the organization, brand and future if that happens? There is no way Durant thinks about the Lakers at that point.

  • I think Mitch was just being honest…. It’s not ideal. And, that was BEFORE the draft and free agency.

    Now, he’s filling a training camp roster and giving the team options.

  • Absolutely.
    The 2-year deal is all incentive based. And the “partial guarantee” means, “we give you $50K to go through our training camp and compete for a roster spot.”

    — Any “guaranteed” money must be disclosed.

  • And, at some point, some of these guys could be “stashed” with the expectation that they WILL be brought up after trades and future roster moves.

    Think: Once Young is traded, Holmes is the #3.

  • I’m not sure that being young was by design.
    But, it-is-what-it-is, and Mitch is making the most of the situation.

    And, while this year’s team will be a bit raw, the future is getting brighter with every acquisition. To some extent, I think that if ALL of these young players could shine this year, it makes a MUCH easier sell to Durant as he has a young team primed for 5-6 years of top tier play.

    Think about this roster in 2 years… in 3 years….. and 4 years…..
    PG: Russell /
    SG: Clarkson / JBrown / Frazier
    SF: Durant / ABrown / Holmes
    PF: Randle / Nance
    C: Hibbert / Upshaw

    The front office has a plan and a strategy that they have been working towards for about 5 years.

  • One difference with ABrown, Nance, Holmes, and Frazier….

    They are all 3 or 4 year college players, so they are much closer to NBA ready in skill, body size, and conditioning than 1-and-done rookies and early draft picks.

    Once they get adjusted and get past the initial learning curve, all 4 should be relatively consistent players. They might not be stars yet, but their averages and HOW they contribute should be predicable (and reliable).

  • That’s the position lakers are in “dammed if you do dammed if you don’t” odds ,lakers don’t make playoffs and forfeit draft pick.. While the middle of the road team as you said will NOT attracted KD or any top notch FA once again… As a team I think Lakers will be equivalent to (last years)magic (Downside) or Bucks (upside).. Besides randle clarkson and Russell I’m a little confused on the lakers plans going forward.

  • Nance is great at defending. He’s a decent shooter and he can rebound with the bigs. a brown? Idk. Hasn’t show me anything although was a good scorer in college I’m a really good conf.

  • hes gonna be one of the most dominate centers in nba his tory when all said and done. and mitch will be sucking his dick thinking where he went wrong 😀

  • Just watched Michael Fraziers work out with the LAKERS This kid can shoot 3 s he never missed one shot in the whole work out he is quick on his feet , and his D is like a bull dog, the kid has game.

  • Clarkson has a year experience.
    Randle has a year of experience – sort of.
    J Brown has a year of experience – sort of.
    Abrown, Nance, Holmes, and Frazier were 3 and 4 year guys.

    If nothing more, this team is a lot older and mature than 9 rookies.

  • I’m not.
    The team has 3 of it’s starting positions filled for nearly 10 years. Hibbert is a solid 28 minute center for another 5 years. And, ABrown, Nance, JBrown, Holmes, and Upshaw are NEXT year’s backups and a very deep bench in the future.

    And, if *some how* the team could be as good as the Bucks, they stand a very good chance of Durant, as the team has 3 starting positions filled with future all stars and able to compete for a championship for *at least* 5-6 more years.

  • If you noticed they can all shoot 3 s and play D.. and I remember when BS said not to shoot many 3 s. How things change.

  • I get wanting to go with youth and rebuild, but Christ, over half the roster is rookies. This team is going to get fucked this season.

  • This team has a chance to make it to the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!


    In the D- League. :/

  • Clarkson has half a year of experience
    Randle has played 10 minutes in one game but has been studying the game watching film (from my understanding)
    J Brown is in the same boat as Clarkson

    The college level weaker then the NBA level, less then 2% from the college level make it into the NBA. It will take time and patience for these players to develop.

  • lakers need to add defensive big man
    trade nick young for Marvin Williams
    Randle or Sacre & Kelly for Morkieff Morris

  • exactly and that Holmes player we just sign remind me of him a little.. so we good

  • Clarkson – months experience
    Randle – day/minutes experience (unfortunately)
    J Brown – weeks? maybe

  • In a perfect world… Chemistry, health and obviously luck are factors of the unknown.

  • its up to byron how he handle him…..coz we need vet player…coz sacre is weak & soft for bench player …just put sacre on d leage…and upshaw on the second or third unit roster spot…

  • We need shooters and this guy is one. If he proves to be the one,then welcome. Otherwise,good material for the D league.

  • its okay…hopefully lakers will improved and play defense
    next season….:)

  • I hate to be Debbie Downer but your KD dream is far fetched. I don’t see him even considering LA.

  • Clarkson will be starting SG and Russell starting point. What you’ll see is at about the 6 minute mark, Russell will come out, Clarkson slide over and Williams play the SG spot. At the 9 -10 minute, Russell will re-enter and Clarkson will take to the bench. That’s 1st and probably 3rd quarter. 2nd you’ll probably see Russell start the quarter, until the 3 minute mark with Williams, at that point Clarkson comes in and Russell sits. at about the 6 minute mark Russell comes back in and Williams back to the bench to close out the quarter. At least that’s how I anticipate it going. I’m sure we’ll see points where Williams plays SG with Jabari Brown out there too unless we decide not to keep him. You may also see Williams and Young in the back court while Anthony Brown or Holmes (if we keep him) out on the floor while Kobe is resting.

  • Likely got Frazier to compete with Jabari Brown. Brown is on a non guaranteed deal right now.

  • When you have a championship team full of veterans, crazy helps. You need that to put fear in your opponents. On a young team, you need stability.

  • We can have a 30-35 win team (and imo thats a worst case senario baring any serious injurys to our core players) and still attract top notch FA. All they need to see are JC, DLo and Randle show good potential and upside. I personally dont believe we will land KD, but i do believe we will land 2 star players.

  • the amount of rookies in camp does not effect the teams chances of the playoffs.

    no matter how many rookies-sof we have on the roster

    kobe, hibbert, lou, nick, and bass will all be getting significant amounts of pt. meaning over half to right at half of our roation is made up of vets.

  • I really like that line up. I would just switch j. Brown and Lou Will. That way russell will have a proven shooter/scorer out on the floor with him, plus lou will space the floor for randle to operate.

  • btw im not sold onkelly and or scare being on the team next season i would not be surprised if they waived them because other players in training camp out played them

  • sounds like the LA Defenders will be the best team in D-league lol
    Honestly though, I don’t mind the strategy- sign and develop as many young players as possible and try to find a diamond in the rough

  • Durant is either staying or going to Wizards hometown and great.backcourt they are also in the East.

  • I wonder why Mitch is giving all of these young guys partially guaranteed deals… I know it is probably not for a ton of money, but we could have just invited Holmes or Frazier to camp for free.

  • i would use both brown and holmes and use nick young as a SG instead. nick young defense is not as good as it should be. especially guarding people like lebron KD dirk all those tall SF’s.

  • id take jabari over frazier. i dont know anything about him either so why would i choose him for?

  • bass is a bench player randle is starting.
    he dont know what hes talking about.
    wait until opening day he will not be on lakersnation. lol
    clarkson russell and randle will all start.

  • again keep open minded.
    3s win games.
    byron just needs to change a little he aint a bad coach.

  • couldnt agree more. clarkson 1 year experience and jabari too.
    but randle i disagree this is really his rookie season. he didnt even play half of 1 game….
    poor julius i cant wait to see him out there again.
    i wish him luck.

  • mitch is not about win now mode. hes all for the youth movement and your seeing it. mitch is not gonna dictate the future for kobe. hes moving on

  • if they waive them both i will just be like okay?
    should have done this a year ago….

  • seriously get out of here.
    Randle is not going nowhere fool!
    troll somewhere else.

  • u can invite them to camp for free but players with tlanet like those two are more likely to go fo money

  • is ur name L4Lyo??? no it isn’t its s sad when u reply to someone and some fan boy that ur not even talking reply’s back shows how desperate u are to talk to any one :D. HELP is there anybody OUT THERE !!! ;D

    cj: ur english hurts me. yes the guy who cant even spelll is judging my writing 😀

  • Every championship team has role players. While the FO continues to try to land a big fish in free agency, they might as well look for legit role players. I’d rather they sift through young prospects than retread veterans (no more Ronnie Price types) for role players. The young guys are cheaper and have upside.

  • ur spelling is fine???? why dont u go look at ur previous posts and it’ll speak for itself hahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There’s also the possibility that some of those don’t make the grade or get picked up by another team, what makes you think Upshaw wants to wait around if another team offers him a contract, so far Mitch seems to be playing the same record over and over again, how can you rebuild of you have to start over every year. ???

  • that’s not NBA 3’s or D, so far I’m disappointed in Mitch’s and JimmyBoy’s plans, I guess at this point I’ll believe it when I see it but to me things aren’t looking that great.

  • nick young and kelly trade for mario charlmers and waive sacre for sign robert upshaw or sign both jeremy tyler and rick ledo

  • I was really surprised Michael Frazier didn’t get drafted, he’s a deadly 3 point shooter, plays decent defense, but he’s only 6’5. Anyways, a nice pick up for the Lakers, we desperately needs outside shooting.

  • I’m with you on this, I was watching his youtube highlights on draft night, and was surprised he wasn’t drafted. Lakers should keep him.

  • BS will be the scapegoat this year next year will be Mitch and the following year will be good Olé Jimmy boy… Lakers have to keep up with the joneses hence BS changing methods and ultimately changes in management/ownership.

  • There’s crazy and good…

    And then there is:

    Crazy and a locker room cancer.

  • Unless Scott does AMAZING this year, I expect that he’ll be on the hot seat….

    And since the team is on it’s upswing, they might have a lot better options.

    Deep inside, I think Scott gets 2 more seasons however.

  • if there under contract, no one can steal them from you and they become a tradable asset if they produce, Mitch needs trade chips.

  • I disagree. Lebron’s merry men stops Durant from playing second fiddle his entire career. And despite KD and Westbrook playing insanely good this year, OKC is * at best * the #4 team in the league… And capped out.

    And, with endorsements, hollywood benefits, and Kobe’s retirement, he can make $25M a year AND another $25M in endorsements. I’m QUITE sure his shoe company wants him in LA, his agent wants him in LA, his banker and financial planner wants him in LA…. Kobe’s legacy in Asia is up for grabs and Lebron’s on the wrong coast. PJ did us a favor and trainwrecked the Knicks however….

    –Hands down, LA win’s ALL money discussions. Don’t be foolish to think that a difference of $100M+ ISN’T a consideration. The MONEY says he goes to LA, especially if kobe retires…. Don’t forget, that before choosing the Spurs, Aldridge wanted a second look….

  • In defense of kelly,
    his stats and play as a PF were pretty good. but as a SF he’s not.

    Once Nance polishes his 3-point shot he should be an immediate upgrade, but Kelly (as a stretch-4) should have some value. I’m not sure he’s a starter, but he’s a good rotational guy and probably good enough to be a solid backup PF on a lot of teams.

  • Why are you hoping that a Lakers draft pick — especially a high one — is a bust?

    Do you call yourself a fan?

    If you are right, your “prediction” hurts the franchise and pushes us a step AWAY from a championship….

    I don’t understand.

  • Lakers can still use a couple more veterans for the regular season-particularly at backup PG, backup C, & backup SF. They now have some good trade prospects.

  • maybe all these young players signings is for a potential future trade prior to the trade deadline if the team is in contention for a playoff spot.

  • There is a lot of if’s in here , the new additions we are adding were never meant to start playing , this year don’t forget most teams only play 8/9 players so we are just getting ready for the future, with good back up guys, we still have the guys we wanted for this coming season, if we could find a vet. C/PG we would grab them we still have that team that we were saying just a few days ago, were in the run for the 7/8 spot, what has changed ?

  • We’re hoarding all the guys that won’t even make the D League. 12.1 and 4.1 for Florida? That translates to 2.0 and 0,3 in NBA! Back to the lottery!

  • They might be better than last year. Beat Dallas, Phoenix, Utah, and Sacramento and we’re in. Otherwise, another lottery year.

  • I have been waiting for the ferry tail, book to be published, it will be out next season .

  • Their not looking that bad either, when you look at the whole picture- I see the pieces going together, just look at it as a puzzle with 1000 pieces, just start in the corners and work from there..

  • I like the idea of CLARKSON & RUSSELL together but with CLarkson starting @ pg and Russell coming off the bench as the PG so he can break into the NBA and it solves our problem @ the PG spot and when we need LOU could fill in @ the PG, the end of PG problems till next year and then they can play together and pick up a good PG, and I don’t see any one getting their felling’s hurt.

  • Come back when you know something about the LAKERS. J. Brown to the D- LEAGUE – have you lost your mind ?

  • Anticipating this year’s Summer League, Robert Upshaw received my greatest energy and attention. I had high hopes.
    But he let me down.

    Three nice blocks in game 1. But Upshaw seemed uncomfortable on the block on offense. In following games, zero blocks –just nothing. Was it lack of legs/conditioning? Perhaps the talk of Lakers offering him a two-year deal ruined things. Who knows.

    Upshaw seemed out of shape, and Very slow, not just up and down the court, but slow in getting shots off, slow to make passing decisions, slow in moving around under the rim. Seems like some time in D League will demonstrate what he’s made of.

  • Agree Lol, his posts are good but he has always been downright awful when making projections/predictions.

  • I look forward to watching Nance defend against LaBron. Really. I’m hoping for a wonderful surprise.

  • I’m hoping he contains. I saw nance and his girlfriend at the Walgreens in el segundo about 2 weeks ago. Tall. Not very built.

  • With these last two signings, unfortunately it looks like the FO is looking to move Nick Young. Hopefully that’s not the case. I don’t know why exactly everyone suddenly hate Swaggy, besides Clarkson, he was the only bright spot we had last year before he sat out with that injury. Also, if you think Lou Williams will have good games every game then u are sadly mistaking. Between Swaggy and Lou, we’ll have guaranteed consistant points off the bench. I know nothing of Holmes and Frazier, looking up videos online of just their made shots doesn’t have me sold on them yet, gotta just wait and see I guess.

  • I wish I was that optimistic..I can’t imagine the Lakers winning more than 30, this year. I hope I’m wrong.

  • You have been looking how they do it last year with CLARKSON & LIN but lin knew the nba RUSSELL DOES NOT so starting him as the point could cost us a few games until BS MOVES HIM TO THE Pg off the bench where things slow down a little.

  • Jabari Brown – 6’5
    Michael Frazier – 6’4

    Same game, id rather keep Brown.

  • Obviously my Lakers are signing players who will be on the once the Demarcus Cousins trade happens at the trade deadline

  • Lin last year played like a lost rookie himself. It wasn’t until later in the season before Lin got his head out his backside and started playing more like how Scott wanted him to before he had any positive effect. Even then, he was still a big negative. Sorry to say, but Lin’s experience did NOTHING for him last year.

  • Keep in mind, Nick will be coming off the bench and primarily guarding opposing teams bench players. Kobe as the starting SF will do most of the guarding of the taller SF’s. Dirk I think plays primarily PF now.

  • Nance Jr. is this year’s Clarkson and Frazier is a good sign.

    I firmly believe that Clarkson should be the Lakers primary pg this coming season.

  • I’d rather Upshaw than Sacre, Kelly and Black. He’s getting a raw deal.

  • Team doesn’t have a 1st next year. Not bad to build awesome young core now together and go after a guy like Durant and hope Kobe stays on vet deal. Team can be very good with guys like Nance Jr and Frazier contributing.

  • DeAngelo should back up Clarkson but sometimes allow them to play together. Kobe at 2 but slide him to 3 when Lou checks in as 6th man? Have Frazier and Brown as back-up 2’s. Let Nick Young start but when bench put in Lou. Have A Brown and Holmes as backup 3’s with Kobe playing a lot there.

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