Lakers Rumors: L.A. ‘Extremely Unlikely’ To Fire Byron Scott

After the worst win percentage in franchise history last season, the Los Angeles Lakers improved the talent on their roster, highlighted by drafting D’Angelo Russell and trading for Roy Hibbert. While there were expectations the Lakers would improve, they are currently 2-15 and are on an eight-game road trip.

Despite leading by double-digits, the Lakers suffered an all-time low last night by losing to the Philadelphia 76ers, who earned their first win of the season. With the franchise struggling for the third consecutive season, much of the blame has been on head coach Byron Scott.

However, the Lakers are ‘extremely unlikely’ to make a coaching change or player benching according to Sam Amick of USA Today Sports:

In any other context on any other team, this would be the kind of stuff that inevitably leads to one of two things: a coaching firing, or a player benching. But according to a person with knowledge of the Lakers’ situation, it’s extremely unlikely that either option will be exercised anytime soon. The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

Although Scott’s game management has been questioned, the organization sees him as an ‘innocent bystander’ in Kobe Bryant’s final season, via Amick:

The strong sense, however, is that Scott is seen largely as an innocent bystander in Bryant’s bon voyage campaign. Scott signed a four-year, $17 million deal in July 2014 to reunite with his former teammate, but the contract is only guaranteed through next season.

Through the first quarter of the new season, Scott has made interesting comments about Kobe’s shot selection despite the five-time champion suffering career-lows in shooting percentage. In a time where player development should be the priority, there have been numerous instances where D’Angelo Russell has not played in fourth quarters.

With the Lakers not expected to make a coaching change, it does not get any easier for the purple and gold. After playing against the 76ers, Los Angeles will have seven more games as part of their longest road trip of the season.

not the headline we were hoping for, i guess the front office wants that pick.

  • Sorry My fellow Laker fans but it wouldn’t make sense to fire him now. There no one you can bring in that would make a difference right now. We still owe Byron another three or four years of salary.

  • This is the thing that pisses me off–

    I get it, just tank and get ourselves a good pick for next season. Not only that, but we can land ourselves a decent free agent this summer.

    But what for? we still have a crappy coach and a management with no direction.
    We can get all the top draft picks and agents we have, our rotations are still going to be off and our offensive sets are still going to be trash. Mind you, don’t even get me started on defense.

    **Why not fire him already, obviously its not working. This gives you time to get a replacement coach and build a (working) foundation for next season. Only in laker land do you bank on draft picks and free agency to turn things around overnight. It doesn’t work like that anymore -_-. I rather spend the season building and working towards something than banking on the offseason to turn things around.

  • money is not really an issue specially with the new time warner contract and i agree that there is no coach who can make us better but I’m still not sure scott is the right coach for our young players.

  • And he may not be. But the Lakers haven’t done well with rushed decisions with regards to coaching. Better to let the season play it’s self out. We my get to keep that top three protected and reverse the mistake the Lakers made with Last years #2 pick. LOL ok it’s still too early to call it a mistake But were still waiting for D- to download.

  • I like how people are like Fire Byron but fail to mention who they should bring in to coach. What replacement coach would you have them bring in?

  • mark Jackson! he got the young built through the draft warriors to where they were last year but got fired cause of disagreements with the FO. He is a motivator and is very good with young guys.

  • even kobe haters are showing respect towards kobe’s retirement, i was really surprised/impressed with philly fans who usually have a bad rep, so far the only classless idiots are the Lin clowns but i wouldn’t expect anything else from them.

  • Russel is not going to thrive at all in the princeton offense. that offense is made so you dont need a PG to run it. I think he has shown some good strides as no being so timid but when you got a legend in kobe demanding the ball and everyone just get away what do you expect?

  • the coach can tell players what to do.
    and if they dont do it isnt on the players?
    i see alot of guys let other teams dunk not even try to block the shot.
    yet when Randle tries to dunk other teams do block his shot.
    other teams play defense on us and we just dont play defense around the rim.
    not sure why we just stand and watch them dunk.
    guys have to at least jump and try to block the shot.
    effort is all i want to see dont let people keep dunking it makes us look like trash.

  • Any coach willing to set realistic minute and role usage limits on Kobe. That in itself will help the youth development.

    No one talks about the damage this Kobe circus is doing to the kid’s?

  • Every time I read an article on Scott or listen to an interview it just sound like this dude is not trying to win this year…they want to give Kobe his last hoorah and move on. Can’t imagine a coach being content with letting a player shoot them out so many games.

  • well there also is the point where the players might not want to play for him because all he does is throw them under the bus except for kobe. Its never Byrons fault even though all he does is sit on the sidelines with his arms crossed making bad rotation decisions. I believe Byron has lost the whole locker room except for kobe.

  • we just need to keep passing move the ball.
    set screens drive to the hoop then pass off to whoever is open.
    whoever is OPEN shoots.
    we cant just dribble down and whoever has the ball currently takes a contested jumper.
    we will never win that way…….
    ball movement trust your teamates pass ,set screens, pick and roll.
    these guys get paid millions why dont they know this stuff?
    i know most of the systems and all i do is play streetball and sometimes at the YMCA.
    but hey ill tell you something people know what their doing.
    and they post up alot.
    we should try to use roy hibbert more.
    if they double him Randle should cut and get easy dunks and he wont get his shot blocked either……
    play smart and dont rush things and force up contested shots.
    watch other teams how they move the ball.
    coach has to get these guys to do it. otherwise he will be in trouble bc he is the coach….

  • honestly i believe the young guys dont want to play for byron after all the comments and blame he has put on them while taking none for himself. we could potentially lose clarkson after this year and for what? lol

  • our defense is the problem.
    we can score but we have no system in place.
    everything looks out of place guys looks very confused and all these 1 on 1 plays.
    if your a superstar like clarkson i can see 1 on 1.
    but the others need to do ball movement.
    the best Laker player lately has been clarkson he is the only guy id let do this iso 1 on 1 type plays.
    Randle can do some but everyone else move the ball pass around. they have to start trusting each other.
    or we will be stuck in this hole for along time.
    its not going to be fun for anybody.

  • common sense tells me that keeping Scott will delay the development of the young core guys; we may or may not improve in terms of wins but at least the overall perceptions of the team will improve. The players will feel more comfortable and play more cohesively without Scott and just maybe some of them will stick around after the season ends.

    No players looked happy in the locker room but it’s more than just losing to me; they looked demoralized by Scott’s coaching.I can’t believe we are playing worse than our first game of the season; it’s inexcusable.

  • yes well our defense is a mirror of the coach and effort. and that brings me to my point that i dont think they want to try for Byron or they just are all that bad at defense and they wont get better. byron has to be a leader and a motivator and for them to say after every game that the other team wanted it more? when does that fall on byron to get these guys pumped up and motivated?

  • We have officially traded places with the Clippers. Those of us old enough to remember, remember how old washed up former stars were allowed to do as they please on the court with the Clippers in the midst of total dysfunction top to bottom from San Diego to L.A. as a franchise.

    I’ve been a Laker fan for almost fourty years. This is truly dreadful.

  • Yea i think its on him to teach them a system and stick to it.
    If he isnt teaching them the defense, or offense then byron scott is the problem.
    But if you also see guys not playing defense, letting the other team dunk left and right.
    See that cant continue anymore…..
    I would suggest change the lineup rustle some leaves.
    Put clarkson at PG, Kobe at SG, Randle at Sf, Nance or Bass at PF, and Hibbert at C.
    But we need more SIZE and alot more D.
    Anytime i see lou williams, nick young, or any guard they watch the other team dunk over and over again.
    How about some games we try this combo JC /Kobe /MWP /Randle /Hibbert.
    i know people wanna see more of dlo,
    or the rookies but our system needs work before we give them time to develop.
    Clarkson went to d-league to develop. this is NBA time, not develop time.
    if you aint ready to play, why are you even in the NBA for?
    Dangelo wants mins or another rookie so what?
    Its not the fans fault, or the teams fault that they werent prepared for this season.
    All i know is we need changes and alot of them.
    i would change the lineup and try to limit Kobe’s minutes and shots.
    Of coarse even Kobe fans cant argue him taking 17 -3 pointers.
    3/17 is a bad number of shots.
    3/10 wouldnt be so bad.
    but 17 i have to say chill on the 3s.
    coach scott has to tell Kobe to give the ball to the rookies more too.
    Kobe taking all the shots might discourage some of the players just to stand and watch him shoot.
    we dont need people standing around not boxing out,not going for rebounds, not setting picks and screens.
    Just standing around does nothing good for the team and it has to stop now.
    Our defense has to improve and stop giving up so many dunks!
    If you have to sit lou or nick young do it!
    Play MWP and Larry Nance Jr. more, and also my man tariq black.
    PLEASE stop playing so many guards!
    Not only are other teams torching us from 3 point land but they are getting easy dunks when our guards do nothing but stand there and watch.
    Something has to be done or we are in for a long season…..

  • It’s not really of a surprise. The tank commander is doing his job and leading the charge. What will be worrying is if they take on the rest of his contract after this season.

  • the best player on our team is a free agent in the summer. think about that and what Byron is doing to push people out with his blaming and dogging our young guys.

  • Why, they are that afraid of what that publicity hound Magic is going to tweet, or Worthy will threaten to quit his Time Warner gig!? Maybe LAC can help by ramrodding the team on Xmas on National TV like they did in a TNT game a year ago or so when it was a like a 40pt dunkfest joke of a rout, and everything just boils over and expedites the firing/resigning.

  • Honestly, I don’t think replacing the coach right now makes much sense. Let this season play out. Until Kobe is gone no coach will be able to do his/her job.

  • And could he do a better Job? Or are you just replacing Byron for

    another Coach who not fit for the Job off the same staff.

  • Yeah but the Lakers have just rights. & can give him more than anyone else. So JC isn’t going anywhere.

  • and all of the things you listed might be directly linked to scott if the team has lost faith in him and dont want to play for him. the line-ups are all him not wanting to change. who knows if they fired scott and got a coach in there that the players would want to play for it might be better. there is no way a full team of nba players never learned how to play defense.

  • Depends on what the stance of the FO is. Are they truly committed to letting Kobe dictate all things for the team? If so, the youth are in peril and free agents will only echo what Aldridge did about the lack of a basketball acumen presentation and planning.

    What we are presently witnessing cannot continue.

  • Great! Do you think he would take the job in the middle of the season with no training camp? Do you even know if he wants to work with the Laker front office? Jim is not the most liked guy in the world.

  • I’ve been as big a critic of Scott as anybody but I don’t think he should be fired. For starters, who will replace him? Kevin McHale? No thanks.

    Second, he IS an innocent bystander — last year’s roster was built to tank and this year’s team is so young that 30 wins would be an achievement.

    Finally, the Lakers’ have been on a coaching carousel the past few seasons…last thing they need is an early termination. Let him finish next year and don’t exercise the option.

  • I think the FO is willing to let Kobe go out on his own terms yes. I don’t like it personally, but I do understand it. He has been the cornerstone for their business for the past 18 years. And he will be a figure that is part of the franchise for his entire life.
    Aldridge didn’t come to LA because Kobe is old and he didn’t know how long he would be holding them back. That burden is going away this summer, everyone just needs to endure another 60 games.

  • It can’t continue because Bryant is retiring. Otherwise, yes, the FO was content to ride Kobe’s market strength during this rebuild, and that means dealing with his ego

  • we can restrict Kobe’s mins and shots.
    but still what does that do when guys are standing around and the other team gets wide open dunk after dunk.
    im like cmon really your not even gonna try to block it?
    then Randle will drive try to dunk and the other t eam blocks his shot.
    Not because they are better than Randle but bc they actually play good hard solid D.
    Poor Randle does a great job of attacking and the other teams D is just too much for him.

    If he is in the paint someone else with a Laker jersey should be right next to him waiting for a pass to come…..
    Man like i told someone else i play this way in the YMCA with guys i never even seen before.
    Its not even chemistry its playing smart and using help.
    trusting your teamate to take a shot at the end of the 4 quarter is trust.
    not playing defense is just lazy and coach needs to start calling guys out on it.
    and if he catches them take them out the game put in MWP NANCE OR BLACK! thats what i would do.

  • no one said anything about turning this season around. When a coach gets hired mid season then they get a pass for everything but he can establish relationships and get to know his players before next year. he can have say in the summer and have a head start rather than the lakers waiting til next summer. all i said was my opinion would be he is a good fit for what he did in golden state. and honestly jim has 1 year left until he steps down if the lakers arent in the playoffs so that might not be an issue.

  • Let’s see the Clippers get out of the second round before we talking about “trading places”.

    This rebuild was inevitable….just have to endure it.

  • Yeah i get It’s the offense and Kobe holding the kid back. Russell supporters have every excuse in the book as to why this kid is not doing what he was drafted to do. Me personally I’m not buying the excuses. If your a baller you can play. Clarkson does fine with the offense and playing with Kobe. Why can’t Russell?

  • I personally want Walton or Becky Hammon this summer. But I do think Scott should finish out this season. His contract is guaranteed for 3 years though, so we might get one more year of this.

  • is it our fault coach cant do his job and rookies cant do their job?
    dangelo isnt the great player he claimed he was.
    a natural leader?
    he isnt even aggressive at shooting he needs to do alot more attacking the rim.
    like that 1 dunk he had other day. he needs to do that alot more often for him to earn any respect.

  • If they don’t want to play for Byron that’s their problem. Their suppose to be professionals. You may not like the coach or the system. But you’re still expected to do your job to the best of your ability. More excuses.

  • The only way he leaves is if the Lakers don’t offer him a contract or refuse to match, neither of which is very likely. Even if he does get a “poison pill” offer, I think it maxes at around $16m and Clarkson is worth that much.

  • when Kobe retires this is going to be Clarksons team.
    i think right now even Clarkson is our best player by far.
    hes shooting so well and he hits almost all of his 3 point shots.
    i just know when he has the ball i feel very confident with his shot selection.
    He is going to be a star someday soon…..
    being picked #46 use that motivation more often and attack!
    last year he played like a beast! i wanna see more of JC alot more!

  • Russell, Randle and Clarkson are getting plenty of minutes. I do wish they had higher usage rates, but at least they are playing. It could be much worse. Remember last season when Clarkson didn’t play at all for most of the start of the season?

  • They are light years better top to bottom, than we are right now. 16X is literally meaningless right now as free agent after free agent has turned their nose up at us over the last two years. Meanwhile you have players like Lance Stephenson, Josh Smith and Paul Pierce taking major discounts to play for the Clippers. That use to be us. TBH, we haven’t had that since the Jerry West construction of the three-peat Lakeshow team.

  • I think it’s a bit early for either one of them, to be honest, but won’t be surprised if Walton is in demand this off-season. Just have to decide if you want to allow them to learn on the job or not.

  • The guys are not running the system properly. The Princeton is suppose to have back cuts off of screens. The guys aren’t doing that. Their standing around with one or two passes being made. Only to take a Jumper or three point shot. They have no inside presence offensively. Every shot is a jump shot nothing in the post.

  • I’ll give them credit for their FAs this offseason. No game-breakers but they added depth.

    Took a gamble on some toxic personalities, but Rivers’ has a history of managing them so….

  • hes worth more than that. i hope we give him a good offer he earned it.
    just look at what happened to ed davis he played so well and we let him go. yet we keep bums like sacre and kelly. i would have waived sacre and kelly and not signed bass and just kept ed davis here.
    but our front office has problems…..
    problems i dont understand.
    ed davis>bass>kelly>sacre

  • How far the Clippers go matters not at this point in comparison. That is just how far we’ve fallen. I’ve defended the FO in the past but if this stance with Kobe and Scott remains the case all season, and Scott is back for the 16-17, campaign? I stand firm on the demise and retract all that I’ve said in defense of the FO over the last few seasons.

  • I think this young team is perfect for them to learn on the job. We won’t be ready to compete for another 2 to 3 years. It would be about the long term development of the team. Hopefully a coach like Pop that will last for the next decade or more.

  • Again their professionals effort is on the player. Guy saying the coach didn’t motivate me is an excuse. And they shouldn’t be playing in the NBA. A players motivation comes from doing his job to the best of his ability no matter the circumstances.

  • Really? The free agent’s we use to land were just as meaningful as those I cited.

  • I don’t know. They still don’t have a 3. Stephenson and Pierce have been really bad. Smith has been pretty bad too.

  • pg and shooting guard should be doing pick and roll with hibbert or randle and getting more easy dunks.
    they do it once or twice and stop.
    if it works why not keep doing it?
    lets say for instance the other team stops them okay pas s outside and now try a 3. maybe that guy is open?
    lou williams and jordan clarkson are both great scorers and very creative.
    i would use every option if i was coach to get more done.
    so even if i did lose the game people would see us trying our hearts out. dont go down easy even if im gonna lose im gonna play til that damn buzzer sounds. until then the game isnt over…..

  • Ron Artest and Derek Fisher were really the only two impact FA’s we signed. But those two guys were really important to the team. Pierce is done. Stephenson just came off one of the worst seasons in NBA history and Smith, well he was just dumped by the Pistons.

  • russel has a different game and i am not making excuses for russel because a baller is a baller. i think russel was more timid than anything but i see him coming out of that shell slowly and hope he keeps it up.

  • Fair enough. In all honesty, I’d like to see the Clippers remain competitive because we’ve never really had a true rivalry in this town. It also provides an incentive for the FO to get their heads out of their you-know-whats…especially if the Clippers DO make it out of the second round and into the Finals or even a Championship.

  • other teams have ball movement steals,they get easy dunks, and they block shots.
    now why cant we do those 3 things too?
    ball movement /pick&roll dunks/ block shots
    im not even getting into rebounding or boxing out yet!

  • Clarkson is our best young star. He plays with a chip and hunger. That i dont see in Russell. Never had the fans had to make up an excuse on why Clarkson cant play in Byron Princeton. Because he’s aggressive. He takes his talents and applies them to the offense. No excuses he just plays his game. That all were asking Russell to do.

  • true but last year he played with more “HUNGER”
    i wanna see clarkson be what he was last year more aggressive and attack the rim.
    go in there to dunk the ball not to do lay ups…..
    i wanna see him in beast mode not relax mode cruise control.
    pedal to the medal and attack the rim. make the defense have a damn heart attack. hes so fast and can use his speed and use that crossover to get into the paint.
    his crossover is nice! did you see summer league?

  • Letting Davis walk was REAL frustrating….I’ll agree with you 100% on that one.

    As for Bass, I’m not mad at him — he’s just being asked to do something that doesn’t suit his strengths. Even still, he’s one of the Lakers’ better defenders and has been playing well the last 5-6 games.

  • if you scroll down to where it says, also on laker nation,and read the comment by patrick bateman where he says “i hope tomorrow i wake up to the headline scott fired” and instead we get this article lol, pretty funny.

  • but if i could pick 1 or the other. im going with my man ed davis.
    portland is lucky to have him.
    i wish we could trade to get him back in purple &gold………

  • It’s only rumors, but my understanding is that Mark Jackson is not easy to deal with. Players like him, but management can’t stand him and that’s why he was pushed out at GS.

    Again, it’s only rumors, but I can’t see that playing out well with current Lakers’ management.

  • That’s my problem with the kid. He has no fire no hunger. He’s more worried about his hair than his game. He comes out walks the ball up the floor most the game. ( got caught on an 8 second violation the other day) Then Passes it off. Get the team out on the break every once and a while. Look up the floor use that court vision that we keep hearing about. Clarkson plays like he want to be a star. Russell plays like he just happy to be in the NBA.

  • well clarkson might bail at the end of this year for a better team. we need to keep him around so hopefully he likes playing for Byron lol.

  • Smith was the difference in Houston over the Clippers in that playoff series. Nice how you ignored that? Stephenson is a low risk high reward gamble that any Laker fan would love to have right now.Pierce is not what he use to be but he was far from done last season as he played his limited role very well with the young Wizards. Kobe would do wonders for our youth if he’d humble himself like Paul.

  • he is a free agent. and being a 2nd round pick his max would be roughly 20% of the cap. they will try i know that but its his decision.

  • I agree but his bringing the ball up and handing it off is the main thing in the priceton. he doesn’t have a choice with that. but all the other points i totally agree and hope that he is going to get it sooner rather than later. i keep faith that he is off to the curry and harden satrt. but that is just me hoping and being an optimist

  • Smith had one good playoff series. Lou Williams was sixth man of the year. Hibbert declined over a million to play with the Lakers. Lakers probably did as well if not better than Clippers in free agency to be honest.

  • no major FA wants to come to a lottery team especially when even adding them to the mix, it’s still a lottery team. The best way they get out of this mess is with the Miami model. And you need a Pat Riley type.

    The planning part. Get someone who can solve problems and who has the pitchman charisma to do it. Sitting in a room with Jim and Mitch gotta be boring as frack. The planning should start soon. Only chance you got with Durant. Cuz we’ll find out that Jim and Mitch won’t cut it . again.

  • Or the Golden State way and build through the draft while making smart roster moves in free agency. Might take a few years, took GS around 6 but it worked out pretty well

  • Look I’m rooting for the kid don’t get me wrong and I’m no expert by any means. But I’ve been watching this game and the Lakers for a long time. I don’t see what the Lakers saw in this kid to this point. I hope I’m wrong. I didn’t like Fisher at first. I thought he was trying to be too much like Van Exel. Now he’s one of my favorite Lakers. Not because of his talent. But his work ethic. Fisher didn’t have that three point shot when he entered the league. He injured his foot. While rehabbing he work on and developed that shot. He earned my respect at that point. Maybe Russell will do the same.

  • i totally agree but when you have a coach that loses the locker room then you have what we are seeing. i know they are professionals but there has been issues like this since the dawn of sports. motivation and confidence is something a coach needs to provide on a daily basis and that is what makes a good coach. why do you think phil was so successful other than he had great players. he kept them hungry worked with them off the court and motivated them to do their best. mark jackson was the same getting the most effort out of his players cause they respected him.

  • Ok, the coach does get a pass. But most coaches wont take a job in the middle of the season because it’s unfair to them and the players without a full training camp. I didn’t say anything about turning it around. I asked if he would take the job and about what his feeling are with working with Jim Buss. Those are major factors in taking the job.

  • He ain’t leaving a chance for another ring to come get abused by the LA fans and media.

  • Meanwhile several young prospects presently on roster are being groomed into horrible habits that are the manifestations of this rancid homage.

    Kareem did not hijack the team in his farewell tour. Magic came back in 96 and did not disrupt the very young blossoming Late Show, in the 40 or so games he played in his quasi farewell tour. KG is gracefully allowing the young Wolves to get they shine on as he enjoys his final lap.

    Right now, both Kobe and Scott are selfishly disrespecting the team theme of the game of basketball that gave them their platform to become who they are.

  • fishers first game he showed he was agresive and had 15 points, russell barely scores over double-digits and clarkson is etter at passing I agree clarkson is the future starand laker leader he reminds me of young kobe got traded nobody expected him to be greatwas benched at first but when he got the opppurtunity he destroyed atalented all-star in parker!

  • Exactly bringing someone else in at this point want make much difference. Better to wait till after the season.

  • well if the coach doesn’t make the playoffs next year jim buss wont be an issue lol.


  • Well he better be gone after the season. Byron will not attract any stars and he is too old school.

  • Kobe helped to bring 5 titles and Byron helped to bring in two. They earned the right. Management feels they earned the right. The rookies are getting all the playing they can stand and more. None of them have played an 82 games season. Stop crying.

  • he is an unrestricted free agent this year. he was a 2nd round pick so is not restricted. he can go anywhere he wants

  • Eff that! No one earns the right to damage the future!! Stop bring a clueless idol worshiper.

  • Really doesnt make sense to put more salt on the wound after we’ve been constantly ripping the bandaid numerous times with previous bad coaching decisions. To be honest, as much as I want to fire B. Scott, I just dont think it makes sense to do this all over again. If I were the FO and if I really want to target KD, I ask KD who does he want and go from there.

  • Our free agent haul was ok on the surface. Too bad it’s not paying off in the win loss column. Josh Smith is far and away the better free agent compared to Lou. Hibbert was traded for, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say he wishes he had other options at this point.

  • yea he is but if a player wants out his agent can make it happen, via trade for ex…

  • destroy? There no talent on this team. I mean some of you guys really thought this team was a playoff team. There nothing to destroy because management didn’t field a good team in the first place.

  • It’s comically depressing. it’s getting to the point where I want to see some Robert Sacre on the floor just so I can be entertained.

  • Wow this was well written. I agree 100%. But the reality of the situation is unless KB takes a step back nothing will happen. He is dictating this year and tbh he deserves it. Yes it jeopardizes our future but it is what it is.

    If Scott was smart instead of “living and dying by kobe’s shots” he could actually use his brain and figure how we can get Kobe BETTER shots. I could care less if he shoots 20 25 a game. Let’s make them efficient though? 16 3”s????

  • yeah but if the team wants to keep him i don’t think he can do anything? Even if he declines to play for them or try other things it will be bad for his image?

  • Seems so early for TeamTank, but if that’s what it’s gonna be then I guess that’s what it’s gonna be….

  • “Extremely Unlikely” that’ll he stop doing and saying stupid crap, too.

  • The scary thing is that they interviewed him 4 times before offering him the position. If they wait until the end of the season, they could well end up wasting all of free agency and the draft looking for a replacement who will not have enough time to tell the FO the type of players that would suit their style. Then you end up with a D’Antoni situation where the coach doesn’t match the players

  • We’ll change of coach when we’re done rebuilding (through the draft). This season is Byron’s last as our coach.

  • 99.9% sure he’s RFA — that’s what Sportrac is reporting and 710AM had a discussion on it a few weeks ago….think it was Katz and Trudell. At any rate, they were of the belief that somebody WILL offer him a “poison pill” and I think they’re probably right.

  • The future is not being damaged. This is a bad team period. Phil and Pop together couldn’t make this a winning team. The kids are getting valuable playing time. Most NBA rookies barley make it off the bench. With all the crying you do about the coaching. Who would you bring in that would actually take the job in the middle of the season?

  • Josh smith has been nothing but a locker room cancer on every team he has been on. that is a huge part of bringing someone on like him. i dont like his game or his attitude.

  • I don’t think that is fair. Detroit payed MILLIONS to get rid of Josh Smith. Yes, Hibbert wasn’t a free agent but it was his choice so in a sense it was a free agent signing. He could have stopped it if he wanted. In fact he would be richer if he had. Even Bass was a decent free agency signing. There was definitely a market for him, although not a big one. Anyhow, regardless the picture you are trying to paint of Clippers being a big FA destination is kind of silly. Yes, they resigned DeAndre in one of the most embarressing ways ever possible but outside of that they didn’t do much.

  • Innocent Bystander??? He has serious line up issues, when playing bass at center, ect.. And I could go on but why waste my breath. A head coach is not an innocent bystander.

  • Like I said, I don’t personally like it. But I do get it. In the end it is up to Kobe. He is going out on his own terms and unlike Kareem he has decided to do it very poorly.

  • Who on their roster would be better than Bass? I am not a fan of Bass at center either, but Sacre and Black aren’t the answer either. It isn’t like you can fix the Lakers by giving Bass’s minutes to someone else.

  • Well he didn’t pick the players. He’s only working with what he has. A slow Hibbert, a too small Bass and Sacre. Not much you can do with that.

  • What damage? The need years not touches?

    Randle has to learn a short range shot, Russell has to learn how to play on an NBA level and Clarkson still seen to focus on defense.

    How is any of this affected by Kobe?

    Are you seriously focusing on the rookie year of 15 year professionals?

  • Lets get through this year, let guys grow… get through the draft and free agency before we start thinking about a coach.

  • My thing is, it’s absolutely clear Kobe’s minutes, usage rate and role need to be scaled back. Doing that does not diminish his farewell tour. It likely helps keep him upright for the entire season and helps the rest of the team settle into better team chemistry that will allow a consistency in play that makes for proper grooming of the youth for next season.

    As it stands right now, we’re headed for yet another year where player development fell by the waist side, leading to potential core players going elsewhere.

    Bass, Williams and Hibbert are all solid pro’s that can contribute if used in proper roles on a team.

  • thats because we’re not tanking, we really do suck and so does byron

  • How?
    The Clippers were bad because their owner didn’t care and did every thing possible to cut costs.

    I bet the Lakers win a championship before the Clippers.

  • well if they were really going tank and let kobe do what he wants then why not have Upshaw out there and get him the back up center role?

  • In all fairness, Kobe doesn’t have a Magic Johnson to hand the torch to OR to force the Lakers’ hand, but I agree….I wish he had handled the situation more gracefully.

  • Kobe not going to humble himslef. So maybe you should humble YOURSELF and come to terms.

    You are a broken record that can’t accept things that are immovable. Honestly, you can’t be this ignorant or stupid…

  • Black is by far the better choice. We never see him play anymore. Play him and Nance Jr off the bench together it would make more sense. Bass is getting tons of playing time and I havent seen nothing out of that dude. His numbers are split in half from when he played with Boston so yes Tarik Black would be a ton better.

  • well i agree with getting through the year but you need a coach in place so you know who to get in free agency and the draft.

  • Or….
    They already have discussions with potential replacements. Do you really think the team hasn’t already contacted guys?

    Do you live in a cave bro?

  • yea but so what? he is a 7 ft. presence in the paint and the more he plays maybe his potential would come out. i mean its better than playing a power forward at center and sacre does the same thing fouling all the time so what would it hurt.

  • I feel Bass is a much better player than Black, which is saying a lot because I am not a Bass fan.

  • And kobe is a necessary distraction.

    Y’all only focus on the negatives of kobe. What about the positives?

    What about the mentorship, the exerience of playing with one of the greats, and to see what it takes to be great?

  • Absolutely — I can’t understand why he isn’t playing 20-25 minutes like every other aging superstar. Give him the green light while he’s out there, but just don’t leave him out there…problem solved.

  • that ship has sailed. He laughs his ways to losing now. Nothing to learn from that.

  • What horrible habits?
    Surely you can’t be projecting normal rookie play on kobe or losing

    And Scott is quick to punish bad habits and reinforce good ones. What about the hanits they learn watching the veterans about how to train, eat, work, and be a professional.

  • No fan earns the right to question t he front office.

    If you don’t like things stop watchin FREE tv.

  • Stop projectin b what you think the players are experiencing.

    I think you are a nonsensical windbag who Hass the intelligence of a bag of rocks. And I bet both of us would be wrong.

  • Don’t forget his brand value — he has penetration into multiple international markets and should promote the Lakers for the next 20 years. That’s worth $50m a year easy….getting it for half that is a steal.

  • I was very hopeful for Upshaw, but he’s a long ways away from even being a third stringer. The Lakers would probably be better off drafting a rookie next near.

  • lol touche. but seriously if this season is a wash already what better way to tank that go with young guys? lol

  • I’ve been a fan since 77 and i remember the down years of the 90’s that
    so many Laker fans forget. I mean they weren’t as bad as this team but
    we didn’t have 4 rookies in the rotation either. Teams have down years
    some more than others. What you dont want to do is change coaches every
    season like consistent losing teams do. In the 90’s we had 7 coaches
    until we got Phil in 99. Now I’m not saying the Byron should keep his
    job past this season. But you cant make bad knee jerk decision after bad
    knee jerk decision. If they fire Byron now that will be 5 coaches in 4
    years. Lakers need some consistency a foundation in which to build a
    pond and groom these players. It has to start at the top with Jennie and
    Jim. They have to get on the same page as far as what they want this
    team to be. Then you decide on a good coaching fit for your desired
    style of play. They could fire Byron now but the result would be the
    same. Because the Lakers have no identity. The front office has no
    Identity. You wont find a good coach are FA who wants to work under
    those conditions. The house cleaning has to start at the top before you
    even think about replacing the coach.

  • Let them tank this year!
    Lakers have a top 3 protected pick for next draft, might as well use it than lose it. 😀
    Then fire Byron Scott and hire Luke Walton, Mark Jackson, Tom Thibodeau, Scott Brooks or whoever. =P

  • If Kobes health Byrons has a job. Kobes minutes absolutely preposterous.

  • I dont think he would be a ton better and he wouldn’t make much of a difference. The reason he not in the rotation is because he misses defensive assignments. You wont get much more from Black. Not enough to make a difference. He not a shot blocker or scorer. But he can come in and give a true started some minutes to rest on the bench.

  • Yes, Kobe is setting a horrible example as team leader and icon these kid’s grew up idolizing. Scott is the ultimate lame duck HC. I’ve been watching sports all my life and I’ve never seen anything like this in team sports.

    There’s nothing remotely professional about how Scott is managing this team or how Kobe is according himself in games.

  • Randle does not do a great job of attacking. Let’s clear that up. Randle has looked pretty bad.

  • (IF) Lakers still had Dwight Howard BS would’ve been fired a longtime ago.. The only thing D12’s good for.

  • At this stage of Kobe’s career, it matters not who’s in place for next in line.

  • How about asking Durant ( or any targeted FA) who he would like to play for. If you wait till after the season to replace Byron. You can give FA a chance to voice their choice of coaches.

  • Can’t leave out the usage rate and role. Without reducing those also, the problem remains.

  • You cannot say he has no fire or hunger, you don’t know him. You can see recently he has turned it up, he cares on defense, he cares when we’re losing. You can see these things but they’re very small things. The system is holding him back like fatZach said, and he isn’t playing this way because somehow he decided to completely overhaul his style of play in between college and now. I know it’s hard to believe but this is literally the worst system/situation for a young PG to be in. It is simply that bad.

  • I’m not painting a picture of clippers greatness, I’m showing just how bad things are going for us and how there seems to be no clear end to the madness.

    You’re off on a tangent making this about the Clippers big picture?

  • It was and i was upset about last nights game until I heard the 6rs fans chanting Kobe….Kobe.
    Then my prospective was like. Losing doesn’t matter. The fans want to
    show their appreciation for Kobe no matter how bad he is. Then i look at
    my fellow Lakers fans blaming Kobe for shooting too much. I’m like were
    missing out on our chance to say good bye and show our appreciation. We
    have him for 41 games in his last season. And all we can do is cry he
    and Byron are killing the team. Seem like we’re the only fan base not
    taking advantage of seeing not only one of the greats. But possibly the
    last player to only play for one team. KG cant say that. C. Paul cant
    say that. Paul Pierce cant say that. Guess what Laker fans were a bad
    team and a coaching change wont make a difference. Kobe shooting less
    wont help. We’ve been blown out of games Kobe didn’t even play in. Stop
    crying and enjoy one of the players that help bring you 5 parades down
    fig. Thanks to Magic and Kobe and Shaq. I’ve seen 10 Laker titles in my
    life time. Most cites may not see 10 titles between any of their pro
    teams ever. Yes Kobe’s playing bad and he making no excuses for it. He’s
    owning it like he does with everything. Show more respect for the guy
    who entertained you for 20 years. Don’t turn your back on him because he
    not what he once was in his last season.

  • To be fair, the way the team is structured it didn’t seem like that would be the game plan this year. I just hope we get the pick.

    Even if we don’t, this season should be the end of tanking one way or the other. We have money to burn next summer, a talented core to work with and officially the start of a new era of Lakers legacy to begin as the old one officially will be dead by then. Things’re lookin’ up.

  • Innocent Bystander? What a Crock of ….. Goodness your the head coach, Act like one.

    Just some of the news I’ve been reading, this is how low we’ve sunk!

    In a month that’s already provided some truly brutal moments, this specific game encapsulates what the Lakers’ season has become: a heartbreaking spectacle. It’s awful.

    Come watch a selfish legend fire up shots with no regard for context or sense, at the detriment of his younger teammates’ development. Come see lineup combinations that lack rationale—a paralyzed offense mixed with half-hearted effort on the other end.

    For Bryant, the return home began as most fairy tales end. He nailed three of his first four shots, tallying L.A.’s first nine points with deep rainbows that hinted toward a potentially magical evening. Then he got a little greedy:

    That is the Reality!

  • Well said.

    Guy went down with an injury to get the team into the playoffs. He didn’t much, if all, of the season after and this is his last go around. Enjoy it.

  • Stop the mind numbing cyber policing and name calling. You just pop up throwing shade with no factual substance.

    Nick Young, Clarkson, Russell, Kobe, Hibbert and even Scott have all alluded feelings of frustration. The fact that they all speak on lack of trust on the court proves you need to stop babbling.

  • That makes no sense, about not firing BS he is costing them more in FAN dis like and lost attendance-and new players wanting to come there to play, and I would expect that some of not all will look for another team, as soon as they become FA, this is going to take years to come back.

  • If it matters not who’s next in line why complain about the example that he setting.

  • why wouldnt he?
    on the Lakers he will be the man.
    anywhere else he will be a bench player.
    remember our team sucks.

  • All I can say is , play this game how it was meant to be played , 5 guys , one team. Its really not helping with our younger players and overall team play. We will always remember Kobe’s contributions and while he realizes the awful percentages , he is continually shooting at a horrible rate, personally I don’t agree with anyone given the license to do what he wants because of retirement. Look at all the greats that have said goodbye to this game , playing within context in a system to make 5 guys play as a team. That is Basketball and my opinion No one is greater than the sport.

  • Not about making them a winner this season. Pop and Phil would not let this version of Kobe hijack team chemistry on the level Scott is for a farewell tour. Not risking losing the kid’s already raw mindset for future reference.

  • Not with the coach we have now, no one wants to play for BS, look at the faces of our players, if they could they would walk away they are not happy at all.

  • If they can blow 25 mil on KOBE they can afford to get rid of BS because he is BS

  • Kobe can still enjoy his last season playing within the basics of basketball. Getting team mates involved , shooting high percentage shots , not forcing shots so on…

  • i hope he wants to stay hes my 2nd fav to Kobe.
    hes gonna be a star on this team.

  • I agree AL , these kids are lost and tired of the awful basketball this franchise is putting out there.

  • Because the young bucks are being damaged. Just because a clear heir apparent has not been identified dose not mean straight up buffoonery should rule the here and now.

  • People in here forget how the game of basketball is played with 5 players on the floor working in Sync trying to win games. I guess a lot have forgotten the basic principle of basketball. While a lot of players are saying good bye to Kobe , I know deep inside they don’t agree with how Laker basketball is being played.

  • I dont have to know him I can see it in his play. You dont have to know someone to notice if they’re being aggressive, or show some fire or hunger. The System is just another excuse. Every time someone points out this kids flaws someone had an excuse as to why it is. Never mind the fact that the kids is dam near fresh out of high school with one season of college play. He wasn’t really a superstar in college either. But when he gets to the pro level it the offense and the coach it’s Kobe. Why is it that Clarkson doesn’t have a problem with the offense or Byron or Kobe for that matter. He was the 46th pick. But i dont see any excuse for him. But somehow this snot nose rookie is the greatest thing since slice bread being held up by a three time champion in Byron. A 5 time champion in Kobe. And a basic college offense that just about every team in the leagues uses some part or form of in their offense.

  • we were all happy before the season started.
    we thought maybe this would be a playoff team.
    man i feel dumb for saying that. now look at us tied with philly for worst team in the NBA.
    this sucks….

  • Then you will be basing a coaching decision on one player as opposed to the group, pretty sure that is how Byron Scott got the job in the first place.

  • Nah, but I don’t live in a fantasy land where the stories change to suit the current rhetoric of this FO. That would involve the FO being proactive rather than reactive. It doesn’t follow suit with what has been occurring recently. But obviously in your delusion the FO can do no wrong and everything that has been happening is all part of some master plan.

  • And KOBE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT, NO D CIRCUS SHOTS AND TO MANY SHOTS, every player on the team has a better % .

  • similar but Kobe was drafted #13 clarkson a dismal #46 i hope he uses this as motivation and continues to tear them up.
    dont fade away keep using it!

  • How do you know what Phil and Pop would do. Nether has had a team this bad with a star player on it in his last season. What you dont get is. Among NBA circles there this thing called respect. Byron is allowing Kobe to shoot out of respect for who he is and what he done for the NBA. You dont hear a single other Coach in the NBA talking about Byron shouldn’t play Kobe or let him shoot as much. Because they know what you dont understand as a fan. Kobe is an Icon of the game in his last season on a very bad team. You dont sit an icon or ask him not to shoot in his farewell season. My suggestion too you is stop watching the games this season. Then come back when Kobe gone. You clearly have no appreciation for what Kobe has done for the Lakers and the NBA. He tore up his body putting it on the line every single game. Playing hurt, broken fingers twisted ankles in the playoffs. As a long time fan you should show more respect.

  • What KOBE is doing is not helping the team as far as really working at it, when they know KOBE will shoot them out of the game, why try.

  • At the expense of awful , selfish basketball. We can still loose if that’s what people want for a ticket to the draft , but can we at least pretend were playing good basketball.

  • Well you do want to build your offense around a star like Durant. I mean that’s how most teams do it. Cleveland runs their through James. Basic basketball 101 I’m just saying.

  • The young guys have very long careers ahead of them. One season with Kobe wont destroy their careers. If it does they weren’t NBA caliber players anyway.

  • Daryl, personally I don’t care what some say in here , we have all thanked Kobe for his contributions and this generalizing of what some in here perceive is sickening to force points across. By god We are not disrespecting Kobe! But I’m sure he would most appreciate if FANS tell it like it is. I’ll say it again , This is Awful Basketball , we should all be ashamed putting up to this. NO one is above the Sport , I don’t care who it is. Its simple 5 players on the floor not 1! Even MJ realized that , and a soon as he did , well we all know the story. Trust in your players , help develop them , sacrifice a little for the team and Kobe do me a favor , Tell byron to man up! Geeeez.

  • Pop’s first season as head coach he had to take over a lotto bound team. Phil had the 06 Lakers.

    Respect? What Kobe and Scott are doing is disrespectful to the game of basketball, and a complete disservice to this young team. Reducing Kobe’s minutes, usage rate and role is not disrespecting him. He still gets his just due on the farewell tour and Scott can focus on actually coaching a TEAM.

    Given what’s going on now, I can’t see how Kobe finishes this season on his feet. How disrespectful is that to Kobe’s wish to play out this last season? How sad will his fans be to see him limp off the court mid season a 4th consecutive year? Scott is doing no favors to Kobe or himself.

  • Dont you think if Kobe could get those high percentage shots he would as opposed to putting up all those missed jumpers. His body cant do it anymore. Yeah Kobe could be more of a facilitator in the offense. Like he was a few games ago. But lets keep it real these guys cant shot either and most times they pass the ball back to Kobe after getting it from him. Look this is a bad team and nothing going to change that. The Rookies are still getting valuable NBA minutes that most rookies on better team dont or wont get. This team is two to threes season from being competitive. There will be plenty of development time. Like or not this is Kobe last time. The Front office is with it, coaching staff is with it. You can complain till you’re blue in the face about Kobe. But the Lakers are going to let him go out on his own terms.

  • I would say that is more on the front office. Some Lakers fans thought this was a playoff team at the start of the season. But with 9 new players 4 of them rookies. Anyone who knows anything about basketball knew this was going to be a very bad team. Your wrong about attendance too the numbers have gone up since Kobe announced his retirement. Even for Laker away games. Look if you fire Byron now and get whoever you can get to take the job with no training camp. It’s likely that you’ll end up with someone else that FA dont want to play for. best to wait till after the season. You can asked prospective free agents who they would want as a coach.

  • were noy good why would freeagents come to a bad team when they can go to the clippers for the same price and be better

  • Damaged how? Curry Durrant and Harden all played on very bad teams in their first seasons. Full of guys who took bad shots with bad habits. It called learning and growth. One bad season doesn’t not make a player damaged. My god I’m starting to question how long you’ve been a fan. Did you really think the Lakers would never have a downtime where they would have to rebuild

  • lance was traded for.

    lou the raining sith man of the year is better then josh kicked off his own team smith.

    the issue is the clippers have a coach that can play real roatations and we dont

  • the issue is kobe did and has humbled himself. now that hes trying to push himself for wins people are crying about it

  • what you cant seam to get is the fact that were rebuilding. the clippers are contenders. this has never happened before.

    the lakers have all ways rebuilt as by far the best la if not ca team now we have fallen to the worst la and ca team.

    big freagents look at three things.
    1. winning
    2. money
    3. history

    the lakers are lacking in all three.
    1. were not ready to win yet.
    2. every team can offer the money we can offer
    3. our history is very much in question because of jim buss.

    they have no reason to want to play in purple and gold when they can go to other teams and compeate

  • every team you just named had the talent to let the older player play that way, kobe is playing on a trash team

  • Ad, I get what your saying and we both agree this season has been lost, Heck I’d love to see Kobe go out like most greats have done in the past. When the season started, a few games in I knew Kobe just didn’t have the legs to put up Mamba numbers and at first shooting those 3’s were the natural thing to do as dribble driving and backing down people were not an option anymore. Now shooting these atrocious 3’s at a very high rate , some way behind the 3 point line , awful shot selection gives me a sense that he badly needs to win (wc is in Kobe’s nature) but wait its the first quarter. Anyway my point is , this sport is built on 5 guys , we get it and know Kobe all too well , his will to win and drive is still there but the body isn’t , I think its time to show a little trust in the other players on court. I’m sure Kobe can still have his wonderful farewell while helping these young players. I would even think it would help his legacy of being not only a great player but a teacher. Now with regards to rookies , yes they are getting the time and slowly developing, yes they are timid at times but that is the nature of rookies. So I give it back to you , since this season is lost, and it wouldn’t matter if these rookies miss as Kobe have missed , lets start helping these kids build a better future going into 2016. And yes , still have the Farewell Kobe deserves. Your right we fans don’t have control over what FO , coaching does. I don’t hold it too personal but as fans we can voice our opinions. 5 players on court.

  • Fully aware of all of that but that’s no excuse for the mockery Kobe and Scott are making of team basketball. Not helping the situation at all.

  • True they will have long careers, but the moment we start thinking of “I” in team , there will be No team. 5 players on court. Kobe can still have his farewell party while helping build a better foundation when he finally walks away. In fact we would not only remember how great he was but he left this team in good hands instead of shooting it to the ground.

  • you said i your self “Bass, Williams and Hibbert are all solid pro’s that can contribute if used in proper roles on a team”.

    this is the issue not kobe

  • issue is the team and the young players all play better next to kobe. playing him less will lead to worse games.

  • They didn’t have a farewell circus being cast over them at their peril. They were allowed to try and build balanced team chemistry. That’s how you learn snd how the youth grows.

  • kareem had a contender he could age out on thats the only diffrence put kobe in a warriors or clipper uni and he look much much better

  • Please stop making this about how well the Clippers are. The point is how far we’ve fallen and the lack of real planning to get out of this mess. The state of the farewell tour as is, is an abomination.

  • Kobe is definately not playing well right now.
    he has to limit his shots or mins or both.
    take good shots down by the free throw line no 3s.
    i would say nomore than 15 shots i want to see him pass and get our ball movement going.
    we dont need him to score more so teach the young guys to pass not to chuck up bricks.
    i am a huge Kobe fan but i understand Lakers come first.
    im a Laker fan at heart.

  • what? yes they did, every player you named had the team talent so they could roll back and still get wins if kobe was just out there going threw the moations with this team we would be 0-18 right now

  • it is helping the situation. were likely to get the number 1 pick in the draft.

    how is that not helping

  • you brought up the clippers not us.

    no its right were it needs to be. kobe is going out trying to win. were losing getting us better chances at our number 1 pick.

    this is great for us.

  • black is a better center then bass is and bass and nance are better pfs then mwp is yet we have bass center and mwp pf

  • There you go, absolutely !!!!! Lets face it this season is lost and personally I don’t see a miracle comeback. There is no difference whether its Kobe or the rookies that miss shots. Kobe can still have his farewell party but let’s help these kids and team. Basketball = Team sport.

  • This BS idiot will never be fired. He is the one who is always Inside Kobrick pants and allows Kobrick to build brick houses in Africa while marginalizing Lin who utterly dominated Kobrick and got all the headlines while he was starting
    So BS and Kobrick had to put him on the bench because he was showing up the pathetic Kobe who rode the coattails of Shaq and Pau to 5 rings

  • Ok I’m with that. Like you said the season is lost. The rookies are slowly getting better. But lets enjoy the Mamba one last season good or bad.

  • But the Lakers do have a farewell tour for a Laker Great. Look Daryl you can cry all you want about Kobe and Byron and the young guys being damaged. Fact is neither is going anywhere till at least after the season. You’re going to have to deal with it buddy

  • i agree Kobe should take good shots and not shoot more than 15 times.
    i would want him to do more facilitating and pass the rock.
    I rather see Kobe get a steal and pass to a rookie and get them involved then see Kobe score 50 or something.
    I love Kobe but the future is coming no doubt and i want him to leave on a good note def…….nomore Kobe hate.

  • i wanna see Kobe do what he did last year.
    remember that game with 17 assists?
    against the cavs? he had a few of them over 10+.
    if he scores 15-20 points thats enough….id like to see the 10 rebounds and 10 assists though it means more to help the team at this point.
    then it does for him to score and shoot almost everytime he gets the ball.
    i rather see him prove people wrong and make them look foolish.
    Kobe is the best and he can do almost anything he sets his mind to.
    Pass, rebound, maybe get some steals…..Kobe can do other thigns to make an impact similar to MWP or Nance Jr.

  • how so? you really think the FO came into this season thinking draft pick?

  • Bass not athletic enough to finish those lobs. Try lobbing up to Nance Jr.

  • lol a road win in washington? say it isn’t so. even cavs lost here last night.

  • Randle — 15pts, 19 rebs
    Mamba — 31pts, hitting clutch shots off balance like old times 😀
    Lou Will — 7 steals

    Great game

  • they usually do it after they beat us but washington did it while they were still in the game lol

  • Knew this but better odds towards the end of the season. IMO, more like the FO has no clue how to build except stinking it up since DH’s departure.

  • Why do they keep saying they upgraded the roster? This team is far worse than last year.





  • You can duck your head in the sand all you want. What we saw in Philly was unprofessional by Kobe and Scott, and Byron cannot be a fanboy in coaching the team.

  • Those guys made a conscious effort to scale back for the benefit of the youth. I don’t care what our present team make up is. There’s no excuse for the mockery Kobe and Scott are making with the earned the right ISH. Especially when Kobe’s health is at risk.

  • expect no FA in the next 5 years if that’s the case, Scott shoul retire coaching before Kobe retires

  • Perhaps, but continuing to play him this much will lead to fewer games played. If he’s going to be healthy all year, his minutes have to be managed.

  • Pointless to fire him.
    At best, a new coach has them playing their way out of the bottom 3.
    We don’t need that.
    Besides, we’d still be stuck Jim making the next coaching selection.
    My guess is, he and Scott go down with the ship.
    Jeannie takes over after next season. Along with a new coach.

    Who knows? Maybe she brings back PJ to make basketball decisions?
    That might be a reach though.

  • Two Tech’s in a day.. Can’t play anymore you gotta save it for mañana. Lol jk

  • It might help on the psychological side of things. Because he just might have some negative effect on the rookies which will be indelible

  • But that’s the problem. EVERYBODY needs to pass the ball— including Kobe, Randle and Clarkson. Otherwise we get “Mr. Exception” throwing up bricks from long distance all game. Playing the system, win or lose, is what should be most important. Right now, I don’t even like the Byron Scott rehash of the Mike Brown Princeton offense. Who else runs anything like that?

  • Yeah, well, that is why they fire coaches: The coach loses the team or they lose respect for him. Coaches do have deficiencies, you know.

  • Last year we had Steve Nash whispering in Clarkson’s ear. Who do we have this year? Russell could sure use it.

  • It’s because you don’t know anything about basketball. Is that aggressive enough for you? Russell’s role is different than Clarkson’s in this BS offense. Who else is playing this kind of HorsePoop system?

  • No. Bring back MDA for the rest of the season only. Then get Luke out of GSW. Overpay MDA as much as necessary—-but then we’d miss out on our draft pick.


  • You need to suck down a few less beers, dude. Nobody likes to play for a loser where nobody knows what they are doing. Did you listen to Wes Johnson talk about his Laker days? That’s Byron’s doing. I can’t see it has changed any. Can you?

  • Yeah, but we had that sensational young Chinese kid. What was his name? 🙂

  • Kobe is a massive defensive liability. Also, he is a massive offensive liability. The only place to put him is on the bench or at the point.

  • If Scott takes your advice from down at the Y, he’s going to have to call out Kobe first of all. Byron has too small a penis for that, I think.

  • DP is right. Listening to you is like listening to Al Haldie, except sometimes Al is right. You just hack on your betters like you are trying to pull them down to your level. Chill.

  • Now you know how it felt to listen to you when you were a worshipper. I couldn’t take it either. lol

  • I still stand firm on my arguments from back then. It was very early in the process post the 12-13 gamble coming off the CP3 trade nix. The FO was licking wounds as they had to deconstruct all that aging salary on the books.

    As you know I was completely against the weakness they showed giving in to the masses, firing MDA. Scott is just wrong for this team. Tanking is all he’s good for.

  • You are one weak-minded High School coach. What is it you think you can see from your knees that the rest of us can’t see from our feet? Quit worshipping Kobe! I thought you were just making these ridicules statements to annoy and bate me. You are just not smart.

    These guys will all un-warp and play better if they can stop deferring to Kobe and run the system. That’s what they need to focus on, not feeding Kobe at all costs. Russell, especially, needs to play when Kobe is not on the floor.

  • No he wouldn’t. What makes you say such a foolish thing? He wouldn’t defend one bit better and he wouldn’t shoot any less bricks. Kobe doesn’t pass, so that wouldn’t change, either. Snap out of it. Even Scott is praying Kobe will find his rhythm—but you pop up and conclude Kobe is doing a great job.

  • He’s slowing their development by allowing them to develop bad habits while teaching more of a high school system than an NBA level offense and defense. Look at it. This is shameful.

    That’s another thing I don’t want to get into but think of all the High School kids and coaches that worship Kobe and Byron, like you. They watch games and think this is basketball. What a disservice.

  • And why would Durant come to play for Scott and Jimbo? The word is already out. Durant will not waste his prime years doing this with the Lakers. Who would?

  • Right. But the FO has to learn to be aggressive in going after the talent they want. Scott was the only coach left standing that would say yes to work for Jimmy, when he was hired. How has that worked out? Scott is totally out of date, out of touch and out of luck.

  • And do you assume Scott has a job after this year. Like I said, got to change the face of the franchise for Lakers to even be considered a destination for any free agent. Jim will certainly be around as an owner, but he can’t be the voice, the face of the franchise.

    Change the face go for the Miami model – multiple Free agents or trades to go with what we have.

    For example – if they could pull off a Clarkson and Russell for future Free agent Westbrook. sign Noah, then Durant would consider. Other than something like that, we’re on the same page regarding this team’s chances, no star will want to come here just like the last few years.

  • I’ve been watch NBA basketball since before you were born kid. The fact that you guys give this unproven kid every excuse in the book shows your lack of basketball knowledge. What has he done to prove his 2nd overall pick?

  • Kid I’ve been watching NBA basketball since before you were born. The fact that you guys have every excuse in the book for this unproven kid proves your lack of basketball knowledge. What has he done to earn his 2nd overall pick and the credit you guys give him? Nothing.

  • That’s ignorant. The whole team fails to play well in Byron’s quasi-Princeton, not that it’s coached well. There’s plenty of excuses freely available right now for anything with the Lakers. Don’t get me started.

  • I think there is. I think you go small-ball with Nance at center. According to some, Byron’s influence swung opinion to draft Russell at # 2.

  • I dont see anyone making excuses for anyone else on the team except Russell. It’s Byron’s holding him back……The offense doesn’t fit his style. He doesn’t have his man bones yet. Please tell me if i missed an excuse for why this unproven kid is not producing. You know just as well as i do this kid is not close to being NBA ready. He’s a defensive liability with no foot speed. You keep waiting for D- to load . I’ll catch up with you in a couple of seasons and we’ll see where he at. Word of advise dont hold your breath waiting on that download.

  • They are really discouraged. We should bring MDA back as interim coach. At least they played a modern offense.

  • We could at least play a modern style so that when it comes time to step on the gas, like next year, the guys know what to do. If nobody plays defense we will lose just fine. I want to see Russell and Randle play PnR like Nash and Staudamire.

  • Mark Jackson is divisive. I want Luke as soon as we can get him. But I say bring back MDA and over-pay the guy on an interim basis. At least get the offense working.

  • That just shows you don’t know what you are doing. There’s been too much proof of that already.

  • Not GSW or SA. There is NO chance of us getting Durant. No All-Star wants to waste his prime years on a rebuilding team—even when they know what they are doing.

  • It wouldn’t be a stretch to say we’d like to give him those options, too. Do you think he will be back next year?

    As much as wishing Kobe would start, I like seeing you humble yourself, too, DP. You were such a worshipper. Remember all the HorsePoop I used to throw on you? Now you can probably laugh. Some of that HorsePoop was pretty funny actually.

  • It is who he has been his whole career—among many other things, to be fair. Sad to hang on to that.

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