Lakers Rumors: L.A. Set To Face Timberwolves In 2015-16 Season Opener

After a forgettable 2014-15 NBA campaign, the Los Angeles Lakers will look to rebound in what may turn out to be Kobe Bryant’s last season. The storied franchise will take on the division rival Los Angeles Clippers on Christmas Day in a battle for Los Angeles and appear to be set to face off against the Minnesota Timberwolves in their season opener at the Staples Center.

According to Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times, the Lakers will likely get their 2015-16 NBA season underway against the Timberwolves:

As expected, the Lakers will start their season at home. The date of the team’s season opener against the Timberwolves wasn’t provided in Bresnahan’s tweet. The Lakers usually suit up on the first day games in the NBA are played, but that may change this time around.

The official full schedule for 2015-16 NBA season will be released for all teams on Wednesday. Although no other matchups for the Lakers have been released, Bresnahan did have this to say about the upcoming schedule:

As of right now, only three matchups have been leaked. Along with the Lakers being rumored to face the Clippers on Christmas Day and the Timberwolves in the season opener, Los Angeles is expected to host Jahlil Okafor’s Philadelphia 76ers on New Year’s Day.

i hear flip is fighting cancer, good luck flip and family

  • When Towns reads the schedule, he’s thinking…..
    “Upshaw in my first NBA game….uggh”
    “Hibbert in my first NBA game…. uggh”

    Whereas, Russell’s thinking….
    “I didn’t forget Summer League Mr. #1 Draft Pick.”

    – It will be a positive that Russell and Randle start their careers with a Game 1 win.

  • Early September if I remember correctly.
    Check the NBA Official Dates calendar. It’s usually there.

  • its actually hodgkins lymphoma dont know too much about it but yesterday they announced it as cancer

  • dont be surprised if lavine takes the spotlight from wiggins, kinda like kobe did when we signed shaq

  • I’m surprised as usually they have them facing title contenders to embarrass the team. This is just as bad though because we have to see that little prick Zach Lavine act like he’s Jordan all game.

  • If Russell is being guarded by Rubio, oh man, LOL! Russell about to put on a show. If Upshaw makes the team and is put in for a few plays to guard Towns, Towns will cry thinking of how Upshaw shut him down like in SUmmer League

  • Lavine want to be Kobe so bad. Can’t blame him tho Kobe is his favorite player

  • Hopefully K-Mart starts and would be an easier matchup for Kobe than Wiggins or Lavine. If I recall Lavine had a career game at staples with some ridiculous 3 point shooting.

  • already starting with the match up problems?? ๐Ÿ˜€ it doesn’t matter its okay they’ll be one every game ;D the lakers SF position is an atrocity

  • Well the TWolves are one of the few teams in the NBA who have TWO wings who are highly athletic mobile runners

  • every team in the league has a clear advantage over the lakers at the 3 :D!!! wake up and smell the coffee

  • i like how our youngsters are building good chemistry off the court, you could see it in summer league and in interviews like in the nance interview when i believe brown was video bombing him. i hope kobe is not a sourpuss about it you need good chemistry imo and kobe is use to a hostile environment

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  • says the stupidest dude on these blogs who puts stupid lil gay faces on all his comments.

  • If you know Anything about Kobe…He doesn’t care about Your Off Court chemistry….It’s the On Court chemistry he care about and the effort you give…..Kobe doesn’t mine you doing what you do Off court….Just come to Ready to Play.

  • our team is built like the warriors we will be able to match up against any team

  • Hopefully. Wolves still have nice young talent. Don’t think they’ll win too many games until next season, but they will definitely be a competitive team this season.

  • I really hate the modern day Clippers, but I have to admit I had nothing against the early 2000s Clipper teams – the Darius Miles, Elton Brand, Quentin Richardson, etc. It’s sad to hear that Brand will be retiring, good luck in life. Fuck the modern day Clippers tho, a bunch of soft ass mothafuckas

  • Excited to see Lavine, Wiggins and Towns. That team is going to be fun. But I hope Randle destroys them all!

  • So who’ll get the dunk of the game?

    Lots to choose from on both sides.

  • the only guy i could see on the lakers who can guard wiggins mono emono is holmes or maybe nance. hope he starts. its the most logical thing to do.

  • Ahh I think you forgot about how the lakers celebrating the win over the celtics last season!!

  • If you are going to troll, or try to stir up people, spell correctly.

    Dโ€™Angelo Russell

  • I said Off Court Chemistry…..That was On Court Activities in relationship to a Game ….So that was a Game atmosphere…..Not Off Court.

  • this lakers team reminds me alot of the team before the pau trade.

    i would not be shocked if around the tradedeadline we traded hibbert + future picks for cuz

  • on to the miny game that game will show us fans something if we play it really well and beat them soundly it could be a showing of things to come if we strugel to win or even lose it could be a long season in la

  • that part wasn’t a part of the original article, moron. try and keep up.

    somewhere else.

  • I really hope Randle gets it going
    Everytime I see Lavine ball out I think of what could’ve been

  • i rather not respond because according to you everyone is wrong and you’re always right but ill respond anyway. imo lavine is on a another level than clarkson

  • i honestly thing hes going to strugle this game. kobe and jc’s defense will make him work

  • i agree on this one but neither plays great defense and i would say clarks d is just a little better.

  • im not always right. but i can back up my claims with stats something most people including yourself dont.

  • see josh is one of the people that never back what they claim with anything but stupidity

  • Why do you gotta make up random things?

    I WOULD be shocked if around the trade deadline we traded hibbert.

  • seek medical attention as soon as possible. ur judging player off where they were drafted. u have no brains u have no dignity and no hope. seek medical attention as soon as possible u fat fuck

  • I really wish that it would’ve been Nuggets @ Lakers for the opener and then 76ers @ Timberwolves cause either though it’s the top 2 picks in the draft it’s not like Towns will be guarding Russell for example this would be perfect, Mudiay vs Russell and then Okafor vs Towns!

  • lol you know this kid is barely hitting puberty right? he’s still very raw and already a stud. in many games last year he was on par with the #1 pick andrew wiggins

  • lol. you obviously didn’t understand my previous post. GTFOH, clipper “fan”.

  • Andrew Wiggins=future superstar
    Zach lavine=monta ellis/Jamal Crawford hybrid

  • Zach lavine is a great young talent but on a team with A wiggs and KAT he’s a 6man at best

  • And we get the KLAPPERS CHRISTMAS DAY- BUT WE HAVE A 8 GAMES ON THE ROAD in 13 days, the Klappers will get a break there , but they need a good start so they can CHOKE later in the season.

  • Go read the whole thing it is there, just scroll up to the top and read I don’t know how you guys come in here and not know what your talking about, all the information is right there.

  • the second tweet wasn’t in the original article, genius. and as long as we are criticizing each other over meaningless shit, when you are trying to convey ‘you are’, the contraction to use is “you’re”. got it?

  • I was not criticizing and I don’t get your meaning, I was trying to get the information to you and now you get hot under the collar, well excuse me that will never happen again, see what happens when you try and be nice to you guys.

  • muiday will be a way better pro than russel will g. ill give u my word on that.

  • “i don’t see how you guys come in here and not know what your talking about”โ€ฆ is that what passes for nice on this board? LOL. you’re funny, kiddo. enjoy yourself on here.

  • Some of you laker fans are a bunch of disillusioned virgins who can’t come to a reality that this team is not very good right now

  • probably be a lakers loss. Don’t hope/want it to be, BUT i think it will

  • Well I was correct and being nice does not work here, I understand that everyone here think they have all the answers, so why ask questions if you know it all..

  • And don’t call me kiddo I am at least 3/4 times older then you child. Enjoy your self you deserve it.


    Expert Stupid or Stupid Expert NYAHAHAHAHHA!

  • Lakers are stuck in basketball purgatory not good enough to make the playoffs not bad enough to land Simmons D

  • i think that’s “sense” not “since”. actually, you are the one that sounds like the disillusioned virgin. at least learn to spell, artard.

  • your word means nothing. especially since you excrete so much crap on an hourly basis.

  • don’t you ever get tired? i wake up in the morning, you’re here posting crap. i check back in the evening, you’re here posting crap. wow. what a life you must lead. i’m not judging you. it’s your life. just curious.

  • It boils down to LaVine, Clarkson and Randle. I’ve gotta go with Clarkson!

  • it’s not mono emono, idiot. it’s “mano e mano”. lol what an illiterate fellow.

  • Lakers would school the Bulls! My he Bulls only have Michael– Kobe could neutralize him while Magic could feed Shaq, Kareem or Wilt!!! Lol— Phil needs to coach both teams though!! Rose would have hurt himself in the first round of the Playoffs?. Pippen would Have Coop or Metta all over his ass?!! Someone please try to tell me otherwise !! 16 beats 6 any day !!! Haaaa!!$$

  • The Bulls only have Michael– sorry for the grammar –Apple I-phone messed it up like usual?

  • Lol what do you have against virgins? You know you were once a virgin so why use that as an insult? Childish.

  • You’re right you don’t think, that’s another thing you have in common with joshhh

  • you asked when the schedule is going to be released. the answer to your question is in the article (that you didn’t read). keep trolling, vdogg, we see u

  • if there one thing u have in common with fan boys its staying consistent with ur obsession over me day in day out

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  • Dlo vs Rubio both pass 1st
    JC vs Lavine (have a feeling they’re top 5 if not top 3 SG in the near future)
    Kobe vs Wiggins(kobe said last yr he saw his young self in wiggins)
    Randle vs KG( both tough players,youth vs experience,strength vs finesse)
    Hibbert vs Pek/dieng/towns(doesnt matter, hibbert will win his battle)

  • Why do you think so? It might be one of the few games the Lakers aren’t an underdog.

  • Why early 2000s? I mean they peaked in 2006, before E. Brand and Livingston got hurt. Honestly that team was fun to root for. Cassell, Brand, Maggette, Livingston, Kaman, etc.

  • Kobe and kg men among kids lol . Kobe and jc combined for 50 points, lakers win

  • nick young and kelly with sacre and one second pick trade for Markieff Morris with Archie Goodwin deal

  • Lol, that isn’t how trades work. You have to offer something good. Cap relief, good players, “”good”” draft picks.

  • That team had Kobe in his prime it just needed one piece to get over the top. This team is just starting a rebuild, it will be years before we are in that position.

  • Prediction.
    LaVine will go off for 30, but Lakers will win. Randle will have a very good game. 22 and 12.

    Even though we will win, the headline the next day will be how badly Russell struggled.

  • I agree for the most part but I really don’t see Russell playing many minutes that game

  • This is a great opportunity to start the season off with a win to build confidence rather than playing a contender on opening night like we have in years past.

  • Your showing your stupidity now, you understood what I was saying some times I have to lower my self to make you understand- now do you see how a small mistake in words can cause two grown men act like children. the worst thing to be is —turning into a KLAPPER FAN. SO WHY NOT COOL IT AND TRY TO GET ALONG, REAL LAKERS FANS HAVE NO NEED TO GET UPSET OVER WHAT HAS BEEN SAID AS LONG AS THEY ARE ON THE SAME PAGE (AGREE) ?

  • Now Now that’s hitting below the belt to compare me with a KLAPPER, I would not do that to you, and smile when you say DUMB THAT WAY I know your not as bad as a KLAPPER.

  • “The things u think that are so big but really there nothing” LOL!!! now that’s “funny as hell” don’t bother to reply we already know what your next comment is.

  • Stat line:
    Russell 13pts 7ast 3reb
    JC 15pts 4ast 3reb
    Kobe 21pts 6ast 5reb
    Randle 14pts 3ast 7reb
    Hibbert 11pts 2ast 10reb 2blks
    Lou 12pts 3ast 3reb
    Young 9pts 1ast 2reb
    Bass 10pts 2ast 5reb
    Everyone else(combined) 10pts 5ast 5reb

    Final Score Lakers 115 Min 104.

  • Lavine vs Clarkson is always fun to watch.
    Now Towns v Russell
    Garnett v Kobe
    Randle v Wiggins
    Can’t wait!!!!

  • I think the wolves are too deep. People talk about Wiggins/Lavine. What about Kevin Martin/Rubio. People talk about Towns/Garnett. Don’t forget Dieng/Pek. They also have Andre Miller/Shabazz/Payne/Tyus Jones/Bennett. That’s 13 players who are pretty solid.

  • I see Clarkson and Lou getting the buck of the minutes. Well first we have to see what preseason tells us.

  • Don’t see Mitch waiting a long time for us to contend for the title. He is obviously gonna be making trades down the road. None of the rookies are secure too. He only has 3 years on his new contract and I see him making big moves in next couple of years.

  • if Minnesota doesn’t want him he can come join the Lakers i have no problem with that

  • how can you name 13 players and they are all solid.
    if you name 2-3 solid guys i might agree.
    so you might as well just say there whole team looks solid then.
    you have no faith in the Lakers obviously

  • hibbert wont average 11 and bass wont average 10.
    4-8 somewhere along that range.

    Randle and Clarkson might average 18 or 19ppg

  • No where in my comment did I mention averages. I posted what I think each player will post for the game vs Min……that’s why at the end I put “Final Score Lakers 115 Min 104”. I mean, isn’t that what the article is about…..LAL vs Min?

  • still in that game bass and hibbert probably wont go above 10 id give clarkson 18 or 19 maybe even 20

  • Gotcha, yeah I can definitely see JC putting up 20. Dude has all the confidence in the world right now. NOW let’s talk averages. I think Hibbert can and will average 10+ points just for the simple fact we have a team full of shooters and a hand full of slashers. With that comes opportunity for offensive rebounds….and offensive rebounds usually leads to put backs, dunks or fouled in the act. With those factors alone, Hibbert can average 10, that’s not even including plays that are ran specifically for him. Also with Randle being a mobile PF, teams will have to bring help as he takes his defender off the dribble, Hibbert will benefit the most from Randles mobility and ball handling skills.

  • K-Mart? Kenyon Martin still playing? Or do you mean Kevin Martin? In which case if it’s the later, when’d he adopt the K-mart tag?

  • Yeah, that was arguably the best squad the Clippy’s have ever put together.

  • im not saying he cannot do it.
    im just sayin all i expect out of him is blocking shots and rebounding. his role is going to be to protect the rim.
    if he score 10 or 12 id be more than happy but i want* his main focus to be defensive not offensive thats all im sayin bro.

  • pray that we sign upshaw or mcgee.
    i think actually mcgee might be a good fit for us.
    what does everyone else think or feel about him?
    ahead of time please leave shaqtin a fool and just rank his defense and offensive capabilities.

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  • Ok dim wit. your showing your CHILDISH ways again, some kids just don’t get it.

  • How you felling today, I sure had a great nights sleep last night how about you?

  • im not saying were in position to contend but we have a tone of tradeable assets atm just like then and there is a big that could be getable soon

  • What tradeable assets do we have? We have no picks for years and no stars. Only assets we have are the young core of Clarkson, Randle and Russell, but we need them to build around.

  • hibbert, bass, young, lou,scare,kelly,nance,black,brown,brown

    all of thouse players are very tradeable.

    the lakers also have a bunch of second round picks coming up to throw in and a first round pick in 2019

  • None of those guys are assets. Maybe Lou. Hibbert’s contract could be an asset at the deadline though.

  • the lakers could traded kelly scare and bass + 2 future secondround picks for paugasol at some point. pau would be a major upgrade from bass

  • Its going to take you a while to adjust to you new life as a child but you are one of the slower ones, I will keep an eye on you to see how you progress, just take your time, and don’t try to out do the others.

  • 1-0 … but seriously, should be a great game. The match ups will be fun to watch. Kobe/Wiggins, Ckarkson/Levine, Russell/Rubio, Randle/Payne, Hibbert/Towns… can’t wait.

  • I wouldn’t go that far. I’d welcome either of the three on the Lakers (just not at the same pricetag). lol.

    Honestly, CP3, Blake and DJ is a killer combo. Their problem is they don’t have anyone around them to really put the team over the top, combined with the problem that neither of the three are go-to guys in the crunch.

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