Lakers Rumors: L.A., Mavericks ‘Frontrunners’ For JaVale McGee
Lakers Rumors: L.a., Mavericks ‘frontrunners’ For Javale Mcgee

The Los Angeles Lakers have already reportedly made a move this Saturday, coming to an agreement with undrafted forward Jonathan Holmes. However, the team may not be done with their moves this off-season.

According to Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders the Lakers, along with the Dallas Mavericks, are apparently the front runners for center JaVale McGee:

McGee has always had exceptional talent and has shown flashes, but has struggled with injuries over the last couple of years. There were also reports of some issues while with the Nuggets though it is unclear exactly what may have been the problem.

The Lakers are in need of depth at the center position as the backups to Roy Hibbert at this time appear to be Tarik Black, who is only 6’9 at best, and Robert Sacre who hasn’t exactly inspired much confidence during his time with the team. Adding a high-upside player like McGee, who is still only 27, could be the perfect solution. At his best, McGee was a good rebounder and shot blocker who gave the Lakers, and plenty of other teams, a lot of issues.

If they were to add McGee, there would be some questions as to what that would mean for the contracts the Lakers already have. The Lakers have 12 guaranteed contracts, not including Tarik Black and Jabari Brown who are both on non-guaranteed deals. With Holmes supposedly on a partially-guaranteed contract and Robert Upshaw reportedly agreeing to a deal that is still un-signed, that would put the Lakers at 16 players before the possibility of McGee.

PLEASE NO !!! we dont need to win Shaqtin a fool πŸ˜€ we need play off πŸ™‚

  • Tbh it’s not like it’s going to kill us. The guy has ALL the potential to be a big time defensive player, but… well, he’s an idiot. A fool. Damaged goods.

    I mean, I’d rather have him than Sacre anyway. But I don’t think they think that Black will be able to play Center for them this year (he’s WAY too short), as I think he was just measured at 6’8”. I don’t know what’s happening with Upshaw as he showed he could be a valuable/talented player, but because he was horribly out of basketball shape it might be awhile.

    We need a legit back-up Center and we don’t have any that are worthy. It makes sense, but I doubt we do sign him. Health is the key here.

  • It’s always great to have multiple MVP winners on your team. As a Shaqtin’ A Fool MVP winner Javale will be a great addition. He has great size and is a good shot blocker who will only need to play limited minutes. I hope they go for it.

  • i’m all for this. still only 27.. not the brightest candle on the cake, but has some great athleticism and defensive ability. sure, roll that dice.

  • welll good point πŸ˜€ anybody is better than Sacre πŸ˜€ worst player in NBA in past years and we cant get rid of him πŸ˜€

  • As far as I’m concerned McGee>>>Sacre
    I’m still hoping they can get Markieff as well it’s a long shot tho

  • that would be awesome 3 7 foot giants who can protect the rim. no thats how a real center position looks like :D.

  • Until a deal is reached this is just another agent putting it out their to make other teams want to sign him. Other wise the Lakers would have signed him by now every player have used the trick through out the entire summer and obviously its working.

  • its possible from what i hear miami agreed to trade mario chalmers to lakers for sacre and kelly but put a stall to the trade until they find another pg to replace him.if sacre is dealt that would open up a roster spot for mcgee

  • i told you about mcgee and you rode his nuts for months i recall.then you stopped after getting too much heat

  • markieff is the perfect SF for the lakers. those brothers destroyed the laker every time they played. although he played as a stretch 4 for the suns it does not mean hes not a 3. he looks way more like a 3 than a 4. it would be awesome to get him to play beside kobe.

  • And he made 12 mil. last season and only played 6 games. I would stick with SACRE & UPSHAW, SACRE played better ball at the end of season, but he stays healthy

  • grow a brain, moron. i was always clowning your dumb ass for (among other things) wanting mcgee as the STARTING center. we have hibbert for that. try and keep up.

  • they are straight and you know it, since you can’t refute anything i’m writing. oh, and you wrote “cereal killer” on here. you have no right to call ANYONE a dumbass.

  • mcgee. but they can still get mcgee and upshaw and holmes (even though thats a stupid ass pickup) they should of gone with a vet like wright or markieff or luc richard are all better options for an invite. even fucken tony mitchell would have been better πŸ˜€

  • “cereal killer”. that’s all that needs to be said. it perfectly sums up your vast, limitless stupidity.

  • Russel – Clarkson – Buycks
    Kobe – Williams – Brown
    Markieff – Young – Nance
    Randle – Bass – Black
    Hibbert – McGee – Upshaw

    Get rid of Fucken Sacre and Kelly.
    Put Anthony Brown in the D-league.
    Sign Upshaw,McGee, Markieff/Clark/Wright/Mitchell

  • mcgee, holmes, mario chalmers ill be cool with them 3 additions . trade away sacre and kelly

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  • Lol everybody talks about his conditioning but I seen a play in the Sumner league where he went up for a rebound so slow that the ball bounced off his head forget his conditioning mentally he’s so far away I don’t know if it’s the mushrooms or what but upshaw has slow reflexes

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  • holmes??? lol HA!!!! why would u want a guy like holmes when you have nance. πŸ˜€ the guy shot 38% from the field :D. there are way better options than holmes. front office bunch of retards.

    Luc Richard
    Tony Mitchell
    Markieff Morris
    Earl Clark

  • the guy averaged the same amount of blocks that black did and he got literally no minutes and black got tons and tons :D!!!! if that doesn’t say wake the fuck up i dont know what does :D!!!. no one should be hating on upshaw. they should be hating on the coaching staff (worst in the nba). the guy didn’t even play in summer league. randle complains about not having enough playing time getting subbed off every 5 min imagine how upshaw feels. bunch of spoiled brats

  • I have said it All along that the Lakers should get Javale Mcgee and Gerald Green….Pat Riley got Gerald Green ….A very good Pick-up if they get him….Lakers needs his Athleticism and Shot blocking capabilities.Do it Mitch.

  • exactly u should. u should go back to ur joshh accounts :D. ive lost count to how many accounts u must have. 20? probably more :D!!!!!

  • You must be a Clippers fan ….Trolling….Lakers.need Mcgee…He matches up good with Jordan if the Clippers in Athleticism.

  • mcgee is a monster. he needs a fresh start. he was one of if not the best center in the league back in 2012 or 2013 when he led that nuggets team to the 2nd round playoffs. he led the league in blocks with 3.1 that season. hes sort of in the same situation hibbert was in indianna. they both need fresh starts. they bot were monsters at thier position at some point

  • Yes…His Athleticism can neutralize Jordan of the Clippers and Howard of Houston…Goodie for Lakers if they get him.

  • LOL. not once have i ever impersonated your dumb ass and i never will, either. go to a pistons’ site already. this is for LAKERS fans.


  • Being that the Lakers have interest in Mcgee…I wouldn’t be surprise if the Mavericks pursue him heavily.

  • hes not jordan on defense and rebounding. mcgee is just a way slower version of jordan. but yes they both have crazy athleticism

  • if he doesn’t belong than he would be categorized as a “Professional basketball player” while ur mother is nobody in this world thta doesn’t belong anywhere. funny how that is

  • He can be a problem to Jordan and Howard Athletic because they rely on their athleticism.

  • they already have zaza and dalembert. mcgee would probably win that spot due to his defense

  • I have no problem dumping Sacre and Kelly to make room for JaVale McGee. He does things once in a while that will make you laugh but he’s a great paint protector and has crazy athleticism. To be able to have either him or Hibbert guarding the rim at all times is huge for their defense.

  • We cannot dump Sacre and Kelly. Their contracts are guaranteed. Unless you mean dumping them in a trade.

  • Russel/ Williams/ Buyick
    Clarkson/ Young/ JBrown
    Bryant/ Holmes/ ABrown
    Randle/ Bass/ Nance Jr,
    Hibbert / Mcgee or Upshaw/ Black

  • They can be cut. Just pay them to leave. They both make the minimum so it won’t hurt the Lakers one bit. Just waive them. Either way, it’s wasted money. Those guys are useless. At least JaVale could guard the rim.

  • ***dumbass. the front court is fine. lakers would have to be moronic and have no brain to not sign upshaw. williams at point??? they signed him not to run point? kobe should be starting at the 2 to balance it out. get rid of holmes sign wright/mitchell/makieff/luc/earl/ are all better to start next to kobe.

  • u think its normal that ur bench is better on Defense than ur starters??? no its not πŸ˜€ it should be the other way around

  • 16 years old. thats how old u are. and u have anger issues. not a good thing to have as a kid. bad things to come man ;D

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  • Anthony Brown does not belong in the D League. He belongs in the NBA. I’ll take him over Wright anyday just because he’s younger & plays defense.

  • sure enough 33 percent of the comments are from joshhh. What a horrible thread, nothing to see here.

  • Byron is planning to play both Russell and Clarkson, which means Kobe will play SF.. you don’t seem to get that!

  • I think McGee would pick LA over Dallas. Just because him & Nick Young are great friends & he already lives in LA

  • ur insane. wright is a proven vet who can defend and hit the 3. plzz dont give me ur love for this guy πŸ˜€

  • Yeah upshaw needs lots of D league time. He’s so slow. Hell JC out rebounds him. But his shot blocking is good. But Hibbert & McGee can protect the paint better as of today.

  • mcgee is so talented. hes just had to deal with injuries the last couple of seasons that set him back. hopefully he can stay healthy cuz when healthy hes very valuable to a team especially a team who’s been ranked dead last in defense the last 2 years.

  • I was wondering why he hadn’t won the Shaqtin’ a fool MVP since 2013.

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  • if they were to get both mcgee and upshaw that means someone is going to get cut. that means black will either be waived. having those 3 guys at the 5 (hibbert,mcgee,uupshaw) would be a very strong center position. very strong

  • we already have swaggy contesting for #1 shaqtin’ so yea I agree with you, dude just to shallow minded

  • McGee is the typical cockteaser kind of player with his defensive potential but for the most part just a disappointment. I wouldn’t throw too much green his way… If he got Sacre’s salary it would be a wet dream but that ain’t happening.

  • Bass wish he was Draymond ?. They just look a like Draymond does everything. With a 3 point shot. Bass is just a mid-range shooter with D & some rebounding

  • McGee would win that battle everytime. Just because he’s faster & athletic & more experienced.

  • Always wanted McGee in a Lakers uniform. Shaqtin’ a fool ruined how talented this guy really is.

  • Just like Lawson you don’t hesitate to get said player and overlook any issues, simply because there is talent and potential to be gained, it’s a low risk high reward situation. I hope the Lakers win out this time.

  • Some of these comments doesn’t understand the changes in the NBA….These teams are Athletic now….So you gave to have that type of talent to compete with those teams…Javale Mcgee would be a good move for the Lakers..It’s a good change of pace with Hibbert and Mcgee…..Lakers missed out on Gerald Green…Smart Move by Riley to get Green.

  • Lal chalmers
    Mia sacre,kelly

    DLo,chalmers(spot minutes)
    Randle,bass,nance jr

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  • what about mine

    clarkson/j brown/
    kobe/young/a brown/holmes

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  • why don’t they just waive those two Sacre & Kelley…They could eat those contracts , right??

  • yall ppl dnt kno lakers can turn him into a beast just need some control work out with the greats nd hes a problem

  • they are being package in a trade for mario chalmers trade wont happen until knicks give them a pg

  • 50/50 chance we get him we should get him though because dallas has many centers signed already

  • Lol. It doesn’t get any dumber than shhhit for brains joshhh! I just hope he spares the honey nut Cheerios bee. He’s the man.

  • I Concur completely….Everybody use the Laker’s Brand to get their Player signed.

  • What’s all the trashing of Upshaw here? He sounded quick, has a sense of humor, and appears to be a good guy… Taller than D League + Sacre, right?

  • Would be a nice pick up to fill the backup center spot. Can’t teach his size and length. Always been a great shot blocker and high energy player. Could help the team get easy buckets in transition with his defense and rebounding.

  • 80 more days until we make our appearance on Shaqtin A Fool – Javale McGee and Nick Young


  • Even if this is to push teams to sign McGee, it might not work. McGee is a player with a lot of potential, however he still has his Shaqtin moments. He was released mid last season and yet still no sign for the kid, this could either be the end of the road or no real offers coming from any teams

  • JaVale would be a great pick-up. We need him to protect the rim. Having Hibbert & McGee would be nice. If the Lakers can’t trade Sacre and Kelly, they should dump them.

  • Both possess the same IQ, however I’d have to give the edge in loyalty to McGee.
    IQ Loyalty
    Javale McGee: 0.1 100
    Deandre Jordan: 0.1 0.001

  • been saying this for a while, get this dude!!! he’s athletic and can block shots for you! That’s a pretty nice rotation of Hibbert and McGee (considering if Hibbert can get past his personal issues). I think if we get McGee AND Dorell Wright, I’d say we have a pretty good team right here.

  • All that is required is to dunk the lobs, block and alter shots, and rebound. Doesnt need any plays called for him, doesnt need crazy minutes, and doesnt need any complexity. If he can follow those things, he can make the job for others easy! Plus Sacre aint going to be a threat to anybody and Upshaw needs a wwwwhhhoollleee lot of work to be even considered in the rotation.

  • Sign Mcgee get rid of Sacre. You can just imagine the alley oop passes that Russell is going to throw to Mcgee, that alone makes him better than Sacre.

  • Final few moves and our roster would be set.

    1) Trade Young, Sacre and Kelly for Markieef Morris. PHX owes us a favor for Nash.
    2) Sign Upshaw and McGee.
    3) Absorb Mario Chalmers’ 4m contract.

    15-man roster
    Kobe Bryant (captain)
    Roy Hibbert (captain)
    D’Angelo Russell
    Jordan Clarkson
    Julius Randle
    Marikieef Morris
    Mario Chalmers
    Brandon Bass
    Lou Williams
    Tarik Black
    Javale McGee
    Anthony Brown
    Larry Nance Jr
    Robert Upshaw
    Jonathan Holmes

    That’s exactly 15. Upshaw and Holmes can start the first one month down with the D-Fenders. Just like Clarkson last year. Would help our cause.

    Hibbert / McGee / Black / Upshaw
    Randle / Bass / Nance Jr
    Morris / ABrown / Holmes
    Clarkson / Kobe / Williams
    Russell / Chalmers

    We’re set. Clarkson should get more minutes than Kobe. We must play Kobe only 25 minutes a night. Will give us a better shot at postseason.

  • honestly lakerloyalty that would awesome to do all those things. especially the morris pickup. the guy would help kobe alot. dude can flat out ball.

  • McGee would be a very very good pickup, he can even play starter on some teams. Go for it Mitch, sign McGee, waive Sacre and Black, sign Upshaw.

  • yea i would pass on this guy and just sign upshaw. were fine….
    oh and how many times do i need to say waive sacre&kelly before they actually do it? cmon!

  • the dude tried to take off from the free throw line in game!
    i was like oh nooooo…

    any comment about him makes me LOL.
    if he joins instead of sacre at least he will be entertaining.
    more than sacre does stand there like some wannabe bodyguard?

  • hey if that actually pans out i would be the happiest guy in the whole world!
    2 birds with 1 stone

  • if your wrong about this ill never let you hear the end of it.
    chalmers would be a really good backup PG for us.
    and if we can get rid of sacre too?
    that’s too FREAKING sweet!

  • you think javalle mcgee is a better defender than Upshaw?
    please tell me today is April 1st?

  • no to buycks/ markieff /mcgee /clark.
    Tony Mitchell looks to be really good athletic and an excellent rebounder. a good all around player.
    thing is whoever we chase after has to be a SF or PG right now. we dont need SG PF or C.
    Mcgee is a clown better than sacre but not better than Robert Upshaw.

  • i have my doubts about him. if he does that clown stuff like Nick Young and Jordan Hill he will be gone out of here.
    if he can play solid defense block shots and rebound we could use him.
    but i will always doubt him after what i saw on shaqtin a fool.

  • i agree. Mcgee is starting caliber. its just his credibility has gone down the drain because of all his injuries and him being out

  • mcgee is 10000000x better than sacre :D. and he’s better than upshaw right now cuz u dont know what upshaw could be. hes got upside

  • Id rather have Javale than than that slow ass weak minded $15 million a year basket case Hibbert.

  • he did that mainly to himself. He’s not bad defensively but those dunks he just needs a solid finish nothing fancy.
    but Kendrick Perkins is worse than Mcgee for sure.

  • Have upshaw played in 1 NBA game? I know 2 or 3 seasons ago McGee blocked everything in the paint. & he had solid on ball defense. Upshaw will be good. But right now he’s pretty slow footed.

  • Dallas always trying to mess up Lakers affairs.
    Look at what Cuban did with the cp3 trade.
    They tried to get deandre jordan just so we wouldnt.
    they all know if we get these good stars we will be winning another NBA championship their all scared!

  • Dump Sacre, Steer clear of Upshaw…Javale may be the butt of many jokes, but it may be time he grows up, and he has actual NBA experience, I’m behind this move 100%

  • because as he even said himself he is out of shape.
    give him some time and he will be a Dikimebe Mutombo type player.

  • upshaw is just out of shape. i just cant see this clown with nick young. i hope these guys are serious about winning and coming to the Lakers to make a turn around.
    Like Hibbert i wanna see them return to their all star days.
    If Mcgee comes here and shines and blocks shots ill be happy. But i dont wanna see the Lakers on shaqtin a fool again. please!

  • upshaw is defensive minded like dikembe mutombo was.
    he is out of shape yes but give him a chance. He is definately a gem if he plays well and blocks shots. Teams will have to alter their playing style if hes on the floor. Mcgee? People see him as a clown not a threat they all laughing at him.
    I just dont think Mcgee is a better move than Upshaw i cannot say it even if i think its true. nope…..

  • I just watched the Draft ExPress footage of him, previously I only saw his summer league action. I’ll perhaps support him if he drops 30 lbs of pudge, and works the other 30 lbs into muscle…I just didn’t like the way he ran the floor, lotsa foot shuffling, and he seemed to be a bit more lost than the other players at times, so I wonder if he can overcome those obstacles. Ok, keep him for the future (somehow)….but McGee can make things happen NOW (if he’s recovered from injury. The things that McGee can make happen…of course I hope the good things outnumber the dumb things.

  • Nick Young has to grow up this season. If he has a solid season, and Kobe retires, he’s going to counted on for maturity and leadership….so time to tone down the Swag, and he has to let his play define him.

  • im not really sure about that holmes pickup but the lakers should invest in mcgee. he would be a really really good pickup for them. the guy is a 7’2 giant blocking machine hat alters any shot it that comes around the paint. who wouldn’t want that? :D. not instead of relying solely on hibbert to be the rim protector you got another one in mcgee that could do the very same job. Black is not ur ideal backup sure he’s enegry hustle big whos at most 6’9 but thats pretty much all he is. mcgee is more important to team than black cuz he gives you another defensive presence down low which means less points on the board for the oppostion. sorry black

  • 1-2-3, Kobe will make Javale’s career as a Lakers a short one. If you think Dwight is goofy… ain’t seen Javale’s !!

  • I don’t understand why so many people are against our FO going after McGee. We just need this guy to rebound and block shots…something that Sacre can’t do. He’s excellent on PnR defense, he can finish around the basket, he’s athletic enough to keep up w/ other athletic centers. We already know he’s a Shaq’tin a fool MVP…Swaggy was also a candidate but he was solid(not including last yr). It’s not like we have anything to lose. Black isn’t a center, Upshaw is not in shape, and Sacre is a cheerleader. McGee at best will help us defensively…and that’s what we need.

  • i couldn’t agree more. they should invest in mcgee and upshaw. now your center position is really deep and really cooking with 3 7 foot giants that could all protect the rim. upshaw would be the 3rd stringer but hes the future. the point is u really cant go wrong on defense with those 3 guys up front

  • absolutely since he actually is one. the problem with that is that might be a problem for nance since he was the 3rd stringer

  • Nance is solid defensively. If he improves his shot…then he will get minutes. We’ll find out soon who wins the battle at camp.

  • What did you see in Upshaw that we did not see? His tapes before he fell out of shape???? One reason I am more for “Jubilee” McGee is his actual NBA experience. The team will be stocked with a great number of raw players for this coming season. Barring injuries, hoping that some chemistry develops…this team can make the playoffs.

  • Not gonna lie, your sure watching him a lot to know exactly how many comments he made……

  • I could really see Randle and Markieff playing great with each other. Both are very versatile on both ends of the floor.

  • I seen him play in college. He’s a block-head on the court. He looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing. His NBA IQ is low because he has no type of awareness on both ends of the floor.

  • Hopefully we can find a strong wing defender next off-season with us trying to get all these 7’0 shot-blockers.

  • I can’t wait for him to try for one of his famous triple doubles… or perhaps an in-game free throw dunk.

    Showtime baby!

  • Kelley, Scare & Young need to be traded for a few 2nd round picks making room for more kids in order to see if we can find another Clarkson hiding in non drafted status.

  • Why do we need McGee when we scored HIBBERT & BASS both of whom have more talent and tend to STAY HEALTHY? NO, NO, NO!

  • Why can’t you Laker fan arrogant idiots concede they are going into mediocrity for at least 10 years. Bet on it!

  • Sacre can say he had good game if he at least once dont miss rim πŸ˜€ he is sooo useless

  • Sacre/Kelly trade in the works, I guarantee it, they wouldn’t be signing Holmes to guaranteed money, and be trying to sign McGee to guaranteed money if it wasn’t happening. Most likely it’s for a point guard, to balance the roster.

    Hibbert, McGee, Black
    Randle, Bass, Nance jr.
    Kobe, Young, Holmes, A. Brown
    Clarkson, Williams, J Brown
    Russell, Chalmers

  • only if you admit first that you’re just another idiot affected by every laker championship who’s been waiting for the lakers to hit rock bottom? unfortunately for you the lakers will only go up from here.

  • I can see this roster working out except if we cannot get McGee in free agency then they sign Upshaw and send him to the D-League until Christmas or All-Star break to get in shape and see if his head is there. But overall I like the lineup. Holmes and Anthony Brown might be fighting for 14th roster spot.

    I like the idea of trading Sacre & Kelly for Chalmers.

  • We might have to give up our remaining 2nd round 2016 pick to get Chalmers, but a vet point guard is coming to go behind Russell. I also think it would be healthy for Holmes and Anthony brown to be fighting for that third string spot. Holmes and A Brown would be taking turns down in the D league sharpening their skills.
    I like Upshaw too, but the front office might feel they already have too many players under development. Really you have, Randle, Clarkson, Russell, Black, Holmes, A. Brown, and Nance Jr. Thats a lot for one team in one season.

  • one thing that you can instantly see is his ability to set screens like a mountain. that in itself is a huge nba ability

  • i like that lineup. hopefully we can pick up chalmers for a decent trade or price.
    Go Lakers!

  • get out of the second round of the playoffs before you try to smack talk someone!

  • I did watch his college YouTube clips, he looked like a “player” back then…so basically he’s a “project” with a question mark with his conditioning, his acclimation to the NBA life, his acclimation to the NBA game. I’m not disagreeing with you. Remember once he loses some of that weight he will be easier for the “MEN” of the NBA, the guys who have been living in the weight rooms for years to possibly manhandle Upshaw (a “man-child”)……JMHO…If they take his route and it works out that would be fine. It would make for a nice young center to go with Russell, Clarkson and Randle.

  • Y’all fail to realize we may have a shot at the playoffs. Sacre and upshaw won’t be the backup we need. Upshaw might be good but sacre isn’t. I pray they trade sacre and Kelly for chalmers. Then bring in JaVale. With his athleticism and defensive ability we will be straight at the 5

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  • J.Holmes and J.McGee are good additions and M.Kupchak has to open roster spots for them by trading N.Young, R.Sacre and R.Kelly. Simple as it is.
    We traded a second round pic to Indiana for $ 15.5 mil. Roy Hibbert. So if that is allowed by the NBA, we can trade the package of Young,Kelly and Sacre with combined value of $ 7.2 mil. for a second round pic as well.

    PG: D.Russell (J.Brown)
    SG: J.Clarkson (Lou Williams)
    SF: K.Bryant ( J.Holmes) A.Brown
    PF: J.Randle (Br.Bass) L.Nance
    C : R.Hibbert ( J.McGee ) R.Upshaw

    That is a 13 men roster and we can easly add another one or two by the start of the season.

  • Lakers,if we can get McGee….could fight to get to .500. It’s still a longshot but I think if we can stay moderately healthy,Kobe can resemble the Kobe from 2012 and bit Hibb and return to playing dominant defense then maybe .500 is attainable. Some interesting players that have a lot to prove, that can either be a really good thing or another disaster waiting to happen. if healthy I think 38-41 wins are realistic.

  • This writer shaqtin a fool if he’s really trying to sell mcgee as a high upside player. This guy is what he is at this point

  • Very nice,that must be your home work lesson for the first grade coming up soon. Did Mommy and Daddy see it??? ……Just a Thought!!!

  • Just pick any L.A.FAKER TANKER player on the L.A.Futile FAKER TANKERS roster, and you will have your own worst defensive player. It stands to reason with the lack of defensive performance by the entire L.A.Futile FAKER TANKER roster in 2015. They were near or at the bottom ranking in defenses, right? So why point fingers at other teams or players???, Typical L.A.Futile FAKER TANKER fan attitude……just a Thought!!!.

  • That sounds like a whole lot of laughs, and whining by the L.A.Futile FAKER TANKER fans Another season of the Barnum and Bailey Clown show. Will Staples be selling Cotton Candy too???….Just a Thought!!! …..Just a Thought!!!

  • That should really look like the towering turds of L.A. FAKERLAND. Plenty of laughs and boo’s coming with those tree stumps in the game……Just a Thought!!!

  • Don’t waste your time. At least two will be gone before the all star break…..Just a Thought!!!

  • Is that at the same time or at alternate times when one is at the opposite from the other????…..Just a Thought!!!

  • If he has Mutombo potential we still won’t see it his rookie season. But I do hope he shows something his rookie season. Hell I don’t even think the Lakers signed him yet

  • FAKER brand??? And what in the world is that??? Haven’t gotten any elite free agents for many years. That FAKER brand must be the dumping grounds for the D-Leagues, has-beens, NBA cast offs and low round draft picks..That appears obvious with a 55 and 61 LOSS seasons back to back. FAKER Brand??? Yeah what is that??? Or is that another L.A.Futile FAKER TANKER fan delusion in Fantasy FAKERLAND??? Seriously What in the hell is a FAKER brand?? Is that a new cereal or candy that the L.A.Futile FAKER TANKERS are promoting for sale at Staples?….Just a Thought!!

  • Hope is the game plan of the L.A.Futile FAKER TANKERS. It is eternal. And the L.A.FUTILES will need all they can hang on to again……Just a Thought!!!

  • I feel pretty good with our front court:

    C: Hibbert, McGee, Upshaw
    PF: Randle, Bass, Nance Jr

    The question is what’s going to happen to Black? I don’t mind seeing him at PF but we are stacked at that position and Holmes could be playing there as well. Although I like Black a lot, I wouldn’t choose him over Upshaw simply because of the size and shot blocking ability. Our PFs are 6’10” at best and none of them are rim protector and that’s why it’s hard to pair them with Black. Ed Davis was a good pairing with Black but he’s gone now.

  • Team with most shaqtin entries..but ofcourse the more entries you sent the more chances of winning.

  • Please don’t do it. We don’t need Kobe to catch a case his last season in the league… I can see Shaq mouth watering already… Shaqtin a Fool.. Hollywood edition..

  • While Nance has yet to prove himself in training camp, he looks like he could play a stronger SF position–not unlike what Carmello Anthony does for New York. That would also make ti easier for him to switch over to PF against certain teams. For the center position, why not just keep Black as the third center? It looks more and more likely that Upshaw may not make the team.

  • With Sacre, Kelly and Young gone, your roster is not bad. But they need a veteran PG to back up Russell. Jabari can be the 5th guard. Hope that there is a good competition in training camp between Brown, Nance and Holmes, for the backup SF position, assuming they dont pick up another veteran SF.

  • If he could mature mentally, focus on being a dominant player and then work on 2 or 3 posts moves he would be worth it. I don’t think he’s capable of any of those.

  • You need help. Spending this much time on a team’s page that you hate says you don’t have a life.

  • Your thoughts are crazy and you seriously need medical attention.

  • You really need help. When you have the urge to hurt someone, other than yourself, please call 911. You honestly seem like you have mental issues and truly need help. There is trolling and then there is mental instability and you are mental ill.

  • Yo, the Mavs are trash. Why are the getting so much interest? I feel like Cubans offering extra money to players under the table. Only thing I can think of

  • Jordan doesnt even like Chris drama queen Paul, Pauls old an injury pron so more like a big one and we all know he cant carry a team by himself. Old man Duncan ate Griffens lunch.

  • Youve had the same “big 3” for how long now and you havent done anything with them :D…you guys can go to the playoffs all you want youre not gonna win anything:D. And the lakers have never had a big 3 we dont need it, we only need one superstar to win a ring.

  • a few years. not that long, ha you sound jealous. there are no stars on lakers. lol #WeRunLA

  • LOL really ” a few years”…whats a few, im thinking 10-15 years maybe πŸ˜€ lol.

  • Take a look at Bryant’s gamecard the last time he faced the Clippers. see attached.

  • Lookie look what I just found. It’s the worst loss in lakers history. See attached

  • Oh im sorry did you say something, i was busy polishing our 16 trophies sorry it took me so long

  • Just saw your name on Lakerholics site…you look like a fool trolling the Laker site, if you’re the Clipper fan that you are, go there, be with your buddies……

  • wow…you and I are totally polar opposites in opinions….I’d rather keep the roster spots open than carry Sacre and Upshaw….

  • That was a loss, so what? At some point in the game you let it go, and start thinking about the next game. You put in your bench to give them some burn, or you leave some of your regulars in to let them get used to “the system” (or to let them suffer the humiliation, and learn from that)…as a fan…YOU are nothing!!!!!!!

  • You keep jumping around, why don’t you just stay away from any Laker sites….????

  • Not just any loss. It was the worst loss in Lakers history. #meaningful

  • Wrong, please clarify what makes it so meaningful in your Clipped brain? Did it count for like 5 losses in the loss column? Does anybody but you remember it? Get the frick out of here! Go back to your Clippers, who belong in San Diego, a beautiful city, but you wouldn’t know, cuz Mortal Kombat doesn’t go there (????)……

  • I would rather go to Staples and watch a good fought Laker defeat than a Clipper blowout. The Clippers should not even be in Los Angeles. The Thunder never should have been allowed to be stolen from Seattle. It’s all about money, and bandwagon fans. Dang, you guys are making me like Larry Bird more and more.

  • That game is in Lakers franchise records books….Clippers gave Lakers their worst beatdown in history. #historical #meaningful #beatdown #ClippersRunLA

  • that’s exactly what I noticed, he doesn’t seem to think and react quick enough, like Sam Perkins did at times, he’d grab a rebound, and by the time he gathered himself the rest of the team would be in the front court…..slow thinking…..

  • Same franchise record books that records all the NBA Championships….give it up. When they win 3-5 championships, people may care.

  • to you, but nobody else…go back to clipper blogs…..take your box of kleenex with you (to wipe your tears of joy, LOL!!!)

  • That’s fine, then dump him…..if so…..after this season…or mid season…

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