Lakers Rumors: L.A. Swayed To Pick D’Angelo Russell Because Of Byron Scott

With the Los Angeles Lakers struggling through the first 20 games of the 2015-16 NBA season, head coach Byron Scott decided to make a starting lineup change by benching D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle.

After playing 21 minutes against the Toronto Raptors where he finished with nine points and two assists, there are concerns about how Russell has been handled in his rookie season.

With Jahlil Okafor and Kristaps Porzingis playing well, Michael Lee of Yahoo! Sports shares the front office were swayed to bypass them because Scott favored the point guard:

Scott’s decision to sit Russell late in games is confounding even for some members of the Lakers’ front office who were swayed to bypass Kristaps Porzingis and Jahlil Okafor because Scott favored the flashy point guard from Ohio State, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

With Scott favoring Russell over two big men, the front office is reportedly confounded with his decision to bench their point guard of the future. While the Lakers were not expected to make the playoffs in the Western Conference, there were expectations they would focus on player development this season to prepare for the post-Kobe Bryant era.

With the Lakers not winning and not properly developing their young core, there are a lot of questions about the direction of the franchise. As Russell and Julius Randle are expected to come off the bench for the next five to 10 games, it will be interesting to see if Lakers are able to win games.

Russell is averaging 10.9 points, 4.6 rebounds and 3.0 assists in 27.4 minutes.

Byrons idea to pick D’angelo and this is the way Scott handleds D’angelo. Worst coach EVER period.

  • Damn author makes it seem like drafting Russell was a bad/bust move. 2 year project but it wasn’t like Scott was around when the call was made. This was an FO decision and tho my preferred choice was to draft slightly down to get something it return drafting Russell was the right choice. However, if the Lakers manage to keep their top 3 pick this season not certain FO be willing to wait longer for Russell to show true promise.

  • I WAS RIGHT!!! Russ is Byron’s call. I said it. Anyone criticizing BS for his mishandling of Russ got it so wrong. I said this, BS wants Russ to succeed because he made that call. He’s has a stake in Russ’s success. This IS A CLEAR CASE of buyer remorse. BS wont last beyond this season and let’s hope his boy Russ will get us some REAL TALENTS.

  • Russ may not be bust but he’s also not going to be huge for Lakers. Trade him.

  • BS is a PG coach. He has eyes for top PG talents and his system relies heavily on good dominant PGs, like Paul and Kidd. Russ is clearly not up to that pay grade. I say Buyer Remorse. The PICK was Lakers’s chance to jumpstart the franchise and BS blew it. He will GET BLAMED. Hopefully sacked soon.

  • the way he is handling DLo, I think what happenned is that Scott is expecting DLo to be like Kidd/CP3 in their rookie years, and now that DLo showed he is a project, Scott was upset and punishes the kid

  • not true at all the princton which is what hes running for our team is not ment for pgs

  • “Leaks” like this come just before a guy gets fired. I knew Scott picked D’angelo because he said it out of his own mouth on Lakersnation, but they had to remind everybody because they needed more justification to fire him. It’s going to be a fight to get Scott out of there with Kobe pulling for him and his friendship with Magic.

  • Disagree, his strength will be his shooting and ability to pass. Altho best work on lower body conditioning to be able to absorb contact when driving to the paint in the future. However, depending on how this year’s draft lottery turns out it may be an option. If the Lakers keep the pick then they’re literally one player away from solidifying the starting lineup for the next 10+ yrs (depending on who they draft) IMO.

  • He’s already a step or two slower than he was in college. He has clearly shown that he can’t play as well with that extra weight.

  • That’s the problem with so many coaches. They don’t develop talent at all, just exploit it. CP3 and Kyrie owe Byron Scott absolutely nothing.

  • Nah, BackStage Lakers shows you who made the call, it was left to Kupcake. Scott wasn’t even around tho he probably gave his preference.

  • It’s called playing against faster better players/grown men (NBA) as opposed to playing with other kids.

  • Nah, I could see if he was moving the same speed and guys were just recovering. He’s not moving the same speed he was in college. Even though his running speed wasn’t fast he was at least running. Now it’s like he’s doing this little hop step and jogging most of the time. He doesn’t do anything with conviction. Just look at the old scouting reports for him on Youtube and see just how much faster he was.

  • His word may have had value but in the end Jimmy left it to Kupcake who made the selection. Scott wasn’t even in the room (from what the camera’s showed).

  • Even Stu and others have mentioned that he’s faster than he looks. However, given he’s still learning the offense it may have something to do with it to which we’ll find out in the near future. Close to 60 games remain.

  • He’s been putting more effort into moving faster lately but he’s still not like he was in college.

  • We’ll find out by the end of the season. Depending on how the off season goes with relation to the lottery draft FO may not show enough patience in waiting for him to adapt.

  • The name of the video is:
    Byron Scott Thinks D’Angelo Russell ‘Has A Chance To Be A Superstar’

    He picked Russell. Kupchack let him make the decision, but it was him who suggested Russell over Okafor. Porzingis was never even considered.

  • He won’t have Westbrook speed, tho he can improve on what he has if he works hard enough at it. But it’s more so being comfortable enough (assertive ) in taking the ball inside and finishing.

  • That’s what Kupcake also brought up, being they couldn’t pass him up b/c of his potential. The ‘con’ tho is he’s a 2 yr project. I’d swapped picks to get something in return b/c the Lakers (at that time) needed more pieces for the future. But I see potential tho it’ll take patience which is something that many may not have.

  • Russell is another Sam Cassell basically. I would say Chauncey Billups, but Russell is a liability on the defensive end.

  • He has. There must guys out who think he is stud. Just read some of the Russ fans here you would think he’s the next C Paul. Let’s hope for NBA execs think the same as our Russ fans here.

  • Then is it still Princeton? BS’s system is always PG heavy but he made lots of adjustment here for KOBE.

  • Nash and Stockton were slow, but they managed to get to the basket because they could throw off defenders with a change of pace and direction. Russell doesn’t do any of that for some reason.

  • No, the media perception of Russell is that he is a bust. They even rank Mudiay higher than him with all his turnovers and poor shooting percentage. No NBA team can give any value for Russell right now. Even if the Lakers added Clarkson and Randle to sweeten the pot most NBA teams would still be reluctant to make any deal involving Russell.

    I don’t even think Philadelphia would take Russell with Okafor hitting a bad skid and having serious off-court problems.

  • Of course the decision is not BS’s to make but the point is he persuaded the FO to pick Russ. Nevertheless I take this a sign of BS on the way out soon and the young core will traded for new proven core. I see that as the FO finally comes to their senses. Great stuff. Let’s hope for real change.

  • This just goes to show the sad state that the Lakers franchise is mirred in. When you listen to the coach instead of talent scouts this is what happens. Clearly the Lakers franchise has no direction. With the pick that they made & the FA’s that they signed. Picking Russell when you already have an all-rookie PG in Clarkson, compound that by signing Williams. Signing Bass when you just drafted Nance Jr, and already have Sacre, Kelly & Black in the frontcourt. Should have gotten a C or SF instead of a PG and a PF. Also we really have the worst coach, making adjustments every 5-10 games when a normal coach makes in-game adjustments. Using the regular season to try different lineups when that is supposedly done during preseason & training camp. Maybe BS really enjoyed his time in Hawaii instead of doing his work.

  • His preference for Russ as a justification to sack Byron? You mean Russ is a bust???

  • Scott’s not upset that DLo is not Kidd/CP3. He’s disappointed that Russ might just turn out to be an above average Price. (Forgot his first name). And rightly so. But Russ can still have a career in this league as a role player. His skill sets just reminds me of Price.

  • Lakers have good players, they just have a horrible coach who has no idea what he is doing and what he wants to do with his team. Barring any trades in my opinion this should be the lineup

    Young/A. Brown ( 3pt shooting to open paint)

    Bass/Nance jr.
    A. Brown/Mwp

  • People are talking about trading Russell, but they’re not considering the fact that the dude is a natural, wiling rebounder at the PG position. In an offense with the ball in his hands, running the P&R, he’s also possessed of great court vision and touch on his passes. And don’t forget, he’s got a sweet shooting stroke. They just need to start falling. Put all that together and you have someone who can develop into a Rajon Rondo-type player, but a Rajon Rondo with range. You don’t give up on that while he’s 19 and a part of a dysfunctional team. Grow some balls, guys. We need to give him every opportunity to ‘put it together’. Maybe that means a better coach. Wonder if Steve Nash can be lured away from his consulting role with the Dubs…?

  • If this leads to keeping their top 3 pick, then this might work out… The problem with having #2 last year was that they had a choice versus being forced to pick the best available (I was hoping for Porzingis, a skinny center, but perfect for the current small ball….

    Of course, had the lakers landed K.A.townes…. This team would be in a different situation…

    D Russell still has potential… But he needs the minutes that Clarkson got last year… He is a better passer/shooter, but lacks J Clarkson’s athleticism

  • Or…

    Kobe plays the 1st 7 minutes… Then is subbed by A. Brown… Then the bench follows…
    Nance jr

    If the Lakers ended up with any big in the draft instead… This team would have been better… Huertas is a great PG to run the offense (can’t defend, like most PG really).

  • Agreed… Bring in Coach Thib… At least the D will be solid… These young guys can handle his practices…

    The offense should revolve around their talent….

    People are over-reacting…. D Russ needs minutes, which I think will come after the all star break…

    Jim Buss has one more year… And that’s it. Hopefully, Jerry West can be talked into coming back as a scout consultant … And maybe even Riley can be VP, while Mitch stays as GM

  • The Lakers FO is a mess… But I think going forward they a bunch of good young talent… We’re hoping they keep their top 3 pick… That alone might sway a FA to come to LA…

    I hope somehow Jeannie has her brother do something else… And bring back Jerry West to consult scouting if he doesn’t wanted to be VP.

    Coach Thibs is still out there…

  • DLo will be fine…this team is in Tank mode. Pray for the 1st pick in the draft…trade it for Cousins and sign KD in the off season. That should be the Lakers plan. Kobe is gone so this offense can be revamped…you have a guy like Russ as a PG who’s not selfish in scoring…KD would love that.

  • This is unreal.

    At the beginning of the season, when games were very winnable, BS decided to focus on developing players instead of starting veterans and using our rookies as reserve players (by the way, had we played the way we did against the Raptors using the same lineup, we would have won most of them!). And 20 games into the season, when our playoffs hope is over, the coach suddenly decides to bench our rookies to try to win games playing vets?!

  • I agree that Russel is at least a two-year project. This does not mean that he may not turn out to be a bust…

    The more I see him play, the more I see him as a SG though.

  • I’d consider trading Russel if we can select Simmons. The kid is ready to shine and would have to be surrounded with a few solid veteran players. Unless this is for an AD-type of player, I would not trade Randle though (he’s gonna be a beast as soon as he can finish with his right hand and hit mid-range jumpers).

  • Disagree, tho agree about the coach. However, can see one of the 3 players being traded depending on what happens in the off season. This is the inept FO’s fault since DH’s departure. Ever since then they’ve settled for minimum/d-league players as this is the result given their continued buffoonery.

    In the end don’t truly know what you really have until 24 calls it a career. The inept are inept and will continue to be inept if they trade 10+ yrs of potential for players who have close 5 prime years remaining. The inept fan-base will have to be patient for the next few yrs but in the end blame needs to be placed on Mitch and other who hire and fire aside of having a crappy plan since 2013.

  • No diss but Randle has no jumper and is a 2+ yr project to improve his all around game. Same can be said for Simmons being he has no jumper but he looks ready to dominate the paint while being a ball facilitator. This is why I’ve said that it should be an option if that scenario plays out (Russ).

    If the Lakers can keep their pick and acquire Simmons then Randle becomes trade-able down the road too. Simmons has what Randle lacks being athleticism, passing, ability to get others involved while playing like a dominant force inside the paint.

    Randle would be settling for left overs. But in the end the odds of turning things around lie best with Russell and JC AS IT STANDS TODAY. Add another player or two and things change ( depending on the acquired pickups).

  • This is what I’ve been thinking since he was drafted. His jumper is tight and straight but that doesn’t say much about the product the inept have built then given he may be the best shooter out of the youth aside of needing to improve his shot and consistency.

  • Sam Cassell is pretty damn good or even Chauncey; if Russell end up like one of those two careers then we have to keep him.

  • While him being a 2-3 year project may be true, that’s not why they drafted him. BS said they rejected Porzingis because he was a few years away. Which means they thought Russell was someone who would contribute right away like the Rookie PGs Byron had before in Irving and Paul. A delusional Byron being in the FO’s ear really messed up the Lakers rebuild.

    And I agree, everything about Russell screams SG to me.

  • Same here. I’ve always believed Scott was in their ear the whole time. As for that trade bait – DR’s value ain’t so high right now. He just needs to jack up 25 shots to get his 20 plus points. Then maybe somebody might buy.

  • I’ve supported Byron up to this point. However after learning that Russell was his pick. I must join the mob asking for his firing. It seems Byron has realized his mistake in endorsing the kid with the demotion. LOL, Naw i still believe the Lakers should wait until after the season to make a coaching change if they feel it’s needed. I’m not surprised that Byron endorsed the kid. I am surprised that Jim put his future and position at risk with this kid off of Byron’s word. But whats the worst that can happen? Jim and Byron are fired we get to keep our top three protected pick. D’Angelo Bustlle is traded off in a salary dump two years from now. Ok ok ok so maybe the kids not a complete bust. He gets converted into a nice back up PG giving you a consistent 10 pts 7 rbs and 3 assist a game.

  • Stop with this Byrons a PG guru.

    Chris Paul is Chris Paul no matter who was Head coach & same with Kyrie Irving…

    Jason Kidd played 8 years (2yrs Dallas &4yrs in Phoenix) before heading to NJ Nets so he was well established before Byron.

    However I do agree Byron should get fired ASAP.

  • you mean steve blake. Ronnie plays defense. or AJ price who’s a journeyman who’s out of the league.

  • agree on nash. But Stockton was not slow. And yes both had quick change in pace.

    Russell is afraid of contact for some reason.

  • wow I’ve mentioned shabazz a few times it be cool if we were to trade for him. go bruins!

  • Man… you guys totally miss the point. Anyone can rate the draft retroactively, so it’s all hearsay. But, it’s most dumbfounding the FO was chasing aging star in off-season the last 2 years. Carmelo?? Alridge??? WTF??? With the group we have, we should never even consider player age 26 and over. GIven 2-3 years for this young guns to develop, these aging free agent will be well past the prime. THAT is just common sense. Go look at Magic, Blazers, Celtics and even Sixers. They don’t rebuild with aging star to the young core. If you are adding role player vets between ages 27-30, it’s more understandable…

  • I’d actually rather see them bring in a young, energetic coach than go the ‘rehire’ route. There’s no denying that they’re in a rebuild at this point. My idea would be to look at Luke Walton and Steve Nash if they want Laker ties, the college ranks, rising assistants around the league, not just key in on a ‘name’ coach.

    I think West is too happy with GS, and Riley is living the life (of Riley, lol…) in Miami. Mitch has been a great GM, but they’re hiring coaches with one arm behind their back and they’re not really thinking about roles while assembling a team. They’re just going after names. Looking like the New York Yankees of basketball, and not in a good way.

  • So, the story is that the Lakers are interested in trading for Shabazz, but MN isn’t interested in trading him. So why is this even a story, then? I’m sure the Lakers are interested in trading for Lebron, too, but Cleveland isn’t going to trade him, either. Seems like a pointless story, to me.

  • Wait, I’m looking at the other comments, and they all seem to be about different stories. WTF is going on here?

  • It’s sad that the editor of this site is making up rumors just to get more hits. I’m sure mitch “likes” half of the league, but it’s a stretch (or made up rumor) to pretend there is a trade brewing.

  • What?
    Knee jerk much?

    Scott’s sending a very pointed message to his young rookies and doing his best to give them Solid fundamentals moving forward. Let’s not take too much about how Scott has to “groom” a 19 year old teenager to be the next Lakers Superstar.

  • Huertas wouldn’t be bad if he were on a good team th at could help nullify his defense.

  • Really? Are you so short sighted you can’t see more than your own tiny view?

    The Lakers have to interview every star whether or not there is a chance. It’s bad business for the team and the player if they dont. So making any sort of speculation about the team teyi NH tone lucky seems a bit lost.

    Could you imaging the fans if they didn’t try or simply pass on an interview with Durant?

  • I wouldn’t. I’d package Clarkson in S/T and trade Randle. Ben Simmons & D’angelo Russell have won championships together and have unbelievable chemistry on and off the court.

  • Scott is executing exactly as planned. And with Colangelo in Phil the team might end up with the top pick.

    Stop projecting.

  • Then why did Mitch say the pick was his and Jimmy? He said they consulted the coaches, as they should, but beyond their individual opinion and critism, the pick rested on 2 guys.

    You’re twisting words to justify your claim, which is not true. Russell might have been Scott’s pick, but it’s Jimmy and Mitch who pulled the trigger. Scott is just one piece of information.

  • Not sure why everyone is giving up on Russell just yet, nor do I agree with him being benched. Let him play, let him make mistakes, we have nothing to lose or win shall i say. Top #3 protected Ben Simmons Lakers#2016

  • LOL! I was kidding about the firing. But I am disappointed that Byron endorsed Russell over the other high draftees.

  • I Haven’t given up on Russell because I never thought he was worth the 2nd overall pick in the first place. I think he an average guard that the Lakers could have found late in the first round or early second. The kid is unproven, the analytic’s said he would be the biggest star or bust in the draft. The needle is leaning heavy on the bust side. Not only do i agree with the benching but it should have been done at the start of the season. It’s clear this kid is not NBA ready.

  • Man yall done ruined lakersnation. why is it so impossible just to post 1 comment?
    why must you always mess with stuff when its perfectly fine?
    change it back please and just leave it alone……….period.

  • This site has always been a mess. Most times i can’t even log on because the site is so glitchy.

  • and that just goes to show that you clearly cant recognize talent!!
    1- KAT, clearly was worth the top pick
    2- DLO, struggled early for various reasons( Coaching, Kobe’s farewell, bad team chemistry etc) JR is also going through the same so its not an excuse.
    3- J.Oak, prolific scorer who now has red flags pouring outta the wazoo.
    4- K.Zig, is looking like Dirk
    but the thing that stands out is that they all have coaches taht let them play through mistakes, foul trouble, and poor defensive play.
    And for you to even mention him being a bust is ridiculous, less than 20games in??? and again DLO’s game is NBA ready his body is what is lacking, the improvement next season should be huge just wait and see…ok never mind you might be a Clipper fan by then…

  • LOL a Russell apologist. Let me ask you. Would Russell crack the top 10 if the draft was held today? Knowing what we know now. Tell me what has Russell proven to make you think he worth the 2nd overall pick? Even in college what has he done?

  • it was fine before i found old comments i had posted 2 days ago.
    i was able to navigate it like a champ.
    now i feel so lost i dont even know where to find the comments?
    and when i do click comments it just wont show them.
    like it doesnt even load…..this site has major problems that NEED to be fixed! this is bs…..whats wrong with people today? is everyone mental or something?
    and its too white where is the purple and gold at?

  • Try going to disqus site lakersnation , it’s still the same and so much easier

  • who are we trading Dana?
    i hope byron isnt trying to get rid of Nick Young.
    we need to trade sacre and kelly first.
    and byron has to stop putting bass at center were not the golden state warriors.
    were not 22-0 or whatever their record is right now.

  • Me too , it’s much much better , simple and easier to use and they’re basically the same

  • he sure would
    a top 10 pick and if we use hindsight then we probably go KP, but maybe you havent notice that the NBA is now a PG dominated league and we got the best PG in the draft…

  • if we could re-do the whole draft process?
    id prolly put big P number 1, KAT number 2, okafor probably 3rd, and mudiay 4th, and russel 5th.

  • thats how i got here. lol
    i cant even get here from lakersnation.
    my new computer has a browser called microsoft edge or something.
    i went and downloaded mozilla firefox just to get on disqus bc edge doesnt support java or some crap?
    im so not tech savy i dont get all this nerd crap.
    im an athlete, not a book worm.

  • DLO has outplayed Mudiay by a wide margin even with BS trying to break him..

  • fair enough. However USA today has it as
    Honorable mentions: Stanley Johnson: Detroit Pistons and T.J. McConnell: 76ers

    Your boy didn’t even make the list. and if you poll most experts right now he wouldn’t make their list either.

  • if we could redraft id pick mudiay over russell.
    russell isnt my fav player sorry bro. the truth hurts.
    and if we re- picked my way minny would have porzing 1st.
    and we would have karl anthony towns 2nd, philly would still get jahlil okafor lol and knicks would prolly get russell or mudiay.

  • No he wouldn’t there is not a single expert that has him ranked in the current top 10 of rookies. But you can lie to yourself if it makes you feel better about the pick.

  • i think my lineup is a compromise…..
    minny gets porzingis and we get KAT philly still gets okafor and the knicks get mudiay or dlo.
    how is my draft lineup bad? please explain man

  • USA today is going off overall point totals over actual efficiency..
    DLO vs Mudiay
    10.9 vs 11 ppg
    3 vs 6 apg
    4.6 vs 3.6 rpg
    1 vs 1.05 spg
    27 vs 30 minutes per game

    one has been steadily climbing while the other has been getting worse as the season goes on, guess who is doing what….

  • I was the guy saying we needed Okafor but im happy with DLO and think he will turn out to become a stud..

  • not me… fav Lakers………
    Kobe 1st-Randle 2nd JC 3rd Nance 4th big Roy 5th.
    thats my top 5 fav list. hasnt changed since summer.

  • Johnny i hope ur right because we’re stuck with him. But I dont see anything in him that says star. He looks average to me

  • i dont know….russell has to bring that passing ability and really show it off.
    he has to hit more 3 pointers especially late in the game when we NEED them…..
    and he has to be more aggressive attacking the rim which he has been doing recently.
    lets see if he continues to improve or stops altogether………

  • Mudiay: 12.0 points, 6.4 assists, 4.1 rebounds, 1.1 steals,

    Russell:10 Points 3.0 assist 4.6 rbs
    No he’s not

  • my feeling exactly but lets hope were wrong man. hes a #2 pick!
    so we wasted it? he cant pass play defense or shoot? what is his job exactly out there? a few short jumpers? thats nothing special or eye opening.

  • He ran the same system everywhere he’s been as a HC. He learned it from Rick Adelman as an assistant in Sacramento. Jason Kidd, CP3 and Kyrie all adapted to it. What Scott tries to do is custom fit the system to the talents of the PG’s like Adelman did with Terry Porter, Mike Bibby, Bobby Jackson and Rubio. Of course Rick was much better at it. Scott leaned heavily on Eddie Jordan with the X’s and O’s of it in Jersey with Kidd where he had his best success.

    The version both he and Adleman runs is a hybrid version, not full on Harvard Princeton. The problem with this team is trying to run the system but also appease Kobe and his preferred style of play. It’s conflicts with what they practice, as we all know Kobe is rarely in practice. This is why the kids who are in the steeper learning curve, are so frustrated. We’ve heard from Young, JC, DR and a few others about how they don’t run what they practice in games.

  • Exactly He cant stay with the speedy PG in the league. He’s a liability on defense. I’m tell you this kid is going to be a career back up point guard.

  • me too man. idk but i think big P is gonna be a great player soon.
    and hes taller than okafor. big P can shoot and do alot of diff things. lots of potential…… pick him 2nd happily.

  • Seems he will be great, he’s good now , he only needs more nba exp. And to gain more lbs

  • I like him better than Russell. At least Mudiay is aggressive with his play.

  • that aint good news man…..especially for our future.
    lets hope he becomes half the player steph curry is.
    he better start knocking down 3s and attacking the rim.
    make his self at least look like hes worth something bc right now its not looking good at all for him….

  • According to rumors, it was Scott who wanted Russell. Scott even told us that when he berated Mudiay and said Porzingis was a longer term project. It was Scott who ran the workouts of the draft prospects.

    Most need to calm down on Russell’s progress…

    This list of every rookie G/G-F since 1973 w/8+ TRBs 19+ PTs & 5+ ASTs per 100 Poss is a mixed bag for #Lakers fans

  • yea but his 3 is like unguardable.
    i hope i spelled that right lol.
    just sickkk. if we could trade for big P who would we give up?
    lol just for shi and giggles. i know the knicks would never help us…

  • Man… were you a Lakers fan in 97? Cause if so, did you press for them to get rid of Kobe back then? Way too early to give up on someone.

  • your like the only guy on here sayin im happy with dlo.
    besides the guy with the sn RussellROY. lol.

  • i wish we could trade bass and dangelo for big P.
    or sacre and dangelo for big P. even better!
    big P is like a taller version of pau gasol with more range who can not only block shots but rebound.
    hes a pau gasol on steriods.

  • I doubt the knicks would even consider trading him even if we offer both clarkson and randle together , the kids a fan favorite there in new York now not to mention the whole nba

  • Not from what Mitch mentions but in the end it was the right choice 100%. These cry babies will have to be patient depending on how the season turns out. However, things may change somewhat (trade?) if the Lakers happened to keep their top 3 pick (more so if the end up 1 or 2.

  • yes he is, on a team that has no identity hes somehow still progressing. you also forgot to add Mudiays 5+ TO per game

  • like ive said before but people dont seem to understand, everything about Russell’s game translate to the NBA but his BODY is not NBA ready. If people would watch some actual games and listen to the commentary they would know that his lack of leg strength at the moment is causing his shot to hit the front of the rim. His shot is on the mark but just short, a full off season of training will do wonders for the kid. MY gripe is that the kids arent be allowed to make the mistakes they need in order to learn.

  • Why do you ignore the fact that the FO gave Scott lots of input as the guy who worked these kid’s out, pre-draft? The whole theme of last season was how Scott had no input in selecting that roster given he was hired so late. Byron had a ton of input on this year’s roster, and he had big input on the selection of Russell and all our draft picks.

  • how is the needle ‘leaning heavy’ on the bust side after 20 freaking games? LOL. you people are hilarious.

  • shot off the mark. no problem. making bad passes, a little problem, but hey, kids do that. that Inability to go to the rim – He had a few isos against ashton crutcher and couldn’t even drive, had to pass the ball. big hole in his game

  • knocking down shots, it’ll come eventually. but attacking the rim, it’s rare.

  • B/c it was Mitch’s call in the end as the GM. Just adds more fuel to the current fire while making it seem like it’s all Scott’s fault. Expecting the youth to carry a team is foolish. This all comes down to the past moves the inept haven’t done to improve the starting rotation with vets to help the team.

  • You can see Scott explaining why HE choose Russell over Okafor on the Lakersnation Youtube channel. Obviously, they had final decision, but if they are leaking stories like that then they are getting ready to throw Scott under the bus. Rightfully so with the way he has handled Russell.

  • Compared to who? If you had a chance at the next Dirk or Rasheed Wallace and you picked Sam Cassell that would be seen as a bad move. Cassell is like a 3rd guy on a championship team. You need a guy like him, but he’s not a guy you build a team around.

  • Billups was considered a bust before he went to Detroit. So he is a lot more like Russell than you would think. Russell’s defense is also getting a lot better.

  • He can get to the basket when he’s aggressive but hes been far to reluctant to try and impose is will.
    I want to see more of what he’s doing tonight because hes looking damn good…

  • Well, he just had his best game of the season coming off the bench. If he keeps this up he will save Scott’s job.

  • Care to recant? This comes down to a lotto team needing to groom it’s youth NOW not later. Scott worked all draft prospects out, communicating to the FO his account of what he saw from them. Again, given they want to empower Scott as to set him up with what he needs in a roster of his liking, Scott had heavy influence .

  • looked really good! First step in major progress. No leash and he handled it. The premature can go sit in the corner with they dunce hats on!

  • You keep making up your own comparisons while others think differently. His rookie year while he keeps improving.

  • And..? in the end it was Mitch’s call which was influenced by not just Scott. Jerry West believes he’s the best in the 1st round (something to take into account ). Russell will be a star 3-4 yrs from now (not saying superstar b/c hard work will dictate that) but the issue is the impatience of the cry babies. Expecting too much from the youth in their first year/2nd yr.

    If I had to chose between Nokafor and Russell I’d still choose Russell. However, depending on how things turn out after the season with relation to the lottery it may be optional in considering trading either JC or Russell to help solidify the starting rotation (as long as they keep their pick) for the next 10+ yrs with another top talent to groom for the future.

    Don’t think FO wants to continue to build with the youth past next season. But for now best to acquire a few more solid vets to help the youngsters next season. I’d wait until next month tho.

  • O_o, then stop crying about the outcome smh. Should’ve started the vets and meshed the youth with them. They’d won more games and by now some of the youth would’ve started games as opposed to Scott still trying to figure it out.

  • when have I cried? You the one always whining bout the inept. Scott will spend the entire season trying to figure out rotations. No injuries this season and he has his roster, mostly picked by him. Tick tock, tick tock…

  • I could care less now. Knew this would happen given the inexperienced youth starting games. But IMO best to stay put b/c they’ll need this pick to help turn things sooner than later. However, the starters will likely be playing more than 32+ minutes every night by late January/early February.

  • don’t we eye defensive minded players anymore? We’all about scoring and swaggy and flair and high flying one-dimensional players?

  • orrrrrrr putting russ of the bench is for the best like i have been saying for ever now.

  • Good showing for Russ but it’s too early to say. I still dont think he will be superstar but he can certainly play in the NBA.

  • trade anthony brown and bass for him
    Lou-JC-Kobe-LN jr-Roy


  • Might be a lot of us (including me) are jumping all over the D’angelo pick as a mistake. But his numbers are getting better.

    Find the comment by Lou Williams during last night’s post-game interview. Lou came into the NBA as a teen, and talked about how long it takes to learn the league — especially for a point guard. D’angelo definitely needs to work on his speech in interviews. He sounds very young.

  • Agreed that is like specifically crediting Phil for being a great developer of shooting guards. No, Jordan was Jordan and Kobe is Kobe regardless. Not saying Phil didn’t make them better, just pointing out that just because he coached the best two shooting guards of all time ( Sorry Jerry West) doesn’t mean he’s a shooting guard maestro.

  • IMHO if we get the top pick the rebuild can last a few seasons longer because we would be drafting Simmons. Unless Labessiere has a monster tournament we should look at trading the pick along with assets for an all star caliber player. However, if the rotations work like they did last night for the rest of the year, Russell will develop much more quickly. He needs minutes without Kobe on the floor to gain confidence. It’s hard for a 19 year
    Old to be the leader on the floor when you have a legend playing along side you, even if his skills have faded.

  • The same could have been said for Kobe his rookie year. I would say that patience worked out pretty well for us then. I’m not saying Russell will ever be on the same level as Kobe was, but given the playing time his decision making will get better, his confidence will grow and his leadership qualities will blossom with it. He already has a sweet shooting stroke which will only get better with time. He has the physical tools to be a great defender as well, that will come with experience and also filling out as he gets a few years older. The kid still has baby fat in his cheeks for crying out loud. Russell will be just fine

  • yea yao was slow and heavy. hes looks a bit thinner and has a dirk like shooting quality in him. Kevin durant is a tall shooter dirk is a legit 7 foot shooter besides larry bird maybe 1 of the best ever. but big P could top them all at 7’3.
    larry bird was what 6’10?
    i wouldnt trade randle or clarkson for big P.
    the only guy i might trade for big P is russell.
    but after seeing him play last night we might wanna wait and see how he plays. if he keeps playing with that same fire as last night.
    we got ourself a keeper!
    but he has to stay motivated and do it each and every game not just once.

  • Skal’s a 3+ yr development, the Kentucky Wildcat fans are as impatient as Laker fans in expecting too much. He’s having trouble adjusting to college play currently but that could change down the near road. IMO, Simmons, Brandon Ingram and Skal seem as the current top 3.

    Ingram can hit the long shot while resembling KD somewhat but he has that Dwight Howard look/focus IMO while scouts question his work ethic. If the Lakers keep their pick and don’t land Simmons then it may be best to swap picks to get something in return.

  • It’s okay for a 2nd rounder to take longer time, not #2 overall. Especially when the Lakers specifically picked DR because in their eyes, he was ready.
    And I agree, Russell’s interviews suck. Randle’s is more gifted in talking to the press. You can understand what he’s dishing – maturity way ahead of the curve.

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