Lakers Rumors: L.A. ‘Tried To Lure’ Yi Jianlian Back To NBA
Lakers Rumors: L.a. ‘tried To Lure’ Yi Jianlian Back To Nba
Dallas Mavericks forward Yi Jianlian of China enters the game in the second half of their NBA basketball game against the Atlanta Hawks in Atlanta, Georgia April 26, 2012. REUTERS/Tami Chappell (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT BASKETBALL)

During free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Roy Hibbert and signed Lou Williams and Brandon Bass. With the first preseason game not until Oct. 4 in Hawaii, the team recently signed Jonathan Holmes and have reportedly agreed to terms with Michael Frazier.

With the Lakers preparing for the 2015-16 season, David Pick shares the team ‘tried to lure’ Yi Jianlian back to the NBA this off-season:

At the 2007 NBA Draft, Yi was selected seventh overall by the Milwaukee Bucks, but was eventually traded to the New Jersey Nets the following season. Although he averaged 12.0 points and 7.2 rebounds during the 2009-10 season, he struggled with minutes at his next two stops.

After appearing in 30 games for the Dallas Mavericks during the 2011-12 season, Yi has since played in China where he has won three CBA titles. Appearing in 45 games for Guangdong, Yi averaged 27.7 points on 57.5 percent shooting and 10.9 rebounds.

Is that NEWS the LAKERS NATION need to put out-what does it mean, and why would you print it.. Boy things must be getting BAD.

  • It’s funny how times change…
    At one time Yi was a 15th man and irrelevant ….

    In the last 3 years, in the China league, he lead the league in scoring once, and has become a star on their best team. And he was a big factor in the last Olympics for the Chinese team.

    At 6’11” and very well accomplished internationally, I expect that he is an upgrade to Black (and probably J.Tyler) at the #2 center position.

    Whether or not this comes to fruition we cannot speculate, but it’s a good sign that Mitch is kicking the tires on some relatively good talent as he works to fill the #2 center position. We probably won’t know how things settle until the week before Training Camp when they extend offers to whomever they believe is the best solution. If nothing else, we can see that Mitch is trying and actively looking to upgrade.

    ** If things settle as expected, the team could have a battle royal in camp for the #3 Center position between Black, Upshaw, and Sacre. Go Sacre, you got this!

    It seems the team tries to carry a Token Chinaman on the roster every year. And at one point, Yi was THAT guy on a Lakers roster….. – I guess the Marketing Department gets to pick one roster spot and the Chinese Fanbase of 1.2 Billion people IS important. *smile*

  • no mudiay no yi thats what happened…yi said no to playing with russell too many turn overs in chinese

  • Somehow, I bet Yi has better English grammar and writing skills than you.

    That’s sad bro.

  • I bet he chairished his time in the NBA. Haha. Get it because he practiced against a chair. I’m so funny.

  • Gotta give Mitch credit for not settling with the conventional avenue of building a team with free agency and draft domestically. The Lakers are already behind in analytics. Looking into what others are not could pay big dividends. Look at what the Spurs were able to accomplish the past 2 decades with their European players!

  • DId you know that the Lakers were the forerunners of the Analytics movement in the NBA and taught the rest of the league how to use them?

    I think the “analytics” thing is taken out of context and not as true as you think. It seems that most of this misnomer has been spurred by a single comment by Scott about how he coaches a bad team. “I’m an old school guy, and I go with my gut.”

    — Do you really think that a CORPORATION that made $168M in PROFIT last year DOESN’T have a stats department?

    In fact, when asked about it from Mitch, he said,
    “We sent our guys to the stats seminars this year, it’s just they don’t look like stats guys or wear Lakers hats.” – Typically in the past, Jeannie attended the meetings and at one point, led them.

    Even Scott said,
    “We typically meet with the Stats guys once a week….”

  • You’re way off on this man. How are the lakers forerunners on analytics? They didn’t even have an analytics department till last year? And even then they had no way of communicating those advanced stats to the coaches and players. The only time they were being used is when players would have to ask mark madden about it. Mitch does not use them when scouting players for trades. They do not have player tracking. They do not use sportsvu. They do not use sports science for injury prevention. People close to the team an multiple occasions have said Byron doesn’t believe in them. The only thing they did was establish good eating habits. Finally after 3 years of failure, they now have a structure for analytics in place, but don’t feed bs saying that they were “forerunners” that’s laughable

  • Another delusional fan boy , everyone knows Houston is the first in using analytics , , Lakers just started at some point last year ,

  • Yeah about at least 1.2 billion of them , it comes with racist fat pig haters like yourself

  • The issue is Scott. Doesn’t matter how good their analytic teams are when their head coach ignores what they provide.

  • Google Jeannie buss, analytics.

    The current “fad” in the nba is moneyball. And admittedly the Lakers don’t worship it, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t use it.

    When your team sucks what good are analytics? Somehow all y’all think analytics are a silver bullet when they are best described as a way to polish the diamond.

    Keep in mind that the two most successful coaches in history scoff at analytics (Pops and PJ). “Analytics are nice, but I go by my gut.”

    And while Houston lives by them, they haven’t gotten close to a championship.

  • Jonathan Holmes, Michael Frazier, and now wants Yi Jian Lian, what is this? has the FO totally lost it? Has the Lakers fallen so low to the point where this is all the FO can do??

  • “Token Chinaman?” STFU you little racist idiot. In case you didn’t know, that pejorative term is as inflammatory as the “N” word you moron. And, if you’re referring to Jeremy Lin, he is an AMERICAN. This means he was born in the USA, got that? Btw, unless your heritage and ethnicity is American Indian, you have NO claim to this land either. Stupid racist punk.

  • They usually refer to “Analytics” as the modern term for statistics and actuarials. Every company has them and in my opinion insurance and pre-need companies had a huge no. of people doing them. The only difference today would have been the more powerful software and hardware to crunch numbers.

  • i don’t really know what googling jeanie buss proved. knew most of that stuff. regardless i know what mitch and byron have said over the years and what the lakers actually do and their basic use of advanced stats. that current “fad” you’re talking about is the new nba and if lakers don’t adjust than the game is gonna leave them where they stand. every top team in the league is using them. every top nba player in the league is using them. every top scout in the league is using them.

    your right pj was a great coach that didn’t need them but we have byron so we need every tool we can get. and pops WAS the pioneer of analytics. spurs still have the top analytics crew in the game.

    bad teams like phoenix, utah, and atlanta are all better than what their roster suggest because they use efficient plays and shots, and smart defensive schemes.

    i agree analytics are just 1 factor of many, but when you don’t have a superstar player and NO analytics than your gonna be a bottom seed, plain and simple

    do be stupid. if the current lakers are satisfying you with what they are doing then they’ll never change. mitch jim and jeanie need to feel the pressure from their fanbase.

  • What?! No please no. Lakers have no player that can make a 1 player or team better. First holmes then frazier now yi. I cant believe were signing unproven players just to fill the hole zzzz.

  • I’m a Filipino, Asian and a Laker fan.. I follow Asian basketball talent here.. And all i can say is this.. Waste of time! Yi Jian Lian is good enough for Asian basketball where he is the bigger stronger guy. If you let him compete with NBA caliber big man, i dunno, he seems to fade.. I’m not sure, maybe he doesnt want to compete with guys as big or bigger than him.. i dunno. Look at FIBA Asia or Asian Games, they get beat up by Iran, Haddadi is dominating him.

    In the CBA, he dominates because he’s the stronger guy. In the NBA, he only does face-up jump shots. He rarely post ups, or mix it up in the paint. Maybe in the NBA big men can hurt him hehhehe!


    No offense to Asian fans but the Jermyn Lin fans that were here before were a nuisance.

  • Actually, most of you guys are wrong about Yi. He never wanted to play for those teams and he and his people were only interested in a big market like LA or the Knicks. When a player isn’t happy with his situation he usually performs poorly. He loves it in China and he is celebrated highly there. His stats are impressive and I like the fact that he is a solid stretch 4. In the right situation and the right market I bet he can play quality ball. And really, the racial remarks are very poor character traits. FYI, there are more basketball fans in China than there are people in America. I’m an American and a true baller and fan of the game.

  • i like your response out of everyone else.

    i have to totally agree with you.
    not just because the overwhelming population China has.
    But because of what you said he played poorly on certain teams.
    We can say the same thing about Hibbert last year cant we?
    i dont know a whole lot about this guy but i would say hes much happier in China. if we land him cool if not i wish him luck over there.
    white black mexican or chinese you have my respect.
    we are all brothersreally, and we should start acting like it.
    too much hostality and hate in the world time for people to wake up.
    hate will not get you anywhere in life or bring any good to you.
    be nice to people and youll get lucky maybe.

  • I AM part American Indian. And rather than disclaim my words with excessively long posts, I shortened it to fit a smaller and much more communicative message.

    What else would you call the Chinese Stereotype the Lakers organization ALWAYS looks to add to the roster in an attempt to pander to the Chinese fanbase?

    For a guy with the name Marshall Plan, it’s a bit ironic you are making such a comment. Maybe we should look into how the USA and Europeans crippled Germany after WWII with reparations and punishment? Maybe we should ask Eastern Germans how things went after we “split” Berlin…..Or the fact that the Marshall Plan led to the Soviet Establishment and the Eastern Bloc.
    – Yee in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones….

  • what do analytics have to do with your frustration with Mitch, Jim and Jeannie?

    Seems like you are fighting the wrong battle.

    Analytics aren’t going to make a team with Nick Young, Jordan Clarkson, Jordan Hill, Ronnie Price, and Carlos Boozer much better than they were. – It’s not a silver bullet.

  • For your information, Germany never paid their debts (which is ironical when you see how inflexible they are towards Greece…).

  • The Lakers fascination with PF’s lately rivals only joshhh’s passion for irrelevant SF’s

  • Keep your eyes open for my buddy #17Rings. He’d a celtics fan and trolls here often. U have to respect his. 17Rings

  • you know what is the translation of Jianlian Yi name on english? it means F*ck Yeah!

  • LISTEN UP: You pedantic, smarmy, and (let’s not leave out) pompous jerk. My username is an abbreviation of my REAL name. It has nothing to do with the post-WW2 aid program, which if you were a actual student of history, would acknowledge brought about far more good than harm for europe. Didn’t your mommy ever teach you the dangers of assuming? Apparently not.

    How conveniently you ignore me pointing out your blatantly racist “Token Chinaman” label, and how offensive it is Asian-Americans. The term is as repulsive as the “N” word is you smug little punk.

    Doubt it? How about this you moron, my family tree includes immigrants who literally gave their lives building American railroads, as well as innocents who lost everything they owned, and were imprisoned in American concentration camps during ww2 for NO OTHER REASON than their appearance and ethnicity.

    Meanwhile, German-Americans were free to spy, or do whatever the hell they wanted, in allegiance to Der Fuhrer. Care to deny this unsavory FACT of American history?

    Just because you might have inbred ancestors, who took time off from doing their cousins, to rape some native indians gives you what? The moral high ground to claim superiority? Give me a F-ing break you idiot.

    The day is coming when Asian-Americans will no longer be marginalized, oppressed, or victimized by racist A-holes like you.

    And in the fight to level the playing field, and counteract White Privilege, this will prove to be a very good thing.

  • Yi? Really? Would adding Yi really help the Lakers in a playoff bid?

    Obviously, for the FO, getting more viewership is more important than this young team making it to the playoffs.

    I hear The ROAR OF THE TANKS are getting louder and louder. Get ready laker fans, it’s going to be a long season!

  • Legend has it that the chair he destroyed in that workout still weeps to this day…

  • I’m sure the Lakers are aware of analytic’s, after all they have 16 titles, stats are just one factor of many factors that a team has to have to be able to develop a winning program and the biggest factor is talent, if you don’t have enough talent (high quality talent), analytic’s will not do much to save your season and that also includes the coaching staff.

  • well, maybe the Lakers are planning to beat (as in fisticuffs) their ass in the paint, who knows, desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • no Yi Jianlian just focus waive sacre and sign both jeremy tyler and rick ledo to LA Lakers

  • And yes, before anyone else jumps on the train, I’d like to point out that Stephon Marbury led his team to a CBA title AFTER he washed out of the NBA

  • Wait, why didn’t we draft Okafor again? I think the assumption was the Lakers had a deal in the works for a big (maybe they still do? bleh), otherwise why pass on a guy who looks like a sure bet as a 20/10 guy. Even IF Russell ends up a better player down the road, you need solid pieces to get more solid pieces.

    I realize this has nothing to do with a washed-out Chinese PF, it just made me think of it.

  • nick young for marvin williams make sense…m. williams + hibbert defense will fit for lou + black/nance + russel/clarkson our front court will be better than last year

  • Just saw a poll where about 84% of Laker fans on here expect an above .500 season. Gotta love our optimism, but guys, we ain’t ready for that yet…

  • jeremy tyler would be a much better addition than Yi would.
    of coarse he is a rookie too but worth the risk.
    look at how well he played in summer league.
    i say pull the trigger.

  • He’s not getting paid enough though. He was expecting 96 million for 2 years and only got half that. So, of course, he’s going to play awfully like he has.

  • EDITED: After re-reading the previous posts, I sincerely want to apologize to the Asian community, specifically to our Chinese brothers, for what I wrote below. Please accept my apology.

    I think having NATIVE American lineage is all he had to say to shut you up.

    You need to be grateful and stop with that bullshit. The railroads your ancestors built are sitting on his ancestors (Native Americans’) land. No one is going to play the violin for you.

    Every non-native culture has benefited from the pilfering of their land. To this day Native Americans descendants (Natives, Latinos, Hispanics), are marginalized and discriminated against on their OWN land.

    Not trying to take away anything from Asians and what they did for this country but, take a look around you before you get upset.

    And J Taylor is correct, he would have been a “token” Asian player. That is the correct way to describe a person that was added to a group for the sole reason that he is of a different race or culture.

    Now if you were upset because you were defending Yi’s talent level, then thats a different story.

  • Yea except J Taylor didn’t use “token Asian Player” in his post. The term “Chinaman” has historically derogatory connotations associated with it and is even noted as offensive in modern dictionaries. He could’ve chosen many other terms but instead purposely chose to use one that is racially insensitive and contentious. You going out of your way to defend this action makes you an even bigger D-bag.

  • How can you call him a “token” anything? I think Jeremy Lin–if he counts as Chinese–and Sun Yue are the only Chinese players to ever play for the Lakers. Two seasons out of 67 have included a Chinese player, and you call it a “token” position?

  • Looks like Lakers need a replacement to keep its pull on the Chinese Market. What a joke. STOP!!!

  • After having re-read the thread, I apologize for the stance I previously took.

    Im not clear what J Taylor was trying to communicate.

  • This has nothing to do with the Chinese market. The Lakers have no problem selling in China and Kobe is still the most popular player.

  • yep. its a mix of everything that leads to titles. Lakers were blessed in the passed with some of the best players ever, but we can’t rely on that to happen again. we gotta use all the tools we have to get better, not just hope that superstars are gonna come to LA

  • let me ask you bro, are you content with the way the lakers have been managed the last couple years? cuz it sounds like your defending them when we re obviously leaps behind other team that were able to rebuild much quicker and smarter. you’re right a team with bums is still gonna be a team with bums, but we gotta use every way to rebuild not just rely on superstars coming to LA

  • here is 1 example ill share with you, last year, lakers 2 highest minutes lineups played were -15.2 and -9.7 efficiency, not pts but efficiency. you think if mitch and byron actually knew about this and used it, they would have kept shelving out those terrible lineups?

  • I might have imprisoned Marshal Plan’s relatives for their looks, too, but not their race.

  • Everybody quit apologizing so much and move forward a little more. Besides, I think it is embarrassing for that guy to have to have to brag about his relatives being coolies on the railroad instead of all the other things the Chinese have done.

  • Hey thank you for the response you left. It’s not often that someone leaves positive feedback. And by the way, Yi would be a great addition to this team. With the level of confidence he has played with over the last three years he would make this roster solid especially as a role player. Take it easy!

  • Bottom line, I was insensitive and I was wrong for jumping the gun. Im upset at myself.

  • A guy that averaged numbers slightly below to Hills gets little playing time. Dumb coaches. No wonder he doesn’t want to come back

  • A story connected to the Lakers past interest in DeMarcus Cousins would have a lot more relevance and interest than this story. Lakers have struck out on a lot of players. Why Yi Jianlian? He has no past connection to the Lakers. Let’s find something that has more immediate interest to Lakers fans. I realize this is August and these are the dog days of summer, but come on? Perhaps write about something related to upcoming training camp or to the coaching situation…..Gotta be something better than this, ok?

  • You did a nice analysis of Yi and how he fits in the Lakers on court scheme… until your douchebag racist side came out. And here’s my token FU. Just because you have “Injun” heritage doesn’t automatically make you a respectable person. You can be racists just the same.

  • Yi has always had talent. Some players lack direction, some confidence. Gerald Green was a guy who could do everything but his mind was stuck in kindergarten. Since bouncing around Russia, D-league or what not, he’s discovered how to play at the highest level and the mental approach needed to accomplish such.

    I look at a guy like Yi the same way. He lacked confidence before but perhaps with much success elsewhere he can come back and prove himself. Unfortunately, it appears this is not high on his list of priorities. He’s comfortable making more money at home. Can’t blame him. Lakers rightly passed on him, since the drive is not there.

  • For some miraculous reason Sacre gets waived/traded, I’d rather see Upshaw develop. Upshaw packing on some muscle will be a rotation player. Right now he has the Paul pierce flabbiness going on. his body needs to be in line with WCS, Chandler.
    Tyler has bounced around. Give the new kid a shot.

  • Yes, just like Yao, Yi has talent and could have made it in the NBA. But, I cannot find fault for him playing in China. Closer to home. Shorter seasons. Probably great money when you are a local hero. None of the inconveniences of getting acclimated to a different culture and NBA way of doing business. But I still contend that there are more relevant things to write about and discuss, relating to the Lakers coming season.

  • Yi will never return to NBA for at least 2 reasons: lack of adaptability and afraid of being mediocre again. He can play like he belongs to the NBA but he needs motivitation and some comfort zone.

    He’s comfortable in China so let him be.

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