Lakers Rumors: L.A. ‘Seriously Considering’ Signing Metta World Peace

After the worst win percentage in franchise history, the Los Angeles Lakers made numerous moves, highlighted by drafting D’Angelo Russell and trading for Roy Hibbert. While the team recently signed Jonathan Holmes, they are also reportedly signing Michael Frazier.

With the first preseason game in Hawaii not until Oct. 4, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reveals the Lakers are ‘seriously considering’ signing their former player and one-time champion, Metta World Peace:

The Los Angeles Lakers are discussing the possibility of signing free agent forward Metta World Peace to a one-year contract, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

In addition, Wojnarowski shares there are varying degrees of interest within the organization about bringing him back. However, World Peace has been playing against Julius Randle during the off-season:

There are varying degrees of interest within the Lakers organization about bringing him back to the franchise at 35 years old, but World Peace has been in the Lakers’ practice facility this offseason playing against the team’s players, including 2014 first-round pick Julius Randle, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

World Peace signed with the Lakers before the 2009-10 season where he was instrumental in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals against the Boston Celtics. After four seasons with the franchise, World Peace was amnestied after the 2012-13 season.

Since being amnestied by the Lakers, World Peace moved on to the New York Knicks for 29 games, but has since played for China and Italy this past season.

maybe as a assistant instead of madsen, but as a player what can ron really do for the team he lost a step on defense and he bricks a lot.

  • defensive coach????? He would be perfect for that. I know he was playing in China but when he left the Lakers he was pretty much at the end of his good years, what could possibly be left? Yet, the dude is so entertaining…. he could be d coach, broadcast color guy for comments and cool poses, and be available just in case 5 guys go down again… ???? no? Anyway, why?

  • I would love this. One of my favorite Lakers ever even though his stay was short.

  • Plus team needs someone to counter balance Kobe with so many rookies on the team

  • is he going to wipe his face with the same towel russell wipes his balls with?

  • i doubt that happens even though i absolutely miss his accurate baseball passes..markieff morris is the guy lakers should be gunning for

  • Do you get paid to advertise morris?

    Despite the overwhelming evidence that a trade won’t happen, you still must post his name in every post.

    The broken record needs to stop.

  • Sounds like they want more physicality in the s.f. position and more importantly, they want MWP to keep practicing/teaching Randle.

    I also wonder if MWP is a consideration since the team is struggling to find another PG. Maybe clarkson will get some minutes at PG, or the team doesn’t quite trust russell…..or, after watching kobe shoot he’s not ready?

    And, fwiw, MWP knows lakers basketball.

    If mitch makes the call, I’ll accept it.

  • People act hes fresh off the sofa he kan still play and most importantly he kan still defend

  • Last years with the Lakers….

    Metta: Shoots a 3pt shoot

    Good times….

  • i will always appreciate what metta did to help us gut out that ring in 2010… i’d love to have him on staff as some sort of defensive consultant. that being said, his playing days in the NBA are over. but go ahead and toughen up our youngsters with some defensive seminars. btw, the more i read about jonathan holmes, the more impressed and intrigued i become. hard worker, good kid, even excelled in the classroom at texas. i think he could develop into a nice SF for us.

  • He is always in shape. He is a gym rat. & he was playing in China. so im sure he’s in game shape. he will be coming off the bench most likely

  • I’m sure this is based mostly on him playing against randle to teach him how to defend n learn some physicality
    Maybe they saw how great Nash did with clarkson they want to see if the same happens with our other rookies

  • He will only be needed for defense & challenging Randle all year in practice. & maybe a 3 that will scare every fan in the Staples Center until he hits one. I still got my MWP jersey

  • I really hope so. He can teach these kids on defensive footwork. He’s the best at it.

  • Metta is a bad ass. One of my favorites. I say yes!!!

    Only problem is how would he fit with this current roster?

  • lol wow seriously I was just watching a rerun of Lakers/Celtics game 7 and wondering what Metta was up to now.

  • If Mitch thinks he can help,
    maybe we do need him?

    Always keep in mind that you are an armchair GM and don’t get paid to make decisions.

  • He should still be one of the best SF options off the bench.

    And he can still give 25 minutes a night.

  • Mitch should make this happen. He will add grit to the bench. The team yet needs a veteran sf to teach the rookies on playing defense.

  • WOW! Love Ron but his plàyer days are done. Can’t believe the FO is this clueless? They have more than enough veteran presence on this roster! Leave well enough alone and let the youth movement grow…. SMH

  • During last season you were complaining about player development you were calling it “losing on purpose”

  • He can’t guard elite small forwards anymore. But I can definitely see him thriving as a power forward going up against guys like Draymond Green, (on occasion) Zach Randolph, Dirk, and Aldridge.

  • He’s in shape. I watched him play on a team with his son all summer in Compton.

  • Tayshaun prince would be a better choice, he’s from Compton and can still actually play

  • He’s been playing overseas. He’s in great shape. He can definitely contribute.

  • i agree bro.
    no questions sign him. i dont know why we got rid of him in the 1st place….i love metta.

  • Your dreaming he’s a liability now he takes I’ll advised shots and misses his shooting % has gone down every year it’s horrible , and he is not the same defensively no more either , if this was 2011 I wouldn’t mind but he’s nba days are done.

  • I don’t know what all of u are crying about. The last few seasons tells all……we need every HEALTHY body we can scavage. Last year, we was so injury riddled that Sacre fouled out of a game but still was allowed to play because there was no one els left. Sure, Metta isn’t what he used to be (naturally), but he’ll bring that toughness and attitude that contending teams need. I really wanted the FO to go after Beasley, but Metta World War would be a great addition to our young team.

  • A) Nothing should happen or be signed that prohibits the development of Russell, Clarkson and Randle. So as a backup SF, fine.

    and B) Of course Kobe’s not ready. He just started shooting 2 days ago after 7 months off.

  • Maybe not, but for 10% of their salary I bet I could give it a run. lol

    I know I can do Scioscia’s job better than him for much less. 🙂

  • Right behind Kobe after he sits at the 6 minute mark. And starting on the Mamba rest days.

  • they might bench someone like clarkson to use as a backup PG unless they really put all their trust in lou williams which i dont…
    i see them benching JC as russell’s backup pg and sliding Kobe to SG .
    then we would be starting nick young or metta maybe at SF.
    I really hope we sign a backup PG though……..

  • I like this idea. We need a guy like Metta. We may have a losing season but at least the team won’t be punked. I’m sure Kobe wouldn’t mind having another vet around who he is familiar with as well.

  • Metta doesn’t have a drug problem and has cleaned himself up recently, goes to therapy and all that.

  • i disagree with you. not only can he teach but he can still contribute to the team like hibbert he has good lockdown defense.
    sign him or jeremy tyler and a backup PG for Dangelo Russell.

  • We’re set as far as guards. Also, all of our SG has the ability to run point if need be. We are iffy at the 3. Hopefully we sign Metta to stiffen that position up a bit.

  • PREACH!!!
    all these haters man i get so tired of them complaining.
    he is only 35 can still play defense bang with the best of em.
    i bet he can still get some steals and easy layups.
    i hope we sign him its a good decision i think so anyways….

  • Guys we could or should sign or trade for…
    Robert Upshaw
    Mario Chalmers
    Jeremy Tyler
    Metta World Peace
    Norris Cole
    Bobby Brown
    1 SF 1 C and 3 PG’s

  • i think trading for chalmers is a good idea.
    i dont want them to bench clarkson to backup Dangelo but what other choice will we have?
    unless they sign someone in the next 60 days.bobby brown/chalmers/cole.
    i dont see the backup pg? am i blind?

  • I like this move for the sole purpose that it’ll teach toughness to the young guys, especially Julius Randle, Larry Nance Jr, and Anthony Brown.

  • I like Metta but look what happened to him in New York. He got waived by the Knicks.

  • Who would we have to give up for Chalmers though. If it includes Swaggy, I don’t think it’ll be worth it.

  • I was thinking Kobe stays at SF, but as the team goes through the rotations Kobe could slide to SG as Clarkson moves to PG.

    But to me the initial 5 on the floor don’t change.
    PG: Russell
    SG: Clarkson
    SF: Kobe
    PF: Randle
    C: Hibbert

    Adding MWP adds depth, allows the team to exploit matchups and absorb injuries.

  • Thanks to Metta, the Lakers got a ring.

    I think he gets a Lakers Family pass.

  • it’d be hard to trade for chalmers, cause then they loose a backup PG for Dragic

  • Put Metta against ANY #2 SF in the league, and I bet he wins.

    You’re so focused on Metta being a starter, when I only see him as bench depth.

    Would you pick Metta or Sam Dekkar?
    or W.Justice?
    or S.Johnson?

  • I see that at the 6 minute mark, Metta checks into the game when Kobe sits. And if Russell is struggling, he sits and Clarkson gets the ball handling duties.

  • i guess having Lou Williams at the backup PG, but i would be more comfortable having an actual playmaker at the backup PG, someone like Telfair or something

  • If Kobe could play some minutes at the SG (thanks to MWP), then Clarkson can be a PG.

  • He got waived because he was unfairly benched and clashed with the coach. He went to NYC to play super cheap and give the team a hometown discount and then got hosed in the process.

  • A shorter yet relatively less volatile version of Dennis Rodman. Aww…give PEACE a chance!

  • some of them arent worth our time bro.
    just ignore em…….
    not everyone is a cool guy. or wants to be friends.
    theres alot of bad people out in the world.

  • You don’t think Bass would start over Randle? I am a huge randle fan but i cant see byron starting him yet

  • well yea prolly swaggy kelly and sacre and maybe a pick.
    is chalmers worth it? i would say yes.
    who else has Dangelo’s backup spot?
    Lou williams is a natural sg and if clarkson is going to start at sg i dont see him backing up dangelo at all.
    i just dont see how this works for us. am i not catching it bro?

  • Byron already said that the starting job is his to lose.

    And, while everyone on here has forgotten Randle’s name because of Russell, I haven’t.

    Let’s not oversell Bass. He has, is, and will always be a #2 guy. He can start, but his numbers are always mediocre at around 12-13ppg. I think Randle should easily get this same amount in his first year.

  • for sure bro.
    i love our starting 5.
    i just dont wanna see a rookie struggle you know?
    he has to have 1 solid backup. with williams being a natural 2 sg and clarkson starting at the sg spot. who has his back?
    i dont see lou will running the point maybe im wrong.
    i really hope i am.

  • Agreed i hope we do sign Metta he will always be family and he would bring that intensity we are craving for the western Conference. A lot of players are scared of Metta and also with him at our practices will definitely bring out the best as far instinsity
    do it Lakers he is only 35..

  • Clarkson is still the best PG we have on the team despite Russell and Clarkson being a natural SG.

    So, to me, this allows Clarkson to move to the 1 for some minutes.

    Remember, at the SG position, the team has Kobe, Clarkson, Young, Williams, AND JBrown as options. But at PG, it’s Russell and Clarkson.

  • We could give up Sacre, Kelly, and Tarik Black, but Riley wouldn’t want those guys, and plus, they would loose a backup PG for Dragic, so i think there’s no chance of trading for Chalmers. As for Bobby Brown, he can stay in China, or Europe, or wherever he’s playing lol

  • so just bench 1 of the two and start Kobe at SG and when Kobe doesnt play start clarkson at the 2.
    when Kobe does start at SG JC can backup dangelo.
    kind of slide back and forth from pg-sg for JC.
    and Kobe he can start at SG or SF either or….Kobe is reliable at those 2 spots as long as byron doesnt put him at PF im good. lol

  • we could use him and randle. each of them two guys can play i just want to see randle get the starting job. i dont hate bass i just wanna see the rookies with their heads high.
    confidence will be more than helpful come this season.
    if we add MWP a veteran who can help teach the rookies you got Kobe Lou Roy.
    the rookies wont feel like they have noone to go to when they have questions.
    i really like adding Bass hope him and randle are both killing it at PF!

  • I really liked the Bass move too.
    To me, he’s the glue that keeps the PF position at a high level when Randle struggles and for the 18 (or so) minutes Randle is not on the floor.

    And I’m always a big guy at winning the individual positional battles, and as a #2 PF, I think he’s probably better than most bench guys.

  • The issue with Holmes is that he’s a jack of all trades, master of none, and that he’s a tweener. He’s a bit small as a PF, too tall as a SF….

    I’m really excited about his future, but I am not sure I ever see a starting position in my crystal ball. I do see 6th man, amazing role player, and really darn good contributor.

    And, I can’t see that Holmes has more potential or will ever pass ABrown on this team’s SF ranks.

  • Thats how i feel too.
    Like seeing Kobe at Clarkson compete for SG position.
    or see nick young and Holmes fight for starting at sf.
    lou williams i just dont see him as a point guard.
    if he can pass i will be much happier but i see him like allen iverson a short sg. at 6’1 hes not much taller than iverson either lol.

  • just like nance jr.
    a hustle guy with good defense amazing hops and a decent knock down jump shot.i see nance being a 3 or 4 foward.

  • 15 is our max roster? or 16.
    we have to do something with kelly and sacre.
    and if we lose upshaw hibberts backup is black at 6’9 he will be outmanned almost every single night.
    his size is good at pf but for a center hes kinda small.

  • lol i didnt think bobby brown was some elite either.
    but if he can pass i could deal with it.
    but back to your trade if we lose black i wouldnt like it.
    id rather trade young kelly sacre. tariq did well last year.
    i see him doing well again this year. at PF or C. he will hustle to make it happen

  • Interestingly enough,
    With MWP, Swaggy becomes irrelevant and there are no minutes.

    SG: Clarkson, Kobe, Williams, Young, JBrown
    SF: Kobe, MWP, Young, ABrown, JHolmes

    Even if Kobe plays 10 minutes at SF there are none left for Young. And, you could call Young a SG, but with Kobe, Clarkson, Williams and JBrown, he’s odd man out again.

    I wouldn’t be upset if *somehow* we could keep Young on the roster as the team has about $60M to spend next year. But I think he’s walking the green mile and IF MWP does sign, he’s so far down the list, that he doesn’t matter.

  • Personally I love players with big heart. Those are the players that win championships and never back down from anyone. Kobe has not had enough of those players since Fisher retired. I though Hill would battle and perhaps 1 or 2 other players. But having enough players with heart and a point guard have been what the team has lacked since winning back to back championships. Metta has heart !

    And we need someone to play small forward when ever Kobe has to slide back to play the shooting guard. Metta likes to do the dirty non glamorous work too.

    It is not my call on who we sign, but we still need a small forward,a veteran point guard, and a veteran back up center IMO. But we don’t have to push the panic button for anyone because we have enough to start the season and let the play of who we have decide who we need to go after.


  • Unofficially.
    Miami is looking to cut salary to avoid repeater tax penalties.


  • Winning games is better than losing games for player growth.

    I can’t say this team WILL make the playoffs, but if they “gel” they have enough talent (on paper) to make it. And, playing 5 extra games in April are really good for player growth.

  • Get it right stalker I spoke on Scott failing to develop Clarkson from the beginning of the season as Kobe was doing way too much. You need to check yourself in constantly trying to come at me with your bullshit.

  • Good points, so I guess ultimately it’ll be a trade: Swaggy for MWP and Chalmers. Seems pretty legit. It’ll tackle both of our backup PG and SF issues. Guess we just have to sit back and see how this thing plays out.

  • RE: Williams
    To me, he’s a very experienced professional basketball guard. And while his strength is scoring, he’s also professional enough to do whatever is asked of him. He’s not going to the All Star game as a PG, but for a few minutes, he could be passable.

  • Love to have him back. If you have a Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace on your locker room, we’ll see if SwaggyPee can still Joke’n around.

  • After conversing with a few of the fellas on here, I came to realize that the Lakers seem to be trying to flip Nick Young, Kelly and Sacre for someone. The question is, who?

  • No games will be won in concept or realtime going forward with the addition of Metta to this group. The best course of action is staying the course of developing the next generation. Adding Metta will mean sacrificing precious PT for JC, Russell and Randle coupled with the other rookies who may get minimal development PT.. I will continue to site the 94-95 Late Show as example. OKC and GS are recent examples of full on commitment to grooming youth and winning at the same time. We’ve failed in landing the big fish just as we did in the 90’s. As Jerry West did back then, and more recently with GS, full youth movement is the mandate for this time and place for our Lakers.

  • fair enough but if he doesnt pass and tries to steal the show the fans will boo him. i just dont have faith in him as a pg.
    but only time will tell i guess.

  • trust me you wont miss nick young buddy.
    we got kobe clarkson and lou will as SG’s.
    and if we need another shooter we have dangelo and jabari too. no room for nick young on this team unless he can play defense and be a small foward. 2 years ago with Kobe hurt constantly young would be a starter but with this new Laker team i feel like some good players are now going to be bench players like bass williams young black ect…..last year they would have been our starters over boozer hill wes johnson, lin ect…

  • apparently he must be doing very well against the Laker young n’s or the Lakers would not be considering this option. I trust their opinion over yours any day !!!!!

  • Barkley must have had a big wigspan too. for guys 6’5 or 6’6 those 2 could rebound! talk about undersized PF.

  • Adding Metta doesn’t change the Youth Movement.
    As of now, we have 3 rookie starters.

    I’m not sure that Metta changes anything as he doesn’t play PF, SG, or PG.

    If anything, adding more veterans helps smooth out the struggles of young players and helps the team continue playing at a high level. Momentum and winning is huge for young players.

    To me, adding MWP just helps the team *overall* absorb injuries, and helps with rotations. And he helps the overall depth as we’ve added another high level veteran to the bench.

    To me, getting 41 wins teaches a lot more than 31.

  • haha i didnt even think of it like that!
    remember nick young and jordan hill acting like fools last year?
    they won 1 meaningless game and celebrated like winning the playoffs.
    i was SMH like crazy! like wtf are these guys doin? for real?

  • as long as Kobe & Randle dont get hurt i will be happy.
    *crosses fingers*

  • i forgot boozer he was acting pretty dumb in front of the camera too. for a veteran of 13 years he was acting really immature.
    lin was being interviewed and hill boozer young were walking back and forth making faces and all that……
    WOW i hope it disappears eventually!
    Kobe himself was really embarassed when he was on a late night tv show he saw that and was like whattttt…..

  • It just dawned on me….
    Depending on Randle’s growth, he will be asked to take the in-bounds pass and carrying the ball across half court as a point-forward.

    This changes a lot….. And in short sections, having Williams and “scoring oriented” guards might not be as bad as we think….Randle is a Point Forward and both Scott and Mitch have said he will get some ball handling duties in a traditional point forward role. ** I admit this is a bit of a projection however. **

    Think about how the game changes when Lebron gets the in-bounds pass and initiates the offense.

    Things are surely bright in the Lakers future.

  • I wouldn’t mind Metta World Peace back on the team can be a defensive anchor with Hilbert can talk to the young guys He’s not going to play a lot of minutes anyways he probably won’t even play a lot of games either so it wouldn’t hurt I mean there’s nobody else really out there lol

  • haha I remember that, I couldn’t understand a word coming out of Jordan’s mouth lol i died 😀 watching this

  • Adding Metta absolutely affects the youth movement. Again, he will take minutes from the youth. We saw van Exel, Jones and Peeler grow substantially being put directly into the fire. West did the same with Curry and Thompson.Metta can and has mentored as a non player already. No need to waste a roster spot for him to do that. This group need to run. Adding m etta will stump that. Kobe and m etta will try to revive the triangle in conflict with Scott’s Princeton. The triangle is over. Phil and Tex are not walking through the door. Time for the next to build their niche.

  • right lol and jeremy lin just stood there like a fool going along with it. now if a rookie did that i would be like okay hes 18 19 a teenager still. not the greatest thing in the world but i could say okay and move on. but to see boozer doing it? hes been in the NBA for 13 yrs. i am so glad boozer is gone only guy ill miss is ed davis. he balled his heart out every game. boozer does baby layups meanwhile davis and lin were doing decent attacking the hoop.

  • that might work with lou will and maybe jabari coming off the bench. jabari is a decent ball handler. randle can def handle the rock though your right 100 pct!

  • wrong try again. 35 is alot younger than paul pierce and KG duncan ect…

  • Funny when people look at the age factor. Kobe & meta are technically younger than kg, peirce and Duncan. Not only that, but we only currently have two players over 30. We can use experience

  • I fully agree with the Youth Movement,
    But I am not sure the front office wants to sacrifice wins just to develop guys. To me, the Lakers Brand needs to get close to the playoffs to stay relevant. And they can’t afford another [20 something] season.

    I also think that all rookies struggle, and the best way to maintain high level of play is through depth. And while you convinced me that Russell should be a starter, I am very suspect that he might struggle. His high’s will be eye-popping, that his lows could be devastating.

    So to me, this move is about maintaining a balance between youth and winning, and not necessarily against the youth as the best players always stay on the court. But, young guys need veterans for stability and guidance, and young guys need to be pulled when they stink. And, above all else, the Lakers need to find something close to 40 wins.

  • lebron is 30 and dwade is like 32 or 33.
    they arent past their prime.
    how is MWP? i dont get it….hes only 35!

  • Veteran lineup
    PG (Chalmers)
    SG Lou Williams
    SF Kobe
    PF Bass
    C Hibbert


    PG Lou Williams
    SG Kobe
    SF (Metta)
    PF Bass
    C Hibbert

  • neither is good. we are starting at least 2 rookies.
    out of clarkson randle russell.
    i think well start all 3 but we definately wont bench them.
    lol thats just stupid…

  • Metta hasnt played in the nba competively in a while. He is past his prime

  • Metta will be 36 soon and kg and pierce have been playing in nba while metta has not

  • Absolutely no way! How does that fit with a commitment to getting younger and more athletic? Use that roster spot to develop new talent.

  • Again, there’s no sacrifice. We’ve failed in getting the big fish. They added three solid vets in Hibbert, Bass and Williams to Kobe and Young. That’s 5 vets that will get major minutes already. Once again, we didn’t have that much veteran presence on that Late Show team in 94-95. The other teams I’ve cited didn’t have that much veteran presence either. Adding Metta is redundant and will serve only to evoke hope of what once was from fans and will sell tickets, from a FO perspective. I’m more interested in seeing the youth grown like all the other example I’ve stated. Nothing excites a fan base more than watching an organic youth movement gel. Time to stop holding onto the past and let the future be now.

  • Gotta get younger and athletic. Metta camt handle the rigors of an 82 game schedule

  • Oh stop if you heard this one before. In LA . How do you put out a dumpster fire? You pile more crap on it. Mettas time is up man come on. they can’t be serious. We are supposed to be getting younger not older slower.

  • BTW I believe the team as presently constructed can win enough games to make the playoffs if they gel. The Late Show did. OKC did it. Look at the Pelicans? It can be done. We just need to have patience’s with the youth and more importantly, give them their chance.

  • Do it Mitch!! Metta is only 35 years old, and still plays defense better than most SF’s in the league, sign him to a vet’s minimum for a year, what do we have to lose, better than what we have right now minus Kobe.

  • we could always just cut Jabari Brown and the camp invitees and unload kelly and sacre to make room. What do you think of Greg Stiemsma? He’s got good size (6’11) and can block shots for you. He’s still out there on the market. Or maybe try to call Emeka Okafor’s agent and see what he’s up to

  • dude shut up, Metta plays better defense than what we have right now, Anthony Brown? Jonathan Holmes? Nick Swaggy P?? come on, you can’t be serious. Yes, this team needs to go younger, but cannot have all kids without any veterans, that’s the reason Mitch brought in Hibbert, Bass, and Lou.

  • If you guys don’t want Metta, how bout we trade for Martell Webster?? the guy is another veteran who’s younger (28 years old) than Metta . He’s great from long range and provides some decent perimeter D. Washington won’t be using him that much since Otto Porter Jr. will need more minutes. We can always just unload Kelly, Sacre, and Jabari Brown.

  • How much more younger do you wanna get?

    You got 4 sophmores (Randle, Clarkson, J. Brown, and Tarik Black) and potentially 3 rookies (A. Brown, D. Russel,Larry Nance, and maybe Upshaw and whoever else we’ve signed).

  • I hope the Lakers bring him back. I love me some Metta !! He never should have been released in the first place. WELCOME HOME!!

  • Bruce, Metta is way to old to play in this game today. The only thing Metta has going for him is that metta has 6 fouls. You bet he will use evryone of them. other teams will pick and roll him to death. Ron will just foul all game. just like carlos boozer. This is a terrible idea.

  • metta would be a real nice mentor and vet to the younger kids. he ll get them to play defense no doubt. he even said on 710 that he doesnt care if he gets playing time, as long as he gets a chance to teach our young guys.

  • As I read commentary from the pro Metta folks, I can’t help but notice a commonality, they are all living in the past in their emotional thought processes. We will never have forward movement if we keep looking back at what use to be.

    Metta is AWSOME but he should not be on this roster. No one loves him some Ron, Ron more than Phil Jackson, and he love’s vet’s who know the triangle. Phil is not courting Metta. Dig that?

    Let go Lakers Nation. Time for the new to shine…

  • Stalker?? Lol what are you joshhh? How did Scott fail at developing Clarkson? Clarkson asked to go on a dleague assignment and came back to win a spot on the all-rookie team, id say they brought him up to perfection.

  • U don’t really have a say on the matter specially when the team brass is actually serious about this one now do u , lol

  • Scott lost Nash, X and Young at the start of the season. Jabari Brown was not on roster at the time. Instead of giving JC some PT at guard he ran Kobe into the dirt. JC was buried behind Lin, Price and Kobe for what? Kobe was supposed to play less minutes also. Scott blew it as he has admitted, and JC played well in the preseason.

  • if you dont think he can help us your lost and in denial bro….
    wake up!

  • he can still play metta is only 35 and he works out daily.
    this guy is feared by many for a reason! beast mode was originated by ron artest.

  • jeremy tyler chalmers and MWP!
    trade young kelly and sacre.
    jabari is decent too keep him.

  • 35 is way too old? since when?
    nash played until like 40 so is KG duncan and paul pierce!
    so shush up!

  • trip yourself off a cliff please and dont give others advice.
    the world will be better off without u.

  • ron is a bad boy piston who brawled in detroit made them boys famous.
    ron is no joke dont tick him off.
    look what he did to james harden. questions?

  • lets put it this way i wouldnt fight that dude for a million dollars. not even 10 mill
    is that better?

  • wait i remember you!
    your that fan jermaine oneal dropped when he took a shot at ron artest!
    i knew i knew u in that sad ugly as* jersey!
    man your pretty FAT.

  • okafor sounds good and jeremy tyler def gonna get MWP back here!
    and a backup PG pleaseeeeeeeee!

  • hes still good. better than nick young and a rookie SF in A brown. nothing against brown either….hes too young still.

  • Meta is nothing more than the 12th man off the bench with experience and grit at this stage in his career; 15 minutes per game max is all he should be getting and if the FO is seriously hiring him it is for the benefit of having a player/coach on the bench to mentor the rookies and lead the young core of talented players they drafted in these last two previous years.

    I’m sure having an older player still weighs on their mind as they are well aware they tend to break down more often Kobe and Nash, but they may be serious about the hire due to the success Nash had on Clarkson and it may well work with Metta on Randle. This is the only explanation I can come up with why conte,plating this signing.

  • This is not a good idea. This makes the lakers look real desperate . We have to stop living in the past when we make decidsions like this. I loved Ron back in the days. But, his time has come and gone. I trust in these kids we have on this team. Maybe Mitch needs to also.

  • We need metta he’s in shape and can help Julius develop! Plus he can be the enforcer on and off the court. He can keep the young guys in-line + stanky pee??

  • Off course , I completely understand, ur a fat no life freak who live on his parents garage , I can,give u a tip though if u wanna start doing something else , start looking for a job hahaha

  • Hahaha, I don’t know if ur very stupid or u like making shit up just to say something , do,u,even know when the pistons bad boys era is , doubt it , goggle it and educate ur self it’s embarrassing

  • U have no clue when the pistons bad boys era is , I’ll give u a clue , Google isaiah Thomas or Joe dumas pistons era , ur embarrassing ur self kiddo

  • Name one……just one elite player that’s been guarded well. And I bet that same one has averaged 25+ points for his career. Get my point now?

  • The signing of Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace is in DIRECT RESPONSE to the Clippers’ signing of the hated Paul “Wheelchair” Pierce. I guarantee it. Lakers are not going to let the Clippers try to siege control of this city.

  • That could be a factor. Unless they unload some players there’s no room for him. It also depends on what kind of shape he’s in.

  • why?? he can’t defend anymore, shoots bricks. Hell get that other old guy JR Smith instead, he can still shoot!

  • J Taylor,

    That is very much appreciated ! Like you and many other true Laker fans I’m just keeping a positive attitude about things. And showing my appreciation to great players like Kobe and great franchises like the Lakers.

    I like to specialize on pointing out the positives. I’m a “can do ” Win Anyway type of guy. I’ll leave the negative specializing to critics, doubters, haters, band wagon fans, and the media ,who already do an excellent job of hating “real” great players and great franchises.

    Go Lakers !


  • But he has a big heart and that is contagious and great in the locker room and on the court. But hey JR Smith has a lot of hear t too. But Metta is already a Lakers champion so we know he will put his heart out for the Lakers. Actually Metta was the last player with Big heart that Kobe has had since Fisher. Kobe was not alone when he had Metta.

    Again I thought Jordan Hill showed some heart too. Just not as much as Metta. Once Metta was gone Jordan Hill was just about the only other player with big heart to support Kobe that comes to mind off the top of my head. There may have been one other possibly two max?


  • Thanks Jeff,

    That is true. I mentioned that above but I called him a veteran point guard. He could back up Russel and/or Clarkson. Or take over the majority of the minutes should the young players have trouble or get injured.


  • if he can still play elite defense, and hit timely 3s and open shots, why not? we cant rely on JC being our lockdown defender right now imho

  • I am not totally sold on him either. My concern would be his physical and mental condition. And how he would fit in and gel with the present unit chemistry wise. But I do think it is worth considering because if nothing else you know Metta has heart to battle at home and on the road just like Kobe. So with a guy like that players feed off of them. And Kobe is just one guy even though he happens to have the biggest championship heart in the league, he and the Lakers need and deserve more. And two big time vets with heart are better than one. Just look at the impact J.R. Smith made in the playoffs? He and his heart almost helped Lebron put the Cav’s back in the driver’s seat.

    Players with heart make all the difference in the world. Just look at what Lebron did by teaming up with D.Wade, the player with the second biggest heart in the league IMO.


  • Do it. He’s tough. He works hard. He’s entertaining. Anybody who wouldn’t take a vet like him over Kelly is crazy stupid.

  • “Metta is AWSOME but he should not be on this roster. No one loves him some Ron, Ron more than Phil Jackson, and he love’s vet’s who know the triangle. Phil is not courting Metta. Dig that?”

    Yeah, well right now, the Lakers are currently rolling with the #2 draft pick, last year’s #7, a 1st rounder that dropped to the second round that has a huge chip on his shoulder to produce and prove folks wrong, a #2 almost DPoY (should’ve won it) in Hibbert, Kobe, and a bunch of youth and versatility while Phil/Knicks have Carmelo, Calderon and who?

    I never thought I’d say this but I think Mitch and Jim at the moment is doing a helluva better job than Phil by far.

  • Dude, you’re acting like Mitch is signing Metta to run 30 to 40 minutes for a 82 game season.

    This is not that signing. More than anything, he’ll probably just help the young bucks get better while putting in 10 to 15 minutes a night, if that.

    It’s not about living in the past, it’s an opportunity to be used.

  • Only if Paul is using an electric wheelchair and Metta is using standard. 😀

  • I usually agree with you but definitely not on that one. I’m not even sure MWP could give us 15 good minutes.

    And unlike what coach Scott wants, I wish we could go like this:

    Clarkson / Russel
    Bryant / Williams
    Brown / Young
    Randle / Bass
    Hibbert / Black

  • no more chance sign mwp ron artest i choose to sign and waive sacre to sign for both jeremy tyler and rick ledo to LA Lakers not mwp please

  • Is it 2009 again? If Ron Artest is working out at the Lakers facility daily, can’t they just fire fucking Mark Madsen and hire Ron and Steve Nash as specialized player coaches? If Ron hadn’t have been amnestied in the first place we would never have had to go through those awful two seasons of Wesley Johnson at the 3.

  • U a idiot my blood maybe i knock yo ass off a cliff bitch. The fact is metta hasnt played on a nightly basis and he is way to slow now

  • Veteran presence for the Lakers at SF, will also teach the young Lakers (A. Brown, J. Holmes, Nance Jr. and Randle) how to defend the SF (or even PF) and be an enforcer in the game Nyahahahaha!

  • Dlo(22-26 mins.)
    JC(27-30 mins.)
    MWP(10-15mins MAX)
    SwagP(20-27 mins. might decrease lil bit with 2 browns competing for minutes)
    ABrown/Jbrown(one of them might get some spot minutes away from swaggy)
    Bass(Randle’s reliever, nance might get a minute or 2 from bass too if he improves)
    Hibbert(28 mins. MAX)
    Upshaw(project,might play when Kobe rests or some of bigs fouled out)

    sacre,kelly I assume they’ll be traded for something….say those 2 guys and 2018 2nd rd pick for a [insert team] 2nd rd pick in 2016/2017(protected)

  • Metta won’t help much at this point. Some defense and some 3 balls that’s about it. Clarkson, Lou Williams are the only 2 viable players right now. Kobe will be too only if he is completely healthy. The rest have to prove themselves to me. Russell is over-hyped. Nance Jr will be worse than Sacre and a non factor. Nick Young is just a side show. Hibbert lost his game for a long time now. Who do they have?

  • Metta didn’t have much game left in his last season with the Lakers. I don’t know if he’s good enough to make the 15-man roster. That said, I think signing him is still a good idea. If we want Kobe to play as part of a team–as opposed to just running the show by himself–he needs a teammate he trusts. He’s barely played with anyone else on this squad. Kobe loves and trusts Metta. #GoForIt

  • The Lakers will be lucky to win 20 to 25 games next year. Kobe can’t carry them anymore. And this team is a worse roster than the Smush Parker-Kwame Brown days.

  • For the Lakers to pick DeAngelo Russell over Jahlil Okafor has to be the DUMBEST draft selection EVER for a franchise. DeAngelo Russell turned the ball over every other play in summer league. And Okafor went about his business scoring and rebounding like the true big man prospect he is. Biggest mistake in the history of the draft. But my fellow Laker fans will act as though he is the next Steph Curry in the making. Wake up broheim!

  • As Laker fans we need to call out management for their ridiculous bad decisions. The Lakers are struggling and everyone in cyber land is making fun of them because of bad management decisions. What exactly have they done to improve this team? They go after Carmelo Anthony and Lamarcus Aldridge; and they forget about numerous role players that make a team better that are not superstars. Look at the Atlanta Hawks. Look at the Wizards and Toronto. No big name stars, just good solid team players. Laker management needs a face- lift big time.

  • We don’t need Metta, period. It ‘s a waste of a roster spot and will take precious minutes from the youth who need that PT. Metta can mentor the young bucks as is. See Steve Nash with JC, Russell and Randle. See KAJ with Hibbert. ETC…

    Scott loves vets and just like last season (with Boozer and Price) he would give Metta more minutes than you seem to be willing to admit. Sorry son but this is not a good idea.

  • I agree. We should have gone after second tier stars like Carroll.

    The preseason starts in 6 weeks. As athletes, and a loyal fanbase, it’s vital to project a promising future. We can’t think negatively. That’s not how Mamba operates. You forget that Isiah Thomas couldn’t return from an Achilles injury. But he’s pushing, and pushing. Kobe knows deep down that he is human, But his alter ego refuses to believe that. And believe me son, that’s what champions are made of.

    So I request you to take your negativity elsewhere. There’s a season to look forward to. And it’s the last chance to see Kobe in action.

  • You are so wise. Wonder why you are not a GM in the league. Okafor is the next Al Jefferson. I’d rather roll the dice with Russell. With Russell, we either get a certified bust or a once-in-a-generation player. With Okafor, we get a solid 20-10 guy who will get bullied on defense by guys like LeBron, KD and PG-13.

  • There is just too much positivity with nothing to back it up. I agree about Kobe. He is of champion pedigree. Now at his age and post injuries I doubt he can carry this lame roster. I’m just being real. Will you look forward to the season and think the same way if they win 20 games? And do you think picking Russell over Okafor was an intelligent decision?

  • I respectfully disagree. Okafor is going to be a beast. Russell will end up like a Ramon Sessions. Mediocre PG bouncing from team to team. If I wrong you can blast me next year. But I completely disagree broheim. I would have chosen Okafor over Russell and wouldn’t have even thought twice about it.

  • I hope I am wrong actually. I hope Russell shines. But I am doubtful. Watched him in summer league and he was a turnover machine. Almost looked nervous most of the time. Not the type of player that was hyped in the draft.

  • For me, it’s not about reliving the past. I think Ron could be a good addition because he is someone Kobe loves and trusts. Kobe has zero chemistry with this group, and it is unlikely to develop before the season begins. This year’s hopes all hang on Kobe and how the new players gel with him, and Ron being on the roster helps with that. Also, I fear Hibbert breaking down mentally as Kobe’s teammate, but Ron can help in that area as well. As weird as this twilight zone episode seems, I think Ron Artest helps team chemistry for the Lakers this season. Can he play? I don’t know. Is he worth a roster spot? When 1/3 of the spots are being given to rookies with multiple undrafted guys taking up spots, I have no problem waiving/moving one of those guys to make room for Ron.

  • who did you want that you didn’t get that would have made this into a championship contender? and yes, picking russell over okafor was absolutely the right decision. okafor is slow and can’t protect the rim to save his life. russell, along with randle and clarkson, will be the core of our rebuild going forward.

  • you’re hilarious, john. okafor would have been getting dunked on by griffin and jordan for years.. and we would all have been cringing.

  • lakers were trying to build a big 3 thats why. i like mwp. he’s been with the lakers this off season working out with randle. i’m seeing the playoffs if everyone can stay healthy.

  • PGs- Russell/Clarkson/Williams
    SGs- Kobe/JBrown/Frazier
    SFs- Young/ABrown/Holmes
    PFs- Randle/Bass/Nance/Kelly
    Cs- Hibbert/Black/Sacre

    That’s currently 16 players.

  • I’d rather the Lakers take the chance on a potential Steph Curry than a potential AL Jefferson. One dimensional Okafor turned the ball over almost as much as DLo did and he wasn’t a primary ball handler. To top it off he only shot 6 percent better than DLo did when most of his shots were from inside the paint.

  • okafor is slow and can’t defend. russell detractors will say that HE can’t defend either… the difference is that you wouldn’t be counting on russell the be the LAST LINE of defense as you would with okafor. besides, russell is huge for a PG and has a big wingspan, which should mitigate his learning curve on that end of the floor. what scared me about okafor was that kaminsky and poeltl — the two pro prospects he clashed with during the tournament — got the better of okafor. the lakers made the right choice.

  • nah. cousins is talented, but i wouldn’t trade any one of our young trio to get him. this is a slow rebuild. it’s not going to happen overnight. people need to stop thinking that.

  • For all of Metta’s shortcomings on offense and with age now on defense, the guy still has the knowledge and can be a veteran presence, primarily for Randle. He can also be a guy who could help Hibbert, especially when it comes to dealing with the “mental” aspect of things. This wouldn’t be a bad move by any stretch. I’m curious to see who the Lakers cut loose to make room for him. I’d still like to see them lock up Upshaw somehow, whether it’s a D-League deal with a promise to sign him to the roster later or something. But if they see potential for adding growth to the team then I’m for it. This isn’t a signing you do with the expectation that he’ll have an impact on the court. This is a signing you do with the expectation that he’ll have an impact in practice.

  • So why waste a roster spot on him then? Why can’t they just sign him to the coaching staff?

  • then why not just hire him as a coach/consultant? no need to waste a roster spot. i love metta, but let’s be serious — he’s not a viable NBA player anymore.

  • 15 mins MAX at SF while helping our yong bloods with the “defense” which isnt known by most superstars deez days

  • I know it’s like common sense. I’d rather they play against MWP than Mark Madsen in trainings.

  • We dont have nuff lockdown defenders….we cant rely on JC being our Jimmy Butler, not this time around imho, unless he proves otherwise,same goes for randle

  • metta is NOT a lockdown defender at the NBA level at this point in time. come on, bro.

  • If you want an NBA lockdown defender, you don’t sign a 35 year old who has barely played in the past two years.

  • Yeah I know, but cmon, they said defense is mostly on mindset and mentality, and I believe, with his experience and IQ on defense, he MIGHT still be our best perimeter defender(not JC OR abrown)

  • if he is, we are screwed (which we probably are this year, anyway). hire him as a coach if you want him to instill that motor and intensity in the young guys.

  • Okafor can’t protect the rim. Sure, he idolized Tmmy but he ain’t no Timmy. Duncan was All Defensive the second he entered the league. Like I said before, Okafor is a rich man’s Al Jefferson, with better post moves. But Centers who can’t play D don’t win rings. Actually Russell has a more realistic idol in T-Mac.

  • Take your negativity elsewhere. He was coached by Mark Madsen. Let’s watch him play at the Staples Center – where it really matters.

  • Idk but I want him to hit lebron in the head like what he did to harden ahahaha lol joke xD

  • Where the hell do you guys see this upside for Russell? I don’t see it. The dude threw the damn ball away half the time in summer league. You are hoping he is something he is NOT. Okafor is an NBA ready center. Not slow like you say. The guy is going to be good plain and simple. a true center with a nice post up game and rebounding ability. Stupid Russell supporters that know I’m right, but are just in denial!

  • I like Metta, don’t think the Lakers need another PF. I like the mix of the vets and youngsters. Would like them to trade a couple of people if possible, other than that lets see what this team can do.

  • please do not sign mwp because of age and injuries enough one veteran kobe bryant and the rest new and fresh players la lakers

  • metta shouldn’t be cracking the rotation anyway. but he is a good veteran presence.

    Rotation should be-

    PG- Russell/Clarkson
    SF- Kobe/Young
    PF- Randle/Bass
    C- Hibbert/Black

    Everyone else (ABrow, Nance, Sacre, Kelly) shouldn’t be getting minutes

  • you sound like the stupid one, john. half of russell’s turnovers were the result of his teammates not expecting his passes. okafor IS slow and can’t protect the rim. i’ll roll with the guy that jerry west said was the best in the draft. i’ll roll with the guy that rick pitino called the best passer in the college game since magic johnson. something tells me they know just a tad more about hoops than you do.

  • Metta is an SF
    Kobe,Lou,swagP,hibbert and bass….5 vets? Adding 1 wont do harm…at the same time, will give warm bodies at SF position=more relievers for Kobe

  • I’ve said it before, but the rotations I expect to go with the Lakers starting
    Russell, Clarkson, Kobe, Randle, Hibbert

    About 6 minutes in when Kobe goes out, Russell comes out and Clarkson shifts to PG with Williams and Young coming in. At the 9-10 minute mark, Clarkson goes out, Russell comes back in along with the rest of the reserves. 2nd quarter you’ll see Russell start for the first 3 minutes before going back out for Clarkson at which point you’ll see him come back in at about the 6-7 minute mark when Kobe comes back in for the remainder of the quarter with Williams and Young going back to the bench and the rest of the starters coming in between the 6-9 minute mark. That lineup then goes till the end of the quarter unless Scott doesn’t like something he sees, at which point you’ll see some other bits of lineup shuffling. From there, something similar to that in the 2nd half

  • Why can’t you get through to your head, bro? Even if we win only 20 games, Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour means a lot more. Jeanie Buss even said in an interview recently: “This season is all about Kobe.” And like I said before, you are saying the obvious things. You think Kobe doesn’t know that he has an untested team? But they haven’t been tested, have they? Only 2-3 guys from the last season’s roster are going to play. Hopefully, Swaggy Scrub gets shipped out soon. Our predictions holds no weight. We ought to wait and watch.

  • hilarious how morons like john put so much stock into summer league. steph curry struggled in SL. ditto for derrick rose. john salmons tore up SL. guess which one of the three does NOT have an NBA MVP trophy??

  • Unbelievable in denial Laker fans. Delusional is the right word for 90% of my fellow Laker fans. LMAO.

  • Seeing that you are basing their entire careers on the summer league: Okafor is a horrible rebounder, he only gets them if they fall into his hands. This should scare you C Okafor 5.5 DRPB, PG DLo 5.0 DRPG.

  • Metta throwing up bricks and getting burned on defense with his slow legs will take this team from a 25 win season down to 20… tanking for that top 3 pick is what it looks like to me..

  • He’s got over 1 month of shooting before preseason and 2 months before the season starts. With everything else being fine with Kobe, him getting his shooting stroke back won’t be much of an issue. It’s his legs that have been the biggest problem. He has those back.

  • Why can’t you get this through to your head, bro? Even if we win only 20 games, Kobe Bryant’s farewell tour means a lot more. Jeanie Buss even said in an interview recently: “This season is all about Kobe.” And like I said before, you are saying the obvious things. You think Kobe doesn’t know that he has an untested team? But they haven’t been tested, have they? Only 2-3 guys from the last season’s roster are going to play. Hopefully, Swaggy Scrub gets shipped out soon. Our predictions holds no weight. We ought to wait and watch.

  • vdogg. What exactly does DeAngelo Russell have that is going to put the Lakers over the top? Is he the next Chris Paul to you? Damn. How delusional can these people get?

  • his size, court vision, shooting, passing ability, leadership skills.. should i go on? if okafor is as good as you say, he would have gone first overall, kiddo.

  • We need much depth as possible bruh…

    Dlo,JC,Kobe,Lou,swagP…those 5 guys will get almost all the 144minutes available from 1-3….mwp can provide solid production from that spot minutes…abrown and jbrown will get minutes when Kobe and mwp sits out games and/or foul trouble situations

    Randle, bass will get PF minutes, nance can steal minutes if he’ll show improvements

    Hibbert,tarik and upshaw will make our C spot

  • now you are just being monotonous. why don’t you watch some preseason games and come back here with your opinion?

  • Here’s the Laker fan point of view. If management would have chosen Larry Nance Jr over Jahlil Okafor; all these Laker fans would be coming in and defending their decision. No matter how ignorant it was.

  • Randle is expected to start. With Randle, Russell and Clarkson being looked at as the future, those 3 guys playing as many minutes as possible together, developing a continuity together for the future is what’s important. Starting isn’t an issue. People seem to make starting a bigger deal than it really is. It’s not who starts, it’s who finishes games. This isn’t about making a team to make the playoffs now, this is about building a future and you put your future guys out there together to play together.

  • I stand corrected, SF. I’ll rephrase, don’t think the Lakers need any other forwards, small or power. I agree, don’t think it will hurt, but don’t think it will help much either. Plenty of relievers for Kobe already.

    To me it would be making a move just to make a move, I don’t think Metta will be a reason they are successful this season or not.

  • I’ll never understand why people wanted Okafor. Other than post moves he has absolutely nothing to his game. He is slow as shit and can’t even get off the ground. He turned the ball over 4.5 times a game and shot .400 from inside the paint all the while getting his shot blocked 14 times. He doesn’t have the mindset of an elite player, he bailed on his team for the final two summer league games to attend some mickey mouse ESPY award show where he wasn’t even nominated for anything.

  • LOL. you’re hilarious, john. head over a sixers site, kiddo. they’ve got what you’re looking for.

  • Russell, Clarkson, Williams, Kobe and with point forward, technically Randle. The Princeton much like the Triangle can operate without a traditional point guard, it just needs a ball handler that can initiate the offense.

  • Yea but even Larry Nance Jr fucking had his way in the paint with Okafor grabbing boards and blocking two of his shots. WHY? Because he can actually fucking jump.

  • they are desperate to be heard. that’s what these basement dwellers do. they reiterate the same opinion over and over again. best to ignore them. the entire league hopes & prays that we remain at the bottom of West. They are trying their best. We just need to defy the odds. We aren’t going to contend before 2018. And we know it too. We acknowledge it too. And yet these basement dwellers call Lakers fans “delusional”. It amazes me.

  • You could put Kobe at the PF spot but ONLY when there is an SF at the PF spot. The expectation is Kobe plays there when teams go small, not when there is a traditional PF on the floor.

  • Why don’t u head to the loony bin , this is a public forum biatch, anyone’s entitled to their opinion whether it’s pro or against the team

  • Some people do, most of us act like we know what he can provide Randle and Hibbert. Randle in his development and Hibbert with having that extra person around who has to see a psychiatrist. It’ll give Hibbert someone he can relate to and not feel as insecure.

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  • Holmes is 6’8″ 240lbs. He’s sized perfectly for a SF. He’s a bit on the heavy side though, could stand to lose 10lbs but height wise he’s just right.

  • I think u misused a word

    It should be supporting since the FO and Lakers Org knows MORE than any random ass trollers and loyal fans

  • Go back to ur mom’s nigga womb nigga nigga nigga

    U must lose ur life niggaz

  • Right , like ur stupid comments prove ur an adult, hahaha , even if u are , it just proves how pathetic Lowlife u are

  • and yet you’re here just like everyone else. oh, and for what it’s worth, you sound more stupid than ANYONE on here.

    and that’s REALLY saying something.

  • The Lakers have Clarkson and Lou Williams at guard. You actually agree with bringing in Hibbert instead of a young Jahlil Okafor. And you justify it by calling Okafor slow and a non rim protector? What exactly makes Russell so good to you? What have you seen so far that justifies what you believe?

  • Anyone that questions stupid decisions makes you mad and emotional. You don’t even use rational thought. I’m a Laker fan but the sixers made out like a bandit. They got the future center they needed. Embiid can sit on the bench injured, and they can trade Noel. They got their man. Deny it all you want!

  • have you seen the layup line that has been the lakers d for the last two years? okafor would not have helped that. these days, you don’t need a C to score 25. just rebound, box out, get put backs, protect the rim and hit your FTs. and you do realize that jerry west called russell the best in the draft, yes?

  • they also tried to trade up with us at the 11th hour to get russell.

    deal with THAT.

  • Russell will be fine. Hes a future superstar while okafor is another brook lopez which isnt bad

  • The benefit of having him as a player means you can pop him in for a couple minutes beside Randle when reserves are on the floor, and allow him to guide him while on the floor. There is only so much one can do as a coach, pointing out things after plays have developed and such, telling him how he could do different. But to tell him how to lineup and do while on the court, giving advise between plays, things like that, that’s what gets lost.

  • Curry didnt play good either in the summer league but i guess nobody remembers. Lebron had a so so summer league. You cant go by summer league play bro

  • Stay in denial all you want. And call me names or whatever. I bet you I am 1000% correct. I bet Okafor shines and Russell is mediocre. That is my feeling and thought. The Lakers are guard heavy anyway with Clarkson and Williams. Also Young. They passed up on a young nice center prospect and filled in the slot with Hibbert. I just disagree with that logic.

  • He can jump? LMAO. You are actually trying to say Nance Jr outshines Okafor? Wow.

  • Jerry West also said to draft Sydney Moncrief over Magic Johnson, Jerry West was not always right.
    He may have talked about Russell in not specific details; he could have looked and talked about Russell as glowingly as a potential shooting guard all star instead of just an average level point guard player maker etc. I see the same thing as West, he is very talented but unless you utilize his skill sets wisely as an organization then you could be wasting his full potential and underestimating his career by accident.
    Just look at the Spurs; how many players they pick up from other team’s scrubs and made into legitimate starting quality players in the nba…..Danny Green, Boris Diaw, Patti Mills etc etc
    enough said

  • They should know more. But we have a right to question their decisions. If we disagree we have a right to say so.

  • He fits as a bit bench player, someone who can mentor Randle and Hibbert.

  • You forget the head of the snake Price. He’s all about heart. And Byron gave the lead spot to him. And you’ll find Nance to be that get after it player too. IMo we don’t need a SF as much a 3rd PG (a pure one). The makeup of this team is quite versatile.

    Randle can be a PF/SF. Young/Kobe/Brown SF/SG Russell/Clarkson/Williams can play both guards spot.

    At least 4 guys can be inserted in the 3 spot.
    At least 7 guys can be inserted in the 2 spot
    Only 3 guys at PG.

    I like the Artest, Wanted him here in LA when he was a Free agent with Houston, and that paid off. Not sure what he has left though.

  • He won’t easily shut them down. He doesn’t have the footspeed to keep up with Harden, Aldridge you aren’t going to stop, he’s too short and Aldridge will shoot right over him. But he can do though is make Aldridge uncomfortable with physical play though. What he can do is mentor Randle and Hibbert.

  • Why not give him the following two assignements: focus on defense and shoot only open threes.

  • the lakers just need rondo and they have solid start unit
    pg: rajon rondo
    sg: kobe
    sf: world peace
    pf:brandon bass
    c: roy hibbert

  • I’m not mad at this at all it’s kind of like a player assistant coach deal. He will help develop Randle by going against him in practice. While filling in at various positions on the floor. Mainly the 3, maybe the 4 in smaller line ups.

  • Actually I did say the Lakers may have had 1 or 2 other players with heart but I didn’t call them out by name. I tend to type too much already so I generalize to shorten my post. (smile)

    But I agree with you on Price.

    I wanted to keep Price unless we picked up Rondo or another veteran. I think having a proven veteran to mentor and backup the two young players Clarkson and Russell just makes sense.
    Russell may or may not need time to adjust to the speed,travel, work load, and all that the NBA challenge presents. Or one of the two could get injured.

    I can agree with you also on not necessarily needing a SF.

    As I said in a prior post we are probably good to go now to start the season. I think we will have a better idea on what we need once we see how what we have performs. We can fill any needs that become effident at that time.

    I like your insight. You made some very good points.


  • Sacre can be a solid backup; he’s not going anywhere. Kelly can’t go anywhere until he’s given a chance to show that he can play, so maybe he can be showcased a little in preseason.

  • I appreciate your posts being clear headed and civil. Too many on here think discussions are about trash talking, clutters the board. We need more like you – optimists but not false optimists. I’m more of a critic but we’re both seeking a better Lakers team.

    In any case, The camp will tell us who’s up to par and who needs to go. Who gets injured. From there, we go forward. There’ll be some names who get cut from their camp to fill needs.

  • That’s a horrible starting line up??
    D’angelo Russell
    Jordan Clarkson
    Kobe Bryant
    Julius Randle
    Roy Hibbert.
    I wouldn’t even mind if JC came off the bench as a PG because there won’t be a PG for our bench. He will be playing starter minutes anyway.

  • You are wrong. Them turnovers are because hes learning his tammates fool. Lebron and curry had below performances in sum mer league

  • Matchups..matchups.

    If Draymond Green and Iggy can matchup with Lebron, then World Peace can do the same against Dirk and Zbo.

    He just never had to guard power forwards when he was on the Lakers cause Pau Gasol usually had to guard those guys.

  • I think you and several others also add value to this forum.

    And I agree the kids (some young ,others may be in their 50’s and 60’s) that post on this board and other places are just seeking attention with nonsense or hateful comments.

    It is ok to be a critic but many times when critics play favorites and go out of their way to pull or knock down great players and great franchises it discredits them in my book. It often leaves them appearing too close to an envious or jealous hater for comfort.

    Positive and constructive criticism can often be helpful or be used as fuel to get better, just as long as it is not mean spirited.

    And again…. I appreciate your positive feedback and your insightful post.


  • Well to be fair, MWP’s defense even at this age is probably better than Ryan Kelly’s or Nick Young’s. so if we want some Veteran D at the 3, for cheap, he’s not a bad guy
    Hibbert, Randle, Bryant, Clarkson, Russell as the starters
    Black, Bass, MWP, Williams, Frasier as the bench
    Sacre, Nance, Holmes, Anthony Brown, Upshaw as the reserves
    Trade Kelly, Young and Jabari Brown for some sort of pick in 2016

  • Jabari Brown is NOT assured a roster spot, his contract is NON guaranteed, Ditto for Black, although I believe black is more secure than J Brown. If Frasier looks good, J Brown could be let go.
    I believe there still shopping Kelly. Upshaw won’t get a chance unless they can move Kelly. Holmes needs to impress to make the team as well, most of his contract is non guaranteed.
    Young got a reprieve and has another year to impress, any more no D, one on one hot dog shit and he’s toast.
    Sacre is a dead man walking right now, next year I think he’ll be gone, especially if the sign Upshaw and stick him in the D league to develop.

  • wait up tom…..
    did you just say keep sacre and trade jabari?
    you just lost major credit dude. MAJOR!
    i would trade sacr-1st, kelly-2nd, young 3rd, frazier 4th, bass 5th, jabari 6th.
    so 5 guys before jabari you put sacre over jabari brown lol i cant believe you just said that. omg

  • For how many minutes? How long do you depend on him? He’s a late pick and someone who will probably be a solid bench contributor, maybe a starter in 5 years, but he’s not a guy you start right now.

  • Because he can make a better impact on the floor playing beside Randle and Hibbert. Teaching them what they need to know, getting Hibbert back to form and also helping with his mental confidence, teaching on the fly to Randle where to stand, what angle to give the defender, what space to occupy, etc. If you’re thinking in terms of the Lakers having the best possible players to win the most games they can at a time they’re rebuilding and establishing their young guys, it’s a bad expectation. Filling the roster with nothing but undrafted youths that can also occupy the DFenders for now and develop there for the Lakers while the Lakers stars are mentored by someone like Metta would mean much more.

  • Last year was a lame roster, I look at this roster and it’s doesn’t look half as bad as last year. Wesley Johnson was a waste of skin, Nash was a fossil, Kobe had just come off an injury, Lin was unpredictable and unreliable, and Hill was a undersized lousy rim protector and everyone knew it, so we knew we didn’t have a go to point guard, or a bench, and no rim protection, and lousy perimeter defense.
    Now look at this season, we have the #4 rim protector in the league, we have pass first a point guard, and we have a decent bench, we have several young prospects that were good at perimeter defense in college in Anthony Brown, Larry Nance Jr, and Frasier. We have a promising shooting guard in Clarkson who if he continues to develop, could be scoring 15-18 points a game at the 2.

  • Oh yea because 6 summer league games define your 15+ year NBA career…. give me a break, if that’s all you got, go pound sand. Lets talk after his 2nd FULL YEAR in the league, just like Clarkson and Randle. So 2018, then we’ll know, right now you don’t know shit, and neither do I.

  • Actually Russell’s a decent on ball defender, if he bulks up and works out he will be fine.

  • PG- Dangelo/Lou Williams
    SG- Clarkson/ Jabari Brown/Frazier

    SF- Kobe/Holmes/Young/A. Brown/Metta Peace

    PF-Randle/Bass/Nance Jr./Kelly
    i would bring clarkson off the bench as a backup PG.
    and leave Kobe at SG.
    the starters might change i think we should run this lineup.
    PG- Dangelo/ Kobe/ Young/ Randle/ Hibbert 2 rooks&3vets.
    our bench would be
    PG-Clarkson/ Lou Will/A. Brown or Homles/Bass/Black 3 rooks&2 vets.
    backup players: jabari,frazier,MWP, nance jr., (kelly,sacre)<–trade
    Upshaw(unsigned still)
    Jeremy tyler (undrafted rookie)
    Bobby Brown (in China somewhere right now praying with monks)

  • Trade Sacre, GREAT, I’m all for it….. but to whom……. you couldn’t get another team to take him if you threw in a cute puppy and a beauty queen…. J Brown has value, Sacre has none.

  • It’s not a bad signing at all seeing what the team is trying to do. He is a veteran who can start at the 3 but help develop the rookies. He brings that toughness that is great on the court and can help develop toughness in randle and the other rookies especially if they are planning to keep Anthony Brown and/or Holmes for the SF position moving on.

  • You talk about rational thought, but no way will Okafor be the 76ers C without Noel or Embiid at the 4, because Okafor is going to be one of the worst defensive C’s in the league and he needs a guy with him who can actually protect the rim. If the Lakers had drafted Okafor they would not have any 4 who could do that with undersized Randle already known as not much of a defender. You need to think big picture and drafting for the team’s needs not just the best player available. The 76ers didn’t even need Okafor but they took him anyway, they will regret this decision but their FO has been making far poorer decisions than any other in the NBA.

  • Clearly not. I thought it was a mistake to let Ariza go the first time they picked up Metta. Ariza is still a productive player in the league, and MWP was done years ago. MWP brought some toughness to the lineup, but he made so many cringe-worthy boneheaded plays, I can’t believe they would consider bringing him back.

  • Jerry west has improved as an evaluator of talent over the years, too. This is s guy who saw greatness in Kobe when few others did. He also constructed the GSW team recently. I’d say he’s on his game.

  • I like the signing. Likely means eating into minutes that Brown and Nance could be getting, but LA needs a guy to stretch the floor at the 4 and keep Kobe fresh by subbing in at the 3. And Metta can probably still get it done on D better than the majority of players on the roster.

  • Not bad. Since his departure, he’s gotten into good shape. He still knows how to play defense, he can bang, and I’m sure he can knock down open threes. great way of developing randle. I’m sure the Lakers considered signing him to the training staff (simply to train randle and rooks), but he still has some gas in the tank. Worth the minimum

    Best case scenario, he’ll be our Paul pierce…hopefully we can squeeze into the playoffs.

    Side note: if woj reports it…ya know it’s true

  • Coming in off the bench, seeing minutes at the 4 as a floor spacer and also giving Kobe a break at the 3. If he doesn’t perform, they go elsewhere. His biggest contribution is depth.

  • Oh WTH…Why not?

    Peace offering for cutting him two years ago…Might bring some toughness to Nick Young and can recommend a therapist for Hibbert. Sounds like a bargain for the vets minimum.

    The crazy might be back….Heeeeere’s Ronnie!

  • NOOOOO!!! why bring him in when developing talent- at this stage he should be backing up a championship team somewhere…. unless they’re bringing him in as a mentor to the roster with mental health issues like hibbert & upshaw….but then just bring him on as a special assistant coach or something, don’t take up a roster spot…

  • Good move. MWP will provide veteran leadership, much needed defensive presence and tuff ness to the Lakers that we haven’t had since he left.. Hope they work out some type of deal. And can someone please tell me who the hell is Sacre blowing??? That dudes needs to go, taking up roster spot that we very much need

  • I love Metta. He brought was an important factor in that game 7 a few years ago. We amnestied him. I was really sad about that. I would love to bring him back. If this is Kobes last season then Im completely for it. Go LAKERS. LA PRIDE

  • MWP?? lmfao just when i thought the Front office couldn’t get anymore embarrassing 🙁

  • MWP, Bass and Hibbert, we’re talking serious defense here… A grinding one, Memphis-like. Plus all the shooters we have and the promising rooks, that could get us somewhere.

  • you smoking some good shit :D. The fact that you think Bass,hibbert,MWP = Memphis like shows how much of a delusional dumbass you are :D. Bass is nothing more than an average defender at best and MWP come one u must be joking this aint 2010 anymore buddy although he would help a bit on tha end since the team is thin at the 3 but memphis like is taking it way to far 😀

  • I say sign him just to have him beat up the rookies during practice. Imagine having Randle practice against Artest instead of Black or Kelly.

  • I will say it once. Either you hold your filth and start talking respecfully to the people around or you shove it up your fucking garbage ass. My opinion belongs to me. I don’t force anybody to agree with it and I welcome a civilized discussion or debate. You claim to be older than a lot of people here, then act the part, even when that’s more than likely you’re barely half the average age over here. At least pretend not to be a moron.
    And fucking read between the lines, I never said this trio had the Memphis talent, so use your brain to extrapolate what I truly meant.

  • we have enough shooters so young doesnt mean much at this point and time.
    i would rather invest in a lockdown defender like MWP.
    defense is under-rated in the NBA but trust me you want it!

  • cancer to any team he joins.
    we should go after Jeremy Tyler and maybe Chalmers.
    but markieff? pfffft no…

  • i dont wanna ever see Kobe at PF small ball or not….
    If Kobe gets hurt and retires will you take the blame for it?
    someones going to get fired…..3 years in a row injured.
    somethings gotta change and soon.

  • he started 37 out of 82. not even half he still feels like a rookie to most of us.

  • You are a idiot, lots of players didnt play well in summer league i remember duncan didnt play well against ostertage and young jermaine oneal. Russell will ne fine

  • Another ridiculous “Lakers Rumors” designed to generate more traffic to ads and idiotic websites.

  • Perfect! Yes! World Peace will instantly be a great example For the young players on how to play Defense. As well he will help Kobe with keeping the other youngsters accountable.
    Sign him up!

  • that went over his head, bro. he doesn’t understand this much English. you need to learn to type like a 9-year-old to be able to converse with that whack-job.

  • Dwight won’t elbow kobe again lol he’s probably already has a x on his head in mettas eyes hahah

  • Whatever he feels like to you, there is a huge difference between a rookie who has never played a professional game and a guy who has started 37 games in the NBA. There is a reason Jordan dominated the rookies in summer league.

  • I know Metta well enough. I’ve been watching basketball for nearly 30 years, all of it a Lakers fan. Metta is 35. I have no blind illusions as to what Metta once did with the NBA Champion Lakers vs now. Did you see how he did in New York before being cut loose? He’s older. His hands are still quick, his body is still strong and physical, but his feet aren’t going to be quick anymore. The legs are what slows down, what turns an elite defender into a subpar defender.

  • Seriously, every time I read him I feel like he could discuss his point as a civilized educated person, but every time he never fails to irk me by systematically insulting the people who disagree with him. Given he’s the spamming type that’s a lot of garbage talk to discard to find one good conversation with the people here. He’s becoming a Lakers Nation deterrent, that’s maddening.
    As for writing like a 9-year old I can’t. Never went through this stage in my life, english ain’t my mother tongue. So I guess Disqus needs to add a “hiding” feature.

  • I always liked metta, but he was slow 3 years ago and probably lost another step since then. He has quick hands, but I don’t see him being able to guard the SF position anymore. If they’re rebuilding….might as well let the young guys play

  • What is the downside of bringing MWP to training camp on a make good, non guaranteed contract? He and Kobe are still close. He may have lost a step but he has always been a good defender–something this young team will need.
    With Scott’s emphasis on defense, he could be a good role model even as a backup.

    Dorell Wright, if healthy and available, would be a younger and better all-around choice as a backup SF. For some reason that is not happening. But better depth at SF is a clear need. It’s no secret that many fans have been suggesting for months that the team upgrade from Young, Kelly, and Sacre. However, if the Lakers choose to stay with a young developing team, then it may be just as well that Sacre and Kelly play out their final season. This team has a lot of offensive firepower. Replacing Young with a defensive player like MWP does make a little bit of sense. .

    Never in the last 30-35 years have the Lakers EVER accumulated so many young players at one time. The team keeps saying they want to win as many games as possible this season, yet they keep bringing in more prospects. And historically, they have never shown the patience to develop prospects.

    The Lakers are clearly saying one thing for public consumption, yet their actions are going in an entirely opposite directions. Because the FO is reluctant to publicize their plans, we may not know what their Plan B is for some time. But it does raise questions about what the Lakers are trying to accomplish.

    Right now, there is one direction that seems logical. The Lakers may be collecting prospects with the idea of an eventually trade. Younger, inexpensive players are desirable by most teams. Older expensive players are often not the building blocks that FO types want to keep spending money on.

    Going back over the Buss era, the Lakers have always been willing to spend, to produce a winning product. That is why I can envision the team upgrading to higher quality veteran players. Therefore–while they continue to develop their in-house prospects–the Lakers will be in an enviable position. If a star player like Cousins were to again become available, the Lakers now have a variety of young assets that other teams can pick from.

    Just something to think about…..

  • Not just two years. Don’t forget how terrible the interior defense was when it was anchored by Dwight and we were giving up 60 points in the paint many nights.

  • Harry, this is one Lakers rumor than might makes some sense, especially this late in the off-season. Bring him to camp to see if he can still compete. What is there to lose? If he can win a backup roster spot, can he be any worse than Sacre or Kelly? And if he signs, it will likely be for the veterans minimum. Even at his age, his defense is still a lot better than Nick Young. In fact, he could make Young expendable–and at one fifth the price. With that savings, they could look at a couple other veteran backup free agents.

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