Lakers Rumors: L.A. Would Trade Young Core For Stars In Off-Season

With the Los Angeles Lakers preparing for life without Kobe Bryant, they have drafted D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson in the past two NBA Drafts.

During the 2015-16 NBA season, all three prospects have shown their potential and are expected to be a promising young core. With the Lakers currently 3-15 this season and at the bottom of the Western Conference for the third consecutive season, there have been discussions on if changes need to be made.

While the Lakers are reportedly unlikely to make a coaching change with Byron Scott, “The Herd” host Colin Cowherd shares that the Lakers would be willing to trade their young core for stars in the off-season:

“The Lakers would trade three of them. They’d like to keep Julius Randle. They’d move the other three to rebuild it with multiple free agents and Randle’s the only one they really truly believe is ready very quickly to be on a really good NBA team.”

Prior to the 2015 NBA Draft, there were numerous reports about the Lakers offering the No. 2 pick for DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings. However, the Kings ultimately kept their All-Star center and the Lakers surprised many by selecting Russell over Jahlil Okafor and Kristaps Porzingis.

With executive vice president Jim Buss reiterating numerous times he will step down in a couple of seasons if the Lakers are not back in contention, trading part of their young core for a superstar may become an option to speed up the rebuilding process.

Although the season is still in progress, some are already looking toward the off-season. With a top-three protected pick and approximately $65 million in cap space, the Lakers are in prime position once again to turn their franchise around very quickly.

(H/T: Ross Gasmer, “The Herd” Social Media Producer)

You’d think the editor of this site would edit his own work. He says the front office would like to keep randle, and would move the other THREE.

Obviously they would like to build around the young CHEAP core, and would consider any offer. This is a statement of obvious, but given the youth, potential, and situation the decision to trade is a lot more complicated than it seems. And what team would move a very good player for an upstart?

  • Why would you do that when all 3 of them are potentially future all stars? Why waste all this talent just to “speed up the rebuilding process”?

  • Jimmy boy is getting desperate. If Lakers can’t be a contender by next year, he will have to resigned. This guy probably will risk the Lakers foundation in order to buy himself some time.

  • Actually this seems more like something Jeannie would push. She is always about the big names.

  • he’s already assuming that we’re keeping the pick cowherd is an idiot, what team wouldn’t trade young players for a superstar but then again what superstar is on the trade block? we could have had cousins but obviously we are NOT interested in trading our young

  • Thank God Magic is speaking his mind cause Laker nation is frustrated even though Jeanie Buss deserve criticism also Byron Scott with their old school game its a new generation now.

  • Thankfully as evidenced by most of the “Lakers Rumors” articles on this site, most of them were click bait nonsense.

  • Colin Cowherd is an idiot and renown LA sports hater so i don’t put much stock in what he’s says….Now with that said, I’ve stated plenty of times that if anyone is traded in the offseason it will be Jordan Clarkson for two reasons:
    1- He’s shown signs of becoming a 18-20pt scorer in the future and still has upside, while also being the most ready of the 3 kids to contribute right away.
    2- He’s a RFA at the end of the season and will likely command $12-14 million on the open market which will help acquire a star player with a big salary should they choose to go that route….
    please no stupid replies about how he’s the future of the Lakers just stop because he’s not period!!
    If the Lakers manage to obtain a top 3 pick I can see us packaging it with JC and some fodder for a guy like Jimmy Butler since the Bulls are likely to lose both Pau and Noah as well as D Rose being a shell of himself.

  • Dumbest idea I’ve heard in ages. Can’t fire Scott but lets trade away our young players. IF we could get someone very good for the young players that would mean they have developed to the point where they should be very good in their own right only a few years down the road. If Mitch is considering keeping Scott at Coach but trading our best prospects to once again try and “win now” then he too needs to be fired. Sounds like the real problems start at the very top with Jim Buss so we’re pretty much in big trouble as Laker fans.

  • Trading Clarkson or Randle would be dumb Their our most consistent rookies. They can do what they like with Russell but at this point i doubt they get anything for him. Nance will be a solid bench player so i wouldn’t move him. I don’t see this happening you wont get much for them unless it more unproven draft picks.

  • The only things i want to hear at the moment is how much more time and effort is gong o be put into helping the kids out because they looked damn good against the Wizards.
    First and foremost our LAKERS need an athletic/mobile center that can dominate the paint so Hassan Whiteside is a priority while KD is our Great White Buffalo( for those that know hot tube time machine)….
    PG-D’Angelo Russell
    SG-Jordan Clarkson????RFA/Trade Bait
    C-Hassan Whiteside
    SF-???? Durant, DeRozan, Simmons???
    PF-Julius Randle
    6th- Lou Williams

  • thank goodness you have no say, both Randle and Russell have a much higher ceiling than JC so yes he would be the most likely to go. Also, don’t forget JC is a RFA and could possibly attract a $12-14 mill per contract so the FO could match or sign and trade…I don’t think he’s worth that money but a team on a quick rebuild could say the Pelicans, Sixers, his hometown Mavericks etc.

  • I don’t think so with Russell. He’s too slow to stay in front of the speedy PG of the NBA. He sat on the bench in the 4th last night because Wall was blowing by him all game long. How high can his ceiling be if he cant defend the position. Cut your losses while you can with this kid. JC is a proven baller and consistent scorer

  • Why would the Bulls trade their best player for Clarkson and a top 3 pick? That doesn’t make sense if they were to trade someone away it would probably be Gasol or Rose first, not their best defender/leading scorer.

  • This is ridiculous. Just keep the process. The only one i see being trade is JC, i really like him, but he’s olny a good player. Not a allstar set like Russel and Randle.

  • Unless it’s for Westbrook, Curry, Davis, or George, no other trade makes sense for the Lakers to do

  • Lebron James, Damian Lillard and Klay Thompson. Heck, why not throw in Durant while we’re at it?

  • I wouldn’t trade Clarkson and a top 3 for Butler — no offense against Butler but he isn’t THAT good. I’d rather take my chances of picking a player who is comparable to Butler with the pick and hope he develops quickly.

  • because thats all they’ll have..
    Pau Gasol- is opting out, most likely going to Memphis
    Joakim Noah- is a FA and he’s leaving after the way they’ve treated him
    D Rose- is shot as a player and is scared of injury
    Clarkson can become a 20pt scorer with that team really quick, adding a guy like Simmons as a defensive stopper and athletic freak speeds up the quick rebuild( granted should we keep the pick).
    Its the East….lol
    That Bulls team needs a huge make over and it might happen soon if they dont win in the playoffs again.

  • Clarkson has a LOT of value right now because he’s a proven hard worker and legitimate NBA scorer who WON’T get a max deal because of his second round status (I believe the most he can get is around $16m).

    For that reason, you hold on to him unless you get a REAL good offer in return.

  • wait did you call Russell a allstar? LOL! Clarkson is closer to an allstar than Russell. But thanks for the laugh tho.

  • Trade in season: DeRozan, Melo, Barnes, but the off season is where the action will be….
    DMC, Melo, Barnes, Howard, DeRozan, Whiteside, Pau, Durant, Rondo, and a few others will be available either through trade or FA/sign and trade….

  • Well. Russel is 19 and has all the tools. Clarkson is more about THIS player, he’s already a 24 year old guy who is a good player.

  • I was just joking myself, but you just illustrated Randy’s point: the only guys I’d trade any of the core for at this time are DMC and Barnes (I’m assuming you mean Harrison). Even Durant is on the wrong side of his prime years….I wouldn’t trade for him unless it put me over the top.

  • thats why I said he’s an attractive piece who can either be kept or traded in a package for a star…..
    hypothetically speaking if we land say both Kevin Durant and Hassan Whiteside then we become instant contenders with the kids, but if we manage to get a top 3 pick then i see us gong for the KO blow and try and acquire a Jimmy Butler, or Paul George… keep in mind I’m saying this because we could offer Jordan Clarkson, Ben Simmons, + fodder or in BBAll terms a future 18-20pt scorer, a Lebron esque player according to espn and salary relief for a super quick rebuild….

  • for the right player they will… note how we keep mentioning stars and superstars as the guys we acquire…

  • and russell is a star and barely helped us last night yeah keep smoking and being delusional!

  • I don’t think Russell is too slow, watch guys like jason kidd, stockton. Were thay athetic like irving,westbrook??
    No, Russell has the tools to be great, he is still a rookie,

  • dude the nba would luagh at us gettingrid ofclarksongiving us a horrible deal!

  • seriosly kidd was fast erthan russell whatwere you watching man russell is slower than a snail!

  • exactly, but my thing is if we keep our top 3 pick we would be in a great position to acquire these studs…..
    I personally would like to see us get Hassan Whiteside then put the full court press for KD….then we just resign JC for whatever amount they agree on…

  • what do you think the right player means????
    he goes if it gets us DMC but keep in mind he only becomes a trade candidate if we whiff on Durant, Whiteside, DeRozan.. for whats its worth i think we land 2 of those 3….and JC stays

  • uh butlersigned a maxcontracttothe bulls rfa so you are completely nutsthinkingwere gettinghim whenhe loves chicahogo stop smokingman!

  • first learn to use the damn computer and type properly, now how is Jimmy Butler and becoming a championship contender a bad deal????

  • Cap goes way up next you so there is no reason to trade a star for financial reasons. If a team is willing to trade a star you have to wonder why. BTW Cowherd hinted around USC was in the mix for Chip Kelly according to his sources. You see how that turned out with his sources.

  • no little kid they both have more upside which is why you always hear that JC might be going the other way in trade talks because he’s the one they value less….

  • man how old are you you must of not see Jason kid highlights on the fast-break learn some history man!

  • So giving up a young player with great scoring/rebounding/passing ability and potentially 20+ppg player in Clarkson for Butler? I still don’t see why either team does this. The Lakers would be giving up to much and the Bulls would be giving up their best player for 2 players who will need time to develop.

    P.S. Noah will probably only leave if Gasol stays which I doubt he does.

  • WoW- Jim Bus, Byron Scott & Mitch Kupchak are the three stooges and NEED to get FIRED.

    Lakers need Jerry West back or a completely new voice to keep up with the joneses.

    Lakers aren’t the Lakers anymore and it starts with ownership obviously in denial. Free agents, NBA GM’s, pundits & us fans aren’t drinking the cool aide.

    I’d rather have Sam Hinkie at this point at least he owns what he’s selling (trust the process) not this finger pointing rhetoric.

  • Fair enough. Agree to disagree. My personal belief is that you never give up two potential all-stars in a single trade…unless you’re getting two potential (or actual) all-stars in return.

  • first learn to not use a popular cartoon characters name troll loser and butler said hes staying in chicag olook up stuff you idiot computer fool!

  • Hate to break it to you but the East are leading the West 51 games to 45, with 10 teams over .500 while the West has 6 teams over. The East is no picnic any more. The balance had to eventually turn, and it looks like it has finally.

  • I saw him as a rookie, is that enough??
    You may be that stupid supporter that expects all the rookies putting 30pts every game.,
    This is not 2K.
    Make some research about Dirk and Nash rookie season.. Even Kobe!

  • you mean the guy coward or cownerd heis a nerd loser who got fired from his joband jealous,this is the low-esteemloserwho makes fun of gamers soglad someone got a picture showing he was a nerdy loser reporter!

  • “With a top-three protected pick and approximately $65 million in cap space, the Lakers are in prime position once again to turn their franchise around very quickly.”

    What??? No, they are not. They are as far away as they can be. There is no scenario where that pick and cap space, along with trading Russell and Clarkson (leaving only Randle and a handful of mid-tier vets), turn into a great team quickly. You smokin’ sump’n, Dan.

  • I had to up vote this for the use of “flumadiddle.” I’d up vote it again, if I could, because I completely agree.

  • your the fool saying 2k I am talking about rusell bustell and get offthatwhite mambastuff your a rascist with that name dude?!

  • The kid is no where near a Kidd or Stockton. I mean yeah they weren’t the fastest on defense. But they had other attributes that Russell hasn’t shown too this point. He not going to get faster as he gets older. The kid is a liability on D.

  • Man, some body’s are more ready than others. You have to see talent even in a weak body. Because when the body is ready, everything else comes with.

  • agreed thats an insult to them plus they did not y throw the ball away in th efastbreak game! russell throws the ball away too much wheres this magic j passing byron!

  • Yeah, I was wondering about that myself — only way to turn it around “quickly” would be to keep the young core and either sign a stud FA (good luck with that) or find some sucker to give them a star for the pick and roster fillers (good luck with THAT).

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  • nope jc not leaving I am not a kid because I donthave acartooncharacter name son!

  • I can only assume this rumor comes from putting together that the deadline that Lil Jimmy gave himself was completely unrealistic and the only way to make it realistic is to mortgage the future to win now. Didn’t they just do that with the Nash Howard debacle? Think he will do it again? It’s a scary thought.

  • strangeworld we live in soweak is stong and strongis weakman your a doofus rip your brain dude lol!

  • why if the team was to land kd this summer and say ben simmions would you be against trading ben, russ, and a future second rounder for westbrook.
    westbrook, clark, kd, randle, hibbert sounds like a contender to me.

  • you don’t seam to understand what being a RFA means.
    because hes a restricted free agent we can match any offer on him. his cap hit is only 1.1m so his trade value is only 1.1m.
    there is 0 reason to trade Clarkson. he does not hurt any of our 65-70m in cap space for next season

  • I don’t think so. Or at least I hope not. But you’d be surprised what people will do to keep their jobs.

  • pau is not going to mem that ship sailed two seasons ago.
    clark is the lakers future sg with his 20ppg self

  • I think Clarkson is better than Randle……He needs to learn how to defend better though….

  • Right now, yes, but Randle has the tools to be dominant — Clarkson will have to will his way there (not that he can’t).

  • Yeah, I think your first scenario is what they are hoping for. They are hoping that the “young core” actually does blossom into a good core this season (wishful thinking, imho) enough to attract a top FA or two in the summer. I think that’s a huge long shot, but I think that’s what Jimmy Boy is banking on.

    Randle, Clarkson, Russell, Nance, Williams, Young and Bass. Is that enough to attract a top FA?

  • Agreed. I don’t think he can be the best player on a championship team, but he has work ethic to wear the “C” and command the respect of his teammates.

    He just needs to start doing it more, and that’s the only area where I feel like Kobe is doing a disservice. Not on purpose, mind you, but just because JC is in awe of him.

  • Randle has future star written all over him. His ceiling is far, far higher than Clarkson’s is. Clarkson is turning into a really nice player for his draft position, but I see him very much as a Steve Blake kind of player: competent at everything, superstar at nothing. Randle is going to explode at some point.

  • or you keep clark who is on a smaller deal you get kd and whiteside and the fill up the roster then bring clark back at his 16m deal.
    we only need 1.1m in cap space to sign clark to a 16+m deal

  • I agree that for the Lakers to rise again, Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak (who I like) need to be replaced.

    I’ll tell you who I think would be a killer GM: Kobe Bean Bryant. Smart, tough, knowledgeable, incredible basketball IQ, respected by players and FOs alike. I feel pretty sure that Kobe could put together a winning team.

  • Hmm…interesting comparison. Don’t see him as that pure a passer but you could be on to something.

  • I don’t see Randle as a future star. Maybe we are watching different games or I have to see the eye doctors, but i just see trade value with Randle due to his draft position. Especially if we could land simmons.

  • why are u so against Jordan lol did he sleep with your mom or something. even LeBron did not hate west this much after sleeping with his mom.

  • I agree about JC’s skills and potential, though I think it’s far too early to make the Allstar conclusion for Russell. Randle, though, has star written all over him. Someday — not too far away — he is going to explode.

  • agreed boom ina good way butits not all on kobe Iam akobe anandrespect thatmitchcupcake I blamw how hard is it to geta backup pghuertas isweakdefensively!

  • don’t agree about jc I see star in him but I agree on randle the dude seams to be figuring out what it takes to rebound at this lvl. and he was allways going to be a great scorer

  • Well that follows, Clarkson has played 77 NBA games vs 19 from Randle, and has 3 years college experience previous, he’s two years older. But is he that much better than Randle despite that? Randle already has 7 double-doubles, and is averaging just under the same number of dishes. Randle looks like he is a jumper and a right hand away from being unguardable. Who knows how good he will be by the time he is Clarkson’s age.

  • I would not replace mitch but imo fire buss and hire kobe for the head of basketball operations

  • Its guys like Colin Cowherd who give sports journalists a worse reputation than bookies.

  • my question is, is parker that great of a passer or is it the system?
    parker in euro basket is more of a sg. not a pg

  • dont worry about cownerd we know his sports journalism amateur but calling gamer nerds when he got fired and had a past early 90s picture showing he was a nerd loser weakling reporter virgin lol!

  • Works for me. I like Mitch. I think he has talent and insight, and is a good GM. But Jim must go. And I think Kobe would be great as head of bb operations. (Probably have to fight Jeannie over Phil, though.)

  • “Lakers surprised many by selecting Russell over Jahlil Okafor and Kristaps Porzingis.”

    No one thought it would be a good idea to take Porzingis back in June. He only got appreciation after he was already in Summer League. Even the Knicks fans thought he was taken too high.

  • Nice word, I never heard it before but plan on jacking it. And, I also agree.

  • I would do it the other way around — Mitch knows the league inside and out — let him run operations and bring in somebody else as GM.

  • i did, i specifically said “prorzingis is nothing like these other euro busts, he’s more like that dude from the movie Bedazzled when elizabeth hurley turned brandon frazier into a basketball player”!

    that comment was for all the idiots that were saying “we shouldn’t draft porzingis he’s the next belineli”

  • you don’t see a star in a player with 7 double doubles and is averaging 13-10 over the last 10 games?
    if we count randle as a rookie hes :
    t4th in ppg
    9th in fg%
    t1st in rpg
    7th in apg
    6th in spg
    7th in bpg
    randle is in the top 10 in every major stat for rookies

  • at no point did he say jc is not currently better then randle but randle has a much much higher upside

  • I don’t see them buying phil out of his deal in new York that’s way to much cash.

  • my only issue with this is the fact that mitch knows other gms personally on the other hand kobe does not so it would slow the process. on the other hand kobe as the head of bb operations would mean hes right there in every meeting with possible future lakers.

  • You guys, we’re not gonna be contenders for a long time. Jim knows he messed up royally by foolishly declaring this team will be a contender in a short time. Mitch would be this stupid if he did decide to trade the young guys for stars, of which he & Jim KNOW they have little to no value on them. They’re really greedy & enticed with the possibility of cap space & a powerful spending spree but they should know by now that with the way they created this mess, future free agents as of now have already looked into our situation & think, “Why would we go to the mess that’s the Lakers?” Also, Randle’s looking very good despite having that big injury last year, and Clarkson’s become a lot better too, & Russell is vastly improving even though sometimes he sits out in the 4th.

    My only hope now is the Lakers finally realize they need to build through this young core & possibly the top pick should they end up keeping it or by some miraculous dumb luck, they get the pick back from the Sixers via trade & remove the protection but that won’t happen. I just wish Mitch & Jim aren’t this stupid by foolishly doing it.

  • Mitch mostly has the final say, since he does have the same power as Jim does.

  • no jim is mitches boss. normally the gm makes trades and jimm would need to approve them. but jimm is way to hands on holding mitch back

  • As I said before, the source of this story is Colin Cowherd, meaning it ain’t true. Fun to talk about hypotheticals, but take this story with about 48 grains of salt.

  • My vote was always between Russell and Towns, would’ve been happy with
    Okafor too, but never Porzingis because we already had Randle, Davis, Boozer, and Kelly clogging the PF position at the time. We can’t look back, only forward and I’m satisfied with Russell’s progression and would still take him over any PG in the draft. Gotta see that movie though, lol.

  • I know, which is why Cowherd’s pretty damn stupid since he has no credibility whatsoever. I wouldn’t trust Mitch & Jim regardless because of their reckless decisions.

  • I know it’s frustrating, but Mitch/Jim put together three blockbuster deals in less than a decade (Gasol, the aborted Paul trade, and Howard). They didn’t all work out as planned, but the only really “bad” one was the Nash, and even that was a calculated risk.

    They deserve a chance to let this rebuild ride itself out — I’d even give them one more year than Jimmy Hat’s self-imposed time limit.

  • I’m in the same boat — once Towns was gone I wanted Russell or Mudiay.

  • That was Jim’s fault that he said it, and he’s looking like an absolute fool now. I was gonna give him another chance but with the way things are now: not so much.

  • Fair enough….I think we’d all be happier if the Busses retired to the mansion and let basketball people run the team.

  • Russell is doing fine, his body might not be NBA ready but his game sure is. So not sure exactly what you think you called because his only competition as far as PGs go is Mudiay and he’s far outplaying him after a slow start…

  • last i checked GM’s are the ones that make phone calls to other GM’s for negotiations not the owners, owners do have the final say though.

  • at the moment NO, but its only 13 games into the season and we are having these crazy discussions about the off season.
    Granted this is the LAKERS we’re talking about, the only way we can go from pre-Balmer clippers to contenders is to get incredibly lucky and land a duo of Durant and Whiteside along with our young core.
    As for our draft pick i think we lose it, I think Kobe announcing his retirement gave the team and especially the kids a bit of purpose to not let him go out a loser and i think it showed with the all out effort they played with against the Wiz. I think we will be much better going forward and especially in the second half of the season….

  • Durant has at least 5-6 more season with MVP potential. He’s younger than Curry at 27!

  • ever since kobe announced his retirement the spotlight has been on the lakers, that being said randle,clarkson and russell now have the responsibility to recruit a FA this offseason. FA’s will be watching and nothing mitch and jim can say will attract a freeagent, imo what our young players do this season will determine our free agency outcome.

  • who are “the other three” if we only keep Randle. I thought our young core was Randle, Clarkson and Russell? Am I missing someone? I hate this kind of non-sourced crap. It’s just a guy talking out of his rear-end, and somehow it gets inflated to “rumors”. SAS got into hot water with this kind of loose talk over Durant.

  • I think if the Lakers magically keep their top 3 pick this year. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them package that pick with Clarkson to get a star. And then hope to lure a couple other stars through free agency.

  • Really! Oh its just a Rumor , wait maybe not. At this point no one has any clue.

  • Exactly…that’s why you want to trade for somebody at 23-24 (maybe 25) because then you have 8-9 more seasons with MVP potential, unless the trade will put you over the top.

    Otherwise, try to sign them as FAs.

  • Well, sure…if we could get Lillard or Thompson, but that’s not going to happen, so you have to ask yourself: for whom?

  • really? Lin is on the trade block, if we traded one of those 2 for Lin you’d be ok with it?

  • Could sign Derozen and trade Russell for Rudy Gobert who would be great next to Randle

  • Between this article and the 1 about will free agents come now that Kobe is leaving are cool. It’s cool to be like spurs and win 50 games every season. However the real question should be how,will,when,if,can the Lakers win without/after Kobe. When I say that I mean championships!! Cause after all that’s what supposed to matter most to Laker fans!! Am I right?

  • The point being, it takes two to tango. Signing Derozen sounds great, but why would he sign with LA when he could stay on a first place team in Toronto? Or sign with a contender?

    Same with Gobert — why would Utah trade their starting center for a PG project when they already have a PG project in Exum?

  • whiteside is nice but he’s in a good situation, miami is decent. its pretty much who does whiteside want to play with? bosh,wade and dragic or randle,clarkson and russell?

  • Lakers are the most secretive team in the nba. No one knows what they’re thinking.
    But as a team you always consider your options and what your assets are worth.
    Don’t expect any big trades, but Lakers will test the waters

  • It’s not that simple. Whiteside doesn’t have bird rights so Miami would have to fit him under their cap.

  • Guys, i’m just scouting today and i loved the kid Jaylen Brown. Maybe we can grab him even if we fall to the third pick

  • I really like Skal, but i think he’s locked on the top 2. Ingram i just don’t know, he has talent no doubt, but he’s too skinny. He will demand 2 entire seasons of development…
    Jaylen has a body ready and is more a perimiter defender than Ingram, who i think will be maybe a 4 in his prime

  • This Is Sooo Stupid.! Especially if the Lakers Have chance on Drafting Ben Simmons.! PG- J.Clarckson, SG- Russell, SF- Ben Simmons, PF- Julius Randle, C- Roy Hibbert Or Al Horford.!

  • Skal is not playing well vs UCLA, he got yanked in the first 4 minutes. I don’t see what the big fuss is

  • I was thinking today. Maybe we can remove the protection if we work on a trade with the 76ers for Nerlens Noel.

  • this draft has more potential then the previous 2 with wiggins and towns going #1 overall

  • He’s pretty inconsistant right now. He don’t played very well against Duke too.
    BTW the only player who is killing every game is Simmons, kid is ready to go

  • If they see too much talent in that draft and don’t wanna lose Simmons, for example. They can pretty much guarantee this and grab Ingram AND Simmons…

  • MAYBE (just maybe)

    Lakers – remove the protection + Anthony Brown
    76ers – Nerlens Noel

  • you cant come to a conclusion in just those 4 minutes he’s put up some good games already but he’s not a #1 pick though

  • No doubt, but still he is up against some ugly looking white guy who is completely owning him, Welch or something.

  • Yeah, i think is fair. We have no sure if we will keep the pick on lottery night.

  • and the pick but id say either hibbert or swag plus the pick, after that you just add some players to make the $$ work

  • Crazy that after all these years Durant and Westbrook have absolutely no on court chemistry.

  • It appears very noticeable as well. Seems like Westbrook is stealing the spotlight

  • lol welch is not bad, all i know is that my bruins are bombing on the #1 ranked team in the nation

  • Westbrook plays with passion, wants to win so bad. Just a pure competitor. Durant plays like he is cashing a check

  • nice little boy reply, anyways he just so happens to be our most valuable trade piece because of production, age and work ethic and of course being a RFA it can go either way if the LAKERS don’t value him as much as us fans do…

  • Keeping the youth and getting Barnes and Whiteside. Yep.


    2018 through 2024 NBA champions.

  • Some great defense, especially considering the difference in talent. I don’t really follow UCLA, it doesn’t look like they have any guys this season who will end up 1st round picks.

  • eventually someone will get traded just like the Cavs did to acquire Love.
    Hibbert is too slow to be on this team so Whiteside needs to be our focus and Ben Simmons isn’t a lock either since i believe with Kobe announcing his retirement the team as a whole has some motivation to fight hard and go all out and give the Mamba the best chance at winning playoffs or not so we will most likely lose that pick…

  • true, but GS would be foolish to not re-sign him especially with Iguodala getting older

  • It would be foolish, but if he wants out and a bigger role they might let him walk.

  • If Warriors win it all this year, I don’t see why not. They could be building a dynasty. Owners are filthy rich

  • Barnes is a RFA and is asking for max money so it doesn’t look likely, just like Ezeli…
    DeRozan, and Whiteside are the most likely options with Durant being our longshot….

  • don’t forget they have both Barnes and Ezeli are RFA, so they will only keep one so things might get interesting…

  • somebody always emerges throughout the season, maybe holiday the younger brother of the holiday’s

  • No they aren’t, but at the same time they can’t offer Barnes the leader role of the team. He will always be the third or fourth option.

  • Im looking at this as if we will lose our pick to the 76ers…..
    PG- D’Angelo Russell
    SG- Jordan Clarkson
    C- Hassan Whiteside or Festus Ezeli
    SF- Kevin Durant or DeMar DeRozan or Harrison Barnes
    PF- Julius Randle
    2nd unit
    PG-Ramon Sessions???
    SG- Lou Williams
    C- Robert Upshaw??? Robert Sacre???
    SF- Larry Nance Jr.
    PF- Ed Davis (would love to trade Young for Ed)
    Thiiiiissssss would be my Dream LAKERS team but i’d be ok with any combination of those players…

  • no doubt about that but lets be realistic, they aren’t going to give max money to Barnes and near max to Ezeli.

  • I don’t really see why he would want a bigger role than the one he has now, it’s not like he has much of an offensive game. He is basically a spot up guy or a slasher, he needs to be set up for his offense, he doesn’t have the ability to create it. He is the ideal 3 and D guy that the Lakers desperately need at SF though. Another pipe dream.

  • tell me a bench of
    C- Ed Davis
    PF- Larry Nance
    SF- MWP
    wouldn’t have been berrrrryyyy nice….

  • I think he still wants that role but more shots. Kind of like Leonard in SA. He would be perfect for us because we need exactly that kind of player

  • Dream scenario Lakers sign Durant and Whiteside along with some good fillers at backup pg and c.

  • Shouldn’t have put Ed on the back burner while making fools of ourselves with Aldridge,

  • I still think we can re-acquire him for Young seeing how they need more scoring from their bench.

  • Last two Blazers games I saw he was closing games out. I think they really like him, and I know why.

  • Apparently Nick Young was benched for hating on the Kobe Farewell Circus. Actually makes me like Young more haha

  • Durant is an awesome talent, but I don’t like his game. Too many jump shots and not enough defense.

  • Lakers sign Durant, Whiteside and draft Ben Simmons #1 overall. Also sign Ryan Anderson and Ezeli. Robert Sacre is finally removed from the NBA and sent to prison for fraudulently claiming to be a professional basketball player. That’s my dream scenario, oh and Byron Scott is fired and black listed from not only coaching the Lakers, but also from any media/pundit job involving them. Phil returns with full power and control over all bball operations. He appoints Luke Walton as next Lakers HC.

  • Pretty awesome that Kyle Anderson is playing a role for the Spurs. Coming into the NBA I thought he was too slow to ever make a team.

  • Barnes wants Max because he know someone will give it to him for two reasons:
    1- It weakens the GS
    2- The cap is going up and their will be a spending frenzy…

  • Plus…it’s Colin Cowherd. He’s one of those that will just throw anything at the wall to see what sticks so I take anything he says with a grain of salt to begin with.

    That said, I’d be hard pressed to think Jimmy B would break up our core in an effort to save his own skin because he has to know we’d hate him more than ever unless whomever was coming in was Lebron, Durant, Westbrook, The Brow, The Wall, etc. Meaning, if he did pull the trigger on something like that, it better be the second coming of Kobe Shaq.

  • Yeah, if anything, Mitch has kept the Lakers from nosediving into the bottom of the pacific. Can you imagine the LAkers without Mitch to reign in Jim? Scary, right?

  • Why would you believe this fairy tale? Just let the Lakers young core play and develop, there’s so much basketball left this season…and hope they’ll get lucky to retain a top 3 pick to have a chance at the best talent available.

    Off season has been a nightmare and unpredictable for the past 2 seasons and the Lakers just have to deal with whatever the FO can give them and welcome any talent upgrade that comes their way. But for me, their priority would be to have a real coach to lead the team.

  • May be possible they end up trading one of the three down the road but as mentioned back in the summer. The inept would be inept in trading/risking 10+ yrs of their future on players who may have less than 5-6 prime career yrs left. Plain and simple the FO’s plan on settling for minimum contract/d-league depth’s 13-14 the result of today’s mediocrity since the can’t lure top of the line league talent. FO lacks common sense.

  • Article from this summer:

    http:// www . latimes . com/sports/lakers/la-sp-lakers-jim-buss-20150828-story.html

  • i feel JC is like a poor mans klay thompson but is a very good complimentary piece because his shot is consistent and he can be a very good 2nd or 3rd option which is needed on most teams.

  • no it was a big boy rely i was making a lebron james joke.

    the lakers wont trade a player that could end up being better then tony parker

  • people were saying russ would be better then okafor from season 1 and i called it would take time and i have been right

  • trade bass huertas kelly sacre before dangelo jordan or julius…….
    if you trade them 3 and keep sacre and kelly im gonna riot outside the building.

  • why would we trade our best player Clarkson who has many good years to come for some temp. fix?

  • we should just trade useless players and maybe the top 3 for KD.
    like kelly sacre huertas bass nick young .
    then we keep randle russell and clarkson. we only lose useless stuff and a pick but gain something FAR greater!

  • I call bullshit. Maybe DLo if he doesn’t pan out over 82 games. Or the combo for Curry or AD. And if they trade 3 of them for run of the mill above average players and then KEEP Scott as coach, it’ll be time to call on the Buss family to sell.

  • clarkson durant randle or clarkson westbrook randle.
    or maybe we can get lucky and somehow land both?
    that would be just wow!

  • Alright now that we’ve gotten all that fantasy trade crap outta the way lets talk about the GOALS for this season….
    1- The kids needs to be playing 33-35 minutes each games period, let them make mistakes and learn.
    2- we need to get a real backup PG ala Patrick Beverly, Darren Collison, etc ( maybe for Nick Young), to help DLO learn.
    3- We also need a legit back up center, whoever that maybe
    4- Larry Nance Jr needs to be playing at least 15min per game to develop further
    5- This is my most important goal for this team, I want the team to play the rest of the season with the same intensity and effort as they did versus the Wizards or at least come close.

  • I wonder how long it will be before Houston goes on a fire sale and gets rid of D12,Beverly, and others?????

  • id rather get someone other than whiteside and barnes.
    maybe another top free agent kd anyone?

  • nice lineup! maybe the best so far…. simple and easy to do.
    no complicated trades or anything to work out. just NICE!

  • every single game?
    if we can just remember how to run offense and defense systems ill be happy enough man……..

  • I have been saying since last year should have traded Randle. Lakers should have drafted Okafar nit Russell. Now they are willing to trade him? what a waste of a draft choice.

  • No offense dude but I just can’t stand dumb comments from delusional fans.

  • PLEASE, dont be THAT stupid!!! Hold the young core together. We need the smart D-Lo, we need the slasher Clarkson and we need the beast Randle.
    Just fire Byron! Thats all…

    They need playing time. Two of them are rookie’s. Give them time to learn the game in this league. They need the time to learn from each other and the opponents. Give these guys some space to make mistakes.. They are YOUNG. Rookie’s can make mistakes. Thats normal.

  • Reading the headline I was interested to see what was up.. but when I saw Colin frickin’ Cowherd, I knew it was bs. The dude spews crap left and right.
    I highly doubt he knows what’s really going on within the Lakers organization. lol

  • If anything the lakers will trade russell, randle, clarkson, brown and nance for just one season there be sorry when this young core develop there game… just like whiteside… and dont even think whiteside will sign to the lakers, no chance at all.
    Lakers right now just need a better coach and were good.
    I think lakers are better team than the clippers without CP3.

  • trade lou for jennings
    secure his bird rights along with clarkson
    sign a solid wing such as batum and sign a max center
    hibbert as back up
    lakers will start to look like a real team
    they can over the cap if they own the bird rights to the player

  • Dude, Okafor has a character issue; that’s one of the reasons why they didn’t draft him.

  • PG: Russell / Greivis Vasquez / Huertas
    SG: Clarkson / Lou Will / Frazier
    SF: Batum Derozan or Durant / Young / A Brown
    PF: Randle / Nance Jr / Kelly
    C: Noel / Black / Upshaw

    This could be a nice lineup.

  • So Mitch wants the team to gain an identity yet he is allegedly willing to trade everyone? Or in other words do what he always does and trade longterm security to gamble with older stars who might leave? Hmm.

  • Your comment is soooo dumb. JC is not going anywhere, they have his rights and have the money to pay him. He is our future along with the other boys. End of story.

    Not only that but your genius idea is to package a top 3 pick and JC for Jimmy Butler? Lmao. Oh yeah that’ll make us contenders.

  • Why not just fire BS. Seems like the biggest obstacles for Lakers now are both BS and Bryant.

  • Steve Blake? Stop. JC is shooting 50%. There have only been like three guards in the last decade who have shot 50%. Calling him Steve Blake is an insult as he is already better than Steve ever was. More like a Monta ellis or Tony Parker.

  • BUT OLD XXXX, you said the same thing last season too. You are bad luck, just STFU.

  • Come on secret Lin fan boy, stop mentioning LIN LIN LIN here!!! I am so FED UP with you. Your vulgar foul mouth and your stink attracting all those your fellow Lin fan trolls over here. Go to the Hive and stay there you silly hating OLD XXXX!!!!!!!!!!!

  • they will not fire BS. no point is complaining anymore. his job now is to lose. thats why bass is playing center and MWP is hogging up minutes. thats why we have no offensive identity and play lackadaisical defense. plus kobe does not want to learn a new system in his last year. just enjoy kobe’s last year for what it is. the good, the bad, and the freakin ugly.

  • Fair Trade Deals LA Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies
    LA Lakers Get Courtney Lee and Tony Allen deal
    Memphis Grizzlies get Nick Young and kelly with Clarkson deal

  • lakers wanted to get DMC but only willing to give up DLo, Kings wants JC,Randle and Dlo for DMC that’s why it didnt progress

  • That’s an awful trade for the Lakers.
    They’re rebuilding. It wouldn’t make a tiny bit of sense to trade away a young up-and-coming player like Clarkson for two aging guards who are on the decline.

  • Lakers need to keep all of these young players. give them a chance, so what would another team give up ==Curry or George.

  • No need to trade any of the young core, what they need to do is trade either Young or Williams, and Bass together with Black if BS will not use him. Young, Bass & Black to Bulls for Gibson.


    Nance Jr.
    A. Brown

    Defensively that is a very good lineup, bigger & longer. Offensively Gibson is better than Bass & A. Brown can also shoot the 3 like Young. Why Bulls would trade, Bass & Black are cheaper salaries than Gibson. Also they need a veteran shooter on the wing with the prolonged absence of Dunleavy. Also helps Thibs is no longer the coach, coz he won’t certainly play Young.

  • Because No one in the organization has any clue , they fired the good ones , and if we’d hire a coach and staff that knew anything about basketball or development maybe that would have worked. Currently we have no identity , everyone is lost and management thinks that by trading youth , one or 2 stars can turn things around. That if they even come play with us, again with this current situation spiraling out of control , No One will sign and if they did with the current people , we’d be in the same situation.

  • nope, Jeff Green is a declining while KJ gets benched in the rockets(and lakers didnt really pursue him last year)

  • Or we are not that much interested in Cousins…

    In theory, we could definitely use say Russel, Clarkson and Hibbert in a trade package for a star and create another package including say Randle and Williams for a couple of solid players. All this while keeping our protected pick, especially if this pick is named Ben Simmons! Plus, we would have ample cap space to complete such a roster.

  • Colin Cowherd is a MASTER at making himself “appear” to be relevant, even if it means to CREATE a “rumor.” Like the show “Sports Nation” these idiots are making a living by talking about the Lakers—sad!!!!!

  • Fan of cowherd, but this makes no sense first of Russell is the most valuable of the three it’s not debatable because of his ceiling. No doubt Randle can be a All-star in this lg but that will take getting a jumper and a right hand. Clarkson has shown he can adjust his game to fit with different players but probably has the lowest ceiling, which makes him the most logical to trade. But who the F*** are they planning on getting all the best players in the kg aren’t tradeable but okc isn’t losing Russell and KD and please don’t ruin are future for cousins. Love his talent but he has no ability to lead in anyway if he’s not playing with lebron or someone of that level you can’t win with him.

  • This is obviously a rumor and in no way is going to happen. The Herd likes the sound of his own voice. Why would they trade any of the young core? They are all under contract and are cheap. They will have 65-70 mil in cap space. All they need is couple of good quality free agents and they have a very good team. Throw 35 million a year at Durant and see if he wants it, if not go out and get some better than average free agents. Trading any of those three players is a huge mistake. There are going to be plenty of free agents available and get rid of Swaggy no D once and for all. Do not resign him.

  • Not if Kobe is to continue at the 3. Maybe during the summer if we can’t get a SF in FA.

  • Clarkson is the only exception. He will be a free agent this summer and could get up to 14.25 million per season. Although with the new Salary Cap it is still a good deal.

  • This summer will be about finding a Small Forward and Center. And there are plenty of guys available in Free Agency. No need to trade the young core.

    “”If”” we somehow magically keep the top 3 pick. I feel that a trade will have to take place. Outside of Simmons no one in this draft I love. And I do not think Simmons and Randle make much sense together.

  • Unless you’re trading for Westbrook, George, Curry, Leonard or Davis, no trade makes sense

  • lakers should try to sign jeff green instead of going after the “big names”. green is not elite but he’s a decent sf

  • Restricted free agent and his salary wouldn’t cause a huge hit on the salary cap. Lakers could match any offers.

  • no way would i trade any of the young ‘big three’. i may, however, trade the pick if we keep it. at a certain point you need to stop getting rookies and build a TEAM of great young players whose best years aren’t a half a decade away. the improvement of julius, jordan and d’angelo over the course of this season is paramount.

  • It would really become about needs. Get a young center to pair with Russell and Simmons maybe. I love Randle, I don’t want to trade him, but I also don’t think he can work with Simmons. I see Simmons playing the 4 kind of like Paul George is doing now.

    Maybe move Simmons/Randle to get a Young Center or Small Forward that is still under a favorable contract ladder. Like Noel, Gobert etc. I love Randle so I would hate it but you also need pieces that fit.

  • His first 3 years wouldn’t hit that hard, but the final two years based on the structure would be pretty bad. Although I would still do it.

  • If somebody was willing to give the Lakers a Herschel Walker deal for any of the core they’d be foolish NOT to take it…

    …but the odds of that happening are slim to none. And since the source of this story is Colin Cowherd, it’s nothing more than a fun thought exercise.

  • True although Whiteside is 26 or something, and I highly doubt we get Simmons. It is just a hypothetical thought process.

  • Pretty crazy that $14m is a “good deal” — knew I shoulda given up soccer for hoops!

  • he’s been getting benched in crunch time while porzingis is a possible all-star

  • i understand what you’re saying, but herschel walker is a terrible example. lest you forget, the walker deal laid the foundation for three super bowls for dallas.

  • Who do you get to replace him? Another retread like Kevin McHale? Best to let Scott finish out the season (and maybe even next year) and then look to hire somebody.

  • Only thing that worries me about Whiteside is that he has character issues. Not sure being on a team full of all young guys would be a great fit. Right now he has Bosh and Wade to put him in his place haha.

  • No I do not, but I also feel that swinging for the fences during FA is a mistake, and that it is better served for adding depth.

    I don’t have confidence in Scott, but mid-season firings rarely end up well in the NBA and, given the Lakers’ recent coaching carousel, it may be better long term to simply let him finish out his contract (end of next season).

  • Love the enthusiasm, but the Lakers would have to go on a tear for him to have any shot at all. If NY makes or even challenges for a playoff spot it’s a no-brainer.

  • If by some miracle he duplicates irvings rookie performance the rest of the season it ain’t gonna happen

  • Other teams would never consider trading the players u mentioned for some kids with just sopposed high potential

  • I think that’s his point…unless you’re going to get an All-Star back, don’t do it.

  • All star a big maybe but the names mentioned especially curry are considered superstars at the moment, not unless the player you’re giving up is LeBron or harden the other teams would just hang up the phone

  • Exactly. Still, if they could find a sap to give up the farm, I’d even trade Randle.

  • RUMORS: I guess they have nothing to do but to stir the CRAP that’s all the RUMOR are, I cant see them trading RANDLE OR CLARKSON the will some day in the near future, will be two of the better players in the league- the only difference would to get rid of BS and have a real coach and a real team, we have good players just bad teaching.

  • A good COACH could have these same guys playing at a play off shot- but not with BS you could give him CURRY and that whole team and never make it to the playoffs. He just stinks.

  • The COLLEGE IDIOT has spoken, with no knowledge of anything FINE ARTS, what a joke.

  • We need superstars to turn our fortune around. Dont forget We are the Lakers. If no one come our way, With Kobe gone, we need a new PG, JC will play his natural SG. Russ can back up unless he shows drastic improvement. Need upgrade in SF and C. Only Randle and JC are sure starters next season.

  • Nobody’s gonna offer Clarkson 14 mil per. Lakers just have to not jump the gun on him and play it right.

  • I don’t know – I’d bet money that somebody will offer him a “poison-pill” contract and dare the Lakers to match. Especially if ups his average to 18-19/game (at 16 right now).

  • Why would anyone dare a 15-win team? I don’t see it. I do see him drawing interest but no smart GM would look at him as a 14 mil per yr player yet. We Laker fans are the only ones that probably see him as a player over the 7-8 million range right now.

  • I would trade Clarkson with his new contract and Russell for Westbrook after the season ends when OKC fail to make he finals again and both KD and Westbrook are tired of losing playing with each other.

    The other option is Russell and Hiibert but Hib is playing like crap, not what I was hoping for.

  • Colin is a turd. When has he ever been an NBA insider? Can’t believe you’d post an entire article based on the bologna spewed from that idiots mouth. Smh

  • two years ago, I would agree. But now the cap is going up pretty high so it is a bargain.

  • First quarter of College Russell was a late 1st round draft pick, but once he got in a rhythm he was considered for the top overall pick. Hoping he will have a similar NBA season and just keep getting stronger. So far it does feel that way. Getting better each game!

  • well a dumbass like yourself that isn’t fully aware of the whole conversation would assume such. That would be in connection with us obtaining Durant and Whiteside via FA and then trading JC, a 1st Rd pick and fodder for a guy thats on the verge of being a SuperStar you idiot….
    Dont ever be stupid enough to think any organization would pass up on a Jimmy Butler for a 2nd year kid, whose 23 and doesn’t have the upside of Russell or Randle..
    PG- D’Angelo Russell
    SG- Jimmy Butler
    C- Hassan Whiteside
    SF- Kevin Durant
    PF- Julius Randle
    Soon yeah that a freakin contender if not a favorite for the next 5-7 years…
    and thats exactly what you play for, to win moron..

  • I get that during the off-season you have to write about anything you can, but duing the season you can find things with a little more substance than this. If you listen to Colin and you are a Laker fan you should know one thing. Colin knows very little about basketball, and virtually nothing about Laker basketball. He is a smart dude, and knows sports, but Laker basketball is just not his thing.

  • too many guards and wing players to bring in both. Eventually we will need a center more than a back-up rotation guard/wing player

  • I read the whole conversation and it was still dumb. That scenario is NEVER going to happen. Why don’t you educate yourself? Whiteside is not a fan of the Lakers after they picked Ellington over him which means he is NOT going to come here. Get that through your thick skull! Durant is NOT coming here. They are NOT trading a pick they MIGHT not have with JC for Jimmy Butler. This is real life, not a video game little boy. Why the heII would the Bulls trade away a budding superstar for nothing, you idiot. You are without a doubt the dumbest person on this board.

    You are thinking strictly as a Lakers fan and what is beneficial to them without thinking about the Bulls. That trade doesn’t help them at all, stupid. What a clown lmao. Yeah let’s trade Russell for Anthony Davis next. Moron.

  • Why? Because Clarkson is only 23 and is in the top 10 in FG% and 3PT% among shooting guards, and on the cusp of top 10 in scoring among shooting guards.

    And under the new salary cap, $14m is a mid-range player.

  • what SF or C is available?
    we have enough PG SG and PF. we need SF now badly.
    especially with Kobe and MWP leaving…..

  • Isnt that your secret wish? LOL … Come out Old Xxxx secret Lin fan lover boy!!! HAHAHHAAHA

  • Your idol did play more like a PG tonite. Despite the usual lack of defense and turnovers, he played like a PG and played better. Still not convinced he’s the talent worth developing but better effort. BTW, he still can’t drive.

  • Why would the Lakers trade two high draft picks and another promising 1st rounder, all on rookie contracts, when they’ll have enough cap space to sign two max players in the offseason? The only reason to make such a desperate and disastrous move is if they feel free agents no longer want to come to L.A. (they have to trade for them like perennial losers), and a team is offering a legitimate superstar in return. Demarcus Cousin’s contract (15 million a year) will look like peanuts after this year, but trading away the young nucleus in exchange for 3 guaranteed seasons from a volatile, potential superstar won’t make the Lakers any better than they are now. The organization has to have confidence they can sign two stars in the offseason, and deliver, before they can ever consider trading away cheap contracts connected to promising young players. Imagine the possibility of adding two stars in the offseason, and then adding another a year later to the young nucleus. At that point the players will have had time to develop and the front office can sort out which players they need to bet on and which they need to get rid of.

  • He’s trying to crawfish. All we have to have is 8 journeyman players according to this?

  • That or good sense is why they should Fire Scott as soon as they can find a replacement. I favor overpaying MDA to return JUST for the rest of the year so the team looks like it at least has a modern day offense. Make MDA Scott’s boss and DON’T fire him would also work but it would be cold. Grab Luke after the playoffs.

  • Randle has no jumper, Dana. And he is too small to muscle bigger dudes who have the same idea. Is he better than Blake Griffin? Kevin Love? LBJ? LMA? Those are the big boys. Randle needs s jumper baaaaad.

  • Yeah, me. At least Upshaw can shoot. Let’s trade Randle and bring in Upshaw at the 4. Upshaw has a nice stroke for a 7 footer.

    Also, if we could keep Kobe and all the other over-the-hill riff-raff from burning up all the minutes at the 3, somebody like Nance or Brown or a rookie to be named later will step up.

  • Randle has no jumper. All the numbers he puts up are against average-joe-type players. He is no star in my eyes, yet.

  • Yes. I thought Huertas was going to play much better. Could have kept Brown or Upshaw.

  • Randle is only a lock until Nance grows up, Tom. Randle can’t shoot and he is undersized. I hope I am wrong. I hope he finds his shot and plays the 3. Then Randle would be ferocious.

  • Depends on how much he would cost. I worry about his love for the game and winning.

  • Lakers don’t even have a solid foundation aside of Russell and JC being seen as the future. Don’t think Randle has Superstar potential, especially since he still needs to implement a jumper, lacks athleticism and has settled for awkward shots while scoring from inside the paint. 2-3 yr project that at best will end up being a 2nd/3rd tier player.

  • We don’t actually have to fire Scott. Mitch could just reorganize his area of responsibility. Like give Scott the defense and MDA the offense. We don’t care if he likes it, either.

  • When you said randle i read Russell. So i was thinking you wanted Westbrook, clarkson, durant, russell, and a draft pick all on the same team. From that prospective you can see why i thought that would be too many guard/wing players since that pick will likely be a guard or wing player given the Lakers are historically known to NOT draft bigs.

  • But there are some well hyped/unknown bigs in this years freshman class, so who knowns

  • I will personally push Kobe and MWP out the door. I agree with carrying Kobe along for his big goodbye tour, but he is chewing up too many minutes we need for developing the rookies. Even worse, Kobe screws up all flow and ball movement and sets a bad example.

    Scott must be on a secret mission from God. Otherwise I can’t explain him.

  • not on your life, that guy is just a giant chronic injury. Randle has his fluke injury, now he’s playing, where’s Embiid, still injured.

  • Look up rookie pay scale and the Iverson rule and get back with us, he’s not eligible for that kind of $$$

  • But he doesn’t qualify, read the rules and stop acting like a buffoon, he falls under the rookie scale and the Iverson rule.

  • Young won’t make it to the trade deadline, Kelly probably won’t either although his contract is cheap, and he’s a tall stretch four, if he bulks up some, they could use him asa center/ PF combo with 3 point range.

  • He is indeed. Although it is an average, contract is backloaded. Averages to 14.25 million. Had this argument thousands of times. There is an la times article that breaks his max salary possible this summer

  • trade now three way trade LAL-MiL-MEM Please
    LA Lakers Get Courney Lee,Michael Carter-Williams,Miles Plumlee deal
    Bucks get tony allen,clarkson,sacre deal
    Memphis Grizzlies get nick young,kelly,Damien Inglis deal

  • plan b trade deal
    trade deal LA Lakers and Hawks
    LA Lakers Get Shelvin Mack,Tim Hardaway Jr deal
    ATL Hawks Get Nick Young deal

  • lol opened 2 articles, same comments….opened this Dlo,Scott
    article comments are about the rumor of lakers trading the young core except Randle smh

    them bugz aint work

  • That’s the lamest idea I have ever heard. Kobe is an athlete at this time, not a seasoned business executive. Kobe doesn’t even believe he has the people skills to coach. Is this more of your Kobe worship, cj?

    Kobe doesn’t have a college education or any experience running any sort of organization at all. Gimme a break.

  • Lame. Just lame. If that’s all you want, bring in Magic. Magic has people skills.

  • i agree but LA Lakers Management no plan to fire byron scott because Byron Scott he powerful on management

  • Well Mitch let’s look at the numbers at the 1/4 point in the season

    Lakers are dead last in assists per game by a rather large margin #30

    Lakers are dead last in shooting percentage #30

    Lakers are poor in rebounding at #20 and their best rebounder (Randle) was just sent to the bench

    Lakers are very poor in 3 point shooting percentage #26

    Lakers are below average in steals per game #21

    Lakers are way below average in points scored per game 96.3, at #25


    Remember that movie Karate Kid, there are no bad students, ONLY bad teachers

    Scott has to go

  • Kliff, we don’t need new players, we need the players we have to be coached and used properly, let me tell you straight out, you could have Russell Westbrook at the point, Klay Thompson at the 2, Butler at the 3, Blake Griffin at the 4, and Cousins at center and this coach couldn’t make the playoffs. Save your breath with the trade engine scenarios.

  • i hope that happen and waive sacre the trade scenario on LA Lakers and hawks make trade deals because less money assest trade deal and is not important right now to make playoffs this whole season the important right now trade deals and waive sacre and also fire byron scott

  • New Coach who knows how to handle young players. The Lakers have been here before, when the acquired Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel. I wonder what Del Harris is doing right about now? …

  • Really. It had nothing to do with Jimmy. I mark the Jim Buss era as beginning with the Chris Paul fiasco. Here’s a read that’s worth the time:

    Jim Buss Timeline and the Decline of the Lakers Republic


  • Could Evan turner be a back up point guard for the lakers??

    Above average defend
    Okay facilitator
    Okay jump shoot

  • Umm, Clarkson can make nearly $16m on his next offer….

    And that’s MR. Buffoon thankyouverymuch

  • We need an athlete for a center. What do they want for Embiid? I am ready to convert Upshaw to PF because he does have a nice stroke and see if he can catch fire. I wanted MWP to coach the kid so they could share a shrink.

  • It’s not that they are secretive so much, it’s that nobody believes their eyes at the moves the Lakers make.

  • I get it, but they should try not to waste the whole year. If they could get MDA back just temporarily, it could be helpful. Mitch wasn’t ready to write the year of either.

  • Apparently, Upshaw has failed to distinguish himself even in D-league. I’d still like to try him out at the 4.

  • Dana, I think the FA train has left the station. Until we show a glimmer, who would come and spend any of their prime years here? No, I am afraid the word is out on the Lakers. We will be lucky to keep Clarkson.

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